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Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 


And afterwards, to-wit: On the Sevent e enth ^ay of April, A. D. 1916, there was fUed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, ah OPINION in the words and figures 


.iQ.ui s.a...L.elti.e.r Ic^., 

j^Appel 1 ant , 

No. ...._18.. 

October Term, 1915 


\ / 

.X.a.s.l...St.......Iou.i£...aM...-Su'b.y..rMn. .'.... 

..jc^a.Alv/sy....Cp.inpjmy., a...Corp_praypn, 

....- _ 








..BQIERT _K.. _.ZI lAI^IG. AN • 


'"-' /. 

Term Ho, 16, Octolier Term, 1915. Afendn !<o.7. 


Louisa Leibrrich, ) 
Ap-pei lant . 

V. ) Ap-nenl from City Ourt 


Lo?t St. J ouie rt; tjiiburbf?!! ) of harit '"t, Iniiif, 

Rail'vay Company, j 

Appellee. ) 

Opinion "by Hig"bee, P, ,T. 

Arvellfnt "croufeht thi?.- s-.ctjrin nfcoirpt p;;nellee to 
Ttcr'^^T cpviR^c-r: IT perponfl injuricr alleged ly her, to ?in-ve 
■brtn lecei ved vVul<* f^he v.r.e ridin£ ur.ion one ol ;^p>e] ". ee ' 9 
electric Cf.r6 in the city ol ;.srt .i-t. louiy. /t the c^nrlup- 
ion of all the e-vidence the court, upon ap- el'j et ' ;•< motion, 
dirf-cted the jury to return a vsrcict of not guilty. Such 
a vfrdict vae retLirnec, a n.otion ior n nev, trinl -.^ denied 
s.rid Jud;raient v;ae tntered '""j^DinBt nxM^*^ilsnt ior co^te. 

Upon npj ep.l, it le contendec by -.p!,fcl'Jar>t tl)«9t 
tlicre "wj-jf? Euil'icient evidence on l;er part, to ^rcve ttte ma- 
terial sllegatioMs of h( r ceclftration, r-nc. -ilthoi-fh evidence 
ior the npT;ellefe may h^fve phown f^ctf? to the contrary, thnt 
it ytne error lor the cci-rt to invade the Tirovince of the jury 
f?nd detf rniine the v^ej^vht of the evidence. 'T'ihe declajfttion^ 
charted thnt Hip n el Ifi i i t vag "'iieii\fi »i r yi e d 3n one of 'ap^»«i4-ee** 
cprg' ao n pgrncnfe rr i ' ; tlt^t *«s*4. c^r vrp croM-^ded and phe wfs 
etf;ndinfc in the HiirlCj tii? t nn iNv^iTcflr turned « corner 




0^ : 

9VP.i ■• 


near Thirt' enth etreet and iit. Clair Avenue, in .th« city .'CAA. 

-af^J^aet ^t. Louie, I llinoig .. app e llo' d ^nfente nnd pervnntp 

^ * A 

in f^y^mia^m .'. f o i ir~mi wi^ _ M AlliWipptyMBtTd negligently c;n)oed the 
car tj) run nt« great im Ll utf pnwed nrK*. turn violently 
sround the cornerj ^iwflPrty, throvvinfc ^'vr't-l I'^yit '..ith great 
force ait4 -sioleiice afaiT-st the eide» 9r)6 upon the llt-jor 
(»- ^& Q^jJLand cfiuring other --f^ to l-ill ur;on and 
tramnle her; th-^t on account of - ^l i e caifclfh Jii ffg H »— aawf ncg- 
I igr nee u k Ut.ii ' gllee ?^g ' J^f uji i i ' e « j. ' i4 , ii>- 4 .- liiuv.iiit. m -r.allwnf ^n 
jai3iL,about th.e c r, caeing >^r-"to Hpe-'tr«w>i«4-4«»«i^iy-H»'th'^^ 
-^3tSJ»*M*^***T she purtained £r95t*<nd perrinnpr^t injuries. 

The evidJBJace for aptieriT^nV el.owifM,^ t on knrch S8, 
Ivlb, O r^. ' e 3/Ia w t ^ aridF f ou r «cqugintand''ee"-^oi--e*i d c-tr of -ifWfe> 
A iw)*«^**'^ P***** » ^- "t-'t t,v?enty minutfP ^(efore ir-.idniglit sit -f- 1 ene i ??rk. 


a .- plcweui - e rt. ' ij ' nt ner.r J-ost iit. * oijap,-4|k)on the wry to ^ qg 

hrtae in Lt. ^ouip, lo. ''"he cf^r -hp cro's.'c'ed nntJ t^pp w llaH ^ ^ ^ / 

et" id in the nislc ne.-T the bwck frnd. /. :? the c v reached 

the corner of '-'hirt?er.ti:> j?treet and I'.ectar Avenue, v.hich 

apT>e?>ri^o have "D<>cn poraewiiflre ner-r Tliirttenth ?>tr?-ft and 

Ct. Clpir avenue, it v.-?? runninij eo f''f?t th t r-hen it ptruck 

tiie curve, the troaly v,'a<? thro^^n rsff .«^*] the v.-ir.dnv?o wg ge 

troken, cever^.l per::^ons ' «* '. ■ ■« t^iro-'n from thfir rcate, «*p»-*l-^'^'**^ 

>«*»♦ tl-rov.n 1 ;j ' i ' k on the floor tovjirrt? or upon the pl^tlomij 

and othCiS tJirovvn afc,ain?t oXwUCiOn }ier. PTZ*: Tr-nrir n njjaS??' 

of p.-ipsent-trs, :.ncludrn^: itynu Jluiit , vere tnjkj^-^ion the c-r 
to a hoo-pitp.l in -n >i4)ulance, v; j \ei^f^"^.«y "ere exanined and 
tre:^ted for euch injjiii-i?p p.e they nypeared to hr \e. Appel- 
lant left- ^:rie hospital after phe had harl been exanined by 

rnTT?lTr«'*T^pHycTeiirno, and went to the hor.,e of friends 


Jnji t i l. o\ » tr, Vi r n f> v >r1, ..and -the -n^xt u^vnirnt^m^tt^-^n'^yTrT 

QVTi >:Ci7ic in nnothe-x i>r,rt ojT thc-ci^. ^■■''**» t'^tified 
^f?a ^ ] y ■. n j ii r i F f! ■ rPfrf>4-v4M»-~»ty- hT V, ' w i^^ thn t \)y rfRPOn of >ier 
injuring c lu . ' t ' . ■*— %y f m ill M.c t; 1 li e rK , i?he hn'J lort her health 
nnd become T>ormanently injured. In regard to her injuriee 
nnd their ^avinxipnef^' , she vmp corobora^fed by her r.hypician 
in ; t. l.ouig.'7f''!Af weli e e - - -e l H tl il H lh'"l ' U J g" 'ginr?Ten>'en.nTi'oagefed 
by it phov.'P the faij?ity of ar^rei lant ' t? c'taims! nnd clearly 
establiphed the fact t}i->t ^he vr-s not FtHndiniL- nt the time 
of the nccidert, but v^jr oitting in n. pept; thft phe did not 
leave the ?nne pnd t>i "t .=?he vrne not injured, but on th> pe 
queption? the tf'.'tir:iony "if a-n-oell ant in --vr.port of hrr cl"im, 
v;q.n carrot "rated to « fre-'ter or 1 epn «-xtent, by p number of 
v;itne?aes introdured by her. 

■ "The evii5ence nn the Dart of npor-llnnt vnp, if true 
?i'*licient to suwtnin i vcroict m her behrlf rryd it vap the 
T>rovinre of the .jury, proper inrtrrcti onr , mi not t>e 
crvrt, to deteriTiine vhr-tyier it wns disproved by 'he other 
evidence in the cn^e. 3n dircctinf the verdict it ' ae nec- 
epesry for the cr-\>rt to • the evi'lence p.nd determine 
■where the prep-^nJerance vnp ')rii^ thie tne covrt covld not 
rife'htfulJy do, sf it deprived -T^iieliant of her c nptitutional 
ric-ht of trinl by jury. /\r.r-eljhnt crnter.dp, hov-'ever, th^t 
the court wp.p warranted in directing- o verdict Ipcause of a 
fpt^l variance betv,cen the ohnrpe in the decl^vtion nnd the 
proof, in that th.e decl^rnticn pt-tc? th."t the '^rrident hip- 
pened r.t thirteenth etrtet pnd 6t. Clair avenue .".r.d th«=t 
a'^rellant • s? injurlcp I'.ere CT.ured by her "rpir(' tmmled on. 


— p ^ '^ ■* , 

■while the proof n shovr the nccident occurred at '-)ilrtrenth 
ftreot and I.ectar avenue and there rnp no proof tlmt ehe 
Via? trampled upon. Appellant tesrtilied thnt the accident 
occurred ^oiTiev^rerc .around Thirteenth street nnd St. Clsir 
a-venUv^. J'ow near it '-a^ to St. Clair avenue ie r.ot die- 
closed out ar) -el l-rint ' e tertirr.ony ip putl'icient to <-8tHhlieh 
that it V ris in the 5r>-e vicinity. Apr^elJ^.nt h-.d t]:e same 
rijiht cf recovery inr the injury incurred ^^t one '■I'lce ae 
at the other and if She jilnce f/sj? not clearly nroven, ?=? 
chF'.rf^ed, the -variance -as technics:! and not of ?vc>i impor- 
tance rp to rieleat p-. rif ht of recovery. In addition to 
the f -ct thf-t the vHra."ncc va- trivial in its n-'ture, it 
dote not '•?],. i.i-ar th-'t the eane rp.e celled to the .-"tention 
nf the co'urt upon the tri*il of the ci^e helov;, nnt the ques- 
tion car.not Le rpieed lor the lirrt tie^e in t}.is court. City 
of hfist :uubuf;ue v. lurhyte, ] 73 lil.b5^; /Jirrd v. D??nnenherg, 

lior it neceftBnry, under the aeclari t,ion, for ap- 
pellant to prove th-t ?he v.^.s trarm^led --n 1y the ether pfipsen- 
eerp, to entitle hfix to a recovery, is }>er injuric? vere not 
Rileije-d to hRve t ■ en onu?ed PC-lely in th-it way, lut r1?o hy 
reai'on of her having beon throvn in ani about the car. ?he 
stRtan:eiit of the tort cnT^ed in the aeolarrtion in thi e r.nFe, 
in divisitie in i tK nature, nnd in tocts it ie t:.e law tl-iit 
the plaintiff -my prove a pnrt of 3:ir oh- rt.e if t>.e averment 
i? divipioie "no there he cnoi^fh pr^;of to nur.port hike c^ee. 
City of >oclf Inland v. tuinely 126 111.406: '..ity of Joliet v, 
Johnson 177 111 .178. 

..e "TO of opitiion the trial court erred in directing 

verdict in f-^vor of npjjellee and for th-'t ■j.env>on "ohe .judgir.ent 

of thnt court y?ill he rfver??ed and t}ie rau^e icmanded, 

I;e»ersed nnd remanded. 
iJot to Ic reported in full. -4- 

inr. -»■: 

.•;5i'rt 9. 




1-" ftftfUT 

/. CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copy of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in mg office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set my hand and affixed the seal of said court 

at Ml Vernon, this 
A. D. 1916. 

day of April 





\y \y <-' 


Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mi. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th day of March, in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harrg Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 

And afterwards, to-wit: On the ...Seyenteenth day of April, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut ML Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in the words and figures 


E. S. Hausafus, 


No. 20, 

October Term, 19J5 

St. LouiSj 

Springfield & Peoria 



199 I.A. 


City_...._ COURT 

.Gj.9nite..Citx.._ mM^^ 



1£. H. SULIIVM. 

-erm Ko, 20. Cctolser Term, 1915. Agenda i»o.S7. 

Apn el lee. 
V. J Avpesl from City Court 


Ct.I nuis, .prin( field md ]»='orir,) of r-rrnltr City. 
l'.ailro«d. j 

Appei;iart ; 

Cpinion ■^-y } ii'-nee, ''■\ J. 

Ayipfllt'c'f r>>)torobilt^, in vhich he ^nc four others 
v.xre i-jdlHt., v'-.g !?trurk hy rnv "^f "ppell^nt^r cptp n.t e puTd- 
] ic cro-.-finc in L:f"iJPon munty, find lie "hroiirht tl'if? ?^uit to 
rticover d«H?i^e5 to hif c-^r nr/: frr tirrpo irl ir^uviep received 
"by hiu, -he fl':>er.Jed declprntion n'^n'. ^i ned thrf^c <'oi.nt<= find 
cltarfeed in !?ubr-t«>.rice the nef 3 ifern/e to h^ve o'-?n '.n tVie rvm- 
nir'.£ of the c^r <-t r hiirh r'^te of precd ^^ it w^^^-roached 
the crossing and in giving no ni^ n^^l Yhritever f^f ^ t? Hr/^roach; 
thot at ilr t ^ Ir e Uitre "ere obptr'-ictione T)revi.nting r:er?onp 
nlont- tt.t.} highv-Bv fr^r. peeinj> the rnrs vhen -""■:■ r^'^-hinfi the 
cronrinf r^nd thit conditinn 7.«9 kni^vm or conld ;> - ve been 
knov.n to Hrpell^nt by the (xerr.ive nf re.i^'^orrivie r->re; th«t 
ju??t before cro3Pin|v rpid hi^hvmy, nr)"^^!' i' nnt po '•■ relecply 
nrd aniproiferly drove «5ni nannrnd itf ?»iid cr tl "t It rpn into 
and £?truck the nutoiji-^bil e of, cora-pletely f^eptroyinfr 



^IIICJ Y*t.> "IT 

-duq 'i in «>T'50 ?. 'J^nj?[' , 

Ol i'ius aid:?' irfij:- , ■:) no 'in'- i; . ;^'--. 

v/i39dTC a3i'5:xjf,f'-t -f" •■!.). ■ "•■■0 isX:! n-^ ■■ - • ■ 

t}ie smne and injuring appellee, it v.a? ^l^o alleged that 
appellee wao at the tiiac erercisinf due c?\re for hie ovn 
safety, th t his son J. omer }.n.u?nfue, vho v^e driving the 
auto3iol»iJG v;-f-- doing fo T'ith 6\.e -Jnci caution lor the 
st.iety of thr^t-e viiint' in the j?&rr.e ar.d i cr the palety of 
e-:id autorr.obile ;->t the tir^e cf and juf?t cciore t-ni^t", vv.on 
app.= llant'p tracke. '-here r;ae £. plea of the ^rrnerr"! iFCue, 
a verdict in f'^\or of appellee fcr ^1775, i retiittitur of 
457.0 and Judgment against ap'^ellnnt lor tlSCr, Appellant, 
hft\inei brcvif;ht the c^^.e here inr reviev-, reli^r- Inr reversal 
on v'h^nt is clsiKed to l;e the insuf i ic iency of the evidence 
f^nd ejctpr-ivenefci? r-f tre Judgment. 

yj^ it app.-^.'irec<_^J^Trpr-tCEI3E3»*e th'-t in the i'Drenonn 

•of Jiily ] •, 151^, > « ji;..(. J jfe.n t started in iiip five raseenger 
8'.it2nobile li5ir. ;:ic- l:nme in Granite City, ITlijioir:;, to tr-ke 
& ri'je m the ccuntry. '"n the front seat •■•■", s hi? eon 

l i 'Wft"^y Y""^'"^ ""*' '^Lf""i ■'"'•''^o ••''^J? ^^^..^^z ''^^'^ "^^'^ ^"'^ ^ dauf.hter 
'iY i 'frT*"y •* ■ i h I ' * y J I ' Ti "^ ^ ^1 , 1 ^ vjiij^e fw«p«*4*«e \v«9 Fittirfc on the bsck 
eent ivith a friend, >> Tofeji il rnd a y^'^unt- d-urhter of the 
Ift^teri^ if GU@ cijt yonjt ff oi" age . "^he top nl t.he ri tomobiie V'.'^e 
up nnd piiortly aftf.r lo-jvin^ the city lirr.itp, they were driv- 

in|T r^outh on tho ViyiiCoVi piii^ic highway tov; 

nrdf» M rl^ce 

viierc a : in : 1 p nfrhr^ 1 1 "> c ?.: g crof?r "Uie rorji at rifht -inf^lep, nt 
a tine \.'j.en /ipt ^- cl inut^ v ^tnx that cau pcd the in.lury was -^t!- 
proflcLinf.; the crrofsing from the e-nr^t. The phy?icn.l conditions 
"t nnd er?ct of the croe?ing nrd north oi the rj^ilrond tr'ick 
necesssry for « or- per conei deration of the iepiu?p involved, 
Tifrre . fully ogL i u,;ht oTit " ' p y the t v<t d on 6 j» .i O H( i v;ere fhown to he 


«*•■'■■ ^ ' 

r* ons p .^ V A^y r: -a ox. i iiJB.n x an.. 

apv siiaop'O.-* ■ -=■':' 

-ei*ihrr«s insieii.I'.T art- 

Futrt^.ntially ts fnlloT/e: The hifhwny «nd npyifcT "• nrit'xf^'^/^'*^^'^ 
rii-ht C'f v;ay vjhich io rlrty feet t'.idc, crops «t rlfht -y^ 
an^loF, the highrray rimninf north nnd eovth, find aT)p<iaAi>w4' » 
rit-Oit of \'ay e-^pt and v/ect. On the north the Vaphvny begnn 
to riire f-^rty feet bnck irom tjie cr'^ppinp. 'ind er^^a]:ly reached 
the elcvntion ol the trsck M')iich ot tiie crooginf?; ^-pe ?ix 
rCett above tVe nntur^l 8url>?oe of the ground, ''hio eame 
e3>v-r.ti^>n above the n-tiir'---] purf^ce of the • r^und, extended 
enpt of the crorring ponje 5CC feet. C-n t.he vent fide of the 
hit:,hv/«y vn,p a T.-nrning Pign. '.n the e^ct ficir of the high- 
way to^.'nrd? the cnr "ne p \'\'i:e fV^.r-'* T>fistiiTe, -^crrsp -p-'hich 
eppellee rvr.uJd h^^vf to look jf he s^v: the c-r r-ef' he 
reached tiie ri(3>it of v"=y. Thlp pp^^tnre -•rif gepnrn ted frca 
the hirhvoy by .n h*;dfee fence "'iiirh r'-<n to n poir.t 32 feet 
north of the rifht of '^.'fiy, v^}iere there •?? n f -tf, and vps 
on the nr'tural eurffce of the f;roi)nd, '^'here •i-rc three 
pereiniriir-n tre^p no^^r the ri^^ht of way in the • ar-iire, ine 
cf which •■'■ae p-^rri' fifty feet irorn the north rnil -f the 
trocl: and the other tv-o furflier nway, frora 1 5 to 3 3 feet 
dirtant fron e-ch other. i.??t of the hi C(- e fence «oine 5?5 ' 
feet, v;Ae o tv.o ■'tory freae houpe vhich cnme v.':t}!in 12 feet 
of fif pellpnt • p rirht cf vfiy, pnd f-crcpF the 1' l-et there 
•'^ae n. ?heri. A3onf the rifht of way syix feet fron- the north 
rail of tht track were live telef-rsrh polee tc-tvctn the house 
ar.d the crorrinf;, irc feet spart. /round ti^ie h'-ife v;?;b a 
>:lcket fence rr tending "ut to the riiri t cf wpy mrl there y ere 
a nutabcr of phnde trejgu9^ in the ynrd. 

e.pnd'^hcpe v.i tti hiir, et-ted they v* re vid- 


int. towards ty-te cro5?s?in6 it a speed cf 12. to It r-ilep an 
hour and v.hen seme Z(0 ieet diptant therelroffi, t»eg«?n to loolc 
in botii directionp for care; th^t tlicy continued looking 

and t?"v.' iiont until v. ithin !-'i> rr ee\en feet of t>ic track, 
vhen they e^v c cnr frrm icr to IDC feet nvmy , running at 
bC or 6C ifiilfcc f.n hour, corvine from the ei^t; ti^.-it the 
■iirrJrer of t>:f-' r.utcncbi3e rare ir;. ediat^jly f.p;3ic<', but 
it v,pr imnor.-fri'ble to etop it until t).e ix'ont vi.tels renched 
the rni] v.i.ere tue trolly cr r..,p .truck it, Vndly vrpcking the 

au t nri r,il i 1 e n r. d i n j iir inp i^s-:; 

nnd FOf.'.e '.-f tx.e other occu- 

pant e; ty;.''t '.fter they rtr-rlied the inclir.e Irndiac up to the 
tr''ck, v.he rpced vnr. leduced tc r?ix to r. jii<= milfi? nn hour; 
thnt they lis^tcr.ed and he'^rd no Fi*? irrsvi the c^r; thnt 
not}iin(i obstructed the viri-r if ti-^.e c-^r on the r^ilrofid tr^ck 
hut the tree^; the Xv.legrnph -ole? -^nd the hr.u?t; -^-nd th^t 
after pap^ing the trt?er' there -^n? ncthiut.^ 'jut the telegrcph 
pole?. There '■^nr the r^-v^il controversy •'» ' tn vhcther or not 
thopti m chijrte tj^ nnptllant ' ? err crve pif.nplr in approach- 
ing the c r !? g i ng .f , ■ ' T<y»?-y&f « nr.d tliope in t>.e cr-r -with 
him, t''!=tified th '^t vo -uch rifJ^-rilc. -^.pre j.iveri, •. ■ ile on 
the p .Tr': of °— '^-^•tT fflT"* Geor£e htrler, vho iiveu in the houee 
referred to, ?.? ocln^; eTt -^f the >:i{}M-py st tVnt noint 
t(:-?tified lie '?:? in hip i^^-it yard ^nd x e^ird the ranger 
Di^nal given; th-. t- aougllM - .t ' ■ cr v.'ns -"i-hen half '-iiy between 
the hoiiJ?e ^nd t>e cripr-iug -xnd it '■ejjt sienflinr rntil it 
r-trnck the nutomo- ile. -hree ether rtroon?, v;;-.o v.ere nt the 
>iesler }ion?o, another Y,-itnerc livint; rorue tvo clocks from the 
cTOffiitii, -x pa?pergcr on tVie c r, tl^e c ^T.av. otor ■^nd the irotor- 
mnn al j tf-^tified por-it ive]y th.'t t.e dnnf-e r rifCFl ras fciven 





ns fl- 

ail? ^-^ 3- 


by the C'^r in npproac}iinf: the crop eing,/^ The (;re"ter mpor- 
tunity of the vitncr-rcp for "^ppelQant to he*ir the signftl 
?3nd the lr>ct that pix of theni >.n<i no intercft in the cnse, 
cr.nnct re ignored ^nd it rni-rt tc ccric ii.!ic=G th.-^t f» prepon- 
der-incf of tjf.e <-\i.!ence fI owed th^^ t the unj cr tat-.Tals v/ere 
{ iven -If? appellant' p c^r approcchcd t};e cro:-f<ine, Appf^llee 
BT'.'-l hir comppnlouj' teptiliedto h3"ve ro.:.>.ner.cec lookini^ for 
cnr^ on the tr^cV, S'~c feet i'ron the cro'^?in£: nnd continued 
td do ro unti] tlie pi; toriChile -?sp struck, yel it unep not 
snpc-rr from tJ':e:>e vi tne-^fje;? th'it tlie ohp fvictionn' .-.■•-.•re such 
ftf;- to nrcvent Uxem frora r^ecing -. C5:r tzr the 'v/jnic of that 
diptance. rne ''.itneef on the cr st^-.ted lue e«v; the autonjo- 
bile 7E) foot frotr. the tr^ck rnc". another th-jt V.e pov.- it when 
it vnp ?.r'" feet fi'iTE the tricl; and if this v.'ere <j-!, those in 
the p-utc; ':>.ile rhovld, if they looked, nh\e -^cen the apr.roach- 
inf, troliy C'-r ?t« th.e tr'clc ^ar? elev-ited n niiT.bor 'n' feet 
higher thnn ^l\v }iif;hv.'?y. 

It ip -^ot contr.rd.1.ctfd 'trid the e:.rii'oi tp i?-' evidence 
?ho'" t}i''-t thsTe -"-''9 r.o ohrtri' ction v.Vi?n tT.c ^uto^'ohile- wp.s 
v'itliin 32 feet *>f t};e tr-'^oic e::cept the livs telK^ r; ph poles 
ICC foet ap^rt Vet^et-'n tte cropsinii and the "tiouse end the 
evidence ohovr? that they di6 not oh?tx'i':'t the view until the 
automobile wns in line vith the .olep. The riroof irr a.ppel- 
lecp r-'p to tlie efftct that the c-t w-o !(. Tj to 15'.- feet sway 
rihen the ruto:T:ol'i]e '"f.!? f^iy. cr ?cven feet riVi:^y irori the 
crr.g.-in£ &nd th^t the c r c.trucl< t}ifc front uheelp r.f the 
nutccc'tilf. . Tf, "r tcptified to hy aypc'ilee and t"i;ofje with 
hi""., the .'^utomohile v;*- r ^oinf: at the rr>*e of rix to nine milep 




• onftijtV: 

an hour, theve was arc^ple time for the one in ch^.r^-e '^f it 
vjhen it re-^-oned a \:oint 32 feet from the crossing to look, 
listen and discover t}ie approachinc c^r, as it rrust then 
have be^n easily d i(?ccrnii:)le, iind if, ap stated "'>v- apioellee, 
the ^u tO!'io"bii J G :uld ':een -/toprod ■■ If; feet the 
•■■'Ccidont co\Jld thus have been .-'.voidvd, '"he fMi]ure cf the 
one 'jpeivrtinic the njtoi-ohile to ?top it in ■i'^e to svoid tVie 
accident, must, under the ci rCv.M?'t-i)iCfc s, 'be .'.eld to ch-^rge him 
•»vitli a lack ox orlin-ry cr;re for J ip c»vn ■..•■^fety ^r:r: th t of 
appellee and the others 'vitj. liim. A•l^pe]Jant v;^ <■• running its 
C".r through the country ovtgidfe of tf^i; city ^icails on itp 
ov.n ri^.ht of ^r^y, raid the proof doeb not fhov/ t'jpt, consider- 
ing the ^ijvrounciri;' 5?, it v;^^; "beinr, i-jn -it ""n i;rir = n r-on-thle rnte 
of fc-peed 01 v/*t..yut rci.;'.rd tc- tV.e safety of thrive on the high- 
wey, './ho v;c-r6 lii the exercii'e oi cirt for li'^ir o'vn T3rotec- 

Cn the V;hole the "v- idiot ^jivenr^ to u>' to hpve been 
at«ir. 3t ti.e !nt!ii..c-?t of the evidrr.ce ■ t.e jijdfment 
of the c ourj^- colo-sr /.'ill be revers^cd -ind t>.e caur^e retnnnded. 

Kem^yead nnd ronnnded. 

i.ot to te rtporttd in full. 


» t 



L CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copy of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in my office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set mg hand and affixed the seal of said court 

at ML Vernon, this ~^T^^... _ day of April 

A. D. 1916. /P /P { ] /I 





/ kJ 'V I 

Opinion of the Appellate Court 


AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on fhe Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the near of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sijJeen, the same being 
the 28th day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sfcteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 

And afterwards, to-wit: On the So:ent.eenth day of AprillA. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OPINIO!^ in the words and figures 

Jo s ,.. ..A •....Kur.rus....I,i ve.r^...a.nd ..U.a^ 
..1t.a omp any., 


No. .2?.. 

October Term, 1915,... 



.?..i.ty_ COURT 

,.E.a.S.t.... St ...... L.D..U i .^ GDWfPf 





Term Jfo. 22, October Terru, 1916. Agenda No. 10, 

Joeeph A, Kurrus, livery nnd ) 
LniertairinK Company, ) 

Appellant. ) 

) \);nGr;l .-froni City -ourt 

of -■-lot 'it. .''■.oui?. 


y^Tiric Oro?sett, ) 

Apr.f]lee. ) 

(Opinion oy 1 i^iibcc, . . ^ . 
or r. 

'Thifj, p. f«uit in ansur.prit, v.-ap 'bi'oufht Ijy cprsel- 
l>int, a partntri?hip engrt^ed in tJie ur.dertakin^; tur^iner?;?, 
at^inet apueilefc and Cllif i-fc'^nnur, rjov* ©"iie i-ii,s.r-., tc 
recover b VtHlrnce of C;'r;35 claimed to be cie r^n (lit rijnfr?>l 
er^penrer cf ... } . KechiOur, tLc i'nthtx" of c; At a forEtr 
t-x-inl the :]vxy fcund. in f^'vor of tlie delcnf^.Tit and on the 
next trifl the crsit '••»he ciii?raipr?eci se to '] ^. .-jDn and 
tlie trinl had ''£;D.iri?t iariaic C;!7iirc»ett olone. '--..r trinl 
E-l f.:o reculted in the Jury iindin^i ni-^in^'t nppe-llant pnd a 
ciotion for a now trial, h:-vint uten overruled, .'jucltiinent 
wno entered rif;'=!.inf?t it for coi?t6, f i oci rliich it ha.v appesled 
to tiiis ^ouTt. 

The only qut";'tion or* e-tntei ^ or •;• ur o on f?i'ier-it ion 
ii-, V. 'p vc-rdict s^o "-aniftf^tly r.,r^-inet the iveight of the 
evidence th^t the Judfr-ient eViouli be reverend on that account, 

{ .s- 

l-^i--' «o sub ad / -^5 

97f.t no ban ta.F.hnolcib 

br: : 

Appellant sought to recover urion a contract cln lined to h«ve 
oeen jnnfie vith it "by •■-exlee, tp pny pr>id lunernl ey-nenpee. 
There were uut i'oi>r wxtnepsep ey,'orn on the tririll coricernjng 
tilt ulaiued; of the contract. !t nri.'.f;r>r<» fr^m their 
teotiruony thi^t 1. h. ilednour ri.ied in •• '^ubTjc -r^r-itPl in 
r-aat iJt. L;) on July 17, iMf;; th=^t 'ne left '^ vldow I ary 
Kedr.our uad Devfi^'al cj'.ildrcn, ""^nnr trie^ r^ rt^r.j-:> ter by a 
lorr;er vife, ':li ie }:ednour, i-ho '.'orlce.' for '-nd 'ia"e her 
hoiac v;i th appellee. Alter t}'.e fle.i+h of • r. '-ednoT'r, b. 
nurse at ti.e hofjpit?! tclep' o^i^c' to^eJ i rnl to come and 
t^i>:fe chMri;_e of the h?ly r-v j rh v.-'-s '?onc -^tid ?>;'to.-' t}ie body 
\JB.& pfirpiircrl for buriul, it v;ao t-iVen to the hov^'e of ap- 
pellee. J. rorik .". i'u.rruo, " -^eriher of the firr '.-.'lO attended 
to the v,nttcr, t' . t.:. f r. e-''T tlir.t '•■ore!!' <»'', +he v-'idnv? ". ;?ry Ued- 
nour, arid f- dniif^hter Cllic I^^.jp.Tl, v re pre-^ent nt tbs under- 
takititi parlor;- yi'.en the vndy -"'ap there T.ri thi-'t -f^'er r-a.tters 
pertaining to the rruner-l ■^■ore dr pci- p!",?d , }ie -jri-flTl of them 
Ti.o v.';'£? to pay '.he ""'.i 11 :rir? th.^t r>V'e^-^-c ■i-\r<^e(\ ■'■■rt »)ay the 
caiiie, Apx:<; ] ;i ;^iit ntrodiK: (?rl in ovr'-^'enc? nn -'"^'^v.nt 0)1^5 rped 
upon its -^ol':^, phov'irc; t}'e er'.ven^cfr- t'or the fpneT- i^ araount- 
infe to !':2A8 , vers oh-'r^^ed to ip jelTee n.nd ciTie yc-'noor, 
arA t}ie latter h;"J. -:aid '?.'^r) on the <~"^ine. 01 lie (''.ednour) 
Fat^on tr-r-tif i*"-c' th'^t rtppellee promi??ed -'t tJiflt th'iO to jiay 
the) bill, vhiile ary ' edn?ur «t3tod the fjree'Tient r-^e that 
fippe"!!le€ WDitld p;-iy it if the d.^urhter Gllie din rot. It 
'H"^^ £3hov<.n on the tri^l th. ~t ^O'^en^nt vr>r os 11 ed to the 
hospit.-l .-^t appe'lee'v PUtT' ^'tion; thr;t '^.fte-r"v>' . vi -- the 
viaov/ und chilc'ren rcceiv<'d 47!'0 life inpiironce ^n6 that ■^.Tt- 


i--' -v 

pellant attempted, v/itj-iout succesp, to collect the bi31 from 
them out of t'di} insur-nce. Aj-r.ellae denied thr t pte. pfreed 
to pay the bil3. or t^ - 1 Piie rrdered the- nurpe to c-13 ap- 
pellanl, Lut tlipt vjhen HPked by the fa'-ily v.ho- r'uould he 
rent joi- phe c',t.L:eptec .-ppcllnnt. 

T':^-o juiicc '.pi-rrd en''.?>p.nt^-- cl riT.i and 
loth Y..r: .e re J cr:-!:pd it. 3+ :' r 1 rvit tlat amh ,i . rurrus iB 
corro"bcratcd hy the df'uchtor Ollir "nd to «• pc-rt-jn extent 
oy the vidoT' lory Kednour, vho "t'te'^, hov.'tvcr, tl-i^t the 
pro'iirc to ay was on C'^nditirn thnt thn d^urhtrr '5 id not 
pay the accr^vnt. Vhile ^''urrvs ?t«tpr- he c^id n'-^t hr>ld the 
dr.ugii.tex- li?hj&, yt he ^.'•ter.pted *c ooDlcct it fmrr her, 
ch."ri;;inii it to her j'-irtly ri th nrrrlHef; P'-.d orifinnlly 
aa/ie her r-. •>:!".rty defendnnt t'l the ?ult. It n:\<^o -^r'^enred 
from the r^r^oir '■Ivt the wido"; v^ ^ rot "^n Iric.-i'^ly terme 
v.ith 5prelTee nrr\ t>> = t there ^v'>.:r n. co itrover'^y "':r-t ."ecn f em 
rst the undertTl^err, ?»s to vhr.>-e t.^'e t-^dy ch'^ij^Jd he taken. 
It v'n" '^Ipo rsl.^-^vn th ■ t if'frie".(?ly rrlstion-? er: '^tpd het'-'een 
the d--^^,htcr •■'ni -->■ elite r^cA ths t ?U' ^enuc.t to the fXmeral 
there hic^ >'<rcn " lav ^iilt het'-'ef=;n theci, ••hile it is *Tne 
th-^t the tiTCritoT ra.nb.-r f^f ■vitncrp;: " t' 3tif if?rl in f-f vor of t'v".t did p.-^t necP'-Firijy dfotf^r'iire i'? rif;ht to 
rscover. ''he f?ot th.-t t'T'-e ■"'Jtne?"e? '"id rot cl'.-:;rrly "(_:roe 
a=! to the cr>ntr.'ct, th^t tliey •■ere MPfriondly tr-v"- vd ^ f>T)pellee 
and th.'t -rnpcll'int h=id done tiiin^";-? v/hich i-'ifht hr -nVen r«p 
incontri <'ter! t ^ith t'le C'l tent ion th^t o.ppelife n,lonc eon- 
tr-'.cted to np.y thr funerr-1 e;v^en<?ep, 'v^-^e nri d-^,ht nl'l con- 
sidered by the ,1'i>:y in '-rvivin;; nt r\ vcr-iict. Jt M.ririearp to 


!•• V 

the court that this ie a c ise v,jTe re the well established 
rult: <?Ji(Ai>.l fee Mnplifd thr t the jury, under proper inp'-.ruc- 
tioHB, should DO tiie Judj;:e? of tlie V7ei(;ht end credence to 
be i i ven to the tt-ntimony of t}:e '.vj tnerr^es, a? they see 
theri on tne ftrnd nnd herr Iheni t-'-stify. 

-liere it ro aufx^^'t^'^n nf errr-r eo-^' iMed "by the 
court on the tri*?! rirc. the evide:^ce en tt^c r^jrt of defend-^nt 
was =ufiicient to cunport the verr'ict. '-he jvr:' m thip 
trir>l P? on tiic f oraicr j; one, r-r.?/ fit to ('ive credit to the 
t(' £;ti!r?ny of appellee rather than thr.t nr educed for f'.-nrel- 
l^.nt arid under tVie r-e ci rcumr t-^nces t'lic covrt d •■' e-.' not feel 
Ju«tifxCKi in ri.vor^iMt"', the j-j df^aent of the oour'o oelow. 

Ju dyrAent a V T i rmed . 
uQZ to .-c I'-tpcirtod in full. 


/. CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copg of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the aboue entitled cause of record in mg office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set muhand and affixed the seal of said court 

at Mt. Vernon, this -,-fvl/!^^!^.- _ dag of April 

A. D. 1916. y^ y^ f / ^ 




/ O iS> ^ 

Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at ML Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th dag of March, in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 

Present: | 

Hon. Harrg Higbee, Presiding Justice. | 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. | 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. I 


And afterwards, to-wit: On the --..-.- l.lth.,.^.^.-.. dag of April, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OPINIO^ in the words and figures 
following: { 




No. M... % 

October Term, 1915 \ 

Sue B. Louden... re..d ....L.o.ud e n ,' 


_ Ap.p.e.l.lant..s...._ 

1^9 I.A. 




.P.ll^.'tpn. COUNTY 




( >- 

Terra !iO. ."^4. October Terta, 1915. Accnd'\ T-o.f.2. 

t red J. Krsch, ) 

■f'p-Dellee ) 


) Appeal fron.- Clinton. 
•Jue ■ . louden and ; ildred .' ouden, ) 

^^^xecutricep, etc. j 

v\ppellante. ) 

Opinion I'y I ^p■bee, P. J. 

'it Thip puit arJWbW^on the fnllowinr clsii?) filed in 
t^e county court of Clinton • ounty, Illinriip, Decenber "9, 

"i-.E'tpte of ■ R-lter J. louden, deceased to I'red J, 
Koch, debtor. 

■^'o loan of .*'15CC for which 15 phr^res of pref'/rred 
stock o.nd lb shares' 'if conraon £?tock of L . ix c. .Vilk Com-mxny 

Hfere jiiven ae security-- --■■;15i"C.CC 

To interest on above frTci July 1, 19ir'; to ante 

nt fix '^CT cent 81.21! 

TotRl - - -s.. 1561.25 

After the clnira wip filed in the county court it 
*?i9, Ly eti'-jul ation e f the ; ;' J ' x"tiiL . , tr-^nsferred to the circuit 
court "ftf r^jrl ^r^Krity vi.ere it • -ip tried w-t_tfi4i .'niiary, toinri^ 
■ lilrb before the court riti'.out r> jury, t hu trir^J riM^ntlng 
in n finding and judtment in invor of tiie claimant for the 


,2o,ot£ i&«j:iA \cl9t .a-xeT n««lo^QO »^5 .oA arasT 




Xnntrmo'-J ilXxU .;■ ii ..1 "io sJoo^fi noatiSTOo Ir <53i.'5ii'? uX bna Jloo^^a 

50,.)"fiXO- X^i-ujoe-'s -JK nsvx.^i sraw 

aJ-rb 0+ £I^?£ ,1 '^Xut, nrtt ovcd/i no J=;9'X9J'ni oT 
S.T.Xd Siif>o -r : -^ xLb S(( 

is.iQdn - x-;^c>r 

Jii/Dita aril oi b3tT9l9ftPXt ,-'-**#ar3ti^ «#*—*« noiJ-R Iuqi*« X'^ r'*^ 
r,'i: MntMlo «n"i In tovr. I al *n»iajjbui, bru^ rinibnxi - 'it 

full amount of the claim. . 

The proofs pho?/^h'<t in I&IO "niter o. louden wr? 
preoident and nana^-er of ". cor^,or tion knnvn hs the !-.& C. 
'. ilk ^GTnrp.ny, the principal -nl nee of bueinesp of v/hich vae 
at '.Vnterlno, Zllin^ie, '^nd ii?tp al«o engq/ ed in ?ellin^- the 
?tock of the com-nany- ,ln t"J4< Aa ' . I l t ' UHr ^ i o f iJerenber of thst 
year, he pold m t* e ll e e fifteen shsre? of cor.-.>rion «tocV: p.nd 
fifteen sh?3rep of -rreie-Ted .?t'^ck ot the cnrn-iany. •^he 
ftock -vv^r ie?ued »? cfthe d^+e of Culy 1, 131i" but th« 
16'ttor tranpni ttint the pacie to jnwr} 1 o si^ 'n? dnted December 
29^ 191'- and contnined anonfi other thin£'« the following: 
"Af 1 told you in the office yesterday, if you pli^uld find thie 
investment not to be v.pnfi table vrithin t.vo yc^nrp, I v/il ", rur- 
chase the ?tock back from y ■'U at -what y-iu raid lor it, pluf 
!:ix cent interept, Itse any dividends paid." in -nyrrcnt 
for these shares of gtock.j>rM»ijag pent Louden ». note for 
51500 due in ninety dnys pgyntle to the L'nion Trupt .and 
Savings ?ank of ^ aet -t. Louie. 4-n .pc e ei). I ' i — Iht; jn^Mt louden 
delivered 4-t, to the bnnk and - 4 he fcl S O Q va? rlnced to the 
credit of the ' . k. C.J.'ilk "-onr;.iny.;^It ie conceded "'jy oppel- 
Innte th^t louden v/ns? bnund by the terme of thi? p.freetnent 
until the expiration of the term of two ye«r? j^nentioned 
in l:ie letter, but the option f iven a'-spcllee \7r;? ^ot exer- 
cised by hid '-. ithin theverind nniced nnd it is contended by 
apnellants thnt if it Extended for r.ore thnn one y. ^r, it c^me 
v'ithin the statute of frauds nnd coi.ld not be e:< tended, 
raodlfied or changed by parol, but only by another vritten 


. .esis'io Bdi Ic iauoty^i I Tut 

:anxv.'oIIoi ^d-f '^^nirt* t^rfd-o ^noais fc^nifi^no;? briB ';X6I -{^jSG 
Btdi bni'i bli/'^ff^ jjo^c ix .v.wbis^'sa^ ssillo si-ij- rti: uo^ bXoJ' i aA" 
-ii/>7 fXiw^ I ,3ifi3X o^"'^ niH^iw 3Xcf.6*iTto"rq sd c* ion d'a9;aJ'a9vni: 
auXtT ,:M rol btBa u^x *«ilw tii uox soil; iCoscf 3f9o^9 sr/ 

,- ' ' ■- ■ ■ ^- . ■ ' M , !■ ;"-■■ ■ r:7\f''' ;' ! '1" f-'i^fy-'. ■'->"■ 

tao:^r,r, aL ".bxBq; ebnsbxvxb \nfi e^al .i^'^sisjni J-noo 'xst xig 

Tol 9ion R nsbi/o.I ^nsa » » f£ wqa&^:;{ 003*9 to sotflria. aearfJ^ lol 

bas. f^Mjz? cioin'J ^sii oi ^Lanx'^q ^xnb ^^i^iii.n nl sub 003X5 

*neiB99i.3fl 9Xii* lo scrxs^t oxl^ ^if bnx/ocf 8rw rfabwo I .tmli sinx^X 
benoi;tns.-5T jj-sffi^ ow^J' 'io nrr*^ 9Ai "to rtol^oiicpca »rf^ Xijfntr 

XP b»bn3&no-> 9t it bnn bpaiRn bot-r^ :rf.+iv.? tstln xi b^^io 

' tl ,1B'JX Bnc ai^if^ 9"iri " '"ibrte.+ xa jx ti ^r.r£^ BitraIl9cqR 

.t^bn^i K9 s..f :toit JbXu 1 jjii»- •fbwji'i'i lo sJ'u.^fi^e exfJ aliiii.\T/ 

n9iH'xv z9di6xiJt vcf x^£>o <fuo ,Xoaarjf ^cf b^^aado no b»i1tbom 

agreement. It ie further contended "by np^ellsntr th.-'t 
there y^.^ no evidence either ornl or in writi^.f: thr>t nurh 
ajreement v/- r 90 extended nnd th ?t the c-ndnct, denlin^e 
and correspondence of aTjrjellec- clearly indicr.ted th t he 
conpidered aijneelf a stock Violder of the coni'-nny 'tnd not a 
creditor of :. r. louden. On the other hand, nr>peller- con- 
tends th^t under the lav the n. reenent cn^ Id 've extended 
Vy -oarol and that the r)roofp rho-sr th-t there ^n?5 sue a 
parol agreement of e>:tensaon. 

~7~~ "J^he letter - ftf-i - r . I oMdOF> ' t o Ry r^f llffi ' , — 'roove re-er- 
- rort t", iilpo st"ted i^a^ ariri j ti^tn tg " "^h ' i^ i t.' w > <»ye n v t i^U ' th , 
"You ■'•■i]l fifid t}ds to be n pplendid inv< Ptrr.ent r^nd 1 »in 
very r:uch plea-red to i^ave y.-u cnmc into the c oTr,-n a ny , '^l% i\r\ i <vi- 
ting th"t it vae louden'? undf^rstrnding th-t appellee v/as 
to bcco^xe a i?tock holdi^r of his coiapa-iy and as ar^rellee 
responded to thit? letter by "endin^r iiis note n.r v-np re- 
que!?t d therein, it must le '>re<=UTaed tliat he ''l^o -^cquiesjced 
in thi3 in tt ipretation ::f the ?• rcceedint-c. ''niJuly 13,1923 
some 3ix months after the option driven an-^ellee had expired 
by the terrac of oaid letter, " r. louden vrnte to ■='v,^, el 1 e", 
"Your money ip> v/el 1 inver^ted in thi p ptock and 're -ill riir--.nre 
of it in a v;ny th?t everybody wil'i j.rt full re lorn. 3 vill 
stay on the .ioh and five my undivided attention t'^ it until 
every ntock holder ip naid r>ut of our e^rnin/ ? and tiif=y 'ill 
hnve the corfinion stock free. Your dividati c}ieck <^ue Jnly tirpt 
.-•ill be nailed to you on the ? Lth of thi« rontli, '-"he C'^r-, any 
in doint line and makint": food money but the o'-^ly re-con th^t 


^J^^bft***??:? 9rf of 'Ob d-hsnTsSt A^i^ airfj wbI 9ixJ isbnu jf^rfJ- abnsj 

•> j ! o i . hf tJT' , v^nsffmo o ailt otiTt aisjob '£^6^4 ;«v-iBrf o^ ibe^KsXq rfeuar xtsy 
•*«w .s^IlscTCfB "*f:ri;t 3nibn.?<^eiftbn>/ a'*rt^biioi?'afiW ii J^iij ani- 

bd05?9iii?k)" ©ifX.", ^'< i'Bxfif b^jrts/'^iantr 9<S fifntis^. St \nl9%^'di c 

beTicr^a bod soILB^rrpi ii®¥^3 JtcTJcfift 9ifJ 1311b eif;t«oia xia aiaoe 

... -,-■,;■ * • " ■ 

LUnu fi fit noxtrf^J^ft HoUtv Ihnu •<^ *vi3 t-HB ctot, ailJ" no xni^ 

litv x,9fif brra ««:jftiirtR9 T«o t% &Uh hi tjbXoirf jfoo-ta \;i:9tfn 

Sw^it \t{^l 9iib *b9ifo SMjbiirtb i ^LoofB nocnaoo iarf* 9v :-;' 


1 Tfantcd to diepope of it vae to "be relieved of the big • 
responeibility nnd t;ive r^e an rn nprcrtunity to do !nore 
■vi'ith ny lav/ bupinei'p, vhere i rould be Torc indcriendrnt . " 
Ae np;c]jee clr^ime intcropt only from July 1, 1913 it 
must "be concluded thf)t dividends rere pp-id vn to «>nd includ- 
inc thft date. . 

• CD -^'o ■?'itnf>';e r rho clniw to hr- e bouf-rit ptock on 

pT/orn in behalf ^f fi.pTon r &, t^ne -^f 

eiinilnr terrr>? Vr'ere __. 

thesa, A.L.: ichaele, trptified th^t he had ?? c^nverF'^tion 'jth 
Lr. Louden «t the Illmo hotel in j otjt ."t.Iouip, -t "Kich 
time }.r. louden referred "to liy j^tcck and aloo irr.iloch's. 
Ke pqid th^ t (>e ■!>7ould tsVe cnre of up in n v> ry ehnrt 'irrie; 
th^tt \.G would t^ay th^jt stock Ir. Koch holds nnd r;.ysf^lf". l;e 
e.leo testified that on another nccRpion prior to thrit time 
he >;-'d spoken to /.^, louden abr^ut hie atock -^nd lie snid 
"^on't be uneapy 1 v.'ill t'^'-'e cnrp of both of yu ?in soon n? 
J can; ^thrit he ret erred te the stock held by witnejf f^nd, 
I'r. Koch. Jamee Grny, another "itneer? , testified iPt ^'. ' n i - . ' l 1 pe 
that Ir« louden told hin in ppt-aking of i r.; irhnel- f^-nd i.r. 
Koch ti.nt "he woulfi t-iVe c-re of tleta np he tnoV care of i:e 
•inci he r-'p ^oin^ to take c^re of tr.e nnd he t'p not ,<• '>in£. 
to lose cy it." He paid th^jt he hn.d about the '^rr.e conver- 
rntion Tfith 1 r. Toudcn ^\. different tiinee '^nd th^t the loot 
converpition \rn? e vonth or rix '<iico\.^ prior to "f.ip dcth but 
jurt Ym-rt thp.t dnte v;o«? rcMS( not npne-^r. It rtppenred f y oa - 
.qtire] "■ nnt?' r.rnrffp thPt a ppol 1 r a '. Rg elected n director of 
tne cotapB ry in 4J -)o -enih a f Jnnu^ry, 1914 «nd served on the 


^•: e-X«I ..,i .'truT, isoil ,\;Jaa .*s^9'XiJ#«Jt; «*Ri?J&|i,,.<^%rC^ 

bin?* si'f bus 3£oo*« sirf-v^uprf* {ie{«iOjJ-,«^%jp^^<pd|tO(i^, |»^^fl sa 
en none «i« u- \: 1=^ rfJ-orf "to »t«^ «ij£8i:Y,.^4F ^ ■^*9,n^ 

te loi^a-xifc » &o ■ -' ^I - io t ifT g. ig^^. **.^"«7i ^ ' sine r Caggs 


reorganization cominjttoc of the company; thrst the co-;'^u.ny 
v;p f? reorc-nnized on figure prep reel by the committee; th'^t 
- wp p til e at o ok an active nart in the reorgnni zation of the 
cociTjanyj . thnt ajr.illce ei^ ned a paper for n r=* nek hole? ere 
meeting; and an agreement : or reorfi". ni zation^ind th-t it tip- 
reorfe;ani7.ed in .-^ccorO'nce vjith ?ucli v.ritten ■■■£Teenent. Cn 

nee vjitn ?uci 

Jrnu-^ry 31, 1914 fti i poH e<^ \?rote to I.r. lout'en, " ' nie^e i v e U ^uui 

t ^egrar r: late la st nigh; tJ,. Jai»v e ■ ia T^or ^ '^ n t- ra r tg'i - j ' 1'6'f to r; »y 

iift4— f-iaiJ it IT nffPihle-' lo '^^*'-*"^ Y'^'"^ rate ting- /: for- diyg 

nptirf tr n uld r ni r - i T l i T ii-i 1 i r t n iir rnn j r p Jmj ' yum ii f ' T iii £ : .... 

i hnpg yft\i T^i 11 ■'■ ■hfi YP n guccp.p pful m eet i ng an rl oh-^uld oryoor- 


tunity Drescnt it?eli to dis-noee of ny etock, I f.iph y^u Tjnuld 


r.ccomod^. te r.c, i - ^r the bnn]f hnlding HihL j jain'f li^ p": ' tw i 'n t 
uncaey and hFi\e «>lrendy ^-o-tztirc fo, c*^ne<' the 1 ripn '^r. re; 
but 1 induced them to carry ne along, hov/ lonp that vrill 
Irif't 1 cannot say ?o 1 hoyje you cnn favor '"e in tn^t v^y. " 

Lven if loudtn's? r.-rgaiBe to repurch-'^pe f?tock could 
be extended by parol, v;e find there is no r^roof t>ir>t there 
wap any prociee Made Ly liiin either by p'lrol or oUirr vH^e, 
which v;ould be binding in law upon him. -he only declara- 
tion nadc by hitn, \^hich in n ny ■v/'^y tended to ?hov an extenpion 
ol the -rromit-e on the part of .?r. louden, -rmp the ?t'^ter.ent 
raade to the 'ritiesB ]. ichaelp, "th^t he v-ould y^ay that rtock 
Lr. Koch holos nnd r.iyf'elf . " That etTt6ner:t, hov/ever, in the 
light of all tiie other evidence, cloep ot irdicnte r. direct 

promise on the part of 'r. louden to purchnce a-nT>ellee's stock' 
In )ii8 letter of July IS, 1913 above r<'>erredj to, T r.l ouden 

had written to n^pellee "Your »'.oncy is v;ell invented in this 

^rt ;JJ: J-^xl^ fens, noJ;^Ps4o b^^O^S, ,?9i ^TxieKaejisa^ fKB >««* 'iwi^aaas 

■ a ^fi fe Mf i i / > . a« i J -.^ ' i:"! '!cii^v--faAi^.i..t-a-^:t i ^ -T^-^ ^8,P 3^4, ■ ^^ aai^^.--fe-?Hw ■ 

..■:-■ ' "^ '■ . Y\ ■ 

bluo« uo\ rfex'r I ,3{0QiB ,XCJ /^o ^isoqei;^ o^, 'ljt»iel;i 4'ae^st^'I'q; x^in^-^ 
^-'' -' ' ' -'''' ' "'^ '' "■■■ • ^ ' (?) 

Xfiw ieri^^ 3npX_ jvorf^,,^^«^^f,*q...xiJ** .O;^. aiftrf4,i"-5^««^f?>t,.>^-''^jy^ 

: ; ,^Ai Ipotji. op jg^^^^jpxsild- ,|)|UJt.^#w ,wiP%pig|E^^ fe^*n«;?X9. icf 
"Kiftlsab x*"o S'rf'^', .i?ii4, apgw^^wjal |tjt ^nibaicT fHg^' Wjjev ijbi^w 

nUt at b- Ti/oY* aeJIf^ 


stock nnd v;e -mill dippoee of it in a vray thnt everybody 
Y/ill full returne." oub r-equently '-vt find apptilee ret- 
in^- iiff a director B.nd npsisting in the reor^nniz^ti n oi th« 
com- any, 'sna Inter he •v-.Titep to louden rjrking ;iin ".o dispoee 
of hip otock if he finds an ODDortunity to do so. '^he^e vet? 
on the part of appellee were not consiptent v,ith the T>osition 
nf^v t-ken by him th-t louden Viad ey tended : ie :r'^^ife to buy 
the 9tock and tirt pucIj T)romi?e yn^e bein^ relied uron by him, 
/The testimony of the v-'itnes? Cray, that L:.r. louden enid lie 

I wae foing to take c re :^f ] r.J^och «nd Ir. ichaeic the saine 


lap he took c-^re of hin, did not c ■• ipti tute. p nroriii^e to 

extend the time for the rurchasse of the ptock oi annenee 

«jnd ■'ot'eicGp there i? no pmoi thnt tlie v?itn<.-?r Cray hr>r! -nny 

authority to act for nnpdl ee or receive ruoh p -pronisc ior 

Ihic, nnd the trial court properly f?o held in ne of the 

proposition? submitted by appellant. In the nbeence of r-uch 

proof, even if a r^romiBC to extend t>:e time to H-n-rllee had 

bten r.a;'e to Gray, it v/culd '.ot be liindir^ upon " ouden. 

I oudtn as president nnd ruanager of the company vr.c;, jud£_inf: 

fr'^tii hie correspondence, trying to take the "rMTf ine?:- ■nrofit'^ble 

.".nd to protect the etnck h-^lderp in the :' r in v'l -tr.ent. Whetl er 

the investment w?'!? prof it-^V.-le or not and what v;-'e or ie the 

value of the etock, ir not dif^clop-ed by the ^^roof;? ni^r do 

thef»e farts peem to up to be n-'terinl in i^ol vinf the on. ■-lion 

') repented. 

In our opinion the proofs in t! ip c-;pe •'e s not in 

lav? puificient to s?u3t?iin the finding p.nd judt'ment of the 

court below and trie judtjment will therefore be reversed and 

the crupfc remanded. 

Keverst'd nnd remanded. 

I'Ot to be reported in lull. 

iiCljride J. took no part in thie her^ring. 


Xb06x.s-ay^ ^r,d& ^mv n nk ik lo 9«ocT«»ib IIlw 9Vf ban ^oois 

-ioa «9Xi3(r£jfi. bail &'.v Tfll-irtiJ^i* ofi^fe ** .«tt%iii^*^-''''1ttul":^ie;a-^i'ti* 

•eo^iti o-airt s«t<^fi i*»f>^^ o? B»®#iir' 9rf "ks^hX bn ;. .-^^nr :moo 

^n^^ «SXX9.-(T6' 0* 'smii^'ftrf^ fifHsixs 6^ ttel'jBO^(T% l:i wSva ."ibotcr 

.hsbx/o.I noqra grrxbnid 00* ib;? -ftXye^- >l ,t**^ ''^^^ dhi^iti natjii 

anxabLft , a nsr x^r fTiiio o 9dS lo ico^isrt^sjJbin* inaJbiestcr se nsfcud-X 

^di Hi to ir.v iRiSsi btt$i ion 10 '»La^^it'i6't^:''9m'^trikniwiitttt'%Ai 

6b xf^n elooTr-- 9f^c> y^^ bsnolofstb ioa »ff ,-)roo^s ^ifi lo soXat 

noit'r»op 9.i:? :^frlVX09 fJl rcXi»i^« dd" ' ©'*'#(* '•J* «W^«' eJnel 9is9rf^ 

^ ■■ . -• »■ •'■■'■■ ■ '^ -i'- -■' .i#>«9':--n:- 

at idn 's'Sr-^ gs-o 5i(^* nt «ltK»Trflf 9z<^ nointxto -^i^c ft! 

9rfi to ' 'lis ftl«*iij(B "«t# J'ne vrX 

jnm t>»vii) '■} iiitf tnejEUgbift ^^ bits woii^a' ituoo 

.f:96nRff<9T -jii/no odi 

• Ifiit nx f)9ii Of»t»i gcf oi io>l 

/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copy of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in my office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set mi; hand and affixed the seal of said court 

at Ml Vernon, this /... ZSj^I^.. dav of Aprd 

A. D. 1916. 


te Court 




/ \j i^'^j 

Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at ML Vernoin, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesdag 
in the month of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th dag of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hmdren and sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 

And afterwards, to-wit: On the .?eyenteenth dai of April, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, angOPINION in the words and figures 

following: S 

In the matter of the Estate of 




Appellant . 

No. 37^ 

October Term, I9lS 

I Jol^n....J§.tli.?.!t..1^.». ^^ ^^\' 


99I.A. 13 


C ircuit 


.l^y?.l^.^. COUNTY 




Uif t 

:era lio. ?.7, Cctol)cr ?ci*r, 1915. Atendn i:o.l9. 

IK THE rATTLi; ':^i' TJDi i£3TA'?}j, C? ) 

letition of Heoriio A.A. riecljnnnn, pxecutor. ) ApT>e«l from 
lor authority to cnrry out the y)rovl:-ion8 ) iayette. 

of the wijljin reference to the buripl of ) 
t}ie deccReed. ) 

Opinion "by higVee, i.\J, 

kartiin Janett, a i oncer rerident of Vandal ia, 
layette county, iijinoie, died wlillc vifiting; «il her child- 
hood h-3nie in -witserland, on or "bout April 11, 191' , Sne 
left no child or children or descendant? of a child or chil- 
dren, "but left a hupband John Jninett, to ?'ho}ri phe hqd "b^en 
married v^cr^e t- o yerrp, «*nd v^ho was ^ith lier in .^vj trerl'^nd 
at the ti' e of Vier denth. he caused her rewainB to be \\^t^ 
ied in the churchynrd t -ideriB •^rau'^enden, ' vit^erlnrd, 
her -"lative town, ond returned to vsnd'ili''', where a v/ill 
wnp found, dnted I^ecern'cer lb, 19C2, -chich wn ~ iuly ndrni tted 
to probj^te in tl;e county court of j-eyettc count'-, on \u,-;u5t S, 
191C, TVie will T?r 3 conteeted but wne eust^sined in the circuit 
court And on appeal the euprenic court affirraed the rlfcrce of 
the circuit court, in an opinion filed (ictoher 16, 1914, in 
the case of Venn y. 1 eyer, reported in '64 IlLtf: . .^ ante- 
nuptial (sgreejnent h- d been entered into betvfcn " nrthn . onctt, 
trtio ^BP tiien a "widow and John .Tnnett, hy vhich it v-\? pro- 
vided thnt in cnee he eurvlTed her, he vnr to hnve the 
eura of ilGCO in full of rll interest in her ertnte. "by l;er 


.51.0' - .dXW .en^T TcocfoJoO .Vr. .oi^ crta': 


9rfo . /"Ti?! ,fr Xi^crA ^iinrj ! If nc ,ftn«li9siiwa at «2crf boori -xo bli:iQ r. lo i!i\^aRhn'»oa»& nc a^~-i:.-(r) i-> bliifo on *1»X 

bsitirjbn xlijb - '^'^ fioixiv." ,iu«X ,^r x»dfi!93«C bsJ-ab ,ij.iijOi. . : ;;' 

, ' anitilqf} a.n ni .i-xuoo iliioaxo 9iii 

•otqr "Ti** ii xfoo... t- , -^ar.T. n.'fo^ bnfl wnbxw « nttCi" "isir oiV 

9ciS •vid o* «iAfr ari ,T&tl bsTtvTua sii »ai*o ni isiiS b9blv 

11 v" .1? ii)« T . .r ni i»9Titnl fTp 1r» Tta"! al ''>O0X5 lo bujs 


iDst wi!!! nnd testniEeMt, &he prrvided for th« nnynent to 
b«r hu!:'bpn'i of ttie aian raentiontd V>y mid antenuptial 
contract, po th^^t he 1 '^d no further pecuninty intercut in 
the ««tf»te. '-l2€ vill rIso contained th« following n*> itc 
firi't -rovipion, "^i direct tVint :ny ersrthly rfimains be de- 
cently V-uried m jay lot vvhich 1 ovn in the Catholic CRae- 
tcry in -outh hill Ceraetery in Vrindaliii, Illinoig, fip Tcer 
detniled directions i;iven in writing to my executor, here- 
inafter n«>iued and as r er copy hereto <? + t»iched. ■" After the had veen sustni^.ed in the supreme court tlae &yec.\:{oT 
naxiei fnerein, Ceorge A.A.J'ieclcriann, filed n ^-etition in 
the county coiirt of ilay«ttc county, 'Asking for an cr<^er 
authorizing hirs to comply with the first rsrovipion -if the 
fill of Tiiid I'arthn Janett, by "bringing her Ijody "b-'ck fron! 
ovitzerlnnd i or "uurfel in the c?R:etery in Vnndslin, llllnoie. 
Thp county court grnnted the nrnyer of the petition, but 
on nppe.'»l to the circuit court, the e-ar;e v;^6 dpnied nnd 
the petition disnissed nt tiie copt of the ep^nte, to be 
paid in due cou 'F?e ^f adiainietrstion. Vros the orr^er nf 
the circuit court, an appe"l hn? been token to t.hip court 
"by the executor. 

Upon an examination of the record ••'« fird thp^ 
whnt purport? to be the bill of erceptionB in tlie r"»e, ip 
not ffifjied by tho judfc;e who tried t}je gnnie, V\it thnf both 
the date nnd the t I'^ce wiiere the 9ignn.turc shci.ld be, rre 
left blank, 'ihe only questions v^hich nrc -^repf^nted for 
our determination, arioin4; -ut r^f the rvidence, rnd the 
only way tie evidence cs5n be nreperved for the c^neid cr«'tion 
of r reviewi'ig court, ic hy f bill of ercentiona. In the 
absence of r nropfcr bill of exceptions in this cn-t^, v:e 
cannot revie*"; the evidence ar.d it must be nreru: ed th'^t tJie 
finding pnd Jud^Tient of the court bf.sed thereon vexe correct. 


9/li fg** *■ ^'- ^'■>"* -^ o-'^»f ■• ' ^•'■r.i ■••■> i^ aa Ana fc-^ ■ -f^ -r^t^: 

•SPtiO^ ■•■■:•- ^ -ifv -ir* r^ 


>... ' bir't ■=^ fo" ',';.i i fV..{J 

"Vihtttevtfr outside cf the comir-on law record, viz. the pt;m- 
Konp and r«turn, dec] ".rfticn, plfTdir.f.r eut?€'t:uent thereto, 
vordict nnd jtidfjnent, -r pr'cl^'Rnt in a cpr»e nt Inv c!e?iree 
t}ie judgment of m nvv.ellnnt court upon, gjuot be contained 
in the bi3 3 of exceptions or he vrill fnil in hi? pumoise." 
BoT.'lon V. I.ffo'bkn, 57 1 1 1 . /yp. ??;4 . .here tr,e «-vidence before 
t};e triffil court le n^t r^rt-pcrved in the record by r 'bill 
of pxceptionp, thR que"tinn whether the finfiini; of the cir- 
cvit c aurt wae in confomity with the evidence produced be- 
lore th.-Jt ourt, canrot "oe inquired into on nppe«l. ierri* 
V. • errio, HQ 131. 45'^. 

lor the fniluro to include « proper bi*l tt ex- 
ceptions m t}e trnnffcript, po thnt the atterr '^f fr;ct 
are'ued by counncl could he considered, the jj^dgnent of tue 
court belo?' ylll "be r^ffin^ed. 


7\ot to he reported in fvll . 

kr. Justice ■'cBride took no rtnxt in cnneiderin^i this chrc. 


J'-''w ■*'■- 

■^ :'■ ■' rt 

/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copg of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in mi) office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF. I have set mg hand andjiffixed the seal of said court 

at Ml Vernon, this .^.JJl-^ _ dag of April 

A. D. 1916. 







Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th dag of March, in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 

Present: s- 

Hon. Harrg Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 


And afterwards, to-wit: On the ...r.T.T 'r}:l.%lf^T..r.~rr.r...§ dag of April, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in the words and figures 



..B e r tha.....Mc I nt ir e.,.. 


No. 46..,....ii.y2 

October Term, 1915 

/l99I.iV. 20 

.Xpnjr. Mgr ri s . an^^ 

_ ts.» 


..QlrcullL COURT 





3... ...S......1JZ\VLIN.,.. 

Teim Ko. 46. OctoTser Tern, 1^15. Agenda Vo,4'-, 

At)p ei 1 ee ) 


V- ) Appeal Iroa *rnnkljn. 

Tony ' orrip and John >. Mndsey ) 

AppellantB ) 


Teim Vio, 47. Cotober 7er?n, 1915. /^rnda ''0.41. 

Kuth l.'elntlre, et al ) 

Appellees } 

V. ) Appeal from irnnklin. 

Tony Lorri* and .'ohn .. T indeey ) 

Appellants. } 

Cpi:iion "by Klgbee, i. J. 

On Decemljer P8, lyl4, J, ii. Mclntire, svhll e in- 
toxicated, was shot and killed by city marphal Iner Col- 
ling of -uckner, ininois. :ijit w?»s brought by uertha 
kclntire t>ie y.ife of the deceased, under gcction H of the 
Dram Shop Act, a£"%inst app^llante and a nunber of "^ther 
e'loor keepers, to recover dnmarep on account nf her Ics? 
of ae-^ns nf support. At the e'iire time, P-uth .idntlre and 
Dean Iclntire, minor children of the decer?ed, by Bertha 
kcJntire, tJieir next friend, br ufht a ny.e ruit .'t|j-"inyt 
the sar.e parties. liy n<!reeraent of pnrtiea, the suite ".ere 
consolidated as one puit snd nt the conclusion of the evi- 
dence, they *ere disKisped no to all the deftndmtp except 
Tony } orris end John ". 'indsey. 'here?>fter e-nnrnte ver- 

aT , 


n t Mf 


.arc,: ,?-r'-7 •T=;no- 


,l..i »6<»a'?)i:ii Y^^' f(o iniqC 

9.-(* lo t noid-093 "xai'jni/ ,3?»9i'd09b ar{j 1o »liv tuLS 6i!:inio-^ 

r^Jtc Ic Tsdcwn a bnn 9.Jnf;XX&gq;a i^ '•- ' ,tn^ qortu m«7(I 

•«soX T3fi Ic ^rrur-ani" no ira^Epfc lavo ■ :t4«jI ffooXna 

ban 9-zi^iiro". AtiS.l ,««Ti:f •'ra*» «;U^ ; .J-iO'-:". 'Jo sn-'sr;:; 'tc 


dicte were returned nf-inyt piid rfefendnntP, on«» for the 
wife aiid one lor the minor children, epch for the pvira of 
f" iroc . yoticnB "for nev trial? vere denied and juc'fmente 
entered for ;-iid ataounte against ?nid defend«ntp. ::epa- 
rate nppeals Rvjicnr to hp ve "been tpken in tlie t' o rsuitp 
"by the defendant r< 'b-J.o'.v, gut •".> the eiideice r^nd iiT'tjruc- 
■^i -inj? • identic "1 the rccorc^?» y-ill "be re-?:irwed ''-"y th« 
court ae one c-se n,nd the opinion and jud^rnent v'ill "be ap- 
nlicaljle to each. AT')rel''rar.t <» cltiiri in thf-ir brief r t>-nt 
the onurt e-rred in r-nt iiviiip v. i- r remp 1 o ly inptruction in 
their ^.ehaTf, f^r the renrnn t}iRt upon t> e evidence in the 
cj^pe, there ocRjld be no t ecovery oy the anpelleee rr\A alpo 
prred in the instruc tio:ip ^i-ven to the jury. 

i'he evidence in the cage 4« not contradictory in 
chorncter Rnd iliovittttie followinij to have been the fnots: 
J. ii.. llclntire, t>i« 'hjcoTsed, h^d been narri.^' eleven yenre 
^nd his fv-ily coagistod of iiiife, J-erthe ? oint ire nnd 
tn-i nnjnll Ciiildren, A-.ith ;ind ie-ni -^clntire. he vn?s n miner, 
owned «. hcie ^Torth ClOOO i?itbject to s 1 3rc nortg.'^re and wae 
njrUclng four dollnrs p day v.hen he vorlce4. he nnd hip family 
vere dependent on hi a wnfcp for Eviriport. A"bout t^-rre ».'eek« 
"before hie death he v >g hurt in tlie 'rine •nd -^.r? !lp,id off 
from -work* lie \nf n cnndidste for checlcweighir.n.n Rrd wai? 
electioneering lor the position. A"bout a week nfter iie wr^e 
injured he began to drink very heavily -ind -iPT^t and ate 
but little, lie took Inrjie --Huantitiea of "linuor >;orr.e "-ith 
hiai vrhich }.e crneximed during the niirht. he took hip pun to 
"bed f'ith hid and threatened to ehoot hie rife or to puoot 
through the floor ^t her fert and ^cted in an irrational 
and dan^ieroiis nanncr. -during this time he bought and drnnk 



at ci'^ii r3,ri ^ » ; s : -^x -^ ? • .- > 

bnr s'i 

ii-i^ot d*»T'fJ iijo'U. ,jt- 

tic bxo£ 9«w bn ' snx;' »ii.f a- ii 
mw bin TU^tfat^ivihl 09r 

■-> -r ^i'. TS^tJR i*'' 

ff J- r ' " : i 

cJ ft •'■ 

.do'^'? o.t gf.-fr'rsir 

:=? T.t-?rf> 

l1 &9tir^ 

• isftoo xlJtsuitlt Bief l>m 

'iol 3ai:x5^aci:^or)i3 

liqurr in the different oalnons in iiuckner, siraong others 
thoee of appellRnts. On '^ iturdny rreviou* to hie death, 
•which occurrtd the folloring J ond^y, he wpb arreeted for 
dieorierly conduct snd locked up by city mffrshal Colling. 
Lf'ter in the d"-y hie vife c^mc for him ?nd took him horae, 
hif tjir-1 I'f in£'; ret fcr londny. le did not drink nn 
Ecndpy rnd on thft dny crilled on p neighbor tnkinf^ his 
gun with hia r.nd .1 living it in the 'nail, he =xr.ted he 
vyni? foinf to Benton to c ^npult pome attorney ^nd ?ee if 
he could not g,et ^ati «?f motion for his arrept and if not 
that he vj->B -jOinr; to Rhoot the "pon of q i^un"; thit >« ^--^d 
hi'i troi-ble -s-ith Collinp "nd "iide hira "bnck don-n". "n the 
follo'fling ifonday 'aorninp at about eip:ht o'olock he went 
to the 3Rloon of r>pr,ellant "orris vhere he i-oufht tv.'0 
drinks of vvhisky ^nd f»l*<0 n half -:int >ottle of liquor 
which he -ut ia his 'socket. At ?jbout 8:?r a. . . };e rent 
to tie E^alo-^n of?.ppen«?nt "^indpey, 'ind dr^nk three or four 
drinks of vhipky ^nd eome beer. A li*tle .l'?ler V.e returned 
sn<!! ^c% another drink of vhieky and then et^rtpd to trke a 
tr-^tn to ienton. Before leaving i'.i*ckner he called s mp.n 
by the naice of Ijowr^nn out of another BRloon nnd Jif?ked 
him to go to Ijie, J-clntire'e, hoi;ae ard {ot hi* revolver 
end 3aid le v/cdd ft't Collin? or (-ollin"i •'^r>u3d fret him. he 
tiien vent to Benton on tiie trr'in that left nt 11:30 A.J, 
and returned on the ?:3C i ,M, train. It t/'^n phown by th« 
pre of e tl-.'-t he w'-i«? drinkinr in T'.enton "nd pJ <»o en hie re- 
turn, --"hout five o'clock he v'ent to the city "'•nil vhere 
hip trial to hr>ve been h?)d ^nd ^fter rrnitlnp ?0 to 
?b .'i'Uttp, left •;:here. A little 'iP. ter i e ''-ife found 
hin in appellant i.orrie* enloon. \>e h-vd a flopp of TihiBky 




a mdat oi batSf 

«-\ .jsi 

so »io^<i 


- ^r7. 9 .i ■ 


in his hnnd and his revolver w^p lying -n the counter. 
He 5i«d tfiken nbout : alf of the vhiglty and ^-.Ttpr h^r "^rriv-.l 
he drank the balance of the t'^ft^is. Teforc lomving the 
9-loon he drank stiU another [In^v and c-ien ] e ?'nd hie 
v:if€ &tsrted dov^n the etreet, toward the city iiall "Aiere 
a tjorpe ^nd ■^••■^e etanding. hie wife i-ot int-^ the 
"buggy and i#iile she vmr telling Kclntire to ret in Conine 
opened a door near by. Lclntire who h-'d been c^'rryln^ hi» 
revolver in hie hand, snw Collir.p nnd commonced shooting. 
He fired gix shote none of rhich took effect, but Coilinp 
fired it hira in return -ind killed him. After f'c?:ntire'p deafr. 
a bottle vpf? found in hi? T)Oclcet, which an'-eared to cnn- 
taio ■whisky. Ko -nrovoo ntion •e.'ac phown •whatever for the 
attack nnd the coroner* e jury found that the Tinrshnl 
killed iiiClntire in pelf defenp*. ] 

Ihat anpellfes vere deprived of their vie-nc of 
support by Ic-i-ntire' g th:U he. ^'sp intoxicpted rt and 
prior to Mie ti^.e he wn? >-ill*-!d nnd that ?uch intonic^'tion 
■wne caused in «5 fjub(3t'j,nti'',l df^free by llr-uor "old by ap- 
pellant?, sire not 'jue-itioiip of ointroverpy in the cir:, but 
the quef?tion of f?»ct necepf?-^ cy to be consiiired i r? vfrcther 
the intoxication of 'clntire -.7,-:p the cnunr; -f his death. ' 
It wns '^•hown th'^t l.cintire •wn'* of (ic^nt'^.c di -»nor»i-llon v^hen 
pober but th-'t trSftn drinking •vnri -^ild, vnd irrJiti-r^nr^l; 
that for the t-vo we^ks irior to hiR '5f?'tth, -vith the ^x- 
ceptidn of onf. day, he wns in n driinken frenzy ciu^ed hy 
liquor ?old hira hy ap-r^ellant'! and otherr, during vhich time 
he C''rrxi?d o r-ie'-ol, tolked irrntionnlly nnd cillt^d bin- 
self a 'i'i -pernio; t-nt on ".iturday prRcedin^i; hi^ denth he 
was nrrc'ted tcr disturbance of the nfcacjr by the city r.nrshsl; 




that by ten o'clock on the morning of the d-jy of 'uie de^th 
he hnd drank seven or eifrht drinks of vhi^ky =^*nd ?one 'beer 
at apnellants* placet* ot bu pineee , and purchaaed and rut in 
hif pocket n half pint of vdiiffky nnd that he then .-i ?ked a 
mnn to go and v.«*t hi? revolver; that jupt before >iie de»ith 
rhile r?t^nding nt the b^ r of spnellant, i orrin, in a 
drunken condition v>ith his revolver lying^ on the counter 
and hie vfifc trying to f et hin hone, >.'C dr^nk t\;o nore 
glaecf u -^f wMplcy; ti^nt ";.«j phot sir titncF nt the nnrshal 
bef:ire the ?. ntter fire-d^jjn rnd V-il led hlTn. 

4? H )e 'J ' nnt inpi ptK thnt ar it 7:ar- fjho'm *h^t 
l-clntire rnp net drinking Gundsy »^nd thnt ho .^tnted on that 
day thp.t if he did not ^tet R«iti !»fsir+.irn he ^i'^uld kJTI Col- 
linp; that tile eino've hi« rnliciouF intent and dippr^'vee 
the t/.eory thnt his l-ntoxlcntion at the '"ine, c:n rr'd him to 
attempt to kill Collina. hin rife, >ic'wever, r-isttC that 
phe could crntrol h la vihcn pober, thrt T.-hrn in tluit (condi- 
tion he r;id not cprry 'riv r-'volver and thr t te only ".'Iked 
8 ->ut i-ollirs tr >.er rhen irtrylrr^ted. At th«- li'-e rf }a» 
death, he x:-,^ crczcd vith drink upon e riu'"? ic strs'i't with 
a revolver in his hsn-i, vhich he h^d teforc th t left at 
home anJ did not f^t u,.til he Vcrcnrne drunk. / 

Troai all t^je f'^ct:' nVove ? entioned e think the 
Jury were fiPly 'varr^nted an 'inding -ihr.t ' c^ nttrt ••.ould not 
have attacked the np,r?;hr?l ?>t the tiTc o,nd :in t\M: ,-ian tr in 
which y;c J id nnd thup rrin^ "n the nltt'rcntion ''hich caused 
I'i? de^th, if i- e l.-^.d net cetn intoxiCTted . "he f'efcnpe 
th?)t. "cZntire c»^r e to his death tlrcuch the cr j-nir-'l act of 
another ip not r- -"'t 1 i c nl "j e «r it v.)-:i? c> ovn .'-.err, .nnd v8 
fnurif' by the coroner's Jury th?^t the city a-rpi.-i Villed 
Cintire in ;.elf dcfenr-c. In J-ick v. Tropperity jjobe. 


■:■ xs iDiif ■-•> n "» H n i.'-i *;• 




147 iai.Anp.l76, thip court held, thnt in order to re- 
cover under the dram phot) net lor lo?** of fupr^ort cauped 
l^y tlie denth oi' the f'-ther of the pl«lntil'f, the intoxi- 
cr.tion need not be chnvm to be the ircn-.ediate, rtirert or 
proyiTn'?te cauee of the death, it is sui'icient if it oe 
the cause and this doctrine vaa adhered to in ^i.iteside v. 
C'Connors 162 il3.App.10fc, it teing stated in the i.^tter crb* 
"^.'e conclude th?>t if tht? husband of plaintiif in error coro- 
Eitted ?'. ici^e vhil* in a etr^te of intoxication ind th"it the 
defendants in error contributed in *hole or in pnrt to pro- 
duce ffuch intoxication, the rule announced in Jack v. ^'lobe, 
eupr«., ie rinplicablt=; and that it w"e only incumbent unon 
plaintiff in error to shov th.nt tixe intoxicar.ion of jier hiip- 
■feond ^95 tlie covjpo of his suicide either pioririJ^te or reinote." 
Tha esir;© rule 'sould appes»r to -oe to apply in this c-'!«e rhere 
the firinf by J cintire upon the wvarshal, v^hxch comr>i~lied 
the I'ltter to kill him in eelf defenj?«, n^e in oifect the 
e^me -^s tiou^ih " clntire hnd jciised hiaeeif. 

The fsvtf.' in tnis c*'->9e warranted a finding by 
tlie jury that the death of . c-.ntire w^.p caured by Dip in- 
toxication and thnt such intoricntion v7?»p CHUfcd in xhole 
or in p.'.rt by liquor i-olc him by app&llauta. 

Complaint is o «de by appellants of the tollov?ing 
instruction t:iven i or ap^)elleeB: "Vhe jur> -are inptrocted, 
Rfr a r.atter rif law, U>at if you i ind fwon a preponderance 
of the evidence thfit tlie defendants, ir either '^r fny of 
them, sold or gave intoixicnting liquor? to J. h. iicintire, 
which caused him to te »jnd becc^e intoxicated to ei.rh an ex- 
tent »5nd degrte tliat h« became insane ??nd ii'r« -ion^l in 
tiie minu, and tlint vhilnt co iatoxicoted, attempted to shoot 


« - -» 

i;f fiOix' 

■ rfi:0X(]nno J 



nnd kill another pf.-i'son, ^l.o ■ ae then «nd there an oiliccr 
of the law, and that t?uch officer of the 1 «w in hit? -wn 
necesenry Belf-iefcnse, and not froQ any sririt -^t re- 
venge, or F.ny other unla^f'.il cr^u??, y"^.9 conpt'll*?'!, in order 
to 9?ve }-ip 0V.T1 l?.fc, to nhoTt nnd "'••in th^i "ild .', 1. ! c- 
Intire ar.o that pla-ntiffg wf>re Ihen .nnd therr' in.iurcd ond 
dama^'ed in th*ir me ts of pu^^^ort, '."-en you f?.'-"?ulri find for 
the •^iDirtiffp «nd fippee? their d'lraaf:*^? '"t I't'.ch ?i'.n ip you 
Bsay "believe they are entitlf"?, to un-''«?r -.11 the eviderice, 
facts and oireuEstancos prr-.ven in thie rHrc." He criticiea 
of this instruction i •» th't it -^Id nrt re-niire? th-t the in- 
to:cicntion ariould have bet^n the CT.U:--e of >!cin*irc'« ^'tterapt 
to stioot the ot}ie:r nerfjon; th.rt the tTc.s lender rhicr. , f>c- 
cording to thle inetrjction *iic Rp-ennnt?* cxild he found 
guilty, were that ?ipYjell'«nt did the act v.hfe l.-e 't^ intori- 
Ciited recardleKg nf i»hether or not the intn-l cation, vos the 
cause of it. Appellant? ?»lso oon*'! ^i^ cf -"not'er instruction 
fc^iven for .ap ell*?©, '.hich con':".:.!? niihsl' ntif> 'ly the "Rme 
theory i\b tine ont* n'.iove rerirrred to, ';>'C0!pt tlvi.t it tplle 
tiie Jury if they holievo fr';'n the evidtMicc th-'t n-id .',L. 
Mclntire w^s intoxicoted to ?uch 'i degree th-t hiR rand for 
t>'.e tiiip 'be in^: i*i? unhn.l;=nced -nd th-^t he wn? '■f \ini?oi>.nd 
ttind p-nd that Y.hile in th?=it condition, '■■■o ' -.-rduceJ \y puch 
intoxication, he LinlEv.i\illy arsaulled -jnot'tr per-on with 
n dendly weapon in fiicli s sfirrer "»! to t"a)<:e it r-ere-ifory for 
the rer5ion afienulud to ihoot and kill him, Ihby rritht find 
thnt the antoxicf:tinn vv f? tiie cauee of hio dertJi. it ie 
f«aid tJint t) ip in et ruction fvi:jo to rcnuire t'. t the 
ir.i.oyic^ition el-iould 'it the cot sc .f If. v-ns'. Itirg: the other 
person. Ihc v.holt c -^ce -.vsa tried ur.on tl.': thcrry tnt in 
or er to entitle the plnintiff to ricov^r It XuV-t ap^cnr that 




••i ■CO* 


the intoxication caused liclntire to asemilt the r^nrshaJ. 
and thereby CRUsed hi? denth. 

The firgt instruction given for Ti-pr elleen +nid 
the jury thnt to entitle thera to recover, 'cintire'»« desth 
must ha\e teen broujiht atjout or caneed by the intoxicn^ Ion, 
and nther instructions fiiven for them follTwed t},e s'-re 
theory. The instructions given for ap-^elTees nvist bs con- 
sidered ap a «^ole snd when they are '^11 conp5d*?r<id toPiether, 
they plainly inioTTB the Jury tii': t in order to entitle nppel- 
l?ints to recovpr. It roi; !?t ^^nifnr that the into:"i«ntion '^f 
I'clntire cnueed the act -^■i.ich led to his denth. Cnc-i*)laint is 
pIfo kt-'c of f\n inpt ruction nnlcpd by apnellj^ntp ■vhich ».'■" e re- 
fused by ti-ie court. 'This instr\:ction r/ns aoneriipt involved 
»»nd t5 90'. e extent misiendinf: , and the refussl to ( Ive it 
dofts not appenr to .is to involve- ?uch r>rror, -^s to nec6i<pi- 
trte a xi=-v«;r!«al of Hie Jud^^ent in this cnupc', vhich if pus- 
t??ined by trie pnof? nnd •'^here substantial jur-tice r«r>r.e tb 
to have been done,'.t ?.f I'irr-ed. 

Sot to be roT5orted in fu]!!. 



iU'^J V.i-si-f. 

^ ■-TU^ ^-.^ S.^C-. 

<i..'i. *■!. 



/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copy of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in mg office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set my hand andnfffxed the seal of said court 

at Ml Vernon, this _ _ /...^^A— __ dag of April 

A. D. 1916. 



; ■--''» 

/^ " / 

Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesdai; 
in the month of March in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th dag of March, in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundr^n and sixteen 


Hon. Harrg Higbee, Presiding Justice. 
Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 
Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 

And afterwards, to-ivit: On the ^ey.enteenth dag o^ April, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OlfNION in the words and figures 



No. ....^1., 

October Term, 1915 

Fred We'ber <Sc Martha WeTaer, 
_ Appel 1 ee 9 . 

199 I.A. S4 

ERROR :ie 



East St. Louie 



HON. _ l.«...lt_'_._VAm)E;\(ENpR, 

C <_' i' 

Term rio.51. October Term, 1915. Agenda ":o.49, 

Tovn of Canteen, ) 

-•-••pp ell ant. ) 

V. . i Appeal from City Crurt of 


a reJ -e'ber and i'artha .ctei, ) i.?5et Jt. j.ouis. 


Appclltcc. ) 

Opinion hy iiit-bee, i . J. 

'■^his suit to recover a penalty un }er the statute, 
for nn obstruction of s highway .vae orit-.innlly brought upon 
the coiTiplnint of one of the liighvray coiinis?iono .s of n^-el- 
ln.nt, against appellees laefore a justice of the pe?ce. \iion 
appeal to the city court of i'.art .-.t. .'ouis, vi.erc there 
v.'^s p. trj-'l de novo, a ver.'^ict of not guilty r.^s returned 
in f-ivor of anpellees- o.nd jud^iTaent v?ac entered af:-'in?t ap- 
pellant for corts. The caee v-'s hro; e-bt to t};ir -'ou'-t 
Ly appellant aod on rcviev. of the record, v.-e reld that the 
•verdict wp.p ranifeotly 'gninet the y/cicht of the evidence and 
that judgment v^e improperly entered n£;ainst aprellant for 
coet:', re the suit tt^p one for n '^enalty. '-'hp.t Judtonent 
■p'^ therefore reversed ".nd. the cnui?e re'a?;nc.ed for a new 
trial. Cn the Femnd tri-l the jrr>- afrin frund fT f'p- 
peliee? and jud£Tiicnt \!r>r entered on the verdict p^^in-t the 
t->vn cf Canteen in I - r of tl;e action. To revicv; thif? judg- 


,Qi^.o" s^^^,^A .dxei .nnoT lacfoJ'oO .la.oK cmcsT 


^ . fastis qrr-- 

1o 3-tur'iJ x*i-' nail I^.sqg;A ; . .v 


-X6"'-^R to err^noieslnmco Y^^-rf^-t'' 9^^'^ "^'^ 9'^<^ "io ^'nioXcrmo 'o srfct' 

noq > .BO'^o o: edi to yoiiKUf, r> eiiOi^c' b99 rXsqqs J'ssnieaB »^fifX 

aisiiJ- 510 d:,' ,3i:uo'. .^t. i'^Bi'I lo truoo xiio 9r(o oJ XnsqqB 

»ifi J-ciit bXsri 9\7 ,bTcoo'i arfJ' lo ivsivoi no brir. ^nsXX9."fcr.(3 ^d" 

iavnr^bu'i Jsrf"' .x^Xcns.- g lol ano -^i'?-^ ii i-a 3ii.t st ,«>>t9 0D 

wsrt r. tot h3bnn„'T9T sauoo 9:{J' Jbnr. bssiava'r giotstarfj' ^jo 
-flffi ^«t hfuj^t airs.-jB 'Cfyt '^^^ X-'iicf brroosis adS nT .Xsx-r.t 
9ftt isrrip-^rt J-oth^av 9rii no b9i3J-n9 •^r.y ^nftrcf^bwt bnB ^og.T^r 
-4^;Jr, •JXxiJ' wjivsT oT .noLton s.ij- lo i-(i nx nee.+nisO "io rr-vc* 


ment the town has again appeded to this court. T}ie com- 
plaint was that appellees were unlawfully o'. etructing r>nd 
encroaching upon one of the highways of the to^n of C.-^ntren, 
knovm as Cookeon ^^oad; th" t e«id o"bptruction consisted ol a 
fence erected and maintained thereon ty appdleee on t}ie 
westerly end of ?aid hir.hway nenr its int rpection v/ith the 
Collinsville ropd; thnt said Ired Veber hr-d been notified 
in writing to remove ^aid obstruction but had failed and 
neglected to do e o. It ap-r^e^red from the proof? th-^t 
both aorellec were notified verbally to remove tliie fence 
and that they both ?if-reed they woiild eraove the sarrie if the 
commieei oners would allOT? them nbout ten days time to rur- 
chase an adjoining yilece of ijround. 

The main question of f-ct to be decided nt the 
former trial v^-'s whether the premiees included in 'Appellee's 
fence and which vere -".bout 50 feet wide ?>nd extended some 
200 to 50C feet along the >.it:h'vny, h'^d been used as a public 
road for the period or fifteen yesre and on thnt question 
trie court vrs of the opinion thpt the manifest ^^ of 
the evidence ra? thit the premises had been oo used ior such 
a length of tine, rn that -.oint there appe.irp to hnve been 
no substantial difference or variation between the evidence 
on the first and second trials. The proofs as to the fnrts 
ha\ing been substantially the ' nme on the tv?o trials, v/e 
find no reason why we should depart from the conclusion 
which we reached vfjnen the cse v/as here the firpt tinie and 
we therefore nre co^.pelled to h'^ld tliis time, as rormerly, 


•moo 9n'T .J-Tuoo aUBi-oi bmk^aciM RtM^iSi sjRri iw^ftJ- ^d* inam 

bap. gnlJ'O' )o ^f IirlTrBXnjj aiaw saQfldgq* ifirfd" 9rw jnxjsXq 

,a93*npO 'ic m/o^ Silct "io sx&s^d^id ^di to sno floqi/ ^nxiloaoions 

s "to bstaiBncD noii'Oiji^scfo bins f^ciS jbao^i aogjfooO sb rworrjf 

erii no s99l&frq:B ^d noaisrfd' &» nijs^n imct Jwia feaJoais sonal 

9riJ- i«iw noiiosai^d-ni: sJ-i T^*n \;.RwrfAirf feifis "io I)n9 xlaa^saw 

bftlllv-ton naacf bs.l i^rfsW fosfJ bi,3a *«rf* j&soi allivenilXoO 

*"rid- elociq BdS wo-rl b9i''^3-:qB il .cs ob oJ- boio'iL^en 

soR'^J '?-liii svoirrgi od" xirisd'tS'T fesxli.toti sttsw ??9aXIsggs riioo' 

siii li SiURg 9ff? syons blitow x^^ b^siij" rfJocf -y;9n.J iedi bns 

, . ..wurq c^ Qmii 9Xtib\ nsiiuQ^ .^: wsrf-^ woIIb^ JbXwow Sianoxsaxiiucoo 

so--: .tf:-, ■• -ri i-re i . baO'O'itB to 9&9.t<^; sttlf^tftt^* rr*? 9B*rfo 

-f.5' 9£fcr &n b^binob 9di o& fori: lo noxJ«-«tjp ficaw »xiT. 

oiXtfircr JB e« bs-flu nsscf l»d. ,^;pwrii§t4if ©ri^ gfl^iw 'iael OOC o*' OOS 

-\ir iioxi»9up *«j€t wo bnp sissx s^^-^^^^^o boiTSq sil* lo'i ^biJOT 

lo ^rf^xsar ^6 8? infill ad* *«rr.t noiniqo 9At to nv^ir Siisoo nini 

nsstf 9V«u oJ ST:i»sqrqjB ©i^ff* Iniocr ^Jf^^ w® ^«ax-*^ 1:o.''iiJtart9l i? 

9oa»btY9 stii ri9»iirtf»cr Aoi.;t^i^m; teo sanais'fixb XiiiittPiJ-iKJua on 

9*o«l 9d& oi ".p T!lcooncr 9rfT ^i«BXBii+ bno9d« ba*" irr ii 9ri^ no 

9'^' ,«!rftiT;;f ow^ srij- no or<t!r > axiit \;fXBi*fiR^'96fusi n99'i gni/flxf 

noieuXortoa 9rf> norrl S^i^qsfe bXuoxfe aw ^rfer rios«9i on bni.t 

bnp SEfri.T ;t3iii ert* 9T»n sew s^fo ori^ Rai-fw boiio«9i »w rioia'w 

,XXioanco* "?f; ,eini:? BxiiJ hL-d of h^IltaniQo 9ir. Btot^tedt 9w 


that the verdict of the jury wae manifeetly a^ain?t the 
weifcht of the svidence, "n the second tri^l, however, a 
nev theory ol defense '"nc introduced hy aprellee^, in "C- 
cornance vd tli which ohjection '.•;••? riade "by then to th? re- 
docVeting of the cause, for the rp^-^^m tl--^^ ^in'-p !>•■?> for- 
mer tri^.l in the city c"»urt, tie territory i '^" lu'i'lnc- the 
road in quption )~:i bcc ,"^e inc -irporitc"? in r.nd n ry art of 
tre village of - air-;:ount, t *"=•-. irr. nun t ^ ity p.r t^- p vi?lafe 
?ee e to be '. id i ^cri'^in tely c-l''ed in the ^-vit. ''• veri- 
lier' lea \73S5 filed \y defendnnte pr-ttirf f'^rth r.-^jd new 
fpcte -md allet;iri£ thrt they c-^n ft itv.ted ft \>pr tn T-ilnin- 
tiff'e action. It v;.' c tl-.e clain -^f ^■^r^e'^'^ep nn the trial, 
thrt >is :50on r-s the territory in ri'-ecticn •"=!? :i corror^'ted 
in tliC: \illa[";e, appellant 1 o ?t its ra'thori + j'' oy^r the pp.xTiQ 
and therefore the ri^l't to rr^^jnt'^in pr -''tion ior the -pen- 
alty rl.nted. 'Dit s'r.tute rnr'cr v.hich thi ? ?»ction r-nn brought, 
provides for -i penplty of r^^t Iror th'^n th "ec -'i^r ;-.ore thnn 
ten doll-'iro upon conviction of nid offer ''c, nnd tv.-Jt puch 
pennlty v/hen collected =::nll "be '"•rid over to *he tr^-eurer 
of the cornTiiis cioner? of the tov.n to "be UF-ed ■-■n ronc^p and 
iridtce in the tovn. (.:ev. ."t-t .Cha-o.!''! . . 

In the C3'je ->f :-??tr-df:e v. Snyd'-r 78 l"'"!.bl9, it 
\7a e held th't a j:r cce' dir.t; to collect ?v.rh p -^en^lty i? -n 
action of de"bt or aPcuDpoit to recover n "entity ^.^6 is not 
a cii-i .inal nction nor n CR--e of '. orir.irsl nature. A9 the 
tovn vias erititlcd to the penalty n:-> ^r.^n »f the ?^ct which war- 
r-'Jited it? .ecovery v.-'.e coTiwitted and V"d "^ ri. ht to "bring 
a civil ncticu to recover thr ■jore.'^e "re I'^^^'lle to accede 
to uie claim that the rii^ht to the --ennlty \—t' lopt "oy rea- 


,19V swoK ^tBitt brfcoss ait* aO .9on»bxyc ©xW lo td^iaiK 

-or fti te>99rr9.-rffB x^ £soi!boii^nt nr."' gRnaleb lo x^osdi wan 

'"' -9\ 9rfi o* tffsrit x'^ sbpfrr e^.w noxi-os-ttfo ffoifftr xit iw doajsbaoo 

to Jip'T R brr.". ni &sd"m:oq''r.oni ss?-' 09cF br.;{ noiieajp cii bsoi 

> i ;■■';.■' ^ - ••-, ^ - - . '» ■ . ? ":■:>, ■■■:.: >■>.- t i;^f^■.:^ ;; 5. .C t*- fi U- '-^' v 
-•■;•;. ■ i ' c !\ i ':■ [ v tr ■ *^v 4^. = v: ■* '; J' r; *f ^?,.??*SiT CKJ" Hi -i v'i'S'ifT ill 

wen fct"? riJiol 'jnxt.t'^g si' b -4/ ihafii aew bsXc^ ftaJtt 
,islTt:f' SffJ no' ^s'Tg'qcrr^ ^'^ mx.^ to artf v,t il .nol&os e'liij 

-,^ ■-;, '^;. '-I J -^o-- ^'- ^ ^ ■'•■:-: T^ a ■■■-■' 

neciJ' 9TonT ■lo'^ o^Trfi' rirrfJ- to?! ion to ■^^li ^a'Jci x; lo'l aabxvoiq 
ifoc/e JRrf;t bnfs .os^rrgtro ^li lo i^oj toiyx.' j nociu oi/^/Xoi) na^f 

•t9iu9:^"T:^ 9r(.t C.-+ T'v/p Jbi'i.T ^C 'fr;:'? n-^-.+ oarioo n'jd'if \ilp.a.9q 

■ .",-., .- s ' - X '.^".^ ':- ''V ;;■- .^ni'"i> asv;? to -J "'v .j-tf-'^a si:-." 

-;-^-r:- - -■■■ -^ ■. •>* ■^:^*■■' -v^^'t^r t- tjr^ftvj'r^Vsi i h ■ij?* fi:?si-v:;fvrn on 
rjc si \^fRn9r- e f^O're j-o^Cf^o oJ 3;-;xb' 930-iq JB i?.di foleci qsw 

ion el bnF Y-^Isng-' ^ t'?7009'T ot .+ I; ■^ •-.■■-? x ^ -j c J-cfab to aoitou 

sdf «»X .gttf^tpn Isrrir- 1' -> :■ "to 9^5 p. . .'oiJ^oB Xisnx^i'xo a 

-Ts-v ffoxfiw )'<'■ 9it «;« n ;lXj^n9n orij oi^ fj-jXi xiria ei?\v n-vo* 

^FaioOi! o* sXcfft'r'u 97r; ovr ,^-irv orf,* lovooQT cJ noii'3fl Xi/xo b 


8 on 01" the eepsrotion of Ui t portion of the ro?\cl v/here 
tr^ Dllense was crrritted fro:r. the tovm, Fuhgequent to tY^e 
co'mviicsion of ruch nfienpe. In fact the vill've of "i air- 
mount waa inc oi-porMted nn pho"!! by the ;or'^oip in lay, 1914^ 
which wae long after this puit was ccLrenceii and aftr it 
had co'ae by fjp-^^enl to thip court. "-t the ti-;e the ruit 
vas corarienced the right? of tlie p-rtier" v.f-re ii:pd and 
their et-ntue nettled and if the tov-n vvp then entitled to 
rGco\er from fr^pell ee?", the penalty for the obptruction of 
the rood in que et ion, tivit ri£ Y'-np not been lost be- 
cause the territory where the obptrijcticn r:a!« placed hap 
since leen included in the vill'fe* '^'he court, over the 
objection of 3-nr>ellant, 'permitted sprelleee to n.nke proof 
that the rart of tiie rorc^ they were chRr£:ed with obstruct- 
ing; is n^y within the corporf>te liinitp of the vil1nf;e of 
jairnount, by --arol tos'timony. thie -nroof, v^hether made 
by parol t-iftiicony or ctherv.'ise incoraT e tent ?id the 
court erred in admit tinf it. - -'or the ea^r.e ren^on the C'^urt 
should have ejtlluded the tertirony of v/itnt -^pee ^r ■'.o the 1 o- 
cition of Pairmount and it? boundnriee ar^d ■3? to the 
preiaieec in qufp-'ion being; v^ithin the lir.ite of the vill^fe, 
co\inr-el for B-npelLnnt ha\in£ moved to CTTlude the -arne. 

> 01' the ren'?onp 'bovc etnttjd the jud( ident of the 
court brlov.' T.dll '..e rt verfed and the oaupe reminded. 

hevereed pnd rc^innded. 
hot to be renorted in full. 


, ■- :• .:.': ■■;* -' ■"'■r^- ;• ■•^•fc- ;.:.;: ' '' c, -r.'^' ■'•;' -. j J'i.*-J 
■- '^■■^■.-. , • ■ • ; 1-, • •.•■■• .-1-? . - -, ■ . ' -:' Ic ^il..- -■ 

Ix 1 ^l6 xs'^i; b^oaamsoo B&w iiisH stjii la^la a«oi 9bw rfoixlw 

;Mu9 9i{i- s-.-i^ 9£fJ- j'A .^Taoo aid* o,» X«sqq,« X<J as'os l)4Bit 

Jbfus b^fkt &XQV p.-iiit-^cr eiut lb ^liri^it ^r'.;^ b^ottssmoo ae^ 

oS bsli±in9 n&dii taxf ovro* 3i{^ tx. bus b^liiBe su^eiSe lis-.j 

lo nox^oxTrteoo s.iJ- lol \;J-I«n9q sxiJ" ,e9&rX9«!f<TS moil iss'ooai 

-9d isoX ffsaa ion «Bii Jxfaxi iBdt ^flci*»:5.tfp ax bi?oi sxli 

»pd. Jbsoi'Iff "SBW noxd'Dt/iJado srfJ- eiartw icxo^xtis J- adj- squjeo 

9r{i Tsro ,*i:fO0 9ii'* .•arllxy srf* ni; bsbwCafli naoJ sonls 

looiq SJffliT oi B99ll9qqB b^axEiTaq ^ictaLLnqqs lo aox:>^09t,tfo 

'iouiiisdo ciiivt bs^tfido 91371 ^9^* bnot sAi lo *«sq 9x1* isdi 

lo 9:^Bffxv 9*i;t lo fsiiafxl aiBnoc^ioo stii atri^iwwon «x gni 

8l>£a! T9rt*9iiw jlooicr aiflt .\ncmii9^S loiarr >£i ,jKU0i2TXBi 

Bdt bcip J-flscf i •rmoonx sbw saxwisiito 10 xaotBti^^t loisq '<;j 

♦luoo 9x1* nosflST 3^163 9i(^ xo^' - .*x :^rli itmbfi ai bsiia *"iuo9 

-of 9ri* o-t -36 e9BS5 3ttJxw lo ^onix^ssj 9ii* ftebulbeca svf;xl Muoria 

•id* o* 8B i[>nB 3»X7:4^J5>n(/oJ a*i l)nii j-nuocnxBi io nox;t ■- 

,9-.^r.IIiv 9rf* lo s.txiaxl Sri* nxii*!?/ Bflxod" noxj-9=)up ni 599ii:r3iq 

,8ma^ ocU 9buXox9 0* fiavoca ^rji vbiI *ttftIl9CTcr8 Tol idanuoo 

9xi* lo *n9iflr^ut ari* £>9*n*8 9vov< «nn^»&^ ad* 101 

,b9fcn«iTT9i 9f»jjB3 Sf{* biin bse-i.^vai 90 rrp.? woXid tiuoo 
, f)9 fanecoTt f)n« b»»T£9V3.i 

,Xfi;l ni b-^tio(x3r aof o* *o.i 


/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copv of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in mg office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set mi; hand and affixed the seal of said court 

at ML Vernon, this --v..Sa„ J^. _ dag of April 

A. D. 1916. 

"k Court. 





/•5 7 

Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Ifinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th dag of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harrg Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 

And afterwards, io-wit: On the Seventeenth Sag of April, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, fi OPINION in the words and figures 
following: \ 

Village of Carrier %i]ls, 


Aprjeiiant, / 

-X T 

No M- 

October Term, 1915 

..I- D.U ...Pri. tcha r d.,.. 

99 I.A. 2 5 

EflftQft I© 



..S?.l.i.n.e COUNTY 

Appellee . 



A. 7.'. LEWIS. 

Tera iJo. 55. October Ternj, 1»15. Agenda ro.43. 

Villftfce of Cnrricr Jille.Illinoi*, ) 
Appellant. ) 

▼• ) Appeal from Saline. 

Lou irritchard, j 

Appellee. j 

Opinion i.y higljee, 1 . J. 

Appellee fell troa. n pl»nk used «e a croi'S'ing over 
a !itcb in one of ?ippellant*8 etreet?, and l>rt5Ufe;ht suit for 
the injuries sustained by the f??ll, alleeing in her dcclnre- 
tion that apioellant ws neglitent in failing to keep and 
Ej»int»^in the plnnX crossing in a rea-'^na'iJly pnfe condition; 
thnt the public wne compelled to i^se the croatiin^ find that 
npnelJee wos injured 7/hil« in the e^'ercise of due c^tre for 
her otm safety, -he verdict and jud^jaent vere in Invor of 
appellee for $5or, Arr^el3ant asks a revers'sl r.f tie jitdg- 
snent of tl'ic triol court, pile^infe thit the evidence fniled 
to eraow due crre on the pr^rt of appellee in attempting to 
croso tiae ditch on the plfink ind also th^t on the question 
of due c-'re on her rart, tlie jury ^5fere improperly instructed 
hy tl*e court. 

IV '-"he j r ^e tr ? — lud eii ' euini ? to»ew i» Icdinfe ii .i r^td^t hl" 

:-.■''>. feet-T7ide, runs east mid v.e<»t through the bufyinef^s 'art 
of the-villnge of Cnrrier lil s '^nd tv'o blocks e^'st of the 


" \ 

.firsfirfa^i-xi tfOvI 

tvueineee portion of the villsge -« i9 intereected by b 3v 
foot Ptreet running north and south vhich hop r.o naai*. 
Along the weet side of the unnamad s?treet where it cueeeea 
Oak etreet, it? nn open ditch 11 i>Pt v?ide ^nd acrop- 
ditch in '-he center of "^rk street, is a hrld<re IC feet in 
length from north to south. Korth of thie brid^je 9(m9 
six to eight fee^ a pl.«nk had been placed 'tcroc?' t5.e 
ditO., at thp pui|re«tion or or'^er of the viilnf-e* lK)Td. 
'•-here tl;e plowk was? placed the ditch wns vcme three lf?et 
deep sna €l«ven feet wide froR bank to bmnk, and the plnnk 
vff^e X6 feet lonf ? thick ?md fi inches wide.'^Tit 
a peered that there • - e no side^nlk on the pouth oide of 
Oak street lending up to the unnaiaed street, but there wau 
a sidcv/alk on that side of ffik estreet a block or r ore -iie- 
t»^nt toward? the east and thot those living, or tn^veling 
Rlon^, th 't t»iile would ercec over to the north cide, v?here t 
there ■a^se a sidewalk leading up to the 3c; font street and 
then cvosr^ bnck to the eorth side. In tiiip scanner nearly 
all the foot travel nlong '.'ik street A»np diverted to the 
north Dide at that noint nnd the howrd r;ne ^ener-^.ily u«ed 
"by thoee walking back and forth «?t th?it l,"ce in cro^i-ing 
the ditch. TJie sidewalk on *he north ??ide cojaifi|c frocs the 
bugineas portion of the tcvu was 4 feet wide and 0toT>>.ed at 
the eaet tide of the unnaiaed street nnd cojamenced at,«in on 
the wert eide of s?iid i=troet, contimiing to^-ardg tie vrevt, 
it Vf»B about 6 feet- from the e^st end of the eidevfnlk to 
the plank and about the oaKC to tl^e bridge, there "being but 
little ditference in the two dietancee. -he ground n-^p per- 
fectly level from lite sidewalk to the pl^nk, viiile there 
was a ditch two feet >?ide and IS to 16 indies deep to be 


y-mt #^JE9 «>ff xis 

crosced, in rei?chinfe tiie bri^fe. '}i<»re xvb n pnth Irona 
the pide \7nlk to the "britlge along -ehich eoiife cinders' >,«»d 
been plrced njid in fair weather the path -"-nd the bridge 
v»ere used Dy foot passenger?* to ero ? over \\xt in liuddy 
TfCf^.tiier the ^^lank w^s j-ener-'lly used lor thnt -urpo?e. 
'pThie plank hsd been at the nlage ii? question for peven or 
ei(;ht rgontho nnd ^as upetf/ry a ppiiyi » c in i.olng; frotr. her 
home to her husband's place ^f bueineae^pd in rfturning. 
It WR8 ehovn to hfive been unsafe, ^ t pr . ^l ' ie *-- testified ehe 
went bf>ck and forth once or t\^ice e week over the cropping 
and vdien she went tip on the bo<^rd, it wae enrinf-y ;*rid vfoVbly, 
ilcT hueb^nd testified it wae slanting 6.nd tilty; th"t it 
sprang; down when walked upon; that there was n little tilt 
to the j'ide and a lelJo-?? soDelirsee hJid to Jucrp. '"n ti;e 
third of January, 1912. ''t about one o'clock in the -^fter- 

165 to 17(: pound?, wae returning to her frtaa the busi- 
neoH nart of the villnj e, carrying' three bundles. 'hen ehe 
reached tl.e crossing the ground t^ich had been frozen cirly 
in the d-^y but h«d th^en thnwed mi* on the purff^ce, v^ip-^ Quite 
muddy nnd sloppy, r^er feet were alpo muddy «rid n« ^he at- 

temptcd to cro?? over the pl'irsk vvith htr bun^'^leg;, '.'he slipped 

off and r<:ccived t}ie injuries coispl&ined of. 1 

'^ie evicence clearly sbo-wed thr^t tlie crof'ing Dver 

the plftnk *r{»e un!«nfe pv.6 insecure ^'.nd th'it itr^ drnrerous 

condition we knovm to nj)»Alee; alpo th«t by r v^ry jittle 

e:ftr»s effort ehe could hr^ve cropeed over the bridge ^gnd 

thereby mdcpted a wny ^rhich wnp f?}iovn to be enfe. while 

it is evident iron the proof;? thf>t the village authoritiee 


noon, - ftftiie ^ f l ae^ .^ a wor^nn forty-five years of a^e, veifching 

r , 



were negligent in : erraitting the t I'^ntC in its unsafe con- 
dition to be used by the ruolic to cross tie ditch, that 
doec not excuse one froir. the effect of hi» ovn neglif ence 
in using the eer^tt knc??ing it to be unp»?fe, vh«n a s'^fe 
tnd eubstRntially np convenient h tBe-^ns nf crospirsf oould 
redily have "een adopted. It *»ppc«r«» to ue that h v.-.K'^n 
of the ^leit^t of appcl^cF, <r>rryinfc; three bundltp, %'ne 
likely to fall i^hen attenpting v-ith r.uddy feet to cro?e 
over a ditch 11 feet wide on an 8 inch boar^!, vhich *vre 
ppringy, plnnting rand ineeciire -nd the f-^ct th-'t nrrjel'ee 
did this, eho^u tJmt ?«t the time phe was not exercising due 
cere for her ova Bnfety; lli'^t she mny hrya used di-e cnre 
to h^ive avoided fsllin^ «»fter she got upon the pl^'.nk, ioep 
not excuse her lf»ck nf cnre rind caution in » ning u»)on it 
ot All. In our opinion the verdict of the Jury mp «?ini- 
ffr-tly a^ ainT't Une wcit,ht of ti.c evidence and the jud^iment 
based tuereon should not be permitted to pt?>nd. 

Complaint is c\n\e by appellant t}\-?t the instruc- 
tion? did not tell the jvry tli^t due c^re exercised ^;y ap- 
pellee for her r>Y?n safety after tettinc upon the blnnk, 
wae nnt sufficient to entitle her to a recoypry but it 
ie unnecespery to rcvitw tUepe instmctlone m r-ny f-ult 
they aay hfv\e contained in that r- gard nay be r ■ dlly 
remedied upon another trin.l. Vhe Jud(;i!ient T^ill be reversed 
and the cauee reBs?\nded. 

heyersed and demanded. 

Kot to be reported in full. 

:iSt 9f<- ivi?! 

/. CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copy of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in my office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set my hand and; affixed the seal of said court 

at ML Vernon, this ..._ „ --k../^'^1^ day of April 

A. D. 1916. 




Opinion of the Appellate Court 

A T AN APPELLA TE COURT, Begun and held at ML Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th dag of March, in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 

Present: % 

Hon. Harrg Higbee, Presiding Justice. I 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. m 

Hon. Franklin H Boggs, Justice. 5 



And afterwards, to-wit: On the dag of April, A. B. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in fie words and figures 


October Term, 1915 


7/i] liam J. Weger and Nancy 

..A- . ...^A e g.e r J % 


..^'?'!.e..?i tern. Supply, and _.. 

Appellant . 

19pI.A. 34 


C ircuit 


..5Z.?.yl.?I.4. _ COUNTY 




Term lio, 68. October Term, 1915. Agends fJo.l6, 

William J. ''eger et a.1, ) 

AppeJlees, ) 

) ATjtjenl from v;ravjford. 

7.e'^tern ^'Mvply and "'recking) 
Compnny, ) 

Apr^ellant. ) 

Opinion l.y I'i^l^ee, 1 . J. 

Appellees <?ued ^^riTNellant lief ore a justice of the 
perce to recover rentals on 'sn oil "nd gns leT?e on n/^-elleee' 
farm, for the ye^r 1914. •■lie jury there foiind "i-ninf-t ati-oel- 
leee, but on appe-l to the cir'^i;it court, they recov^ered n 
judgment and verdict for .15". •M ] e it ie iirfed th^^t tl-ie 
court erred In instructions and in the adr--) i s r i on of evidence, 
yie deem it unnecepo'^ry to turn our nttenti-Ti ^o ?ny other 
then the question vhetlier oppelleee v.erc entitled to re- 
cover on the proof e in the cnre. 'Here vps no evidence 
in the c-se ercent the tertimony of three vitnf-^-ce? intro- 
duced hy appelleep nnd the written lern<e, vj th the .-^F-ign- 
r.ent of the pRTie to cpoel'snt. 

The evidence ehowed thnt in 3907 p^r-elleec v/ere 
the ovmere of eor^ie thirtyfive ncrep of land in Crp'^/ford 
county, illinoip, vhioh they leaped to C. x-. Shsffer for 
the production of oi] and fas. The le^pe among other tiiinfe, 
provided "''hile the rroduct of r-^ch well in which cr-^ only 
ie found, ehall be mnrkicted fron paid pre".! pep, the second 


, dLoit 'ibn^^.^. .eX9f .cn:3" "xacfotoO ,6d .c-.i raia' 

.£)'r'^'i«rBT3 moil: iPsqqA ( 


( .JnjB rXsgcjA 


':iG9 f le^^rr' no s'jFor «r3 Xjnn lio ffr. no e.Csd"n9i isvoodi o* acisq 

9ii^ d'-:{^ bs-^-xfj >3 c .ti 5I.L {■•• .''51". tc'5: J-oih-rt^v bnx^ ^naxirjjfeut 
,90fi3i)lv9 'io nc i: "; 8 i Rf b.R 3r[j- ni ftfiis eno ci ouiJ^ni ni £)9i'x-3 .t-rijoo 

90X19DCV3 on 9-"!'7 9ig.-IT .9«-'R0 axf* ni e'ioo'tq srlj no isvoo 
-o'::^ni iss^'. '-nJ- x-7 s-j-rrfu I0 ■v;noml:t';57 sK^t JrraoTa 99po sdi ni 

.J'nsfXanq-fl oJ" anme 9>iJ lo d'nain 

»i9vr '399/Id"f B TOQ C nt J f /l^ b'^WOfig 90n9/)i/«» 3rfT 

BrfOt77niD ni: bnfl!: lo -99ion 3vil' Yi"Tir{.+ Sfjoe to ■Jianvvo sdi 

tnl nof^ 'iii'd. .'i .0 o.t b-j^n^C -y;^i-(t i-foixfw ^'lioniXXI ^\iciuco 

,9yiiiii i-icISc gnofTifi 39/^»X arf'i' .ar,-^ brw Xio lo noiJ'OLfboiq srii 

Xlen 9r:i daiiiw ai. XX»w dnr.'? to toiibotr^ i)df eXia-" b^bivorq 

baoo^f. 9dJ ,99'i irttq bin? laotl: b9i^7tnfim acf ■ Indm ,bnuol gi 

party will pay to the first pwrticp tberef'>r, st the r^te 
of vl50 per annum, and five the firrt ^jaiticr free gnp at the 
MjeM for donctic purpoper, for dv;e]1jnf l.nupc during the 
eametime." In 3908 the -"liaf ler-^^'mathere en Coir,nr>ny h'^ving 
acquired the lenpc, drilaed a v.'ell on the l-'^nd in qiicrtion 
which produced t'^s only. Tliip gae v;?=s m.-^rketed and uped 
for freneral con:?UTrintion in vincenne?, Indiana. :-urin£; this 
tine np-oellees al eo used the £:??? and vere tiaid the rental 
of (150 a ye'r until January ], 1914. Cn T-nuary ", 3 914 
tl.e "hpiler- .'nntiiere C il CoTtiv,?»ny af«ifned the i€ ' r-e tc 
appellant rhich appUTied all n;;iif> tionp, n-ipjr.p frori the 
operation of tbe riroperty ^fter J-^nuary 1, 191A, <Jonetime 
during, the ye-^r 191i' the flov; of gpn from -pid veil vf^.f in- 
eufficiert to ^u^'^ly the domestic upt:p of sr<peTleep when 
it 7'-<r perrriittod to flow into tliC; rain for coTiTnereial ■> ur- 
poeep, nnd nppe'J T ern, therefore, phut the f*??? off entirely 
frorn the commercial line fnd drrlnf the rept of thnt year and 
the v.hnle of the year 1914 t)ie g-^s from thie veH - ■ t no tine 
went into the comrnercifll n^in 1.ut yi-p used hy n-n^jelleep free 
of co?t for doncf'tic r^umopep. liavid ] a>?.'ell ©"'ned lands 
ci'ioinin£ t}ie rrenieep of arir^ellees upon vhich there were 
a nunilier of ftronf gae v/elip, of v;hich s-nriellnnt ve pIpo 
the ov-ner, under a ler'se ol the property for that rurpoee 
pn(' thip product wa p al?o cnrried to the niarket at \incenne« 
for commercial purpopes, in order Ihat tl;e r^reppure froE his 
v.'el7 s rrifht be jtroncrer, an arrangement vr 9 r.pde vherety ! ax- 
V7Pj1 u?ed the g"? from ari-elleee v/el^ for the ye^r 1914 i or 

»AS is^ g'^-j a^il -.?>iixB<y intilt 9sii ©via ftna ,m.unn« re sq OCf^'lo 

noi^ ^Ojjp ni bnr. [ fjrfj no flav/ jr b'aCXi'ifi ,3g.f?sl ©rid" fcsiitrpojB 

e£;-f+ grtiii/ . .jsnsi&nC ,e9nn9Dnx/ rxx nox.tacmQ'no't> 'XRic^^n^^^'iol: 
lBj'n-;)i 911^ biB(T 3'r3"' brtB <3n;j ^rfdt fiiai^i/ .q^XB sasiroqcjc sni-t 

9dt moit 'oni^irR ,5aoxdT3i;Xuo rip, &9ffl(j'?s?jB .rloiitv tnp,lL9qqB 

-ni «?,^w ria^? biRs? Rtcrl i»«3 I0 '.iroX'l srfd' SXCI i-^saj artt anJtiub 

-tu'^ fflXTrafnj'Of) lol nJt^'-a adJ" ofnii woXl' o* ' bE>J\+iiirt9cr' '^''^w i-i 
Ylsii^n's fto "jr".) sfic!- iuris ,9iol:di9f{;r ,n;i9Cr9fTq-n ban' ,^380(1 

• 9jnx.+ on .t" rr^'v sidi taoti arg sjil :MeX i.Rbv isrfi- tn' ''jr.Oj^''''odi 

•911 gssriacnrr ^cf baa>.; '?-w :J"ui axsa X'^xoiSirLcrtoa drfj 6#iti '^'naw 

efanj»r banwo IXsw-cj^.I blvBd .RoaoqTCjq 6xir«o(tfob •id^ ^f'^tio xo 

•nsw aisrfi' rfoxit.v nogjj 2D9Xl9(Tq3 T:o gaaims'iit srfi' arrMifjr,?vR 

o«Xn 9='-'.7 J-np-r£9(TrTjB riozdw "lo jslf^w gsg 3001.^'?? lio asffmun s 

990crii/t ^fsiii -roi ^^;^•I»qo1q 9rfi io 9«,o:9X b ig&fly %i'iiW6' "srfJ" 

a9nci9ont^ ^h JhtIiri,? 3i-f.t oi bax-i-xao oel^R j^bW ^nobbiq alrfj 'bns 

sill moTi 'jiuTi9iif sdJ J"Brit i9fc>io nX ,9i9S0qTuq Xfiioiarrnoo tol 

lOl AXCI l''9v srij To't ri9w «&9fIdT<T6 XEcit J? r 3 ' ii^i' " Ibsitf trsvr 
^- " - '■ i 'S.i- .:«.^-\ !?:./ . ;c ^O iYc 

-s* • ' 

hit? oTm domestic purpoeee, r^ayint noxhint therefor to nny one. 
ApT^ellees hold to the -nogition thnt although thip ^ras wds not 
sold directly on the inarlret "by appellant, yet an it vjnz t'lkcn 
from their v^ell -^trid used ior the oenefit of aT>T)e"l !1 ant, thrt 
it wep re.-illy a«3rketed witl-jin tlie r^eaning nf tVie contr-'ct 
and therefore apr^eliant is Ti-'le to ^ay to them the rental 
provided for therein. 

If the oriiii:v^l contr;ct hI one '-(rro 'o J^e relied 
Ui?on tliere :Tif^ht be s-o'"e '-erit in trie cnntentir^n of npr-jellee, 
tut it appear? that when the flov; of ^.-sg from the v.ell on 
appellees' land becaine so lov.- th'-st it could -^ot ue i;f?ed to 
pupply 9]<pelle€.'9 ior dorufe^tlc purposes -nd also furnish 
a supply to the mains for comi'.ercial pur.oec^-, th^t a nev^ 
arrnnt_e;i-ent or Rt-,ree2"ient '.vps entered into. 7ert J r>nahan 
T.'ho v/r/s foreman in ch^rfe of the v/elT s on ti)ef»e ^rei^iises 
in Cctoher, 1S13, testified -^t the ir?tance if C'vve'ilee. that 
when he found the f:^? si^ut off at that tirr.e, he v.-rote to 
i'r. ho] lister hie superior oaficer in regard to the r^ntter, 
vho v/rote him in re-oly to let it £0 at that and l^ter 
on 1-ie would pull the vfll out because it wr f ^. it -i^orth 
paying brother rent^:l on, -nd that t^itrer?! ter an arrangcr.ent 
v."^s mace by the vitnesr with i---nel^ eee and ■" aywcll, "'^y vrhich 
it '."°s pureed that inst/ead of f»bandoning the v.el] nn6 pulling 
up the pipe, the then ovmer of the lerse vould -llo'r the 
snr^e to remain as it Ti^'-^s vrith appellees' v/cll shut off from 
the coranercial line and with the pri"v.ilete to 1 axwell to use 


:>nQ xrf.r. ftj tct&rocLs' jniiifcii anix*"^ .assoqiiiq oi:c**5smob tnrc Bid 
icci- ^^\f efi*o *it^~^ rf-juon+lc i^xii' ooxi'iBOCT adt ccf'blorf asallsqqA. 

i'^rfi^ , j- rtp ' f ;3 .■^ err. Ir Jiisnac siiJ^ loi b-jsif bns iLsw li^di moil 

^DrrT^noo 3(1 J- Jc gffinrsG sjiJ' nxiifiur bsisaf'r ssm tjIXrsi sswr ii 

Ip^itO'i '>n'# iT'^dt V'j \;i?T ci 9f.''rir ax ^ni^flsq-q-P siols^Sild" fans 

' ' ' .nxsrsjlii- Tol bsbxvo'Kj 

nc ris.? 5i^t moil isfg ^o wofl sirfJ^ asiiw ^B/ld' siBsqqjB ix ^ucf 

rf»«irrri.ul o-^In f>n>- igssoqiuq ot J"=5aixrob loi' eesll^qqfi •^Xqcrw? 

vsn B J-^rW ,?'jg<^-ii;q laioisMEoo toY anxBm sxi* o;t xlqque e. 

nBdun":'* J-y'i'l .oSnL' bsisci-ns esn/; jnsinasitiiB io *n9::::9:^BTi^ 

93ViTrr9T:( B'ssdt no srisw' erij- lo 9:^ii?rio ni xiuBCiaio't esiy orfv 

i-.p.rli ssfrsirnris lb sorrra^onl soj-' ^r' bal'lx J«a* ,SXei ,T9d"od-oO ni 

0* 'Jlo'xw" arf t9.'!i2J' iexii J-p lio Suas gR^ snd- briuo'l arf nsri'.v 

,i9tafliiT 9di ot biBgsT HX Tsottlc 9Xi,i isigJtiroH .i i 

is':^'^! bnh &r,d:^ ^R 63 i-x *9l o^ \;Xq5i nx mid siotw orfw 

xf^tbw i r !^ <; f^v/ ,J X asuBoacf cfuo XX=iv7 sdi ILuq bLuow 9xi no 

Ina-tasnilti/' tift' i3it>;b-rjifi fsi-vi brf^ ,no Xatnsi rsdtoriB anx\;Bq 

xfolrfr^ -^^ .irawtB' TifiP >339 fXac-p rfJ'xw gsanJx''/ 'sifJ' ijcf sbsm a'^'v 

.nXrXijrf t)rtn-fr3Y ^ffj ^nlnobned'a lo buaVanx iQ.ii bsaiae sbps' ii: 

•g-ff •■^r?rX'' ftrur'"f »e««oX siii to i^cmo aadj 3/1^ «s<I-fc<T ®rf* 'I^ 

aioit ~^cc turffl TXovt 'eaoCls'fqs rfd"!^ a-"'* 11 bs nxjemat od' siaB? 

9rj oi crsT^fl : oj 93!iXl/xnc-. s'ij- iiJxw bna "•niX Xflioiaj-^^'"'^ "f^"* 


the £nr therefr'^n v/ith appellees c^aocnt; thnt from soid time 
i.ayv/e"'.l and the ay.pel"; eep used that? v?el1 nnd no rnv hat? Iren 
marketed therefrom through the ccrnrerci?!! r.nin. It ^ilT thue 
he sicn that a^^pellees v.-ould have 'beni deprived of the fns 
from their own well if npr)e"linnt or itr< prc-f^ef^e^r^r had 
"pulled the v.-el3 " n.: conte:riplate'!, and that they '.-j'^Te rec- 
onipenped fcrwh^t ?"axrel2 ured oy the : ipe beiri; l^ft in the 
r:e11 so th.-^t the f--? could he -ilro u?ed ^y therr; thst ar;- el- 
lart in c.-neicer^tion cf lrn\in£:. the well v/ap hcnelitted by 
the l-'Ct th'-'t gsp v.'.-r lurr-dshed" to '.a.:i?.'el1 vi ile p.ll the pae 
from the I-axvell v/ell c v.r-e turned into tlie coi:^.r ercif^l mpin. 
Tliie arrant'.emeiit appear? 'o h-'ve been f ? ir rr.d to have heen 
Icr the benefit of all pf^rties. It alno appcnrr to Irinyv. eup- 
erpeded or t-'xen the place of the ^Id contr-^ct "■!- en that 
had practically ceo.-^er to be opentive, by re-^pon of the 
FubFt?^ntipl failure of t^d^ in tlie v.'gII covered by it. It 
vnuld Gi.'eLa to be tnenitcptiy unf'ir to r>ermit the nrpellece 
to have the. benefit of tlic veil, rliich aprel 1 f='nt pnd it? 
prede •ec-r-or >iad a rit-ht to "bull out" unc'er the nev contr^-ct 
or agreenent entered into and e,t the cpine time rrcovrr com- 
pensation under the orii ir-.ol leapc. A? the evidence intro- 
duced on behalf of ajjpelleee, \-hich w-ifj ■;:j;e -nly evidence 
in tlie cnse, eh.:)W£? they had no of action, the -adgraent 
vill be revtrped but the cause ■vvill not be remanded. 

Judfmcnt reversed, 
otnte of fret? tn be incorpor-ted in the judpnent. 

'Ve find th'^t the orifinrl contr-ct by vhich appellee 


•iPi.t btBn rrroTT: Jis.i-cj- :d'fro»Snn-6 ftsslfsq^cp xf^iw «o'i'S-9^^d^"^R3.^^ 
•naacT WRn t?j»r, on bni\ TIo'T ^irf* fcenn' assriacr^p sitJ "hrmlf.swr.R'I 

-•>»Tl 91^-' YSi(J +Rrf* bftj^ ,^9.t'?rffffi3ifT00 QR "ri9w'&fiJ''59'f.tijg'' 

■^d b*»-f + i raff 5"cf ^^p.-y rfs-.v snf.t g/rlf'^^f io rif6£:tB7'gbia'rj-(^-3'- rit''|n' " 
9f!3 9/f* Ifpsfxtr riavrrte.'' o:t ^arf^iniij'?: iSfsW a.S3 i'^rfi' ia-;! drfj- 
ao*tf 'svBd ot bnR "Tiol ntjed' s-^nrf e,t islifQcrqJB ^tjTs.-doariij'r'f.B a'irfT 
-TLTS! T/R-i oJ- ■■■^r^ocrqc ofilz &I. .°9x.tTitq; lis to Jxtanaxi gfxll' ioj 
^■'iAHt nai"' J-o-Timo Bio 3ff.J-~lo 3ir5?i'f(j 37f.f rt;j>I«i^"T0 -*r9b"^9'i9 

eo'a r Te'r^TR 9a:t' v*2r<ri9'T o- 'tJt.'fJiiu \li<5j'tirs33i'3cf of '01905 'bTifow. 
. - • ■ 9-ti -ftrifB "t'noT£9r-f,e "rio fife' ,x-ro'-7- odf' W &j:'iQti4d''S^& avB'rf ■<>* 

-flioo ^t-^Vroei' 9"-;iJ- ampre 9i'i*''.t.s bnjs o.trti' f^sToJTia JTl9Ere3i'3B"-*io 

-o-r-^ni: 9ono?ii:v9 orfJ' ?A .aeraC Ixwi'l'ji'rfo sii.? "a-a-bnu "^oi:";^B«XTi^q 

swfibxva ^Inc 9.'{.- ?!?■'?' ifbiil'' ^•sos f CgttqiF 'to "iLsilao' «o bsoub 

trrsATjjbii;'- ncfi*^ /rtric^-n?? to tdil:i on 5Rrf Y'^'^c^' ^"^^^^"^ i^^*'^''' 9-^^ 'rj-^ 

:ft9Lni?ro-^i orf :l-on rfx'vw 93X/!*b 9if* *W b9'?«r9vVi ticf .fit'.r 


leased the prenisei? in ouertion w-^f Bviperpeded "l)y r. ner 
at.reetnent entered into vith the -rredetfeepor of >=ppel^rnt 
ar ov/ncr of the lent-e. Tnr,* "by the nev; contr"Ct, tlic 
ovner of the ler.oe foretore to rul] the cr-inf frorr, the 
v/e n f-nd in con?iderf^tion thereof, rp-ncnee? corieented 
that Maxwell s}:oulf^ h^ve the •pri'vilege ol u.«in(; f?5s from 
thie v/el] vith then lor ri'vieetic purporep; th^t under the 
new '-UTfin^it-raent no -rrovipion wn? trade to -nay an^elleee 
Rnytjiing "by the le^-inf oony^any, lor the "fc rf the v/ell 
and that rr-^rcllepe vtre not ent^-tled to recover iron 
appellant any rontp.l therefor. 

Kot to ce r-ported in fnll . 


^ri.^ ,.t'3-ttnoo wtf« efifi' ^c 5"3il<S' .amirs Tsfl* lo tacmo asr 

J6•:^«!^3lf'^^ -^^n T r «9 n- err? , loci's f J-- aoitrrrafixsnoo flx ifeas^a C.i-9|\f 

- lao'xl 8b:^ gnii':!'.; to 9'g9X4vx-irT :>di arsd bluods L.i&Vxa4'twiii' 

' •!<+ iai>nu t^d:t ;>*«>" ocfiucr oxf59fl3'~ir' tnt- xasffd' xid-ifl? rx^^w -i*.i^;^, 

96* r rarTiXts ^ntt cJ s^Ra ^p.v nolsivoi-r on ■d'n9iir3;gnBTf'x?- vrsn 

tc If'S'^ 9di^ lo 3?jt-' arft tot ,rn.R'^'nor> .'gnirp rjsf orid^ '^cf -•jniriiTgns 

■ v: •'■ aotl 197003. r .■^ot fo9li4:j-M9 torj 9i=)w ??f»9l,r9qr{|s dtaxlt Sin^ 

,f • i: ra : ;; r.: :""" •:■ h.:'- -. ; lo -r:: -I^^ a-i:^ n/^;' '. r;: 


/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copv of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in my office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set mv hand and affixed the seal of said court 

at Mt Vernon, this ..._ _ s:>=Z^- - - day of Aprd 

A. D. 1916. /; /; /O /) 


Clerk of theAp0ellate Court 





Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, lUinois, on the Fourth Tuesdag 
in the month of March in tlie gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th dag of March, in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundreri and sixteen 


Hon. Harrg Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 


And afterwards, to-wit: On the Se dag ofj%}ril, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in ihe words and figures 

following: \ 


Frank V/illiame, 


lyOl.A. 35 


No. 72... r 

October Term, 1915 

\ > 

/ Circuit 



.K. r....^.?.....MoehlEian , 




..Appellant .. 




Term No. 72. October Tern, 1915. Agend?. ?"o.31 

--rank ijliafne, ) 

"■ripclJee. ) 

V. ) Ar^pep.l irom l>,ri'"n. 

h. u. ' oehlman, ) 

ApnelJant. ) 

Opinion by l-'if-'bee, I . J. 

Appellee contracted vith apf ell .'-~nt to r.iPlce iiim 
twenty five eanple ironing; bonrde at r.'inety ccntc eaoli. 
At tlie tirae tiie contrf^ct v*=^{? I'lade pppellant had vitii Lim, 
a ucdel in r..inature of rn ironing.; bosrd, and thc:c to Le 
made uy n.ppcl"iee v;ere to be like the odel 'Ith f^one 
clif lit v--rir.licnr-. JvFt t'\; Inr rpncllee '. ne to l;e per- 
mittee to v?ry i'rom the lodcl, i ;? i dirputed quertioii, on 
which the evidence vne ictory. After the ;:;oce;ls 
T.ere liniehed, appellant retuped to ^,^y for them unon the 
ground that appellee ; r,d not r^ade thein to correp-.ond ex- 
actly to the .;ode] e;'V..i.ited to ty p.^^-iell ar.t . uit 
vm? broi i' ht and aoiiell ee obt'^ired a verdict snd a judfjnent 
agairist ^ppellr.nt for tlie contract --rice 'if ':2'^:,bC ntnd apnel- 
l%rt li-n broi; the record ?;ere ^or reviev. 

It appeared from the iroole th' t nfter the 25 
models v/ere completed, a^jpel 1 -"^nt called nt a-nnellee'p phop 


fS.ol 5&n^3A .diei ,;nT9T tdcToJ-oO .SV .0^^ raro'J 



( ,rti?mIrIaoi . 



.xl'-)S3 s?.tn'.>o \;J'£>ni!v J-p 3.b-xr?fui ^nxncxi: ;:>Xq!!ifii3 sw x'l ^in'^wi 

,mxii nix-.? bsil in.G.CIa'^cB ebsa B'-i^ J-o.fjTJno:.) sxid- ansxd' arW .'-> 

9J oj" d: "riJ bar ,hx«od jffxncxx xtc lo oiiJ.tBnx.i nx l9i)om is 

9nr!<5 :(j-i:.' labo 9/f>t 9:>Ix.l ad" oJ" 9Tav- 93il9qg,n \,cr sbBxa 

no ,iicxi-2 0s/p JbaJ-ucpib r- ox ,Ij.bCi'! ado xaoiT: 'i-nv Ov*' bsittm 

^i^^hai:^. 9il>t t3*1A .■\i'5:c>tox 56i,t;'.oo 3B7 3on3jC)J:'/-3 3.;lcf rfoirfw 

Qfict norru' lol \;ri-' oJ b^^t'lBx J-aBilsjiiqe ,b9n3xnxl 9i9.v 

-xs tnociQ-Tioo 1^1 rfs/li aiiR.Tr J'on bo f 99(l3C[7B ifn'ij bnuoia 

*n9ni:jb;;r. r jjne J'vi:hT?v:- b bo'^xr^^do aarx^i >:." bnr, iiiauoiof 8£nr 


cjr; r>r{J- Toi-lr d•«£i;^ stonir 9f£J^ moil borB^qrjR il 
f0xl8 e ' '*9X r9<-f*TB c^c fcsrCRo .+ nnrf9qcf« ,f:)ad'9Xqinoo gisvv sXabom 


r.nd took av.ay reven nf the.-n nnd tint they were 'nken nt 
rnndom IroTr: the ontj re lot of namii.''r tured r'ainnle^ . 
There vere Lut three perponp nrenent nt t>ie tirie ?:nd they 
%ere r.r,r)e!liant, a-.-pcllee and nn asr-;"i rtant oi the letter 
narried ^.-reder. Appelaee nnd i-iie an-'iHrtant teetifiec th-t 
n lee "f 'the rprnple did r/^t rtniad .?t riti/it .-^nflc-p or 
strFiii-t '"'ith t>!C t^.lc, \vt vith th-'t defect reuedied the 
e??itLple'- Tf-'oul d be "^l"; ri^^Vit; thnt p chan^.e ^ v^p su^'gerted in 
regard to tVie le£ ind the p-Y-.^eption of appellant cowplied 
T/ith. A>-:t)ellHnt denied tVii s conversatinn p~nii s^.y? l.e 
never ??tated to ao^^eller thr t :lf lie vou] d ptr- i.-hten ur) the 
Itf the pample ^-ould be n'li rifht. i-c nl?o <^ratcd that 
the camnle differed in pever-l p?trticiilars Irom tiie one 
he h'-d lurnished a-opel'^ee. It further ^o^-jt-red txx.--t aopel- 
lant at the tine he took t];e seven sar:iples oilereu. to .'-iake 
a payacnt on the contract " ut th-t he 'lid not do so uc- 
cauFC he wr, r? in a hurry '^nd f'--;red lie I'.ight nije hi? train. 
Appellant lurthcr tertified that after he (:ot the reven 
eamT)lep home, he found tii't they v ried eo rriuch from the 
SiOdel he could not uee them. '-he f odel nnd one of the 
ponnltp v-ere i.ade exhii>'itr on the trinl r^nd tJ:e ol.nir.ied 
r'iitcrencer in t".:e tv/o 'ointed out and suhn-.ittcd to ti' e jury, 
'■ > e .jury yhich -av/ the vitnerseF nnd r^; ard ther. t^i^tiiy and 
?il?o exariinec' the rsodol ^md the Frrr.plc- ironing bo^rdp, 
v.'ere in s r.orition to weiththe evidence of the rcF-^cctive 
parties and alpo to determine vhither the contract '".r-d in 
f-ict Lten eucpt-'Jitially coinnlied 'vith. -hey i ound in favor 
of appellee and the evir'ence v/arranted them in ro doin£:. 


\a .v.. b- .o^.a.avmo^,lri:r b.xneb, tnBrX3.aA .ri.xw 

•"- ■ ■ , K^^a- ;f'i .39il9Ct(Tfrb9^9Xrt»Cal ^6ri 9rf 

. \ .; ,. C, ,1,,.. .A 6«..^ in. ^t.iur. .'hi'**- 0* — ' 

•^ ' - ^ "^ \.w V vsHi >rricr^ bmrt^' 9rf: \&i«"^ ^«^^«^ 

Sri.* mo-ii rfoam 03 bex-xv \:9fiJ J^^ 

hn. l3bo:. ei^i ^^n^ny eau -^orf M^o. ^xl ie^o^ 
bs..i.Xo ed. bnr. I.i.^ -Hi no .ix-^xrUs 

bn« Vx-^-«t ota-lt bi«3.. !>n. .aa.enJt-. .rit 
aM«oi aninoix alrinw-.a sxf* bnB i.oo- 

«... .. .«u.x ...^" :.,i. wtr-"^ ^^**>-*'*' """ '=:' 


Complaint ie made of ap^iellee'c fir?t instruction 
rvhich told tr.e jvTy if thry frund rr-^iellee had m^de the p'>m- 
pler "and tii'^. t tho defendant p f terv??rds arceyter' thf r^nme, 
or ''.ny n =jrt tl^ereof and a^rrecd to r.fiy the olnintiir therefor, 
then they should find n verdict Inr the !>1 3 i""i tiff " ; ^nd alpo 
of n,p-pellec'p second in?tn;Cticn v/hich told the jury that 
if they fovind from the evic'ence "that aiTter the cori-ietion 
hy the -lajntitf, -^f the T-rrk a* reed to he done hy him for 
the defendant, that tho defendant crjlled and inr-nrcted the 
pajrie, r.nd ncceptcd f. part of the c-cinpler- to oe --ade find 
at^reed to -ny fcr r^ll of tliern, then the Ir^v; xp that lie is 
precur.ed to hp ve accepted nil of the work done for him by 
the iJain.tiff". Ti ere rctirs to s ?ome atotjit;nity in the 
latter -a art of thr t-entonce quoted in the "^ir^t inrstruction, 
but we find no ^nif? tnttrent of the jaw in a,p»;ell. ec ' -• <^econd 
instruction. -^he Jury, l)o\vc\er, could not hpve heen ^r.ieled 
by the fsnuii^uity raentioned, b.t} apnel] ant' e riflits np to the 
la^7 Y'L re fully covered hy six in^tructionp riven i'^r him 
Vihich etrited that there could be no recovery un.lep*' the 
rnmpltp were in ncco idarict v-ith the ixOdel lurnirhed, ••.■ere 
luade according to contract Rnci ■".-ere not defective: alpo 
that if nppeJJant did not intend to ■icce-ot the ironing'; 
hoards ar coiqpleted nccosring to eav.rjle hut tcok then home 
v.'ith Viim lor exarr.inaticn and v,-ithin a ren p-'-nahle time there- 
after notified pD-iintifi' th-^t he could not and "/ould not 
acce-.t them, then the f-ct th.-\t he took the "boflrde v/ith 
him did not amount to m ncreptance. 


-m^"5 9:f,t st^nm S'c^.i '99 rrarrrv". brtjjo'i x'*^^ "^^ X'^^^t 9-"^^ blot doldff 

.^cw ^t{.+ •?i<».trr9 09iR 9.b'r5^w'x9?l *? titcfcrf^'i'^b orfi ^JT.rld' bnj?" 59!" 

,'x■^i^1^riS T:'iitni.r,T'' eAi \Ba oi boQT'iiB bar- losisif;}" tteq Y^f^^ "^^ 

;Tr,r'J \ttif' sdf blo-i^ Aoisi::.'"ttoiSOin:^sni bnooss g ' 99 flsri^'r? "to 
flox:f3L:'-iaoD 3iii •r9J''i-'J3 iBiiJ" sons^iivs arivt inotl bni;ot -yisri;* li 
101 lai:.! Yd", snob ^cf oj 6 'j at if? jtiov ^rf:?' ^o ,TtiJ-niBl~ ariJ^ xd 
9iii^ b9;ta^<Toni ons b9rXrt'o J-nFSris'iab orfJ- i'pdi ,c>^nBbn9l9b oilt 

•^cf .fnxii Ttol snob -rf" Of.' -an'^" to Xlr bsJ-qaWf; svBcf o:t bQ 

,noi'jotT'XJ»?nji: -J'^-tii sdi ni bsd-cap gnnoJ'n'J'ji -^uiJ^ lo J"tscr la^iiji 
bnoo95 1 '.?9-CTs:TfB nJc ^sf 9rf;t lo ^n9m3^Rd---?9iiiT on bnil av/ J-jj:' 
bsleij'- «9 3"Cf 9Vn.f C>-Or- blUOO ,-13.' 'iV/OCl .x'itft srf"^ .f50X^0iJTd-snx 

mirt'-Tni xtsvi-} ^roJ:;t:;U'rcfenJ: xx?; yj/ "bs-x^voo Ailful 9t;v/ wel 

9*(i ^ealnu yYovonij-s en stf'fcluoo aistij" J'Grfl baJ'i^J's rfoxn'-' 

9T9^-'. .,b3cf-?xni>ji CahOiti art:* "ilJ-X'.T soneL-^oaoe nx 9i9W eelqiOB^ 

c^Ie : 9V ijO^lsb i on 3i9'." hnn ^Oiiiirioo o^ anxbiooDG abn.: 

, ■:-; .JiflincTi ^il+ J-~?i3o.!; oJ' bns:tni j-na bib SriRllaqqa ts. Sr.d:^ 

octtori Rp.C.t ?{oo.J -J-trd' 3liT.-af.;8 ol 'aiixbiortoR bsJ-oIqcioo -.n •sbiRoS 

-atartJ- gavxJ' gIa'Bn/>i9'^':) t a rfxrfifx'.? bnfl nQXv*.enxinBX9 loi raivi lii i. ■ 

ion bLunv bna tea bluco ad i-.di- txxJnxpCq boiiiion i^i".- 

dfi'fv: 9bir oxi edt ^riai *>it'ir:li Jo-'i 9di n9rf.J" ,xsdi d'qaooii 


Appellee '--h;? asked in hif? exaTnination f^is r. v/itnesr-, 
vhether there wji? any oVijf-cti. on rrcx-e at the time hy .-".oTjelJant 
to the seven "boards he ■■ic^c.ed \>t, "ud an?\.<:red that there vrae 
none. '. t Je ccrn .l-iincd V,y '^•nT>e3.] ant th^t vhile the conver- 
naiiion Vctv.'een the -nrtier cn-^ccrnin^: tht- ■ odel? v.ould have 
: een c?-'- ctent, it ^'^s errrr to let a-oT^ellee state '-ip con- 
clurion n.r to v/hetber or not there v/og nny objection i.nde. 
A^ appellee had ptfited in his ex^nin'^ tioii, all the conversa- 
tion vhjcn took -il-^re it the tire anpell- .it took the F-even 
eatinle', n-e do not think there \v p any er/or in ^o err.-iitting 
hiir to rnc^jer tne que?"tion objected to, even ii it c--uld 
properly "be o^id xo c.^;li lor n c ov-cj upion in. ?=tcad of a 
77 act, -f-'ipcl"! nnt a."i po cor.plain? that ohjrction \ c aaetpined 
to certoin qtiettionrr ^,c'.;ed him and one of hit v-itne rrer-, con- 
cerning the puit^jrility or iitnee? of the ErfTiples nade "by 
anpellee xor the ^iirpof-e for wliich they were intended. we 
find, liov/fver, th^t thcr>e ^'itne^fec vvcre ifter^'ardf r. emitted 
to an'='''er siail-^r qucr-ticns so thnt the question carae rrop- 
c'i'ly before the Jury nnd rf.-ell nnt' 3 theory '-■•-!•• duly -iire- 
eented. '-he jwdgiacnt u^Ton \]:e v,'hole record '?npear: to 
h&\e Gone ruh?tant,ipl jurtice het'-ccn The- partie:- ^.t\cl the 
sf-me vilj thcrelore i-e ■^ilirmed. 

JudtTTient of J iiritd. 

Lot to "be rersoried in full. 


-ixivnoo 9:Ij 3rJ:i"lw J ea ti- iRi^IXaog^' x^' fcantftltn-ijioo 5t *^ .'anon 
9vr.:i bXycv Lisbon f>>i;f T^nuixooroo '^ai.J'if; ^3^* •rtaS'ifJfBi:/ notj-ps 

,9t>r, .-. ncictou tiio \n-n amv ar^jrii &nr^ i^ Trsifisit**^ "6i 'i« 'iioi^ulo 

-RSTS/nc'p 3ii< i'iB jjtoi.t fffjij<jr-X'?i -silt ni SB.ta^a--f>flr[ sa^'-X^q^ 2A 

na/a?! silJ' :jfooJ. iji Ilotrq:? anri^ -.^ri^ itf aof-Ir? ofoo* rint.i'T noi ;*• 

JbXofo ^i, ix navj ,0^ b9.*-;->©,^ac rroiSRSy^ erf* Tsfw^ns hi)- rnirf 
fl ic ij.sjj^nx nox^suLO.-fro rric't IXv%o oj bis^s 3cf :v;-f "^ ^ic^l 

-noo j54!?"3aJ'X'v. 9Xii 1'" srfo fcr.s r.-piri .&$:f2i; =?noi:.ts3{r^ rtx.eJ"i'6b 'oJ- 

-qoTT 9ct3'j ,n'''.x j^"'i;!j rMfj-intii o~> ^n':lio.9if^ tf^Siaiiv. -^^aw'sjnis oi 

od' : I. r.3,gq.c b-^.oooi sX-odw 3iU norfju SrJOcriM'r, siH' • .£(9^X13 3 
•rfj' par vsij^f^ "i^-^T nsip'ffiO'.SreotJ-'Uf, C p.x J na J- •=»d"xj^ Snob SVjsd 

,i)'jut^ instnabsji,- , • - - - - .:■■■.■• 

•|v.i«^ - 

/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copy of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in my office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set mi) hand and affixed the seal of said court 

at Mt. Vernon, this .r!i^..Sj...;:2^_ dag of April 

A. D. 1916. 




f i^ 


i Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at ML Vernon, Illinois, on the Fodrth Tuesdai) 
in the month of March in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, thdsame being 
the 28th day of March, in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harrg Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. $ 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. J 


And afterwards, to-wit: On the S.e..v.e.nt.e..€Xl.tli dag of April, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut ML Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in the foords and figures 
following: . § 

Frank Diddea,' 

A-npellant . 

No. 2.7.. 

October Term, 1915 \ 

..W....T. Pa£e^ 

ATJ-nellee . 


199 MA. 47 







..m., S. vmiGHT. 

Term i;o. 77. October Term, 191l>. Af:pnd»i -0.52, 

Idel l^idoea, e?ecutrix, etc.,) 
of J rank i iddea, deceaped ) 


Appellant ) 


V. ) Avrie r>l Irom }f".yelte. 

»'. . T. i'Dg. e, ) 

A-p-pcllee ) 

Opinion by }-.igbce, i', J, 

'■i-'liip, a ?uit i or i"rauci 3nd deceit, *;rc commenced 
by -rank Lid.Ocn who died belore trial, ?»ncl it vr f tr-ftn proee. 
cuted by lii? r>d •! u ctr-- tr ix, j.cel Jiddea. The riction ferew 
out of an exchnne^e of ropt rty betv/een ^jiddeR rrid npyr^ilee. 
Diddep. owned a i: ent r?.! rtpck of tuerchandi ;?c ?,t lere-er, 
iVip'^nuri, vhich iie \riued "t :ic8,0C0. Apne.lJee ovTied '..wo 
lot? nnd n building at ^^p.mvay, Illinois. A-opoilee traded 
v'i tl: Sir'den ior the r-toc>r of j-oodp, >ii;;repin(- to t-lre it p.t 
at th«f cor't price ^nd tn j^iiy for the R«?ne by detdint' to 
j^iddea the i.nt?:ef-y pcperty nt ; 4t'-0, trnnpf er-^ing to 
a note for ^ IS^r secured by mortgage on eighty rcres of 
I'-nd in Jndinna nrid psyin^ tne ialance in c?ph. ]t is? 
charf t-d in tlie declaration tjriat ar.Mell ee re-ore per ted to 
lUddep th-5t tbe Jiote -^p- pccured oy the r.iortgn{.-;e v-'^e good 
and v'orth :--15"''", th'^t the payor ci eaid note ■'va? polvent 
and re9r>onr=!ible ^nc^ tjiat ^idde"' relied on ouch reorerenta- 


,Sa.o ■ Pbn9;4A. .eie£ .KnaT t^cfo-toO .VV .cM ansT 

(,.079 ,xit,ti;/0 9x:9 ,B9bbz^ Labi 
{ J!)©fS«f»03D .i-.sbf)!:!. jCtijsi 1 lo 



{ ,s^'£ .T .., 

( 99 ilaqaA 

.laTj-t^.; ^j: 3^. ibnsifioz^iis lo ifooia XB'i.sn3.j B bamro P9bbi"l 

ovrJ- sars'.QrrofA .o'^o,^^ i^* bfBu Inv sxi aoxrtr jiii/o^si 

b9bprt ^9^ l^crcfA .sxcuxfil ,v;93£ni>'i ^?; ■^ntbli.ud c bnn su^nl 

i'P t i. 9>["i 0* 3hio9i3;? .eJboo:^ lo jioo^r; ^rfi lo'i .f^QbbiS iii V'r 

oi •'jftibg^b A^'^f "jpfsa s.-W 'xol ■^^5fT <^.i' bars 90XT t tnoo arfJ- ;J'S 

jBlxi of :-}jni:'fi9'lf?ao'cJ' .OOd^-f j^f? '^d"ioqTCfj x;-39icaH 31(1 r^bblfl 

lo 3f3-con TfJ-rf^x^ no ai'^/ig^iom >tcf bsiuosa ')ndl^ Tol Svtorr js 

ai t r .li^.Ko ni ison$t-lr'.J2 ^rf^ ijnx\.Bff baa Rnr.tbnZ nt bnsl 

\ fcooa 9n<r SyniiitoiJ «xlt )cd /jeio or),-3 '-;'■ dJ-on sfld- *rdj- fisfabi . 

^nov Ccj "tew aion blina io to^-'^c/ exfj' ^Ri{i ,'V^ax') rfJiow bnf- 

- ifof/Q nc b«>iX9i ,'',95bxCl J'siiJ- baa 9lrfJ:*?noqr9oi bna 


tione 03 true; that ao o matter of i'-ct ?uch ft temente 




vrere iVlee, the T.a^cer of the note insolvent 'ind irre'^noneibl« 
and the land not ^orth fit n f=iir c--^=h V'-lue,ji^oTP t].nn 1 .2b i 
per ncre, all of wi-.ich f-'ct? were T;ell knn'-.n to ?'^id ar-pel- | 
lee. It -"TP nlro c'izr-rf^ed t':^t certeir. InndDlent ^tPtenente 
T7ere n-de l;y anpellee ar to the I.aiusey rirnrf^rty. 

3t iR clTiTied by pnpe jant th;^t fr^-netirie r>lter the 
trfde VR" TTipde, Indden lepined th-^t .appellee ^md nne J.I.. Thc» 
as held t'Ven a deed to the IndiHna Innd oe-cri ed in the 
rr.ortfnfe, frnn ^ xan na-ned vnn 'ibher -Hnd tint inn ihber iiad " 
no title to t}i»" erme nt t>ie time; thnt nppel'ei t"'.en deeded 
the l".nc to ipy »^ibeon nn^^ took frojn ham a ^-^te recured by 
R nortrsre rn the r;reni8er', for i;150r: th^.t tlio '^v^nd v/ap v/orth 
not to erceed t""© dnllrp "n ncre; th^t ar'r-e] 1 rr- hnd tr^.ded 
the note to one Jpcob Lite r>f ^ t. \ernon, I-llir.iip, rrior 
' to the time Y.^■: F>a'«if:n€d it to ".'iddep; thp t l^ite hrvinf rp- 
certnined tJmt the n.->te •■=ind tr.ort{jMfe vere ■^'orthle-' = , cora- 

> polled «?T-nr;iiee to t-^lTC them hrck upon thi'c-t of h crixni- 

j nal prosecution. 

It Rppcrurp IroE t>!.t record thr^t unon the trial 
Rp-^ennnt proved by varioup rj, ^ yiortinn of the fore- 
{ oinr fffctp 8nd offered proof tendin/ to <=>u b 'tnr.t iate all of 
them, but upon objection of >-ir,-ne3 3ee the court rt-fuped to 
he=r lurtiier ^^rorf in Pur>port of appellant'? crpe. A'^nel- 

I, aTon^? other tyiir/p, offered to nrove ny . r. > ite of 

I It. vemon, that p.r-^ellee, "Yter tlie Intter trndcd the note 
'^' eecured by the Indi^ina r-ort^«'> e to him nnd he Avap thre''tened 
with arrest, sdnitted to ^^^id Hitnese th?it the - nrtga£:e r=ie 

- P-. 

cS.I- afl.Lt 9-o-(i,-u;lf^v ri>-o iii?'i t? ^f, rf^TTov? .ton hn^l arti bnn 

' iisxi isdrfx ' nnV Jt,,;# ohr lacfd'x.i ,«q\^ bayjsft QBa; 6 noil: ,9;-ijP3i'io:: 

• b9bi^tf bnd ^^^ iB^rrs^ S'^di ;^iob n,« qi^vrfofo c^t boeor© oi ion j 
toi^ff' ,-«?i'nnttlI .'riom'sV .^ t 'to'' ?-t£:I doo«T, ano oJ sJ-on siii j 

-iwlio p io i^B'iicn:? nofTi; >rr>«cf lasU 9>!=* ocf ysEIsqqis bstXaq ^ 

• noxiuossoicj Xbhi 

lo Up BhiT^iiTJ »^?c'ii» n^ ijnxBn'^j tooan; b3'i3"l'io fans j^^oai inio;^ 

o.t b^qtrl-^-s ;t-riin!> 9rft 99TI«qr/r« lo noiv+09td"o noqti iifcf ,m9d& 

. . '\ ■ ■,..,..•.. 

.-..,.. ■ !^.t ■.•• ;<Jii-i 

le sriiJi .-r T •'£:< evi:>ca oJ' MTsl'io .^A'^iri;*^ TSri^o 3nofflt.f1 ,.+."/•.£' 

•Ion Sff* b^feoT* ■mrf'.+ nl srfj ^talts .ssriarrafl J-RrtJ- ,nom:9» 

bMf9.t'>9^ff^ «tp ■ ^. ' ^^f^ aiH nj arjRTj^io"^ BnBxhnI 9Ai \<i faeiiiog? 


vrorthlesp ^.nd of no value and thrat this wn;? uefore 
the time he traded it to I'iddefi. Appellee rroved tlie 
court to direct o verdict in ;iie f.'wor <-:;id in nccordarice 
Tvith eunli v'.ction ti^e court spid: "Gentler.en of the jury, 
in the vitv; of the cr^iirt there )>^.p- bf • n no corr.riet(nt evi- 
dence offered to ptipt* ir. the c.-u?e of notion oy the -pl-in- 
tiCf, pp.d the. court hrtp fronted a notion tc find the de- 
fend-'nt not j-u Ity." -lie jyry v?ere nrc ^rdinffly inptructed 
to hrinf in n, verdict in f;- voi" of av-Tejlee, vhich "■■-.' 6one 
!\nd judfment v.h? entered -i.qin'^-t r-nnellar.t it cnstr. '.he 
fo.ctp ptrtcd hy sf-pv.ei] ynt' p 7-itnep?eF and thope tliint,;? vhich 
the c^urt refufsed to - e:-n:it the-m to tertify t,:, v/ould pt 
le^?t tend to «?h'>T,- th'-t nii^eHet v/ae £.u.xlty of -^rpud nnd de- 
ceit so ch'^r^ed in tlie declT'^tion, and it v;?!? a quertion 
for the j\3ry to dotsrr.ine from tJie evidence, an^'er --roper 
instruction? n^ to ^7hc-thc^ this nrnof jiinde out n c ^^.-e in 
fsvor of "•r>pell'5nt :;r not. -'.e '-ire ,'f opinion thrt the 
court erred in refusinf to adj:i t the evidence referred to 
and .tIc'O in instructin£ the jury to find in f-vor of ap- 
pellee and in enterint- a judtxient against .-ippel lant . 

The Jud.-n;cnt v.'ill therefrire he reversed and the 
C'^ipo rerarnded in order th^t thp questions of f - ct mny^ upon 
trin.1, be puh.'.iitted to tlie decirion of a jury. 

licversed and rcinanded. 

Lot to be reported in full. 


-■ ; ? »%oTt»d Bfi^r BS-^ irniH .bn^'. ouLtw on lo fcrie ^wslrfJior? 

•acuibTCi^ap til baa Tcovst sxh' rti fottrx-^fc^ Josrrri) 6J"3Ti/oo 

: -ive 3't?-i j-3->2xoo on Hr*>ef j=:^'^ B-csBLt 5J's<jo.?> srfi- "in P^lv-9'iiu nx 

i)ai■our^9^i -(j^fgniijir o^p ^-xftw "vief, ^K'S^ " .\^l^ir-i fSw'fa'fihnsl 
anciJ - Bw iiuiri'v , 99 FI^n.-'R lr» ■xevfil rti ;>^:JbTs1f' .« fil'-giHiTd' of 

-95 fin,- fitistt ic t?Iiyg-:5GW ^siiBir^s -t-^di '^r^m <fit"hit^f-^§-^l 
i.:— ^Hoitfaawp B 9«w ^x i)ns ,*tr'I03b exit prx b9'4'j*fr(sj'»^"iti3D 

.- ^ .1x1. 9 3 --O' 6 .tfco 9 f;«ss''i 001 (T- a i»^i T9A?*if^ o:? lofl sj'roWowrJanx 

-^^j .©n^ ±?.di nointqo "iQ 9%^ ^* i^(>n Tc d-npfl9e[«t«^'^"'5/8l 

. f «* bSTi'jlsT aonsbivs arfi i I'mtre oJ^ '^ntsijtsT nl^Bgtrt^ 'j' 11/00 

-q.": to 'ioi'-'l nl bnii oi XJiJ{, 9ri^ ^nti'^u^^^ni 'hi H^iM bns 

.d^Hpfl^crqe j-^nijs-qft *n9flir^btt{; « ^niTd'tna nx bas ssCIaq 

crogu ^XBa i-o-t I0 «aoiJ'9»up "^r*;* tRrf,t ts&tq ni boSfticfrei otj^-o 

-. - ♦IJsJc.frsiHa'i Jini» bsii^veJl . c i 

. .. . < '.■<-*■- ■■.«'.' ,." ' ,." ' "^ 


/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copy of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in my office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set my hand and affixed the seal of said court 

at ML Vernon, this .aJl^... day of April 

A. D. 1916. /^ /^ I I .n 




I ^ 


rr ^i 


Opinion of the Appellate Court 

A T AN APPELLA TE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesdag 
in the month of March in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 

tHOMAS E. PASLEY, Sheriff 

And afterwards, to-wit: On the Seventeenth. Ay of April, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, ai OPINION in the words and figures 



...y.e P. r £ e. .. J........ S.t.e..i.n.,.. ...Mmr., e 

_ ^ APpellee.^ 

No. 79., .X 

October Term, 1915 

..?.£~5.1?.§.^.y.....?.!!l.4.....^'-!??. • J.r J'l ck s on fuid 
..M.Y;!i.l!l....Y». '....yiiP 't sr . R e c e i ve r s , C . & 
i. I.:,.....H.,....R.,,, 

..ApE..e.l...l a n t ? . 

I199I.A. 48 




..ilxaniain COUNTY 




f <-' 


rera Bo. 79. Oclots-T 'era, 1^15. Agenda I;o.46. 

Oeor^e .1, -tcin, Atbr.inistr^tnr, etc.,' 

Appellee. ) 


"' } 

) /-npefil fi-oEi j.rinklin, 

l.ailroad Corn;;any, ct r 1. ) 

Appellinte. ) 

Ojiinion oy hi^T^bee, i . T, 

This in a puit broutrht by Hppel'ie*' to recov<vr dam- 
agea under Tjis statute, to the ntyt of Irin on .'•'• '^unt of the 
d( ath of iAizn-tiith Jtein, r4llej^:ed to hnve "bepn nnu!?ed by 
tl'^e negligyjice of »p\>cilH{\t8' ecrvntsj in arstir^'ting r-ne -^f 
ite r.a?i3«;i£,€T trnine, viiilfe '.aeoin^ t}irf>-'fe:h <,ht> city -^1" 
benton, Illinois. Vhe declaintion ch'?rt«^p negl if/f-nce < en- 
erf^ily or. the : art Tf the 9?»rv snts of ^pt-enar.t, in t>ie 
saanage-^ent o! itv- Ioconotive,er.^i=".e !nid tr;>5n -^f c-'ts, 
n'64.'lit;^-f^c«' in Inilinji to tiivc t}ie ststut'ry si^'nale in f^p- 
prorjoUin^ a ))ub3 1c croprlsfc: , negligence in f- ilinc to tive 
the 3Jcfinir- rt jiJired by tiu- -rcjinfnce? rf the cit^^ nf "enton 
rud n*;g.lifconce in r'wxnint its? tr^in at « r-te ^1 ='pe»cd -ro- 
iiiVited by an arlirance ^1' sid city. v'pon the trial there 
wat' a veriict in iaror of on, eilee for ^2bv''\ for ^}iicb Judg- 
aent was er.terjid, -nd a sen ♦ion for a nev, trinl h!<j\ine "been 


-r ■if, 

'." 0<T*>q' 

overruled, tl^e r''ilro«d Com 'ny had Vror^;};! the record 
to this court Icr review. 

l.pon the question "adietber ti-e 8it,naJe reciuired ey 
the statute «nd p-^id ordinnncee were tiven, the evirlcnce p.e 
usualin ?uch cases, rns) contradictory but the pmofp shoved 
th«t the train ws-s running about ;-b T.ilep nn hour, ^hich 
wne f-!r in exce'?? of the limit prepcribcd by th'? city ordi- 
nance. Apy>ellants concede ti^^nt the speed of the tr-tin con- 
stituted negligence on the part of the r^ilrond commny, l ut 
contend thi^t the p|ro'iff? -ileo show that nppellec*p inte^tnte 
•as n^t in the e:?:erciee of due c re nnd caution fnr her -im 
BRfety t the time -^l.e received t)ie f?>ts»l injuriep and there- 
iov no recovery cin be had. 1h< T>ropfB Th^Yi to-^ h^ el Iwulb ' ' 
track ar^proachee the . city o f Benton, where the -^ccic^ent 
occurred. Iron the north, reficidnf-: its r-t^itaon on I-ant I'^in 
street about a quarter of n mile er;9t of the co\art houpe; 
ti«at after leaving the stntion it continues Bcuth n qusrtcr 
of ft Tiiil« and then veers to the t?outh we n't, irterpoctinf 
south t Rin ptreet, v^hich runs north and ?outh, nenrly ..n'xi a 
mile 80!. th of the court rouse. A short distance beyond thi» 
croeein£ is t>ie city limitp nnd beyond the.t a cenettry. 
Just before the tracks rt ch tiiis cro?i?ine tliey enter a cut 
vhich trove fccif'idully deeper ?<e It extenrtj? further to the 
Bf^uth wc»»t, and to r;eet the i rade nt the c muring louth .' aln 
street declines for « dirtnnc-^' of 8( to l-^-^'" feet tovsrds th« 
crossing, which It aver* r b- nlf nt th )t nl-^oe porre three feet 
hi^h alone ^^'^ left ?ice nf tb.e street."/|Nn *'t*coration T'ay, 
iiay SO, 1914, at a little after eijjht o'clock in the morn- 
ing, riicn ar )t aur cfti*p fjon the vu ig f t s the sir ^np quiet 
and there were no xi-^in4^, A nn^llat ', v it)i >ils wife iill7:pbeth 


jTti.* s'j s iaj • J 

O^TT 3.- 


■^ ,i^^ 

litelii, were goini' eonth on outh Inin street -nnd hnd 
renched the r.orth eide of tlit railroad croniping. Ghe 
wae atfoiaan 67 ycnrp of afe, veiihine 19' to 195 nounde, 
vith no -jnueupl inllnrities. 3he vinr- WRllcinj^ fo\ir -^r live- 
feet in tne J end of her hup'b^nd, c^rryirife n b^sVpt of 
flowerc v/hile he lolloisied ^^ith ra bucket of v,^ter. -ihc 
started to cro»e the trnek *)nd vhile *<'^nut to pter; from 
the eouth fide ^inmnti, w-e etmck by ^n f^njine avtached 
to one 01^ a/pmmtimit^if' pappenter trninf» £oin{ s>outhv»*rPt. 
31i« wae thrown frorr. 75 to 1; < feet "by tiie i'lip^ct ?»nd re- 
ceived injuries wracii cf'.used ! iQiT.edln.te de^th. "^ 

Ae the itiefelifc<»nce cf appellant in runnirst' itp 
train at a rate of speed prohibited by the or^'irrnce of 
the city, ip not contepted, the only oueftion r^i^-sd f'^r 
our conei deration, i? whether appe31e*?»! intct't-^te wvp. nt 
the tide she w » etruclr ty the tr^iin, in the cyerci ^e of 
due csre for her '■•wn e?ifety. fhe theory of «ir^'^e'5e«' is 
thnt the trsin yf^^ running at an erce3?ive r^te of pneed 
without signaling: rv? it approached the croBPing, ana. thnt 
deceased w^e unr^tle to pec it co?r.e on account of the b-^nk on 
the left hand eide '>f the street. The 1 ^pt pro^^osition ^^e 
find no evidence to piu't'in, even on trie n^rt nf n^'-e'i ec, 
^- -mory lif.on testified '*! think that fit tJe croe^ing yru 

could E=ee a tmin npproaching np tfie cut ie n. t very deep". 
"1 knew there .;e a cvt there jecaree you h/.ve *o ^ T; dor-n 
a plant to crose the railroad. Irora th«t ■ oint po th to 
the east on the rnilroad croeeing, 1 do not think there ie 
anytMng to hinder a pertjon froa eeeing an approaching^ 
train if he looks", ihilip 'chrade tej»tilied, "A rrron 


WRlklng alonfc south Vsln street ,Uipt north -'f the 
C,6^ J.,1, croBPing coi:ld see t^ie ar-^ roschin^ trnin; nt 
tlfflee yoi; coi Id pee Jt 2 or 5 " y-rrtff." -rffltJ^r .yaxit, 
< ih a wa « ■ on - th iL- JiraJ.g^--»^-a.t^iB^ - »4^ --himT<r^^-^^ « 1 

there and e sudden stopping of the train* 1 looked nut tyf 
the window nr.d »aw a lady juet coming frcwc 'behind, «. little 
isaak l-r«m wh«frr"tl* ti-nln «*'Rs~«t. ■• *! woia« TuW© tTie^cm- 
- ■ban3G;i«»t--i» atrmJt 3 -f ee-t ^tlf*- «««¥ tHt"^^e~*;o^^^tJBr* . "^heee 

witneefjcr -iere all cr'Hed on behftlfy of xiTr;.jrnfe ,. A i> ^>il]iie ^ 

A J 

hiEuelf testified, " -hen *»e lirrt .^beer-ved the tr^in, 
i re. Jteln nnp juet a f»v- feet frors the ri^rht hnnd rsil 
of the C« & : ,1 .Railronrt, three nr four or live feet, so-.e- 
thing like that, 'hen j firi«t snw the tr-^in 1 ;:nllered 
to her not to try to crops,,. 1 e&r= tie trnin coTring, 1 
»uppo«?e nt th^t ticie fhe could hnye necn the trnin if ehc 
had looked "but fuesr she.tJ.cujht uhe could jet r.cro<i?«.*' 

i^n the part ^ ^vT*""?"*"r>T »t- tvfo ^i tne?»?'<-^!», .'^c^t «nd 
j(inna Lorine, vho were ur the ntre^et V^ehind " rn. :tcin find 
nre in no w?^ye interested in the t vent of the fisit, py^ore 
she stopped fuid looked p.t the tr«in nnd then started lo run 
;"cro»s the track and test the tr--in. ( To worr«nt a verdict 
of guilty it wan not only necep(«ary for ap-^ellee to prove 
negligence on the p»irt of ?ippellant hut alec to - rcve the' 
tyercX'-e of due c«rc -md cnution on the mrt ff appellee' c 
intestate, ^f the purroundint e> >fcre puch thH she covld 
have eeen the tr«'in hr-i. phe Jookfd for it >tjt ncp;l<^ted po 
to do, or having, ecen it pitterr.rted to cropp in front ^f it, 
siie, in either evert, failed to exeroiwe ren^nnahle ore in 
approaching and i'olng on the cropping. That phe could b<?ve 



Feen the train btfore eh& vent on the tr^clr, ip clt^rly 
proven by appellee's own witneeseo while tbe vitnestoce 
above referred to on the -^ wrt -^f Hp-.cllant*, phov?ed 
th t s^iC did poe it r,rd tried to paf?^ in front nf it and 
these witnes»ei<- pfor ap-ellRnts were to go'ne e^ient, cor- 
roborated >;y the te??timony of appellee hitrjeelf np ^bove 
cet forth. 

T^e proofs In the record eho« thnt the verdict 
wne itanife!?tiy afeainst the Hpeii.,ht of the evidence ^r,6 for 
thnt reason the judgTicnt ^vill be reverced »md the 

r.ever5?ed nnd rei nnied. 

Eot to be r*^port.ed in full. 


/. CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copi) of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in mi) office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set m^ hand an(Laffixed the seal of said court 

at ML Vernon, this ^....^f^^.„ _ dayi of April 

A. D. 1916. 

Clerk of the A/pp&ikite Court. 







199I,A. 60 

..MAE.C.H TERM. A. D.. 19 l§. 

At an APPELLATE COURT for said Fourth District, State of Illinois, begun and held 

at Mt. Vernon, in said State, on of M.^Lch ^ thg same being 

the Fourth Tuesday in said month of ¥3E9h , IS.—, said term of 

said Court being held according to law. 


Hon THOMAS.M,J[ARRIS Presiding Justice 


Hon , Justice 

Hon JAME5....C.,.....M.cB.R.IDE .Justice 

CHARLES C.JOH^^ qj^j.]^ 

TH.QM.AS..E PASLEY , Sheriff 

Court opened by proclamation. 


Charles C. Johnson. 


BE IT REMEMBERED, that afterward, to-wit: On the l.s.t day 

of ,D, , A. D. 19..1..5, there was filed in the office of the said Clerk 

of said Court, an opinion of said Court, in words and figures following, to-wit: 

Term 1;0 . 34 In the 

Appellate Court of Illinois 

Fourth iJi strict 

March Term, A.L. 1915. 

Agenda I.o .45 

Annie Loves, '.linor, by 
Annie Loves, her next friend. 
Independent Breweries Company, 
Ap" el lent 

Appeal from the 

City Court of Granit-j City , 
iMadison Coujaty. 


APR 17 1916 

Opinion hy Bogpa, J. 

' Clerk of tfie Appellate Cour? 

Appellee, a minor, hy Annie Loves, her motlier as xiext 
friend, recovered a judgment against appellant for ^7000. 00 
in the City Court of Granite City, '.ladiaon County, Illinois, 
in an action on the case "brought to recover damages for 
personal injuries. 

The suit as originally instituted was against appellant 
and the '.Vagner Brewing Company, which latter defendant was 
dismissed from the case during the triel. The original 
declaration consisted of three counts. Subsequently, by lecve 
of Court, two additional counts were filed. To the criginal 
declaration and the first additional count a general and 
special demurrer was sustained. Leave was given to amend said 
first additional count to the declaration and also to file 
the second additional count. 

Thereupon appellee dismissed her case as to the origirial 
counts of her declaration and by leave of court amended both 
additional counts. Said additional counts as amended were 
substantially alike, and charged, in substance, that on October 

8. 1913, and prior thereto, the defendant, Afagner Brewing 
Company, and appellant were the proprietors and in charge of 
the two-story frf>me building in question; that Annie Loves, 
the mother of appellee, en said date and since has rented 
said building of the defendants and has occupied and resided 
in the same; that on said date the porch on the second floor 
in the rear of said building end the railing thereon were 
defective, in that said r&ilin- was rotten at e&ch end and 
the nails therein were rusted; that the said defects were 
secret and latent and were known to the defendants, but were 
unknown to appellee's mother and apDollee, and could not 
have been known to them by the exercise of due care and 
by careful examination and observation; that appellee was nine 
years of age. and resided with her mother in said premises; 
that on July 7. 1914, while appellee was leaning- against the 
said railing of said porch, and while in the exercise of 
due care for her own safety, she not knowing of the danrerous 
conditi n of said railing, the said railing gsve way and 
fell, thereby causing her to fall to the ground ■«•* injuring 
her, etc. 

The building in question is a two -story fraae structure 
containing two large rooms downstairs used as a saloon rocm 
and grocery store, and eight rooms upstairs used for living 
rooms. The porch in question is on the second floor, at the 
rear of the building, and can be reached either by a stairway 
leading up from the ground on the outside or from a stair on 
the inside of the house, A hallway on the second floor runs 
through the entire middle of the building, dividing the up- 
stairs rooms into groups oi four on each side, and oDens 
through a door onto this porch. The porch is al^out twenty-two 
feet from the ground. It extends along the north end of the 
house and is about fifty feet long from east to west and 
about seven feet wide. It has a banister or riilinp- from 
two and one half to three feet high around the three sides, 
except where the outside stairway enters it. This porchhas 

always been used bv the occupants of the uuildinp in connedtion 
with the livinp rooms. Since the buildinp v.aG first erected 

one Steve Santas rented the grocery stord, also called the 
butcher shop, and has been in posaesaion of it oontlnuously . 
He paid rent therefor directly to appellant since appellant 
owned the bvildinp. Santas has also occupied two rooms up- 

Prom Llarch, 1913, to about October :j, 151?, one s^ful 
Byous was a tenant in the building and renied the saloon 
room downstairs and the upstaira rooms. On October 'd , 191?, 
Mrs. Lo.os and one Slasack:, as partners under the firm ii&me 
of Slasack S; Co . , bought out the saloon busii.ess ol Byous, 
and also his interest as tenant of the property. Urs. Lovas 
with two oi her children moved into the building and tock 
possession tlie sane day. Several days later her other two 
children fro:.; St. Louis :*oined her, and thereafter resided 
v/ith their mother in the property. 

Mrs. Lovas, or her firm, made no written lease wHh 
appellant . They bought out the Byci^s business and Llrs. Loves 
went into possession und^r Cf 4 *" oral lettiiic. Mrs. Lovas. 
the day before she went into possession, called Mr. 
Griesedieck. general manager lor appellant at Granite City, 
by phone, to get appellant's consent to her moving into the 
property. At that time she stated to him that she was 
anxious to have the saloon end wov/ld like to get the place; 
Mr. Griesedieck told her that she would have to buy out the 
Byous business and interest, and make her arrangements with 

After Mrs. Lovas moved into the property, October 2, 
191?, the saloon b'isiness was co. ducted and the building 
rented and occupied by Slasack & Co. They continued &s 
tenants and to conduct the business in that name until 
about January 2, 1914, when Slasack sold out his interest to 
Mrs. Lovas. and Mrs. Lovaa took, in her brother, Joe Crozier, 

83 a partner, and the firm then iDecame Crozier L Go. Since 
January 2, 1914. to the present time, the business has been 
conducted and the building rented in the name of Crozier & Co. 
Both Slasaclc k Co. and Crozier & Co. paid the same rent as 
was paid by Ml» Byous, namely, 4'55.00 per month. 

Appellee bases her whole case on the contention that at 
the time her mother, LIrs. Lovas, moved into the property and 
rented it as aforesaid, the porch and this banister on the 
east end of the porch contained secret and latent defects, 
in that the ends of the railings were rotten and the nails 
therein rusty; that such defects were known to appellant but 
were unknown to appellee or her mother, and could not have 
been discovered by then by the exerdise of due care and proper 
examination and observation of said rj.ilings; that appellant 
failed to disclose such defects to ap-nellee or her mother, but 
concealed such defects from them; and that such defects existing 
on October 2. 1913, and appellant's concealment of them and 
failure to disclose them to apreiiee or her mother at that 
time was the proximate cause of apnellee's injuries received 
July 7, 1914. 

Aopellant practically conoedes-in their argument that 
if such defects were secret and latent and il known to 
appellant, and were unknown to appellee or her mother, and 
were not disclosed to appelle or her mother, and by reason 
thereof the injury occurred, that appellant would be liable. 
This, we understand, to be the law, (Shields v. J. H. Dole Oo . 
166 Ill,App.£56; ounasack v. Llorey, 196 111.571; Borggard v. 
Gale, 205 111.511; Cohen v. xlumtree, 170 Ill.App.311.) 

The principal assignment of errors relied upon by appellant 
for a reversal of this cause are, first, that the verdict of the 
jury is against the manifest weight of the evidence; secc.nd, 
the refusal of the court to give certain instructions offered 
by it and third, because the trial court permitted two of the 
counsel for ap-oellee to address the jury u^ the close of the 


case when appellant had electe" not to niake tny ar^uraert. 

The question of fact submitted to the ^i^ry in this case 
was whether &t the time apTiellee's mother ented the premises 
of ap^oellant the b&nister on the east end of the porch in 
question contained secret and latent delects, v/hich were known 
to appellant . but which were unknown to appellee or her 
mother, and which appellant did not disclose to the mother 
of apnellee, and whether or nv t the co..cealment of obid delects 
or the failure to disclose thom to aprellee or her mother wt-s 
the proximate cause of appellee's injury. 

The evidence touching this issue of fact was conflicting. 
The witnesses on the part of appellee testified that there were 
secret and latent defects in connection with the barJ-ster on 
the porch in question; that the attention of appellant was 
called to srch defects by tlie former tenant prior to tl-.e time 
the same were rented to appellee's mother; that said baxiister 
was not repaired but remained in said defective condition 
from October 2, 1913, v/hen appellee moved into said premises 
to July 7, 1914, the date of the injury. Anna Loves, moiher 
of at)T<ellee. testified that the top railing of the banister 
looked all right , and that she did not know of its defective 
condition either at the time said premises were rented by her 
from appellant, nor at any ti^-ne thereafter up until titer the 
accident. Apnellee testified that she knew nothi»-g of the 
defective condition of the banister. On the other hand ap- 
pellant's witnesses testified that no notice vras given them 
by ap-nellee or by the former of said premises of the 
defective condition of said banister. 

One of appt^llant's witnesses, a carpenter, 'T^o was in its 
regular employ and whose duty it was to look after its 
different buildings testified that he repaired this banister 
and the railing around the porch on October 1, 1913, and 
again repaired the seme on October 16, 1913; that he placed 

aai'i banister ir. rooci sound condition. Ihis evidence, to say 
the least, rriskes the v-^sition of epnellant more or le33 in- 
consistent, for accoriinr to its own testiniony it dii k: ow of 
the condition of this porch and that tlie sain-' w&d in need of 
repairs not only on October 1, 1913, but again on October 18, 
IQIS. There was •£'*^^U*i^<.t<v/evidence in the record towarrai.t 

the iurj in finding that there were secret and latent defects 
in the railing around the porch in question at the time 
appellee moved in said premises, and that no repairs were made 
on the sarne until after said accident, and their finding on 
said question should not be disturbed. 

Another point urged in the argument by appellee is that 
in as much as the porch in question wad a conir^ion porch used 
by all of the occupants in the second story of the building 
in question, that therefore, appellant wo IJ be required to 
keep up the repairs on this porch for the reason that it would 
not be in the excl-;sive possession of either of said tenants. 
Had this feature of the esse been presented by the plealinps 
we ere inclined to the opinion that the point would be well 
taken. (Shoninger Co. v. Llann, 219 111. 242; Payne v. Irvin, 
144 111. 482; :feeller v. Phelps. 252 11^.030; Cov/en v. otory 
Sc Clark Piano Co., 170 Ill.App.92; Johnson v. Perkins, lo7 111. 
App. 617.). 

It is next contended by appellant that the court erred in 
refusing certain instructions offered by appellant. Only one 
inatruction was given on the part of apDellee, Appellant 
tendered thirty-eight instructions to the trial court, twenty- 
one of which .-.ere given; seventeen were refused. ApT.-ellant'S* 
V-tf'^^^*-*-^^ concede in their brief that several of the refused 
Instructions were covered by instructions given. They insist, 
hov/ever, that instructions Ijo . eight, twenty-five, twenty-seven, 
twenty-eipht , thirty and thirty-seve/i, should have been ^iven. 
Instruction number eight offered by appellant is to the effect 
that if the ,1ury should find from the evidence that the apoellee 

or her mother did not use that degree of care which wcjld have 
been exercised by an ordirt ry prudent pert^.Oii under livce cir- 
ciiraatances , oondltioiis and aunoundinpa end that such lack of 
care on the part of apt) llee or her mothei' contributed to cauae 
appellee's injury, then appellee was not entitled to recover. 
We do not think the court erred in refusing this instruction 
as it does not, in our opinion, state a correct principle of 
law. To begin with, appellee, being a child, ten yeara of 
age, at the time of the accident would not be required to use 
that degree of care that would be exercised by an ordirfcry 
prudent person under like circumstances, neither is appellee 
bound by the negligent conduct of her mother where the action 
is brought for the benefit of apiellee herself. (Ohnesorge V. 
Chicago City Sy. Co. 259 111.424; Chicago City Ky. Co. t. 
Wilcox, 138 111. 370; Ferryman v. Chicago City :<.y. Co. 242 111 
269: Ballentine v. Illinois Central Kailrosd Co. 157 Ill.App. 
295. ) 

Refused instructions 25, 27, 28, 33 and 37 we tiiink are 
covered by the instructions that were given on behalf of 
appellant. The matter contained in refused instruction t-.venty- 
five was covered by the givin instruGtions nineteen ard thirty- 
five. Refused instructions twenty-seven and twenty-eight are 
covered by given instructions, nineteen and tv;enty-six. He- 
fused instruction thirty-three is covered by given instruction 
thirty-one. Refused instruction thirty-seven is covered by 
given instructions nineteen, twenty-six, thirty-one and thirty- 
five. The practice of submitting so large a r.umber of in- 
structions as were submitted in this case, has frequently been 
condemned as a mischievous practice and is one which in our 
Judgment should not be countenanced by the courts. Instead 
of assisting the Jury in a proper determination of the questions 
of fact, it more frequently misleads and confuses them. (Donnely 
v. Chicago City Ry. Co. 235 111.35; Zravitch v. Chicago City 

Ky. Co, 174 Ill.App. 182; Vest Chicago Street l\.a.Co. v. 
Petters. 196 111.296; ..'cod v. I.C.Ry. Co. 185 Apr;. 180.) 

It is next insisted that the court erred in allowing 
two of aprellee's counsel to address the jury after t}.e close 
of the case. It that tiie practice prevails in the 
City Court of Granite City of limiting the counsel for each 
party to thirty minutes in their argument to the ixny at the 
close of the evidence, unless further time is siven on ap- 
plication to the court. In this case, it seems, that counsel 
for appellee applied to the court before the arri^ent for 
additional tine, end that the court announced flat forty 
minutes would be allowed each oide for are.'u..ient of the case. 
After one of ep-oellee's counsel had linished his arrunent . 
addressing the j'lry some twelve minutes, counsel for su- 
pellant announced that they would waive their are-ument . and 
moved the court to submit the case to the jiury without 
furtlicr argiment. vhe court refused to do so. but 

allowed another of appellee's counsel to addres the jury 
for twenty-eight minutes, making up tlie forty minutes. The 
court took the position that each side v/as ex-titled to tiie 
time allotted for the argument, l.'o argument was made by 
appellant's counsel and they now iosist that the trial court 
committed reversible error in this ruling. 

oo far as we know, this particular question of practice 
has never been passed upon by the Supreme or by any of the 
Appellate Courts in this otate. As vre view the matter, even 
if this 3ho::ld be held to be an irregularity, it vrould not, 
in this particular instance require a reversal of the case. 

it we/say t>^rege^ to 4-^s ma*%^r of pjactic^^pr;lu*crf^y^ 
t(57the ^ndlfrpns o^t^ining/>in tl^is Dart^e^ar ca^ and -^^apt 
HOT? assvi^ing ieC, sajriwre thajk the^^pVactiq,t:::j£s a vrsJiCieT ^^ — -^ 

(37 0116, ^fe are yflot ex^wessing ^ny op^^on in— regard~^.ere«) . 


rVith reference to the rulings of the court on the 
evidence, an exemination of the record discloses thst in 
nearly every instance the court sustained objections to at:y 
questioxis that were not proper, so that we feel that neither 
side in this ca-'e were injured by the rulings of the court 
in that regard . ' 

One ol the assignments of error io that the verdict is 
excessive. This assignraent , however, was not argued by 
appellant. *Ve are inclined to the opinion that on account 
of the serious injury received by appellee, the verdict was 
not excessive. The evidence sliows that a large section of 
the scalp "<V8S removed and that the brain is only protected 
by the skin and exposes apoellee at ell times to in^ia-ies 
that aight result seriously. 

There were other errors assigned on the record but as 
they were not seriously contended for in the argu.Tient in 
apr-ellant's brief, v.-e do not deem it necessary to discuss the 
same . 

Finding no reversible error in the record, the ."^udgLient 
of the trial court is affirmed. 

Affirmed . 


.., Clerk of the Appellate Court, within 

and for the Fourth District of the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true 
copy of the OPINION of the said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in my office. 

In TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I Ijave set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court at 

Mt. Vernon, this.. 

..A. D. 19 61_. 







Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. / 


And afterwards, to-wit: On i/ze ....--- -.17. th.r_r„-.- day of April, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in the words and figures 
following: \ / 


..P.e.t .e....Ba£ai n i., . 








No. .....41.. 

March Term, 1915 


..P.Qnk.Bro.s. Coal & 

..._ _ Aj)p.el.lant^ 

199I.A. 76 




St. Clair 






'I'erm l.o. 41. In the Appellate Court {?onda jo.48, 

of Illinois, i'oiirth Dif.'trict. 
Harch Terru, A. L. I'alD. 

i-fcte l*a( fiini, ) 

Appellee. ) 

vp. ) Arperl iroin the Cirotit 

/-'onk i^ror. Ooal u, i. oke ( orn.iny, ) Court of '.-t.Cleir County. 

Appellant. ) 

Opinion by 'oi^s, J. 

'ihij? vas e poit troufht by fippcllcc at tie Janupry 
Terr., 1914 of the Circoit Court of .->t. C]air County, to recov- 
er for an injury allCj e'"! to h3\e .;een rereived "by iiim on 
J'^nu-iry P.9 , 1313, v.hi]e v.orkia^' in the mine nf appellant 
near ilaryVille . 


the tii:e of ■.'!? injii'rj- n r m 'f flev •'•'? Zu) ye^rs 

'•'9 Oy 


ul akt!, nnd hnd hfien v/orki"*^-- n.t ■ tho r . is i loc j nf co,^.l mining 
'1 . ^ :ro'it i iuu' i i ' v '.l i- vi'-TTS. i;( 

for '1 . ^ :ro'it nuu' i i ' v i.> ^ ^ y<J!r3. i;e hid '-.cen examined r y the 
rr.icfc — f.'nr.aiM.innr ' a liiO/ii"T'd ^^ provided \.y rtntute and held a 
r^iaer' 3 certi i'i c;- te. '..or Boine tine prior to Jsnunvy 29, 1913, 
the date of nir. injury, n p t- . u i pvc na d /ye o n iciniif c^^al in 
rooir.:^ 15 find ]C off of the etcond south entry in the mine -»*. 
xUx."^'" ' - rppfej :'ifuil I.- -i l.Ui^ i >i] i e ^ In that lame the '.'iiner° nrepared 
and fired their 'v/n ehots. At t]..e t iir.e in aucrtion room 
IG hacl 'ueen driven ? tout Fe\enty f ( et and vi 9 ohoiit thirty- 
tvo ftet yide. *he ti^.e i-r • iring ehot" in thim -ine wop 


( »xnr. 

( .93Xl9qgA 

I-.og.V' ( 

tiiroTiJ 3. it r.iox'l l-yoqcf/i ( .f?v 

( .d-nflJXsCTqA 

\^^\ > .elZiVx'SBli TBsn 

■-•■^ «T:--:--y; •• s-ff^rrtr* -{.""^l^-^ s i.rf "io ami::!' ©ii;} i^ 'p 


ncm iBiii «X rg-f "f f ir'^T.rrg'-r r -'.rrr • ■ t fn^ f X » qq e- 

I ""Kxi^' 

from three to three- thirty j. .: . Tn the daiy op-peilBoo v<ae 
injured lie had prepared tvo ehote, both rdaced in the 
fcice ol the coal, one at the center and the other near 
the ri^ht rib, Vhere v/ae a c-r track i »-- ^he ji ' jmu » l8onWd ' 


in the cenT« r a»4' came u p hm ?Jithin a» ' Out eight or ten 
feet of the face of the coal, t ! x1»ondinc out and cnnnect- 
inf with tiie trnck in the entry. About three to three- 
thirty .',]■. on the pifternoon of th if TTr-y i« quci ^^ tion -a^P" 
jioll ea proooid e d t\•^ fire«^the ^}l.ntg^ ^ (» hieh h e iVA ' l iil-' i Led " 
- in ypoBi 1 6 f nr- -tire • ^tiTffo ie' ' of eho o t i n g "d cTvvn^ttre- -e-<wU. . 
Keither f>#— ttre* f?hntf did it? work, "ma^ both bl5t!(/Sut the 
tanping and 444 not bringdown the coa]. It lb L ' lue e de d 

by both oideg th^ -i Cfne of said enotp caueed the injury^ 
tf ninypllee e o BHihi»ed o i' , beini' tbe loe? of the pi«ht of 
both eyes. / 

■'he original declaration filed by appellee at 
the J-'Tiuary Term 1914 cnneistted of one count. At the 3ep> 
tember '-.'enn 1914 by Ic ive of court, appellee abandoned 
eaid original count and liled an amended declarrtion pon- 
^•ietin£ of eight count?. On the trial oi said cause the 
court directed the jury to disregard the seventh Count, 

/P »< i<- iw. ^ K ■^ -6>***;.t-cu-j.r^jr»4f t:i?t on th^ 7tfth .dny of- 
January, 1913, A.oom If., leading off of the cccoud . pouth 
entry of the eleventh weet, had been developed ?"co\it 
seventy-five feet and contained a railv/ay track on vjjjich 
c-irp \/ere dra'-Ti by iiiUlep; that the. apnoll nnt ii-d nei-nitted 
■ olnt e i — aad other debrie to remain alont: f^ch £e of -g ai d ^'^ 
trsck, po th-i t tl-ie only paes?a{.e r/ay to and froi:i the fnce of 


coal in e»id room v,-e between the rnile of eaid track, and 
that the minerB ongne g d tV-rrfln, traveled between the rails 

sacf tit baoBlq died ^eStdg 0*f:^ bs'isqf^xa bsai 9:1 Loiutnx 

; i j-uno .A>J-5»; ^-*^iV 

-99ii{j oJ 39iiji JuotfA .-yiajna 9iW ni jIopiJ' siit rfj-xw y^ni 
XFSmdi, 'ip,nocni9^'if? .9fl;^ no . i.. '^.tix^t 

. i**©^®— sTf^"" ftwob a^-ii'ooxiig *lo se'o'^Tcn:*^ srf^-TifT^ ^f--»f"«Mj— »i 
9sii isJc'^^LiS diod 9*&^ ,x'iov/ ?j-x bib iStnrfp: -sra — ^ T9rf^l9.'T 
Jbr gb p oiii I. ' j"l— -j i E : .Tbco sriJ- rr.'ob '^ni'xd' J-on -fri^ boa ^ntrrrtfiJ' 

lo i'.ilsxs Qdi lo =:?3oi art J' sojiscf ,^''''f«n"r34r!moa--9-«TH-»ff^f«--ai 

-qsti 3if^ d-A ,Aawoo 9XXO 1o baJ'sienno i^^Itil tfiisT ■^strrrr'L Bdi 

-noci aox^^'^Bloal* bf-^j«iyB a& bBti% bsm ^msoo laiii^s.'iobie.^ 
i)isa io IjEJii* 9di ffvii '"'IfJj^q d^iiais "io an-t*??-!:'^ 

%9- T^eb.xfJ'.QK rtii-U no JjeuJ' ^i^i y];r>l a,.JLt »jtfOQ j-' ' . T eJ:l ! a.iw "^ 

■ ■ ',> ■■ ^__^- 

4I- bi?aX ,i"^I moo;* ,£X©I ,Y^8x/n.>sL 

rioxtiv no -iofjal v' :i ■ bficiiniaosi bnp, i^^X evi'l-Yingvs'* 

bii^ir- 3T b.oi{ ><i i»Ha rf^fe^^a.iJ iarf* ;39lwffl ^a fliv«Tb ^t^y- -rxro 

" i>rr»-- x*^ 3&' rio J ^nolc nijaraei oit •rxicfab 'XBdio Lsim — ; 9 i> .=» £ -e- 

xc eos^l a ■* ' • ' ■- oi xam 9^fl9?3fig i^inn srfd' J rrij- 0? ,7ioPid' 

bnf> ^'lt>o ^ , -3 CxcT arid- csDwd-scf «'^w mooi 0x^9 ni Isoo 

of f nid tr i Aok to and from their y^ork; ttiat Wf. '^ ol\o ^.ff 
Ls a miner Ine ftid room, ^mvuj t,h at i t mw his duty to 

V7as a miner Ine aid room, ^mv^ii tV-j at 3 1 mw his duty to 
load conl into c-'TS hvoviiht 4-a — crtid — fo ^« by driverf?, 
and to rrepsre and fire shotr; that during the nftermon 
of jvii ^ dnv, he londed t\"0 en? -e n fwid ti ' ^ek «nd nfter- 


vardB -reT)arcd certnin ehotn in the face of t},e entry in 

said room; that PfTjollfiTrit^ nefli/ently periiiittfd the onid 

carr nf - o a e l to he a.nd remnin on . " ^i^ trnck rnd tjicrehy 

obctructPd -*}'re-,pp?pr»^e'wny 4 ntp — ti wid from - tho w o fkinp wln o* 

in ci ' .id rrjiM ! ! , ("iw eh rendered/tiie — e njno une?!fe '^nd dan{';ercius 

of v/hich tnv ol Ira't yell knev, or by the exercire of ordi- 

naiy care fy^oitld hnve k'cwn; that before Itva-vin^;. — -w-d ^'^^ 

room he lighted a fuse in one nf p^? id prot-; that the 

?aid fuse flnred p.nd Fnuttered and pxtingui '^hed hi? 

cip light and left hin intot?l d-rknerr, and that ^vhile 

endeavoring; to leave -^^ nid . v/orkin^; plr;ce to avoid tl}e e?:- 

"olorion of gaid p]i.-»t he carr.e in contact vatli -*»**44^ care 

and v/as tl.erehy caused to fall do^Ti and aj^i'^^* mid (^Iri'bi ^'^ 

mifl uDiLi" debriej that h€ ^ ' n ^ thereby ptur.ii-ie.d ^nd upon 

arising 4ie endyavored to find hj p -way out of s Rid y^rooro, 

but on account of the d^kner? nnd the fpll }<.e rceived, 


he becanie confueed and bevrildered v.nd approached near spid 
ehot, and the aa id shot exploded arid injured hii.i, etc. 

-}ie second count ch'r£.:es thot^ nypn] i nnt net 11- 
■..ently allowed debris to renain alonr nvd. nt-^r ««»*d^ track 
in fiaid IT mon po th 't nin-erc v/eve - re vented fior- •, rinf the 
sidr.F thereof and thereby tlxe ^etrie rendered t}ie i".afeaf.e 
out of y wi id . plrce by miners unr-afe in that they v.xre likely 



^y-^^^fHr^t:-'^ Jiidi ;-2£iov liarid- motl bas ot 3ti^iSASri~-\3^Sr»B-i9 

ot x^ub aid tt 'ULi L . JL . Jtr . ffa .--.^gLg ^«tooi h±mr At iBntsa b 5bw 

,«^T;9viTtr A^c* > i B eDT' "^J^s » "' *i Jrfgtjni.'f" .oJ-ni Xi50o iDBoI 

"^^^■J^^^-^^RtrsBl siotsd inriS jrnwo rta[ ^snrf.jl biuM® 91150 ifi*^'" 

'10 iii4-b9riel;j:%nxJ-X9 .bas bsTsd'd'Jicfe- bf?fij;f>s>T3f'i 9e«x »i>i«»p. 
alx^fty d-ni-{J' fcHB .ssarofTR^ XecfcJ'. nx mxl :f'i9l bnts . J-xiaiX qco 

- . •i.f^ o ^*-f<&9- ii4' iw ■* 3.R^no Hx . S:3aio srf . t& £(« M se "i no x "^ r 
,•#«-£« - fe jiBO- c?-B«!t.r,:^s- btiB Pf'VQb ILfft ■■ Qi.yhsmr. g ^(J9t«; ut ,. acvr-feas. 

,D9/- ri^l DrLt &fliB-8g9pnI' P!6 9rfl lo ^Jnijooon no iu6 

-x !,::.-. i-BK- ,U<:i<T4i^+c.;,.J gs^'A^Jiia ^-^^uof) bnoofts 9;{'* 
itonrJ ^i^» Tf'jn trti? 3XJ©I« wxeamioi eiacfgb. fcsiffoilB. -^fX^no. 

XX>3fil 91-;-" — - *- - - - -,<jjjignij -■ -• ■ vcf afijjIqj-W**' lo.iiroM, 


to come in c en tact wi th^-««*tt debJ%£^ and l>e delayed 

^» and injured and that ayTiollt S K ^after T-ighting the ehot -Uu 

- paid r oo m attempted to escape thci ' 0*r e m ' ana crirne m con- 

tact with 'Wrtd detrie and al^terwards "becoriie injurto, etc. 

in the, mine ex&ainer of n i pT)ol] o^nt \j H3rawiu:; j.y _^la»l r- tnt ' and 

it ence -clinrfe^ in the third count CTusipte 

. ner oC - 

^omittiM{» to inspect the room, etc., \;hefe ? 

v/orking . t f \ t ^ 

J <:<a/ma*Uva^' - 

•*-he fourth count chargetff tl-iat a ppollont wilfully 


failed to keep one side oi tl:e liaula^je road clear oi rtfuee 
other than timber for s die-tance of tv.'o and one ;^a3f feet 
from the r??.il8 in such liaulat e rood lor the free -caeeaf-e 
of uen to and from their v;ork. 

'ihe fifth count>^ja»«t>u.ibtd upori tire chart:eqthot -«f»-- 
jjL{js.,OuLM ' 'i ' ^ cllg» ^ v,'iliully fBi'ed to n-.aintain place? of refuse in ■aiilW/' 
room as reouired by ?t^tute. / / / < / 

-he sixth count charge^ t^iat -a^pt- ilfully 

failed to uaintain a crose cut not more than fifty feet 
from the rib. a./ i » . / 


Ihe_^^ii:l>th count chsr^.e^ that ap^e-}4«-»* o dered and 

d i rec tied ar py'ull^ g to lirc certain -^bot!? in la? room and 
that the nine eynmintr v?i] fully fni]ed and omitted to in- 
etruct him concerning the handling of cxplopivee. 

-" ho firpt count of aT i i :) g"i l e. e j..3__declar a ti on -aii-egB 
j^£.t«-4*-<3o«fteoti<>iv with- axn^ll^ee's U^ cause of action 

pxe-tty-ffltteb-fte teptified to by him oh the trial. '*o the 

Lti«m 4 

amended declaratitin o'M ' jtI] ent filed a pica 01 the general 


•stif ini^ •ij-iv+ •■^nicl'ifeil r.a..- »^-i3«p#4s .lisrtJ'briB fisiytnl £>nB i/^^ 
-ncn «x 9m/-.n bits =*r^*'i««-ai4rJ- 9a.R!>o9 oi b9t^txifi'R~tabtir<ir--bi-»9- 

A ^^- 

bftc -aa-i-'ti-'.* • .EiuJN^-JfTW »« ^ Jit'»^yCT»' io' 'Tan fj^xb %dt:it} ^ edi at 

&^^1 1 Ce :' -*rto- fins oifi^ lo 3on«i5^ib *5 -lol TBtfiaia- flBrf;t "isxido 
93JB-5r«j?fr »g^5 " '&if^ "id^- BfeoT ■ s^B'ftrjsrf iloijB iii « li r.l j» rC;t nroi 1: 

-•^if" •.'•'' " '"■ ^ ■'"-'■' .#iov/ -rxyu'J mo'al iiiilB' Vd" xi&a to' 

^^s'^ iti B^ijtsi 1« e©GBr^'rfi*^nxBm of MflBl ^I^^wlCiw j 'fi j ^Lrog ' .^AO-<SX< 

^1 fft b^S&psicf tuM bsrriT.Y icrt^tlt^"ttmii^ anxri srf'j- ' ^sil j- 
9v^v-ti^ ntitM^i!f£t>&t> 51.' aaXXitcf ehB -le- #««&9 ■ ^ is n ■ i %--»^*- 

ipj»ue^^ '' trial vsis had reeultin^ in n verdict for : ].i", Crr.CC 
A motion for a nev; trial vane and overri led and judg- 
ment v/r>c- rendered on the verdict, from vii.ich judfcient Appel- 
lant pr'^recutef itn n.-nrec(l. 

A (;re;>t nnny err'^rg ■>; ere ar'pi^ ncd on tht. record by 
appellnnt tut the rrincippl ground? relied upon \y it for 
a rcversnl of this crvpc are tVi^^.t V\& corrt erred in the 
giving of iDstructione on . tiinlf of appellee nnd in relue- 
inf- instructions offered by Hppe]]ant; that the verdict ie 
a£.rinrt the i:ianife?t v/cif^ht of the evi-^erxe pnA th^t it i« 
ercersi ve . 

Appellant contends th??t the court erred in giving 
the third, fourth, fifth, pixth and seventh inpi. ructions 
£.iven on heh-^lf of a-^-pellee. '^'ht?e in !?t ructions r?re hp. sed 
on different provif?ionp of tiie 1 inirig Otntute ■■rid 
in the Inrifuwf.e of the :'Jt--'tute and °re ahrtrnct in form. 
Instruction "o. 3 ip h^red on tie provi'^^icn of the iJtfitute 
vith reference to the duty of tlie .' ine e??niner to Tiake 
an examination of the mine rith reference to its \;nderferouncl 
v.'orkin£.?, for obstructions in rooc:.', roadv.'nyp, etc. and 
v?ith reference to markiri^-; (Vnnfierous places. ]t i- urged 
hy ■-■'.pf.ellnnt ti^at f'is inr' ruction is bad bccrrrc of its 
abetr-'Ct lorin and becaure it is xneirted tl:erc iz- no evi- 
dence on v/} ich to b-'?e tV.e rrce. -e 're inclined to think 
that this inctruction is nroper, e^ceflt ve do n^-'t think that 
it should hr-ve been f iven "in ite al.stract form v.j tl^out fome 
other instruction applying the lav.' as stated in this in- 
struction to the facts p.p. found by the Jury. 


'^P'-Jl ^*t^ bsl J1T3V0 " ■ iBiii wait a tol noi^oxn a 

-loaqp Sa'iiXn^^l, iloji^w jaoTl j^o :. ,' np f>8T:9bn9T saw insia 

-su't9i nx ^«r. iisll^aqs lo "xlBxfao no anoi j-oifistsnJ. "io aniyi^ 
Bx ifx in;i,? h.n.g 9pne£>xv-3 axfJ ip i'.rfai.ow J-eelinr-ra siiJ' cjrsrti ;.jj5 

anoxcroi.ri. s»nx ilJn9VJ»i bu.p, dtxls ^M'lil ,rfJ'*cxfo'i ,bixr£d' ^di 

fiaescf axfi,^ pa9;Xi^Qix;ii«^X. 98|rfT_, 991X9 q-q-is Ip 'ilf.rlscf iio nsvx^ 

49^9 9'ii? £>tv. s:}-aiJni{: aciaxil 94^ "^9 ^noiaxvoiq ;^^9rc9'ili;J^ no 

,f^^ •■-Vf-J^* 

.m.o'i nx d■or^1:^^:!d", sip Iwa sJ-uind-C SiiJ- lo 93Btrarf-6.I aii:' nx 

•J-tftA^ii ariJ-...;io H^x^xVoT'-f arfJ- no bS'-^Rtf ax 5 ,o"T noiifou-iJ-onl 

y§a(«iTr oo 'ian4iTr^.x9- snx r 3a:f 1:0 \;d-0t) arfj- 0^ son^is'lai rfJ-xw 

onuoT^ts'^rfi; eJ-i od gon3T3l:9.T: siti:w eniis. Qdi to noxd'sniniexa as 

.,J^^» .»4'9 ^3v;awi>B:0i^^ ,5aIoq^r ax anoitowid^Btfo Tcp"i .^e^nivlTow 

feaaiu ex ^I ,s9DeIq sao'xaija'jb ^niriiBni Q*'->i>«9!r?atji diiw 

aJx to 3eu5?ooc/ biici 3X nox4'9a^-?!ni Blii t&iii inBlloc^qB xcf 

-ive on gx o'laiii bai?.i>inL 'si il 9-3u.839cf i)as urioi: ij^opsiedr, 

iitldt nt narfJt.ConJ; 91^^ 9- .SitiBP. 9ii:^ ojand" o# rfoxiiw no sonsfi 

ituU jlntdi .+ on ob 9W. Jfraoxs ."xaqoTcr 9x noiJ'au'i t^ri i: <= '• ff f'-rf;^ 

9iffo«i J-j/oij cw icrtol; ,4'0BXi'eii.6 a^Jt a£ asviix noac .. . J i 


Inetruction four i? tseed on t>ie ?tatute providing 
that one eide of all haulaf^e roads shall be kept clenr 
of refuse, etc., for a dirtance of tv;o nnd one i^alf feet 
from the rriil. 'we tliink this instruction \7r\r> •nro;per, 
except tbi't itp q'bf?tract from would he n.i pleading vjithout 
FOire other in'? true ti ons e:-:plainin{: to the jury the rela- . 
tion of the ] 'n'jv etated to the fnctp ?p found by tueru. 

Apellee'? fifth in?truction ip l'?r<ed on the oro- 
\i?ion of the statute, thnt on all haul are roads on which 
the hauling is done hy draft aninialp, etc. whereon men 
ere ocliged to he in the nerf orafince of their dutiep or 
ha\'e to papp to r,nd from their viork there nhall "he refuge 
place e, etc. ;.aivinf the quf^Ftion bs to v/h ether under 
the • ining statute thip trnck ip a havlaf e v/ay, this 
inetructim in r.vr opinion wne i' and Misleading 
and pViOuld not have been i; van as the evidtnce in t}:e ctb 
die lose? th^t the rib of ea id room vhere Appellee'? 
inte^'tr.te '"rs working v^e ore thnn tv^o and onc-hrli leet 
from the rail of -aid tr-^ck and therefore, under '^aragrpph 
'e', of .'. ction 15 of sptid r>tatute, it was not nece'?f-^ry 
to provide refuge places, but all tlrjat is required under 
said statute is such ca^e is tlia' refuse, etc. should not 
he permitted vjthin tv,FO ^nd one-half feet of poid r-^il. 

Appellee'? ^th instruction Js ar> folloAvn'. "3o 
far as the sixth count of -nlaintiff's amended ''eel orn tion 
is concerned, and the statute in rel "tion to nine? and 
Tninevp, at and nrior to the date of -nlai itif f ' .= iiijury, 
provir'ed, among ot}ier thint e, a? follov-p: 'Aft.:r the taking 


1439X0 cfq9>I 9cf IJJ|»rf|i «5|>.^o,f ,,9a#|u«ji 14§ ^" siJxa ono it^iii 

issl 1[r>>'. 3no brm owi "io •oqBi-eil) firi?,|-, •»»;»*» ^eeutss- Ic 

^Taqoir 3-'='\v noi^o'j'xiteni axdii^ iiaUIi --dW- ■ hXMt ;srii; radii 

. 'bIoi --■ri* To^wt 3rf* ol ^niXfX.«X.<5p29 aao^ipij!T:^-«lRl Hold- ft- ©Oft-' 

doid'^ no ebrsoi ©-^liffi/i I.Ij? po J-,if£;t ,^^^ifJ■<9,#s .arlJ- "io cio iaiv 
asm no9i9rf\? .0:^3 ,»2li?fiiinfi ^"isib ycf, sfie^ et gnilusrf srC* 
10 'iotSub ix^rfi "io sonsimoliso- srlo fix ecf ci .bss^itfo' sis 

ta^nu isrfj-arfvv oJ en nox.isaup sxft ^^niT.ifiW' ..a^^te l^f^a^^tq 

Bids ^x^,\t o^filrad i5 ax j!:o-Ri;d- exrfJ- s^aJ^B^tB Qftinr-' ■ ©rid- 

gnibBs Csir.-^ bne lOCTOtqmx ^>nvf. xfoinl^ "^jjq fix rfioiJowiiJ-^hx 

99i30 9;^:f fix don:j.bxv-3 9ft"* SB tivi a nearf ^vsci ton bXsjnrh bnn 

9 '39 riacfqA 9%9d-?f xaoci bi s)^ . lo cfxi si-f* *'5rf'*is^eoftti:b 

f3Qz llnri-sno bnB O'v^.t xxQiiJ: , s-ior sew ;gHi:'r'sqw.8.sw «lfict-^s>tni 

x-fqF-igiJi^r i^bnr.T .gio'isiarfJ- 5xjb .Tfor.i^ ox^r^^lc Ii£?i* rnoil 

virgpsoen Jon exw J-i ^s-^'^^''^^-^ feisa -10.(3 icfioi^a ..r, "io ,'?>* 

rebnu bailupdi. ex d'ai^ rijB Iwcf .asoslq ©■aular aJbxvoirr oi 

"-• ^« * * 
^ofj fcTwoHe ,oJe ^eeuli-i-i' ndi sx «•■:«? o iloirs cti i3ti/d"f>:ts bxr.g 

t.' ^ - . ■" 

.Il£;i hcpt Jo d'fts'i T-fj^xf-sno ibns ovfj-. nijiitfw b9J";tiGrr9irf s;^ 

oH" :nr;orfol: ?n at rfoJtd-nmJ^anx liJ'Ti? a '39X C^cfcrA 

nojttflif rns^ b9bn9!!iB j^ '"iti^nxjBXq- Ic jf nu<sp, ri;t?:XB extt e£ l*.l 

f>n c.t rfoxt'-rai r?x gJ'ji^feJ^*!, eri* jbfli' , bsrtioonoo pA 

,X^jj,va ^ 'lltcJ-r, tflXg lo aJfitJb adi Qi^ [^tpliq-beiB M \^'T»titm 


effect ol this act, the firet crosc— cut in the iirpt room 
off any entry shall not he ore than I'ilty Icet from the ril3 
of thfc entry, ^nd t].e lirrt ci'orc-ci.t in tJ'.e recond r^om 
shall not be nore then cif-hty feet fron the rab of the entry 
BUbcequeatly lii'et crops- cute in v.1'1 the roornr 3hr.ll "be 
not nore than fifty and fci^'ity feet, recpoct ivcly, from the 
rib of the entry.'" '»c think it v;^',? error to five thio 
inetruction for the rcnron ve do not believe thnt tliere is 
any evidence in the record to v;l'ich this inctructicr. is 
a 'ilicnole. -^he coirt {:-ve n-nrell ar.t ' e jn?truction twenty- 
six- to the effect tl\?=t under t'he et^tutee of t}.e et'^te of 
Illinois it w.'^e not re.;uired to have a croi*r-cut l.c-lween 
rooms situated ap r.ornF iiftctn "nd zirtcen •'■eve until 
such rotme v;ere driven eit,hty-f e*?. t . -he error in ro giving 
instruction six would not be cured oy the giving, of a-opel- 
lant's inatruction twenty- six, for tnlcinc the tvo inrtruc- 
tions to£,etiier, they would tend to confute the mindp of 
the jury, rather than to enlighten them on trie if rue? to be 
detervnined by them. -he r.rinini-y rurpo^^e of ^ cro?-^ cut 
betveen room? is to furnish ventilation and in the :.ianing 
gtntutfc it hae reference ^iore oarticularly to the health 
of the miner? than to their safety. \.e irould nrt, 'novrever, 
say tJ'.at BPid etntute mpy net be taken into ccnsicerntion 
v.'here t'ne queetion of zhe ssfety cf the ir.inerp pre concerned 
I'Ut triat ie not the r^rimary object of the provipion of the 
st-^tute in -^ueftionl. letting, er & Lavis, 1 . <i, k. Co. v. 
CettiemaJi 126 App. 54^a: -'oean v. Vit ] uddy Corl ic Iron Co, 
126 Ano. 131. 


mocr .+•?! il 9i<* ni iwo-saoao iB^xt srli ,cros 3XiiJ xo joaiis 
"Jiz odf mnrt t-^}:! xi-til OBdi »30u". ad Son llsde xx&rb -^(pM iln 

©rfj- iaott ,-\il9viio?.cT!3©-i: ,;f99t Y^iiaxa bns x^lil tisdi 9ioni Jon 

J •: : ■^^■i or ]--*.;/.■; -;•,;: ,-,,;.: ;- - noli 
cirfJ- 9vi:3 nt loaio sbw j-1 jfriirlJ- ©vv "'.T^iJ-ns sdi lo cfxi 

ei noxJouitonx airrj rloxrtw od" Liooai &dt ni aonabxva -^fls 

' ■' -■■•■->. ^ ^ -> 1 - .• ,.-'.. 

-■y;in9w:f noxiou'sJ'Sftt ?; ' ^nsriarrae avsa iii/oo srf-'- .sIcTsoxIqqfi 

"io 3>^oJ-.e 9'icf to 93i-wJBj3 9i-fi' i3bnu SAdi io^lle ■sdi oJ -xxg 

fl99Wj>J i.cj'^-T'^oio B 3VBiI o.i .b9ixi;p9i i'on 8-bw Ji gxonJtIII 

It^Kj r-fB'-'' n33v+xx". bnr> nf*9i"ix'i acjooi 3« JbacfBwJ'xe amooi 

Sfjiviii c rtl 'Xfrc'^a sri* . j-ss'i-v^rlaxo navxib sibw bcioci i(ou3 

-lacycTjG "io anxvxa arfJ -yici boijjo 3cf cfon f)Ii;ow xxe noiJ-ouid'anl 

tp obnxa-' :^rfd' fl°.jJlnoo oi hci'si bluow v;9fiJ ^'lediosoS enoxJ 

.»o' o^ S9i.-3X sr'd- no (rr9iiw+ csi-iiaxlns oj OBfiJ' laxfi-Pi ♦AC'Sut 9^^'^ 

*uo -^f^oio .s lo S'?foqix;q x'^nrnxic srf-' tfa&di i^cf bsnxmisisfc 

anxnxm 9x1* ni bim noliBXiiaov dBiiriLst oi at eiaooi a^e'Kied 

rfilsert arid- oi \;IiR.Canj:J'ijF;a sioir aonstsls*! 9bx£ ;^x s^tsjisJ-g 

noiir.iBbi^noo oini noHBi ad ion \JvRxk aiuii^is fcxsa Jxi/'j \;bs 

l^8n'X33no3 ST"- si^nlT! SilJ io -^i-ijlce sii:' "lo noxiisaup srlJ s'xaii'.v 

sxt^ lo noxsivr/£CT ex-f:" Ic i-o. f.cfo -^aRfflxi:^ 9r{j- J-on sx isdi iud 

.V .0?' ,1 i6 . I ,exv,^C » 10 jniJcfai .^noii^.susp nx si^wT'^-tg 

.'-lO RDtl ^ I"oJ \;£>bu'l a-t' '^f a&90" ;€Jka .qgA dSI 'ruBmsIJ-ita J 


Instruction seven t iven on behalf ol p-nrellee 
ie "cased on the pro\ioion of the plntute tiint the r.ine 
manager phsll f. ive ppeciR.1 attention to and inetri:ctionc 
conc(^rnin£- the -Rroper ptora/ e p-nd handling of e.r.x>losivee 
in the r^inee. '-^hie inetruction if? ?:'1fo in the InnfUc't^e of 
the statute, pnd ie fbrftrf^ct m Inrm, and ior \A\ jt reneon 
v/e think t}ie instruction ie raiple.-ioinr, in -if ruch '■? the K 
court did r.nt five any other inetruction th-^^t v/ould en- 
lifhten the jury vith reference to the relation uetv/cen 
tj[ie Inw stnted in thi? instruction and the facte at? they 
migt't find them from tiie evidence- ftiicrwise, we think 
thie inpti notion was yjroper, n? v/6 are i cliaed to hild 
that it i? a question of f-ict to be deteriined by the 
jury v;}t'ther an experienced miner, wiio holds a c*.;..-tii icn te 
p.B ?uc}i, un'3*^r the -orovi-^ions of the statute, but whoae 
bueineee i? not V'.p.t of an expert e.tot lirer ai? c in- 
tercalated by the etatuti, ehoui d be instructed by the .r.ine 
!nana£,er vith reference to the handlinf.; cf ej.plopivep, and 
whether hip failure to 30 instruct said miner i -" nci lie,tnce. 
The evidence in this case on thepart of appellee if^ to the 
effect th =»t he had hari ??orr.e exnerience v.ith rclerence to 
firinf^ piiot?, but tl^at tliere v/ae vont Jttcr!- in connection 
v-ith the epme ti.nt he did not knov? n' out. Cn the otl'.er hand, 
the evidence on the Dart of avnellant ie to the effect that 
nopellee v/a? a skillful experienced shot •^irer and thpt he 
needed no instruction? f^csn the r.ine i.anater. It ■«var there- 
fore f qutPtion of fact for the jury as to vhether or not 


»6ll9qcTPi io llJsrfacJ no navi j nav.vs aoiioutSeal 

lo s;^jj:3a;-r aiii" «1 oals ai nnxJoiJiJ-Bfuc axri'-^ .ganxiii ssfy n'l 

^ drf.-^ '^.^ liou^a nx ,?:^frlnr,9l>>ix!T si noXiJ^otn^arfi 9d& iaidi' sw 

naovv\t9c:f noliisiler Qxii oi aoa^islsi rfixw xiui ed& tisfiiiiL 

X^di 5r-i giD.s'i 9x1:^ Jjn« noxiou'iisni: ^xrid- nx' bed^.Rd-e wbX ei<cf 

jtniiij- 3w ^seiwTOiit'' •aonebxvs 9ii.t moil icsxid" bnil ^ffa^-'JJ 

jbl^d oJ" b^iiiXo X sir ov? en ,i9qoiq eswr noi^du'iienx axiii' 

sriw x^ bsnxms^ai) aef o* J-ori Io no'iiaoup b isi^tx'tBdt 

9inoi1iizoo B BbLod orfw jianxai beonaxianrx© n.s i9ffd-:jLW Niii/t 

©eoxfw Jucf ,3iu;tjs^<ii adi to Qnox-ivoin- gri^ •5C9bfly ^dowo bb 

-nco 3B 191x1 ioiiB .ti9cpc3 ruB Io d".Rxld" ton ei aesniatrd" 

©nim arfrf y^' bsiooiianx scf bfuoxle ,'?J-u.tj8^8 9di Y;cf baJBlfrrnsi- 

bfls ,8dvx«oXqc3 la ^.ailbnad 9 di oi goneislsi' x£>xw iQaBfiBjn 

.sorxaail ^©a ?x isaxai bxse J-om,?snjt 08 o;t ©lulisl gixi ^'dHjexfer 

sffj- o* "si ssrCacrcTC to irtJiq^di no ©9jbo alxiJ ai ssnsbivs arP? 

oi^ QOfoislei rf,txw 93n9£i9crx9i 9r:o5 B/iri feed 9d iBdi ioelts 

nox.toonnno nJ: oi^iii-^ ^mo'^ s-^fw ^-laiU tsid& iud ^si'ocig ^niiit 

, bfteui i3.-{;^c Qdi n3 .*uo/« wonj{ ion bib 9di Jexl*' 9nis9 erf;}- rffiw 

ia-di ioallQ sdi ot as. d-njBlXacrgB Io iiRq 9di no 9on9&xv3 'grfJ "" 

•rf *5X(J bnr. i9ix'i ioAa baonsxiacrxj XwiXIiafs a sbW sglCgoQi 

-9i9rfJ' ^f?w il .i9-=>BnjB"' ©nin: grf* raoT-l Bnoxd-ox/iJonx on bsb^Qn 

ton 10 iBdisdr oi sr. yii/o itdd tot ioRli Io flolJ'ftsup b 910! 

appellant's mine m&nacer was guilty of negligence 

in Ifiline to instruct etj^en ee with reference to the 

hf?ndlin£: of explosives and the firing of pi^ote in paid rnine. 

'•-t the cio?e of sopcl3ee'e tvidence rnd ag.iin nt 
the clore of all the cvide:xc, rnotione •'.-ere ^rPMe Ly np-oel- 
lant to exclude the evidence nnd inptruct the jujy tr, find 
aj)pe]lcijit not fuil'ty'j; v.'hich ir.ctione v/ere cA/errvlrd and 
fcaid inetructions were rciufed. it ie crntendcd l;y "appel- 
lant thr.t ti' e court erred in refueint' tr direct a verdict 
of not t-y-l'ty- -he question r-ii?ed hy tJiip itotion ii-: "whe- 
ther the evidence of nppellte tended to suTjport the allega- 
tions of }.i3 declaration or por.e one count thereof. 'Vith- 
out t '-">in4 into the c-vidence in detnil it if^ onljf nece?gary 
for "ap to "-ay thn.t the evidence of finpelleo, ccn?iucred 
tolo'c, tended to su'port certain of the countr: of }iif? 
decl-jrp.tion, thi; t hcinp, true, thirrc v/n? no errT in the 
court refiirin^: to e;,ive raid rerenptory inptructione . 

Appehlant n,l eo offered eepf-rr.te inrtiiicti orig at 
the cloee of ti:e evidence direc;tin£; the .yisry to dirrecard 
the several countr oi apnell ee ' 5? declaration, erch in- 
f?''.ruction offered desii;,n?itint' p-rticuler ccuntr. ';Ve are in- 
clined to "believe that no ri^ht of recovery v?e rrov.Ti by 
appellee ns to the fiftjj, ond si" th count?' of hie amended 
declaration and that the inetructions offered hy appellant 
directing the jury to ci?regard the paT.e should h.^ve heen 
£::ivt.n, and it v.-^ r crior to refur-e the sane. Whrt re have 
cattd v'ith reference to t/.o fifth nnd oixth inrtritc-ion? f iven 
on t!.i.nlf of T^pelUte sufficiently st'iter ov.r re-'^^on v/hy the 


Qdf o& aocis-i-Blat if* iw 99 I leer as J-ou:t*«nl 6J anxfi^t ni 
.anxa .bxis'? qx aj-o^ie ^lo ^nJ-iil -SiU oxis q arx 3 o Xqx» So" aailBnerf 

ball 0^ X'i--^l 3>il^ ;*-3!!n:i«v«x baff sonnbivB 'sdi -ahuloxa oi= iani 

•.;bn.6 b'sXyiiavo 9T:=»w ar-ox j ora ifsiflv :^\;d"Xx0a Jon JTtfiXX9q^e 

-Xaqq^t Y^t .i^obs^jMr O' si .^ i *!&S3tf'ia"i ;)T3v/ anoxd^ojji^ani bis^ 

*3i>TC9v JB toa-cib j 'jgnxs^jlaT --nx 1)0x19 . iiuvto snJ- i^aeft* d' 

-r{d-tv> ."iofjiaxlu* ;i^ntfoa 9X10 o.Ttcrr; ,10 3no;x J3Tfil3#&-e'i:ii Jlo -snoi* 
YiR55>»33fT ^jlao «;i i± Xx-t^oIj Jni aoj^ijijxvid ^^rfd' ©J-cci 'j^nla.j c^f/o 

9i:(j rri io-^x»- on ei?v/ -j-xoxtd- jSy^-" sSftiJ-scT scfjiriJ- jrtoXJ^«tj8iod& 
■^ • r ■ ;: .;e wox J oi/xJ' s^x ! >$T0ht'qf!T9'ts .* : Jb x^q: aEvr;jj oJ- "^rtj-ou'S^^i sj^ixjoo 

^Tt k'XS3P.'^''-Xi> oi' xtUL 3a^ 3niAt:>3iJ;Xj 3:3n9:i&xYa> Sii* to" asolo :>iii 

-ex 4'5f!-'9 ,.nox^i?a3i99-fr a '99 rXbor<j;is lex .:?;tnaoo ias'iyvs^- arf:^ 

-ni: f^ts pff' , ,,^)rv;jQO isXuoi.t,i'?q ynxc^KajxaaJb i)aiallo. £iolt'otrr:j*8" 

%d a</oii9 gjEijv \^«y::o»yi io Jriyxt on tsri*. avail ^rfoJ^ iwrttib 

bebneoc siri in ^.tmjoo rid-rxe inus ,jj[J^ixi aaJ- ot. a« aierXscVqe 

fT«s»c( avorf b Euoris. am65 «i;r i)ir,a9"x«i 5' od- ajuj^, Silt ^rtxd-o3>rxi) 

nsvx^' eooi. o^/Tj-ani rfixxts brtf? rfJ-itix offj o^ aoitenalo'r dJatw 5jfffl3 
edi \fi-:f no'»'*>3i ti/o ^aJ^ri's yjXi^naloxlxus ojCXa.Tq-n lo lloclivi no 

inotructione to disregard said fifth and sixtii count;? 
should hnve been fciven. 

It io al30 inpieted by appellnnt that the ooiirt 
erred in reiusinf: to tive the firet, eecord, tl.irc'. , f^^urth, 
filth, ei£.hth, ninth, tt-nth, tv.-elfth, piyttentif»^ revcnteenth, 
eighteenth, nineteenth, twentieth, twenty- i"i ret, tv.-enty- 
eecond, twenty-third nna twenty- fourth inptructi'^ne ten- 
dered by it. Tlae twelfth instruction tendered by •'.ripel- 
Innt 3ub;nitted the question to the jury a? to vhether or 
not the ne{;;lit;ence of nnrielJee vrQ. - the Pole -nroxii^^te 
caure of hi a injury and ?,nlnrmed them th-?t if Voey ^o 
found, thst they ?hould return a verdict of not guilty. 
I'his i.nstruction, we think, pho^jld hsve been (^ iven, V^ut 
an inrtruction shciOd ftli^o ? nve been given in con u-ction 
V'itn tiit?, dclinin^- "pioxim^te c-^uee" a3 no ins?trv:'Ction 
v/ae tendered by either n-prellee or aprjellant definiaj/ v/hnt 
is /r-e^nt by "proximate cause" ?nd thie r'hould have been 
done. - olicecien' e I^enevilent Ap',''n. v. hyce.23.3 II!1.9; 
Gering. r v« ."ovak, 117 Aip.l6C; C. &. A. R. h. Co. v. 
iellifreen, 6ij Arrn.SS'^. 

Inetniction sixteen tendered by p-n-nen^nt i? -orac- 
tically 01 the -ane charpctcr as instruction number tv:elve 
and 7;e think strtes s correct rrinci-ole of Inw. Appellant's 
ineti uction tv.<'nty-one in onr judgment nlpo stite? t cor- 
rtct principle of l-^w and rhould hnve been f iven. Ar to 
the rernainder of aprjelD.iht' s refused in?-'tructions, it is 
only necessary for ue to say that v.'e bn^e exaiiined the °aKie 
and tr:a t it is our opinion trie cri rt did :-:-:it err in refusing 


' "-S ■iv-- .-:?;-- set? : *s><'.^« *'^;Si»ri:Q assG' pr^ci bXuoi^ 

«d;^'root ^bttAt ^bnoo^9 ,^«axi si'fj- ovta oi ■.^alsuisr nx baiis 

.rf-tRO-itftov J 1 4ittns>o*jcig .iillXawJ- ,r[in.>.i .i-iJ-axn .rliii^is .iiiin: 

- - -YJ^P3*J (J-e-cl't-Y^nswi ,ri^9ij-n9wcf .rid'nsaJ-anxii ^liin^etriiis 

-rr?t 9rrrx^cn/*r:t8P..t ifJ-ix;o>-v.+X![9w.t brie 5^;ir[J■-^:J■fl^w+ ,.bno'59)9 

-, -fscTPTP i£tf ^o7f»t)n'.'if rtoicf otf'i JsxKi ilj-'tiswj- Sffl' ■ .v'i x<^s beiab 

-ji^T • •sf&J^prixQrri 9 Tt)?; 9ri#- "bw as.XIscrqf? lo 'jonoaxlaan stff ^cn 

-.-■'" .jc^lii/^ d-on lo toxfeTSY B rrcij+ai jblwofi? T^silt d'Bfi^f^JEwTJJol 
,^. • tuir ,n9Ti H fioocT d-tfsjrf- bluoiis ^xnxxlcf ^w ,noxJoiJ^x^sax:; sx^f- 

iTcxjOtirc^ejKi: on gc "aaix^-o ©jesmcxoiq" :^nxnx'i'?x) ,,3X.iiifs£lii'v 

f^8o sviMf bluosiB «xjeC^ i)nB "99U,po a^tanrxxoiq" ■y^cT iciEsm ex 

;C.rri SfS.^OTj;! .v .o^'saAL cfna.Icveftaa a 'nsiaaoxXoi .snob 

-i\r -.ff^S .a -.H .A :& ..Q 4:3SI«!3^. V-IC »2tAvo'i- _^y. -sLjaaxiaC 

•■-- ' ■ :> ^- .:.:.■»;■ .. -..^M.^v... . >i>5£,.ctcA iS^^ ««9-9'3::?iill3l 

-osTrf 9 t ina£l9(rxrr yd hBtobci^i nsQ&x-XB noitfoirxiaxii 

IBVletr;? locfsurn nox*;iuiienx kp. tod-n^iBiiio 9aB'. of£i^ xO ^XIisoxj- 

o;t nA ►rrav r- » nd-^cf avrvrf bXuoji'i bite, wrl "io ^Xqionxicj J-oji 
e.t :ri .er.oMoirt^'rfti; feaew^oi 9 •irta.CXaacfB 'io aobr^x^msi edi 

^1==; . ■ --■ :ti9 j-cT bch. t-iwop sii-J noiniqo iiao> Bi.stx ;J>BflU^ bna 


pnid in '?t ructions. Lany of them do not, in our jud(:?nent, 
etate correct i:)rinciplee of law and others v/hich moy 
etate correct prinoipl>.:e of law are .'.nt apoli cable to the 
f'Tctp in this? c?t"ve. 

It is* next in8i?ted uy aTo-cl.ant that th^ V' rdict 
of the Jury is afeaiast the iaanifcst wei^at cf the cvivience. 
It ie c"^ntended by apptrllsmt that tr-ere w^ie no cnr in -room 
Iv «t the time avpellee received -is injury ■\n6. th^t in ". p 
much "P the v^hole tiieory ni =npelJce'9 cac-e ap divcloeed 
>;y 'ip evidence ie baped on tiie presence oi paid c tt in 
pnid room at p=iid tirae, that, therefore, if the ^aanii'est 
weit'ht of trie evidtnce difcloeee that no c^'r v;-? there at 
paid time, tbnt ^ said^ caupe ehoi Id be rcv^rrFtd, 

^ rAiipyil ye tepetifif.d ^yti tht cxf-e^t t/.^t in Ll'ie after- 
noon of the day in quivstion he had loaJcd a err v atij b b»1 in . 
■ f* - '^ i o room « ir.teen and tli?!t with the liflp oi "^ v ^ other miners 
he rolled j »w wi . cr back from the facf^ R OirMi ' tvrtivty five or 
thirty feet; th;^.t thereafter he lit the center eV.ot and 
thft \;i.ile lighting the crot'pcut chot tlie exposed pcv/der 

in the STilit of tlie fi>?e ' .-^jde o lon^^ flaiae • nd fl >< !>■< ! d yc T ng ? 

(KjJ^ X.f(MJi (^^^b-J . . . 

A^"''" ^ T ai^ri which he held in hie hand. «wd e^Jirt "TTrjry iTSiHt "Tt ; 

- that hg v'pp •t-nr ronpnn 'tTft 1 n t hit n 1 r] ~ r]rn r r -; - ifl p-ught to 

laaJtO' (« lii'hL by Btrikij^^ inatches th'i.t he carried in \.%e 

pocket; but t/'jCltv 3 <*dd n.) - . teht B v/ere dpjap ? nd v;o;;l.d not 

lijjht; that kno\ ing he v.-i.s in danger he felt .:is v.'av to center of the rooc, a . -imo in contuct , irr i lh -the trc'C» 

'• 'th l^-i-?— »^»*^ and Tjrriceeded ra-ni^^ly tpr?tv.'nrd rl o n^ the 

track and that forpetting th-e^ r5Ti""^e ft«*~£2 ■ ■" > ii^ c- r 


ban tcylgi fj^ aao 9 J^, jx^ iiyi«ae^;:434/, ^f'^iit;, lAsa'^., X^'i-t...^ 

, 9Jl^ J .J.^i.c|[:'.x ^^.bsaqp'iq; bos. ■*-**^r^,.''' , .'^ t,' '-" 

:. 'J i?iw^. £5i;i*5«3''~-'Tti ■-3^# aflA** '^^.3"'' *^r^ -'*''? ''^"^ ^"* 


forcibly collided v;ith it, hie face. 

ptri}:inp the 

conl on the sarae, J-'he regult^ bo inf ^ he v.-ip thmvii I'sck- 
verk, lell to the t.round ^nd etruck -is hc^d afsin?t the pob; 

that UTion nri^ine t o /.iy feet he became ^o cy:A\\^%a^ 
v.ildoi ' Cd wrtd tixoita d. he -JKi-s^ jAjj^blg ,. t o knoTr og anp'^ecir, te 
whnt he wag doing or where he wa? t. ^ii^K'. thnt in lip oon- 
lueion he cnme in front of the center ghot vjhich exploded 
ju?t at t.-iPt tin:e and destroyed the •~ii{';}-t :>t both of >iie 
eyee. (y 

Ti'-e only evidence c 

orroborgr€intr rff, < ^^k oo ^ p - tepti- 

money with reference to the car bpxng in r-o^-m .y^tcew i» 

that of xete -'oi'otta, HK^'wltnepr on b ejia 1 f pf.. P •pr) 1 3 i oft v/ho 
testified t)iDt on the .■.or>k^n{f follo-vtinp r . off 11 gg ' p injury 
at about five minutep to !?e\e*(i he '.vent into ^^id room 

po?e 01 { ■ ■- tr. on ng~ i jy ^ • x; ') ^ vgJ T ^r'^g'"! f»yrg ind that 
there v;np a cfir on tr.e track ia pni'o roorp . ?? ncT tint — i4. baifiA'*'-'^ 
e'? check, on tho rnjii e.. (-u Iul rL'h^r hi'-'.-'.U, ^even 

v;itneepe5? cnlled by ^^pccll ../i L tcrtified th^-t they verr. in 
room sixteen vithin nn hov;r sfter n-prellee'e injx^ry and that 
no c-\r of any chpracl.i.r x'-- p in raid rc^rc at e^id time. In 
addition to cria seven v/itnesn-f? the witnesses, Iiorton, 
Kneedler end lerry, nr^iftf'nt nine rnana^ierrs p.l l f'^^ti'tied 
they v.ere in psid r oo;-'. nt about ten o'clock the rol3o''vin£ 
ap.y and thn t there •wa? no c-^r in s-^id roon then. .'iearly 
all of the '.even witnersei^ who v/ero in the mo^i on the "ame 
day nnnellee was injured nnd phortlj'' after^ pnid injury oc- 
curred testified that they v-ent to -^r-id roon for the very 
purpope of examining it? condition ?»nu tJiey are e.-^ch and 
al3 definite in their rtntecents tl--t no err mp there. 



-noD sir fii ch.f^rii- ;i3it<j:<^:sj 'si*'* ©il ^I'srf'A- to gjni oi> iSsV »'rf >Pifw 

v^vV>-^Au)JU- ' ■ -■■ >/f' -■-••• ■-■-■' ••- ■• ■■ -^ 

ni '^^laff xcsiii- ■^.■?ii;^ h^XX l^'in j-"^'j'T tsr'i' 1 3 j i t ^i^ ^'ica" fr9lX/.50 feS^a'sftJiw 

flI".9fiTiJ' fex^e J-^ tnor^i feis^ ni isrw taJoA^axfo T^h^ 'to 'iBS. bit j 

fcai'ti *- i+- 'TTfl°'*l't«-"i«ttffirf'*)/tilTi f ftR^iSt*«3""|^*tf9*r fans ■x«>ifi»9ai 

Xf^«''^' .n^rfo v.voG*s: hlf% kx ifRtJ ''bftsisiiif^'S'xSi^* iBJrii fifijpi "\;9fi 
9n<r" ftili' no jro*^*!: 9/1^ rrl j^lyj? o'itw ^'3e?^hi'l:w' n9V9«? sxfof lo IIb 

•^19V srf^ "xtrt moot bx^K? ocf ^nsw Ajsftt ;tnrf* fis.tlxi'esl bsiauo 
bnr» rfo'-j •iia Tjgrfj- W«*nclix6noo ofi anirrxnuBxa lo' 9«»oqtjjq 

Apr^ellsnt further ineirte that the v/itnesp Goldp^ith 
called by appellee corroboratf- e it? contention that noi 
c^r xf'.p in roon sixteen y:heTX ap-oellee received hie in- 
juries; "hii? v.itnef?r' testified he wss in room ^irteen 
on the :r.ornint: fol'i o\'rir^; a-pvellee'p injury at about eifht 
o'clock; th.-^t he ea"/ trie v/itnee^c ?ogatt«. there hut aid 
notj' see any c^r in p-^id room. It ip insisted ny n-npellee 
thpt he is corro'bnr'='t«"r. vith reierence to the -nr-pence 
ol pTiid Cfr in paid r'^on sixteen .-^t the ti'^ne he; received 
hie injury ly the vitness? Vrn. Tilietz, the driver in paid 
entry. witnepr- testified on teVinlf of eppellnnt tixat 
he pulled the iTst cr ^ut of 'i-jpelJee'p r'^oir, oet-^veen one 
and tv.o o'clock t'ne doy nppellee received hi? injury nnd 
that }:-e "ns not tack nny inorr that afternonn. On cross 
examination I.e testified that s'Dout se\6n o'clock the fol- 
lovin^.; -orning he nulled a cnr of ^o^l out of rncrr. fifteen 
and sii'tet-n; that to hi.« "bcf?t recollect ion it v.s" fr"!.-i rccm 
fifteen, i'e •w;;s then neked tlie quef^tion en cropF^ omTii na- 
tion ii he hr.d not p'c^ted in the prerence ^f one ? ore John- 
pon, John Tua and lete i ocotta shortly ^ftcr the accident 
that he took Pete' p (aprellee) cpr out of T'-'or. fifte<?n or 
ei:<teen the next d-^y nftrr ' ete v/np hurt. To thir ou'^Btion 
he anev/cref' , 'I don't r^ribBoer" . Af terv,?\rd?, in rehuttal 
the witnecpee s'.ove xeferred"to te -stifled th'-it t^ie "itners 
;'"«liet2 hp.d ptptfd to tVierr th^t to the bf;f."t of nir recollec- 
tion the l"8t car he tnok cut of room sixteen \:!-r the 
mornint" pfter the injury. 

The Inv; ie, thnt unlcse the -verdict of tie jvry ie 
agR.inst the isanifcpt weight of the evidence the A- -ellBte 


Aon ^tiiii Hoi^K3*n'^9 iM4^i'5»i"B'sod"o'xTcoo ssfieqqs' xd/faaliao 

' i 

:tii^i9 d^weiR ta ■^JE/Qxii s's^iCXaartiB §ni:w«If«1^' ^jrtirr^e^'^-iriS^t ^ 

- a^tia ^ -iT- cf ^ dJ ■ od' ; 9 aat 3l3 1; : ricfi ■? hiii-.^t orfdi'i rf o ■" ^ 1 •' srf - *.#iiE J- 

■ :&9Trx 309-1 *>it smi.t 9rfJ i r, a93.tKJ:=! nooi bXBS ai: ibO- Jbi.*^ •\*,o""' 

9fi-r a.3im^'isc- moAt. 9*99 fi^qcf-B lo d^uo t;s-o ia.Bl 9ff*- f)9CIii^ art 
esp^o nO .no-^nTsfis J^^rT* aiorrr -v^n^ slsmf Jttrf-istav «il cfsil^t 

.-rufot s-iO't srfr' 3n donfims'f^T 9ii& cti bdi'^J'^ ton ^ii^i 'iioi& 

io n^eJ ^11. MOOT Ic^i/o ino (ssris-rft*-) 5 '^^o'i jfobd' 'srf J-f^ri^ 
n©f#«??tfp ??xr{t f>f . *xJAfl anw »;f^" «-f»J-l;i? >t#5{) ^^^xis-'r^^siiJ -^©9**11(9 

- XflJ^urf©-)- nx ,(B6^?:'.vr»),tl:A ."iso'BKiM^'x .t'nob ^'*' ■i?>*^9W9ff^ dr{ 

a-lBlXeq A. arid- sQasbivft »nd- lo *r(:^i:»flr J-s-Jlxn^nr 6i?i tsnxflsa 


Court sliould not disturb the pnne, yet, v^here other 
error« intervene which may have nffected the \erc.ict, the 
court ehould ranch nore readily i?et nside the verdict and 
remand the cauee for mother trial. 

>.}iile T.e might not Jx'jve dictur'oed the veidict had 
the record "ocen cl 3nr of otnor error"«, "but in vit-iv; ox the 
erri-'neous rulint^e of the Court on the inotnctioap pp aoove 
pet lorth, we thi.iX' thi? verdict ehouDd "ce ret apide pnd a 
nen.' trifil ^ranted. 

Zestly, it is cnntenr'ed 'cy rT-ie] 3 ant thrt the ver- 
dict of the jury is e;:ct3eive. i.hiJe tbe verdirt ip a 
InrfG '^ne, yet, taking into consi'^ er" tion the injury received 
"by pnTc] lant, '.eing the lose- of tTt Fi£j-'t of hoth eye?, and 
at a ti:e of life when it'l he h.^rd for iiini to t^ke up 
n ncv. line of eian 1 oy . > e r t , we -ould ot te inclined to hold 
thot the verdict w,is po e:<ce?.eive n~ to require a reversal 
on tliat ground, A-rpellHiit also in-?i?tE tiia t the tri^l court 
erred in tne ad'ais^ion of cert-(in evidence offered hy np- 
pellee, ^his nrsi^-rmient of error ^'rac not ar£:ued oy apnel- 
lant in itp brief pjid v'hile r;e nre liiclinsd to think the 
court did err in i^^ ruJin^r on certain queptionc •. hich it 
permitted v.itntsses on '"^tlinlf nf rrpellfe to f'rie\er over 
objections, etil3 \e utiiive that vhp.t vre h've already caid 
v.'ith rcierence to the law governing thie r-^se, "ill eliminate 
error?? of thnt chf-rfccter on the re-trinl cf ?^id cfi.uee. 

^or the reaponp above !7et forth, the JuiwK.ent of 
the trial court ie r^ 'vereed nnd the c=^vi?e is remanded. 

i-.eversed rind remanded. 
L.ot to he reported in full. 


te.'W-o 9i9iiv ,^3Y «9tni?B scif druietb .ton btuodfi inuoO 
fenx! J'oib'xav ^cit efaisc d"35 ■v;Ixi)ne-' ^-r - • dousa biuods liiuoa 

3Yr: ■-\ an I3f.^ x;' o j . ..'■'3«i sdj tio JitfoO sxlJ- "io e^nxliji euouno-xis 

.bs.tnrii InxiJ- wsn 
-Tdv 3Ao ^^xi^ i-nBCISAinfn ^cf behn^iinco si. ii. ^xlSs'^ . 

s 8£ iTxbiav srij- srxrfw .sviaeeoxs ax \;iiit Sil* lo *oxJb 
fceviao^- ^.u^ni 9x1:^ aoli'^iabinnoo ocfnx gnxaffl* ,*9^ t®^"^ aitcX 
fcriB ,53\;9 riootf Ic irl^i^ o-^i lo 3S0l sri* snxso ,tff 

gu s>;r^ oj" m'iii lo'i bif.d eo CTivv ti naxiw elil lo ami;}' b &b 

blGd oi benxfoni ed" drr Muo:' 9w ,^ri9£r.xoIqms lo oni . 

XftaiavDT fi 9iiijr-3T oi ^s 9vte990>:9 os pbw ioxbi: tiJ' 

#vuoc loiiJ srfo J' ETi^ sJ'eifnx oslje J^iijpIIaqqA ,bnuoi^ i'Hiii no 

-qi; Y^"' o^io'ixM ^snab^v^i nxi;^:tso lo noxssiiubB e. 

-Idqqi^: '^c .bsi/3--: ■'• T0'f'r9 lo insL^Jiiilsafi ex. £&ct 

9a.' >.-'J..ij I .' bsniXorix 9-:- sxr olx^fw bos laiicf gJx nx i'nisl 

; .. -■ ■. . • '. -: --. -- -iJ:. ■;- f.-.-. r,/^ 

^x ri -ix^j'xoo no B;jnx£s;i eJx nx ii- ;oo 

.: . ■ - ' — . ^ ', ■■■: "•..; ' 'C 

19'. tn lXflrf3J^ no 89e8anix.v ijsji^xcnsq 

i>XG3 \ .'.V J-firfJ 9v.}i<liid 9'-? CXxJ'e , t^" 

.5 ' •xid"-9'i 9iU no asJ'Ojai 

to Jit3Ji4L.ij , . odB =;n' 

.b9i)nBr,i3i 2X jTaii^o aUJ' f>n." basx3\i ^z. Jis^ii^j a-iv 

(tx odJiOij-J. 

• M- 

/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copv of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in my office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set mg hand an^ affixed the seal of said court 

at Mt. Vernon, this jidCz^p^..-.^ _ dag of April 

A. D. 1916. 

kite Court. 







I ' Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. \ 


And afterwards, to -wit: On of^pril, A. D. 1916, there was filed 
in the office of the Clerk of said Court, at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in the words and figures 

..Do. lly... Morgan.., ., 

..djec ea? 

....Asp .?.ii. ??..?. 

No. 81., 

March Term, 1915 


...C.a r t e r yi 11 e & B i g Mu d dy ^ o al C 6 . 

9I.A. 83 


!■ ■? 

/ Circuit COURT 

...W.llli.9Jtn.s.o.n COUNTY 



A. W. LEV/IS. 

Teim Ko. 81, In the Apreljate Court /^-.enda :o. 56, 

of Illinois, ■'ourth J)i strict, 
r.arch Term, A, L. 1915, 

Tolly iiorgan, Adi?,ini?trf>trix, ) 
A-opell ee 

ve. ) Aprjeal froD Li"! liamson 

) ■ 
CaiitJ^rville and i.ig Luddy ) County i-irciat Court. 

Conl CovxpB.ny, ) 

Appellant. ) 

Opinion oy logfs, J. 

Ar -ellt-e rp a<iai ni 8tr;<trix of the ectate of her de- 
cerned huelsflnd, recovered a jud^nitnt of ..2,cr .(0 afPinet 
appellant in the Circuit Court of lirr.eon County, in an 
action on the c^r^e, from which judgment this appeal is 

^be declfirr^tion contained threa count e. 'he firct 


count in 9ul>pt snce chorgf A ti*:at Jamee > organ, the decea'-ed, 
vrre employed ar a ehot-lirer in apTTol 1 nnt ' n^ r.ine at CrirT;"bria, 
Illinois; that nt the time jie loet hie life he wn? orcpar- 
ing to Tire a shot; th^t it T»»p the duty of .jtM^-*^i-3-ant- to ex- 


ercise rf^neonatle care to fuiTiioh the deceared r re-'sonnuly 
eafc pl?.ce to do hie v.ork; thnt f^=»»ifellaat negligently and 
cf>rele6Fly drove it= thirteenth and fourtt-;enth entry in 
paid mire in a negligent and carlece rsannei, in tnrt it 
periTiitted the pillnr between esid en-.riee nenr the face tliere- 
of to fcecoma so thin that r? shot -niaced therein v;hen fired 


.21Q£ .a .A , fires T dots'l 

.tiuoO jiLuOTCi-' TjinyoO ( ^febul atcl JboB 9 £ lxv xfliirr, . 

-iPtjoT'-; eftv/ sci alii sxii J-^oX oi( auji;* 9tW ;^b :f/^r{j ;5ioniIXI 

-X9 oi -tfw tX5&-^««« 'to \i^b Bdi B'^vr if t d-^rfcr ;&cd^ o at XI o^ a*^i 


v.ould ae a natural coneequence co thrnutjh said pillar 
and injure or kill perrcne r/orkin^: on the orpo?iti. i?ide 
t}iereof; th^t said deceased v.'hil e in the exercipe of ordi- 
nary care -nt? killed nr- a rcpult of pnid negligent set "by 
a ehot tlov/inf- throufh p-id ril]»?r; tnat ei Mfcl lant knew 
of the negligent and dangeroue manner of driving p^id 
entry and narrowing r-id jrpillar nnd oi the df»n/-erc to thope 
v^orkin£ tricrtin, or by the c.-eroipe of reai?on«ule C'?re 
couj d h-ive knov.Ti of oeid dant..f.r; that the ueceTsed did not 
knov/ of paid dangerous condition, nor did he have equal ineane 

of knov/ing thereof with nr^'^el] ant; that ^ftoll ant iiad elected 

A -1 ■' 

not to be governed ^.y 'cj-itl^y orkrnen' e *com^ens-^tion ;4'^t, ap- 
proved June IC, Ivll. 

ihe second count charco^ pr3ctic'--lly the sniie' fp.cts 
ag the first except that it dafe^not allege that the deceased 
did not knov of the thinness of the pillar and -^f the dp.nfgL-\^ 

of working in said entry and it dAwL not charge th «t the d* 
ceased did not xis-ve eq\ial means with a«*t.n!ml of knowing of 
said dant'erouE condition, and d(i<fle. not ch^rf^e th-t deceased 
v.ns in the er-erci'-e of renjionn'ble care for > ii? nv.n ?-fety. 
It alleginr a rejection of the. v^orkmen* p ^om- ene^tinn/4ct. 

ihe third count chnrt;e^among otiier tijin^? th^it 
aui>et f5lrt- drove the thirteenth and fourteenth yjeet entry 
of the laain north in puch a manner ie perraitted the 7?il- 
lar '«et7/een then near the f^ce tljereof to beco-t:e ^'O thin 
tliat v.'hen a ehot w^e pi ced tlierein and hlr.etel, it vould 
1 ae a natural consequence go throu(i>h eaid pillar and injure 


ton ^i.b b<»5C903b ariJ- ind) ;i^::,nRb blsB to it^6n:i svrri cluco 
aflUSGi Xeupa av^-^i 9fi Mb ion ,noi;J-xi>noo aijoiagnsb bx.f;3 "io voaif 

• - r- ■ /. 

■ "^ ■■■'■' ■■\rxfeX',cyr'' 9ttiutb3vo-tq 

b9«fi8oefc srfi ^Fiti 999 TIs ;ton y^bW'b iti ;ffiiia' 'itqsaxs Jir^ri sriJ bb 

• 9tii tf^iii saiario ;J^on jfc&^b ii bar, -^ina bio's as. -^niatTOSr To 
Io 3«lwon>J Io (jTTfff-fe^f^ riixw axiBdra Isnpti stAd S'oa tiij b^sB^o 
b%<?B9t>9b i.pdt 933t^ffo ;Jofl\^*ftb bnis .rtoitibn^-o Si/OTSamtb 
,icJ'9tB'« ms'o 8x •: lol 9'ti;6 Sld"f!noa^"dl 'xo s^lortaxi acfJ- at *r-^ ' 

. i-^liU XBiifo a/tome /^Ji^lmlo inubo b-xirf? sdT 

■' '' _ X^-.f-k>- 

■ • .,- ■- . ''"/' 

-lifi 9di b'SfitlTioa an idnttBiit'6 riou»^ ni xfJiort niatt ari* Io 

blaovtl .bdisfllcf bn*s hiA-isVl/l&^Ont^ »*iv >oxl«^ is ndH^- c^sili 
nutni Acs talXlq bi«« xtjii/otrfiJ 0^ aonauposnoo iK^utcn t\ br 


I person? working on the CTr.p^ite«: :;|9iat ap-'(c]?. nnt knew 

of e^iid C'-ndition s.nd knew the danger of oiaeting f-hote 

' therein or by the exercise of renponH't:le c ■ re could h've 

I knovm thereof} tliat v.hile the ^^.c^v^^et rrA {i>iot}er phot 

\ firer v.tre working in eaid entry fs ehot irnitcd in the 


I f->urt.enth tntry broke through s-^-sid jillar in c on pcquonct; 

of - a/i/f lldHl. ' fi netli( ence in perniittin^ r-id nil'i-.r to 
1 - - 

bf.cor;e too thin or narrcv; r.nd by rc-^T'on therr-.of the de- 

! cen-^ed v.-^p rtrbck nnd killed. The thi r,-? coi:nt 6mk^ a^X 

a]le£e .". rejection of ti.e C o/r.^ t-nf-^tion 'ct. 

A cause ve.e oritinnlJj pppenled to the o 

UTD reme 

Com]-en???tion Act of 1911 w- e unc ■institutional . 
^^ itutif >rt7tlrl1:y~oI'~The -ct y^-r r rract icr.J ly cnncrea"ed^- fey ?>p- 
pel^2^e__and_ tha t _vi ew- af -ti^e ee t -w«ip- triken by tT>e t ri al 
court, and it instructed the jury eepe€ie33y th-t f=«n id ant 
Jil?— ^^constitutional, VLe puprer.e '•-""•^■^^ Uigr"-'"'Tf, hold 
thPt in rig r.uch &- it ^v^e c -^reeded by both pirti. f tl^t raid 
net vme unncn st ; tutionn,! thn t there v/ae nothing for it to 
try nnd it therefore certified paid c?5use to tlii? CMirt. e^-<-^ 
l-orC'-'n, /rLccrx. a?«. Oirtervilio and ip : u.-^dy :. .-^nl >o. 254 


Jasier? 'orj^^n, npTellee'e int* eti.te, -rtr 2G years 
"•Id, at the tirtie of hi -injury -^.nd hnd been v/orkine in 
codI rainee thirteen year? ind wae a practic-il, c;'T)t-rionced 
ehot lirer. lie }jad been noting ar eyXr^- shot lirer for the 
defendant for eor-.t timt, but on the d-'y he vt.f kiVjed he 
nnd one ''hX;ae ]:all, v-ere employed ng the regular ehot 


9v-ff bitsro *Tno sI'iafioBB©"!- t©r |^eii9«^xes atf^ tc<I ib nx^isri* 

-»t =:.i7 losTaiii nc^B»% xi^ ban llfO^tRgir'iQ, nleli'.pfi^tBipookd 
■ :■■: fl-^u itesws.b jftj»a> ?vi-ijl:t ari? i:b» iSj:^ btie 3lOfj.tSn . ss^g hsfff^o . 

b93n3.l"r«rt:« ,Xf-oii3Biq « 9uvr fens' ^tP9% agotxicii «9«Xi3 Xf^cd 
i»rf4 K*!fMa97 9rfi •« J)»xoIflp»9 i»lB«wr.)i'J£flH aiuK^orfy 9no bnr. 


firers. The mine yirp divided into tr-o di-'trictc; ->ne ride 
of the aine or one rJiPtrict wne under the Futiervieion ol Kail, 
and the other ■whp under the gupervi?l(^n .">f r^p-pcll GeVr in- 

On the 15th dny of Varch, 1913 Ap;i£j_UwiJl& intte- 

tnte and a ^ r. i.all v.ere on duty in anr^ ei^ ant *..£ "line sip rhot 

1 ■ 

fixer?; erich n.'ide ^n inaneition of the ?hoi;i? on is rte- 
pective pidc of tlie mine; Vne 1 ;.' th and i4th v/ert entries off 
the main north entry r/rre -^n ' or£«?n' f pi-'ie of the r.ine, qnd 
it Viae, therefore, hi? duty to inept ct the rhot? during the 
afternoon .ind "before the rren vrorlrinf in t. cee entries had 
loaded the shot?. *i.e tvidencp fhov.^t^mt T i^ rrc! 1 1 .^ e *( < in- 
testate went into t-.trre entricp during, the r.ftrrnnon '^nd 
made an inenection of tiie si.otp th'-' t tht. entry "icn had 
drilled and loR^ied. Then the t'vo ?hct firerf rot together 
and did the blp.sting. "hen they cnrsc to tvo entrie" 
ae they were on ' or£.=in' r eide of the '^I'ne the ?»".otP therein 
hp.d to be fired under 'orfran's instruction?, he rcoordingly 
inetructed liall where to find the two 'hot? th-^t v'ere rcndy 
to shoot in tiie 14th entry, nnc\ ue instructed hirri to to 
ond iire tr.emi^^.en ;>]! lf>ft the crop? cut ".nere they h'.d 
teen stimdinf: fpy the numope of c?rryin£^ out fiir inetruc- 
tionf and ijrint orid ^rotr^, Wj t' oII a^ . ?j intcrt^te v.ent to 
the fnce of the 1 Z th entry, for the -vrpope zi. 
firing the ehot in the f-cc of th-^t entry. "hrn he w s? 
nefir the fnce of the 1 3tli entry, tiie s^h-.t I'all h-d lighted 
in the crn?F cut at Xi\x f^cc of tlie I'lth en'-ry -^ent '-'ff p.nd 
"blew through the nillrr, blowing; a I'-rt^e quantity nf cnril 

■ • r 

x'io s^ii^na Jr-pw xOi'^i; isjEij^i: 4^-i'-X-.:»4^ .;a^«^, ^ l,0tj9f>:iR aviif'saq 

. . - - - ^ .. 

b^d nay ■^^n9^^3:ii . isdi. b^o:!b ^di la n^id-otstrsnx fi« scjeai 
t^^l^f^O-J .^0 3 «^,%9Til.. itorfg .pv?,t^ani HSfi.X .babsoX 5n« bsff lib 
■:9irtjn^ C3'7d- ,92 3iii 04" 5»§spo .\9di ffsd*' .afti*9«Xrf sfi* bib bni? 

5^pji ??T3'v .tri-fd; e^.^pil's o^J axi4 ^^.i Qj s-XQiite IImH JbaJ OiiiJeai 
l^a o<f CTX/i b^.iou'its txi ad ,£)««, ,^'S^fl9 ££*>! siU nx J^OCiie oJ- 

i>-'>=4 X»'^ 919ilW JlfO "58.0.10 -.exit t'tf^X i^i^/i tlBif^ ItBStlii (i'l.XC biVS 

-outf'*nL rjici J^ijo ^rrxx'xiRO "io oqociurr erfi io'i ^jnifofiPu^B nasi 

csfiiatX b'-rf Ilfl ( J-o^g s^^r ..^lin© .xtJwj; arfcj- . lo: ^Ofil' -stii -man 
tar. llo,^ cfrtsw Tp;t|i9 rf*>C axW-T;^ <*?«'!' p'Jff* .#r i»o fsno ^rU nx 


acrosF the 15th entry and striking ■'itp''T'rp^ r inteptate, 
killing him ingtnntly. 

The 13th nnd 14th wcpt entries v;cre turned off the 
Bain north entry, nnd had been driven errae T*"' or d^r feet; 
the ti.icknt??' of the r,in?r iet^'crn thf re entries h^.d 
aferoged about 20 feet, but r.t the Iv^t open croF«-cut 'betv.-een 
them, T.'liich v/^e al^out 60 feet from the f^ce rf Uie entry 
at the tine nf tiie riccident, the rillrr Vetv-een the tv?o 
entriee v^e 23 ieet. 

After lea\inf, tliC la:-t cros^-cut on dii^ection of 

the mine mannger the entry aian ■v?ho w^p driving the 13th v.'ert 

.entry turned it on rm 3n<::le tovpvrd Uie 14th (;ntry, until 

it had rer-ched a thickntf? oi tror;; ei^ht to tc-n and one half 

feet. -^he evidence ehowr that th s»e entrje? ^xe driven in 

pairr, and the entry isnn v.'J-.o haonenf? to be ??-head, or in 

"dv^nce of the other one v/ith his ■'■orlc, usually iiakes the 

croe3-cut bet^.^een the entries. It ?j1po ap^^enr^^hat the 

entry man driving the llith entry ^--rtl drilled a l.ole in the 

face of the 13th entry, nnd he ' «d al eo mnde p cutting in 

tlie face of the 13th entry! the I'lth entry nsn h-id alpo made 

cutting in the crogp-cut tov'-rd the 13th entry. v.hen the shot 

thnt v."ie fired by i.all exploded, the force of it ^wnt 

the point of le^^-t reeiEt«»ncc nnd bli-v through the -pill or. 

1^'ocking tlie rib of cop.l of the 13th entry lo-re r^nci V.url- 
int it acrope the entry, ptrikinr i»prel J t 'c * g Inteptnte «nd 
killing hinj 

'-■> e p;r'^und«= relied upon by ar ' r ollwnt inr .i rryevsfil 

of thisi^ cnrc 

>4cd in it:g-l[iri{:f><-re, thrt the vrrd ict -4*- -^-vt^ 


«rf *ao-=?90Tf"» T^"'* t -vC (*rf* v+f» J-ucf ,i99l OS iuods, bij.^iBaaara 

#•«•,» rfJiSIaii? rittiritb g.r«9r oiiw nsra \;tin9 9ri# icsaenara snxra arit 

JCtinu .-^J^s d&i^t 9ifi !S'xjswo;f slanB ns no it boatuS icx^no. 

IXarf »rto fenjp noi o¥ Sdv^l^ nronl: lo s89n>IojtrtJ' £ bsxioi^a't bnd iX 

fit n9rltb SIP B'^ttins »s t^ ti5i'{i^sworf8 oonaftlvs srf-^ .^e^l 

9d$ Sm{iS^'i£.»qq» oeiK St .asli.tcis »itf assr-'i'acr ♦«o-e3oio 

9tlf ni sroi B betrtTb hf\d ^iJ^n© rf^SX 9fiJ^ anivitb nsn Tjcicfng 

rtt Snittos g 9ft«uB oe ' ^;^ bns ,Xiin» rii^SX srf;^ "io ©o«l 

^be» o«Xh bnr{ nsm iri*n^ rtJi^i s»Alt j \*SX 9fW^ ^o 90B']t 9rfi 

^OjIs idi fi9f{V .xcriria rf:t=5 [ 9if;f SirwoJ ;fi(o-seoT[0 arf* nl aniJ-^iio 

4^ssXfl(T '^rf* ffswoTri* w^XiS" fc'rtR 9oni»^ia9*c i^s^ni io Inioq 9£lj 
-XtOif bn<t 9'?-or ^'itrts rftfiX 9/1* Io Xftoo lo cfin 9iir gniJloonf 
bn«? 9*a*933-nit «-i^*iI*s^« •^fiiiCiTc*^ ,Xn:tn9 9d^ ««oioa it anX 

I.niri anXXXli 


against the manifer-t weight of the evidence; thnt the- evidence 
deteij^ not tend to sr.ow necligence on t}:epRrt of ■*■'(■) !>t 3 iHfil; 
liia t the' dec e^ red ,iprur-'ed ■ the risk v.hich resulted in hie 
denth; tYA. tlie court erred in its rulinf e on tlie evidence and 
in giving of inptr-jctionc on ■'opliPiM" of nfu n cji or and in re- 
^deing inptructi->nr tendered by r.ii'f; 8 llant , nnd thr t ^^^-lell e p' g 
ccvmpcl made prejudicipl rensrkB to the t^wv^j in hi? -rgru- 

ment . 

The brief? th-it '-ere fu"brr.itted in thi ■? c r-e v.ere 
"brief p thnt v/crc n rep-red fnr the Liupreme C^urt and a Inrge 
part of the arfviment of aTinci:! ant i • de\nted to the -nrnpo- 
rition thpt tlie tri-.l cnTt 3h-ii~d h^\e £-ivtn n peremntory 
inptructinn to find t}.e ir^suer? for appellnnt on the ground 
thnt triere v.-pp no eviaence tending: to =u'or.iort tj.f: nil eg a- 
tionr of appellee'? declarr-tion, pnd to the nr nr.ociti-n that 
|the workmen*!? coapennation oct of 1011 v.-^e uncor.p t itution»l. 
Before t]"ic c". re vrrs re.'^ched in tlie Cur. rene Cnurt thet 
court hp.d decided th^it tV.e workmen's o o-f enction act of 
1911 v.'ap constitutionnl. Liebnikip ve link-~rlt "0.2^1 Jll. 
484; Dietr, vf Bit^ ' uddy Coni Co. 2C,'^ 111.48r.. 


■^he cause vn;? tried i-R th* Ci rc!:it Coitrt- on the 

theory that flq3=rt^%5=eej mu st rr cover, if ^t r.31, ^n tVie tTTf^und 
that 2pf«aa*ii.t v.-RB ti'ilty of cor-aon l^v; neffli* enco, reeult- 
ing in an injury, 7diich crtupcd the denth of . 'ir i r><;lle'^'* -e 
intept^tt, and that k»T>el^ ee vrne in the eyercipe of due 

^ ■ n 

care for "nip own safety "t the time.! 

The inetructions eubrittcd "by Irth rides required 
the jury to find tlrifit appellee* p inteptnte v/ne in the ^r^r^ 


^aj^s^ sill ai. -^lisl scii 0:& js'jk^^ts!^^ ^■^ipibu^Qtcf ^bsytn .Za^rt^oo 

519V 9". D ■» III;' ni b9}i t;^xi'j'--i aiBrr Jrxi^ «!3:oxTrf 3x(? 

iRfft flP^^laoTrr ^tr 9;i* .o>?- .bn«.;. i/if»x#.c.'XsXo©i> «; 'sdliafr^tj ia • «??roi/ : 

iajii iiiji^^i 9asTcrj,;S sri^ • gi bsrtu^ra^ esswj ageo'eiiti repots _^ 
^o .ta^ rroiJ^aansiTiiToo 9 'H9ffl:f'S<?w :»'^'^ . Clljs^i* 69bxo»fc:;b/?ri i-^uco 

»-':a:&.ii-ausi;fR.^l:o rtf p»«& ^vfiT t^ntsno lisiiiir ^xi^alrti n» nl nitl 
\.9ml& ^iii ^r- YtSiSe nwc si;t t^I «iifir> 



ciee of due cnre for hif otti er»fety: th^- 1 the injury he 
received v/ob not one of the aepuned ri?kf? incident to hie 
enployment; thr^t the unenfe condition of apne3.1n.nt' p Tr.ine, 
pn F.ccount of the n'^rrowing of r.ijl r i etvfer>n f.he 
13th and i4th entry, il found to conftitute an vn«nfe 
rendition, v;r.e not known to ay;r>e]lee and by the e~erci?e nf 
due cr-re on hie part vould not hn-ve "betn Icn :v.'n to him, ^nd 
that eaid dani^.erous condition v/-?k krov.'n to apr.eiiant or 
"by the eyerci^e of due crre could and \7-iAld h- ve "been 
knov.n by appellant, in other n/crd?, the court .y ite 
in?truction8 gave to appellant the beneiit of it^ ooiniuon 
lav/ de fen pee. 

It is inris'ted lay pp-^ellant th?5t this rauce ehculd 
te reversed lor the rer.son th-^.t the record ipilp to dis- 
ci ore that apoeilant wne ^uilty of ne£li{.:ence which resulted 
in the dc nth of appellee' e inte-ftate, p.nd thrt it? con- 
tention ie f?un'orted by the fo3 loving c-^ret;,- C r^r^rioy v. 
Chic.-^f o-lpringf ield Conl Co., 143 App. ]t5; Ot'^ijey v. Illi- 
nois i:. Conl Co. 156 ill. /ipp.Tiy; -^ugtin v. "•■".jer-tic Coal 
« Conk Co. 179 lll.App.&2b. 

In none of pnid cpgep vap the v-orkmen''' coPineneR- 
tion net invlved nnd therefore the mining co^'," !-nif;p Y.'ere 
entitled to nil of their con.^;on law defenetp. 

In Cooncy v. ^-hi'<i;o- prin^field Coal Co; '-lupra, 
the court held in that cnre thnt Cooncy lird n -ciiined the 
ripk of the eriployraent nnd that the e-vidence did 
not eup'^ort hie contention t)r t tht dantcrnur condition 
ch-^rtred by him was not knov.-n to hir. rrior to i ip injury. 
At nat e 160, the court p".yp: "it ie n rule thr't an eia- 
ploye of sufficient afe and e>:perie'ce in cl: rfnacle v/ith 
VnoY'ledKe of the ordinary conditions under v-hich the bupi- 

Hid ©i ^ci^M^ai Bifii's Jbfi3uj?8^..9if^ %q ^Q.ipa n^bavlao^i 

. . iiatftu' ev/irf i> Cue v/, |)fla i>£uca axfio. 9ul> "io 9,$x3iax9 arfci" t^cT 

-oowaipa ^J-i 2o ^txlenad axlJ- ;^i5a-riaq(7J3 o^ sycia, anojt^3tJiJ"snx 

- --.x-' , • . . :.,, .' :' ;•,:.■■ ! f;;.^ ! ...:.•' .ssfjnalgb wjbX 

-aife oj arc*! Jb'iQp.g's -eajf ^iaiiJ'. jnQ5^:;3i ;9.rf J .^q.1^ .bafBtaysT, o. 
-000 eix' t»^/i ,5ip.f^5iJiiX e,',9ia I.Xs icts 'J.o 4^.^ ^A-^a^?'' ."^^ ! 

-i'tl , V -^9 ri--s;t5 : r3.3X — q<?A . £M , .0 Xno.'^ ht %l Ijjni'iqw -03'50 iriO 
XsoO 3i,vi-=3 JO'S' ,w aii>*»y»'' ;^XE.<jg[A .TXI^ ^e|X..«o9 lc,oO .'I g.iqn 

V _ ;: - , -..(jsa.^^.rxx evx .o'-'-^ 

•Tt«r 9 3;ni*<:'''TC3 a^txnxJH.aifJ aTQ'i9i3.rft fen" '. . • r- >---*^ ;tor! noxj , .. 
.<»a«aoi9b w^X fiCi-ajJoa Tiarf- * •■ • - ^- b'^tittn'i | 
,«?i9i/s :r,'j Ibo'^ aXdXltaniicjv -prf xdw .y Tcsjcioop aX 
fttiif I>0nu*?8 2>axl A^anooy J Riid',.,;,9s no Jsii^ Iji i)f9i'f J"xuo!3 Bdi 
bib 93n9&iv9 9.U^ /xsifiTEyl bnn J-ri8ci\;fXq;:T9 sri^ "io jleii 

.«I9 nil' Jnil^ oXfcfi 8 8i ii" :ax«'» ^iwoo axf-t ,OdI 
rfiiir ftCtfng;!'! :{o al i»on'9lt»(p<9 bfl« ».v ^naiaX^iU'J io a^cXq 
-i««atf srfi^ xfoiriv/ -i'*tnu snoi^xbnoa x'Xi'nx')'!^ srf^ to S}ib^l'vcn^. 

nesB is conducted and ite ordinary risks and hazards, 
and wiJl be propumed to have presumed all euch risks and 
hazards vmich to a per-on of ris experience and underetj^nd- 
in£ are, or ouiyit to be, patent and obvinue.** 

In otailcy v. lllinoie kJ. Coal to, tupr:*, the ccvrt 
held thp>t the verdict in that case was agninst the manifest 
weight of the evidence, in other v.-ord<», thst^the adtninip- 
tratrix v;ho wne suin^ ior the denth ol her hup'^^nd, had not 
?upr;orted the alleg'^ti^ne of her declaration fcy the evi- 
dence, ■'he court at p?*fce 12r cnye: "A carefu] exaninntion 
and c onsider-^-tion of the evidence, vrhich v.e shall n':'t undep. 
tsute to rehearse or diccuoe nt length, impel? u^^ to the con- 
clueion that the evidence wne insufficient to vsi-r^i-nt the 
jury in finding n dnngerous condition, vithin the refining 
of tii.e ??t.'>.tute, at the time L'^tailey and the otJicr njinerp 
TKent dovoi to work on the /corning of the accident.'' 

In Tustin v. I-njeptic Coal i. Coke Co, oupra, one 
of the questions involved v.-ae whether the Coal Co. v-ae 
.negligent in causing the pillar betv/een airt''.jn entriee in 
itc rcine to be so narrowed as to co.nctitute on unsafe condi- 
tion rhich Ts ?ulted in injury to "lustin, a sinot firer In 
s.iid mirie and n n to 'Aiiether the ehot which c-uperf the injury 
was a rrncticnl phot. On pa^e 52b the cou:.t says 'Ap-nel 1 ee 
rclitr! Upon the alleged nef licence of apnellant in nermit- 
ting room 4 to be turned out of the straight line towerde 
the north and thereby causing the pillnr of co»l "between 
the two rooms to become thin-er than it otherwipc vould 
have been. It apptars from the pr^ofp, hov^ver, tiiat the 


,Bi>%as.»fi baa 9TliS.l*i x'x^tilbiQ bSI baa Jb^^f Sju j)n<> 9 9X aesa 

-noo •iii o^ =?!.! =sXscr<ai ,a;J-3n9l is 5i!?«09x.t> 10 asiAdxta's. o* «2£s- 
«'&.Q4s jT»fi;^o. J4rfi..:^a X^^-t^ei »mo ^^rfJ; ixs .a^i/c^isie ©ai i- 

ni ♦aJtaip* f»ia^x» floa;v;d-.9CJL Tf«Xii:q arjif aai^wno ni ^ne.jilaoft. 
^utai ft/i.^ b99tss.o jiaidv &.o.ka 9.4i}_, to-di^iis odt ^94 fins enJtat Mr.e 

nasw^iu Xhoo "to iJ(;rXx<T 9«l* anxei/iSO: x*'®'i®^i^ ^'t-'^ fdizan adj 


fact thst tJ-ie room turned to the north, wr^i? plainly 

apparent to those who entered it and went tov-^rd" the 

face and that appellee, in the ordinary covirpe of event?, 

mupt h'^\e knoTTn it." We h^ve quoted from the^e e-'pep for 

the rejir»on th^^ t rpv.ell'^nt reliep on thr fc caript? ap pupriort- 

ing hir« contention thr>t this judr:inent fhouTd be reversed 

on the ground th-^t the verdict ie nrainrt the ■^innifept 

v?eifht of tlie evidence. In o.x opinion the evidence in the 

record in thip cpre cle'^rly di ?t in^uiphep thip c.-'pc Irois the 

cnon« cited. The clcnr ^'rcpondcrrnce of t>;G evidence in 

thie ctjpe dipclopep thf'.t entriep 1? pnd 14 in f^^-jnen ant ' e 

nine had "been driven eone peven or eight hundred feet in 

practically a parallel line; th" t the aver^fe -idth nf the 

pill'r betveen aaid entries? h.^d "been maint?- ined at, nt 

lea!?t t'-enty feet; thv^t in the Ir.rt crofF cut the ^illar 

"i'let^veen paid entries nt E?pid point nenpurcd '"'? feet; th.?. t 

aftfr Itaving !?aid croppcut the 1 ?th entry v.-or turned in 

twf-rd the 14th entry to the extent that at the point v.-here 

the Bhot wrp fired which repulted In the de-th of rnpellee'p 

intestate, the tjildth of enid nillar wae only from eight to 

pact H^f.^-'^K 
ten .-^ind one hwlf leet;(tliTt pifhte h«d been uped in driving 

-'Oth of p.-'id entrie-T up to the lapt croep cut "^^rxd. th'-t Fightf 

were ptill ueed in driving the iourteenth entry, rut th^t no 

gifhtr v/ere u ped in driving thr tliirtecnth fntry; th-^t I.K. 

hoberte v-ho drove tlic 13th entry r-pid to Jr. Shomae, the 

raino nann£er, that he believed the pillar vr>p f-cf'ing too 

narrow betvjeen the 15th nnd 14th entry and on one- or tvfO 


.^J'ttav* In »«i-iiroo x^msiibtp ^f ail .^^Ilacrcfs ^ftxf* btin &oti"i 
-itorrtftm «!r? «»«»«;o •'S^i* ito 9»ll*t *nr.tri9«wr:B' '^«tfi- 'Wosnei aril 

sAi ercr^ %«?r,9 -^Mt ^ftif'ttwT^fixt'Sib i^riPiita^ «^f?9 sMJ wi b"iooVl 
a't ♦ssl fcoibm-fii *r{-B|it> "so «9V9<5 9016^ asvi-xh n&'^xi- b'fttl htttsi 

tarrt- 9<1t *.c/o ?».-!rrTr> i*^??! -^rti'Kt J^riJ ■:;J'99'?: AcJrro^t' *^s9l 

Hi b9mt0 riim ^jTt3^rf*^r art* :Hr^eoTtt> feiiffw grrirB^f f^itB 
9ta/fs!/'i*TsxfTrr 9?f* *b'*i»c(*' lit«^9 'iii* tf*-*^tta^^^^^ frr^»cr? 

>. »..vj^i Wv^,-; i:;:^-^ 

anivtib ni b9i9« nssjT bwrf std^lV trrt^ |;*99T: Vlwrf aftrt fcnr^-TtrsI 

«tft^^«» t<»f(* feWB tio 'iseio irrttit 91':+ o^ tjj R^lnJftgf blft*» to n*o€ 

err *t(* tarf ,v;titi^ ' fftnSarcfiirot erfj 3niy ixb «1 tri-gtr' rfit«j' 9Y*^, 

• H*.?- J^f^rfJ- ;x^trr-=t ri^ff^-ji-xJcrfj 9f» ^fti/iife ni fi^su 9^9w rJiftf^W 

occapione he mid to the mine manager thp.t he could not 
run 3Hid entry on the old Pi r}ite e.nd tlmt pnid niine m.^ 
esid, he vvould ^ut un pightp but th- t Vie did not do po 
until after appellee' e intc^t-ite '7^5? hilled. 

The evidence further di «'ClOf?e^ th^t :.t i-«k. not -crnc- 
tical niinint. cdrivc e"id f»ntrjer v'ith'iu.t ^" find thp.t 
there ie no /ne-->np hy v/iiich tho ti icknern of trte r^ill^rp 
l.-etv.ecn the entric.e can be detttrmined where ruch rifchts 
i are not isped. "^hr nvi i l n n i rn fnrt}-fr r li -r 1 -i - r r ^ ■* l iT t i- /h-^rr 
t/ere no 1 if\hte in tiiis part of the rine or in t>.ef?e entries 
and t-igt the only lifhtf tliat the shot firerp had were the 
y,xj!_^ lanps on their cape.j The clear 'irepondernnce of tlie evi- 
Op Z'* defter— ^ux Dier dL g clor o c th e- t fi ppell oc ^ a inti st^te had no 
menns of deteri:iinin£- tVic thickneps? of the i'ill-ir ft the 
face of the 13th nnd 14th entry at the tir.e he xeceived hip 
injur^/; thnt this? 'knowledf e, however, v/ne posetrred by the 
nine rr^inn^er or co",ldnnd phould have "been knovn to hiTi: by 
the e:rerci-^e of rertponnble crire to npcertf'in the pnme. 
/V.e ere of t>ie opinion, therefore, that it •.■-s? the duty of 
paid mine -p-nnper under fn id rirci.rriet??xicee to rm-ve advieed 
seid phot firere of ppid dnnf eroup cndition ar' '' v/or3d 
have .1 rifcht" to prenuise th^^t if thope entrie? h-^d be^'n run 
pone pcven or eifrit hunc'red ft-et in v pari^llrl line vath an 
aver'j^e thicknese of at leapt twenty feet between e-Tid en- 
tries, thpt pranticnlly the thicVnePF of n-^id r>illar 
would be continued, in our judgment the evirJence warranted 
the jury in lindine: th-^t tlie "ro.xirr.pte c^ai^c of the injury 
to anpellec'e intestate whicti resulted in hie v;e.p the 


-Jcv3 A;ii 1,0 ^3n.ei:iijfi0fi»^n ifiaj[;o siiT LaoBO aiaxfj- no sgawl 

— I ■ 

-n% bins a3»Y*^<^ .^9»9lt ..X*<^9'^'* ,4»*?^4 ,*t* /^? .^f ^f'''^-^^^^.. ®3^'^-^^t* 


ne£;lifent act of a^)r,ellant in cp.ueine; or -^ ermitting tho 

pillar /between the l?th and 14th entrier to be narro^/ed 

from .^twenty- three feet in tliicknepe et the 3rr-t cro^e cvt to 

f^^ ei(ht to ten nnd one )i.';lf feet, ^-t the pl-^ce in injury 

.' without, having notified «aid plot tirers of exich ciangeroue 

c ondition. 

The evidence further died oeq^ th^" t the ehot v^hich 
resulted in the death of r iT-,ellee' ?> intestate •»•-? p. Tir?!C- 
ticnl a) ot nnd th'-jt quet-tion v/jjp puhmitted squn.rely to the 
jury "iiy the instr\;ctione of the c^iirt. 

It ie nnt necenpnry for ue to deterrjine T^hether or 
not in deciding thip cppc we should t-ilce into consideration 
the fact thftt the record dipclosr? that the aro^'-ll'^'nt h-d 
elected not to be t;ovrrned ty the V.orlnrien'? - cnr ^ine^ t ion 
\ct, ag in our jud^ent the 'jrenonder-ince of the * vidence 
ie to t}ie effect that apxellee'f? intestate w.^.o not (ruilty 
of contrihutory neglitence, and th=!t hie injury vi-9 not 
the rerult of an aspuraed riaik incident to hi? employnent, 
?.nd alpo, thnt his injury v/?:p not occapioned >>y the nefrli- 
t,ent act of s^' fellow servant, but th^-.t the rt-^.^ro;- iriinte 
cauee of hie death w.-ae the nerlij^ence of ar>^.el"ant as above 
8et forth. 

Complaint is r;afle by appellant that the court erred 
in instructing the jury. ' ajkin<?i pte th^it the court 
erred in giving certain instructions on behalf of oriTienee 
and in refusing certain instructions offered on behalf of 
appellnnt. i-e have ex 'mined the ce instruction? t^n6 v^hlle 
certain of the inetructione t i'ven on behalf of a-ooellec are 


noxJieia^icnoo :©*fii .ajfoJ* iJli/Sife ^97/ 98sa 'aifT*' aniBiosi) nl ton 

93tft.9fiiy3 9^13', 'to oonsxafenrcfSiiT *rf^ tnstft^bxlt Vt/o' at «b ,ioA 
>^riijTi i^on. ai«Pr »4'>«i8?*nt. ei'sofXdrfTB i'^rfj-'^batlo 9d'& oi -^1 

9iii^isiiiQi-rai!i iii^ tfldi' fad ,d^ni=!Vx9S TrdiXsT's '^o .tr-- ' ~ 

ituos> 9x1.+- i*ri* eJ^9i9nt^«ff»qiqrA ' ;y:«iut Wd^ sni;f ou't^itrTi ax 
ngrXaor^fis lo 1 C«/isrf #iq aBoxintrsJsfti ni«*id6 gnlvia nx fc-T-rs 


not free from criticiroi, etill eaid instructions" do not 
direct a verdict and tnl;en in connection v.-ith the inptruc- 
tiono given on behalf of appellant, t.'C think fsirly prerented 
I to the jury n.T.pcllant' s theory ol the cree. in rcferc-nce to 
the inctructicnp offered \y appellant and Mvhich rere refused 
"by the cx'.rt v/ill cay thnt fo tr:r as paid inetructionp 
prc?ent correct nririciple? of lav, the pame rerc covered 
"by other instructione fciven on appellant's- "i^ehnlf. The 
fret ip, the in struct i'^n? t.-iken ^,5 a rhole v/cre i-.ore fe»- 
ora"i.le tc appellant' p tVienry of the esse than it ^nr- entitled 
to under the Irv/. 

'ihere wae no reverpifcle error on the p.^rt of the 
court in i tp rulinge on the evidence as di?clo!?ed by the 

In reference to the contention nade by ap-ellant 
that apTeilcc's counsel made prejudicial remnrkf? to the 
jury in hie closing nr£;u!r,ent, vill oay th-.t v-e do not think 
the reran rks v.'ore of such a char?'ctor ae should cause a re- 
versal of the caoc. Ttn fact, acpellant in itn argument 
practically c.incedes tkat it is not c-eri"uely inpisting 
on ithie assitninent of error. 

The verdict in thi c casf vac? not cxcfccrive and ve 
think on the frctr disclosed by tlae record it ?i -^uld be 
ef firmed. 

Judgment affirmed. 

Z ot to be reported in lull. 


Ssisvoo 3ii.»»r *iTy|f! .arfi ,-«j5X io -S^"j.IqianiiTtq >oa^io .Jnasaiq 
-•a'i d'ioii ©TE** .*fprfw a ss .«a:i8J" ertoiloyijani 94:f, ,9| iasl 

"^ > •- . : -:t'.: ?«:it ^-f >i.> frl; v: ..n?3,«:><5r> ^s-^-l^'^-f 9^- labnu oi 

-aTieflB/^Tir -lii- jii Jna^Xa^qe ^i-o^t n/. - .s'sbo arid- 10 Xc8'i9/ 

' ' ■ ^ '^; 'i:' ,,-^ .•*€''5^3 10' itfiaaxn^xsas airff no 

aw fefup 9vx"?dox3 ;ton 3b^ osho slrf^ ni J^oi;fii3/ art? 

', , . .. ■ , * •■- ■ te^. .bamiJIr, 


/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copg of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in my office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set my hnndand affixed the seal of said court 

at Mt. Vernon, this .<6Jz^J%- - d^U of April 

A. D. 1916. 






^s /, 

Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th dag of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Bnggs, Justice. 

And afterwards, to-wit: On the ..-.-.-.-..~1.7.%h-.~.~.-.-.. day of Aprils A. D. 1916, there was filed 
in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in the words and figures 
following: s 

No. ...6^ 

October Term, 1915 



.Ag.yAii.?;...l.r....?.?..Qy?ii 1 

App e 1 l.e e ... 

A. G. Rinehart •ind Charles 


190I.A. 85 






HON. _ _ 

m.. K. GREEN. 


Term Ho. 6 

In the Appellat* Court Agenda l<o. I5, 

oi lllinoie, iourth District. 
October Term, A, D, 191&. 

Acquilla I. BroTm, 



J. '£, :^ou(?y, \7alter ^ateia, 
A, 0. hinehart and Charles 

Appeal frori the 
Circuit Court of 
j'l-anklin County. 

Opinion By xOfga, J. 

This was an action on the cas« unfTer section 9 
of the Dvam 3hop Ant "brouglit by appellee againet ?^npellant« 
at the Lay Term, 1914, of the Circuit Court of --ranklin 
County. 'I'he declaration as originally filed consisted of 
five counts. The first three counts of paid declnrntion in eub. 
stance chari.;ed that tiie defendant sold intoxicating liquor 
to appellee's husband which caused him to oe p.nd remain 
habitually intoxicated and that ae a conpequence of such in- 
toxication he neglected hie business, idled av.'ay hi? time, 
spent and coneumed liie money lor intoxic^^tina liquors "bought 
of appellants, whereby appellee wa? injured in her rr.er1.n9. of 
support. A dcn.urrer was pustoined to the fourth and fifth 
counts of said declaration, and n plea of the general i''pue 
was filed to the remaining counts, iour different trinl? 
were had. On the firet trial the jury returned n verdict 
in favor of apnellee for JfTSCC^. On the pf rond trial the 
jury returm d a ver.iict in favor of appellee fr^r ( ne J-~ollRr. 
The third trial resulted in p hung jury and in the fourth 
trial, \*Lich vv^g Vin.d at t>:e iebruiry Terra, 'Ji/lb, the jury 
returned a verdict in Ipvor of appellee for -Eleven hundred 

V ,m/oiS .1 sXXiuDOA 

3il.t noil XfisqcA ; . ^y 


, . iioxrtiqO 

-tfas «i ^Giz^RTsXrio^ bXB'? lo ?.tauop ssiricf J-e-six orfT .Bom/on! avU 

xoupiL 3ritd"f?ox:<:oJr;x oXos d'nefona'ia.t) ^lif ir>iii bQ.itriio sonBie 

nximft'x bfXB 9.J ot OEXxi fasaijRO xfoxiiv.' hns'Jsi/ii '^'saXXycqn o* 

yawi* baXJM .t^aoniewd 8i:i ijDi^asXaOii 9=i tsoxitiot-r.oS 

»/'i- : L-cr^.n.: . 9r(J' lo i39Xor ^ bni? ,noii iibXo^I) bxrae Ic gcfniroo 

9.:'" IfliTt fafl'i->^'? f»'; . -JV.-: lol asTXsfrcfB Ic icvni tii 

1+1 -Ti bnB X^ui, snt/if « ni i»».tXi/9o-t Xjbxi* inixl^' sxiT 

dollare. 'I'he ruit was diBinieped as to appellant, y, SVlloudy 
and judgment was rendered on the verdict aga.inpt aprel] ante, 

Sateia, Rinehart and GualOoni, from vhich Judfinent this nu- 
peal is p_rofiecuted. \ (pJU^^^JjMi. 

with hia fairiily moved to tne to"?ni of iJepser in Tranklin 

County, Bbout Ur.e month of Septem^ber, 1908 and tiatt st that 

tirae he was atout fifty yeors of age* tiw«t^rior to mo\-ing 

thereto, app a ll e e^e hugoo.nd wr^s a echool le-f>hp.r and farmer, 

■but had never accumulated any property to epe-'^k of. I e had 

bad a ^;-OocL deal of i-icknese in his family I'/Jich involved a 
considerable expense for a man of his treane. irior to hia 
moving to ^eeser -Uiu ewJf aenca fl lBulo e e e fa lxf t- a pj :)e lt -g<>-^ -^-— »— 
•-i^gKimBmA. wp.E a man of good hai'its, steady and indrctri'its and 
had furnished hie fajnily a comf ortrJle support. About the 
montli of I arch, l&i;9, after ruoving to Seseer, ^j-;-:'*''' 1 f"" ' » x^'^*""*"""^^^ 
husband, vith hie son, Raymond .-jroYn, en^a^ed jn the 'outcher 
buBiueep until xebruary 20, ISll. "heir bank acfount intro- 
duced in «"vidence showrf-^i^at their "oueiness -iT-nn reapon-:bly 
prosperous aiid that during the ^eriod of to years it amounted 
to jinore th;in v25,0C0, On February So, 101], fappt^n ao'L'p hus- 
band boi).£jrit out his eon' e interect in tht. bueineee and ran the 
business alone u.itil about October 1, 1911, Vr'j.en fche gon, 

bought out hia lather. 

luaufc ! tii«* t s or - -^ -■ " " 
after engaging in the butcher ^vvsiness,' aysg e lijcgo' 

rite evi"d euLe II.! Ih e r diguljaufc ! tii«* t so>T!etin,« 

Lg hu8- 


ba'»d begon tr.e tse of intoxicating liquors; that >/e j.u 
chased said liquors of ap p'c 11 an t s - and that t};e hrnit of 
drinking grev on him until it affected him to tiie extent 


aom^biS I 


' ^m^btv & 


tint he neglected liis busine^p and was f reticently in- 
toxicated to ouch an extent that he had to Tpe assisted 
home. "i»4<' ffviAenrsi a3 so— d4i»ul0!jej' th^t the trips to the sa- 
loon of a{^w4-iTOT*s were oi freauent d?*ily nccvirrences and 
tha.t at timec it v;ould be necepspry for those in charge of 
the sho^ to £0 to the s loon for the -oumose of "bringing -^p~ 
' jprl 1 fff^f? husband tack to t}ie shoio to 3 ook after his bU8ine?ei; 

that tlie butcher busineas conducted by f? f>ia a3 .1o6^ p . husband 

ran down and that finally i.e closed the wjrae out and noon 

disposed of the fund? derived tl'ierefrom, amounting to pome- 

thinfc like &12U0.00. ^.^ax<,, y/-^--^. 

'I lio - oviu e i i c c ■ luxtih * .! ' • diwsleoo4 thrt in p. fit of in- 

yi^ — ^^^*-^ ^ 

toxication '^ u f j ell etr^p hugbnnd, e>;ot snd killed a man and vae 
incarcerated in the County J nil lor several month j? awaiting 
hie trial. \ i^ ipp^'^ ' ^^^ Hnn{ri- i t to ri"y r \rT ilnrrnf.n" frtr tr p ffoafir 
intoxic a tJLoi3.-biLt^amdex ^tfa»^-gttl4afc-^oiLth^e ;cyQTlr""^^ — 

_ the ea.ue on MiQ- txiAa^__._ 

Numerous errors hnve 'been assigned on the record, 
but in the ar^^ument, appellamts absndoned k-11 of tre errors 

assigned except twoj, viz;: that the verdict of the jury is 


against the manifest weight of tJhe evidence nnd that the court 
erred in Uie giving of instructions on behnlf of srpellee 
and in iiodifying one of the instructions ten^^ered by appel- 
'la,nt. j^rrors assigned hut not referred to in the -argument 
under the miles of this court are consj 'ered abandoned. 

A-opellantc contend that the evidence is v/ho"! ly 
ineufiicient to support the verdict. They refer to tlie f^ct 
that appellee's husband >iad never be(?n nble to gccu^julcite 
any considerable property prior to coining to i-ef?'~er, and 
draw Lhe conclueion th^t the intoxication cr.UEied by the 



liquore sold ty appellru^tr. cannot br erid to have rendered 
I her suid Lusband incompetent to pupport }:ip frnily. In 

fact, thie ie the baeis of P.ppel3 nut ' = contention th'~,t the 
verdict of the jury is .r?^.,airist the rn-^nifept ^veifht of the 
evi'5ence. Appel?ants further insiBt thrt the 'pHr.k nccount of 
appellee's /moband showing the busine = f? trnr.sacted by him 
^ile engaged aa a butcher £oeo to -how th.^t hie enrning 
Capacity as n uusinesp raan vac- n'-t injured on recount of the 
allejjed intoxication froKi the T iquoro sold by R';r>ellpTits. 
We do not think tlint the line of I'erponinc of ".ppel ] sntf? is 
BOuftd as the evideiice dincloses tl.-'t appellr-e'p husbsnd had 
a fariiily (;onf?JHtin£ of hiviself, v?ife pnd nevr-r-l children 
and tliat prior to c-xaing to LJesner hie v/ife had been rick vith 
rheuraatism for eight rxonthe and thpt in }n\ing her treated he 
incurred expenses ani'^untinf to ?5orie pjt or ei,-ht hund: ed dol- 
lars; that one of hii? daughters ^p..'^ confined in a ho!?r>ital Inr 
several month« with a disease of the gpine .■?nd that aT)pellee'6 
husband spent several hundred dollnrs in hnving -ler trented. 
Thia evidence teiidr to ahow why appellee' o husband had no 
funds at the tine he carrie to Desser. Then, too, if the evi- 
dence tends to prove, a? we think it does, that appellee's 
husband had a prosperous business eg a butcher in ""esser 
and was naking money v.riich he nr;s using for the support of 
___^ ■ aj;pellee and the ref>l it hi? fanily, and th.^t ap fy r'"?'ult ~f 
\, the'it of becoining intoxicated hie bucineep fell off snd *k 
thnt finally eaid h.i'cit grev/ on hira to ^ i^n extent that he 
abandoned hie business it cannot be s^j'.id th'>.t appellee wns 
not injured in her -r'.eanp of support by rea'^on *'■ ereoC. 
I Under the law of this litnte tyje wife ie injured in 

^-- her means cf suprjort v,i en her hus^.and's a'.ility to furninh 
' her with the coKforts of life is lessened or 'leptrcyed, 


, £>;r .'_•-•;. j ■ 




although p.ue may not te deprived of the "oare nece^^'itlee 
of life. ...iloney v. T)B.ily , C7 /.r.p.4;';7; ..clarion v. lankey, 
133 ill.53o; horn v. Cmitii, 77 Ill,3i!l. i. eidel v. /jithip, 
71 Hi. 346. 

it igi also the Is/w of tliip stnte thft t];e legal 
obli£:n.tion on the part of the husband to purtncrt hie wife 
is not limited to aupplying the 'bare necej?8itieF> of iile, 
Taut it j.ncludee th« corforts of life a? veil, and ^vhatever 
is euitfl.ile to her eituation end the Viusbnnd ' i? condition, 
kcl. ?ihon V, L:e.nkey, supra; lif.ckett v. Stnelsley, 77 111.109. 

'*he evidence in this c.'-:<?e is* abundant to the 
effeot t^j^ t appellee' ?= husband drRnk liqvor to pxccp? while 
at Oeerer, pnd that he ^couired theee liouorep from appel- 
lants?, and that intoxicf? tion rep-ulted therefrom, ?».nd tl)nt 
said i.-itoxication caused him to nerlect hir "buainess and et 
times rendered him incapacitated to th.e extent th-^t he h.-rd 
to be aecisted home. Appe'lants do not deny "eniing liquore 
to apocllee'3 husband, and in f-vct, "'■here is pr?<cticn.lTy no 
evidence to dispute or contradict tiie evide ice of appellee 
on thie question, !»o we feel tat the jury ?!ere v.'P,rr?nted in 
returning this verclict and tiv=.t it is not ngpinst the weight 
of the evidence. ?"o pusftion is rniecd in the -p-rrurient thrt 
the verdict ie excessive. 

The next contention is thnt the oov-rt erred in 
instructing the Jviry on behalf of appell; e. A^pellantp con- 
tend t/-at the iik#t inetructinn is erroneouR for the renson 
it authorised the jury, in eetimat ing ap-neliee's dpjriagep, 
if they find lor ^.poelTee, to tnke i'^to c ^neideration tlic 
extent v/hicix appellee's huebond neglected hj^ butinesie and 


the amount of money and property squandered 'by hiia if 
proven in coneequence of such intoxication so fnr rts the 
evidence nay enlighten tne jury, Appellantp i^^siet tiiHt 
this inptructiort ie erroneous ior Uie reason th'.t there v-ne 
.no evidence to Daee tne instruction on. Ap above ptsted 
there is plenty oi' evidence in the record to the effect ths^t 
appellee's hu!?>jand equan^lered nnd -wpted ais money, it 
v/as, therefore, hot error to {■ ive raid instruction. . 

Appellmita criticin^e the pecond instruction ; iven 
on behalf of ap-nellee ior the reason thnt it acf^ume? that the 

' allej^ed palep or shifts of ijitoxicf^ting liquorp conetitute the 


I CGUse of action, in^ter^d of the intoxication caured ly tliC 

<^ game. -V.e have exaxriir-cd this inatruction !?nd we do w-t find 

I It euhject to the criticiPTi, a? the instruction ie 

lir.:ited in its ef^»ict to fny linuors v/hich may h;^\e ceueed 


Instructions niuahers thre'e and Birx are complained 
of by appellant ior r,he reaeon that they mform the jury 
that under the lav.' of tiiie Jtate any s-ellin^; or j^.iving of 
intoxicatinti liquor to a nev^oa in an intoxicated condition 
may ce ref;?^rded ae rili'ully and vnntonly mr».de. 'ifitlier of 
iihtpe instructio/i.G directs a verdict nnd in '^ur opinion the 
giving of the eai'ie v/ae not erroneous, ^s there v.^-p evidence 
to support theee instructions in the record. 

Instriction numter i\ye is objected to for the 
rear?nn that it ie claii^ed it is not b^eed on the f^vidence in 
the Cf:.Be. v;hat we have already said •f' r«^':ard to 'nftruc- 
tion number one ^.iven on behalf of a-npellee applie;^ v.-ith 
equal force to the objection nade to this instruction, and 
is a conplete ancwer to the :ame. 







<lr_ ^ . n B lr ) W^iun~irima'b'i ' l^ 'Ja»'"''a'!yf ulluwu; "in or'ler 

to sustain her action under thi^se statutes for injury to her 

meang of oupport, it ie by no nenne neoepsnry ^he (the wife) 

ehouid show tiiat she hae actually been vithout ^'upport, or 

been at i\ny time, in vhole or in part, deprived of tiepngi of 

support. Leanc of support relr te to the future if v.'pH p? to 

the present. It 1;? enouph that nh.e j^ho-r thflt t\ e goi rcee of 

her future support >.?9ve been out off ->r dininished Velov vrh-^t 

18 reasonrble and oonpetent f'^r a r>erpon in her pt?'tion in 

life, find belov; yfnpt they othcrT^i ne rouJd hpvc heen."ir\'he 

I complaint HRde to this instruction ie th?t it refers to injuxy 

to the future pupport of appellee ae well op to the d-Tiages 

already suffered uy her, and jt i? contended th^t the on2y 

d.:miH^:e& appellee can recover for, are the ({nmpre-F thi^t phe 

sustained up to tiie \ir-e nf the "bringint^ of the suit. 

?n the C5.p-e of Lcy-ehf^n v. 8.9.nlrey, ?upra, ot p^^ge 

644, the court seye, (quoting f roni I ul.'ord v. ClevelD 71 
I Ohio -Jtate, 191) 'i: eane of 5?upport relate to the futore se well 

ae the prteent, it ::.& enough th-t she shov/ thst the source? 
' of iier future support have been cut off, or '^'iniinirhed Lelow 
, whnt ID reasonable and competent for a perf-on in ]'.-?t pt^^tion 
in life and belov; v;hat they otherriee vould h^ve heen." In 
the case of keidel v. An^hie 71 I11.P41. it was •^h^^ii thnt 
the hu8b?t.nd v/ae a farnier, and it wa:? there lield, th;«t, if 
his capacity to cvtltivpte land r/pe pen??ihly dinin.iBhed uy the 
act cf the defend-'^nt, tlie y/ife vjh^ injured in )~er nenns of 
support. A/d, in t}?.is cr-e, if ■he evidence dir.cJone^, as 
yje think it does, thr^t the n-"ility of RT)'->el] ee' -> I'u^^bpnd to 
en.rn a livlihood for appellee hae been Ip.^rened by the in- 
toxication cnxijsed by li nior? <?old by nppellpjitsf , it n.rfecte 
her future aup];ort for v.'hich she vould h-^ve n ripht of re- 

The objections to instructions eleven, thii(^en 




'"^."■t WOJIT. .t 

■•{,-.: (IV 


•jnoUost^o »ii'-' 

and foirqr^^n given on oehalj? of n-npeliee, we think, :^re 
witliout merit, and "iQ do not 'believe t>. t it v^p error to 
give ??aid inetruc tione. It is alpo ir^.ric;te<3 th^t the riodi- 
ficntion mode in instruction rum'ber tv;elve -"fferpd on hf^hnlf 
of appellpxite, ^"liich nociif icwtion consisted in Bridling- theee 
v'orde, "and it did not affGct her future cupr^ort" con.ntituted 
error, '.vliat we have yaid 'vi tli refcr>fnce to in?v.ruction num- 
Tser ten {.ivcn on "oehalf of ?)pT)ellee covers the objection Tiiade 
to the L.odif icF.tion of inptruction nun>:'er twelve offered on 
behalf of appellant. 

t.hile the instructione eiven on "behfilf of api^ellee 
8ie not ar Cf-ri-efuJ ly drav.n op they should h^ve been, yet, 
taken ae a whole, v;i th the- inptruction offered by apnel3ant?, 
v-e bfclieve that they f^iirly propented to the jury the law 
governinfe CRses of this oharncter. 

l-^inding no reversilde error in this record the 
judgment of the Circuit Court will he nffirmed. 

Judgment affiiTied. 

l^ot to Toe reported in full. 

^JfUOl bCi' 

/. CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copg of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in mg office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF. I have set mg hand and affixed the seal of said court 

at ML Vernon, this ....^.JI^K.. _ dag of April 

A. D. 1916. 

Clerk^ef the Appellate Court. 






Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt Vefnon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine(hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand ninf hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 

And afterwards, to-wit: On the Seventeenth ^day of April, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, un OPINION in the words and figures 
following: i 

199 I.A. 90 


No. .11^. 

October Term, 19J5 

. - £.liy - COURT 

Th e j; e t rop o 1 i t an Life I n e uraHE e 
..£..Q.Kip.any.j _ 

of Ea?t St .Loui: 


Appel lant . 





Tena V.o, 11. In the Ap>^e]Tate Court Agenda, "o.?. 

of ■'■minnlr?, j?ourth 'Oiptrict. 
Cctooer Tf'Vm, 3 915. 

'.■illinin y.eeley, An-pen ee ) 


VB. ) 

) Appeal from the City Court of 
-he I e" ropol itan 7 if e ) 

inpur?^nce Company, ) Last ot. l-ouic, Illinois. 

Appellant. ) 

Opinion "oy iiot^s, J. 

This vrp s an p.rticn in apsiiririsit broi'.f}it ty appellee 
a^ ainsrt appellant in th.e City Court of ■i-'a^'t ot. j.oui«?, to 
recover on a ^^ ife Inniurnnce ' olicy ff^:: tnc denth of An'^ie 
IJecley, dautaiter of ativelTee. A trial w <= hrxd which re- 
sulted in a vei'dict and Judfnent in fpvor '^f p.■r■■rf^^ee for 
4lC2. rc, and cof.-tp, froni T-'hich judgment thie appef^l ie 
proeecuted . 

AppclJee is a colored rnn living in r.aet S". Louie. 
Annie eeley, i is dauflitrr v.'ho wag then plout tliirteen yc-re 
of nte, was insured by nr:- ell ant on July ?'.', l'^14, for 
^; 2C6. OC.ijhe died I.o-verr.her 6, 1914 of acute tulcrcuiar 
trou..;le. A-pellee vr s the "beneficiary and the roJicy^eing 
for lepf; than s^^OC. no medical emmin^tion •.•.'^s rcoiired. 
Certain que!?tionr.>, however, I'^d to he an^v/ered by appellee 
\7/.o ei^ned the n.ppl icnt ion, nnd the contention on the mart 
of appcl"'. ant is t;:at the anrr^ers piven vere. not true. 

The declantion crnt»if»ted of a rin.j^le count in th« 
usual form decloralnt; on e^id policy ol ineiirance, to vrhioh 


99r£9acj« "^ccf jiiif-TOicf i'isqi^TiJ^^jc nl noijOB ns sb'v axrfT 

dx^nA lo rf+nab or\& 'jot yoxIo sorsR'tcxp^n Z axxT r no lavcost 

-91 rioxriw br-d f^-w iBiii A .esris-qi; lo totxi^UBb (•'^alssil 

lo'i 99i'r9T/Ts Ir rov^t ni J'nairr^ftur bns i'oibx^v g nx b3oXui?; 

b1 iRSfTcrs 9if{J in^/rnfttfr. rfDii-f-r rii:?a-'> ,'?d30D bos ,00.£0I.> 

. b9j U393n-!a 

.8iJJoJ.*3 J'5B.I ni gnxvil nn.-r! bBToXoo b ei sartoqqA 

51-0,: na^jtrrfJ' ^ao^fn nsrfj- 5sw or{?.' islxf^trsfc ax i ,-^9X98'. 9xnnA 

lOx ,Mt?X jVi Y^J^"^' fl<^ ;tnsrr9r,T0 '^cf boiusnc 9i?w ,9^^-f? io 

iKXi/oiacfuJ^ oiijOB lo i'XGl ,o i?crnr3V0.i beib sxfcJ.OO .QOS.i 

anx9c^ XTl En,T srfl shr xzntoil'insd art* a -w asCXatiiA .9X'iuoi:t 

. 39-iXvj;.-i»T "SRvr ao X t Of! i fttRX'i Xjfeoxbani on .OOSi' nadt gfjsf lol 

9eXX9qrf« Yd" fcuTS-.T- n« 9cf o^ 0"/{ ,i9V3WOii ,gffo td'i^aijp nxi3J-i9J 

l^ecT ©rtJ" nrj no jingrfrroD 9r(,t bno ,rjf)i tr.ol fqqn &ti& b«»naxa Oiiw 

.9iji* ^cn 9i9vr nevia 5T3??caB sttJ .t^cTJ- el tctBlLoqcis lo 

9-i^ ni inaca eXjifii? fl lo bsjeixarfjo nol^KinLoeb srfT 

iloixir et ,9on«n;«nl to xO'i^on! ^i** no scIbibIos^' nnoi Lfiusu 




count the apjiell-T.nt in .Tdrtition to the prnevfil ie^'je filed 
four s, fecial pleas. 

lin'ier the cecond, thirn and fourth ajiedfil pleae 
the follcving ispuee vere nieed J- iiret, whether -nrior 
to inoured's a-D^licpti on <tie >;pd been tre'ited by phypiciane 
for p. rcriout? di''ea<?e; "eo^nd, vhether in?urcd hn.d oecn al- 
fTicted -^ rior to t>'.e issuance oi said p'^licy vith l^rnnchitis, 
or nuli^onary diseppee: ^nd third, wfl'iether in p-ii s^-:licftion 
it Yi^n heen stated by n^-^elZce that the insured ^nn not 
"been fittended "by a physician within t^^o yc-ars for a cerious 

Appellant contends th-it the jud/^qnent of the trial 
court s.iould be- reve-^sed, fir^^t, because the vf-.Tdict of the 
jury ie ajtainst the er'idence, second, becrupe the court 
erred in Derirltting the wife of appellee to tt rtify, and 
thiri?, because of error in the ; iving- of instruct? "^np on the 
part of appellee n.nd in tlie refusal of inptructions offered 
by RTpellant. 

ArTellee'? ds.ufihter, the insured, died v/ith acute 
tubercv:]ar trouble and t}ie nuesti'^n ip vrhether she wr>t? =uf- 
ferint' with ti i s disease »t the time said -^olicy 'r'*" issi:ed, 
and if she rere, and i.f apriellec r^de f al ?e '•tate?: en t? in 
reierence thereto, then unc^er the authorities r.e i?-"? not 
entitled to reco\cr. IJyrian v. The juonuf.-ictuerp & IterciiantB 
Life Appoci-^.tion, :?^2 insrri; i^ational Union v. Arnhorst, 
74 lll.AT-p.482; T.ovis v. Catholic frder of xoresters, 
165 111 .1?7. 

The evidence np to v.hether the ir.'sured r.nd suffered 
Tith bronchial or ^ulraonaiy troible before s*}id -nollcy •was 


,. - f ,<.,„.., .,„.— . .- ^^saxq iBXO'Sce ruot 

-2f noscf 5.«^.i I>9*iJU8ni 'I9rfi'9r{--v ,brtoo9T ."SBiRa^rb 5^0X19? b lot j 

aoi*BoiX;T"B fci«^ fix Tornj-tM*/ Y^'i-iJ^^ bn.s las^Asieib xt'sixotsXisq'io [ 
i'ort bE:-' ba-xueni ^cff Srxri<t soZL^ryr. xd ^ftJccfs nssd" bsi-C :}-x 

9i;oxi9^ B if.x 3'rR3\; o-./J^ ni:xi;tx\'' nRxoigY-i^ft ^ X^*" bdbnsij-p nascT \ 

^ -■'■'■' ■ '''.^nxBlqaoo ■ 

g-iuoo 9-1-ii 96Xicoad" ,Jbnco3Q jsorrabiys 9ii^ isxixj^jjB, sx. j^Tf/t 

9di_ao BtxalioLi-xi^ni lo ^nx/xii ari^ nt ■atp'i'X'j lo 9eax;,9?Q':^b'i.Jti ." 
aaiallc ano jt^tou^j-gnj: |q. X.^auJi^T -9m* nx bnr, ,99lX,9<jaR lod^iBq 

9^uoa dt i^r , baxb ,b^au«nj; ,9fut ,1<JC^/{3]J.9i) «; 'ssLl-^ggA 

-lt;?!.9^' 94e -jarfisri^r ?.x xicxJ^sup adj bna sfcfj/ot^ ^;;aCij'oi9f:fwJ' 

,b^a»»s| «!«v xotlocT bine sraxi^ci} Sr esB^Qtb.sidS.tJii.lvfjiai'tst 

nx -^in^yQini-i 3s Ce'l ©paai aa r Carrcra , 1^ . bno »9i9W aria Ix bne 

i;on es7f 9xi S9x;fxior(j;yo.9/-W iPbrry (^9rfJ^,..|0^9T9ffJ^ songas'isi 

e;trr»Jp-i9ji a "isator.Ximm^ SiiT .y njejcnV*!. .^svrongj'j oi bol^xitns 

. ■ . : .. ,~ • .vsi.rxi ear 

ba-yslli/i^ brci bg-ijjani arfi^ "jsxf^Offw pi . 9s . ©onsbiv* 9f£T 
^«r ^plXocT biBB 9tot9rf 9X(^joT^ .yiajponXu^ tc XBlrfonoTcJ, rfJJtTr 



Issued or ae to whether she had been trented oy a ^hyeician 

fnr p pcriouB discape witMn t'vo yenvp r^rior to t> e ipeuance 
of eaid policy t/rs corfl ictinf , ) but in n? uch -; " thip cmse 
vill ;,a\e to "be re\ert?ed lor errors in "P.iA rerorc uevesfteT 
mentioned, v/e are exprrsoing no opinion on the v.'eif;,ht of tltc 

The v;ife of nnpelJ ee vvan a] ] ov-ed to ter-tify in 
paid cause on Lehalf of a-.-.-^ell ee o^r the ob.iectjon ol ^,r.pel- 
lant, ihis v.r, p rrror ap under Section i-ive of Cha-pter 
iifty-one of hurd'e i'.evieed .itatutes, ap^-'el'; oe ' e vife vae 
an. incoripetsnt witness. 1-ionnan v. Lonnrn, 236 1X1.341; 
.-.cheref fler v. Ch-pe, '?45 ill. 400, 

It if next contended Tjy appeljant tur-t the court 
{.rrt'd in id using inBtvuctioni=i number;? oJn^and t-^^firot ap- 
pe]jp.nt'9 refuivied inp^ruct ions. Instruction ?.unl;pr One, ?o 
fsr ap tlie ramt vne iiimortant v.-"? cover'=>d by -^ther inptruc- 
tion ti'ven on i tp behalf, and there ^•ps no error a its re- 
iitSGl. /VoptOlnrt's inptruction number \^ v:^v tn the effect 
tijat if the jury believe from the evidence th"t ao-nellee }Lad 
-.villully pworn f?t1eely on e-^id trial sf to fny riatter or 
thirf/ 'rater i?>l to tr.e ipput-3 in the c^upe, then the ,iury 
■rrere at liberty to 'Urrefard his entire tept ir.ony, except 
no far ns the vnue night be corroborated by other cre''iblc< 
evi.'^ence, or by tlie facts nnd circunietanr p^ ■nr'^\en on the 
triol . 'iiiis iiiptrvic tion vie think was -rroper and eh-^uld hnve 
been ^.iven nnd np tliere wac no inetiuction i ven by the 
court cohering this point, it v.'.--.e error in the cmrt to re- 
fuse it. ». ^ pt Chic'-i* Ltreet laiTroad Co. v. .J'^Ut'rherty, 

9onpa?=9i ?» '* ocf :coii'7 gif <^y owd^ n£;iJrJr s^e^axi) saolTts^ .? xol 

©ii' io tvk.^iet'v "^dt no aolaiao on ^iaar-Txqr/-* g'is swr jia-qiQic^ns.'n 

-XinTfTS if \rioxi-3?>ttfo Sri* xwc daCfarcCT* Iq /itjaifsJ no asijoo. iujja 

;INf,.fr.L' 3£S ,n.'?'-{noiI ./ rtenncu .s^onj-ip/ j-nj;J^gcjrio3nx.-«s 

-<7i» "ioNx-j^ bne^N^flo c:T;scfnua ni;:otioiJX.t3ni arrxautsx F,ni •.b^i'S'j; ^ 
o? ,9ft0 rt'^irouil neii'oo-i-ieni .ert'^iJ'oux 'tjnx Jb^eulsx ^Mn&Li^q 
-outtsai igrrt" -^d! b«X3vn'j/^"\y i-n.^ttoq:ffli i^O'V a©«-a: •3xi;f' ^A/lsl 
-6x 9ti; ni- X0TX3 en ^-i-" gixarivt bns t'i£.srL3u' ^j,i ti^'-^H-avis fliQM- 

fc^d s^IIacfc tndi ^ansbxva sri^ iiiox'i svailscf \ctul ^dJ tx ^BciJ- , 


-- ^0 T»^*aKT xnn o.t. ^e ii^xxc^ b£f3 no xi'-»al^'i n%osv<i xlluliiif ■ 

t^99X9 ^\[aon!ij99i STxJ'no 8in' bxivgs-xsxb oi.xi'%9tiiS.i'S staw 

eaut no ne/o.xrr ?e3H»*Bi»Joxxo bna aJoi^l 9xiJ ■^gT -xo.' ,«>Qfl9*'Xy« 

9^9ti bXuor&s b«/^' xftcroit'T aaw Xnxrf* 3W no i.t3witf«4iii eirfX .iqiTj- 

•rl^ \.rf n9v i ■ ncxiotni^^nx on a.'ivr »7«fiJ a« finw cavxi osscf ; 

. -at oi^ iiijro •idf ni zoti^ srvt ii .J-nxorj sxifJ «jniX9*oo J'luoo / 




17C 131.379; C. & Ii.I.K.?..Co. v. Surrldge, 211 111.9. 

in the case of C . <k /., ^1 .T.,)l.Co. v. .;-urridf^e, 'uprn, 
it v/?s held "by the court, tJiat if both rnrtiep to snid suit 
had "bfeen natural perPonB, thr.t than the inctriiction should been so dr-^ited ar^ to aor>ly to either r-.r.rty, hut thnt 
v;}i.ei-e one of the i^yrtie? to the rroceedinf, ie a ixatu.ral 
oerron anc! the other ip « c ornorr tion, it is --rorer in 
the inptiuction to direct the fjttention of the jui-y to 
the t' stimony of the natural ocrecn, and thr t if wriat 
war done in tliis inptp-nce. 

-"•or the error;? contiitted by the court im r,errnitting 
the wife of nTCll- ^ to testify and for the refusal to irive 
ar.Tjellnn t* g instruction number tv/o, thie c'ugc i g re\ereed 
and remanded. 

i.evereed and remanded, 

liot to bt reported in full. 



-^ > . -x 

- " o& "O-^t ^x(* to' no iitiisii G oHt *o*^iJb 6* ^o'iooyTj^•r^r'-^ft* 
anxJJifif?»<T .-i ;fiIroo^ art;}- "Y<^ fc'-jd''i>^'!?ffto5 ^tWr't^ 'sif* TO-^.'- 

•vi:^ oJ Xj^suxqt -ji-^i ioa fcfis ^Ixo-* j# od"- ^'^ridr-iris tfj wiiw arfj- 

- :- . - - ■-!- :.■.''' .'{■•^lii': rioiJ'' !JT^ »5a i -i'+f;'%i 


/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copy of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in my office. 
IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set my hand ar 

at Ml Vernon, this .. ._ _ _.-=<w..2l2 

A. D. 1916. 

affixed the seal of said court 
day of Apnl 






^y ^ 

Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at ML Vernon, Illinois, ori the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and 'sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 

And afterwards, to -wit: On the .Se.y.ente..e.D.t.ii. day ofApriiA. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OPINIOlf in the words and figures 




.The....l.eoi) 1 e.». ...ex.^e.l.j... Lou... S tucker ,, 

I9I1.A. 91 

I :!EHR0fixTft 



..§.?.?;.?:.?}.? COUNTY 



C. V. STlIVffiLL. 

Term i.o. 13. In the Ar;-:el"lnte wonrt A<.; >,o,36, 

Cf lllinoie, -^ nurth district. 
October Verm, A. Q. 193.&. 

The i-fcople cf txie -^t-ite 

ol lilinoif? i or the uee 

of Lou I-tucker, 

appellee . 


Lficey iiib>, ) 


Aop er?l fron tViS County 
^-'ourt of Orline Countv, 


Opinion by -':^'OKgs, J. 

^.uit vvns instituted in the Crunty Lourt ct Suline 

County in -^-e name ci the lerrJe : or +he i sr: of Lou ..tvcker 

; iiCjeinafter <x"oitX.p t.ed 9^ the rrof^ecutirt; vvitr.esjs, chr^r^ ing 

I appfciiant vith Leir.£ tht; fatht-r cf her bppt«iv; ci.ild. Vhc 

trial r£.!:ulted in a viidict «ncl Jud^'.njent ?.|''in t appellant. 

r-x-om tnat judgme.nt thie appeal ir. J^^opec;t!lted. 

i.t ic conceded th^t tVic proFecutinr r;itntFS ie nn 
unmnrried v.oar.n; nnd Ih^ t tV.e ch:2d in quf-tion ip a bpr<tsrd 
rnd wee uorn on the 29tii any of Jenus.ry, i91t. 

/^ppcliart reli'. p en the following iroimdr for n 
revert>,')l af wiC aupe, ji^r^t,, thnt tl.e county court of t>lir» 
tounty h?..d no Jurisdiction to try paid c,"upe; eco-d, t).'t 
the court trred in :it r rulirif r f^r\ • diip-.-ion of evidence, 
and tliird, th:it -.he court erred in ite instructions uo the 

It i-g contended by anpelJnnt Xii- t the county court 

/ of Saline County }iad no jurisdiction of thie proceeding for 



( 93iJ S.-Ii TOi HXOi.i: ■ 



9.-fV .i) r^iw^j^qrf i3if "io isdoB-t ail? 3rti9cf riiiw {J'noj '^H-r' 

np B X a^inJx'.r ^^rio'r'"' sdi^ driit fisbdonoo at J'i 

.'JX9I ,X'i-'?urs3t "io -^'51) ii+QS iidi no niocT asw bug 

&'<i1i ,'r>':T9 ;*9ij«o bill's X'^ct oi /lox?';. '^ji x^n^joJ 

• Yi^n 


the re'; pen th"t. the r;rocccut ing v.itnr;<9P f.nve Mrth to the 
child in uertion -t the h'';rre of her i'-rther who rf^i?ided in 
i ope County. i^ction 1, ^h'-titrr 17, liurd'i; "/.•\ie.ed ..t-tutef, 
prcvi'"lfpi thrt "'vCien nn uarfi-rried ■•oru-nn -■iO r}in.ll oe n regnant 
or delivered of ? child -.hinh oy law wovild V.e deemed -i 
b'^.stard s'.inli make cop.'-, i-i int to a Juftioe of tae J-'^n.oe, or 
Judfie of n Tiunic i-'T'.l ^.lurt in t}\n County "i.-ieva ^he wny he 
i?o pret'.np.nt '""T deli v erf: i, or the -er-^on -^ cu?ed may "be f'^und, 
rad sholl '^ccix^e, un'ei' ont}.\ or p.i' f j s^'f-.^.ti on, n ^er^'.on "■/'ith 
hc-ing the f-^.ther ol euoh child, it shall "be tl-.e dv;ty of ruch 
Jugtica or Jndf^e to ir^^ue « '..arrant a^vainet t>.e -.-er-'on to 
n cup^?d and caupe hir. to "be ljror',;.ht forthwith "before hir;, 
or in hi?? -ogence, any .itrier ju.''tice' of the pe''ce or ,iudg:e 
in puc}i county,''.'' The evidence ip to the effect t);; ;- the 
act of irjtsroo'"- rr^e, rrhich apijsllfre olnir.e resulted, in tlie 
conception of .^"id cliild, took plri.ce in oal ine County. '"he 
record -^l ^o fii--cli?:^« thnt ap"ie3 1ant "■.'').? foi.tnd and served 
in j'il ine County, vhich hrin^ftjie o3!»t= squ-'ifely vitJiin the 
ptat-.Ue r<nd ?ho'v c oneiusivrly fh^-t fi.e county cobrt of 
f-'r-line CoTiHty lad juri^^^iction. 

Pecond, "^prc 1 !'':'nt contends thft the coirt erred in 
t'>'c3uding y roper evidence clfcred hy on fix. tri^l of esid 
c-ive. T>ie roi pla int "bein^ th'^t the Court unrji^ly limited 

ntfj J 'int. ^ 

■jn ofl {ii| vi 

the exarainalicri of I thV v.'itncr'" "Durfe*- cpllec' "uy a* 

Tl i M 1 1 i I I I teetified thst "i e l■^^d lisd inrcrcourpe -ith 

nppe3jee, the f i rf't occ^-fion beinf- nhout tv.e rrinele of i'ay 
1914, rorne five f^r ri> dfye eu"npe(!vent to the d-y en vhich 
t>ie propecutinf: vilnerr t(.Ftilied that v\ e hr-^d iriierccurf-e 
v/i til rppelL-^nt. re v^e -'sked ?.£: to other s3"Jeted -cts of 


r i 


intercourpe vdth gaid witness to ntiich quertion? otjectione 
Vt'ere mide 'by appellee? prd were eustained by the Court. The 
rs^cord showf th«t the ocjection to theee cuestione ^jr^p 9ue- 
tninec? for the rna .?oti tirr't tlie queptinnp did riot "iimit the 
'tivu? to tj.e ' crind nf t^^'t-'tion. 'mht ■■■ ict^ao xe , " j i -iir ii va»| d i iB~ 

fpter in tne tri-l ti;e ccurt T,en.rix,te6 a full 
ei'.WTtin'ition of thie Y/itr^ep^? ar to other ^ctp of intercourse 
vath ."T^cllec hf;c at any tir;:e c'laring the liOnthe of V?'.y nnd 
June, •..- lilc ' .h Alt ihitUd ' vi-i nil tUd L H i' ijt i l< ' ii*» ' W ! tf- LiiliLlcQ to, 
ihe child w-T:! Lorn on the :3yth ci-^y of January, 191 L. •^he 
29th of JuriP, 1934, ■^;;lr! be juft sevcn .onth? preceding the 
birth of the child. There v,5s notning in the €^«i6£nce to 
F.l.or: thr.t tM ? child >r/p.5 '.ct "a fuJly aeveloric? chiJdl pnd v.-e 
do not fee] thit a- el'-int wae unneeer:?:^rily lii-ited t>b to 
nctp cf intercourse h;^d ny others -i"ith the nrnpecuting "'itnees', 

Apnel'^^.nt r^leo coi/iplairis tnat the court linited 
the croc? exanin'i tion of pr^orcuting vitnc^u too strictly. 
On nn exanin-ttion it the record v/e do not find the court 
erred in thin rsppcct. 

-^ppe''l?'nt argues th-'it the T.eriod of te5=tation ie 
from tvvD hundred :\n6 rar^.ty to three hundred '.;id eitht dr>ye 
from coition nnd. cite? rueciorl :nd legal authoritiec- in sut>- 
Vport T>iereof. If t' e period -^f {^ertf^tion -ip l-^id co\-m by 
STjpel-!'"nt he tr'Jcen i.j? correct , then the court clep,.rly did 
not err in it^^ Tilling;!? nn the evidence a? it allov.ed a iriuch 
> render eyrniir.n.tion rs to ti ine t3um v-ould be covered by the 
period c^ntfnr'ed for by nppe'Jlant. After n cr<rej't'l exfiini- 
nation of thip record v-e do not iclieve thrt the c^i-rt com- 
raitted pny c^rioi.? error in its rul ini-- ? on the evidence. 


■"^SUr. do 

<^3nt J'. 



■ ff£tt I'iiB. • •vm w 'i's nA i i i f ' -^r'^9ic-- ■- 


I }C^.X' 

otp 9ni 



La-^tly, aprellant insiete tJi'it the court erred in 
giving the se'^nd, thiji^, eeveiith and elevi^th inptructions 
given on "behalf of appellee. The r.econd instruction inforrae 
the jury that in conpiderinf the weifht to be f.iven to the 
tcftimony of the proeecut ir.e. witnece they phould t-ke into 
considerTtion ?o fnr "s the e^me ip ?hor;n bv the p^idence, 
her con<3ition inmediately 'before Tid rt the tr:-e of the pct 
of intercoTir«e, v/hioh cp.upef^ o ■-'nceptiin. A-npell'^nt contende 
th-^t the court fja^umed •?!? q f'^et the nil -ped rrt '<f inter- 
couri^e toftifjed to by P'>.id -^ror-ecDting v^itnes? ■■ f } nving 
been h-^i' v/ith appell-^nt, inrte"*^ ^f PubTritting the some to 
the jury. -here is eone force in apriellr^nt' " critic! pm but 
we do not believe tb^^t the jury '■■ere tripled by thif^ instruc- 
tion, ior the court in the prn-e inp'-ruction renvirp the 
jury before finding ^-o^-. el "'ant ^ find" frrrr +he fpcte 
nnd c irOj'FPt^ncc!' th"t be T;=i<s thp f-'thpr of rrid c:- ild. 

vompl^.int Is 'ade e? to the i^Ly^ri int-tri-'ction for 
the rearon th--t the court informed the jury thjjt fiif prose- 
cuting •vitneee vvi? not p •nnrty to the erit. uv do •lot think 
that the court should "xiave ^iven ^n in?-truction to the jury 
on this queption, but v;e do not consider the :- ivinp- of the 
sBiae E.? serious error. 

Apnellant comTilni>^<^ of t/ie Tejyi'htb in°triction for 
the rcRPon tbot it inform:"? the jury th--; t in dcterrdning tlie 
v;ei^^ht tv,;:it they should f2,ive to the teptiTfony ■^f o->-ie]lant 
Lhey phnll t^Ve i>ito c onpider^^tion bis irter^^st in the re- 
sult of the euit, ^.if- deraeonor v'Vdle on tVir ptmd., is con- 
duct ot the tri'il co fir op tbe «="ie ir dircToptd by the 
evidence. -"ne oart ni the inptruction objected to ':y pppel- 



lant is, the relerence to appel] ant' e "conduct nt the trial." 
The reference to nr^pellnnt ' 3 conduct at the trial would "be 
o'bjectionptle were it not for the fnot that tlicir coneider'^- 
tion of ' JB conduct et the triol ie limited to hip conduct 
eo ff-r SF tVie same ip diirloeed hy +he e-vidence. 00 limited, 
v;e do not think tjiere \ ?,p err^r in fi-vinp the same. 

The eleventh instrjction i-::iven nn hclinlf of ap- 
pellee i-a_B« f oTIoipp: I *'.i.f the jury btDieve th^.t tJe prose- 
cuting vyitneee -•f.'^i? rrdptaken as to the dny tn-^t the nlleged 
intercourse occurred, yet if you hel ieve fror the t:re»='ter 
■weijiht of the evidence thst the defendant is the f.''ther of 
tJie child, then you phnuid find the defend'^nt tu^l-y*"! '^^■^ 
criticism on tliiei in9truction if? tlie reference nade to the 
lact thf-t tlie prosecuting v.-itneps raay have .^een rii :~ taken ae 
to the dsy of the alleged intercourse. 'i'Vdp insurrection does 
not '?e.r.m to be complete in itpelf, a? it ir evicent thnt poine- 
thir^ was left out of the in^triiction in drnftinf the pame. 
^ i-O'we'vfrr, v^e do not think that there v/ae nny F?erio\)F error 
^^' in the living of thii? instruction re v/e underptrnd the par- 
ticul^r doy is no more ixpcrtr'nt in this kind of p case th-^n 
it is in "iny other, hnlcoiab v. aeople ex rel 79 I."i'i. 415. 

Vie h ve exg.mined the^e inetrvictionp and virile v;e 
lire of tne opinion th^t cert'^in of the objection"? ,nde by 
ap-'jellnnt to these intjtruc tion? f>re r?e,ll token, r-till we 
are of the opinion thr.t the orvor? cont-^ined in sn id inetruc- 
',io;ip Oiter.d by R-nriell^nt nnd ' '. , ioh '^r t ~eutt^d .iT-iLcllant' s ^ ^ t^ 
tncory^^pt tlie c^e in it^^'ont fsvorr.'. le lifht. ^n fnct. 


;the in?tr voti'^n? of aprjelJnnt required thnt l.efore they could 
find him {-'uiTty, t>iej\ ry ciuet find th??.t nr)T,e1'\ee h^d nroven 


isifljooa" li'tii^ 



.hii>i sX .riova'* .t'o-^^^yi nx r!>%"- s'f'^ •'-^wTtoft ^J 


her case oy a cleBr preponderance of the evidence,. there"by 
recuirintj a greater degree of proof of sprellee'p cnse 
than under the law phe vas required to ^reduce. Fe^k v. 
People 76 111. 292. 

1. The record hIpo djpcloseo tliPt pt> .ejT^nt admite 

having ^.'^ited on the properutinp v-itnepr nt different times 
and pIso testified tlir-t en tJ-R eveninf p: ecff' irr, the one in 
question he acromrsnied her home froiti church, ?>nd he eoQici- 
ted her to hr'.ve in tercrurre- -with him, hrt th?t the refused. 
"■-"his evidence is only ip;r,ortant ir ro f^r ^ ? it ir'c'lcates 
th-^t if the j)rof?ec..t tint.. v:itne?p did not lis vp intercourse v?ith 
nprjellpnt, it v-^ ? n'^t hie fou3t. 

••hile we do '-.ot c^n?ider thr.t tlie oourt v'»^p wholly 
free iron error in it? rulirftp on trie ins^tructioni? given to 
the jury, at trie parne tirae ^e co not feel thf>t the errors were 
of n peri^ius chrTacter or ^udri -^p v.'ould prf:jri<^jcp '-rjnel lant' e 

The evidence in this c^ne vop coi-if ] i ctin; , depend- 
ing al; oet entirely at the crucinl --ointp on the evidence of 
nppe'I]nnt pnd the progecutiji^; v.-itnes?, and Jt "op, therefore, 
pecTjliRrly the province of the jury to deter^iine t?ie -weight 
to be i. iven to the evidence, ?<nd their verc'ict pr'^iOd not 
he disturhed vhere no s^'rious error? in the ri'lint-; p of the 
court :.'?'. ve intervened. 

linding no rovprpihle error in 'Ct e recon', the 
judgment of tlit- tri"l covrt v.-iil he affirmed. 

Ju"'pinert wf firmed. 

hot to he rt-''>'-> rt*»d in fuU 


aTt rv.^w :?.''? '^1=^ 3^'+ i'^"-'''!'.' .Te'~;':f 



/. CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copg of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in mi; office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set rrw hand and affixed the seal of said court 

at ML Vernon, this .,^^A.,^s^.aL rfoy of April 

A. D. 1916. z:^ /^ f I 


Clerks the~Abpemte Court. 


( jsr^ 



Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at ML Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. | 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 


And afterwards, to-wit: On the S.e.:v.£ rffl| of April, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, anIOPINION in the words and figures 


No. 21.. 

October Term, 1915 

.Theodore Schrieter^ 

Defendant in Error. 

99 I.A. lOl 




..l^aMP.lElhi COUNTY 




Ko. 21 In the ATjpellste Court Afend^ I'.n.g, 

ol I'linoiP, iourth DiPtrict. 
October Term, A. 1'), 1915. 

Juliuf -orn, ) 

riaintiJ:'!' in Irror. } 

V?. ) ;imr to ."jKlilori : ounty 

) Circuit Court. 

Theodore Schrieoer, ^ 

Defendant in J.rror. ) 

Opinion by Bopjrp, J. 

Thj.p if an faction in treepasf- br-Uiiht by Juliue 
Boyn, harenfter deMi^-^nnted as plaintiif, a^ ains;t '-Theodore 
Och'iebpr, >ic-re«.ftrr de-eif n -^trd as defendnnt, I'or an apsault 
and bnttery ■01:?Kei to hsve been committed in the city ^f 
hed iud, lllinoiei, on the bth day of Larch, :i'c^l4. Ihe declar- 
ation ooneirt? of a ?inr,]e c-^unt, in 7.'hich it is ohnrged 
th- 1 pl^irti if v,"9a v/ronfTf lI ly Ir-'ociced dc^n and l:ioked by 
the defendant in a public street of said city. I.iiriO(-eo 
c:ir-iir.ied '-vcre T/ree Ti ou-and I'Dliar*?. 

ihe ^-enerRl ieexic •-•as filed oy defendant, nnd an 
agreement enti;red into of record that any evaclejice proper 
under p-;)ecir,l pleas co^ild be ndrQitted under tiit .vcnernl iSFue. 
A trial V.-10 hr,i reoultin^: in a vex diet nnd -indcrncnt for 
deiendant. To reverse --'hicji judfcrnent this v.rit oi error 
is prosecuted. 

The Torino ipal grounds relied upon for p. reversnl 


,j-5£«oj iiu'^xi. 

■i' . i * r; i: -; r '^ 

.'« ,57^5)0 a 1^0 noini:--' 

fLi'3i-'~ riff lo't ,^xi.Rbn©'t8i> ei? fc's.t'- n ;,x9ob T^^l'tfl^tiaxf jif»cf©J:' .r; -i 
rFro?^ oriT .MGX «xfai«U to \;Kf) xiO-d srT.i rrn ,9xcniXII .i^.; 1 

.3TCaXX0'i bnJ?avo;£T 99lX^ 9-i'v,r b^mx Co 

-xol i JaXM^v ••> iT-^ r,niJr.,33'i rj.xf gr-jr Xi?X-xJ A 

"xc- 'jcil* iii isvai or ,:frt vbnsiab 

.boiuos'soiq ai 


oi said cauee are, first, th^it the verdict is affptinst the 
manliest wel&ht of the evidence; second, that the court 
erred in not f.ranting a new trial on the ground th-t the 
V9itnesi<=, Cr. C4 C . oinitii, v/i^i not ssworn belore teetilying, 
and third, th^t the court erred in ihe rivan^, , i.ocilying 
[nnd relupint; ol ine'ruotiont m f.'aid csuse. 

The rcccrcxi diclot't-s thrt y<lrir.tiii ».! the time 
in cme-tion vjn.p r.tout fifty-iive yearo oi -^tc; th^t for eome- 
tiae r^rior Ite hod hten siiife-ring frorc a cata^rrhal trouble 
v.hich all ected his> horirir^ nivl si^ht to a greater nr less 
degree; that ?\e V7«e hy profos^-ion a d«-cr,r?tor, out hind not 
lollov.ed any huDines.'p in reccat yepre; and th' t eo-se ten 
ycf^rs prior to the c o;it rovtiey in uutrtion he had pu^tpined 
p.n irgury by IrJiint Irorr! o ladder I'rom wViich injury >ie ■:nd 
never IviJJy recovered. Leiendant, v,ho w-j?! engi^ed in the 
Jivery husine^e, vv- s 'i l^.recr, y jum.,er T,nd f?tron,,er i-ian than 
pj Tint i f 1'. iric svide.Tcs farther discloce;? th=it plaintifl and 
delfind'mt *vere not ■»! the htsnt of texras, 

■'n tyie norninj: of t}ie d.^iy in quvrticn 'jj-'irtifi hrd 
Gon-i to the ogt office ior hit- i;iail, and after ::6Ci.ring the 
oanie he started do^;n thte etreet in f-n e- !*tcr...y ■ irectir'n. he 
hnd f one but t\ r -^ort di -tarsct; vuen the deiendant nccorted 
Viiri, rakinp i-'ot.e insinuating remark nnd t'rereupon the 
trovuj] e be(_"n. 

It is claimed by plaintifl th"t defer.dr.nt nae the 
atreepor; thrt he jac'e fovjiC reaiark to the effect that plain- 
tiff in error hnd vrf-nted to vjj-.ip (.efendrr.t ' ?? f^t^u^r; thft de- 
fend'^'nt r,»?hed ?t hjia with fist uprf>i^ed in n thrrfitening 

s..' it no L 

^I. rr>-:.- i5f£•r'X«c^po .8 ajorit axsi ^-ad Ssxl Qxii 


* i- 

EiF.nner; th»t he felt «ev<.;ial stroke? belcT tVe i fit eye; 
thot "i:e fell ToBck snd vhile rn the f.rcund he felt tliree 
eevere >.l<kc en the rirht nnlcie ^nd elbo^; th-^t } e oocaiae 
vmconsriovp ^nd when c^npcior pnerp v-^p ref'''inec he "f»p in a 
ne-»rhy rtrre. The only eye ritrert' to t? e trr-r'^ofetion of- 
Icrred "by -laintiff r- s ? rf:«;n try the na^-.e cf : ilitp, y in 
t' •etirrtnny v.>^e to the cffi'ct thst riefendp.nt ^..-^rte =^^e pro- 
frne rein^rlr' to r,''?.i --.ti fl nnd - r'^hhod hirr-;; fit thercu-on 
plaintiff in error turned -^nd hlcked iefendnnt r^orer-here 
helov tVic Vnee??; that when .'rThhed, -nl'-tiitiff fell -nd 
th«t v'r ile "lying on the ground defendant hicVed hiii and 
ptruck biiE v.'i th '':ir fi?t. 

Cn the cthi; r hpnd defendant r?ay3 he rvr not the 
ai-.rre'.-scr; th^-^t o^riitiff ki^-ked Y-im oefore he ever struck 
p3?i;till; th^.t re never rtruck or kicked pj^irtiff vrhile 
te \rc' doviii; th:^t he ^v.". trj'inf to tivjid tr'-rhle .--rd only 
3t.~r:ck r-Ialntili in or^^er to defend Mrieelf. Sever^.l eye 
witnecner* to the trnnG^^ction corrotorj^ted defend -rt to the 
effect th-^t r,l<^intiil ^ ave tiie firrt hlovr. The mjiury ?up- 
taincid oy plaintill roneipted nf ^ever"! revere r.r\-ipcp, "but 
no phypicifin w-^.e? (^allec to tre^t the Fsme. 

*hat plnintiff in error pave the firrt Vlow r-e think 
iH .«u-r)-oor'.ed uy t"i.e clear preponderj^nce of the fivldence. The 
only ^jeriouf! ;,ueclion on the evidence ir? s to Tt.eTher the 
deTcrnownt ueed r,.07'e force th-m s.e neceFsrry in def pending 
hiT.i?elf or i>9 to Y/>iether he, hin?elf» after tr.e fi-f-^t "blow 
tra? given ■becnrr.e the n^^^^'re^eor . There ?7rp *? c^nfliot of 
evidence on tiiese ippues and vie «re not nLle to «ny thnt the 


-iiii rLri'w mtri si^oi- 

.:i Ji3Ji0i;i TO aOuTv?:; ^i.jv . 

.J .':.'<»IX.BO U.«W r' ■;: • •• - •' - - ■■ 

BTfir'^n . ri.-'l: S'^0.^. b9*it.t S Cif^ bniil ii b 

V: , , -1 •x^iiitad'sr dl "j*; -xo 'tX £>■■-' i 



jury ■"■•ere not fully T.Rrranted in linding for the defendant 
on thene iroues. At le^ot, we are pile to *>ay th?t the 
verdict ip not afainet the mp.nifect ifseight of the evidence 
find thflt ie all that ie neceaesry for ur to e-'-y in r^aeping 
on the cviccnce. ho£,f/n ve. Orison, 182 Ill.App.^l. 

trconc*, it ip contended the onvrt erred in 
not J. ranting p. ri^y trinl on the ground th^vt iir. ;.mith, one 
of ttie v;itne8PC6 on behalf of eiencinnt, v/ap not ^T-orn before 
tt rtifyinf^. This< v'vieftion was not rnifjed the motion 
for a nerv trial vras hep.rd. At th^'t time aiiidaviti? v/ere pre- 
pcntt'd by pla.lntiif to the effect that the \atne;7?eg were 
pU evrm nt tne beta^ning of tne cas-e tnci that the Doctor 
c9Tr.e in .^fte'n^ards and tliat he ^"as not sv/orn hefo.e teeti- 
lyinf,. Tiie renorter'? note^ f ~iled to sh.Tw v/hethc-r >e vv?is 
pvorn or not. however, the doctor > .liiieelf naicee aiiid^^vit, 
po^iti-vi; in it,;? charr>.cter, th'^t iie v.'fve svorn, bt.fore he fnve 
hie teetiinony. -lie trinl jud^e n:"ter c oui'ldcrijig these af- 
fidavits v^vemiled the •■-lotion a' or a nev- tri-\l, .--^ ■.: i{_,ned on 
th'-.t i^ro-jnd r^Tiinnt^ others. 

Ho -'upreiit or Apiiel 'ate "-curt or.ees vcre cited by 
covmeel for either =ic e ^ lie re thi e oint hnd hetn --laGped vTon, 
Xhe qiACPtion, whethrr or not & v.±nesE was F.vrorn before cepti- 
^ I fying ie ?o oeculiarly under the obtervjr tion of t}\t tri/'.l 
judt e t>iat v,'e nre not inclined to dieturi. his rulirgs on a 
matter of this? chamcter. xhen, too, tin.- tt.-? uirriony of thie 
witneirfi <l3d net relpte to any vit-^l irr?ue in the c-se, and 
even if it slic^ld be };eld that the evidence tended to show 
thn t he hat* not been sv^orn, ptill lis? tefti'iony "■ e not of 






puf fie lent import*ince to warrant a reversal of the c».pe. 

^hird, plaip.tiif corrplpinrt of the itodii icn tion by 
the trial court of inritructions nuiribere t\\tx^^ loii^ snd 
ce\A!fr\, tliven on be}jalf of Tlnintiif. -e b? ve expriired 
therje ine t rue t ions a:? off ^ rv.v\ by plai/:tilf, anci :■:-■ ?iftcrrirds 
modified and t,iven Vy the court. '^'he Mod a f icatioii of c^ch 
ol ti-eee in3truGl;ione w-'s? v.oro in v.iytter of Inrti tunn nvh- 
pti.nce, nnd the iae-'-nijig of the jnT-tivic^i '-ns .-e ^.edified find 
f. iven '-ere --sr^cticaljy the sa*'e np w.ntn tendered. 

Flsintiij al JO jnnista th-'t the court erred j.n re- 
fusing instrv'Ctioric number? "^y^, t'l^, iipi, ?J/^', r-ei^n 3n6. 
eitl^vt o: f ered by rlf-intiii . lastru.otio.-ie nuraher: ono and 
f!"o were a'ij3tr'''.ct in chnx;'-r:iev i^sid thci-e v;ap no error in 
•refining the?i. Lnrtruction riiir;:fctr livfc v.'p;? r- -roper inrtruc- 
tion, but the 'X' "terc crntn.ii;ed in tl.i s ;.n«tn cti-.n vere 
iuJly rov-;'red oy orher in'^tructions ,ti-vtn. Inrtrirition num- 
ber riy vr-s to thn nffrct th '.t v.'orde -.^p ■'km '-ere ro excuee 
for ?,n P-ef-tiiilt. -i-Tiip instruction v/^b cnrrc-ct in :' :riii «ind 
embodied a correct ^irirjciT)! e of j.av, "out ■'/e do r. t think 
the cniirt tirrcd in reru'.'int: t'"ii3 in:? true ti on rr? f.ere \~hp 
no ovi''e:icc in the c":?e th?: t rend*; red tn inp '.ruction of this 
'character neccr? -ry. Inrtruction number ^even .■•■- pin in- 
struction "ith reference to riunitive drr;:".jes nnd ".-Jiile em- 
bodying: n correct pri icirle of law, pr\ j n--" ruction f iven by 
the court aavi?ed the .'lUry vith refcrer.ce to tb.e rule in re- 
t'^rd to the rllov-mce 'f exeTpl??ry or -)U;iitivo d'"-.->f,e.v , nnd 
there vr<3 no occasion ioi rrpenti>ie thv= p-."^e. In«-truction 
nu-nber ei^^iht vps Ti'fviiientaMve in lor';i ind our^i-orted to in- 

■ 5- 

Btruct the jury v.'ith reference to mnttere that were foreign 
to the iesut-s involved nnd v/e think there van no error in re- 
fusing the eHF'e. 

ilaintitf pXso cojitenced tVitt the court erred in 
f_x\iag tiie fi\^/t, thi;?^, 'oi|/ih snfl fis^y Instruction? of- 
iered on .oehalx of defendant, e hf-ve exarfiinrd c.rch of* 
inotiuc tiori£ , nn& .ir€ urr-Ue to ?Ry t>i>it the coirt ted 
any error in the £iving of the rn' e. •< n tion of the 
infitructione tiven ty the cnit in ti i-^ r-rc r:\rT'^ thnt the 
jury were icJrly inr?triicted >r all '^f t>.e i'jfsvpp jr^jolv^d, and 
that :io ofcrioue era' or vaF ccii-iittfec^ Vy tV:e curt in the Fiving, 
refusing or rriooiiyiri^.- of the ir ft rrclicrit offerer'. 

A'iradin£ riO ecrioi'E ^.rror in the record, tiie ji'dg- 
ment of the tri.-ai. coi.rt ir --f f ii-ned. 

Af f irTied. 

isOt CO ce retiorted in full. 




/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true cope of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in my office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set my band and affixed the seal of said court 

at Mt. Vernon, this _ f^^^ _ _ day of April 

A. D. 1916. y^ J /O 

_^^^-^_ >s ^ I ^ Jk^^vgYz<^<=?<^ "- _.. 

^ Clerk ofjhe Appellate Court. 







Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th dag of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 



Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. | 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. I 


And afterwards, to-wit: On the .9.e.V.e.nt.eenlh day of April, M D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in the words and figures 
following: j. 



Carson Cobine, 


ell ant. 

No. ...50.. 

October Term, 1915 


C. C. C. «Sc St. 1. Ky. Co. and\ 

-V", .In.4..Lanapplis & St.Lqu^ 

199/[.A. i06 



/. liLa.di.s.Dn COUNTY 

..S.ho r t. . L in e Ky . C 







Term To. 30. In the Appellate Court Afjendn, ro.57, 

of l]Mnoie, Fourth "Oiptrict. 
October Term A. D. 1915. 

Cars')!! Cooine, Appellant. ) 





Cleveland, Cjr.cj.nnfl.ti, ) k\j,&\1 fron. the Circuit 

Chicago i<. lit. a-oui? H'Tllw??y ) 

Comjjany, end Chiciif^c, Indian- ) ■'curt of I-di*'-,n County. 

ap'^lip (i: 3t. loui? Short Line ) 

x.ail^'vay Cooipary, Appeljeee. ) 

0-pinion hy 'd>OiX^p, J. 

This nripenl if? prosecuted oy C;-rson Cnbine from 
a judfisent in bar of action .-^nd for cor-'te renc'^eif^d '5gBinst 
hira by the Circuit '-'.'^urt of Tnviir^on C ^.uiaty in t n^it hroug-ht 
hy hire, a^r^in^t the C e\fl<'? ".d , Cincii:'.nti , C};iofO ./ St.louie 
I\."ilway Cnriy)«iny and Chicfc, I ndi anapol i 3 &. '""t. Jouiij oTiort 
line .'.ni?rc'.d Comr^ny. 

The dcclrrotion in f!pid csure chnrf:ed ancnf; other 
thing? thct the C.C.C. i, Et.L.J-.y.Co. , leasee of the t..l. & 
St. I. S, line to., constructed a dam in r<. rstural '"iter 
couree th-t f loved through the Irnd;? of ap pell ant, and that 
"by refi^on of the construction of rnid -'ar., the waiters in esid 
natural w?>t' r c-^Lir^re 'ere cortructed in their flO'' through 
the lands of '^prellnnt and the v.itere in said ptren-n were 
caused to \)Hc)f. \jp on hlg 5?.iid landr? over-flo>^' the parne, 
daiiafint: the crop? Df appellant for wViic'i recovery •■••« sought, 


.^Jrtu.-'J n>v-! tb • ■ xo J-iwo'.- ( -n^X-bnl jOa^fJMCJ baa ,\;nj3q.aio^ 

( afcxJ ^loiiS siuot ,JL' ai 5.cT<^'^s 

<- r.-T'.»bxT3"i 9d''9/?o rc'i beiB no. 
Jt(h;'7. ■ Rx x.^nr'''' r •'■><: ].!!••" *'" : 

■si,.-- . xlfO ,i 

•is'" . , 1 , ■ . 

in noi.touiiBnc 

The oriKinpl declar^^vtion w <? fhandoned nnd three 

additional counts v;ere fiTied "by appellant, to ?/hich n plea 

~f not fuilty v e en-ered. S, trial v-a? rr-.l and a verdict 

returned in f^-vor of nppelleee. -V-e rriotion for a nev? trirl 
i v.'ae allowed. A eecond trial v.?* iiat! and at U-e second trial 

i the second and third of t;ie •additional county were sbnndoned 

1 and the :5-pcellHnt re]ie?1 nlone on the firgt rdditional count. 

The second trial rermlted in s yerc^ict fiiidinf.; appellees 

not fuilty. Judprnent ^vp o rrndered in \)ni: cf ?ction and for 

co3te. frorr^ wiiich thi? ^npeal ic vrr^ scented ^f^-^^ r, , 

>'ho ovifjnnoo (iirjcloro* t>in i t nj-vollar t :y^n^eii 

jBuel^ art Ovvn^ei{:hty 

outh r,n 

• crer of land lyinf one i-.r?'\f rile north nnd south -nd a 

quarter of p r.iile e-^'^t "n-'. vo-it. '^he ?outh end ol ?aid lands 

■^i^ p omethinf over t'vo thou?.p,nd feet north of tjie dain in ques- 

ti on , 'ih r m*'T n 1 "-t* !! -" ! ' ••■<< ■■ '■ '■- t'l "-^' ' '^ 1 1 - ' '' ■ ' " '■' ■■ ■• 

"' voyleg Ty p .i. ^n tt'l^ This 'ater courpo entered >*i . <,'. !l>Till' .- land 

on the rorth line I'.rd f 1 o\':ed t'^^a'curh s'-id eighty acree po 

ovned hy air-^^ . \-\pn± the Iohl' ?''-iy, 'ind eirmtied on to a tnct 

of ] nnd lying inn'ediplcly snith of anpF"i "1 phI * "^ Ir.nd O'srned, 

or in the nopeespion of nrfrl 1r"r ' The ?. trean; in nu a ction 

avera^.ed atout ?iy or peven feet in c'epth and \v'>s about 

twenty feet in vfidth fron: hfinlc tc h;<nk. The d-;M ir> inrstl9Il. 

w'lp cnnr.tructed durin^: the Inttcr pnrt of the ye-^r 1910 

and the e.^rly -.'rt of the ye'^r 1911. *he center riortior of 

the dnra -Sr*. Cf^lled the " niill^'ny" a,mA *«- 'aaf'e of concrete, cu.^ 

"i>r o Qn o r n -t n n n rti i n if tV i n 'i'-n ijj '^9.7 frjet "ide. - rom 


the concrete ^pillwry to the hill <^r\ e'-ch pide tlic clr-ra is tuilt 
of earth, rcaTcin^ the entire dptn r* ch fr^^m rue hill to the 

s+MMffift f«^f»i%j:^ji.f)f>o 

:59e srfi 

J-eal fcr 


(^ UCA^C^LlWhAZo 


other. A;j ] j u i I-tf gg thu s formed e iTge rcpervoir north of 

the clnn in which to collect and retain v/ater to he ured in 

the operption of theii road, 'ihe top of t}ie concrete rriijl- 

wny «** on the paiae .level ae the bottom oi the Vrf^nch at 

'\ ,^ 

nppellant'e ?(nith line. '") 1 n im mI n n'll I'y n i I'l i. yy^i puuKj 

hy tlip enpppp f r m 'b r h n- Tf-r rf- n j iitllni nt nnri l i j un ii tlT rr i iii 

-gurvf y a jaixx.e-J.Q,-T>Jac ticp.l ^rf e m e n t^ — —- 

T- k 4 ? eY . idpni?g di gB Jopo r? th ' t ' t jth e c '~ i < n t ry t h rouj^h 

which thie etrtsin 13ov^^f^Te hiily "nc tJask the v—'tcr -t 

) t^ 

timee of heavy ning vcrdd gcther rft-cidly in > a ai«j etrcr»m , 

nd tiBrt.^a:* ctreajn rouDd overl'lcv itr trrrs'. 'n the land 
'I — -i 

ov-ned hy ■ An . ^oilnm' i .!^f fYr'- ^V^" ^g tHirrlo r nd frhrrt >\>iere 
lottou land r..lonc. the ;rtreprn on f??.ch ride thereof, rompoping 
alout tv/enty-fivc or thirty rcree of enid eighty. 'The ov4 - — 

djia oc nlco ai fcc l gacn: ' tinit ^TThip i:r>tural v^tcr c^i.roe h.;d ite 
source f?o>r. ething like tvo • ilee north of the ipra. ijt 4L»ietiiTn. " 
■ yne cottorn of trie etream at the eouth line of Siarael 1 urn '9 

land v^Rs ^piproximately ^-even feet lo/.'er f'.nn the hottom of 
the r:-treaia vt the north line of.pnid ir?nd. In -itiiiv v:nrns. 

>. Lhe st-'ean ran turou^i i- n pp'n ""•<•* ° i^ruirrA naa — ^ 

"li e e vidonoe pIoo ' iig - iijif th"»t Vffoiith r-f the line 
of ni;i7al i ant'Jb land t>ier« v^s hotton land, -^.firi thn t the fnll 
v.'ae rcr) id, and ti*p* dirin^: ti'nep of hc^vy m in? the water 
wuld epri-'d ■Dirt 0"ver th-^se lottora Imds nfter Itaving apv .al- 
' - Invit ' g nrerrdpe!?. 

'j-'he dam,'Jt:;ee els i^^ned "by ' ^.ti e "i 1 n rxJL ^■■'ere t 




■ -^tt^ep^ .i9illo 

•, a.. 





stacks of hay on eaid bottom land ovmed by him and for 
damage done to the cnrn gro^vm on ^aid ■pretnipep for the 
yeT 19lOjJ ^lie evidence dipclosee tiiat p orae of the hay 
hid been etanding in et^.cks on pnid land fci' porre ^hree or 
four year? and vro rrpctical 'y v.or Dilef-s btfore tjie freph- 
ets Cf»rr.e, and the evide'ice lasrO disclosfce that the corn 
for ?^Lir;h apneljRtit cl i>'jr- '- not gnthei^ed by V.irn until 
the month of ; ^y 19^1. ;iif,' excuse lor not hrTvinf. feathered 
it prior to th«t tin;e v/-.s tiiat lie h«d ao inany other things 
on h.^nd th-^t he did not hM. ve titae to "ni'nd to it. 

'iurrierov. y errors Kxe ;. sfji^ned on the I'ecorn^ hut 
the only ^.«Firnment ol eriors rtr^iied hy aopel?. ant in hie 
Irief ie- thit the c jurt ph-'uiu j, ve p-.llov...-d p> ness trial for 
the TQD.-rtYi th-^it the vcriict of the ryuvy ie ngeintt the 
innnifc^t v.'ei(ii t of tl.e evidence arid tlirit the ccurt erred in 
the ^,\-ving, of certrin xn^tiuc tione tendered by appellees. 

"i'his C'lee 'rB.s tried hy tv.o different Ji. ric-^, hotl'i 
of Yiich foond nf?aini-t r-'poeilant. -he ground relied on by 
appejlant Icr p recovery of dmoftfef in thit? cs9t is th"t 
tliC dritn in qnertion c-^iiped the ■ •^■ter to L"cV on hip land, 
thereby injurin^^ }ii p crops, and that the dom obstri/cted the 
natural flow of the water. As ptsted above, the top of the 
?pi'il\vH.y V, •? on fi level v itli tiie bottorrt of the ptro-nin it the 
pouth end of ?r)-'iel] int ' p land. Ilxe sLreaza nccording to ap- 
pellant's st tement vj.".s about twenty feet in width and ibout 
r=ix ?nd one half feet -n depth. -^he 6oillv;'?y of the dam, 
according; to r-ppeVlrtnt ' 3 stotement, v.a-c 6y.7 leet v,ide. It 






would eeem to follor riD a neceeeary coneequence th^t the 

dm:;, V.PTrfin^ a spillway of nr:cticaTly seventy feet in width, 

the top ff which v.ns on a level v.-ith the "bottora of Q-npel- 

l-int' e ditch, would not constitute n vpry ?erioup otstruc- 

tion, as the v-^idth of the Fpill^vry wjip three -nd ^ne J-ialf 

tinier wider than the toji of t>ie etream ar it llowed throv.fc,h. 

appellant*? land. 

Appellant testified th t )ie nev r knc" thnt stre^im 

to overllov; lut once ;)i<,viobp to the ccnetrtiction oi p^.id 

dR.iu in ISIO end 1911. "'ih'.t it t,.- h a rood !r_finy yc'is ago 

and it vv.-se cal'ied a cloud burst." v■•itn^;:8 p nlfered by 

appellant c orroo'irated hiir. in this s-tatement. .illiam An- 

drev/s, a -witness called by eppellfint, testified "th- t Vie had 

known this ttreaui for r-on;ething over thirty ye-i-!?; th^.t 

this ?tresm rise? raoicly snd recede? rapidly" "1 have 

kno'^nn that stream thirty-five ycrs; hive ^^-cen it ripe and 

flood ffigny triiee.'* -his sa-ne v.'itne'rs teptiiied ti-.' t in 

Cctober l^li, the dam c on t; true ted by a;^,j':eiico;? vent out; 

that before the dam broke he went up -':,he Ftre-iin to a-onel- 

lant'^ land; that the .^ter was- co.riing off of Cobine'e land 

"ri^iht through tiie corn like t^ rice hocce"., wiich v..o»;ld 

Been to eho-R- c '-^ncl i>ei vely that fue dare did not f^t struct the 

f J or of v.'-ater through appel^nnt's land. Tjiip pptic ^^itnees 

wae called by apnenecs and tcetiiied th t before the dan 

was placed over Voyle' f? branch it overflov/td a number of 

times. "In n.y judt-inent 1 will say '^Vout t>fen tires before 

tills dam evf:r put in. '^ome of the over flo-'.ve -ere 

j;re t, and ?n>ne of thejn the v/ater w^jp ji'st out nf the branch. 


r ' ' 


One rain-fnil 1 recall vie ?uid eoine pround pjoved, .iu^-t ^ot 
it T:loY.ed on one pidt and luid the pi or -pulled on t):e other, 
thnt ni^ht co!r:6 a bif rnin and n "bif ppace •crf^^-hed pII of 
our plov/ed t3ci-''^d off and left it p.b smooth 3? a floor, 
'i'h.-it was in tne i'orty sojth ci ColDine'p land." 

William Voyles, anotlier witness v/i^o t'-?t.ified 
on ocimif of .-jpi^el iant vms alL'O cp.lled by appellee!? and tes- 
tified re lollo^"??; "'i. have set^n this "'urn.'-ich over-fjov.' ninny 
time? oefore th- t djim •.•a? rut in. '. i\en r-e J.-^n licn^/y rn in- 
fill!? that branch vould coi:ietinies overf^ov,-. ' it -out foing 
into tne testimony further it ie only necef?«' ry to s-?y th^t 
in our opinion the evidence fully ^'arrv^.nted tlie ju^ in 
finding th?.t the dajji in c;uc?tion did not c;»uf?e the water to 
b!5ck on np^ieilant'e land and that it did n-t ob!?truct the 
natural How of uhe water through the saine. 

Appellant r-txt coi^tend? t/.^-t the court e:red in 
fjivint, certain inptructionp tendered \y .<'-Ti:ellfceE lor the 
rear/on that those ine*ructions direc'-.ed a ve::C.lct ^rid did 
net contain al] of tlxe f^cte necefS"iy to le detertrined by 
the jury before lupking up tlieir verdict, '.e i.rve examined 
there ins? tructiore and vhile they ney be pubject -cc some 
criticisK, yet, v.e do not believe that any bubetpntial error 
was couirr.itted by the coijrt in the ^si\in(; oi tLem. Annellant 
inr'if?tB thfit the inetructir^n? did not t-ke into consideration 
x.'he uuGPtion of \vhetr'er tlie d.^ia in que fc- lion o'etructrd the 
natumi llov of the v/ntcr, but only pubmi tted to the jury the 
quer-tion ci v/hether the d=m caused tlie v/ater to biCk on 
appellant'? TDreiniees, and tjierecy ur?ir.ate his crops. There 




is really no teetimony in the record to the effect that 
the nnturol flow of the v;"ter vb obstructed 30 tJiere 7/as 
no occasion for the court to BUbtiit that que-tion to the 
jury. ^vry^ellnnt, hiinr^elf, tep*.ifiec' thrt the fl ov. of v; ter 
throu£Ji ;;ip land •p.'«?r-hed certnin of lU s cro'-e dovnn the s>tre«m 
and thio would indic-te that the fl ov: of the v^ter vr-g. rot 
ohetrvcted if it h?d puf^icitnt T^eTrentum to flont ►iis crops. 

Another obiectior is niade by n.-nncllant th-'t the 
court ?hoi.!ld h^ve irifirvcted the ji^ry th'it they ir-i-ht award 
ap-pellnnt no.rrdnal d fijTiP f: e r , even though they did lu t find from 
the evidence that xe h-'.d eul:fered -^ctu"! darearei?. A suf- 
ficient P.n3"'er to thi p c-ontenl, ion i? thtit ♦•.he -^Iv inetruc- 

I tion f iven by at) p ellet , covering the me- pure of d-^niagep, 

I - /I . • 

^ j required th it the jiiry Tv.-nrd only ?ur«h d'->riapeff n ■? t^.ey inight 

'^-- i 

j find from t}:e oyidcnce, ■'o ho>inr tendered tnie kind of 


i an intrtruction hinpelf, he i» not in a x^nr^ition to r^iee 

^ thii? question. 

I j?he ipr»iiCF in th? s? c^^e ?^re '■•rir.nrily n.n ?.?:?ue.« of 

f?'Ct pnd tvro jurio«h' vinf fntmd "grjnpt the clniri of oppel- 

\, Innt ".nd t'-exe being no pubrt^ntinl trrorp in tiie record, 

this jud4:cicnt ehouid be riirinued, 

Judfir.ent nf:ircied. 

Hot to be reported in full. 



.+ r;ii j-o*!"?* 9n -^ 1 n.i xrn^ssixi'ryj on ■^£l£483T Bi 

m3in9s»eiv. tn^i- 

/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copy of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in mi; office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set my hand and affixed the seal of said court 

at ML Vernon, this ..dLSi^n...- day of April 

A. D. 1916. 

Clerk ofthk Appellate CourC. 







Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th dag of March, in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harrg Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 



And afterwards, to-wit: On ^/ze ..-..^..■...^..^1.7til*.»-».^..-^.. rfoy of April A. D. 1916, there was filed 
in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt Vernon, Illinois, an OP IN 10 fl in the words and figures 




No. SI., 

October Term, 1915 

190 I.A. lO 


.John.. Klaus ,,.. 






Tern lio. 31. in tJie Ap-^ellate Court Atrenda 15o.?4, 

of Illinois, >"ourth. Tatttrict. 
October Term A. L. 1915. 

ComniiPBioncrs of i ighv/ays of ) 

the *ov;n of Byline, Ar-Dellee. ) 

) ,1 t'ron the t-naiFon 
V8. ) 

) C oun ty t i rev i t, C curt - 
John IJ-ntP, Appellant.) 

Opinion l>y -Ocgp, J. 

V]ie cor:;nuPc ionerp of }-if:ViV,'p.vs? nf the '■ r)\ n of 
;>.line in i^fidii-^ou -ovinty, hr.\ing received h i-etitinn for 
the vacation of e certain ror.d in said -'ov.'n?hiT! kno'-m as 
the -fi^lton and ureenvillc ro«r|, on due cnnnider^^tion ordered 
paid road vpo-ted. being un<'i>Je to aj^ree with ap" cilant , 
Y'ho ovmed poi^ie «:eventy -crep of land wnich vas cros?sed pt 
the ertreae Uv^rfrie'irt cnrner thereof, ^yy pnid rrr-d, 5^ouf,ht 
to \e vncsted, filed their oetition or certiiic-te 'vith a 
Justice of ti;e J ence in snid Tovm for the rurpop-e '>f h-ving 

the darsp^ief? of -a^vq^-i- iant ' g Innde a.ocertained a" nr-^vided 


by otntute. A trial v'.-^s l>efore the Justice if the Icce 

and a jury. ^he jury av/arded aiwiallaai v?-''.'"'0 for hie 

dann{ es. Judgment vi'^s rendered oy the Justice, fr'^n vhich 

jucUii^ent aA)p e llaHt aripealed to t}ie Circuit Court. "n the 

trial in the Circuit '^ourt after s ^ ^i ollf nt I'.p'^ offered 1 ie 



'.0 BXBVfd^tH 1o aicanoi 

sfi «voa>f <Tin'9fr?.'o''»- JbiBs ni bnoi ni^^^i'i^o s 'io noiJ'^o"/ erl^ 
?33- " 9uf) iic , 3llx/ff99'3:w bns nocf I^ ©iij^ 

^. . . nwo'i' bias nx sDss^t sriJ lo sjoj. .*^- ■. .. 

'■ ■ r 


evidence, the normnipr-ionerr. n^oved the c'-urt '..<^ rycliide the 

evidence and ins'truct the jury to fincl th<= iprut'e for the 

T)etitioner??, Tnd thst a r i Vel l -fl nt* " lands ^eie not (Janaged. 

'..}je t'iOtion vvn? allox^'-ed r.nd the jury ./ere ?o instructed. 

inet a,T3.^ir;^lQnt for 

Judt,raent yn o rendered on the verdict ag*^: 

4 prooi^cutcd -n appeal 
to this Court, and j.x tl^e Cctnber Verm Is/lT:, 'lie .judgment 

co8t^, fror. -.hich .iudtTient em 

of the v-ircuit Court v;- p reversed xnC the cause remanded 
for the rer.oon th- t the evif5ence of .S4^t. cl 1 a n t envied to 
Ehov; thpt hiisj land hrc leen dpzant^eo. fron; live to ten dollsrs 

er ncre, ond the holding of thas court 


id cause 

should oe subnltted to a jury to pscert^in tiie -^''nunt of da.Tn- 
Gtep, if 'r.y, t.c sv^e'i l ant' p lande. L >eid oau^fe -?^t^t«--feaja£..oD 


f or- -tric*-l -Hpei-rr'T e— ?7" '^v. ry " 1 ii " tt-.r- fc-irtiui t~^€.<*-«^4i-'-Jwvi— -fwi id. 4ury 

found the- Iff^gueT'l-trr b r p-ne i ^cw - ^n-o- that tiie~ Larul5_ o f ^rriei,- 

I syv fe- fie.'re vu>t dsranged -t>y the vacration- oi- «»«ri4--iToa.d. A, motion 

for a ne«; trial V7?^t" foftd'e v;Mch w "s"oveWuTe(T,~ Ssic Judgment 

■A'tin reiidersd on seid verdict in- tar of action .and- for coete^ 

fron v'hich judi^*j«nt »*»jsieil*Ja.t nroeecuted the-^r&^seiit ojnpcal. 

^ -;>pe 1 l - nn t ' g— 14rg-*>t conter.^^^i%H j«» thnt under the 

-loidinfe of tiiie court on the forrier tri.'il that it vne con- 

Tlueivelv deterf'iined thn.t ? ijroo".i Ljmt • wag erit:ltl.ed to damaeC*' 


3n account of the vncntion of Baid road, -- s do not thinl t -:^ 

tt;e— oftirfi ion j ^ ' «dcrod ow— t h e f i ar ai er -lxeuxlng: i-"- guec apt A ble - 

o^-4tie - G-QyH»W*»e4-jrt»fl- p If i C e d --t»f»aa-i-t- hy~-4tJp.aftJ>iftf»t . Cn the 

foi7!ier trial no evidence- v/ae offered hy a^j+^^-i-l-e*^ to raeet 

:e of . %pj)eJ : ri . i-fc - thit hie lands 'vere 

or contradict the eviieiic< 


dama^.ed by reason of the v^cnticn of said ropd enc^ it t-op 
Eti-^ulatcd by tlie r-prlitp or the ap-pcp.l th-t the pvi- 
dence in the recoid tended to shois' tl::i'it anr i oll nnt' - r In.nd? 
v.ei'e daiiiat. cu«i^ th^'t Leinf; ti^.e ft-i tc^.r.nt of the recnrO, this 
-ourt hfcld thyt the Circuit C'otirt cnred in exclndirn the 
cviQcnce i'mm the jx^ry and iTiBtructinj^ it ■norenpt'-.rily tn 

return a vtrdict iindiru- th' I the "I'ndF rf ruZ- . r 1 1 -nt •<.7err 


not dariHi ed, at' th ^t wae a question Tor the ,1u.r;' t n deter- 

•;:in6 froi.. ti^e evideiice in t>v6 c •v-'e. '•e do tiot IViinl-; the 

opinion oi thip *-ourt j-endered on tlie fnrn'.er ^i-'-'^e'^l is 

reasonRbiy rujctotihle of nny ntiu r conFtri^cticn. 

I It is ne;st contended that tic vert". ict of the jury 

is n£3sinrt the sianiftst ••yfei^iit of the c vidcnc'?. ■> }-.ive 

c-Tt fiil l^- c-^nfidtired the evif'encc in the c-'pe ind nre of the t;i't the t vidence ir. the iec:*rd clearly curtains 

the ver.iiirt of the j"vJry. ^ large nir.hcr of for'ner'? in the 

iiiirriedi?^. tf ne ithhcrhood of rr -ic" Jant' ^landr- tcL tilled thct 

in their judfriont tiie v'-cntior of t-^id r'^sr? did r.ct d?jnage 

rds paid JancE. 3n f.-.ct the nurr.ter of v/itnerrcr t^V o terti- 

lied on le"t;alf cf ppre: -ee to the effect th^'t ?:^ld lande 

p'^ on-ned by npoellant were not drunri£:c!d hy the v-c-tion of 

e-r-id road -.ere en' pider^.oly in ercoof?' of the nu-nbri- v.'ho 

testified on behalf of ap'>elTant th-t thej^ v-ere so damn^ed. 

A !) p c- lTLi.->4 - r:\;ned in all a\'i.!t Mne hundred and 

tv;enty acre? oi land, t!ic peventy ric'cr n. \}o-ic < t.i. Li 'ii Jiisd and ^ 

A ^ 

aViout fifty ;>cres in aid.1ticn thereto, -i.^ioinin^ ?sid lande 

on the werrt. - jjuhlic i.ifhv.^y rrMft cT-:th froff Gsline through 

llditl^ land ?o thMt all ci the ]';nd of >^'nollant Join 


■ ... .;. J no 

this T)uTDlic highway and acceee thereto wae o'btaina't^le there- 
Iron. Ap r>o" i lant ' o omitant t oni ■ hov/ever, ^aac thrt he could 
not Tcocli tie eo°t yide of hip ?a:d fanr. Ircr the hii%v;ay 
runr:ini.' ?outh froir ij-rlint' on r!,ccc:L-r:t :i' a certs in en rk thrst 
run in r^ northerly and southerly circcti en a ore f 3 hie eaid 
I'nui lyirifc- on th« e<.ft pide ci -r-tiid i-^utlic -ifhv'R.y . Crid 
creek he iinyl^'ced coujd not L'e crcr^eed v.itVi teptac: qt- loade 
nnd nt tiiJC:' could rujt. oe cro:;?ed Ly hiD stocl;, and that 
his iflfc H'.? of aceeu'L' ^^c his? yaiu Ip.ndr- "'-"•'"' "•. - en ci'.t 

off v.'iion r^rid road v.-?' h /'C'lt'd, 'Ji*e — evi v ' i^ '' >. 1 
s__cJu*« «'r thij t. ■■: p-^cl] ntit' p Irr'.r.d lying tar-t ei ;.-aid nirdic high- 
way runnirvf^ t-outh fr'-ni brlint v'ae c jreidtrntly broken, and 
vjfii- laixt I.y co-vered v.i th tinuer and v;ae uced hy hir^i at? a 
par-ture ciuria^ r3 'J. the tirne that he ovaeo it, leii;fi somt eix 


terti.'ied in 1914 he ci'o-':-jed ni-out t-^'enty -i.crfie 
of t.fie ?aae hut did not ^et sny c onviodTP -.^li^ ir.coTfie thtrefroas 
on =tccpyn;^_of the oui- fc- nestrovU/it S'Sid croT)t;.' -i"-:: .•arpntfrc 
n i i rifrFr nf ?Fi-tiVii T n r. ft in :** ) :;<:> l ut»t , 'if\r \ } iTf '^'^T^'^ - -rf^-vn j^ .„t ae tifded to 
tae effect tht/t tl:jis creek coih'd ';e cro"ied it iracticsT'ly 
Hil tiiJcs ?f y ar ind th.^t duriii^ .• large r art -^f the pui;i"-,er 
eeai'cn tlie crcelc .va.- dry; th --it it had a Jiard oottojj and the 
only thin^^ nocess-iry to ."aujce a ^ood lord or crorr^inf. y^lffce 
wa~ to cut ilo'.'n the "bonhij. '-opfrilant, al?o, in?iPted that 
hfc v;a?j hiniU;red fro;.! VtauJiaf, luiaoe.", r)0?.tp, etc. frora said 
liind on aocojnt ■)! tYn-. v:\oatiou of oaid roiid, itvt he did not 
f II h f? t ail t i n te tl^ i I? c 1 n im by th *•": t v i o e n c e . >. e th o r e f r e r. 1 d 
thnt the e-videnco f-rirn' ';rep<in'1era t*-:' to tha e:ff'.;ct that 


«. . f u. 
X ■ J 


eppeliajit' s lande v;ere not damaged. It r.ifjht Vie further 
obperved th-t according- to the purvey made by the engineer 
who teetified on behn]f of apnelleep, there ir- porae c-ueption 
whether thie roud th^-^t v.'ae y-'Cmed croseed any -iprt of fiT>- 
pclDpnt'r land. Tpkinp the i?r.t liberal vi^v nf the evidence 
in thft rcfrrd, t)ie T^o^t th^^t can De if th.-^t it cut off 
only c. fcT.' I'cct of rprtt-T-lsnt ' s land st the r.ojthe? -t comer 

It i? ne.>:t corterdef! oy r-rme ilnnt t!:.-t tYie c oiu't er- 
rf.fl in (rrnittinf; appelJee to ci'fer in evi'er.ce the record of 
the 'iayinf out of n rcpd running north and ^oi'th alonf:; the 
eapt side of hi:? land, vjhich paid road v/ap laid out ^onetine 
niter th.^ rop.c'. ir. qvier-tion 'w r vscated. The rer'ord di^cloeef 
that the coi.rt on the objection rt appellant refused to si How 
a'Dpclleen to offer pnid record of s^id rcac^ or to refer to the 
s?fU7ie in the exa?nination of \vitn«=. J^oes exceot in rebuttal, '.'hen 
the court over objection of ap-e3 1ant allov-ed ''-'elleep to 
offer f»aid record. "-e donot believe aoi,ellant v<'?>'? ^^re- 
judiced by the ruling of t^c cxrt lor the rep.ron t/rit all of 
the ■^itnepsep Tho had trptified in chief l-otli lor •■^nr-ellee a.nd 
for ap" ell ant testified v;ith reference to the nu«^!-tion of to Br':G]l ant' sl^nde by the v°,c??tion oi the road In 
nuer^ticn, nnd v/itlout any reference wh'^tever to iV^e new ro-<d 
loc:-ted on the e-^'t side of nip oaid Itinci. ~o th'it in 
deterrinirtf the question of vmether ar-neJ J ant ' ■=< Innde were 
daas-ged ty tlie v'cntion of the road in question, the Viiitnefeee 
TTho testified had their fltt<rntion directed eol ely to the 
nffect of the vacation of pTid road vit 'Out refereiice to any 




nev.' road that may have bt fin located along appellant'rr land. 
V»e think too that appellant, in ef'fecT, \.'aived thip objec- 
tion by reason thr<t he nf teiT^irds of Ki ? orn motion offered 
•witnereep tendivip to prove the dssunpcr- Fuffered to his paid 
lands? Irorr. the vr^c-tion of thR rord in f-acivtion rt the time 
that ttie nev; road on the e^rt ?idc of hi?- raid r^ro'^ipes 

5 or)ered ip, leirt. a -period of ^o- ethlrg nver three years. 
It i? further to be o b^-erved that n-ppen art rM;tT''itted t. 
arf?tructi.-^n to be ^ iven the jiury dj r-ecting tr e nt-iention of 
tb'C jvry to the nev road tb^t had been e'-'.eb j iphed along 
the eapt ?ide ol hip paid prer^ipep and ir.foraod the Jury that 
they v-'ould Y.- \e the ri^rht tc t-lrc th.-t. mad i to considera- 
tion in rr. ititv'^tinn of the darrvtvee ruptfiiried by hi? .Lands 
but net in bar of nuch danager , If an-.eDlant v.ante(? to raise 
the quei-ti'^n nf the correctncpp of the ruling: of t^ie court 
in refjard to the ac?'.ieFion of the record of p-td r-^ad in 
evidence le ?hf uld h'-ve pubinitted nr. inrtr.iction to the 
court to be jciven to the .]vvy to tb;c effect tr. ~ t the jviry 
sViOuld not taVe paid nev- road into c or 3idorr< tion in the •nak- 
ing up of their vor^'ict on the quP!?tion of dmi-',:c=?. I'o !»uch 
inijtruction v;»e tendered by arr->€nant, but "n instruction 
•wflp tendered by hjm nn above et=:ted to the eff'-ct th-'t the 
jury had the right to talre i-ito c orsi'^err-^.ion the effect of 
the new road n-: i\oiu(< in niit i.rati on of bin dmaf e?. i-or 
.hat v^ p.vzon ,\-'e do not t»e'iieve a-ociel?ant i*? nov; in '? -^orition 
to ur^^^.e ar er-'^r the admission in evidenne of the record of 
said ne\« ro?cd. 

It i? next cor'tended by ap-^ella^it that tlie court 
erred in giving the firot, third, fourth, and s'i:;'th instruc- 

■ 6- 

c b»ais» 

tir^ns {iiven l^y the coiixt to the jury ^n "behalf of '^T.i-;el ] ee. 
Said 1 irst instri'cti '^n ii? to the eflpct thet p.-pr>ellpnt ■would 
iT^t be entitled to drTuafes ninply or merely on account of 
the fnct that he hnd 'bnen n'^de n 7-;f.rty to the rir-cecding to 
vr'Cfjte said r'^ad. "-•'e "believe *)a© instruc tinn r-<t'>tf;? n cor- 
^ rrct principle of 1--^.^ -.'.nd tViere v-^s no er"i-:^r in the (living 
of Zxie ^-iue , It cannot he urf.ed frjiii the mere fact that 9 
per.~on may be iiia-'e a p^rty to a Droceedinp to v c^te a road 
th-it "ne wo\;ld, tlerefore, necc; :> ^rily "''h- Hntitlcfd *:o dR^nnfcs', 
V e under^t'tnd d^Ragfes o'i"jy fo]lo\'» os a. 'natter of oourpe in 
-<CJ a proceer3irig w'nere larde ^^re condeTined for ro?).'' yiurrjoses 

pnd saiii Irtndf? rre ^ctially f^ken. >hen l-md? f5re ^0 tnken 
dgmagee unOer the cori rti tution foilov/ n? an •■^"b?oIute ri,rht, 
tut 'S to Is^nds not tr"<en it doe? rot nece^pRrf'-y lollo"*' 
t>igt the nvner is entitled to 6r>rz3£e? , for if "'•!? benefits 
froRj the vacation cf the xnsc or from the r^skiig of a ropd 
eoual or ?.e ^le^ter th^n Me dsT;-^e = , then, un'^er the 1 ^.y, 
triere woiad "k-e no d^ If tie ro='.d io question crosses 
or even touc}iee appel"] snt' r land, in order to vacate the pame 
it wodd "te nececesry to rr^r-Ve \drr. a psrty, '.ut it r-.eF not 
lolloT th t he'^. "c fr^'itled to damatee. "lie T',s.ttcr of 
<^ d;"La.^ep ie a question for the jury to detc:T=-inc -? rrovided 

ly the Ftptutc, and if thf jvry under the evidence "nd inetruc- 
lionf? of the court f?hoi-jd i ind th;» t the hcnefjt'^ to he de- 
rived ly the !". and ovvnor "..y the vacation of thr rord or by 
tlie coneti uction of .'• road, 50 fnr r,s tnndf? nre t.'nlren are con- 
cerned, equ?i"l'!sd or exceeded the d.->raai f. r, then there wculd 
bv no dniaa:e8. X":- .?ser v. Aclienhn ch, "^^ 1 11 .Ap'i . 373 : "rovii 




V, uoberteon, 123 111.634. 

It i? also in?is.'ted by .ippellait that before the 
read in question cculd Le vacated the dfiiriRfe'- to hif? land 
jnu?t be ^«?certT inec ; tiin.t it Vvm-? jurisdictional. 'Ilie hold- 
inf , howeve'.', r.f the '^'i-preL^e pnd Avpe il ^*e (^oiirte? r re cotb 
to the contrary. Jerser v. Aohenb.^rh, '^ujir-- ; I rovm v. 
Ko'bertFon, "upra. 

In the ca:-c: of ro^n v. ^lo'certr-on, -vipr'^, ^'t 
■pni e C>7:/i^ the Cnui't eaya: "-'unsGl-ior amell?int tIpo urge 
the objection th 't it doer not apt) err that dnnp; en have 
been ris-!»er~ed to ilnlbr^-nner and '."ofld, or thft t;:tvy h'^ve re- 
linquiphed their thrreco. '--he anpv/t-.r to tl j r je, none 
01 their i??nd i<? t }:cn by the vacation ond re-Doction of 
the ro r:d , nnd it does not Hppe'-r tnat t> ey purt-in ^ny dam- 
fi^ es thereby. The- statute only rt'cuircp th-t the dT-iai_.ep to 
the land?" over v.hich ti.c road ei."li rop? shall be •- pcei*- 
t?ined. * • • '-or land d3Taa.£ed, 'cut not ta^-en, the ov-tier iray 
be eo-Tjens" ted oy beneiit^, -liiie the public -•■'n -^CQuire no 
ris^it to t'^l-e the 1 nnd of an indi vidunl lor -^ hiii'^-ny, \-.ho 
h'R? not consented tliercto, until lie is cn-a e nested thereTor, 
tlie quertion of d'^n'V-et' tc ^ -.nd not taken niy be adjusted 
aftcr^"prds. " 

':he t'- ccees cited botii hold th^-.t the. v^cntinn of 
a rr«"',' iv not a t;.Xinfe np corl^eIuolated un--!er the -.^cinent 
!-iC':j?in 't-^tutc or the road r;nd 'cridt-.e statute^, but that 
daciagep for the vacation of a r^tii, il r--ry , n-e dan-T'ee that 
are to be -"^ ?C(,rtr<i.i-ied. n,?: for i^inds flot t/.ken. 

T:.e nc-t ini'tvuction corn ilr ined oi by pr-r,ellr:nt 




iff appellee •• instructijem ?To. thV^. This in-^truotion 

informs the Jury th't they had no right to allow ^nr.ellant 
any d'MTinres on account -^f the locrttion of the nev; road 
along the er't side oi hie fp.rrn, ??■ th-.t -■■'.tter h-:d '-^en 
c!ipr>Ofte<) oi" . ■ e ?ee ^"o r'r)e-ipl reTPon -vhy the court should 
have £iven tr.ip instruction, nor do ^'-e ?e«-? t}\a t it could 
have done eny oirticuj • r h-irm. At pny r'^te, 7p-^yell;int can- 
not couiTjlain ol trio j- iving of thi" Inritructinn for the reaeon 
thnt re, hiinsell, tendered nn inptruction directly C3.111ng 
the jui-y'e attention to nnjd x'oad and inlorrrii':.*: thorn • that 
they hnd the ri,:ht to toVe Ihe mnttpr* ot the nev; nnd into 
conpide r?'tion in ritif p(t ii^n of the da!Tia"er< his Ir'.nd night 
' '?,''in. 

AT'-'enee'f foutxth instruction i ? cnir.rilp.ined of 
by apiellant /or the ro-'son that it inf"r."~s the jury thpt 
ap-oellant i-iust •: rove the '^^.r.'Pi'.c^ to > i r^ Innd hy the fr ' ater 
weight or o rep onde ranee of the frvi'lence. he hrljevf: thir; 
etcites a correct r>rxnciple f^f la/^p for urier t> e a.hovr nu- 
tiiorities any dsinn/i-er ?upt-ir.ed hy nnr; e'tl-'<'^t under the 
ptntute if for d;im5{ p? ^o l^jidp not tMjcen ^.r.6 ss to euch 
dr'5irm| the bi-.rden nl r^rooi' xp en the land ovner to irove 
the fnwe. 

The p i^;Kn inptrrctinn / i ven on rehsl f of n-poellee 
ip to the efleot th^-t if the jury 1 ind froja ti.e evidence that 
the vacation of the road in qu; .-tion c' id not deprive appel- 
lant froT. int-'Tcsr- qnd eprers to -^ -ortion of ii? i arm oy 
nie».nr ol a nuoJic ropd or righ-r«'?»y, thrt then he vr.ld not te 
entitled tc d?mar-ee. •€ ■.3o not believe t}i.-t thie in;'t.- uc tion 





should hnve been c:iven as? it mi^ht be c ohl' trued Ly the 
jury no meaning that if n-ppeUrnt hr.6 annthtr Lighvray that 
reached his lande, that, theref'^re, V:e cou'id have no cnu- 
afes on iiccour.t of +Jie vacptinn ^f the ron.d in r^ue^^tion. 
i ovvever, v.y do not thinic tl.ig instruction cou3(3 do ft-'qI- 
laiit nny serioue d"^.mpee a? it dree rot direct r verdict Rnd 
F,;- tJie jvry n-ere TuJJy jn rtructed "r,y the court ''t t^e. in- 
c-tnrt oi n-n-iellce ne to tre 'Tistterp ?i.nd thin^;,^ they vere 
to take into consideration In deterrininf- t?ie dr^.^fe?, if 
sjr.y, ?or.e3]ant ■?'? entitled to. In f-^ct, t-hr ci\irt fr^ve 
every inr-tructioa olftred by ^'-jr, el] -Tnt and v.-e thin? that 
t"''.e inf trfc tion? a? a r;hole fnirly ^re-ented •='ppell -nt ' e 
theory ."^l the c^re to t>;e ."'ury. "e ^1 ■^o of t}:e opin- 
ion thpt the v»-;rdict in fni >=• c="pc undei the- evidence does 
puostsntiai .juetiee ond th t the court, for ^ny '.ii or errors 
thot iray apoenr in the record, ".-ci^Jd rot be wnrrvirited in 
reversing thi? cai;?e, nnd th-t the judgment shoujc there- 
' fore be af xirEed, 

Kot to be rcDorted in full. 

Jud£^'-p€nt «riirrr>€d, 


■'^SLUtf^B .! :»cif wffid. hluoa<i 


/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copg of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in my office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set mv hand and^ffixed the seal of said court 

at Mt. Vernon, this ../ ..Z/J^?%,.. dau of April 

A. D. 1916. /^ y^ ( f /P 

ClejJi^cif the Appellate Court. 






Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, \on the Fourth Tuesday 

in the month of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 

the 28th dap of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 


And afterwards, to-wit: On the -.-.--.. day of April, M D. 1916, there was filed 

in the ofpce of the Clerk of said Court, at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION iji the words and figures 


R. i l.ey....H aukj_ }j^ 

Me© 1 1 e e .... 


No. 5.5 

October Term, 1915 

..Sue....?.«.....?^P.V..*?.?^.....?JG'A .^ ' .ilA.?.?.!?-. 
..Louden, Executric 6 8 of. the Es- 

tate of Walter S. Louden, deceased, 


199A.A. 112 


._^ COURT 

,.51AM..9.?? COUNTY 






Term j^.o. S5 

3n tlie ATipellste r.nvrt ^^%^ 

of 3ninoi?, fourth *i strict. 
October Term, A. I). 1915, 

.^.^ ^-^ 

S. l-.iley Hauk, -appellee 

•jue iS. Louden and J. ildred 
Louden, ^xecutricee of the 
;Jetate of \ialter, 3. louden, 
dece-:'?'ed, /ippellants 

Arpeil from the Circuit court 
of Clinton county. 

Opinion ty -ogge, J. 

This app«l is prosecuted by aprifliants se cxe- 
cutricee of the eptstte of '..alter 3. I.oudcn, decep-^ed, from 
a jud4<jnent lor CIOIC.CC rendered Vy the r.ircruit Court of 
Clinton ^ounty, a£.«?inFt e-aid estnte. Th.ere were no written 
plendinf!? filed, tut a cl^ir. in the? foDlov.-int form: ** ftate 
of '.alter ']. Louden, vcce^fed to i:. --iley Lauk, 'eutf^r. 
l.fcC.2' , iyi3, to caph qd\pinced IC phrrer of cspit??.! 
stock of .! .6. '". 2. ilk ^ompnny, eo id ?tock, by a^ rcerent to 
be t?!ken up in the name of clnisin.nt v.'ith the vmc'erpt-ndinf. ^r.t 
n£,reeaent that in c nnsiderntion thereof the ceccped v.'orld 
take up f?aid stock and rcfiir.d the r>urchai?e ^rice on -^r before 
Aufciust 2( \ 1914 . . . . . J,1000.or. Interefrt on «r id jum nt t ver 

cent to d^te 16.62^ 

T.94.:*! ..-r^ . . , :r-^-^^ ^,,^^0.^. £2.,- Ha g-j^-j-j-ecl ir)~tTie 'Jounty u>>uri 

♦-v...^^ iiuo3 9.*rtTlo<rrrA adi rtl aC .o.i ana: 





no^i'i'xw on si"^?/ ais^iT .^d'.nJ'as bir.!? jrinxp^j:} ^xiaLio-^ no,JniIO 

o? .t-^rfaoTTifl -^a' ,:looi^e &/. f!«? ,itnRCTmo^ 5ffX- ,0 a&» v( lo tIooJb 
5ap 3ntbn'':JBi9brn; Siii- riJiv/ JrcRiainlo ro sfflnn sxii nt qu nojtPl of 

9ir,'X'i<.( 'f^ no SDXT^ ■jififiiioica srii bn.jloi bn/» ilooj^g bixs's qr/ 9Xi?i 
^acr -j :t;^ sruTi bi^^ no S^oiainZ .rW.OOOIo^., . . . .^X8X ,0S ^3ua"''^ 

[.J^d.SX 9ipb oi in^.1 

iTunU ^inuoT^ ~^iTr^r^-1TTf-H^--4WUi|..^'u3.,>Siia£^ 


of i?aid County a^ainstN^nid e^^tatc, and by r>j..reeinent of al] 
pnrties intercpttd, the d^X^ ^"^ ' f trnn?f erred to the ' ircuit 
Court lor trial. ■^- ju;?Jr w.^ vni ved and n tripl haci rceulting 

■KH^^—lja - fkvoy nf epri e J 1 ee . , 

;d. a 
claim for the pare amount, bnsed on the pmoe fncte involved 

j J. ■;. 'Ogelsanf., a v-itnc-r? lor 6jaiieJJL£f ', y ^■ 

in thie cppe. -re trial c-'urt hc^rd the evidence, in aumort 

of loth of there clairr r=t the «^svre tine. . - . p-nfill e/ in the 


Cfipe flt 'b'^r vT>s the nrrsident of and rtockliolrler in the 
h. l.iley I.Ruk -upnly ConT>iny, a corrorntion of ::t, ""^ouip, 
'o., hereafter for convenience de'=i|-nnted ?^p the Ou-n-oly Co., 
Y.'hoj-e business vae the handling of mill-, r.ilk prcductp nnd 
dairy pupplice. Vogelpant': ■rp-s L'.ecretr.ry --^nd ' rt p.i?vr( t "nd 
K ptoclcho]d<r in mid ''otn-nnny. Valter j. Loude-:, the de- 
ceased, v.'r.s for many yer?.rp prior to his denth the president 
of a Cor^-or^tion knoT-Ti ^e the . u. r. I ilk ^ o . of V,rt»rloo, 
Illinois, Jic reinnf ter for con-venience depignf^ted o^ the 

L. fc 0. Co., «rh09e "bueinefe v;nB the l-uying nnd rJiirping of 

railk p-.nd dr^iry nroductp, 

C n l.n y T^, ]'J>'3 -; — th e ". &. r. Co., e nt^' rgd— t7nrg~5~ 

contrac t with thp r.upply 60/ tn fnr niah ffe T'tai n..ni4k-!''TiTrrrTTep 

for f.hP sum pf fix thou pa^d ^l lnrp, vjV i ^V- -^->^'^t-rr-rt--R> f Sre 

\ ^ 

r n^^-TAly rnrri ( 1 nt yf l " nT ir r ii lrnr d nnfi o n n th^r c-'n+r'^'"t r^p 

entered into '-n t-ke ?9%h d -iy of liavcm'b c r of i i. ' .'id y e .T, l.y 

rhi ch the fuvply Company of reed to puroli^pe nf the f . iJ. '. 

1-ilk *"0. one th Tj ennd net r« of ".ilk for n c^npidrrnt ion of 

Three Thoupand "oll-rp, v/hich consideration v/^ s? evidenced by 

ri'teen noten ".f:£ ret- -ting mid nmoun t, nnd thf^^e r.'^ + ep were 


bsrrnv.Ti 9*op1 sjiog siii' no bs^scf ^j-nuocTB sftiBs ^di tol miBla 
tTtocT^ys fii a-^nobi/a sii^ bisorf tiu'->o fptiJ' sdT, .ssro sxiit ni . 
»rft hi »»ji- r c tq(TA .ami smsr* ^rii^ J'p, ^^ifilo an idt to dSod Xq 
SffJ- rri T?>Moif?foc>t-«=. bna 'io J-nsbissTcr arfj SR-y Xi'cf t« 99>bd 

j.o> \lrTr(iJP sa? f'fi b3;+B.T-»i?3b sonslnavno a *io1'r^ii ,.o 

bcp *?;+Djjbo'iq^ ?{Ixxn .^srii.Tf lo 3ni£bn,3ii sxfcJ- Bs\''f ggsnisucf asoctsr. 

bny toTaegsiT bn-^ ■^•i.-^^stdso 3r>v? ,inB<il!330v .gaiXqquq Y'liab 

-flb 9rf^ ,.~9bi/oJ..; ^9i£0 .x;np;Tmn"J bias ftxi:>bIoiti£Do^«2 i< 

:tn^bt^9^q arf* rfifieb qxri oi loiiq 91jb3"^ ■\cnaffl idl sfftw' .bSBB^o 

-r.., . /^ri .:^ * j.9c^bwboTn' \ilisb brtB at'rifli 

»^9^- %s*rn «*" fiJ bfri5 ,:+ftuf>.'3o bxE'- jni#p.i»'iii4-'< naJ^on rrsgtci-; 

_r> ^ 

' by the • . a 0. Co., indorsed and rere negotiated at ite 
I Bank lor the r^urpose ol r^iiping fundt? to cTiy on it? hiipi- 
f' nec-s. Thereof ter, the I". U •'' . Co. bpcoriing iin??nci«'J ]y in- 
volved. Visiter S. houden, ite r> resident, und'rtnok to re- 
organize the same, and found tlin t before thi? ciOd be done 
^ it would he neceepary to nrovjfie for the eristin^, indebtedness 
/of paid Corayjany, part of whicli indebtedne«p '••^r' the Three 
■Thousand Dollar? of notrp, which the 1.. &, <" . Co. hnd re- 
' ceived from the Supply Co., ^nd };'^d indoiped and nefotinted 
, throufeh its bnnk. 

In order to rid the V. 6. C. Co., from itp obliga- 
tion ?t9 indorser on the notes of the 5uT)ply. Co. V.altcr 5, 
j Louden, its }-repident, anr^roached »TH r e ll -e€ and Vopelaang, 
r'ith the -oropopition that they purchf>pe fromthe npv? Conr--''ny, 
^hich louden wng proDOping to orpnnize, three thnueand doil-r? 
of i t« cnpital stock, and the proceeds of the capit-l etock 

to be used to t^Ve up t'Aepc notee. A y . -ngl~ t c e i^.nd Vofelprnp 


d id not tFike to the propocition at firpt , hxi4- finally -an- 

flf'reeinent v »nci rcr i oh c d by which the ] . 6. r. Co. h« re-orf p.nized 
vere to ispue to ^^.pp e llr » ' and vo£el8an£^ I15fr.."<: rerpectively 


of ite capital ntock, and the agreement vip c-rriec out «nd 

, appellet and ^o^elsang ae Prepident and oecretary nf the 
Supply Co., called a tr.eetinp of said Comnrny and r^tifiei the 
transaction ne one nr»de ty the Cornrnny nnd ^t eaid neeting 
■nasped a resolution v/herein it v.'-p recAited th«t ? u a n e ll « i'« and 
»Ct;elpang had pf;reed, in order to re]e''"e the ' . o. r . Co.^ 
i of its oblifntion on the contract rein tint 'to the payment 
' ot th4 three thousand dollpr? in notep (being notes pi ven by 


-s-^ fcj?f{ .03 .0 * .H Sri* rfeirlw .'sn^bn.'io. b-xjsIIoC; fcftseuoEiT ^, 
f>9i^l»iJn%»a'brts B^«tiLnbrti ARii" biTJS: ,.o»^ \;Iq;<5riJti Sff* moil bsvito ' 

iCdo?» I^'.^jtcTap 3if;f lo ebsaor/Trr arf^^ bnjs ,iDcr*a X«*iqi»o <»^lf.Q:o 


bft.» Jdc &9:H'r«» Brfj# dfn»fi!S9*r^i5 adi Jbiia «.^ao*!» Ifld-xqjBD eo^i lo 
bne ^ X 'i^P<«> Jffrf.t b^iffTi^"! »nw il nlaitsriw noi^fi/Xoesi n baHajsa 

the oup-:lyCo. to the ; . 6. C.Co. '-ind oy it indorsed nnd 
nct^otisted) to tnY.e each vlS'r.rr of preferred <^tock of 
the : . c. r. Co., and reim'buire the oU'^-ly Co, for tnc '^ay- 
ment of fid notes vr}:en due. It iet- further provided in 

( mid Tepclutirin tiiat a»aelX£.e and ^orelsanr li'^d cover^nted 


( and a£reed to i.i\e the Supply *-n. their per!?onnl not: ? due 

/ on or "bffore one yerr for .'"150C. CC each, nnd th-:t by paid 

■ transaction, the 1,6: 0. Co. vnp released nf all further 

(Obligation pertaining to the contract. Ait^r this? needing 

'^of the Jupply Company on j>ec. 2<:, 1^33, a letter t-;-? vrritten 

hy the Uupply Co. to the l; nion "'rurt and i^ - ^ - vintr? T-^«»V nf 

^ m"r"\i .'.i.. ""B i n I" I IdHJ i ME ^> ■ bank thnt held the nc^-ei? of 

I three tLournnd dniinrp indor-^ed by the I , 6. ^. ^^., rhich 

letter aiflont other thing? c entwined the follov/inf: "'..e 
therefore adviee yu that under an arrangCKient rrace v/ith 

1h, 3. Louden today, 33, Tdley F.auk, I resident of '^vt CornrsPny 

nnd J. B, Vogeleang, 'Secretary and ' reapurer ^f our Comr'any, 

' have -autuslly a^-reed to take <lbo.C,"C. of th e f*?:¥=?^^^ nt-jck 

^ of tlie ■ . & 0. Co. nnd in turn hB\e made financial •• rrange- 

mentp v.ith the ". Iviley Imuk 3upply Co. to take care of the 


, abiove financial oblitte t ionp, and the 3. hiley rauk .-:uT)ply 

Cor-prmy hereby purees to ray thepe notec relE;a,Fing the }--, &. C, 

Lilk Cor^pany from any lia ility." 

Thn pyjirnrr -tv i rthfr lii r rlnrrf th't )»fran receirit 

of mid etnck from the ■ .ot f"-. Co. 't ipT O lloc ^ and \of,elpanf 

each erecuted to the >.upply Co. their individ\:nl note of 

5,150<".,ro each and der>o«ited, reepectively ae collaterf^l ten 
3hnres of the capital ctock of paid v ,6^ C . Co., ar re-organlre^ 


■■ ' ■■' -' ''':' ■i'-'''^ :%:. L. ■; . ■■■ -:, •'-rvr; Si'-* -IM ?•«!>... s 

-■^fi- ^rii Tol .c3 Y-C'-'rut: ati) Sftrarfmiai: brua ,.oO .0 sS , i 9iii . 

■ -^ .r>-,^_,^ ' • o-^ f'-- ' /• ? "V 1 -^■. :?ii ■' .^i»:?.i:; 

ni b9^ivo7J Tsrfd'Tcul «^ ^s .9ub xwiiw seJ^on blBs to cfnam ' 

9v/b "» ^j-on iBnov.i&c ztfidi ,oO . x;Irrgi/8 oilJ- sviri o* bsaiajs baa ! 

bijBp xdSrdS ban ,/l3B9 OO.QOdll lol ibsx sno sioleoT 10 ao ] 

rvdiiisl Cln lo b^esalsi gi»w .oO ,0 jii.JI sjii* ,noi JoGanai;^ ^ 

n9*J'jtTw 3^-v T3iJ^3 r B .STGI (-'S .09(1 HO xciBcrmoO xlqqu'c grf^ to) 
i (* - rff tf; ^ ' : -g sc r i rgtr—fefhg- #«jj:i---a^^j 3ii;t ocf .o^ •\tXq(iu£ sxi^ serf 
lo as^fon srf^ 6l9il tedS jtaorf »**#»^^^tf.5;^lN^iB-a!r-r^-5==*!nB^ 
Aoiciir ..i^a .^ d^ .'^ sftt T^d baeiobni aicXXob bneguoxW 9«ix(# ^ 
Srt" :3nxvTo££ol: 9di bsnisrirtoo 3sjnxrii tsiWo anociE isiJaX 
rl;fJ:w sberj Jn9ai9gn«ia£ na itsbnu imiJ- s/n-\f 9eiv£>fl anol^t&dt 
XHBqmoO T'f? lo J-nabisai I ,3{usH T^aXi;! .a: ,x&boi asbuoX .2 . >* 
,\4n£<7moD tun ^« t9'ijj'?b»t:'^ bn.B ifiRj-siosn .^neQlsao/ .tt .L bne > 

•locS?. f?=^5^^iF«>.arfJ- la O'.o'^aXi giai cj baaiaf? y,itBUfum 9vad ' 

:. -: .'*-'^.; ,• "r „■;..■■ ^ .r..-av Ufj-v.-i, --/jp..?- ,\?- ^^.•^^--^.-j; ■.■it ■ 

-93«fliin Xfiioannil obcst «-irerf ftru* fli bnii .o3 .0 -A .M .»rfj' "io ^ 
9it^ lo 9-iBO sjLrJ o;t ,oO x-t^T^*'^' 3lirj»^^ AjaXxKy . ^^ sdS dit\f Biabm 
XXqquS ^tufl.i T£9 Tiji .S 9dS bctPi ,'3noi .* saiXcfO XAlonAnil 9Vcjxt& , 
."> * .a', sit^ :^i'3tiol9't 99ion 9?i9rf;f x-S'l oi esaias ;^cf9'i9ri -^onqnioO 

" •X^xXi-'RiX x'^^ taoti x«i5qEio«) HtH 

\o 9tQn L^itbivtbn'i rtodi .o3 xlqc^ui:. adi ot bs^i/os 9. dnss 
a^i X«i9*p.fXoo 5fl y' 5VJ^^'59<7'59i ,E)9J'i?»oq»b bna f{of> - JI.- 


and under soEse nrrfin£;ement with louden, he eyeculed cert«in 
notep to the 3upplyCo. p-c^re^iptin^- ?1C'':C.'0 nnd five cf the 
ehnrt p ol stock iepiied t r^ a-pael] ce ^and five of tiie pharep 

of pt ick i^pued^'to wogelsanG was rienopited p.r c-"!! "ter^l -"'ith 

t}ie note of ? oudcn-- t>."t ir to snv, the L'up-nly Cn, held the 

notcp f^f M^j-jcllTSe find «ofselpan£ lor e?!.Gh ??nd the riotee 

of j.ouden lor 510C0. v.ith_ thirty fharep of the c«T;it"l ftock 

of the J . 6. C. Co. a? r-eci^rity forthe Three Tloupand dolDrre 

v'hicr; it Rppumed and nfterv rrds ??e;,reed to pay to tnkt up 

, the three thoi^pand dollnrp of note? indor?ed T.y the I . c. 0. 

(Co. p.rA negotiated through its bank. /^-«- ^-— »'^^^^^<-^ w-c-_j_ J^a^^~A^ 

I V.-^lter 3. loiiden died 1 ebrufiry 9, t914, hi?- T'ill 

v,-.T!? -pro'tnted -Tnd npnelDaiotei v.ere Rppoint/Jd erecutrices 'oy 

the County Court of Clinton County, before hie de^th louden 
hrid paid one note of ;,66.rT6\p:iven t^ the Jurply Co. and 
alter hip denth the cl«ii3 v.-pJi -oro'^^ted for ;"936.87 ?if:ninrt 
his eet'itt by the iiup-^ly Co., \i»a/d clain x-rn^ nlloved nnd a 
dividend of feventy-fi\e :>i.T c«it va^ Tiaid ther»;on. The 
record nlpo dieclo'^ep th^^t n ^dividend of tJ:rfe •■''"'r cent vp? 
paid on the thirty phi'^rcp o^ ntocy ip?ued to "■'j'.eDlee nnd 
opelganfi by the \ , ci c , I^^ilk Co. 

ho proposition?' of law u-eye submitted by apoellee. 
Twelve propoFitione of/lav/ were submitted by appellant'-, eo^.e 
of v?hich v-ere held nrj6 ^rrnie vere refused. T};e lir^t ^-nd 
eecond propopitione suCniitted by ap^oel^nnt v-ere Tjrorl:ed re- 
fused by the court ''nd -;re nf? follows: *^lir5?t: thnt there ip 
no coraretent evidence offered in this cnr^e c^uti ici ent to 
eupport a finding in favor of the clnimant'w " 



«9bij.^ I iiJ=^3b 3xri aiTol^d: iAjt^flao<> i^^nilvJ Io j^lu^O yinijoO arii 

bos .oQ \;XqrTU<i sriJ^ ^^i^ najr ia/;^ Io 9.ton oao bifiq br.d 

= #?nirs^5' V8.83G,* icl ba^ti^^otq ge^ inx>oIo griJ- riinab si.i laJ-ia 

. « bnn bswoTiia gew sisXo fekse/^ »oi>^^ivTqMti art* "^d 3jn.»t99 axii 

•; •rfT .no»T9rii bicff -?.r'/ ^£*^o i Jir sft''--%ia9^o-^, Io bnobtvtb 

%nw in^o 1ST 9?ftcii ic bnabtv tb^ci Jruit sfi^oLo'^Lb o«I« bTooai 

^fr^e .99£i»r<j4i o^ .b9u?ii 7(ooi« Io ft^i.g^-da. Y* -i^'^i srl^ nr bt,R(f 

.»©IIoawj« \|;4 bail ifliQ'ua s-ysw ^«i io '^itoi*i?.ocf/)'rq:. oil 



"Gecond, th\t John B. VOf-elpanp in not r competent witness 

in this case \.nd his e-vi'^ence ehculd be c^pref-'^rrled. " If 

the court vas ^orrect in its rulin^p on/ th.epe tv/o ]-;rnpcf?i- 

tions the judgment rendered by the covert pymuld be ■■^•f 1 irmed. 

If the court errecl in refueinp th eee^propoFiticnp then raid 

judrment eh -uld le Veverped. 

It ie pinci^icnliy conceded in this c":?e tl^^t if 7.h. 

Vogeleang w?s not o c Vpetent vdtnese on lehrilf of R-nnell ee, 

there ip no com-oetent evidence in the record to "U'-'tBin the 

findinf,8 and judgnient ol\ the/ court. Appel 1 « >-:t, >:0^;ever, 

further inei Fts th' t eyen\ ■^ouf.h, »ofel!=r.n(- v.-r-.e r- cncretent 

witnepp on behr-lf of Appe/^ee, ftill the evidence in the 

record, Vofelesng included, \if« not eufficient to s?upport 

the finding and judfcfneni of ihe Court. 

In order to detertnine whether the evidence in the 

record ip eufficient )to supportV the finding' f^nd judgment of 

tlie court and ne to *ihether the Tcitnesi? .o££l«?anr ^/as? p coai- 

n e te n t ^ ^ itn ee g it vtill be n e uei-ifci^My -l o rf ^g-ey to the converpa- 

tion Yvhich took plnce beiveen appenee and "»of ele-ng and ~ ou- 

den at the tirre louden apnropched 


and Vof-.eleang v;ith 

the proposition th-^.t they p)iould t«ke three thousand dollar? 

of ptock of the i. la. o. Co., in order tha-^ tlie inir^^t be 

re-orranized a? above st"ted, Afn i^ or i l i o a teptified th'^t j ouden 

y -7 

etPted to him at e^id tine, "-e a e poinr to incr€"?e the 
capital stock nnd rc-ori snize dov?n r^t -'Rtfrloo nnd n.ake it n 
cooper tive corn-any and f et the farmer? iritcrcrted in t-king 
Ttock to the extent of i'lrr ,roo. T. " lie T*r\yz-, ••l-.efnr«= re en 
'.nke that raove theie is an obD if.'fi tion"--l don't ki^ov whether 


. / 

1Z " .B9-bt9rf9tnhp 9cf b/vorrf© *bH*Mr9 slrt Bn^ disiBd airfi ni 

~> . . . , . ,. . / . . .. 

bi B«* a« li* 9 nc ii i9 ocrota >»B9 rfl ^nl 9 W^^'if ' nl ' iiaiits tTOf o o "adt' fl 

d.Z Yl t>-*ifif "«n'»o ^id3 n't b9b\9nr^-o- xi£fKritji''ri fitti ni T'Z 
,99CI*rfrn: To ilrrfsrtf' ho ssBrrtfw^nbtbqnjDb b* ;ton' ib<5W ansBragoV 

aril ni eDft'^bx*-'^ srl* m^f's^^-ag/ts^A lo 1I;*;rf9cf no 599n;ti:* 
■~''^T^<T«f»! «>> i-nsiail^as *orf-«!i/', J^bi^rani' sw^srs^oV' .b-iobai 
-:• ■ - . ii.' j:; i^.. - - • "-■.^ii/nb" »Ji^ lo Ini9ct3titit brtu arrltbrtxt i'rfj 
9-1+ ftl 9Dn«biT« 9di^ic9di9d'r alilrrtstsfl^ cj Tcs&tn rfl 

-tfoT bfrA 'gnr'i le^CtV ban sjsXla^fq* n99vi^«o' dOPtq ib6J ribxifw'ttOl* 
rf^iw 3tt««X9*^eir' bftfl^ j »9 1 t o f rf]f^ bsrio r o-t -rff; ns buo T srtri^f Bril^itB nab 

•rf" ifiTi* 9'*iKt i'At tnrli 'Tftbto'frx ,^oDf-.« HL .1 ^i to Aooia to 

srfi a«<«^9Tanl n.-r ?^?iio'j t»- -»- V?* ,d?rfl:t biR« J» mtif o;t bg^sJa 

f ?i i'ffirn bnr^ poItVi««^ tn ^rarft^ ^sifip-jTO-Vt btin 7[ooi9 ikiicfh^ 

^iTt"^.* ni b«»t'^'»T9#rfi -^TOtOT'-.t aifJ is;^ bnR ^fincnro *vi.+ laqoob 

n«3 9* *'fcl9fl'' ,n'^«'» sH ' * .O'^'.^O** ,'^'^1^ "lo *nsifX9 aili o* r^ooJ^r; 

isili'sdw iTomi t'nob t*-*&ot)Bi^i£(io ns at ato'f:^ ovn,-! iniiJ 9i?.-.ri 


it wae himself or wYiethcr it was? the c r)raT)'Tny-- "of «5C, roo, 
vfiich hnd to "be cj.eaned up," 1 pays?, Lctr i ?? tii-^t t f'infe to oe 
f^one, I-e r>;^yf3, "'\ie v/nnt y )U to v'kc plock in tiv.t company, 

f't le-ct the renainder of tliat amount of these notfirs." 

].e i?nyf», "Here ie the ri!lnn. Y'^u t^.ke i52COO.CC worth of 
ptock-- vourrelf and Vo^eiinnJjT.-ind I v.i!!! i^-ue y^v oleo 


6lOO(\(0 Tvorth of stock, ;&(',,'(' to each, and i:«i't; it 
vl5:"C ."""O; n.nd -^lo<c.i c i vili five you My pero-'nal n---te for 
and iLt thft stock up ap coll?- tfrir.l and 1 v-ill aenure y^u that 

, If/i.-.'ill tr,}re and help me out in thii« tranp-ction th t i vail 
dispose of that t^20CG. C-';. v;orth of .= tock, " • • • • i will 

( taVe and dispone of your etock for you; in ninety drsye yovi 

will hp\e ;your Koney b-^ck." Thi-t — in cubftnncg is — thtf tff^tj,- 

tr.nny^H^ f ji|ijihT 1 r - n wo f n t. ■ ;4^.-j- t npyt ri^jn g "to p« id — trrin«»»- f . t if>H. - 

The testimony of vogel snng .i.«i--nrsctica] Ty to the 

I rnne effict a? "rrpl "^ '"' « ''ith reference to the rinver? ''.tion 
' 1 ■ 

pnd trrinpnction h'^d with j.ouden, n rtd wo do not ocei« t i t - « e o ~~. 


-■"Fary t . n rrffr- t . " •*•> « gair.>. except a g ^IflLjUaa-t-fifirt -^whri-e+t- -¥4- 

tfi]ly gf f o n tg th i n c aae. Vof-:el?ang teptified that -ftfr the 

, propoi3ition made ^y louden > ith reference to their t?^king 

etock, he paid, ""ttaltvi", hov- PCon v-ill y^u clenn up up 

then^" he sayp, "1 c^n't provdee you ?^nythint; -ut you held 

.that ?tock teTTiporr; rily until we t;e,t the reorp-^ni ?,n tion com- 

iplcted nnd 2 will hnve plenty of "aoney ."nd wilj cle-^.n the 

matter up." 1 apked him r.ow long t/'.it would t <ke, nnd he 

gnid, "prohably ?ixty or ninety dr>jp.-' 1 S'^yf, v.ny not ( i -ve 

lyouT noteo for all of itV i;e sr-ys, "i cri'ldn't I'-.-ike r.-y 


. Otjk5>^i>^ ^ 1^ ^-igarocta a ->»*£ ^ -. t «» . i4 ; t^ cfi srfw id- 1 Itei&lrf . Hear- *i \ 

,Y.a/sciE"o J -^i ni; 3laoi« ©aft** : «it U'PTir i^«i9w;'oW"^,«Y«9 9S5.'.'i9n»ift,t 1 

-. „io ,ifcfio\Hf ■^>Q.000fi#> »3Ci8* UfY. jkrt«C(T sff* si sioH" ,9v;»a ail. 1 

IIi>y^i ^sfi^. cfQi* oris nsi^ »»iai nx i'uc an qXarf brrs qiIg^ IIx'.7\1Iij 
XiiNy I -.;,.:• .^■,■• ,«»a£3ei,» lo xUiow 'a9«0a02« J-ed^ "io ascqaib 

-jjL ': at » r{? . 9i .9 -iani-\ iu9 ff -^-a4i£T ^: j -^ " ^ilSMJd lario-:*! Tun-\j .gnrsri .criv 

94i T"»;tip yJ-siW festliJ'^st ^fl£wJ[3.B0^ .»«,&a-^ j > «i" Jo « >n ;»-^-£-fefe^-'' 

fftJ 5)» flsslo «oiAg XliMT nctfl woa ^t-sJ'Ijswr^ , &ijsia -drf ,^3o*« ' 

-ffloo noiJusirtt^to^t Siirf- 4;»^ -aw Xid^rfu ^Xiiff-rocfTnat ^?foots J'^xl*,^' 
9t4# -nua to £ £ xv/ fenq yjanom Ic y^ni>Xq dvsn Xliw I brxR b9tJ9£^\ 
3if bn« \9HS'i aUsiiW Jnii gno I vorl ariti i>«T£5« 1 ".cfa TJ9>fd»e*"^ 
j/JtH iofi \rn t^'^s I ** .9\p.b xi9iaiii 10 ^d-xts xXcfiufcxq" ,bi»i '" 


I pmn£eznents at the bank if we did." l.c piyr?, "Vocelff^ng 
/you •','d 11 never regret tuie nnd yru vill ie cle?ned up V'^fnre 

, rprirf, Rxrivee." It t.'np on the tertinony nl n f^n e ll^ . rnd 
/ of the v.itner'P "Ofelesng vith xeft-rence to thip c^- vere.".- 

t on nnd trf^npaction h-.d with V..?, Louden, beinf t> e tepti 
. -Tiony thrt ^y-^iel 3^#4 "bsgea fr.f clnim lor recovery in thifti^cnpe 
'/ In our opinion the evidence above referred to f*illp 

^ ehort of proving a "biAdinf- ccntrnct on tcr a. louden, the 

Idecertped, to re-purcha^e piid ptock ip^ued to ■-Tir.tllee rmd to 
I ^Ot'.eleang. The teptimoi^y of appellee i? to the effect that 

Louden agreed to re-?ell-or di«pope of the rl-ick lor thetn 

v'hile Vo(;:elsang' p i? to the effect th^t vfl.en he tot the 
I corporation organized he vinuld hove raoney po thnt he cnvjld 

cldn the matter up for thi:in x/ithin >=i:-ty or ninety days. 
I The record pIpo riipclopcp thnt^ift clsirn filed liy «p-- cllee -i* 

to the effect thrt it v^B foir .Toney ad v-ncef* to the decedent 
( for the purpose of r^urchnpinf^ certain phfire? of p^tock in the 
i1:. ft. 0. Company, and vhich 9t'u?ck v/^p to he re-purchr.?edor 
Wap to he taken up by Louden on or before AufXi^t 1, 3 934, 

vhich 'vould have been ?'L.nut ei(-ht • months irom the dp,te of 

the transaction by vrnic>i inp^ltet?. obtained p?iid v^tock. Tbie 

clnim v.'-^e errorn to by nppel lee,"| but his tcr^ticiony in the cripe 

Tv\? to the effect that v;hatever |V/?-p xo be (i<~^r\v: 7mp to be 

\ done v.'ithin sixty or ninety dsys'^ which cioep not corro'.orf.te 

hip claim filed, nnd the affidavit in purirsort thireof. 

'w^ nov papF to tl'.e question nl t}ie orrittt-ncy ff 

'\ r»0£el:»an£ ap e ritnern for pripellte. liie objection to hip 

:oc.i etcncy having bf en ppecifically rmde. It i? contende(?by 


art*?*! r^^ov " ,«\;ft»» Sit *' . bib' »w t i i^atfitf dift *is ' ^tiTesrraaniatn^ J 
l)rrju.jfe^-f«flF«#i "if* IfiBrofflli''^** Sil^ ftp Sf«i^^I- ".sovltiA anxicj^ , 

»i*f ,rr9f>tro..r- .2 lod £/?»■ mT'^oni^floo %ritbfix(i' ^ ^hlvctir "io ^if^ffel; 

( I 

tf^ •stfth 9Kf* mct't *H*trt<M(t-^^r£^£* .tuacTn marxf- sved oXiicm lioisctir 
^iifr ,afooi«j t}±«fl^ h^rxlRcJ'd'o _Wi4h»^P*^ aoirf^df-X*^ ooi^oj^srD-'it od.f 

a ♦ =*Tfltf o'rt'>t> Jo'< »?90«> rOtrfw .a^sft Y^tsftir! to vjxi.>s ntrii^iir snob 

^« Xonf5i^9'^f»<> «:«.t to n«i#souf> d;W tot iSRn urort art:^ 
«x.'t oJ^ rtofln?»trf** 9^"^ .^*>£X*CT«Ti» aol n^gnlx* 9 <»j? 3nr.^ i:? .n . 
>pf^»bn9inc3 bx ,t £ .•brra .x;C Csoilxo'jan n«» xf gnivRrf x^"'*-^® ^oo 


op'.ellant that he ig an incompetent tJitne^p for the rcinon 
that he v/ae an oflicer nnd ^'tockhol'-ler in the '^u-orly Co, and 
th-Tt the i.auk i-^upply Co, v:f^ .• directly intert-pted in the rt""- 
sult of the judf-ment to he rendered nn tlie clnam filed by 
'appellee r^nd it ie 8lf?o contended hy ap:,el'^r<nt thpt >.e v/pp 
an incompetent v/itneps for Rppellee for tJie further reneon 
Lthfit \0£-elgFin£- and appellee v;ere ne eonally re^-poneil/le to 
(the supply Co. for the iNSCCC.or paad hj the Gupy-ly Co. to 
tal<e up the notes at the tXTnk that were nei-otintfd oy the 
I. a. 0. Co. we v/ill take up the i» tter preposition Tirft, 
ae we celieve the evidence in this case cnc lupi^fly ert-b- 
liehe? th-it appellee and .o^elsaiic ^^ the tr^npnction had 
■fay which the uupply co. undertook thepnyroent of the J'SOrn.OO 

in notes held by the lanic tjirough t}\e negoti-tionp of the 


! . ci '". Co. aade thecisel-ve? lir-ble jointly find pcvorr'ny, 

directly to the viupV)ly Co; for the r»ayratent of raid notrs, np 

the evidence di pclobe?? thai^aid noteo v/er«^ paid oi.t r<f the 

fund of the .^upply Co. -he feintiite? of the 8oeci?il .meeting 

oi the bon rd vof directore of tiie Su-^nly Co. .-'hove reif-rred 

to s» to the effect thPt Vi 'in gllo i i y/ and ! .B .Vofcl p-^nf.:, 

A -1 

:ip the only director? present, entered into ^ cnntrr.ct vrith 

tlie I . ex. C. h iZ.'k <n., if?F!ued certRin promiFJiory nott-f matur- 
ing on the 20th of lebrunry, larcli, i'-pri],, July nnd 
AUfcUet, amounting to, and for. special c insider-- 1 ion 
and adTantages to the Ciuprly Co. '•rr> |.i e l-i^»e' v.nd vo^f.^leang 
ngreed, in order to relenpe the I.e. 0. Co., of it? obliga- 
tion to tike up the Supply Co, Fot- p lor i7>CCC:,^-Rv iibove 
-tfited; to take each <15ro,iS^ of preferred ?t<"ck of the 



-fn ■»*!*' nx- lj©^«»vr,.'$i*^i :-v;.Cj^o=?ixf> ^-sjaisf, ,,o 3 \(X<j<^u|i, .aUM]|4 94J" .J,fl_rf^ 

*-' .01 .oJ Yi'TqtfS 9rfi ^o" f>A»5,: OQ.QOOSS ;»rf:t tcpi ,pO >cXcrg^f^,.»4l^i 
Sri? tc b'^^|"i^'^?'i»« ©"i^w 'i*^^'* Jfonxj ,3£fi^ ;t;* jfj^^qa Sil-t. <?<{.- «»?^ip-* 

/ " ". ' ■'■" 

,vXX/!T-av35 bn^ Y^'V^G ;*^<i.^i:^ a9YX0aiaa4*,,9fiiim.->PP ..»Q^ i» . " 

«nFfj "Ir *Hcr: bi'CiT ^^ew a^^oo I)iJi%j|eiii eaaJoXipa j:i!),.ppn9f)i79 sri;^ 

■ -JilMIrfe ♦i.'ti to , .c(J ♦^ ^n^; ^4 #it^ #i9BaX3-i oJ i^ino nl tbft.ii:i- 
•» wrorfn 9fl-#T«00.'S^ lot »»*»}(- .93'^Xqgtf<d adi qu odip^ o.f noivt 


i:. tk C. Co. and to reimuuree tiie iJ.vr,ply Co. for the 7 ayirient 
01 ^ne riove notty vhen due. T^iere «► nothinfr in the record 

to dipolopp v/hether s- rnWn' &f and Vof eJppnr cnnptituted - 
-uorura of tl.r director? for the trnnpartion of tupine.?^ of 
P^id Cnrsp^ny or as to whether the other directorp of pqid 
Com-mny, if any, ^A-ere notified of paid rfxetintJ >^ut it does 
>-.ot lie in the riofclih o^l" nr-.ellee pnd .onelrnng to Aisnute the 
record of the Keeti^ tr.iide by them. If, nov.ever,/ t!hi p ppeci^l 
raeetinfc v/-;!? not h^d in coraT;li|ip.nce \vith the Wlnr? of P«id 
corpor-'tion, and would not be binding on e«id Corror-.tion 
by reason thereof, the evidence offered by ar^ellee if? to 
the effect th.n in r-onnlnionce with the record -nde ^f thie 
meeting, thw funde to the nnount of :^;30C'C.Cr of the ..Kilry 
hPuk Juppy Co. v/r.s? ured for the riayment of Paid notes, and 
if Bnid roeetinfe: v^-s not a re;-ulnr meeting =ind binding' on the 
corporation, appellee nnd vogeluang, by re-ron of their r-c- 
tion rir nuch cfficere in cnueinfr tho fundP of s.,8id cnr-jorn- 
tion to be to ar-r.litd, would render thempelvc? jnirtly ^nd 
pevcrnlJy linbie to -.nid corpor-^tion for the arount po ex- 

'the evidence of the T 5okkf eper for the Sun-ly Co., 

«»>to the effect tr.-.t p.fter t' e ^perzal meeting if the Jvriply 
Co. in which it v.sp made to -Fpume anc nay the Three Thouep.nd 
Dollor? of indibtednepe hectofore referred to, n chnrfe 
wae entered ngninst the . ex r. >:i]3c Cn., j. l. vnfelpang 
and 1. viley h.^uk, f or _ .-^000. 00. .^r-id v tnepe t*ntificd th<^t 
t]iie nccount OTjpeare ri\ a private ledger f pnid Coirr^pny, 


^,u^: art' 1=. "?^:oSoir^o''*ni^«'Wrc# .6r,;<V»H* VsnlJi.™ 



and 9hov IT tiitit the scr'ount ws? carried af n inf?t both Vopel- 
psng and ap»ellec, nnd th"t sll Fine r ceivcd in the v;ay of 
dividendr or credit? in connection vitii tisis tr-^nrtion v r- p 
credited to n^id account. _ Ai't^r the rie-?th ol 3 ouden, <^710.51 
Y?rs paid en the claim piroynttd afiinst hie eptr^te by the 
oUDToly Co., -ind v.hich niriount po rjaid v/np nrtpliei on the 
joint inriehtedneee Qf »/ ■ rie l !< ! & and vO^el s-?1j;:, rrid tVie nrrount 
iFtill ov?infe uy » tVin^r^n Vo£el?"!n£ on thir ac coimt ap ph'^t'n 
by the took? of aaid Loiapony i». 2132.82. Ve rcler to thie 
record evidence for tliC reason thr'.t v/e feel th? t it con- 
clusively Vhove thnt VC(.releFiiif ?5nd appellee vAere jointly 
lip'^le to trie -up^-ily t-o. for tr.e amovmt that faid Cotn-'->^ny h^d 
expended froa its fund? to trtke up the infiebtadnear- owing 
by the ^. . w. 0.\co., and tlin t beinti bo liable, jVor'-lsnng 

v.'ould .- ot be a 6onroetent -t-itnc-r-s on behalf of 


V. ould arjpellee be\a co)'>r;etent witnerT? on behallf of Vogel- 

P^n0, IF they v>'aul^^ be directly intcrp?ted in 

the rc-'-pective suiteXof the other. In other ynrcp, '-e think. 

ti.e evidence in thic cXser'tend? C'^nclu-riively i 

npr. en ee, nor 

t}ie v Piilt of 

o the effect 

that nl] ei'^'iP r e c o \e re,<3 for om the "oudt^n cftntti, in v/h^tfver 

/ \ I 

v;ny recoverei, is "pjilied on the joint acccunt( sf-in'-t opnolle* 

and vo^ el f?;int, . 


Another circiir.!?tn.ncc\in thi." cafe yd think tViEt f:oee 
to corroborate thi? theory ir thSit, v/herenp, fiiltren Fhnree 
of the . ol C. Cfe., e'ock Tas isDUf'd -^o ap-'cnee: pnd fifteen 



eharep to Vofelcanc., yet, live shnree of the <• trek iprucd to 
appeljee nnd five 3h?.rec< of the ptoc», i ppued to '"v^f t-i^rnf v/erc 
ty v/ritten a^^ireeiaent between louden, abpellee «nd Vogenppng, 


» V BniinrrpT^ Biii^j'iUiv M$J9^fiiiOJ3 al salfesta lo ^Jbnsiiiv^ib I 

^ ji3^ao:^5Ji>-' - ■ ■ : 

Biiff <*^ Ta'ia'i eyT .'S8,S5£XS$ ••I ■^nflginoO 6xj8a to sstoocf s4J' ;^ 

-noo .ti: iHiU X39X 9w ^nxfi^ nosRsi sifJ tol: aon»biy/9 biooAT 

X-f^aiot 9~^ ^aCIaqqfl !>«« anil's X» a oV tjadi" «wo49^ •j^Xsvisurjfp 

b-T! XJ^sTtanj bx«4 *Brld^ iaaioms 9At lo'i .0^ X-t^fJW^- ^^^..^^v-?'-^**.^^ 

j ■ '- -.■ ;.•■■;-•,.:■ V :-'^ '"^ -'-'■''-■J' ' -■ .•^■- ■'■^- 

^pBlr:t^o7 ,»Xcf«iX OA anise/ i-fki bns ,.oo/.0 5;i> .« 9Xii mi 

f, I ■■■ "■: ' -■■'•■ ■;-■•' /"■'' V. v.''.7f' ";■' 

inn ,»9fl*ai7f? lo "iXjBrfscf oo 8«9n;txw i^aaisqiaOyO ja^c/ J-oa bXui^wr 

-Is^eV "io 'iiXrrisd no sssnJ^iw i^n3J"sqffiioo £/»ef saLLsq^n^bLucw 

io iXo'^^i siii^j ni b9*(S9"J0d'ni \;i;if39iJ:i) ad" ,6Xiiow x^^^ ^f.tSWl 

,rfnlft;t 9? ,=\&ioW -Tftxtl-o nt .rtsxlcto ^^itJ- 10/9 iius 9vxJ'o%cr^3'X arU: 

J 05^1 9 9iti Off ^ciovie.uXoftoo ebna;^ ^9fs/o axd^ ni dOfx^btsr^ 9}%^^ 

99fr->(Tciij i^nx"34.6 itnuooDi? *niot ^d^ 0.6 b9iS.cfqn ax (baxayioaat \cgw 

^ . . . . - . ■>- ■ /. ■ ■'■ ---.-..^vv •■ ^ ; 

i r;.^ ... - / ■■•■ -■ .;: y' ::■'., -y ^- ■'■■■'■^ ■' ■-■ 

•5 9<jn fad) fef oano -iiri;^ at/90r.n:^9!!BJ0tt6 t^dtonk 

i . . ■ . ■: / -■ '- ■' 

99-rnffsj novJli'i -iSBS'iarfvr ,^^i;t 8i Y*i°9rf* ax^J 9i^^«aotfo*7L0i» o- 

«91.+ iil bn/S 3»rl9r.rqB O^ baWSSi BUST 3tOO*a «.<^p .0 Jt; ,U 9XW lo , 

I / . . ■ ■= -^ -.)■■ v^ •■■ • ►■•^ -• ■ ' 

919V %n«eX»3oVi o.* b9tj^*{i. koo&s 9iti io esijexie 9vt'l bnB asXIaqqe 



Assigned ae collateral security to erii iluvrly Co., nnd held 
with paid nott e setLregfitin£ i;l(;cr.rr |trivcn Vy ] oudf.n, «?nd 
tbot on louden' 8 denth, the acnunt recovered by r-id notep •<••««» 
Bpplit-d directly on the Joint indflitf-dnep? of »?.pT>cll ce and 
\ogeiSHn^ to oaid Supply Co. '^liere ien't any ovi'iencp in the 
record tendin^^ to phov.' thy't the ten ph?^rep cf ptcc.V i---:nu;d to 
appellee, pnd tii e ten ehnres issued to Vof-ensan^. by the ■ • ct 
0, L ilk »-o. vjere nnyothcr than "bona fide i^'les^ of paid ptock 
to fi'iid riqrtifte, exce-7t tiie testii:' liy of *0( els?>ng and appellor 
and v.'e hold that txiey ■.ere incompetent vitne^Ftp, cut oven 
lii they rhouid be held to be comT^etcnt v.-itnt f--?cp, IV.eir tee- 
"^^itimon^ is no^ sufficient to ept^uli^h their rej^'peetive clairos 
;ainet the estate of Vi-^lter _.. I.nuden. 

I.'or, do v,-e thirk thn t the f,'>rt th- t ^npeller nr\6 
Votf:lsang epch executed to the Jupply Co., thtir individual 
noter ior ;;ibCC , (X- chancer their liability to nsid Conpp.ny, ae 
tlie evidence in the record do eg not nrove or tend to prove 
that Cnx:.-nF.ny took note? in -'- ti-f '^ct ion of the 
indebtedness owing tc it by rrnnon of itF T'^iyinfe" t';c note? 
hfld by paid .:?inlc above •mentioned. It v;il] he rfinenbered thpt 
there was only iSCCC. ch«?r{ ed nj^ninpt the ■■ . 6. C .Co., aprfllee 
rnd •ot:elB?.ng on the bocke of the oupply ^o., vrt, ?■ r^ collrt- 
eral to p^ account, pnid Conpany held ^'lOOC.C" of the noles 
of Louden, with ten eiisree of the stock of the r. <sc '■. ■ ilk 
Co., and the note<? of Appellee and '>Oi',ele;m^. for -"lb"' .■r efch, 
r>akin£ in all ^ACOCCC of nc^tts, to vccu-e an indcbtednerf? 
of r.3C' ''. which would fo to show th-t there Motrt? vere 
pimply put up ;->.r additional security for frid ■'-count, wnd 


j(ocJ=i Diss io <3«Ii^« »fei1 BHo^ herf* i*)aiftr5jrifi5/^UE»w ..|^..^i:,^ ,»4 
pallscjirfi baa :.j«sjb/9-^o«' "in icfic-pfl^ea^t srff .j^q9a^;9j,,,.,,B^iiS«H^ ^ 

I^ijnivibnl -liariJ- , .0" ^Iq-g^uc: ©rfj- o:t beJi^fpaii;^ ^xfc^sai ^-3X169 I^^^cx. 

9voia oi- finaJ TO avoicr ^-qn asQb bioosi sxfct ff-t a?cmbl%.3 &di 

9rf.+ 1 o no X i .0 /-tl p jt * f? a n 1 8 s d^ Oij b lag ito i . '^r^s qi;^p 9 j A 4«a >* -^ ^v^i . 
Q9;fon DriJ- 3ni^fl(T «iti Io no?iJB»i \;cf ;f_i o;f ^qj^wo aB.aa|).^±d^jbai - 
j-«..i:t' bsTcacfasrrtai arf XXiw *X .feenoXd-nsm ..SYOdB aloa^ feisa, x*f -^-^ '^^ 
9<irX9'7qA ,.oO,0 j, . i 9di f'ini.K^ifi p9::^rficio ,p,0(i^'^x^ao n^w,-.9,X3Ji 
-ttXIco 33 tiox ,.oO >cXqqi/S arf^ lo saloccf 9Ai no acif>BX»&#o« foaa^ . 

>rfi ? . :h . :. srfj- lo jloo;ta 9fiS Io eaaexXa jres/ x^X^y. „xi3fwjDj. lto,g 
,.'Ci ini ^iTHeXssoV pnB sgEXsgcjA Ip^gai^on a^ii fcxwB ^♦«3j- 

a KX fir. 9-1/038 OJ ,99*00,10 Pp , 00.6M„ WA. «X anX^d^/C! ^ 

a*xj»w s^^oir s^nsiU ;^P!jf!t;r worla pJ' 9a. |)Xwof rfoXiiw: ,o:Vs>£^i ?:o,, , 
b -■- ^ bin?! loi vJ-iTfone* X.«noX^x&bB 8:6 Otf iua, icJ^<iBU«\,. 


not in settlement f the !fnme. Tticn, too, it ruist he re- 
iJiem'bered ths^t ?irrellef ?'.R i ref?ident, and vo^elpanf "i n 
ieci'etnry und Trcnrurer, of the T.. iiley •urpjy Co., 
v-ere dealing v/ith tliemeelves n i; irdividiujlr and in p-^id 
"^ ' cpp.vcity r.r i .erident and Vren'^urer, they -pould }r-\e no 
ri^ht to relieve thcnpel-'jee as ir-dividu-ils frcrj their o"b- 
I li£j,ation to the Compiny, except u-oon ful] naymeut nf their 
?nid oblifntions. 

r.e hrve not referred to Bny of thp p-ut^-oritic*? cited 
by t)ie P.Tjr-ellee in thie pioccedint, .for the re?i r=on that both 
pprticp concede that if tVie ritne?^ 'Ot i" directly 
interef=ted in the result of this ?uit, thnt ti.en he ■-.'^vjd net 
be T! conretent vvitnep'', rnd it ie our hcldint, in this cpre 
! th-t he ip directly interepted in the re?ult of t> i ? ruit ';nd 
thf?.t his interest ip hn;3ed on the f-ct th=^t he -wd n-r^-^cllec 
•were jointly and re-ver^-'lly li'^i.le to the '.'uDMly Co., for the 
tSOTf^.Cr expended by arid ConT;r^ny to t.-^ice up the noter ne- 
^oti^ted by the '. . a 0. lillc t- o . , nnd for the further renf^on 
thn t the evidence di?clo='er th'= t v?}.atever 'T'OimtP v.t-re being 
collected from the cptnte of Vf!ltir S. 1 ouden, dece.'^ped, or 
•were collected from dividend p on eaid etcck v,ere a7:)T)lied on 
paid orrount o'winf. by G^id 'Oceloanf. and aiiTielT ei-: to the 
oup' ly Co. ..e do not T-,<r.pp en the question ir to -^/hether 
the Supply Co. ip directly intererted in tidr- proceeding nr 
it is not neceps ry for n dett rrinrition ol the c.^?g. 

lor the errorr T.-^r^e by the court in refupinf- to hold 
the first and necond propositions of Inv; eubiai tted ty ?^.pel- 
iant and lor fi>idaMf. tiiot tl'e evidence in tidF c'?e v.Tjrr.^nt^d 
a Jiidfrient n|ninpt ^pnellantF nr- nrlriiniptrn tor? of t>ie e<»tote 
of .p.lter o. Louden, de eap«d, cau e i p rp\er»?fcd '■nd re- 
landed. Rfcferped nnd '..cnnnded . 

m^^ .c-rid|.^|o^k no ^^rt^o^n^t^e ^ejjing or decision of thi. 

bir-a nt hns ':»Iaiifci:Hl)fiF SfT 99vX»«inaifJ-' rfi^^ stew 

or? nv-'d hl,jfciv ^9rtJ ,^9Tat<fl9rj:T<imiJ ^»f't%#if^^f'* iCtit>*;:4tJr^ ; --'^ 
■ '■■^:. ?-t,i: Mf-...-p ■■^K,;,r .snoitnai-^^^ iJi-^-s ' 

iJ'OH bL:j<~r 3ii ti&ds i^di ^fZits i£di lo ;f jiiWa-r Slid" nl baJ-'^si^.+rti 

-91-1 T3.tor -id} qu ^iifii CJj- \;its\qraoO''bx"K9 xd^-5sbtT9'q^''"^t;'v-^T§^ ' ;^l ' 

-i3 - TCJ bs'tJX£!(/u9 »•/'/ t^ft «flol*i50%iTfT'tneo9<T'^bnn J-JiTcl »rii 
b^ + nr-rt'-vr ^<="o ^iilfi r\l »cnobivi^(li ip.d9 r^htbnit tdt brtJS 'tftisX 

-91 bcip b^'^i'D^ "if "it o'itBO ^.t«a' ,fcSs«» sb ,rt9buoJ ,c- i3i la.^ to 
.babnPBjg,' bn« boBTslrait .JbsbitBia 

/. CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copg of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in mg office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set my hand an^ affixed the seal of said court 

at Ml Vernon, this ./.../u^^^^... _ dag of April 

A. D. 1916. 





/ ^ // 

Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th dag of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 

And afterwards, to-wit: On the Seventeenth day^of April, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in the words and figures 
following: C..,,...!H.ahn.-.--aiid. .Manda...!.... .h 


\ Appellants,.. 


No. 13... 

October Term, 1915 



199 I.A. 119 


1.1'^.}.9.^. COUNTY 

Appellee . 



WK. E. ^vTlIGKT. 

:erm AiO, 06, In the Anpe'll'te Cotirt of Aii^nda i.o.Si. 

Ljlincip, iourth i^istrict. 
Octoljt-r Term, A. D, 1915. 

John C . x>?)hn and ) 

Amanda I. 5. aim, A.Tipel3 f^nts ) 

) Afipeal from I nrion 


) County Circuit Court. 
U, V\ 'npton, Arpellee ) 

Opinion by iiogfs, J. 

Appellants filed a iill in chanctry in the i-. -^rion 
County Circuit Court to correct an p":lc{.;ed erior of the rrriv- 
intr in dr^ftin^ r cert'? in -^nrr^nty deed, d-ted L«.y ?}, 1913, 
from appell-mt to nprdlee for certain property -^ituateri in 
the city of Cnlen in ?''id Cpui;ty, nno to enjoin the r-rnf?e- 
cution of n euit in covrn^nt in ^nid oourt trnught 'oy appel- 
lee bg-aanst apnellantr! to recover d»nnger for an •OleGf''^ 
trench of r-; rnnty in mid deed. Gaid cnu ^e nm: he^ird '^y 
the ci'oncel^ or in open court. ^1,5 finding w.-^s lor --ipreliee 
end the teraoorary injunction, (..rnnted nt the tine the till 
V--1P filed, v.-as di;?30l\e(^ "nd the till di^rir^ppd .fnr vi^nt of 
equity. From T^irich decree this pnp*al i? r^rofsecu ted .' 

On or about the litter -rart of • py or the cnrly -rnrt 
of June 1915, apnel]^ John C. lishn, tVic- owner of certain 
re'^idencc -iroperticp m the city of .inlen, 'vith cert'^in 


/Toirr.-i mci'i IsscTfTA 

( bap. nrifl-i . ;j ndoT, 



.J-ii/oJ j-it/oiiJ Y^nuoJ ( 

• "t- »8?^S0<i Y^' no iniqo 

ni h^:fRW^i'? -"iJ-iaqo-iq rti.BJ'i'^o lo'i S3lliq":xr> oi' drir. f. C-jaqr moil 

-5»?oT- 3:ij nioi,rt3 o;t br.f? ,x.^i\ijo'J bi'-B ni .tk)£b2 1o ^iio O-if 

-i9"(ri'- V,-' tri^itio-id' j'tuo.o bine ni j-n'^nr?voa ni SJiU2 '^- 1o noiJ^uo 

boaslj'f. nn lot 'is^Bmab iBVonsr oi' p.tnBxLaaqB J-^ncaid 69 1 

X^' oifgrf '^aw g^ueo bifsG .bsoi) bi^" ni x^^'^'^''^'^ ^^ rfonsicf 

99C£-d''<^p lol sftw ar<if)nit oif" .^tiuoo n^qo ni ioCr9onc({o- siii^ 

I fid" BfiT tnzi orfJ Jn b'ij-nr.i.j .noi^onutni xT.P'iocp'ji ^rii bn<3 

lo Jnr.-v to i b^f?-? i.-JT ib rCi'- 91ft bnn bo/Coe^ib 8i^'.v .bsli"! brw 

'.b-^Sijo^tn'st: !? i Ip jq^^-o eirfj- 99io9& rioixfv? nic'i'i .ytiupa 



vacant lotf?, n. stock oi goodg, -i v.^fon, horr?e, etc., 
entered into a contnct v;itii ?=ipr)ellee, ■"/ho v^as i'ne ovmer 
of 226-^ acres of ffirm lande in -eff err-on County, i'or --n 
exchange of enid T-jropertiep. "he fRnn of ar..T;e1 1 ee hr>.^ a 
ixiortga{.,e on it of something like ^ZSro.CC, v.-liil e tVie 
prop ertiies to ce c-.nveyed to iprcllee "by flppelln.nt v/ere sub- 
ject to certain morttca^es held by the Finmundy T'ljildinr s»nd 
Loan A;? noc ip. ti on nnd one C.i:,Rull. I3o 'iiention of said 
rcortt^f^* er v/^ s ':;ade in the contrnct entered bi^tv/efn 
e»^id parties. Jpid contr-et w p very innrtiptic-l 3y drnwn 
and vr p very meager aj? to the oet^^ile of the trn.nj?-ctione. 

'^he nropertif? to to conveyed "oy ^irrjellant, John C, 
liahn, to acpellf.e -.•■ere conveyed "by -S^ deede, one d' ted kay 
21,1913, and the other being doted ^^une IC, 1'jI?. The deed 
dated lay 1, l^jlZ, nmon^ other th-inge contained thip oiiuse, 
"Tliie deed is made pubject to the t-xet for the yenr 1913^ 


\ aipo subject to an incu'aurp.nce "^f forty ecven hundred." 
The question involved in thip cac^e i? whether or not it WTr= 
mutually intended by the r'nriel lants and apr)ellec that ppi? 
convt-yance from r.i;;nell ftnts to •'■o-nenee should h \o bef-n sub- 
ject to <-?n incunbrnnce of Tifty-four hundred dollnr^ in-^te^.d 
of iirty-ecven liundred dollrrp p.r <>tr:ted in e-'id deod. Ap- 
pellants in thpir bill aver "tlmt the pcriviner in drfiving 
up the deed, (tbat is the deed from r?pp e ] 1 s nt ?^ to fip- 
pelloe) by error ^nd '^ii'^tT2<e (?rroneouBly iri?rrt'>d t}irrein 
tht vordp 'r.leo cubjtct to an anc\jrfibrance of A'/ .' 'hen 
in lact, in ^^cord-nt vith the p-i^ agreerrent "if nnle and 
exchange he should iifyc. written the same 'nlpo puojc-ct to an 

,.0^3 ,r»?iT:exi ,noi)f?v' i- ,Qboo^i 'xo >{oo^s ,b .sJoT J'njaOBv 

Tonv/o »:ij- tfi.r orfvr ,9isJ:i9q(i.R ifcftTV ^opvcinoo b oJrri baTsirna" 

n ■';'»■' ,vJ-nao'^ nc'^TSi'J'eT. nx afennl sasi to g'jaOB iJ-SSS: lo 

3:i.t a i.xz5-^ ,'^'"^. ."i '-S'^^ »:^iX 3n i rt^ts (Ko a to tl no aiji^sJion 

-vfy-B 979;v JTfS' r3<.TffX5 Y.^*" 99 ri9(|q« »i" fSS^V nOD S.Of:, fi ^WjljtTtat {£<^-j^ 

bn^ -^,ftxbri:ti \ Ai;biT!.f2Qni; I »xf^ x<S blsd a9%c>jJ"3:on3 f'tB;J-TE€>o oj- ^03t 

bxfss "co noiJ'ft3ii.' oK .IIiJH.^IwO ano ibriH noi^^sxao-jsiA nsott 

fj ,3'.".^ .J o>tr;x bi^ifiiri3 iortinoo 9iii- nx shRcr 9 vf '^^iH^iiom 

. ■' nr£cl- , Jf-.r, r 'pr'rrp ^a b9\sifn.oo scf oi^ ;5>xJ'iaqoiq 9ri^' 
^elf bot"?) ntrm .-^bsftb 15^ X'''^ bQ^av noJ3r.&T»*^:.9!3,iX9^o(B ni ,ni{oH 
bay^ 9 f ? .^rOC ,BX dnjiT. •fescj.eib gnisu lartio s4j. bae^ .,SX;^jt,,^5 ] 

,a«uijgo *ii'rfJ b^rtxBJ-fio-o "f'^rtfil^ ■Ta*l:^<» ..gnoff^^ ,£I,yj| -,,i:4fji£JBf4 A%4^ ' 

^pv -ii inn fi igrilsdw »i -!9?;f*o "sirfd' ni ba/Iovni. noij-'?'jup srfTJ 
Tl:.^r *'-i{j' «);»rX9qgje fenjB BJn«rr«(tqs sii^^.'Tjtf b9bH3;^ni; xll'^^w^i 
-ifas rt^^^cr srHr? (Sft/brfs *sfr9?rrfp oJ- sc^ar-if^qcin lao'sl sonfixdvctoo 
bf^.t'-rii: ^if^ffrb bsthrtiJAiuoi'-iilt^ "io^ sonnitifxaiiforax n« o;} i3»t' 
-rr.^ .b--}gh bx"? ni: .b9t«,*5< ssa ■^isllob butbiiMii H9v s»?-x*icoi.,'joi 
^frbvaib nx f^niriio? srf^f itArf^^iavP IXxcf _ i t«»il:^ [li .v&ciBllQa 
-Tr o* f?*fT«r ''oqo'it fifGlcl' beah ©iid- «1 >.t«;f{J(); ,b9#^! bi.p.B 9|f^ gjJ 
nt9t3-ii^ i)al'r^3«;rfx ■\ffa.U08rtCTTP 9>'^'J"ni:n i)r«» ^oxis X'.^ (aaflsq 
ffftifv ♦.'"•?j^'.': ro 9D«inccf«u0rtx m?. 04^^ J'oat^aa 0|jX-«*. *biw adt 
bttn 9in<i tr\ tamm»e»i^ Jki^B &n$ rlJiw j«rt''fa'ioa>f4 nifei.^Jiooi nx 


encumbrance in the eum oi iive thoueand four hundred dol- 
larp, " The bill filed by appellant? seeks to hnve t}-e deed 
corrected ro ap to ciake it read, euujfdt to an enctirr.brp.nce 

of ib400,i'^(> instead ol for i>A'?'' ' . ''0. Appellee, on ty.e other 
hand oritendf th-\t there v/n? no eri-or ni'-t'e by the r>criviner 
and th??t the dd-'d correctly set forth the -.tTccnent '^f the 
pa: tie?, c>:cept i-.e g-^yd thn t the ■::ortgaf,ee n'=PurTied ''y him 
on the preui see conveyed by pnid deed in 'jueetion "{^.^-regwted 
the pum of ^48r:. .on instead of ?,-47f'r,00. 

Atf stated acove the C"ntr^ct entered into betv/een 
said pnitie-p inaae no reference v/h"tever to t':e ''.ortfrn,- cs? or 
the aaount of the same, or whether either of r^id p-^rticp 
woe to a?"un:e any indebtedneps on the properties to be con- 
! veyed to them respectively. ..ha.tever ^.preercent v-^i-l parties 
iiad in reference thereto v^-? verbnl. "he recoxd di^oloeee 
that paid parties v.ere at vnrinup time? drawing contr^-cts?, 
nd it i? i-ir-rd for the court to dcternine on wrich '-■f pnid 
contr^-Ctf^ SRid parties ?re relying. TJiey both testified th«t 
the contract for the exchange of the properties ?bcve men- 
tioned •vme roade on the SCth driy of l^ay 193?, I'ov/cver, no 
contract of tliat dote v/f^e offered in evidtncr. . ^.T--ellant» 
offered in evidence tv-o contracts which seem to be exnct dm- 
lic'-te?, except one is dnted June 1, 1^1."', nnd the other ie 
dfited June 11, 1913. Appellnnt? o nntend th-^t they abandoned 
the contr-act of lay 3<", 1915, and tiint ,"une 11th ie the 
correct dn.e, -;?hile sppellee inpistp th^t .,'une 1 ?t ip the 
correct ante. It ie contended by npnellfintf? th'-t certain 


-Cob beibwui rti/ol imBmiTOd& siri^ io tmsB Hiit nk ©onBitcfraobtts 

i>'J«b ^i-f* 9V.<?rf O* B7f99S 9>trtJSttX*qqfl X^" h^t^t tltii Hilt ^S'TiBX 

i3i-i:fo 9^:* rto ,'?o rioqcrK .!^' .^'^V^<!& Tdl W 'feTiQ^errr Oft 

^sl^Tfjf bipA lo tcisrii i^ 19 dS 9 ti^ to \m.Bh 9r& to ItnuotsiB srLi 
-ncio ^tf rf 9'9iit»(t*^'irfT sTP? ijo s^^irhfjittfsfefti: •^cus ibis's «sj3"-b3'«%^ 
991*1 ftff tz'-v iTt9ssB(ii%f^ t^rsf'&tSi V^i'S>vi't^i<fa3^ -hffsif' cf' 'b9X9'^ 

^topt tnro ;3rfi^-B*rb' gaMi" Bifo'tiTtsv ■■3^B""«Ht«% %'Si'J'*«iq "fei'l^ 'iHs^'" 
bine "i-^ r£3i-{-4r no ahxK'rsJ'sb oJ"' ^iijbo'^ffcf xol b'i «ff r%i'>dF| %*ri^ 

«*f»fi3-rTA .90ff*W*-9 nx bsiQ-tl:©' 9W Siflb .tsift '^o- '4'o%*cthno 
~tub :f D n X9 3 G o J- ma^ s ifo x rivv a\f b p:^ irtc io" 'ow^ • s o'f^^ b iSri' tti ~ b 9*19% Ife' ' 

bdcroftfiBc- v9fft ctr.r;.? brtfl^fro^'^^hrtrXracrrrA^ .C£Cf' «Tr Wntf'T. tijpb 


second inoittrageB which vvere recorded nn the rrerrjlpe? conveyed 
to appellee T;ere to be assumed "oy him. fn the oti;er hand, 
ar)-rel3ee ineifts that all of the encurc.\>rrnce? he v--^ r to 
nppume on the nremiees c::nvt=yed by the deed in qriertion 
vp^ the encurcrance held by tite } inmundy .uijdinf: a Loan 
Ae?>rci«tion T.t.icr, he raid rf/tre£pted ■ orty-ei^iht h\;r:dred dol- 
lars?, but v'hich y^^f f- en tinned in t}ie deed ^p iiAI'i'.'O, hut 
apneljcf I'^.pi^te th-t thip i' v-^f tfVen ere -^f by 
Uif? ?>p"u:,'ing an adjitonal ■rXf-'.-T in the ?econd deed th?>t 
vnr niar'e to hin;, vhich daed -rnp da^ed June Ir, 191 ;^. v,e 
think the tviden^e benr? hiT- out in thie contention. The 
re^ron ior the pecond deed hfring mde at a eubpcTuent date 
to the first deed wae that certain bu Idintisr thrs t vere being 
erected on ^aidpremiee!? covered by the tccond de.?d had not 
been oTcT^leted .^t the ti'i':e of the contrnct. 

The evidence in the c-'-e i« o -^ -^f lictinj?. Appel- 
lant!?' ^vitnepp!?? t:'-:tificd to tne effect that they heard con- 
Vf-rea Lions betvecn nT-)alTant 'vad -appellee in rfjiich th^ee sec- 
ond .ortg"f:,es? -ere mentioned and thnt it v.'-;? their under- 
et'^-ndint th^'; t an-ellee wr,s to ap-^ur.e then, v;}uie the r/i t- 
ne: ee? on the nart of apnellf '- teptified to the effect th«t 
nothing t'^s paid about aiorenee ao?nming t}:e«?c pec -^nd ^nort- 
^ate?. V.e ref:.nrd n? a ptr^nf: circuraptance in ti-.i? case the 
f-ict thnt the ; otary }'jtlic wiio drafted the -."eed in que«!:ion, 
and v;ho did ?o at the re;u;ept of ap-^ell TniP, nnc ~1 their 
..ome, ^^-'te? th'^t he rrceivee hie direct ionp r/ith reffrcnc« 
to the draftinr "^f the deed fm "u'ellr^nt, John C. hf»hn, =nd 
th-'.t the clnus?e with reference to the .■47':'^.CG v.':ip nut in 


qi Raw j^ii s^oa'xrtjcfiBw.ona srfy-.^p Sl% Jjifii, fiK^i^lX JStsllB^ait 
noxJ';ie«p fft, £>eoi) ^d^ %d b»^^avncri: ^alsmatq ^lii no emia^fi^ 

lUef 1o. 9X-0 n9^.«t ^J'^w .O'-'.^OX^ .gxrt.t. •JerfJ- 9tB ^^nt, 9plS,.pc,rrji 

a±Ab J-nsupspifx/s. ,jb .^J^jb sJb.fjrq .^fitad b^i^'o brtoosa aril, i;,?)! .no8S9T 

8iT.i?*rf a"X9-^ i sxli s^niJbl ycfrtflxslTisp ^«f(;^ saw basi) jf 87,41 _ 9ti^ pi , 

Jf-ox* fixsii i)3ob-,i)rLo.Q9.3 9£i;>: x^. bsTcavQP gsa^x^aiabxaf no JbsiosTta 

-Ixw aci^ alin'vr ,csjaf[j' snog^e o,* eeaf 9^XX9,,q;qB J^sriJ; 3nxfenBi,f|. 
Jail* ^fo^llii oiit oi Jb9Jtlx.^•»5^4; ^.3X;X9-1'1^ "^Q ^"^^^ Btii ao, 99^8^ . 
-*"to.^ i>noov> 3S94? yifixmii'S'^B 99[X9a:crB cfuocfr. bi/j«. bbvt sffirf^QO 

9oa9'X3lC*i'>. ci*x^ "scinxjaa-iii) ai,,( asyxapsa aft'.tsxfi^ 9§rj-,jj-qi ^9mp»-i 
5n«s iff^s^i .3 a/lol, ,}n8CX»<'(TJ? an^ b99b 9iU "io i^nlllfi-ib .sa'^ pj; 


there at hie inet^'nce and di i-?*ction. Aionenajntp contend, 
also, that ■«hereae the deed in queption to ap-ellee ie 
dated Lny :^1, 1&13, th?>t it sh-^uld "be d-^ted June !<:, 1913. 
The notary, hovever, tetptified th-'t he hnp no recollection 
whatever of dating the deed or his sckr.owled^T,ent 'b'Tck, pnd 
th-^t >(iB recollr-ction i ;» th^ t the arXnovrledgrnent 'Thich ie 
dnted r.ay ?3 , 1913, i? the date on v;hich he dr'^fted the 
deed and took the ncknotvledgment. 

Apnellee if further c orrohorp ted, y?e think, hy 
the fact tliit poenieppion of the premi^er? conveyed to nia 
vas delivered to him by ar-'-.el jnntp on June 1, 191?, and that 
he collected tht rentp frotr; pnid r.roperty froni thnt time on, 
and that he al^o took •'•ospession of said ptore on pnir] d--)te. 

Appellee'? answer to 'appellant?' c^nt(rntion thit 
the lirpt contrnct v/ts nl)rtndoned nnd that said onrtit^ fin- 
ally ?cttled under the provi^ionp of a contr'c;t dj^'ted June 16, 
11^13, ie thfrt said parties did h- ve under c -"nr^ideration a 
sotnevAiat different agreement vith reference to certain in- 
terest falling due on the ^-ortgage on the f'^rci to be con- 
veyed hy ap';ellee to oi^T-ellant, and v;ith reference to cer- 
tnin other propertie* kn-^n-n a? the "j-ri^co" properti! ", lield 
by appellant^ nnd rhich tliey v.ere nef.otintin^'. vith apr>el"ee 
to tfike, tut thnt they did not ; et topethfr on p-^id trnae- 
f^ction *=ind th'\t the ?>.£:reenent for t>;e conveyancep st'^od jupt 
as theyhnd made it under their orif inal contr'ot, and we think 
th-'t the court v;8.p warranted, from the evider.ce, in adopt- 
ing appellee'!? conptruction of paid jiatter. 

After a careful eyn.'r inp.tion cf thit rtcord v.e are 
of tl'e opinion thot the trinl court wae filly v^^rr-'n ted in 


•^ ^jirrirf^ ow ,b9 + a-Tocf(?i'XO o %9rf:^i«> si 99lX9qgA 
iaixi Qi bsx^vnof) sa^ircrsi.CT .94^ "ip, noieaea^pq fnii:^ irxr,'i adi 
iBsii bcifi j^XCX ^,X snuX .nq, alncXIaq-qB ■^cf mirf oi bsisvilab 3^w ^ 
,no smi^ J^Rfit moil \;^T9qoicr bio? aoil aic^'j, aitt baiosfioo sii 
-. bx/^e no. 9To:ta ,bijse Ip nQ,J:esa?.,s,oo .>£,0D* ^jaXa axi isil* brt« / 
jf .{J noiiriTiitico 'ainiilXecjqi? Qj.^rfi^sn^, « 'ssX.Csucjq;^/ ; 
-nx'r ^vx:t^T-nc; bif^e^ ^B^it^ b/tfi. ^.s/tobn/icfjfi 8j?w J'a^ij'noo J'sixt adi 
,31 'StruT. bai^b ;^qsTUtnoo s_ 5 o_ envois iyo.xq .aftt^.a^^ Y.iin 

B noi;tB'X9bXef{r p. xebtw 9Vf-rI b£Jt> s3X*,ift.q 4>i^s :;f3ri•:^, ax- r,^XtU 
-ni nxniaao pJ sonsaalsi r{;tiw cfnactaaii^c i^nsiallxb i»tisf»inoB 
-nco arf p^ dhrI s.rfi no aj^^cfiorfi .9*tt,,,no |iuli. afiiXXjsa. *»»»aJ" 
-isp oi pon^nat^i itJ^^w b/iB ,,^nefX9,grqi| jOi^t »a-XXdqq*s Y;d" be\&v 

9pri9-qp li^iv 3rji + Ri;J-o;i^»n 9isi^ ;t?^^^.., rfoi4f ^flf. :5*CfiXX9qfH»; .iftrf 
-ansiJ- bif<3 no -i^riJ^ap^ ^sjj^ojt bib. 'v^grt^, JfiXlj iirJ ,9if(R.J oi 

i.n^. ,. ;.;n5 ,.-?r>fi^nop Xani^iiio 'XXSffJ" aabrtAj *x nbisa bf3iix;9^i^ sii 
-J^qobr. at ,9on9bxy9 sdt tani'i ^bstnniir'vr bu;-? iinas 9di ir.dt 
.X9ttBiR blBB to np4*3uii«?nco B'»9XX»;7q« anx 
bTfoo-r ^idi to noitfinitss^K^ Xul9i«o s i^iliA 


findintT Byjpellnnts have rtiolly f?ilod to prove the 
allepRtion of their liill. '^'hc oller'^tion to the effect thnt 
the ecriviner vho dre''- the deed crr'^neously in?f:r''fd in the 
ctAM^re v-ith reference to the encumhr^nce «?; f'inpt paid -r,roT>~ 
erty, th^jt ffaid encu?T"brnnce vr-ij? 'A7CC..00 instead of i;54rr.0(. 
ie Cornell rtely refuttd by the tRt?tin'^ny of the not'Ty vrho 
drev.' tj^e deed, ind v.h0Pe credildlity there i? no nttempt to 
iqueption. ThR lav-- if, thr t in order to jurtify thf refoma- 
ftjon cf a v/:'itttn inf" riimcnt uvonthc rround of 'lir't-ke, it 
^^ / i? neccrsnry Vu' t the -iXf:t--']<e r-hotld e -i T:utunl one nnd 
/ should 'hi. t>TC\en "by cl e-'-r pnd cmvincirit": fvidr-nce, ur- 
' vine? \. harripnn, 1£1 in. ''19; \:r:rric>c v. Jinjth, ]?7 :il.5C4, 
Teetinf, trie evidence in thie cnj-e by the rule laid down ty 
the?e 'authorities it is v;hol]y ineuf licient to puri-ort the 
rl3 e? r>tioni? of the till. 

The tcticn in cover.fint poo-ve referred to vn^ An 
••action ■brou£,ht by npoe31fe to i\;cover fr'^n "n-^ellTint the 
SHiOunt of thc?e j-econd '^ortpj-if.ep which ^T'oelle-e V.""'' oeen com- 
pelled to ,ay. i-e a t^ tix ref ore of the O'oini'i^n the trinl 
court did right in di/^polvin,. the ter.oornry injunction 
re t?trainint. aprjoliee frorc t>ie •prosecttion of paid T-it, and 
tlie Judj-nent of raid court is affirmed. 

Kot to le renorted in full. 


-jBcnol^T '>riJ^ xt-t*''^'L. 0* TsbTO._oi .^f.^fiJ' -j^-si; w^i f%ij3 . .«oxi««upj 

, , ■ i • • " • - . - • ■ 


/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON. Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois. DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copg of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in my office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set mj^ hand and affixed the seal of said court 





Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the pear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th dag of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 

And afterwards, to-wit: On the .^.e.ygnteen.t.h day of ApAl, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in the words and figures 

Mattie P.__\^ourland, 

Appellee . 

No. ...AC. 

October Term, 1915 \ 


Lou i s y n 1 e & Na sh vi 1 1 e Ra i l_r oad 
. C ornpany^ 


199 I.A. 12 

> •••••*•• 







Term i<o, 40. In the Anvcllste Court Agenda J.o.?3, 

of Illincir, iourth Lictrict, 
Cctottr Terni /.. y, 19lb. 

Lf'ttie 1. -ourlai'id, 



louis\il]e L l.aFhville 
Mail rood Compariy, 

Appellant. } 

Appeal liori the Circuit u-urt 
of ..aeiiinf,ton County. 

Cxiinion by ■ og{,B, J, 

'•^'his was: r,n -action -.n the C5ve in Vae ("ircuit Court 
of Vaehxnfiton ^-nunty Ircutht by appellee a{-oinct apr^ellant to 
recover for injuries alleged to hr>\e been received pt Arhley, 
lllircij?, on "eptenbcr 1"^, 191^, by Appellee sliT)plng upon 
a bpnana i-^Vin vhil e r-he yfa.e atter.r.tlng to ^crird one of the 
appel". ant ' f? train? to to to her home ?t WoorJlavn. The >''ec- 

iRT'^tion, v.'hich con?i?ted cf t^-'O coun'^r, nlleged tl'nt ayTsel- 

icjui fni]i.d to c>:rciee rea^onr-ble ere to heer, i tr Tjlatform 
'?nd tl-e ptepp of it? coaches clean, and ■nerTitted banana 
neelingp, ^.^rbage and refune to pccunul-'te u'lon it? plat- 
form and tlie gtepp of one of itp coachet?, pnd th^^t npnei l lee ^'^ 
vvrilfc attei.'ptinf to board the tr'^in, wae thexeby cruped to 
^"ip '^.nd f-.ll, ?upt«irin^ a revere nertbup phocV, loceration 
ni\d ptrain of the r.iUccleF ?nd lignmcntr, nno th' t ehe w^e 

T.eroianent] y injured. A- pl e a 

'ener'^l i^rue Trnp filetJ~ 


5S.0.! 8fen«3A StuoO fiSBtlQrrcA ddt ai .0|k .Oil nrcsT 


( ,3DLl3:TqA 



{ %X^^ qnjo b ~ o 1 r i - .1 


oi ias^i.'irrqn i"3nx6^B 9eIC9q-(TR xd jrl.jf/p-i'J -"^cfnuo-'' noJtjnxrigBv/ lo 
Roqu gniqaiXa sarCsags ^o' .NTC'I ^21 "iodmQi qaC- no ,f}Jto.aiI.ri 

-09*^ grCT 1 .rryRlbooW J'B 9Kioii ted oi 03 o.t Bntr,ri r> ^ inB' loqqe 

. — i 


jBrtfinfld" b 3 i- J X '■:■:':[ 9 a bn.f. ,n-R9rD eorfoRPo °Ji iO eqs^fJ srrj- bns 
-i-jtXcr 'JJ'i rtor-u 9d-"I.unu')D'^ oJ" jf^ul^-r bnn Q^sdiB^ jerjnxCagq 

Oo' b'i*>..i"D xJBisdf 9.SV' ,ncr'i* 9i-ii Jb'XBOof oi 3nxiq..v3J'j.f5 -arxuiw 
noxie^iaoKl ^-.xOodfi fnum'in 9*1979^ r jnlnX3i*i.u«J ,rC't bnr> qx Cg 

• "•T orf5» S-'it itr.n ,''.Snom'':%xr bns 39 foeuur giiJ 'io nioii'j She 

"tt^ttt '^'-w au^eJc £«i»«9 3 -9rf^ -Ik-o- ^a^C-ef-A \ .baiutfJ-i: Y^^f^'^"-'3'Tn;9q 



ur>on v.hich the c.apc vjp.b^ tried, rrpol tinf; in n \rrdict Tor 
apriellee for rne Tr>5^<«»nd t^ollnrp. T ction for a tri^il nnd in 
arrept of judement 'vef^overrul ed, p.nd np-nellant oropecutee 
thie appeal. 

V}xt trr; in v.'hicii arisen te 3*tenpted to l^o-rd v/ns 
rn Hcconnodntion tr"in crnpiptinj, of a. p..f e c-r, r-oker 
nnd ladie?' err, st'-.rting frow 3t. 3 'lui? nnd re^chirife Aphley 


at out eight o'clock -'t ni^^ht. *'hen n ^ - T>cT "! oc reached the 
second or third ptep of t>ie c-r p'le 83iT>ned nnd fetl in r> l-.eap 
to the right and p?Te7/h.'it onclcy-ord, but not off of the rtepe 

of the C"r. The fl^.^mpin rjicked her xm frora tlie F'tepe and 
carried her over to a truck ??t'ndiig on tlie plRtf'^rm. My^^ ''^-<^<^ 
J3j3i«3-Uk v; s later c-rried to the house of r i'riend in Ashley 
vhere she renained for tr.'o weeks, nnd ynp then t?ken to her 
hor.e in V.codl^'wn, where she '^np confined to her bed for 
porr.e f rt r v.celrp, <ond vf unfile up to the tiriie of the trisl 
to wnlk ■^-ithout ns-piptpnoe. The evidence tended to prove 
thnt she r-jffcred pain in hf-r back and rel'vic or^ane and 
hip, whenever rhe.v^e on her feet for sny "1 enf:th of tire 
or received nnj' jolt or J «r. 

Appen^itp 1 irpt'contention i^ thr t tne /verr'ict '^f 
the Jury is G^ain^ the '-nnifert weight Nof the evidence. 
Appellee insirjtp thaVin bo?Tdinc ai-'pcllaM'? trpin ?)t 
Arhley, che unav^idPhlyX^tep^^ed on a tanana' peel v.hich vp.v 

lyinf on the thii^ ^tev oTx^the oloti-'m ^t tr^ front end 
of the l.'dier? coach. Pxhe v/itnepJ>«8 ^r 4^»t> e 1 T^e f-'e om* 
five or sir in numher ^e-^ified thnt^v-'hen aeSrreV^^nt^ p tr^in 


al ;jn,n Cpiia s lol; noiia^. ,aTr..fI<}(l j>iUft>ft4S snO ir-'l a-srCorrafl 

-^•Iri^A i^iiiai^^x bns «iiuo.i *lo ©oil: .^niJi'-Jie .i-.o 'nai&Bl bno 

qaa '■ •■ ni fl^ii bn" barf^^ile 91(5 T'-^o erfj- '|o qsJs bTliit "xc- 5nr of: 

aqaJ'*? ario In llo ton ^/ju' ,&TL.e^>fOBcf J'c;r{wo:T.c 9 bOB Jrfsx'r 3if;t of 

hn^ sff9i<^ di£^ moil n-cj larf bs^^oia nRfrr^nll sriT .i-i'o aifj- lo 

-^!rA . n?!'^ ';.+ ?! [.-^ ad.t no gnibn^ie ^fotfTi- e oi i-avo -^[s.'i .bai-ixa^ ■ 

X*r:ii''A nx bn^ii'i r Io setjorf adcf o;t £>9xti-=o isifil s-w ^nfiirnx. 

X9il o* «9>tsJ^ nsrij Br-vr bns ,e3(93w ov?ct tol bsnisnisi s.iB 9i9.i"r 

•int bsd i^d oi banx^noo 9?w sde siarfw ^rwBlfioo?.' ni: Siftn ' 

Xkxi* srW Ir asali 9iii oi qix alcTpn.u g-w bnn ,e:i93w aun^ 9iiio«; 

sroiq oi bsbnsi Donsbivg sriT .sonrad-aiggis cfuoxfcJ'CT/ mIbw ot 

ban aos/iio ocvl9n- bn,« -rfoscf T?»f{ ni: nijsq Jb9t9Hi;tj 9d? ' " 

•raxJ^ to d&^nai xaB io~t ^99! lexi no ^^t. acfa T9V9n3;lv- ..;i.i 

.99n9bxY9 9ifi ^c J-iiaisw J^slinf?.'".; '©rfJ' *^niBP..s ei x;*Xi/L. s-'i^ 

ip ai^ii 6 ' ^t/TRlCsq-qB snlbicKJcf ni )/s,'W- aicieni ssXlgrrqA 

»enr rfoiiiw Isarr, anjenflrf b no bDrrqgJ-^Yt./^i^invxsfiu orfs .^slri^A 

bn9 i' -^r • > .' niint;tr,Iff 9i{^/lo (j9d-8 StridJ- 9Xlcf no iniYJf 

•t , '-5. np4?.sniiv 9AY\ .r(OROp ssibnl srfj- i'- 

nl*"ti 9 '■*T!r rf9i'fw '^bIK* bexll^b'ij isrfnun nx xi^ to sviT: 

' •• ." '-'/ • '.* - '■■■■' . ■•X;' 't<* fl9.1 



stopped at Ashley no one gnt off of the Iffliep* cnach, 
?ind tlKnt w- er r ntell ee -y^.g t]-ff_firnt nerfon to f^ttera-nt to 

board the train. .A=_i*-U-»4, herpelf, tretifled to the earn* 

effect, and aleo th^ t 7/hen phe attetrrpted to >onrd the trrin 

phe s?terjped on n iDannna peel lyinf:" on the tj ird t-te-n of the 
plat:'orin in the front of the lndj.0F' conch and rlir;'^ed and 
fell a? p.bove mentioned. -ATrp-ellee' further tc-tified thrt phe 
did not !?cf. thir lianana peel until juet pf phe vnf? nlacing 
her fc^t en ns id step p^nd th^t ehe did not l^r \& tit!".© to 
clrianf-e her footing end thcit ty ref'pon thereof she fell and 
eurtained the injury pr ovti by the evidence. 

C'n the other hand t/ie vitneppee i or -2 >? ' "^ ant — 

t: etifjKth'-t :;Oine tv.-o or three nerrions got off the ladies 
coach at Ar-hley, and ^Ipo th;^t two or three -oerfons pre*; 
ceded appellee in bonrfUnt the train. The fl-i(-crian testi- 
fied that as he crtie out of the ladies coah he o-anined 
the steps of the -nlatfoim in front oi !?aid coach and that 
he observed nothing on the sace, "1 saw nothing on the .?tep9 

alpc testified thnt he obper'ved the steps and ev.v: nothing 
and ■i4:L further corroborated by one of the T^p:'>een£eTe vho 
I mr^e an exariinntion of the utepe eometirie Irteijbut vAiile 
the troin wag •ptanding at Ashley .\ /mpgl 1 5».n1: * t? theory *« -ci^e-t^ 
that -a^ p e l >»£ Y.'np trearinp low phc^s v.-ath >;i£h heelp and that 
^ j< her heel turned v-hen ?he v,'~p board iuf. the trrin r>r\d. that, 

that v.'ae the enure of her falling, inpte-c* oi ete-nine on a 
banana peeling a<=- testified jfco by aprellee. 

i:o one other ^I'^n nppgll ftf teptified to eeeint the 

,donoo *e^ihr^r arit 1o I'io *o§ 9(113 or. vftCrf^A ^a J^aajioJa 

. ...•. . ..... -\fc:^-^"^ --•■■ 

niPict' 3ri.* i^tf'-'d" o.t bs^ ai> nsrfvr i-"^^i- qoIb -tins ,j,*ct3t'i9 

/ ■ ' ■ -.' " 

0di to TfiiH silci- nn anivl I^sq Bitf^nnfi a no Jti^cr(T3^5 orfs 

bn/t baqrril^ 5ne lionoo 'go^IoRl arid- Ic ;tno'i\ s^l .«! arto,!:i.S,XQ 

-^^i:*-j! in =(.EiB- S/iss ?»-'^ ^9Wt C-i^n/J L99a BfTBrLPCf 314^ ,93?? Cfo/t. i)ib 

0^ •mi::?- av q;I d-on bib ^rfe J'<^r{df £»n;^ qaJa fniss.ftc i-co."]; ^9^ 

: ... »^!:,,^.^-w-*:i - ■■ - •' 

a-iifjAl ^di J'lo ^^03 gnoRTarT sairf^ -so owj- amos d"3^">^'i_^ .; : 
i*«T:ar anax^cr QTidi ic ow^ dT,r(d- 03 If? bHfi .Y^^f-"^?^^ z^-? l?.9Jf09 

;.. .- .. .- • .,-.:M ■ - r:' --J n'.-'f-'' '. ■-' -■■' ,"-■ '^-^ '■ - 

odvT ,TCJ-oj/bft->o art* Y<if b^it^'xodo'irrso jsft sH * .nwof). laav' 

■^ , . ;• ,;■.•-■: / ^ ^^■"■' ■■?- "■•"" ' ^'■' ''•■-'*"'-■■ -f'-^' '■'•■ ' - 

aaidJc^n t/bs bn« eCTS.te 9dt Jfes/sneecfo ©rf *jpxtJ b9lXiJ">5 9*. .OsXa 

allrfir ;tutf ^^isJ-rI 9jnx^*»CJoe j^q^i^i od^ to rttjttftnxriTBXs ij|5 ai^pltt. 

d"«rl^ bnR gIsQii iT;^J:i{ :fllwr edorfa vifol gnxiCBaw «?nV aj^-M-^-f^ffpv ^sA?,; 
,&cidt bnn .mxR^.t &di gnxbTBOcf «3?:w-9rf>» norfy |)9^liiti;:| l9$r{ in.: 
~ an ari. ':o b;n3j-«rti .anlllBt isrf to acuso eriJ 96w ^^jci-fd- 

/~ ' n - - ■ ■ + ■■ ■'' ■' ,*:)■-■ "'0 "^ ' - ^ 



"bnnanfi Tseeling on the step of the cr\r platform. However, tro 
of the T/itne--?ee9 for ^•^pr^ e ll e^e, 1 r. and :. r^. Vaufhn vho 
vere on the nlatform at Aehley v7>.en the tmin ^•u''3ed in 

trptified t}:nt fifter afpT^ellee fell they noticed a banana 
peclinf nn the st'^tion plrit-form near the front olrjtform 
of the iTdies coach. Jn <>fehey " iviCnf, — th e y ij ■ • vj t'n i g '-^>tift«ma 
p.€ ^]ing on th o o t ^Mon -^l-n^iovm rirght 'vife-ere -«rrp-e-x ^ e f e l l. 
A^e^p^J-lant further ineir-t^^s cor] 


"rohorative of itr theory 

of trie CFre tlmt no de/'p ?pot nvnenred on the - ' er- s nf 
tile cpr and tlin.t there ro dniicrp spot en the eole of 
appellee '? ghoe . jk 

V/e think it should he ol?perved that ^jroellee'e 
teptirnony to the effect thf t t/.ere v;;? e a tansna T)ee3 ing 
on tV.e plntform of tlie cnr, nnd the evidence of " r. and 
Iyb, Vaufrhn, v^itncppe? for To-oellee, ti the effect thnt 
there w^.e a ban??nn peeling ne = r the ptcp on the rl^tform of 
t>)e pt'Jtion ie r.opitive and direct, rhile tlie evidence of 
s-n>,ellant ' E> v.itneppee th^t they otrerved nothing on the 
platfom of the ct or ■:t the station i? pej- tive in 
chprp.cter. ..e thi;"ik th-t the teptimony of the fl-f-raan ?s 
to the ohjervationp made by him wl^en he ^,ot off the car 
T^ere sirr-,ly the upurl observations th-t he v; -uld make nt 
^ny station, rnd would not be f^f* relia'rle a? the positive tep- 
tiraony of the other witnef?9es. It mifht, totj, be obeerved 

thnt the contention of annellant, ti^rst a-Di^ellae v.ris caused 

\ " 
to f=!ll by reason of her-ankle turning w^s a ■ ipre inference, 

a? there ie no evidence wh-'-^tever to ?ui\nort it dn tiie rec- 
ord, ,.e have carefully exarriined thie evidence and we think 

\ ^' 


«ai»««c^-^■±Tf:^ 'i:yTT^ ■^rfi"- -rErrtm-taff*-© n t .dosoo sstbrf add' lo 

. IX ^*- "-^e^-f^ffcns-^T^-ffor- ~*«^i 1 -anE«-'3h*fHErT n-trjtifs^** -^erf^— no- 3n.£I »»a 

-/■■■ :•-■;•>.- ''?-"*^V^->s>U' ^ : 

.; . .-:■-/.: . ■ .- , ;,: ■^^?. ..-, -.r -,-.„^ . ' ' 

lo SfT^s*- 3xi.& no JbsifloqcTB ioq? q.'H?!) on ^ndt aaao dc^d' to 
Ito 9lo3 add- no ioq4 cpjiRb oa 9Sw sisiii' iJ-.w^ Jons arit 

* :-. / X .90Xi8-i? '991X8 n-CTS 

gniEssq Brtan^cf s cev/ s^arf* ;f.<Sf{t J'09T:'i9 ^rO" OJ- ''■\5noiHi:f8©* 
buB ,t" to 9onab^3 sdi bviR .tno ^liJ" to nhcot^r-Iq' s ^ 

to iKott^lT si.t no ffs^'? 9if* i.B9n gnifaact snenecf e s^ 9t9 

■'■■■■ ■ ■ ^'i ■ ■.■ ■■:.:' :v. ii:-" .;-: ■ -:,/ r-' -A-..-,^- 



to 9on9hiv9 Sffcf diiriw ^to^Tifo fern? svifiHOn n'l aaiivp^in srfJ 

■ ■■■■- '-7 ^'-'^ . «^ , ■• t' ^ ■r.^^i'- -^-^^ic ^K 

9d.i no anxrfj-on fisTisccfo y9j-{>J' .isi£.f <s9999n*i'.v s ♦*nBll9ffrc 

ni a/i^-Tjsn' si nol;t.pJs en^ *^ "xo i^o sriJ- to .cnotd'slcr 

«e npciaplt arfcJ- to xnofiiiif59J- /arfJ- ic'dt ilntdt (»W *^9i;3B:t.sxfo 

lao »rf* tto jo;^ 9rf nsrfw id[i(f Tjcf sbBra: Bnoi^cvTSccfo srfJ- 0^ 

iiB aotem fcii/'^w sri *f»ri* snoiJ-svis^cfo lisueu erf* Y-tc^-cs 9t9w 

-;ij avliiafio sriJ-; »?fi sro'r.iCej^i «i^ arf ^on bloowfcn^ ,noiijfrjts x^e 

'-■':-■■ / -. ' - ■ ■/" ■ ■■"■' --'i^-- -^^' ^ ' •■' V^.*--. ''^'■■■'•f■ intiJ- 

bdviaecfo nd .po& ^Sd^ .ftS9«39n;tiw troricfo srfi to i^nOflitd' 

.f. - .: ./^ ^. •. - . ..-,: .■ ^ ,-:>■■ ■ iv- ( -:• 

bs'joao ?ri.".' slria'fcrB ;tf?/fi^ ,^n jp. II 9(tct-r to noitttsSnad adt ir.dS 
j ■ / . r:r •.;: ^ ' . r. . . ,.. ,,, .„.' 

(•on^Tstrri &tl9;- r »p:w rpfnimtiJ slTJnB-iaxl to noeBsi xd XIp'1 0^ 

-091 aiij nj;' ^i ttoato* 0* ■asvesf-eriw donsbivs on 9i sisri* ^.n 


that if 'the jury believed the v/itneeser of ai^j-ellee 
thoy vere warranted in finding:, th -^t there v/c? a banana 
peeling on the platform of the c-t and that it v/- p the 

Tiroxiraa :e cnuse of r»pr:el3ee failing and receiving the 

injury shov/n by the evidence. / 

It is ne>:t contended by •^D-ellant th;' t even thcuf:h 
it be admitted there v.-? a banana peeling, on the plat- 
form of the car as te.-?tiiied to by appellee, t^nd that ehe 
flipped and fell thereon r- detailed by her, triit in the 
a>f?ence of further pro:3f to the effect tlvt arpe.llant knew 
the banana peeling was there or that it had been there long 
enou^.h that fr.-peilant, by the upe of ordinpry c.-^re should 
hnve hnov7n of itp being there, ap-nellee would not be en- 
titled to recover. This queption is raised by the -motion 
pt tie close of appellee' p evidence and af.-'in at the close 
of nil the evidence to inetruct the jury to find the isruee 
for appellant. -evcral caets are cited by appellnnt from 
other .3t"tes which tend to support itp theory, ^.o case, 
hov;e\t-r, in support of thie theory ie cited irora Illinois. 
'The In^', r> ? we undersl- nd it, in t>.is etf^te ic- to the ef- 
fect that when a perron btcomep a passenger of a iiail»o??d 
Coiipany, it then be coaep the cuty oi paid :.ailro»d Com-nny 
to uee tliC rjighest degree of c ire for the protection of paid 
pa?senf,er, conpirstent v.ith the pr- ctical opfeirtion oi it? 
road. Lake -t. j-,1 .}..h,Co. v. 'mrt,es6, '.''^f 111. ("28; 
Lliic [0 '-ity n.r..Co. v. Jlireve, n26 ill.bSG; 1 ^-pin v. T.'i<, 
.. 1. .w. Co. 162 App, 296. .\ 

ith reference to the qu^'-stion '-^e to vfhether or 


9rij ^ ^*if j-i: d-Bii^ l)ff© ^j?o »x{;^ to maold-^Ig arid-, tto anxleoq 

,90«9fexv9 Qiii vcf nwoxie viifLni: ' 
sfiSifj^iit jB9y3 ?Mii^ lueCIjanqrE TKf,ib9bn9d-aoo c^xsn si i'l 
-^/5,Cq. 9iiJ'. no ,inil99<^ .gnf?n«irf a a~w 9*X!5xlcl" 4"firiiJ',J>9**iffl^JB^ 9^ ■•^ 
.9ife c^Rrfd- bcK ^^gltsqqjB vtf od'Abgxlxi'r.s aa ■i^a-g^Sl' lo nrxoi 
^i al j f.jLj ^loiiji^rf J»9li-^9i) r./i no9i3rI|J Il9l iins £>9qqll5 

W9a;;f C^XXS^f^t.:qr^5 J- fV'fu #031119 ^dS Oi IcOTCq 194*'^"'^ ^0 90a99dB 

^nol 9i'3ii^ naad" bnrf fi, iHd:i -xo 3'i3iid- asw 3nxl99q jsnsnjscf adi 

bluodf.^ 9iB0^ ■^'s.^nipTO Xp 98.U^t x<^ ^ia»il9q:m ^Biii d%uon9 

-il» 9cf .ton bXuow; 99rr9qq;j3 ■^9t9rf«^ J^nxscf 8*x lo nw&n:{ aved 

Rotios? arfJ' Ti<i basxjsi ei nci^RStjp axriT .i9voo9-x oi balSii 

99010 Qdt i Pi nx,p.^a baa 9oa9JbxT9 9 'agXIgqqB "io 980X0 edi .t<~. 

a9ue8i o.:f^ bnil ot Ttvl &d3t ioui&>afil oi songbxva 9rf* XXb lo 

'■ " ' " ■ '" ■/•■■- ■;."■ 1, :. 4"?rr "ii'-ivc:;: ••• ^iw^v n-i'-i.-i:?' ■ 

ctoil J'nnilgqqs ^cf bgj-xo 9ib bsbbo Ifiagvs*^ .JrtBXXgqqc "acol 

^'" ^- -■.. . ■ ^ -■ ,^''r-:.:' ::..•■ - y .;. ; i. v-i - - .; ; rr-^x"-/- tjivJ- ■ 

,9830 oil ,v;toedi a:^t itoaquB od' basi rfoirfw 39d'Bd'2 isrici-o 

^- ' -::: " "• ' ■ * ■•-.-•'vc. -^"^—i-.ii .^^■-^.:n-j -^:fa-;C-r- 

.aioaiXXX fflottl i>9;tiq 9i •\fio94* ,9xrf* lb ct-ioqqya ni ,'X9\r9wori • 
-I9 sitJ- o* gisct'pJ'a el-id- nx ,^x Jbnf!da^9&nu 9W sf. .wnX 9fIT\ 
biJO«Xir>^i B lo igartgassq i? 991110 oarf noeiiftq £ H9d«r t-snii d"09l i 
X«RCfJ2cO bPOtliBJi blsB lo x^ub srfd GQEooatf asdi i t .^xoBqaio \ ^ 
fcJtea Xo.noxdo'3d-oiq 9ri(dr .-lol etiio lo 99x39b iggxf^irl 9iU 990 oi [ 
.^..,.9-^x10 nox:f'-.'i9qo, XROxioniij giiJ' ilcfxvr inajd'sianoo ,rc93n9eaBq ' 
;a2^.IiX,;)'in .,as9a<iij4 .v .oO.H.H^Xa :,i3 9:£b.I .b?.oi 
.y.JI .V nxqn.: ;OS«J.XXX ^SS -.9V9"Xri2 -v . oO. HiH Yd-JtO o^^oirO 

^ ^. ,362 ,qqA SdX ,e- . 

TO tgrtdsriw of 8"- noxd'ip'^up srfd' oi .»giri9'i3l9a d.ii 


not Appellant thrnWh it€ servantr l:ner or rhould h- vc 
Irnown that said banary^peellng w^p on the eteje "^f i?nid 
CrT r contended b/ appex5<?f- it tKf>uld be ot^ervee' th"-*- 
^Jthe Jt-'tion r-t Aehley -i« on the .orth ?ide of /*p*'- ■. _ 
r"i3i-o?id trnck, n.nd -th-^ the next fi\e plations ve^t of 

the ptntion on the north eirie of py-.n t q^t ' p ■*-r'^"V 
brfore arriving nt Aehl cy ie /p fCoutahJ ho the ci-i^cluBion 
might essivly toe drawn by the jury th.-it thp brni-PTi'^n and 

other empliycee of Appellant in chrU'£e ol \ paid, trrin had 

plenty of orporturtity to observe the condivti'bn of the 

\ / ^ 

plationn of >said/crr and should h-^\e renig/Vdd sny foreign 

■ / / '^ 

substance thd^reyon i;efore allov/ing P'^sftengert to "board 

paid tr'^in. ^-is, the fla£,man, tfr;tified \vk did, but the 

Jury evidently ybelie\ed the v.itn/seep of ap-jtllee, r';ther 

tnan thoee of aifc:>ellant on thi^ Question. 

Itf is n^t contended by nppeliant tli-'t the verdict 

,' of the jur,y is exQej?pive. /Appel^'ant insi ?ts Itiint the evi- 

\ / I 

dence in, this cape\ tended/ to nrove th- 1 ariTelp ee 'A-ne not 

/ \ , 

{| injured /to the exteVit clafined by her and that\ there wrfs more 

i ^ \ I 

j or lee? feicning by \ier af pain and suffering; v ^joh di.d - n o t - 

'. JQ- f "rt— eyl-g- 

to shovr th-t att p' ^g l> ^o— //- 

The evidence tended 
vraB r.ore or lesp~~of s nervous temperaiaent, and tii-'t up to 
eome two years rrior to this accident ?he had ^oen in ill 
hcrilthj but that for two yeare preceding the ''"cirent her 
health had teen food ahd th^t she h-^d done the iiouee york 
vitnout aFSietnnce uf for a family of Jour; tV« t "^ubrequent 
to tne accident she hsd been unable f-r six v.'eeko to leave 


3v 'il blanks "xo vrsnit-^^tAsiif'i 99''^^/ Ap(oidtrtnB£l9qdsA. Son 
bias if 'jqsis @M 'tt& «ei»r g«iI»^»q^^jSfiA<* tfciaif "^srfi :nwi8/t>l 

fefTP «ai»^9--Jaicf ,9rii if^dt^ \xui '■'»df x<Si i^sxb 9cfy-^I/i<S(39 jjrfglfH' 

1-7 ^^ J 

her bed and that ehe hid not been able, up to the time 
of the trial, eorae four or six monthe alter the "ccident, 
t6 Y/ T.'ithout n-^^istance. Ihe only evidence to t'j.spute 

t they ) d obeerved 'rp.r dvoinf,; ; er 

a'>'iel3g£ in_±"':ip re^i^rd •''•ere t^o v,'itnt psf f, neifh^ors of 
gppolle ^e, rl'O testified Ui'- 
hou3C Y.'ork^Hnd one of them ttetiiied thf t they pp.-w uer get 
into a buf"^y unngpipted and had peen her eweep tut v^alks 
in front of her h-^upe. 'ivo physician? examined *^a*H=*-e44-ee- at 
the time of the injury, one called r.t the inptfnce of appeUee 
and the other being the -.hysician ol ai»^^ llant'- g rrilroad, 
both of vjhom found an injury on R»>rreii-»?e • e hin and it vae 
t'iiou^ht by them ishen the injury lirpt occurred tnat one 

than the ot}\er, but the railroad physician nf terwardp be- 
-^cai.'ie of the o-ninion on aeapurenent that thie wp,? not true. 
ArrRQ-iee ' s ^-'hypician '*o had ch.irf;e of her after the firi?t 
ex'^min^.ti on testified th.o.t following the injury =? t Asjiley, 
p^17°"'1 '^.e suffered dieorders of the-nelvic orpanp and the ■womb, 

th.^t one of the finpere of f: T)r> ell cc was injured nt the time 

-A ■ 
of the accident; th^t it festered and a Tr^rt of the bone there- 
after bec^rae detached and slourhed olf. 

•'he jury heai*d all of these witnteoef- ter-tify nnd 
it is for then to poy in \osee/of thie chamcter v/h'st darcagee 
have been suffered and unleW/the reviewing court can "ee 

thjit the finding of the jury,\ith refertnte to damage?, i» 

/ \ 
aeeinst the manifept weifh^ of the evidence, t::tir iinding 

should not be disturbed. V.e are i.n?ible to say th-^t the jury'p 

finding ie against the r.anilept weifehtXpf the <-\idence, or 


ftffsij- sii* oJ- (jw jSfcfa B9«k( ^ojts fcnrf .difa' J'.fsxfJ' boB b9(S lad 

.... . .. .. ^':,v-:...^v....^^^'. 

i33 :i?.i ^r.°- Tjaiit df.aiii fe9±'t;;*8 3J' j[rr9i'fd''lfi and b'as^^iov asuod 

ie <Sf»-te>tH^«'' barcifiaxa iMij^xiinMrfof crwT .©qt/'^rf tsxi Ito d"ncTl: nx 

■ ■ V- 

«i)«oalMa;-s:-*T#ti»i-E«^igj» io aifi^oifsy/i^ etd^ grriscT aariJ-o 9rf^ bos 

f \V^ >-«'^, ^ , . . ^^ ^. >} . 

9Aff *£ bar, (TXrt *»9f»M-9<J«;<? tto •yiTWt^I rtW fem/'ol fflfeil»v lo^rid-OG" 


.outi Son e.'v.v axu-j d'Rn;)' ^nsisrstsrsB^sn itn ftoinlqo orl^ Io sn^n^ 
j«"3:xa yflj "r-jjlr loci "ie s'^jieiio feasf ojfti? teioisY^I e^seTJSrjriA 


9rnx:f »xLf J-B bfj'XvwtfTX ~e.Bvy ■•#&-^<^^ 'ftxtd fpxlcf 

I — .- ,^ , ^ 


.'-j-.c- ■ f 

«96 1160 I'xuoo anxwsivs'x &riJ\«;s'9lnu bns bBi^llus naa'cf W'sri 


t'xxul.pdi iPAii \;r8 oi sl^n.i sie •# '^ ,b»d-tkt'e iii''9d kon' bluodB\ 


fht the verdict ie so exceepive ne to reouire n rcvcrsnl 
on tli-^ t pccoiint. 

'-T«penant aext on tend, e thpt the court erred in 
£iving the InstrMCti'^n riven r^n "behalf of ap^cl'^ce, being 
the only ins+ruction offered or (iven on her hehr>]f, Thie 
inetruction v^ap confined rrlely to the r.ieppure of dpmn^,ee 
apoel3ee iv.-?s entitled to recover, -providint. thr t under the 
instrncti onf5 of the court the .jury e/'ouid fine! the inptruc- 
tionj? of the c^urt the .iury should find anpell^nnt .i,uilty. 
V,e hrve examined the ins' ructions and find th-^t it ip the 
orf^inary ^nd^il inetruction ^iVen hy plaint iff on the 
meneure of d=?n?.; es, and thnt the eane hoe oeen aonroved by 
the Anpell "^te and i^uvrer.e courts, "'he only .difficulty ■with 
reference to thie inf?truction in our judfT^eut ie tl.rt one 
of the eler'ent^ of d''Tn'^£.:ce contained therein is the "lo?" 
of time of appellee." At cc^^on lav; the hi'ptj^nd only could 
recover for the lore of ^ervicep of the ^"ife, .-^nd under the 
different stnt\i.tee p ' sped in thip j?t"te, rr.l.T; inf. the ri^hte 
of the vafe, t>'i p ri'le h'P not been entirely -hroET'i.ted . 
however, v/e do not "believe th.-^t the error is? of j?\ifficient 
in-^ort"nce, in vievr of the te^tinony in the o"?e, to require 
a reversal. In Vrect Chict-^o City 'I.R.Co. v. C->rr, 17C 111, 
478, and in Chicsgo, I il' nukee i-le. .Ay. Co. v. hremyjcl, 
103 A'^p. 3, both of vaiich c.^^nec- involved the ri(:ht of a 
v/i f e to recover for loe? of tirne during coverture, instruc- 
tions of practically the faae effect v.'} iie not v.'".;olly 
a'-T. rover' by the Court?, it rrrs held not to be error to 
five the earie. 

■ 0- 

BirfT .Iffuied" terf no n9vi'3 t:o feslallio nOicf S>u"t+tftl'>\!;rftd'' S/!;t 

• X^ rxi;:-i^ncCi:9rrqfR fci-til: blaorlg ' Yiwf. srf* ■3"a»ob ^ri:^- Itb^ ctiol:} 

9j"fJ ei .t £ JT.ii bnii. Bn^ enoxiOLri.+ eni «rt* 'fcanliap'xs'svBrf'-^i? 

»fli- no i ciinisirr i^cf netfxB nbi'd'OuiJ-^nx' '^Tfiwei.'' ino ^j^fni^^;© 

lid bavoiGT'TP n"393" 3Rr( scib? dii^'"^Br^ briJB ',ss?;%^"flispb io^sttrsBsm 

rfiiw -^CJlo-oillifj \;Irvo 9flf . e^rruo o sHraT craGfcnte s^-p rrsqrrA ©rfj 

9no :)•" fj 5x 5'n9f5f?}.but Ti/o ni hbiJoJi^ 5'trf^ oct siynsTs't-oT 

p^oX" srfj" ai: >tX9iarfcf BahiBi^noo' Va-j.^^nrsb Trcf VitrtW^X^ *tt^^ 

5X'jco vXro &r{-.:fiu(f ©rf* wjrX hBrrrrffob' iA^' ** VVg 'X"f s^it<TB ^d'%Mf ifi'^p 

»jcf^ aabnu brtR ',9ixw srf? Ttd' egoxV'te^"' 'i6'"S«/of 9rfj^ VaI "'ifsVbbb'i 

. tsipjc-Xu'R Y-C^ix>tn9 nsad Ion ^'aftd'^'^f'!^' ^'Mj- ^'^gffw srf* to 

9ii!jp9T: 0.+ ,9e'^o 9f(;f xii ■\cnofffXJ<=:9* srfJ' Ip %9ifv rtl jSon'^.tTornx 

.rXi OVI .-la-O .V- ^or^.F^^ixO b^BdirtS *»^«i-\^ b 

,Xo(jnT9iA .v .oO .■vrK ,9lk''B^■SJJ(^~'ilt''i ,o?^soi'rfO ni brtP ,8Vfk 

s 1o i'frji;'! 9:^+ b9vfXovni ffg^RO iiOf ffcv lb rf^Cfcf ,'-£ iqffA '50X 

YxCnar' ;foi-i sri.-fiy tng"^!© scjR^'brCJ ^Xt«bi*bf"irr "to enoict 
oJ" 10 i-rs 9^ 0.+ :trn ftCsrf "r-^w ^.i ,«»Mir6b 'i;i'I:^'■^ bfevbir-TB 

•ianina 9i'.:t 9vx-) 



It ie ne?t contended by sppeljant that the court 
erred in refusing the thirteenth, pi;-teenth and twenty- 
fourth inptruotione offered by it on the trinl of enid 
cause, ihs court one i'^struction for r-.ppellee ^nd 
tv/enty-four instructions lor appellant. In fnct, ^Hve 
all the inptructioiis offered by appall ••=?nt ■■ ith ':he excep- 
tion of three, '•'he eubet-<nce of appellant' e reli'.sfed in- 
struction? thirteen and sixteen, so far at? n- terial or 
proper w?re covered by the instructions t iven ^.nd there 
\7P9 no error in refusinj^ raid instructions, i-'prellant' p 
refuped instruction number tv;enty-four mt't, quite lenfjthy 
and involved, and -vi-a.s? calculated, to ^ipTerd the jury and 
there vpp no arror in refuein^: the p?me. 

-binding no reversible error in the record the 
judgment of the tri.-^l court v.'ill be affirmed. 

Judfmient afiirmed. 

Hot to be reported in full. 



bisiB lo Ifiiacf srf* «o ^i ^cf bsasl^o ejnoi^o,uTJ-»;nx dtiucl 
bas 9«rtacrtf« lot nol^oia.:t»srTl »no avif-.a ^.Ta^oj:? jwlX .,»8ajj«o 

-q90X9 9A? dSiv iaBileq^qe ^s^f^ bBt9\lp a nn.i#Oij.^^ a nl /aitt, XJJa. 

no iBiioJfyfi «j3 ib1 ob ,n9»d'xxe fins ^soi'itsiJ^ saciioijiie 

9Z9£lt ttati tt©Ti3_ anoi if .001*6 ni. srf* x(^ i>Bi,svoo 9X?vr i^qoicr 

a'^nxillsgqA .enoi^taai Jeal bla^ ^issj'i'^ totts oc e3w. j 

l»i» "^^uf. 9ii* faseXgiT o# £>9:ffi.j:uoX«o e^w btiB ^bovCovni. bus .J^ 

. .aassg ssit -jnxex/t*^, itl loirB. o^,?s•*^,JS^'^)l^£y::^J 
''ti:.•"' vjI'.'o, ''. ^. - V. ' 

•xtf Meo9i 9rf* ni iotts 94:cft 81979.1 on, anibai,^ 

.bQuni'ilJEi ©d" IJiw ;fiwco Xsx.%*-.9riit j'^O .ifidnTai)U[. 

--'>r-r^ *>:/ ' :'. '\'. :•(■■<:'." ^ '■'■■-: ■■■■ ''j 

.bsiirxxllB d'n9flD5fcUto 

-•- 1 

fc-^ri y:5^r-: 


I / CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 

the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copy of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in my office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set my hand and affixed the seal of said court 

at Mt. Vernon, this <dJ£^.. day of April 

A. D. 1916. y^ y f /J 

.-=r:rr:::r^....Vs....,a=^.X.,^^ - 

Clerk of me Appellate Court. 





sj f 



Opinion of the Appellate pourt 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, hn the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred andkixteen, the same being 
the 28th day of March, in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren anq sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 

And afterwards, to-wit: On the dag of April, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OPINICjN in the words and figures 
following: ! 

John C . C-laecgck, 5:...Min9..?"....'by. 

.M«.....C..,....GJ.asc.oc.k,, f r.i.e.lld.| 

_ _.\. AjOToe .11 e.e... 

No. AB.. 

October Term, 1915 

lA^y I.A. 134 


...Geo rg.e....Gerold, . 



...S.t., C.lair..._ COUNTY 

Aij-oellant . 




Terrr. ?.o. 48. 

In the Ap-nelirste trurt Afpnds Mo. 49, 

of Illinois!, > purth ■-iptrjct. 
October Terra A. Jj. 1915. 

John C, t>ln.pcock, « 
i-inor, by ]:, C. ^lRf?r'ocT<-, 
hip ne>'t friend, 



Cieorrf v^prold, ) 


•^*T?'p«:nP.nt. ) 

^"■ppel from the Circuit 
) Court of 3t. Cl?iir County. 

Cpinion "Dy --o^c?, J. 

Apr.elleXf p "inor L-y/'h«'xt friend r<-"covcred -r' jurig- 

jnent in t}ie i-ircuit WHjrt pf//r!.s?t St. Touip, Jif^inrt n-o-el- 

Ipnt in an '^.ction on the 3^^e, for i.if-ht hundre--^, dol^.^r?, 

from which juf1{;inent this «p>^ea^SLp ^jrowfcuted. 

^ . ,1 ^J clao f* e t. « ' dif e l oyg d ' p y th e r g c<>r ij ss tp — llxr-l ^-^ a ! '»» " - 

-trrjTt '*/<«wtyio ov7n«?r of p fl^t roofed tv.-o rtory *bric>r hvl'ding 

u?ed for v.-tre-hou-pe r>i'rDnpeF, located '^n 17-th ftrrct in the 

city of ^ n?t ot.^l)?. Iricr to the injury in o_u<??tion 

there hnd t.een another VrirV biiildlnf of^joinin^ thif ^uild- 

inr on the rr-r, *7hich Y-^.d borned Irnvinr f rTrti""n of i t^ 

ride rrll Ftnndinc pdjoininf 4Jrt^ f;r>p ft llnji ^ i' n v;oreh;^u?e. 


There ^--w tIpo " Tnortif^n of thfi '?ml'' of tht; burned bull^^ing 

extending, "ircft fron th« north »val 1 of {t -r . -nel 1n , nt ^ e building. 

A ' 

These broken vails extended down in n broken pto,ndinp condi- 

tion from the top ol -»* 
C;n the d>te in ouertion 

inptll nnt* -a bu 

ildlnt to the ground. 

a»j»ei4-ae who ^n? tnen thirteen yeftr*/ 


.axex .CI .A irrtsT •s^cfo^oo 

.8> .oti an9T 

."/Tsooefll^ .'J .4 ^<i ,'Xoni-l 

asll j^CfcrA 


»f^ X to f'oi,tT:n.T B anlyjR^I bsniwcf bprf i^olrf^r ,"ii^'»i arfi no ^nx 

yiibi.urf bomtfcf 9rf.t If) rfsw ntit Io n*^ t:tio<T ^ 09C0 »2i'/»v 9i9ilT 

__ .bnaoT.i 9rf^ f^ aai.^Ilocf a-tJ^afrX X-#^]f»- to qn^ srii moil noii 

\\ •^- '■.^ ^^.1 ' I - 

of ?te in company v;ith tv;o other t^cya nf nbout the P3m« 
af,e h?>d climljed up the broken tvalle ol the burned building 
nnd hsd frot on top of the warehouse in queptionand v;ere 
l:^okin£ lor -nigeonw and ecfe. -ja^ft' 3 la iit en?; tliem and 
txclsiraerl, "1 have the bnye th-"t hnve "been ptcaling niy 
pigeon;?," Thereupon the boy? tried to'^.-ike their e^c^pe 
froai the building, -^ ppc IXee ^te?tified that bb he wre stert- 
in£ dov;n backward on thie broken T.-all, ayrHOj^rnt. thre*- a 


brick rjnd t truck him on the shoulder; thr>t );e feli irom the 

fifill to the ground of ing; about tv^enty feet and broke the 

tibia or larf:e bone of lie 3e^ below the knee. -j^e injury 

recei-ved by ^ j;? el} c T f 'ke-pt t.ini in the hoe itnl for nineteen 

dnys and confined hiaa to his hor.e for p.lout four '-'jeeke. After 
he started to sc};'^n] , he etlll h-^d to use crutchts for c^ne 
coneidernble ^ ime. I I-^j^ ..c.,^.^ c*--c^-'^-'e-«^ *,-v^--*-^ ^v-^-^M /*-»'>■'-«- 

^ (megroundp relied on by apnellant I'^r a reve-rrsl 

of thie cause f^re, lirpt, tVuit the verdict if not pi'.nported 
by the evidence; eecond, thr.t the vercZict is? excej8?i've, and 
thirc, thnt the court erred in giving an instruction oifered 

1^ by fippeliee. 

The evidence in this cnr-e wi8 very c nfl icting-. 

' ho one testified definitely that sppellant threv? n rrick 
at appellee and struck him except appellee hitiirelf. }:ov;ever, 
the tv'o boye r;ho were «.ith appellee on the building testified 
thnt they sv appellant have n brick in iii? hand nnd pnw him 
drn\/ b«5ck and inttke a motion "e if to throvr the enr;e. Tlicy 
furtht-r tentlfiea thnt they did not knov at T.hotn Hpcellant 
intended to throw and so dodfed and did not ?ee ?:hether he 
threw the brick or not. iHciedi^ tely, hovcver, r>fter this. 


•19W bncaoii^ji^p fll *»wOiiaxi?w ,9ii4 io qo>f no ioi^ bod bnr 
baR acsiii was .tfM»^f'l-«ifg«it- .t^ga btm ynos'jin lol jnijfooX 


^^J;n ^iinsfH naarf 9ynil ^RfitJ a-^ocf 9ip i»v04.|" ,dt^iiftii|^JCox'j> 

3q--3eD itodi sjfjGiTioi £)9iii p-tocf srfif noqy»ti4^;" ,jihD?3ia 

-^i-jJ^ 2'^i7 9ri SB ip.iii bail ttiisl^ 99it^^f^ ,8ni.briucs siii rcoTt 

sdi faoil tXsl 9i( iBfll ji^jfiXwoae odS no xairf aIout:^3 bnis jCoiiJ 

9i-£j ajCoicf bn^j Jt'ssl Y^navvj- ^J'uo^b aflt-i?^ biufoiii sdi oi IIwt 

■^wtni 9x1'." .9'jn5( ^xiit woXoo' :39c ai.i *io snocf 931JR [ to aiiiJ 

'X3*> .8^00'." iijol: ^ijc^'? ic'i 9mox{ siii oi isirf b^nttntoa'taxs a^Bb « id .iaisXXsoqs )c<f no <r&9AfPT, 5&/njjP!2.C^S^ ., = - r 1 

baticqqi/'^ ^o^^ Bi,.. ^oi:,bi3,y. jM#^ *nrfJ ^^eijtl .$9^..^: ®?,"^.?,., •A?^** ^^o i 

--, . ^ ^ ,09X^«iiqfl x^" / 

ii%txsi 8 w^T^^f^ ^n«XX^(X0f« ^Bxlt TC^sJinilab baiiiia** ^np oil ' 

.^T3r9jva:{ vlr^s^fflirt .?(9XX9^TX'» .*<|ai.ox9 taiil ^P^*^^-? ^na •9XX«<it[ji^p ; 

b9iliJf93^ ^ibLyj^ *4^. CO drfC9q;qa «'i*i5 9t9?? p4w a^ocf ow* 9rf;t 

ial."i wne ^na bnaii sl^i ax :ioi:T^ «, atroii JnsX£»q;qii! w a x»^ ^tml.t 

^«rir «afc«?« «»41 vrcxrCJ^ p^ li ar npXitpfli u sjOboi bn^ atopcf watb 

,lix«.II»qq« mcrfw lii wonK ion bib \9dt. f^M b9 lli tj^ 99t x^^diiut 

%ii X9fi^9iinf 99fr- ioJi h^b bf^B ^ba.^pb oe bn« wotfi^ pd^ babna^ni 

,tli4Jl X9jtl'i ».i<«r-9iro4 .YXj^li^tbaiisnl ^*ofl ao aCoiiccf 9d) vr9idi 

they 8nw nppe'lBC lying nn the ground vith his ?! eg "broken 
as Bbove mentioned. >-- colored woKFin vho lived ncir this 
biiildint. testified thst pihe enw ap-oeljant i.8\e a trick in 
hip hindp and eaw appellee coding rJovoi on the broken wnll , 
"but did not eee aYjpellant throv the brick. Iiovvcvcr, fhe 
testified ehe wns looking at a landlord' p nntice to quit, 
fcivt-n her \sy ap^-ellant nthi'sut thnt tir.e. On the other h^nd, 
appellant testified thr=t V^e did not throv the "brick; th^t 
he told the bnyr not to come dov-Ti, th-it he r^id re -vo!. jd 
fet ••> l-dder to r^t-iet then; in ;;et"^in(f dovn. i ov-ever, tie 
cvir^ence fail? to p^ow th'-t he tr/ide any r!tter;:rt wh-^tever to 
procure a ladder or to ^lepiet the toye in any wiy to re.-clx 
the ground. A Ir. /wartz, v/ho liad been previouely cnlled 
"bj appellnnt to aj»siet hie: in watching' the hnye F?ayp thrt 
nppellant threw no brick po far at? he rib::-ervef', j;nd n 
It, i rv in al po t i?tiiied that he s'W a part nl the traneac- 
tion but he did not eee appellant throw any brick. 

The evidence dircloaiee that apnellp-nt vjaj? c-^nsider- 
ably exvrci??ed %hcn he 1 und the boys; th-^t lie rtted th"t 
he r^d found the boys v.ho h^«3 been 3tcalint( his !:i;.eonB and 
that he directed the man, '^tiBTtz, tonotiS'y the nolice. A>v el- 
lant denied this Vut the evidence ?howp tY^nt the T^olice c^rae 
and tjiere ie no other explanation a:' to why they c^z.'e ezcept 
the exnlanati^n riven by appellee's v,itncc8B. '•he chief of 
police testified that appellant wap very an^ ry bccnure the 
other boys were not held at the police ct^tion. Ar>r.ellnjit 
denied thit, cut we think the tvidence preponderates in favor 
of tne (?t':ten;cnt made by tlie policeman, ^^ripellee alro ter-tified 


, rips«- creifoirf "»ift no Jt«rot> |fi4aio5^ ©«rr»rrqfl wflf« ban *!bn«ff «lri 
9,-fe ,'r^v'9vrin ' ,'ibil\<S 9HJ 'Yfnrii^ tftBCfeqc^ »*s >otT l»ii> *if^ 

$rc{S- ;:CoxTcf «f# «r«mfif J^oh Irib 9H ti^rli bhittfB'if >n«f fsqtffr 

j> f trow art bl5?>?9irfJr«rf<f- ,nwt(b scjrto c^J" i"oirt 3^00' aciJ- blo^-Msii' 

Siii- .tsirerr'rsH .rarob aat-tJ-s'i' nl ■fflBi'n'^'^''-i^8 1^.9«'' '<>>'' ta^bt^,!^''® ^tVjl' 

■ fntii BXJK9 "ix^if 9ifJ jjniiio^ew ittx sild S9isBB oS fnstl^rj^q^' ^"rf^- 
B baR ,')9yi9prfn sd 9« tJBl'os iloltc on woiit* -JcijIXisiigjR:'' 

.2fox-icf xnh wotdS tn& il^qqx'^ "ann $ on bib 9d Jjjcf- itol»" 
-T*fc xwff^'i*- »t!tr Jnfe f f-sfrrps JsriJ s 9«oI 03 i b doffS btm 9df'' 
-*•«*!? b»i'^?r stf i'fcriy- istctf ^tit bitu^\ srf ttsrfv B»3iidx9^9'' X,I{/jv 
bns sno*;!)inr 8Xi{ anilAs^u aaod" baxt orfw «\ocf sd# bnuoVlbai^ sri 

•iB'»o ^oiforr srf> lorfl «voH« sarrsbi/a srf+ ^a? aiilJ i»^if»b tai^I 

%il^ •'?i/P0Pirf ipxaa'- x-rsy ««rtT iri«Xr«tfq« >fixf» bsiliJiisr 90t£oq 

fmt^ls^r^ .irtitfpt^ <roiIo<r isiri* i-ff bf»ri ^ott at •«r' ii^tf "Is rfj-n 

YO/iA tfi 9»iPi3bfraiT»^4 donabirra •di'otnirft 9* itrtJ 'v«t/fJ bslnab 

that when h« Sell and "broke liie Xeg Umt he rt:que??ted arpelJ- 
ant to tnke him to hi a mother arte that npT)ellant remarked that 
he wold not if lie had broken both of hip d— lege. 
Appellee is corroborated in this ptntement by others who 
v^ere present nt that time. Sliepe raattere ^^re only inirortant 
as tending to show the trarjae of r.-.ind nnrelSfint r.-f in rnt the 
time and a? tiirowint eorncXlifiit on the weight and credibility 
to be hiven to hie tcBtitnohy^ 

In the conditio^ oi \the record it nnv for the Jury 
to dcterniine what the evidence proved and there I'Cinf no 
r»eriou8 error in the ruling;? of th\ cnurt on the evidenc*- v^e 
pre incliiied to thic opinion that thexyerdint of the Jury 
fhould not be di*»tKBbed on the ground t1qst it wae a^viinst 
the Bwnilftpt weitiit of the evidence. 

it i© next cr^ntended by appe31ant\ that the verdict 
ie excessive, ^e have lexartined the evidence\n thie cote and 

the court would not beVarranted in 
be e:<cea»ive even thcuth \nly nctual 
he evidence tendi't'o show 

are of the opinion that 
holding this verdict to 
damat, ? could be recove 


red. I ^h 

' oppell 41 sustained a very seriou© injury, ■'he loctorp tes- 
tified tlint the tibin vip fr?«ctured nnd that part '^f the 
bone 'was renoved. *hey further testified t)i'^t in or^^er tc 
secure a proper union of the fr?;ctiired bone tJ.ey inrrrted 
in the c nal of the bone a peg made of wood to '^p?^i««t in 
holding the banc in plice. ''■hey also were co.Tpelled to tie 
together the broken ends of the bnne vith a v.ire tiuead. 
ilie evidence further dl 'clopo|A thr^t "-t the tiir.e of the trinl 

the foot of the injured liT^jb 

ore or Ic^p thrown outv.-nrd 


vTut 9itt not •i'w Si bioo9r 9iU/"to aolSlbnco 9si^ iil ^ ,, 

bee »' ro «irf;J^ n^ sonsbiirs arf* baaisirnxst oy-nyl s^ •^»sr4i|'t»Q> • «* 
Xr!u;^!>i4 xXn«» iiiic.i;^ n9V9 avlBaaoxa erf [of lolbTW aXxi* anibXorf 

ill i^.i-ii^ oi boow lo •bixflj a^g « snorf »d^ lo X»« o.»4^ f*4^* 
dii -qpoo a-x-^ft- o«X« \8ri^' ,9oplq^Mi, »^^ f^ J^i^bLod 

,bHV. dj 9%tw « cUXK ©aocf 9iit lo «bn« nftiotcf Mli lad^sao^ 

,. . ■ . . r 5 ; .- '•.,:■ £»•;_• ,^ ; ;.;s.i "/■•'^■i -I'i-'V «';.■■■. ^jrn- 1 

;o IW01 io ntcri; s«w rfailX batutai 9AS lo ;J««1t arfi 

and that appall e fe caytd toAt stniid ptraight ->n thfe f»r-yne. 
The doctors Trere of tiie opinion, hovever, that he would 
ultimately recover froro thip defect J V.e alpo hold that 
if appellant threu\ the brick in qu'^tioh and 9trvick ap- 
> -061166, unf^v r the r\^rcuniBt?.ncer t.;; t?tif led to V,y i-^relTec, 
"the jury 7,'ould lie \7^V^RJlted in Qvnrdine. vindictativc dain- 
at:ep. In our judt'iaent the verdict w?»> n'^.t excessive. 

Cnly one inetruction 'at^ given on "behalf of r.p- 
pellee. This inetruction informed the Jury that in order 
for apTjellee to recover it vj uld only he necens' ry th-it the 
evidence in rrooff of hie declaration ?>ioiud i ut rliphtly 
prfpondernte in l.i© f«vor. Appe slant contendp thnt the 
evidence of appellee, if "believeil, tend?? to -^rove thnt Rp» 
pellant wa? £-,uilty of a felony, th?^t is, tyi-it he f»3Pfiu3tfd 
appellee vlth a deadly weapon, nnd thrit, theref'^re, under 
the authorities, it would be nec«sFary for orjT^ellee to rrove 
hie ca?e beyond a reoeonr^lle drubt before he v.'ould e en- 
titled to recover. -e :!o n^t belie vf.ths3t the putirioritiee 
citied by appellant support his contention. 

In the ras?e of orirnee v. l-illiary, 150 Ijj. 141, 
cited by appellant, the c-urt nt pti{ e 146 -^ys: ''it doe? 
rot follow that becBbee ?m elenent taay hnve entered into 
the act which rould have rendered it\ indictable «5 a crime, 
but which is not alleted or neceeenry-^ to le rroved to 
nuthorire a recovery in the f ivil actiVin, theprpof iau?t be 
aaade beyond .•< reasonable doubt. Citingj, i^igi-e v. " owell, 

142 in.4L.?..-» / 

In i iller v. :: ] thapror, 78 ill. Z^P., the cnurt nt 


ittdS bia^ o«X« »>? Lio»it%ii' •iii^^ii^^t *tiJV-o»5»T£ %l9rncalSlu 

. L ■ . ..... ./, .■ „ " .. 

). .. / . 

■ ■■' '99Uiyt6iUijM'iat 't^9\^9i'h^-:-^ii W-'9^ '-'^^.^itv^ 

»•»!•» "? sa arcfuibibrti /ft b^^sbrt^'x \»v-E/i bfi/taw Jiairfw tae iiiJKt 

,XX»wo'T ,v 8;i4i^I »anWi3 \S(S-'.sob 9frf^-''''^'-->^'^9'r ti'bati^4ii'' hl^am 
iB t^uot) ^di .SOfi .XfX «V ,r994adt int'^'SF-'^it^ kt ' '^^ 





. pat.e Sf 5 pnys, "'^hio is not, ] owcver, n criminal or ranal 
action, but is merely a civil action, bxoi-tfht to rtecoxer 
doE-T^es for a personal injury. -he judcricnt involves 
neither tiie life nor liberty of the defend-'-nt, nni -^.e are 
Atmre of no authority thRt would require the plaintiff 
to eetablirh her cause of oction ly more than a prepon- 
derance 01 the evidence. -he rule that obtains in criminal 
caees h^p no ap^ilicntion to thip." 

The declarPtion in this cspe doee not f.llepe f^icte 
which in effect ch-rt-e ?p^;e't irint vith a felony, 'he facts 
ae allct:ed in the severnl counts cn-rtje b s^in-.'^le arrault 
or an apeault and battery, vi icl: oifensee ".re •♦'re laie- 
dcmennorf? srid do not, vhen iri^ini in o civil c^pc, rr-;uire 
the rietree or r^roof c •-»! tended for by anrellant. «> rori^-^lcte 
answer, however, tip aj-pellnnt' s contention po i'^r p.?' thie 
p»*rticul r c-i'^e is c cncemed ie th'-t V-e, hitrpelf, in the 
ingtructicne '.relented by hid to tixe court and which -ere 
tiiven at hie rt-que^t, only required the r;3aintiff to rrovc 
hi? CMr=e by a rreponde, ance of the evidence, h»vi:T£, him- 
pelf, liiced thiei degree of or oof ^ he cannot nov, irisipt on 
a greater. 

Appellant aleo inpirts that thip inptriction if 
erroneous for the reason thnt the •^•ord "preponder-^tee" is 
modified by the r/ord "slithtly". e do not t' ti ie '-■oint 
is well t-^ken ar this inr-?t urtion h^p been suVpt-ntiolly a>-- 
proved both by the Suprecke ?'.nd -<»ppellnte cnurtp. (Cyijcn^o 
> ity -y. Co. v. iundy, ?1C 111.39; Tnylor v. .rlsinf, l'^4 
ni.331; Younf; v. city of Jairfield, 373 Apr. 711. ) 



00 t3ti(rimtii^i4?anBp9d'%1oQrxql^OQs^^p ^Mi^ bsKll ,lXa9 I 



in iounti V. <■ Ity of ipirfield, pupra, the covrt 
ot pjjte 316 in dircunping an instruction of thi? character, 
pejre: "Instruction l.'o. 12, is al po criticised tecnupe it 
pnyF, 'If the plaintiff* p evidence preponcer- toe out !»}i{hty 
it would be eufficient, etc.' ihis instruction vj^s? ap- 
prcved ty the Supreme Court in the c ^se of of Knnchett v. 
Kane, :-^.ie 111. [;48, fvnd .n otiier cr-nep.' 

Appellant ap:?i{.ne error'? f^n the refusnl of certfjin 
inetructione offered on ite "behalf, but fnils to argue 
these refuped instructinnp in ).i? "brief n.nd undt-r the rulyp 
of this court thie PFpif-nment of error is n"bandoned. 

iindint' no revereible error in this record the 
judpoTient of the trinl court is n'firmed. 

Judfjment nffinned. 
Kot to be reported in full. 


- " .990^0 -^c^rf^o nx. /W4^ ,^ ^Ki, «X£; ..«,i,„M 

/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copg of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in my office. 

tIN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set mphand and affixed the seal of said court 
at Mt. Vernon, this ..._ -s_. SJl;^:^^. day of April 
A. D. 1916. 




ir- -, 




Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteeftrthe same being 
the 28th dau of March, in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sij^en 


Hon. Harrg Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 


And aftenoards, to-wit: On the 3e.Yen..te.£il.tii dag of Aprif A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt Vernon, Illinois, an OPINIO f in the words and figures 


139 I.A. 137 


E.ast...St,.I.oui_s CQUNTY 



R. K. FI.Ai;i"IGAE. 

Terra ITo. 50. In the Appellate Court Afrenda I?o,48. 

of Il]inoi(5, Jourth Die^rict. 
October Terra, A, -^. 1915. 

i-.-Tvey ■-•. Convtrpe, ) 

Appellee. ) 

) Appeal from the City Court 
vs. ) 

) of i^ioet ot. louip. 
independent rcwcrier- uo., ) 

Appellant. ) 

Opinion "by -Hog^-e, J^. 

This ie an r-p-pcn.1 prosecuted riy flir-rellnnt to re- 
verse a dtoret: of tlie city Court of tppt ■Jt. louif, enjoin- 
ing.: o-T'^enant from prosecuting n cert'^i'" foroil/le entry 
and detf'iner ruit ^rfainrt r^v^ellee nr\d tlu> I emp ".rewinfi Co., 
to p'ot-in po«?ep.?inn rf r certnin 1''V'ldinp ovnncd isy ao-oellec 
in the -ity of ibapt f-t. I-ouip, -nd tn c-^ncel p. riuroorted 
Ifc^pe on .5aidrreini.?e!? fiven >;y nprjellee to appeillant. 

Appellee, vro ■'•n? t>ie o->^ier of a tv.'o ctory "brick 
cuilcing located pt ?''3?-r"??4 '^n ^tnte ftreet in the city 
of apt I.t. jouis?, the lover T^^rt of which --np ueed for n 
ec)l"'on r-nd the uprer part ^.^ ^ repidence -property, had on 
I-cbruary 14, 1914, in -ureupnce '^f an option ; i .en to the 
-.(")Tin Jrev/ing Co. dated leh. f), 1914, erecu ted a lenge to 
r.p id Lerap Lrev/ing Co. on f?nid ''■'■uildirg for a trrm of five 
yc-irp Vjetjinnin^; "arch 1, 1914. :t ip contende'i by npr.ellsnt 
th^t appellee h;:.d eypcuted a Icnse to it on t}ie -are building 

.a^.ot .si>n9aA tiijn'J 9is*rX9qqA Biii «I .OS ,oTI etisT 

♦ niwoi mid :^3Fa Ic ( 


( ,.0.-' ^9 CTCT.Ta'r • j 119 bna a J i) n ^ 

.tnert9qqf5 oJ' S'^ffsqqr! 'y; 1 n'JVX'j 39Vi liifSinhXBe no STBaX 
>(oiicf ■^oj'--^ nvi- s In fdrtv'""' o:fj- er.-' of.vf .^sIIaqqA 

R tot bs^u ".r.'v rioi-d-^ to i-f.q i3'vor 9(l:f ^siuol .tC ;f3B.I lo 
no bpd jyj'iisqoi' - sonsfoifj^T ■^ «5f Jieq isqqu Sifj hd'-. no'^fca 
9'it oi ns. X ) noij-qo or ^o sortsuBiu'- nl ,MSI ^f-I litsuic'.) i. 

9vil lo jinot R tot ■grribCxfi'-r bxB? no .0^ yniwsT^ qrasJ! bxsa 

jjnlbCxurf 9nf«'-^ ftffj- no J-i: ot 05 t. I p fcod-uooxs firrf ualXaqqa d^srit 

for B period of three ye-TS betanning Iprch 1, 1914, rliich 
paid lenee appellant contende v/'-e execute^? on the 11th r--y 
)f 3'eV'runry, C day? r>rior to Che le"Ff j i ven to the "^emp 
krewin^i C"). Apjjel.lant 'broi'^ht fori'ole entry -'nc" detainer 
proceedinciiP before a Jurtice of the l-iMce of I'r.rt Gt. Louie 
to obtain pofseeeion of pn id rr'-perty. f.frre the hearing 
appellee filed a bill in the City Court of I'npt "t.louir- to 
enjoin the nroFrcu ti^n nf ?-';'d forcible entry and detainer 
Fuit, ':'nd to reocind ^nd eet aside tVxe ;?nr-;orted Te^ge on 
.-'aid preuise? held by nppel'ant on thr f-r'^und th-- 1 the signa- 
ture?- to :^nid It^Tsae vap obt-^ined by fr.^nd Tid deceit. 

Af tf?rv.-r,r(3r-, on thf Tl^t 6ny of • ny, 191^. by l-.;av« 
of Court =ipryeJ"<.e nn n.rr.endcf' bil? , to rh-ich bill op- 
pel 'ont filed it3 anFAver n.nd oaid oPT.rje vnp referred to a 
ppecial mneter, '!*he evidence ''tie? tpken r.nd. the meter found 
th ^t the leasee of ap'-ellnnt vr.\ii a vnlid and binding; obliga- 
tion on fne p-rt of appelleo, and th •^t there ••—ir no frnud 
or iT.isrepre?entB.tion practiced by the Bp-T^ell ant in securing 
the pame. -i-yceptions -svere rxip^tnined to the n-'r-trr'e report, 
"nd anpel'^ee .'"?s perrr.i tted to fi'e '. second '^Tne-n'^e(*^ bill, to 
rhich the pnF'.ver and re^licntion then on file.^pTe extended, 

. 1 .'.'he •~T-rriif' nrii-niif:'' ''iii"'T nllefe^ in pub?^tnnce th^.t 
ffr i" f 1! ^ e » rns tT-.e ov.ner nf the: nroperty nought to be lepced, 
nnd ti-.nt on the 11t h dny of lebrurr^r, 1914, \7r.lter Schott, 

aper.t of 3 f>rfellin^ , Vrnoring thn t oppcll ec hnd on X'ebrusry 5, 

'\ -1 

1914, {..iven an oj^tion to trie ' ernp '-r^in£ Cnrr-^r<-ny for a 

le-ipe on raid rreniist= =«, oreptritec] W-e^-Lc r^ith n le^re rith 

'lanke unfillcc', ^nJ told ^incll ae if he v/ovld "^ifin efvid 


rfoirf" »MvJI ,1 rfDiRi* ^ninfti^su a^c"'?^ ^OTJ;t "io l)oi'X9rr is tot 
X^^ ricMX srfJ' lift 15ft* £ro9-te'ifi©w ^feasined ..taeCI'JCTqB saBsI biB?.} 

no 9fj"9r bsd'TOcTcr'T arfj- sSien ioe b/iK bnioasi o^ bne ,^11."? 

9V«->X ^cT M©/ ^\:.n" to xnb ^^^^^ J''^^ no .oblBV/'-cs^tA 

-OB Illtr tioi'.ivr Qj- , riicf ^^sbnom^ ni? bslit 99ri9qq;a ^luow to 

bawot later rrr srfJ- inn hqjI'^u bx?"'' aonsbiva srfT .•reiBsm Ijsiosqe 

'''■ ''■■■' '''^ ^'"" -: • " i >^ : ::^i- '--r-f^'p :xM> -Lfr i,'-.*'>,b :)r.- 
^jf^tlfSo sfxbnxcf bnn bilBV e 8r.w d-nellQaqs to sseaX srf* JsrfJ- 

-"^> ;-...- • ■■' ■ :/i:i-^<. .,nt.. ■: '- -,[•''' :■■.- -■■ -(■•■ ■■ .•.-,-■—.■ .. ' •.*..■ ^ 

ftj^a^t on '?rv' 9i=5rii cferft £)n.R .selXsqcrB to t^Bq edt no noiJ 

0.+ ^XCi^ bebnrfjflT'^ brtoose f sFlt o:t f>9cf;txflrt9ci sbw ssCIeqcB bai^ 
.bshnaJxs aTL^'-' on:> no nsrlJ nol;tnolI'59i ftns la^'gns 9j^^ rioixlT 

■ .--•■• T.. -■--'- ;.^ A ■: •■■.■•.,■,-.., ...tlfS^^J^^ 

,&96f;9X 9(1 ot irigucr; \ot9q0iQ axfj- to i9nwo Qdi sew »o-ff^<w» 

.tJ'Oitaa •x?^:^XBW ^.Nrex ^x-rsuiorg"? to ybI? kjxt exfcf no^ ierf^^r- 

,5 xtsMndsl no bnd o ra- f. ts^ff g J-pufcf gntwonrf ,4fMrfftWf«rR to ixfs^i: 

ft lot x', ■ tvfSit rrn:9* sii& o-i noictqo an n9vJ:a «*XCr 

rt 'm 9aPB 1 n hj-.'' -*,.~f<fsr?»^? bofv -' "- ,-■-': ■'■rn blxia " no 9r -'o I 

61fi8 n3Jt«^ br,'jo'T 9f{ t.i: ^W-S-i-^^'-v .-..■,.• ...- ,b9XXitntx b>[i 


blfink leapd, th^t in cise the "■ ecjp ! riewin£ Compnny did not 
take the prdmieep tJ'r't ap ti i 11 mil v.'ould fill out the "blajiVp 

for 3:is ar)Tiroval and thst 

to < SiTp » 13 6 e 

and return pftid lease to < h|ip » i: 

/ijjijulluift v'ouvld rent Tircr:ifcs for t}:.ree yfarc- from" 

2.nrch ^1, 1914, rith privilege cf tro ys.Tie izore; t;. Ht-aa^ 

wwdS^s tpln iicl'ictt th- 1 l-.e v.ovld ei^n sfid It-^se on thnt 
coneiderntion; ^nd t>int if, the 1 e^v^.-'^ L-rsv/ing CJoTr.par.y cHd tnke 

raid r>reTni5?ee, t>\^en the r\^ id leap, v;^ e ',ot to .c?::"e npern- 

tive: tj: -^t fHs^i-l? 'i'jiL did not folio?; his r-greeuent, cut in 

1 ' \ / 

defiance of raid coyidij6innp ir-r-Gdi'itely filled up the "blsink 

form of lense and ?e!^ ea^'e to |a«nia7i "* ao ; th-'t ftpT i» l ' ii i »» there- 

uoon returned raid /eV^ 

le."5/e not v^ to rr.w nppx>v»l" ; tliat there vas no consideration 

for the si^ninc fi^f sf>id\lcr»ce ''nCx tlu-i t \"li-'tevfr rit-hte «?p- 

nt)v el I tint Y'ith notation "Ynur 

pell^nt hae un'^.cr the • r5\ne, if any, 

ouoject to the riphte 

of Tiie ■; emr, '•Ire'Tinf^ Cvimpaifiy. 'iaid "bi""^ prnyec th I aw«*4— ^ 

J . ont be rectrained fror. p^ooecutim of ito ior:i";.Je entry 

and detainer 3uit, -md tyi"-t\paid le-jne ce declared null and 

voi^nt Tnd cancelled. I 

i'he Court entered a decree su!?taininf, tht exception? 
I to the iVafter*!? report vrvt found thnt tiie lea e so 

made liy apnellee to appellg-nt on I'eliruary 11, 191''., was 
j made vith the underctn ndin£^ thnt it T-ar not to t'cc^ne 
j operative if the : oinp -rev.'ing C on- any took vnid prccieee; 
I th«t appeiJfint filled out -aid llnnk It-afe i -ledi^^tely 
I after itp ej-ecution; tli -.^t appellee never ''ut-.-nriKd thip to 

be done; t}.-,t there vop no c onsi dernti ::n for paid Ic^se, ind 


ifiHi bnsi lBvoiq<.yB airf Tio"i f i ^ il ^ qn^ os asnaX £)Xj*si niuisi bos 

,...:, . __■ -i ^ •''■-> ' ■' ■ ^ " '' "/ ' A 

— -qff. . J sn'J ;3ion 31^5^ o'^-'' '^^'^ s^olxvlia dt h'f '(M6X (X xio-xsii 

9i-s«^ Si 6 xrtEc^.T"!'^ sniwsi'i cms.T 3ii:f\'iJt ^sxidt nbn.^ .;>1oits1^1>i9aoo• 
.- . .„ . T-- : 1' ^■-■- - V- V- '■ ■ V ' ' 
-rtscro srcotij oi J'on saw jae^f bia^! ..9rfd^ it3/{;t. t^seifaairqrfiM^'^ 

lunY* noiJ-iiJ-on riiiw o-itti^^-s.aj^ .oi 33'hX J>x«a ■ 6«nTii:t3i xioojj 
,-..-•-■•" '" '*' •'■',' 

nci.tBiafcxsncD on esw s-iarfj- J-Rx{>t ; "I.RvgqqB V-ti 0^ ^y J'on-asQSl 

sirf'^xa sii:t o.t tosldu?: ^-i. ^\nB 11. ^grar? s^^ T^^^u■«^d ixiR£L9(( 

,, ••;■:•-'•'■ •' " A^ ■ ■ ' - ^ ■ N 

has itun botpLoob qC s-jssI blr,^J&-Lii ^bne. .J'^uc. 'fsfirtxisit^si) bxJA, '•: ••■-- -I- -^'^ ^r/:-^...' - p. • ■■ 

/I .fcaXIaonea JinB.ii^ev' - 

■ . , ■'• ■ ' ■ '- - ' ..■•■'■'■ 

' * ^^ '" ■■ ■ ■ . j 

bn.'- ^a^p^l bin*} lol trini'f'i^r^t^n'- or, p."vf -sasrijt t^^di^ ;9nob 'jJ ' 
c,:; . •• i» - • ' ■ ' ' ' 

tliat the s«une v/as a fraud upon appellee, '^"he decree en- 
joined nppellHnt iror nr'^eecuti-^ its puit and declared 
pnid le-'ise to appellant null and voif3 snd orf^ered the p?vT.e 

-iiile the evidence is more or les»p conflicting, 
v/e are of the opinion that the findlnf: and decree of the 
court, to the effect th-^t paid leise to ap-reilnnt v.rp 
oij-ned by «ipT)ellee on condition thpt it Y'4f ^^ot to bccoT;e 
rfl'ective if the Temp ' reving (-ois elected to le^se paid 
Tjremiscp under it;? option "hich did uot expire until 
i.arch 1, 1914, is eunported by a n renondernnce of the evi- 
dence. J-he evidence offered by ap^^ellant on this contro- 
Ygjp^^Tr~g^t^e»^■xeft--^TTr "c1??if InHd te two rritnoro(i«.| ~lt r icbott 

i*<tR ,1 ~ 1 

snd Irr-nk Griepedieck, V-oth of rvhoa are vcprf sent'^ti vec- of 

n ii - t- . d"! ynt . • »iti > a cu.» »i tno ■ . ■<■' !■ lotto te<=tified to the effect that 
^ • 7 

kt a nd o'o i' jcll cc 

the levre in quertion pi{:ned, Vy 
v;':e to be binding as eoon p.^- executed by e- id r.-^;tiep, ??nd 
tl;at no condition whatever rae att-^ched to the delivery of 
the s.orr.e by appelle to -illiam crhott, other thrn that 
-<.:}. ott, v.- s to ha\e the leo?e rifned by the ol'ficrrp of 
-»; ' ."° tl'iim t, and ■when signed, a cony of raid l,c-se v.?!? to he 
Trailed to aupLll .ce. 'n the other h^nc ,^***.' « l*te teptified 
8r. ecilic?3lly thot both copies of sRid jent?e were ?igned by 
him in V-lank and vere delivered by him to the v/itnees, 
^chott, upon tiie express condition th't paid leppe V7ae 
not to t"ke effect, r-,rovi<3ed the Temp ' rev/In^' (.: o .. elec + 
to rent paid ■ rerises im der it? ?>aid option. /• jpe] ' 
corroboroted 'oy the vritnepscs "homnD -Janderp and C 
..lonmer. oanders te.'tified th t he was in rirm c l ' 


-ns 39-139 & Sif^ ,99ll9G(qe aoc^u biJ&ii: » niSffr smrte sdt ifkRi 

, i iioi rtnoo 9S9X 10 stoci a£ sortSblvg eridr 9jifl« 

9a:J lo 991095 bnc anxbnxl srfJ^ Sadi notaiqo oriJ- lo 91S sw^ 

-OTtnoo sirii^ <ic ;fmXr9(+qc igff'ibaiQ'itb 'dt)n9f)iT9 ©rfl''''^^ .^ohdb- ■ 

lo ?9T£ifJ'n989iqa.;x 9.:cJB taoitB' 'to d&od j-^oei.baadlit) Aifriti briB 
SBd} ioQ^I-) 9i<+ oJ b9i'?i;tn»9:f -ai-^- * i'» «B i g »f t ji4*fa .airf>^* . dftBH[ ' I > » i "> t fAP . 

i> % fIi>q<T « bnB J « a- l f q"><y? X'^ ,b9n3l5 noi<J-99j^- ni'^ssaf'Sri* 
bRB jsaiJ^T^rr bx?;9 x^ bstuo'dx^ bp noog gn snibntiT %<f -oij- j^lNlr- ■ 
In Yt^v-tXsb 9ffv+ 0.+ bax-fo'-iJ-B e,RW T9V9J?^riw itoxtibrtrio on iBrfJ-' 

J-flrfJ' n-^ilJ *i3i1*o ,J-;?-ortic; niBlXXi" Oif !;->'9XX'9q<}5j '>jrf amna •»if3• 

b9ili^8 9i 9 J ' f - F ' S' nm \h:ind l&dia ori* iraO .»&**«w»* 6i fceXiflfn 

'^ . , . /" 

X^^ baffgx^ 9i3vir 9ar«3X bxR3 lo aaictoo rCtocf ^^if^ x'^^'^'S i^-'-'S ^T® 

^saertji.v 3 it oi sHi6' ^cf f/StsviXgh 9i9w bnn abtfiXtf «x miii 

-osXi ..o'J^niwgi' qite t tilt fcebiroi" ' ,i»9llV ■'«^'^;» -0* drfn 

J baji Htabnf.t QBmoxfT asesanctiir 9ffd' -^cf bs.trs'xocfoi'ioo 
< Tf a< rCTff ox gnwr ari * rf-f b9xli^'. si BisbnaL .idinonXc. 

of businei?? when the v.itnesp Gdriott rep repenting: the 
Independent "rev/eriep Co. cTrae to see^up i; ell. tiir a o ut the_. 

leasing of -^.id nremi eep ^nd that richott pn id to m^t) ,iot 1 ey 
"•••ou <?ipn thie (referring, o said le^se) and if the ! cmp 
Brev^inp to. dcn't tnke, it v;e vill," "llr. Cchott told 
him to si^n it, sign the blflnk. 1 hcnrd liim eny thr-t, 
he 38id if the I emp Tirewin^r ^o. don't i-ant to t-^ke it, we 
ri]l." Curtif? -^loorafr t<rtiiied. "1 wpp a* 27rd r.nd 
•tate, ^t ' r. Convrrpe'?; 1 k-iov of Vr. Tchntt; 1 paw . r. 
ijchott and Ir. t;onv*.-ree in the b=pement; • • • • i --ae there 
and they were t=»lkin(j pfcout tl:e hupiner^p v^ith the 
Lrc-wery and 1 r. Converse ^saye, ^ell, rhr- 1 ri>ovt it*? 'tell, 
iie s^ys, we v-il"i ju'-t h - ve to wait until the oiitcoce of the 
Brewery p.nd if tr>ey don't t?- ke it v/e rill." 1'he evidence 
lurther di pcloseyl th ?t n^jnoxlnn t t^iroufh itp nf-ente kner of 
the option held hy the lemp 3rev.'in£ ^o. snd th^t they had 
this knowledge on i?e"bruory 3A^ 1914, at the tire the rurr^ort^d 
le^pe "betrreen it Tnd .i dh ullirC ' v/ir' feigned. 

D. A. i^^rind^'ble, a. witneep called ^r^ heh^ilf of ap- 
pellee tt-tiiied th-^t ichott cr.l] ed me up, he is the repre- 
pentntive of the "brevrery. * • • I told hiir v.e h~d an option 
on it (referring to the building). L. C. 'Jmith, a v.'itnepe 
for appellrc tertified "^ r. ^chott, the regent of the Indepen- 
dent ■- reveries ^'o. c-lled pt ry of*ice one <:''''y vith r?:*er- 
ence to thie -ntter (lieferrinf. to the oiotion} • • • • i 
phowed hjd the option, the orifinal option." ociiott, liimself 
testified re£^Tdin|;; the convereftion he h'd witJi appellee on 
the 11th d*=>y of ^rhru.nry, the '^^^ the rurporttd le-='3e ^"S 


J^ Vt^ ^j.>— t-S^ • .-. .: -..>.'UW<r. '■-, ,.- -.,;..■ 

qW9 r Siff* Ix bnp (sorsf btn?. o^ aai^islsa) 9M.t a^Ja. ixo*" 

^.. • -'■'.. --.. .- :',-- ■,:■ ->, .; : '^ ■;: .?s: :^ not-ano s^";. :;" .:;"^" ^^rt' 
aw ,#x 93£r.+ oJ- ^rtfiv? *'riof) .o<J snxws'riT ffirt9l s>xlJ li l)^«e sH 

^di xlJ'xw f^«9ni5i;<f aae^X Qxtt Juoctw i^ijCXisJ- ^^sw X94* ^'^fi 

^119^ ?tt i-iJCO'fi :ffU"fw ,IXftW ^8Y«8 9ST9vnoO ,.iM bW-B \;i9«^9lS 

arid- lo 9isoo,tf|o 9rf* Xiinu ^Xisw o:}' 9vBri, teui, rXJtw sw .pysa 9rf 

»o«»-bxv^ »fffr ".Iliw sw^x 9XPi.t i'nob i^sfi* Ix brifl \;T[9W9ia 

tc w^fiRf «:^fi9a*5 act! d2iUotiii #*whfc&f»fH*e ;tnriJ- /»98oXof«ife •*e«j4^';&1 

• =' .-■ •*^.i' f" i ■'^ .•-■-': ;t -,:i;.i£.>' ■.v>i: ;.•/?;*.;■, ^,,^./:f«,.^- .. ,*y!'"^- -j.-^.^isK-^- 

fc^a xiSfri^s^'Ji^ 'feit(ss„ id**^^"^^^^ q[ij»X 9rf* y,d Msri aoxigo sri** 

b^^torrxifqf 9-;,+ 9^i 9di if ,I^XeX .-XX xtBtnd9% no oabsXwon:^: aid* 

-qB 'to irprfgcf nn fegl^BO agsnJ^w.^ «9X<!''*'fi'.pJti'^^ !^,,./^^ 

-.9-1091 3f£l 9x 9f{ .qu 9m &9XXB0 J-ioxloo ijsxf* bsitiinBS esllaq 

■■■ '""■;,:■ '-1 r- ^ -S«;i-:-.' -Di^J ■>..-•:: '; , ■ <■ ■■/ ,■?■:: ■;■■. 

>ilffO n«? 'v -i sw mixi i)Xo* I • • / ,xi9W9'X(l 9dS lo sVlJ^rt^B 

■ >^ r^i"" '■■■' ••"'! r !v.!j-,' '.• i~^-;j ■"■-■ J. . ^ .■?T*'^^''4-*r*^\-v'''^ 

, £«?* ,4Q ,J .(anibXxwcf gift oi' awl-c -r 9 ^ -=»•?) ^i ao 

-tt9q3bn.: "io *n9s=5. 9j# .tiorfaU, .lii'' .Jbailjcj i o'^ 

-Tt9"t»a xliiv: v-'.'-) ©nc »oxtlo, vnj *xj. JE>9fX»9 .jO*J e9i*i:pw9a> *n^b 

''■. * ,* ' ' (■raO-lJ'50 9^* o/t 3nxii9^9Hj_ Tt9t;fs.ii eJtrfJ; p* ©ona 

IX^sialii ^^iofioo ".noiiffo XjeKiaiuo. arfi tttoltao 9ff* fliiri bowodg 

oo 9»xr9.:vr^B -&XW b?;.i' sri aoJt*«Bi9vrto a 9ti;t aniMB39a b9x1ita9t 

"■-"^ --, )i t^itoaiun siti' itrb 9ai .-« Rxrid'3 i lo xpti ilJXX sxi;^ 


no J 


wag eigned, "I am the one tVnt br'iught ut; the option ^T-^ut 
the I emp i^rewing C^ompany with him; (referring to appellee) 
1 rould not have knorm ^"' out it if 1 hadn't peen . -. i rind- 
a'tle and he told ne that he -nd ' r. ~ orecant r.nd sn OTJtion; 
nnd I went over vith him to f'r. Smith's office and paired hira 
if th^t vag the cnee; and he told ne yes; nnd (v'^ve the v ord- 
inc of the option." 

/ Thip evidence, ve think, ip c 'ncliipive to the ef- 

fpct thTt =ipTellant did kno-w -f t'i\e option iield ::y the 1 emp 

rev'inj; ^o., to rent f?pid r^^'eripe?, and it ie iiot in a noei- 
tion at this time to ur{- e th-^t it tt-p mislepd in repard 

hereto. It knev of the option ond knf?r tlipt this qtion 
.5 id not teminntc until La"ch 1, 1914, and 1)610X6 th-.t tin:e, 
to-v/it: nn the J 4th day of lehruary, the Ic-pe •>■;- p ent^r^red 
into ty "r.-enoe withi snid ! enn Company. The evidence fur- 
ther dirclo-ep that '.rtiil c it ie conceded, hy 'both'- rrtiep th^t 
the -purported lease betv^een rpnellee i^r.d anpellant va? 
eirnrd on the 11th d^y of iehvu^ry, 1C14, ^pnelJrnt did not 
cnupe ^''id le^pe to 1c. e>'ecuted and a copy retiirneo to «»p- 
pel'iee until the 18th d?y of 1 etruary, 1914. -ppellr^nt'e 
vritneep, Urie^edieck, t'^tified thj't the lense "'^c exe- 
cute'? by itF otrirers not l-tr than lehrur-'ry IT, and that 
a cor.y of tiie p.^me v/a? nailed to appellee th':t evening or 
the ne-t d-^y, ani^ thn t ap-ellee did not re ':urn tne ienee 
to them v^ith notice ::e ^' uld mt -ic-^ept the ?n-r:e \;ntil -^hout 
thie 19th or 20th of the T.onth. An envelope, however, wpp 
offered in eviience addreesed to anpellee which he testified 
he received '^itii -.'aid 1. ase, and ^vhich v/- g -t''mped a? re- 

(9erX»<f^ oJ jjnifir^'fesi ) iffliiT iUivir ■^jnflqinay aftiwsrttf' (Jnral art* 

-bniti .r . n=>39 i'absd I li *i iiiocfe xwornl svsrf tt)H 6fi/o7r 'l 

;npxJcTO eta" 5er: ircBoaso.r .-i"* fin*- srf J^raf* srrt ftlof 'srf t>tt« ^Xdfi 

atiil b9Ti.Br, brta ■3 31 ltd 5 'rifinr" .-t'l 6;J ttM xltiv/ T!ivc> J-h*^- 1 '^fenB 

-ib^c -^ srfj' sv'fia 6ks Jss^ 9^ bJoJ'sif btia ;aejEo -9rfJ 9/:!"^ i^-ticf' "ii 

qiBSa erf* x:l 6l9ii noii^qc ^aj' lo wortx Jbxfi drtBlIdcrcis ;ffrf^ J^ssl 

tioiijo etiii ipiiiii rrsnfi bws nni^qo arfi- lo —rsnyi it .o^sisfiJi 
,»ciJ ;+i?rf* ^-ro'Jscf bxtfi .MSX ^T. rfotoJl liinw oJr.rtxMo* ;^6ft fel-^ 

bstoi-ns fi 'VT osr. )I 3fi^ ^^.-^jjicfs'i Xo -^cBJb il^il 9rfj %o^' VJ'i^-o^ 

.■.■■-'■■"""' / 

--c^rt aan^Jbiff) srfT .^jasqpaoO qxast JSri^e i^iW Vofle^qiqs' *t*^ otnx 

ton bib inniioc^^ix .MSf ^^tisiA-cfg'^' Id* jX'ifc rfi'ir swfj nt5 'baniis 
-qn oi f'SiTiacfsT -^qoo « brts bsJ^UDsxe iyJ oi 95.R3.E I)xc5 a-a.-jno 

-•X9 3.BW 9833 r erfi d'axi/ b9i'li'*C9if",Ti092fc93"9ix& ,8e9ff<fiW 

tftrfi ftna ,5jE ^i Ruiffs'i iTBrftf i':-i^-t: ten a*r93Jt?t5o ^;tx ycT' t>->?!ro 

i<^ 8tntn?vD trrf* <}»tl9n<x^ <yi J aT ijsm ©'sir artcWe »ri^ lo Aiqco b 

9^1^91 ^iii R'XU*9T. 'JcfTf Bib saflgrrf^x? ;f-/<r{i fin!i#' ',>CBb ^"sn 9rf:f 

Suo'f" tiinu 9«j»>, 'sr/d' i^<t^?di* ^<Jrt bXu'^'.<' eif scitcrf rftl* niaif* o:t 

bsxlWe©,'* 9.1 i(oin'w ftf' fXe/rq© ot baeaa^ffibs dorxdtivs ni bststlo 
-•I as boqm^^s "s-w £ldi4r/ i)f(iEr .asaaF^lSi'fidB -iJiJ'iW bev isosT srf 




ceived by the nost office on i-ebru-^-ry 18, 1914, r^t 7 1 .1 , 
it covild not have reached aprjellee unti!) the 19th of 
i ebruary, viorv. than a viccV after tVie ri-'^e "if paid, lenge, 
and live dryg '^fter the le^pe hrtx-'een rj^pcnee -^nd the 

I f.n^p ^rev/ing '-'T., h^d heen fen^tcd. 

The-^e fj^cte and c ircri'^^tnnce", re thinl:, go in 
corro'Dorntion of the contention of arrelloe thnt the leaee 
sifTned hy him, rhich he paye •V7^.~ in blan'c, yn r r'elivered 
to th.e "tcnt '^f paid Connr.ny to t>c signed uy ^"id Cojrtpany 
anc3 to •pcorae effective only In the evert th-^t t'-'.e Temp brew- 
ing '-^•i did not elect to t-^lre s?nid -nre'-incp under its said 
optii-^n. ITo ccr.riderrtion h^ vin^ ' raid'- p. delay of 
over a veelc r--ving occurred in the exccvticn piid ^^e.^ee 
hy ppT^ellnnt, it v.'ouJd reem fixn.t tVe !! c-ip yrrvinf Co. hfiv- 
jnt': exercised it'-- optim to ^ent mid prerr.iscF rnd the ap- 
•pellee }iri\inf rented the pnre to it, "-^uld the 
nffer to ]ef^f:e to npne] 1 ort. 

It ie ptrenuo'.jply Inri^tcd 'y O'^rnf^el tor np-nel- 
lont that if the decree ir t^ip crre i r? r^f +irr^c-' , it will 
r.tnount to holdiri' thpt r> vritten contr-ot c^n he varied hy 
oral tertinony. we do n'^t thirl: this point ic veil t^lcen, 
nf? there is no ntter'int in thj ? orrip rr 'tt viov it to vrry 
tJie tirp.s of a rr.'tten contr-ct. "^e c ontenti'^n rn the -^'Tt 
of apueliee is th-'t the urported vrritten contrrct of"*"' 
in evidence bet^'^ern aTv^ellee '^n^ np-nello^t ^ 

I I ct and thrt the condition? <^n -f_i 
f fleet, if nt "11, nevsr hnppenrd. 

in uis contention, the fiaid le «?e ne^ 


lie'rff^X flffj fiJnu ddlXaqqe fcsirfosai svsrf *on bXuoo j-X 

95psj: 9ii^ indt 3ori9q-'Tn lo no x j'na^Doo 9rf:t to noiJ"«iod"oiT:o3 j 

. , - r ,/;tjv-..:' '^'::^■ ^o'laxitirrt fi i: (f - ',1 

i)XP8 siti •refiner eionirT^-tcT "dIbs '93lr;J o.t '^oaXs ^ont bxb ,.r 

lo'ij«?f%b fi tin^ &ip~ nosf? Bnix' "rf noiJ'.Gisb.c^noD oTS! .noiigo^ 

-i^d *o3f -jrfi:"-?"5TT rrro t srfi'' i.Rrf;*-' rtresn ti'luovrifz ^tsiBli^qo^ y;cf l \^ 

9tlS '9:f''^'rt!:rk-jf b-tijorr" ^tloi ohp.^ srii b9*n9t -^ntrssi saCXsq 
•^ ■ i.tnmXXacrq.R ot 98B(sX oi i9^;lo ' 

XlI^ *i /-o-^Ti-^-t- i^ i •3^^3 Iri.rf} itx' 93*1 09b adt 11 jBrl^ d-nx?! 

. ... •■ -^ . .: :■• '. : . ; ,-r- J '^'0^ r?-fH ^'.U^^^ ;-^...^.^. 4 

Vf'V' 0^ ^'* "*'^^^ ';>■'* ?!'' a irfil- ni trfn^*>tB on ex 91 an J 8.8 : 
^1?"' 9xf^' n'^ A'" ' .vto ■•.■TJ'noo na-t.+ ctw s 'io enrr 

^uoo" ix^««« - j; -t-f? Cr3rrrp! 6nn •3«)rf9'vrfr nos'iri'gtf aonjJiivo n* 

- . ... liM',!'; r''-' its' :' <•>' 

"'• ^ 'sa ••'■ •' .i;-': ^; u^ ^noiinad-noo 5X . n.i: 


/jiother rule of law ar.-plic ■'Tsl e in thie cns^e ir fn'^t 
-^^l one party to a contr-'ct cannot be "bound unlc.!?r< the other n-rty 
ie uound alc-o. It is insistf.d cy appel?nnt th'^t P-r-ellee vns 
bound by tlic purvorted le-^.se v.liich \\e ^ifnei on 3 e'bnnry 11, 
1914. --id ler,7e w-s "ot t'r.ea fi^net?. by r!r)'"<"1'5 *"'* , and the 
witnesc-, Cchott 1:0 whom r^aid le'i?^e v.-^r; .iclive'^ed, rnd the 
witnegc, ^ riesediecic, v.ho tee'ified th± he '.''Pde ?^rran^- era ante 
Tvitri appellant lor the execution cf rni(? le-'.pe?, both tes- 
tilied tii---.t they had i:c autl.ority t? birr' ="i'?en='nt in the 
makinti ci a le-^se, .hen, if -^ppellnnt rT not b^tmd, nxivellee 
was not bound, and until the t irac- vher. np-nellor.t h?id ac- 
x' I cepted eaid Ifcase and e::ecutcc the srr^e, bein/j. ^one five 
i'aye ^fLer api)ellec had cifj-ncil t.-c ^'^iie, n-^'-^el "i ee •",'ould be to withdraw }Ss Oxicr to If- '^e ^r-id prer^io^p .-jnd his 
^If-aeiiTe to fwtiici in crfcct '/rould be ^. '-'i+hdrf^wpl thereof. 

In the cas?c of ;.cott v. Tonler, '?''? 7T1. 104, the 
court ^t page IC4. says. ".he transaction v;-^ 3 •'of t contr-.ct 
30 lon£; as anythin^r, remained to be done by one ^^f the -partie* 
thereto. 'j-he rule is necerfrily urJ verp'^l tb^t both mupt 
be bound or neither v.ill be.* (i-ishcp cr. C -^nt.rrctp, Bec.318) 
'Ihe contract ■'ViS only to be considered r:o'rr-^leto vnen the lor- 
mal prepsred agreement v.-ar ei{;;ned by botli rmrtier." 

.«e h&-\,e carefully exa'jiined the record in this cnee 
and ere oi the opinion th"t the .lecree reTiiered by the Court 
was warrrnted by the evidence ajid the lo.v; np'ilirrible thereto. 
'i'he decree vriil therc*oi'e be iffirmed. 

Decree affirmed. 
Lot to be reported in full. 

., , . , ^ 

^onJ^noo r Si^'^ nfvr nctfoB-^CiPit pctrt?- ,; .*a>^3 SOX. s^eq .ta,. ^liioo 

9 9i*;«»'T srl;^ lo ©CO AjcT 8fTT& 9cf od" b:Jfix«ja&a ftfix-dU'icfis SB anol oa 

i'^TUH rCJorf jRff,t X«^«?T9t' tnu \j!;£i'--33^,oaa. s-iv ^Xus drfX '; . ,»pi3X9f£i 

• baarrxlls sstosCI 

/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copg of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in my office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set my hand an±affixed the seal of said court 
at Ml Vernon, this .r^fiJsl^i^^. day of April 

A. D. 1916. 

te CourC. 


v^ // 


Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 


And afterwards, to-wit: On the S.e;y:ent..e.cntii day of April, A. 6. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the \ Clerk of said Court, ut Mt Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in ifie words and figures 


T, i>.......9.h.l'^..L?.t'^t?^J}.K...A'^j}}.V..:.....oX. 

Deceased . 

199 I.A. 139 







Term Ko. 53. In the At^pellate Court Agenda "o.54. 

of Illinois, Pout'tli Dietrict, 
Octol^er Tern, A. B. 1915. 

T.J. »'. hrir.t.Tiarjn, Acji linietrator ) 

of the ertate of ) 

Ihilip ^'l-rietmenn, deceit ?ed, j 

Appel"!c!e, ) Apperl fron-j the circuit 

VB. ) Court 01 ^t. Clair County 

illinpip Central "nilror-d -onisnny, ) 


Apr. ell ant. ) 

Opinion by I^occp, ^- 

This ie an ppp®l proBecuted ty opp^lant from a 
jud.'ment of ttOOO.CO recovered in the Circuit Crurt of I5t. 
Clair County, "by appellee, rr.e ndmi ietrator of the ept?.te 
of I'-hilip Christmann, deceased, in nn action on the cpee for 
dfT.R^ep on account of the death of aniellee'c ir.teFtP.te, 
pllef-ed to ha ^ e been c.p.u^p6 hy the nc(,li£ ence of pp-oellant. 

'i-'he declantinn c-^nsiste of three count f. "'he Xiret 
count oh r^ rr e jA t1 1 3 1 n fj el!! mi t v; - ? drivir.f a certain locoiTiO- 
tive en£'ine in a anutheipterly di cction in the city of iielle- 
\'i"!le tovTc^ the cro.-?inc on Jpckron street in E^pic'' city 
v'ithout o.ny "'ifht .tj the front end tiiereof, p.ncl in conee- 
ouence thereof, r.p-r pn f^r » ci_ intestate v.O-ile r.ttctip tinf to ^o 
over P'^i d cropolng ot snid plrce vrr- otrvcl; l:y pr id engine, 
receiving: ?n injuiy f rom 'v.':ic}) he rftervardr- died. 

The Fec.-'nd count relief on r.n orriinnnce of pjiid 


5^5.0" iibas^iA ituoO 9*BlI»qcrA 9iif rtX .Zd .oil nraT 

( ,£>3^;!i909i> ,r;nBrai 5X1.1'-'* ciliiil 


(t\;nGc"E:o- b£:oiZi>^. Lsxi^noO eloniLtC 


'^ ,3^303 x'^' aolniqO 
B taorl inslkcrqa xJ bs^isoasoiq Lssqas hb ax airfX 

sipJ^B 9;U Ito loi'B'rtgi- xfotf; as leallsqaj? i^cf .vj-fjuo^ ixbIO 

rtp'i 99^3 arf:? no no£d"Ds nn ni ,J;oH,R903f> ^nnsrcJcitriD (jiliila lo 

,9J'R:f'=;'jj-ax o ' 3e Claciqo "io j'f*n9b anM lo inuoooR no '^s^BnTnfc 

. jTtfl r f 3-70^^ to 9">n93ir39n arfj \io' be^uBO ao^d c^'Bri oJ' hggsCCs 

i'tlll srf* .=;-+rtu'^3 saiTif "io Q:t5iBrf^'0 nottrisloBb aril' ( 

-eil** to X'^xn 3-fJ' n.c noii03 if) ^il-rsiersxiiuoa s ni gnx'jn^ gvii 
xtio bi.r{n nx ;f3 3i:t?: no3 3fo'?L no gnl^mio oriJ- ftTi-voJ aC.'x'/- 

, aniens hxne -i^d jfo-.rrJ-g --?-y ar; r-Tq Jbin*? i-^ ^nttj^joio bcpg a-ivn 
.bsio i5isw.:3il^ 9/I riot v. 'r' moil ^ciu'ini cib sjni r r '■^•)r r 

• I- 

city 3imitinf the <?peed in snid city of papsenger tr-ine 

to ten milee oer hour, ?,nd othei tniie to si.x nileo T)er 

evening; in que-rtion drove ". oortnir. loco .olive cui^.ir\e on itp 
snid tmchp tov.'."-'d prid cro':?int at a i,,rcatcr i-te of speed 
th3,n Fi?: *-,ilcr per Ltut, tn-^lt: st t^'^.niy niili." ■ er hour, in 
violntion of said orcinnnce, and tli -.t y rc.nryn •.O.ereof said 

engine g^r\).ck Ttj-ni"' if* '■ ii;tcftate v^ii.-: cauL'fed injuriep to him 
frciu whicli he ^1 tf :i- 'ricl died. 

The thii-d covnt chiirc e^£-.^nerr;l nerliixp.ce in the 
or>er''tion of raid engine, r« 

ulting in injury to nnnolle e' V 

intc ^^tn.te ar? he '.ap atteni-otiuj^, to croBe caid trrc>. iach of 
ppid count p a.TTedxd eve c-re on tl^e r 3rt i^f i. i , oil oo '■<> in- 
testrte nt the tine of i=rid injuiy. 

Jr^ckron c-trect in the C- J ty of "elje"vi''jc runs north 
s.nd ^oi^tii, "'cnt}). rtrf^et crrl F.nd '••f?t. -^f-^^-^'- J nyi-t JLc 
rrilroed run? in r>. nortl.vf --^erly and FOiitherr;tcrly direction 
throufe:h mid city at and nf or tlie -point rhcre it cro-ers 

ie loc-"ted .?. cotiiV inc tier, pnloon and resirence. '-'he south 
Fide of mid C'Uildint ip on the north otrcet line of Tenth 
Ftreet a.r.d on rj-^id street liac, runs to within r!.':.out five 
Icet of the 7,-c-t line of Jackoon street. There -'.re tv;o door? 
to t"',e sMloon, ont • t the 30utJxn-t c:rntr on Tenth street 
pii'-' t};e other at tlic northc.ost corner. 

rsn 'loXir^ oi sr.JtiS^xii^ -loiiio bus ^'mod isq sqII^v. aai cS 
baser? 1-" 3J-- •^:tJ;i,i,^) JS_^:^n ^x j^oio .bins ■ btavroi .g:iorAd" biae 

-ni l y- '^oa iiX tt . J b Id Jxc 7 0.11 no a-i'O 9;j.:'b b3:j9rXs r^jnuon bin^ 

^oi^o91^^ ^il'i j:f??r;3i{ti/0'? bhs, -^'I-xst- •>Wi{j"r'oa b ax graKt iksoiTl.'^'i 

9->»-r. if) ,^^ 9'_- )if V tnioq odi ,Xfi:>nii}lfi } Q xisfO hieo. il:^uoiiLi 

dine" ■■;i'"-. nos/Ioj^T. 'io ncii'oasij.t.Ti ^dt iA ■. .t ^oiig nbe5C3.B'L 

XP\r to } : ) I: ^^ .t-'tiij rjiJ:{Cf» lo 3&X5 \;I:oili^'uri9 QxW no' ,9^99'iig 

diunz vP .-ton->!U2ii bru5 nnolBe' .to xJ inicfiiiooB baij-nool 3x 

dins" t^ );i! ;,'3r + -:: li^aoh aifjf . «cr b'x a^nxbltW bipn lo- sbxn 

syxl *:roc- nx-.'^x oJ- •sttin ,9ni.t ^991}^ dx^^b no' mjB JegTcig 

6TOob ow^ d . • 0.1^1-1 .Jjrj-jJe nc^Ji-jfiX to odiL ^39w ^rfJ- 10 io^'z 

l»9t^e '( rt'*" nc 'ryr.'X'-.o i" roiicJuos 9x£^ i 1- snc ,nooIrta aaJ' oi 

fl^ictor Chrietmann, the brother of ft T ) yn*H -gy ' ■ in- 

tcFtnte, lived on the 3 ut/r-^ sieriy piue oi the railroad traclc 
about ICl; icet northv/es^terly from the intersection of the 
Fculh line of tr:e r'^ilrinci rit,:!t-oi-\vay with Jackoon pteet. 
There wot? a bnck (-"tc jeadin^; Irom the rear oi Victor 
Chripttiann' p lot to ti:e ritJ^t-oi'-v.ry .arid nt;irly 0'.o?ite 
thie £nte v-"^<? r crosi-over ^■•. itch. Cn ti.c e-veniiig oi 

August ?A', ]91'\ *-•■'•• I- ' " rn-i^fc in w^ tlaie v.^th one ^uiiuF Being- 

hein: r->ent the 'venirit,, r,\ tht rcsi'erice oi orotner, 

Victor ChristR'-ann. A little liter ten o'clock it -c ag-reed 

thnt a > iT) oi] oe^ > intestate sh-uld p.o to tlie ealoon in oueption 

v.r\A obt.-iin a hvcket of ^eer for the coinjiany. he, -ithhlB 
brother, victor Chri 3t'-.n,nn, walked to the tnte iiadinp from 
t} e Chi'i ptr.ann rc^sirlence to tiie right- of- v/ny of at/^h'i ] ant' »-~ 
rnilropf^. -":: — g ll pr ^ V - .' ritefjtr te par^-ed tiirov.fh the ^v'Xe onto 
the rit'ht- nf-i,'"^y n.rid turned ir: n. scutht-asterly 'direction 
dovn the rifht of '^'r:'j tovard Jacl;6on street, iiie urother, 
Victor, rf'tur»:cd ■*. 'Jp hra.fe. The e'widence i^ not entirely 
clrar ae to whether - apC'T 1 oy * f intestate walked dovm the 
centr of v'>, ^.t ie ^.--iv.'n -^r the S-.OLith bound trcck of wm ' el« . 
lant' f r T--! ilrood, or r.het' he -^--iked LetTreen raid tr-'cke 

not if'.nedintely , ]• e got up m ?iid south bound irick on hit 

v.'iy to the rnloon. 

victor '-hri'-tmann tee^tii'icd that riiter his crother 

entered the rifbt-of-'vv^y of '-• p'^' '^-"^ ' ° r-ilroHd, iie "Looked 

~ -) 
in a northvfcpterly lirection, that at that time no tr-in or 


.. io 3)iiii3/y o.iJ a>-^ .lioilr.F. pcsvo-ri^oitx ■« ?oi7 sid^fva' gxafJ- 

9XA xxc xpi»^j '..tiiSCQ iifyps 6(i VE i-:£>cfii- tf% oa ,'\i;fe^'#?x69;' i: cfcn 


engine could te seenf TLis ia the Iset tine that Victor 
Christmann oraw h5E? brother urtil after the injury. The 

only rersnn who erv ■^r-pf "? '- ^^ ' r' intestate alter he left 
brother, Victor, at the f'te ar.d pucped on to uhe right of 
x7Py '''•^r i orane Chrintrrionn, v. eon ol' victor - : riutinarin, p 
l-ny '^1 nut fHirtefn yenrr of p£'f., v.-ho turtiiicd tli^t he vne 
plaj ine in the yr? rd rnd that frhortly alter '-.ncle had 
pa oped tLroi;rh '^^p /^te nn tV.e oi-w^^y and rtarted for 
the pploor; , f-n rncj.r.e cj-^i^-^e =iloni, fr-iru the r:ortii-v,est foing 
in ^ southeasterly ■ rcctior.; thit it j'topned ^t the cross- 
over pv.itch nr^cpitc hir- f-ther's hoac and lha^ tiie switch 
va? throvm -T.d the rncine ^^^ain ttrxrted in a eoutheaeterly 
direction. V.o further testified that he leaped over the 
fence and rtarted to-j.":. d }:ie ur.'.le; th'it he inn rli the vr?y 
ar he v-ng fo'irfi.;! on n-'i^vunt cf his uncle's hearing not 
l.eint.. r. ••'"^. t>i-t he ~ifh* T.e .Injur ec*. l.y c-^iu engine; th^-^t 
n p}'nrt di<=t;-nc« bcrnre hi/), uncle reached Jackc-ou street his 
uncle !?lor7ed r-p fir thp purvove of lii/hting \ ipe, r..nd 
th?t .lust ht-^frrc. he rcrcl ed .• im said engine etri-ck him and 
T.-rocked lim drtr.; th^-t v/hen hf,. lound him lie v.; i. lyinf; on 
the cronhivjt. n.t J^chrnr. etrect -.'etyxcn thi.'. r i 1l^ of the 
nouth hound trrck. he further tt.-tiried tii^'t he irrme'Uj'tely 
notified hi v f- t'- ■ r, "/ict-^r Chrirtiann, v.ho pxto in his 
tcttiraony stntf r t' nt at the tivae h^ found 1; is brother he v;ae 
on thr crop?re, nt Jfickpon elreet fce-.-een the r-ils of the 
Foutht)ounf3 Lrnrk. 

Juliiic ■ : '-.^hp>c t^rti"! ed th^t }.c io^lovcd 'victor 

Ch.rist::.pnn do»7i the ri {;h^ oYv^.-.-'y to rhtre * tt"el"l f e '^ - <? intes- 

lo^oi'/ iBdi ^xit& ittai adi atf^ sl.rT fn99a''9cf"'Sfi&e>& ant-^ro 
1o iri^s.1 9xio- oJ no bj-i . , arf^ "Jb ,^6tol^ ^',^iil^^d " 

3nio,:i ieo\fSi-xc< auj lanl jitofp si-nro ^'i^i.^n^ 'W'"\'no6'rWi3' 9ii^- 

mii 'xs¥<vj39qj3&J: SiC' J-!oiW ^.Lailii-'^oit'TirtJiiW 4h-' Ihol^S'^'^ife- 
^F.w srii IL^^ nn-x J.i j-fui;f •,3i-jiu.i"^liC h^: , ■■ ' - "tJi^^■,'■|)fJf5^^^^6l'- 
■Iff i-asTd-a •«tj'52i.'>i3^, i>3i-fD.-^9-j .0 n-Tv;';;vi;'f aaotocf ftnrtr??»T'i^ ?f«rt)ji)i4^<if'. 

BXif ni 05 If. o;:,' .nnsju^-^'-^iiiiO' no;jDiv , c •(slft^frdltxldtt 

•a* I0 3li-x oiiJ as, - ■: nn'^.khpX.' Sr. ^V-^^oo'to ^di no 

r ^ ..... ^ 



tate -rr^.e lyint, aiid\th"t they 1 im 
Jpckrcn etreet. Victor C^ria'TT^tRnn, lor 
Juliuc lintlierld nJl tcrtXfapf' ^r^ Y.p.vir 

prior to the t irie 
it < , -. 1. I ' Linviii^ L' ' ' 

^tjt^lcl^"■ H ■ ' " r ll i.'r ''. 'I intpr'tpte, 

on the crop.-ing Pt 

"ne Clirif^tmp.nn and 

,: ohpervrd this cnfine 

and that 

-5^1y -Ji.ix£.ct ion; th s t 

no t-JJ — ' - 'I r- .-.[ji ri,;- • i.T-^^t n P f^' i.3± - L .«». . .. < »i>'y ■ 1 ) 1 i swn . ! m^ t . > iB t ... g^ 

l i . t_ht v ^ r. , f i — o-s — t-;-r — -r-r rml nf mi i i an t rii j^ --'c evidence i*** 
di rclor em th"t on arro-int '^f '>»^- "true ti ens frmittinp nft the 
litht IroKi tie rirtric ^^ i '-litp, *'^'e ornppinr "t Jr.cVnon 
street v.-o daik. Vf.ctnr M r i f'tranV tr ptilied ths^t he as- 
ristcc? fe&aA^ 1 - oc r r*' intcrt'-'t^ to pe^ ut) , and thnt >e tried to 
Qorict him to )\ir- rcridrr, ce ;\ *hrt he / ot hin ronoved from 
Jackvon street rlon^; the rir'rif of T;a,y ?ome twenty- or t'wenty- 
livG feet '-hen }ie C'u3d t".'''/ hXn no f-Tther; th-^t he rr^s 
ri.ially t'l en to the honiii^f^l w>\p7'e >.e died from " ip in- 
juries rhoit f^'ur o'clojT^ the -foT^ o--' iru? rr.orning. ^ 

Tre X?r '".ro vc-r ted f-^otn in this cr,?e ^re ' s to v.'here 
ai:fellee's int.fcP^??te v-^f pt the time he t,~pf etrunlr "by paid 
engine; wyicthfr oX r'^t the -pprpinrie in charge of t: e pngine 
mng a le]' cr t'-vrVthFr '"^rriinp of tiieir p-^-!->rcach to the 
cropping at J- cVron FtV^et, -"'hethrr or r ">t ^hf re '3S a light 
on the Vivv end of thf ermine, nr to the ppeed nf the enf;lne 
pi\d ;)8 to v.hitJicr njT'-nc 31 ee\r intrptfite, if on J'ockr^cn street 
vhcn e truck, v^--"^ i'n the exerol'^e of due c re lor }.is own 

The '/r i ri c ip .-■ n. rr^rnd** relied upon by ni'^iellant for 
a re-v.rsol 9T t^if? cpc pre t>if-t thV v^; idict .^f the jury if 
afi^inrt the raaniiF-^t vreipht -^f the evidence, nnd tlict th« 

k^Ct *^ s...rt»-^ T^-v .xC^^-^u^C^.^ ..o^,.-*^-, U-<^, 

vf'ri ^nJ:>noir> ^lii no 

hm?- nnniflieitriO ^^rff-fo f .Tfrt^h.Ttc^tYrfO •th'SbZV .^ag-iig!. 

t "jM. : 

7fbf;\d-V *^ sr.u'J- sI0' ol tot'iq 

'"" I / 

[B.^f <?. 1 1 

■3 of 

' ■"• -9« dri ^nrfj- b^it x.t'% ■>t 

-;-er^ Sd^ .-h'^xfi' ;i3.!i?T«'i crt rnf/ri V>rf >t' 9f'{' n&rV J^9d^ DVX'i 
" ■ ; .;§^rti<-tio<!i Tirtr'foyj'r't- 9rit ::TOC Co '6 T;j->t " JuO'^ - -[.■.;■[, 

aisd".? ci 

dif' sBtso aiiit ni e^tnp'J: .'^sf'xovoi.^r'.oX 9;!^ 

6ifi,st.'Y-d" ^faa'jJ.a >?<--';/ ati ertiit std& t«; *?r.'.y 9tG:!;^9jnt ?^ Qsllaqjs 
' ©cixjnsi -9:tt Id' 9^3T<^rfo 'fff 9tT0RT«>''f^ 9.rf* d'o.h 5io T-^d^3dw ;9ni3ns 

erfi oi xloj'O'i'-i'frB Ti3it:t 'to 3ninTrtw'^^/r3x{:?"V^'^v::3 'ro"^ I.C'sJ j-? 3«je'x 
tifgil "^. isfTv 91 ifi.i iorr in i-^rftgrtw ^.fn^-t&B no?.>fo'^t ifs ^niasoio 

' ,., ■. . A -.---"^ :--;'^v:f .■i;^.-«! 

aniens srf.t In ftgacir? srfd" o-t 'j'b (arrxn/'J "^rf* 'i'~> J^na as'c^'i sxid" nc 
i'99Tcd'e no-^Tfo'r.T. no li ,9.+ Riq'--).tni n/93rE^<T>^(p icv.Wailiwr o^ .a.o bn.<=! 
" J mro ^Jtn to I 91 • o aufo to gahoi'JT'* «>-(+ ni '^'••^t .ito-ciJa naa'.v 

f . / , ■■■■■■• ^'-'. ^ -■ V>!*'^r:*f ■■: ■■- 

/ • . ..y:- • ■ ... A'," 
el Yt"t 'rf^ "i*^ inx6T?r /9rfi ^fnifit ^e 9!^-ib aiif^ r^ Iggisv-si i? 

orf^ ^•ri* brris ,90rf9£fxrfl> »ffi '^b ^Jxfgiaw .tpgiinp.m Sffcf ^taniR^* 

^.xr^..^ "^^^-^^ ^0 ^ ^''^^ -^ 



.J-A'^ , ^f.jQr'W ^ 





court erred in relus?ir.{- certcin instructionp tendered by 

In su] port r"! itp contention th'^t the verdict ie 
faiiainpt the jisnifept weight of the evidence ap->eli'^nt^ in- 
Fists that'p inttstr.'.e r.-'^p not struclc on the .T?^rk- 
eon street cro£??int;, I'ut v.- s Litruck por.e t".-enty-f i ve feet 
/i northT.-ept of there on np-nellpnt' s rif ht-of-rr^y; t}'?it he v.'^p 
a trespasper at the time of the injury '^nd no rJr rfe of a 
wanton vcii. wilful injury hrir.f, icade in th.e declfiro tion, thst 
appellee's intestate is not entitled to recover. '^-^^rellant 
) further cnntendr that anpellee'? intertate y-'-z not in the 
exerciee of due care when f? truck hy said enf.ine. 

The evinence in this CR?e is fhnrply conll acting 
on the quegtion ;=.s to whe1tn?lf anpellee'r- intc^t^te v/n,? 
,v:}ien struck ""oy =-id enpinre. A? a'':n\e ptnted Victor 
Ciiri?t.'nann, ? onne -yriptrann nnd ."^uliu? "in^-hein pII tes- 
tified th^t v/r'en found i'^-»r,e>'^:? "tely ^.ftcr the injury, n^'-^ellee^ 
intcetate •".ap on the crossing ^tt j!--o]--ron rtreet.. -~ rorro- 
torative of tlie t^ietimony of nnnellee'r ■?itn<"??r~ ■■■^.ere 
V.'- r tcpti^ony to the ---ffect th-t lar^re quintitie? •">! hlr^od 
were found on the cro??inf -t the nlnce •'-.''^.fire cT- -el l ee ' ?? 
^inte?tnte was qiieped t f^ hive \ifcn found, -'''e only evi(^<;nce 
offered to contradict the teptiriony of the-e ■'itnoppe? ie 
the testimony of the witn-^^ppee I'ettenhaupon .-n.!! C-o'''ald, v/lio 
testified on behalf rif a-ipel^-^^nt to the ef'cct th-' t r^n the 
inornint, after the injury, Victor Chrirf-mrr.n ptpted to them 
he found the hody of his ^rother, Ihillip, iv~.7.\ O'l-oeite 
the cotton T.'ood tree, v-hici. cotton wood tree, the evidence 


-3lD??t 9il!t no'jTotn^a Joe a^w ©,+J5l«*:tnJ: <!»'S9ri9qq£! J-pu^ ec^sjt5 1 
*»»1 »vii-"^in9'?vi 3308 :iouitB e 'w ^ucf ,3nl:980io ifaaiJa aoe 

9<-^ srf ^-•;^? ;\:;8w-'io-i'rfaii 8 ' infills qcfjs no siadd" lo J'asvrriif'sor- 
s io s";-: Tfo or bnn y;Tut«i srfi "io affliJ 9r£J in 'XSBSi'.iXBai- 
&ed.f .foxtsTefosb q'JJ ni ©bear grti 3cf \;-xyt«i tultliTr baa aoisi&v 

iitPirsT"/ ."S9V0091 Ovt belJi J'na ' *ofi 8i ©i'fl^j'eed'ni a'selX^gtfjB 

.9nl3n9 biB8 \(S jfauite nsrfw aiijo »0b lo ©3i/9i9X9 

:aFtiJoi:Itrfo'3 y^tq-c'd'?. ex s=?jso Bi,d& ni sonab Jtva 9fi7 

-"isJ- rf° fi7i3ri;^rrx " 5UiIuT. bns nnsfli.+Bi'Si-O shbiovI ^rfnBxn^te'jtiiU 

-';-.- «A ..3'99T:.-f^ nor»>rn.nt *B sniafjri') erf* no taw aiBisQ^ni 
aieift qi^nanJi'T "s •esCisgq-.R lo Ynoflsi^as* ,«xl* to svii-fixtHi' 

^'risTC - p, gis.-^vtr 9-^i^J^^• 9ff^ tr- anisfscxs 9rfi' no Jbnuol. 9"i9W 
9;,;'^tV9 vTrtc 3 "T .&nyot noecf <3yp.d'ot h^'StBlLfi 9fivy s^fijfsei-njt / 

^x 93«»?.^n?£'v s'^3di to TCBOfnJ:*?!^;^ srfJ' lai&Ri^noo o* b»a9l:l;o 

: { . ,fr •';-i brui nof^.ufirfnsJ^sH a■^««l^^d^jtv/ arfJ- to ^noral^taaJ ©rftf 

9di ftc ;f '••[.♦ *0'3*>i3 9r(,+ oJ Jn*^ iXsfifTi'. "io "iXjB.dfsd" no bex'ixieai 

at9di o^ b->:fpiJ'H rinpninJttiiO toioiv ^\,tiJlni 0d& ■xaitB jjaxnaom 

9ii9o- o. f'jM'f, ,ql.[Ctrf : .lari^OTCi sirf lo ijfcocf wfj bHwol 9ii 

9on9bi.'9 grit ,90iJ' b">ow noi'J'oa Joiriw ,e»ii^ &oo»t tioiioo 9dS 



ehcws v:r-g atout thirty or forty feet In ~ nor thro pterly 
direction from Jn.c\:ron street on the nnme pide nt the ri^ht 
of way as enid ealnon; and the witne??eF 'i'hvosinr- 'Ci^e and 
higden called on "behalf of appclL^nt v^ho tertified that 
on the morr.inj t'ollov/ing: the acciient that they nrked 
I.or-'ine CLristniann v/here t>ie deceased v/ns hit, r^ni t}i^t "re 
pointed r^ut to hf-.m a pli<^e *>!.• it twenty cr t/.irty fert 
ol liaclcson street, Tiout '^ti- o<^i te said cotton ^.-ood tree, 
Ihie te3tii2ony in denied ly ZoTPne Chri?tmonn and he tes- 
tified th",t he '^ointed out tc the pe rartier t}ie ■^■2 ce on 
the cropping v.hcre the injury -occurred. '"he C:Vid(-n''e difscloe- 
ee tLat the Inst nemef^ vitncrrrs i^ere m the eTr.ploy of -^p- 
peljant and v-cre pro"b'i'ly r^ore or Ics^ int cre'^ '^ed . -^he 
witnepp Juliui? "intheiiri w?? in no way ?cu{rht to "ce im- 
pe-Tchcd, certain other wit-ie ^st? testified that vhen they 
firet gsv,' appellee's intestnte after fee injury he w^p ■roine 
tv.enty or twenty-five feet v;- rt froip. the J?:ckpon ?trect 
creeping on a^'-el isnt' s ri^ht of v;^'j , 'oeint; "t the '••oint 
whfeie victor C}iri :^ttapnn tcetified he liad t-ken hie "l:.rctiier 
in an to rernove him to hip horae . 

The evidence, ?.r prove nt?ted on thio c en-* roverted 
question ^'n? pli^rply confl ic t infr , hut ■'//e "le urrtle to e'-y 
th^t the Jury vere -ot 7?.'=.rr'-nted in fi.-.ding thnt n.: el3>.e'6 
intcftfite VT!8 on the J':r'r'?on street cropping ^t the tine of 
^ the injury. '^h.c trrstirr.ony of npnellc-n'o v.'itnepcec- on thst 
point wap ajn-nly pufficient, if "".relieved 'oy the .jvjry, to vrr- 
r'^nt t"riem in ?o finding-. '■-n f-ttcrrn^t ip rrj'e by ."-nr-ellant 


td^Li silcJ ^o 95 ig smm axfJ nc ^ssijs nc^iIofiT, nio-i'i'txei + f>S'Xxfc 

an' ^tji-iJ^ bah ,ixxf s«w bssssosb arf^' 9^9il\»' ftft^isiiTiiO" j>a 
*5 5»vr" *99i Y*iir{;J to Y^rtswt ^ u cis goislq b jii^ bJ' "i^uo fisinlbcr 

no so-r.T iarfu aeiiiaq' se^rf^" o.t *uo bsifnloq 9x1 J-sif*' b&xli"'i 

srfA .b9,t'3 3To JTix 5soI 10 STOin Y^^' BcfoTLCf 913^" bhs J'nsIIaq 

-mi 90' oi' j'ir;3U08 \af/ on nx s^w misrf-^ni'^'ByftL'i «?V9n;txw 

■\t9rii- nsaV ;t£!iid- bail:! J5 iv:^- sasssrtJ-xw lorfJo nxBCl"i9D .fisrioBeg 

9no3 er?.' sil x;::^^^^'-^ s^i^" "is^ls 9iB fBH^tRl e •sgligQ.qte wBa is ill 

^nxo.-r odi tr, aniau tX^w ito ^cf^x-x e"*;tnsl f9?:!afl no" 3nxa3 0T:*o 
isrfifoad" giil noal.-^J' bs>.d "ad baxlLieo} naBciifs tiritj •roil'olV"9i9iiw 
.9nor{ slrf bi icirf 9vo.Ti9i b* 'Jcfm9J;fB ns ni 
JbdiisvoT rnoo sxiiJ no isists Wojs i^s ,9on9 6iV9 9ifT 

X"5 0* s*!-"! --nij sxr &w jjjcf (Srixi'oi rirroo' >jt(fiBrf« 5J5w' nbid's9i/ip 

a '90^9 .«5 j';rij- "arfiftrixi nf bs'fnf^TiBW ten >t3-»^ Xii^t gxif^f J-iiii;? 

Ic 9hivf ^i'.i i"^ -^iBr.nio ^'ieife nns>l!ort 'atit no acw "siRiRa'^rtx 

rf'exfit nc 'jo'5«26nJ^xv/ ^'ojrXoqgR to YnomitfiW.'^ arfT ' . yriuf^nx grid'i 

-T^w ot .'i";;!;, orft y^' b9\r9X i9cr t .1 td-'neioillifa "•^Xoroir, «^bw ;tnloc[ 

^aBXIsoqi T{o o-iB-j 1^ t iranohlp flA .'sniftnlV o« ni ras:T[i inpic 



to demons trfte th^t even though aprellee ' n intcpta.te was 
found nt the "loint de.?i^nn.tei by -arjTelD ee ' ? I'ri tner^op thst 
it v/?-ci 'I'till one or tro feet vf^-^t of J-^ckpon street. . ith- 
out foin{;, into tiie tcctirr.ony in det'^il on t>ii9 ■ oirt i/e nre 
o$i the opinion thnt the jury "'^■re w^rr^r.ted in iin'ing that 
the injury '^cr-urred '^n J^c^cpon ptreet. 

3 t . i ? nf • t inriste-d by ap-ce^llant thnt no nef^l i pence 
V0.8 TjTOved n.j'r<inat it. A? -t^ted the tertimony oi ?'.pr'elle'? 
v.n tneppe?» wip to the effect th-^t the enfine wc hring driven 
nt p ?-need of '.^cie ten or twelve nile?? ^ er .''iour tp it n.p- 
nroRChcd Jr<ok"?on street; thnt :':o hel.l vn!7 rinjin,';; tli'^t no 
7;hietle vin^ -1 ov.ti or otlier sit';nn,l given; that there wae no 
light r>n the re-'ir end. of the canine ind th-'t it y/he? being 
-driven b'v-kwnrd on it^' v/^y to ti^e round .>inu!?e. '' e testi- 
mony of «^^.'el J ant '/^v.'itneT !?e8 ■vv^p to tJie eflect th ?it the 
engine was bein;^ driven ro're five or f.i^r 'gijoe - er li-our; thnt 
there v/.-ifi n Ipntern on t}i': rerr end of the engine nnd th^t 
the '"ell \.."^g rung ge t}-ey qT.'(-)ronc>ied the cr':e7in{ . '-he en- 
fineer p.nd -rire'nnn in ch- rf e of the en gi 'O both t= -■' ified 
that a? they a-^)rroached J^cV?on Ptrcet tViey '"ere 1 noVing In 
the direction the troin v/^ p '.•nvinf, , nnd thnt neither of them 
r-n.y; op-nellee'? inteetate, rnd neither of ttien Icne'v of the 
in.jury until t"ne nert dny. /? it ie conceded by both si dee 
th«t .'^■p ^.e! lee ' 3 inteptpte wae rither on the of w^^y or 
tV.e croT'r'ing nt t}ie tine he woe struck, ?nd thi t "rid enf. ine 
ip the one tiirt et'^uck hiir, it is not to be vonc'ered at th^^t 
the jv-ry did not give n\jch credence to the ter->tinony of these 
•pritne:=p<- P to the effect th --^t the bell rs rinfinp, thnt they 

■ 8- 

-ri:fiV .Jasti-s ftcgjfo&v. ,!ic ;^r97 tf alt:, pwt. to jSft.o ClJii?,. s'v.;- ii 
SIP 9*^ ^rrir ■ BL't;^ etc .fiSiJ'al) nx 5rnomi?33^ 9rf*. cipi ajnioja^uo 
tedj j^i^^ffxl rt.^ bp.trfKT-ir.w s-x^i^ XTfirt; ?;f^»f.- :?r=?rf* itoiniqo 3rfi. jJ*^ 

-qfi ^x "5^ Tunfi, j:sr' «f>XifjT^ arXa'qvJ- Tip ftc>^ ^^^^ ^c .|)9srrR, p^ cf-B 
on ieiicf •,'in.t->,nx'<: ^jp'-w IXecf on jf^/ij ;ipQy:&n tioeoipRy. psdps^pta 
on 3Bvr s'xsrf:'' J-nrfJ^ ;n9VXJi l^nnle isdio io hwoXc Bfs«7 ^liatirtv 

artiacf 'r.^--fr J-i: ^t-^rfJ- fcnf sniuno ©ri^ to bns ikstc srfcf no, ;tc£air 

-• ■ ^•:. -. - • ■ : • \ ;. :Mo-i;' -.■-::^ i^.t.n :fnsu.-^(T 

-i:^99i- spr* .9B>/f^^( bftucT 9iiJ "04' VRw six no bafwsfspcT nayxttfc 

-119 9a" .inirario srit bgitfojnpTcqcrfi y^iij-^pfs gftwic aew /recf^srii- 
bsitJ: "rait rfinif fj-'i^^rta arfj- Ip e3i'^jn'o ni. afiSrsiJcl JbfU5 •ta^nx'^ 

modi lo T3r{i-i9n jT.ii:^ bnn »<a"ivot*< n.Bw «;t 9rf;t noiJn'jTxh sr{;t 

3dt Io ••^fjftif i.To i+ t'^ Tadii9n bns ,9*jR.t8 9 JnJt 8'99lX9a<TR iri^g 

, . : ; ■ ■ r. ■•; ■■ ; '" ■■:■ ryv rn;! : '^^jun : 

^©'•. IB rfd^^' \;f ft9f)93rtn') 9i ;tx gA .vflb ixan 9di XJ:.tnx/ -icri/t^i 

■xo Yew Ic :^.i U'i 9'i>t no f.'sri&in bbw siaJ-ssini: e'aaXXacqs .tRrii 

esisns Jbi."T t"!!:) bnp, , jf Quid's asw srf Qiirld' arft., i'B anlceoio sift 

Jnii^ *p f)9-i9bno'r ocf ni ion at ii .mid ilou'i^^B iBdt sao ^xi:^ al 

9P9rf* lo Y"f>™xt'^;3.t 3rf.t oJ- <>on9b'5To rfoaci 9/i3- J^on ibib Ytf/t 9f^^ ^ 

^•rf,t *Fiii .^^nx-ini? g^v lied" artf i^<^ rid' ioafts erf:f o.t 9 ^f^^i^nd'c vv > 





7,ere going only from five to six milee per hour, and th«».t 
a light wne on the rear end of the en£ine. 

In vieTT of 3i3 the evidence T.-e nre of the opinion- 
the jury were rrrrrnnted in finding th • t a'DTiel'' r^nt vne fuilty 
of neflitence in the operation of it? paid crrine. 

it i9 nert contenicfl that npnellee ' •: inteptnte v." e 
not in the errerciee of due c^re f'^r hie nvn enfety nt the 
tine of the injury. T^e evidence di?clof?<-^F th-^t the ^^^te 
There -nnej]ee's intect'^te ne. - ed frnra Yiie hrothv r' p houee 
onto the rifht of vp.y vrnp po-e 16L feet northvept of the 
JnclcFon etreet crossing and that at the tiTr;r he entered 
said right of way he looked dovm the tr^'olc in a rorthwept- 
erly direction, and tlint at that tirr.e there "-'?■ "o enrine or 
train to be !?een, nnd ".'hile the evidence ip to t' e effect that 
^? he v'Mlked doi^n the of rmy md a-oToroached Jackson 
!?treet, he did not look isround, "t the ^ine time --^fe ^re un- 
aole to sny that hi? fnilurc to agfiin look :or r- coniing trnin 
vRc ne£,lif;ence r er ge . It .u-^t he remembered "rie had the 
ri£ht to rely on r.rr ell ant'? duty to rint^ it?: bell np it 
approached the crosFinp,, on itc duty not to opeT-te its 
train through orid city at a ppeed in excepp of ordi- 
nance, '^nd on its duty to c- rry r light on it? en,;;ine ' that 
would °erve as? p vnrninf: to thope ^ho nii;h.t be on the crosp- 
ing. Me think it is ?. ror-pon^ble crincTurion to draw from 
the evidbnce th -vt if ap-'^ellant ^ad r'>nf it^ boll, •'ripf:] lee* p 
intept'' le, though pomeT^h'^t dr<^f, rouTc h- \e }■ e- rd the FT;e, 
and Y/ou3d nnT gotten off the track or thf.t if p T ifcht had 
been on paid engine it would h-ve f;iven notice to him of 


ifficit bn£ ^xvod lacj ,?i9Xiia xxa qS avii tTtoi-Jt /vj-Cno ar^-tog sist? 
.aniens arfJ- lo fen? ^fiai arfdt no ajsw irfT^^lI « 
• aolniffo 9/W lo SIB s'.t soasbivs 9rf;t lie lo wsir nl 

.9ni.;n9 fciB? atx Ip rtoi^tstsqo 94J- ^nt sons 3x1 l^n ^o 
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, •^8-^ 94* is-'-fJ jsBcLoHib 9oq9JE)x\f9 9nT ^-^TutCti 9rf* ^9 fCTXd^ ! 

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bstaJn** .9xf .9arx^ 9xf,t ia iBii.i &ns. gnie^oTo 3'99i:ti5 npgjCosL 
-i3 9wd[^'io^ B rii. ,^r>j^t.j sdi a^ob bgjCeoX.srf •^sw Iq d^xiaxi btsB 

iaAi i^(>Xt9 ©."'t o;t ei ?3i,on9fexv9 9ri4^^ gfirf^ fcn^ ,n995. 9Cf o* ni 

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-C*j 91C 9?/ 9flilJ 903f:5 9x1* *s .bnyois jtool *on bib sri .*991*b n. 

■" .' " "■ ■ " '' '■ ": ■'"' ? - '. ' '■' -^ -■■^".i ■;■'» ;"'0 «".!.- :--i- i. ^r'-' >v 

flis'1* -inifflOO P lot 2{00X ,nj:f?86 C* STuCxnl girf J-RltJ- ^=55 0.t 9lOB 

9sii b.*.ii =»i{ jb9iocfnj9ra:9T: ©cf t^tsis SI ,99 19 g songaxXa^a rb't 
H. »»c , rXesf liJl af*/-^ 0* -^Jixb B'*ncrX9'"i"rrj5 no 15X91 9* *rf3i"i 
,.ai^ aj^iaqo q* *on Y^f^'^ 8*jt np^ »an|a80TO 9rf* b9riQB iqq[B ^ ^ 
rjtfeio^biee Iq ?e90.7C9 ni bgscf? s dr -^tiQi bxce 43iJ0iriJ- nxRi* 
*«rf;t;,9rriir:9 5dx no *x|[aJt4;^i^^pc7/-9^^,pi -^d"!/^ a$Jt ^no ,bnjs _,9oncn 
-^acxo 9iii no gd" *iiaici,,prfiff gfjori* 0* yixnTcw b nn ayi^s bLuo^ ' 
aoi'z ifjR'xb o* aoi3i;Cafipn, gX^r,no3i?.yT.^B §il J-J: >[n^rfd .pViT .gnJt ' 
«'99XX9crq- jfXao' ^Jx 3nr»';^ i^:* InBrXfin-cja, Tti j^e^rl* son^xva sncT 
,9£ap.5 9ii* b-r li i 9/ ^li ^CapT il^^b *erfir»nTp9 ri:juor^* ,9.tR*B9*ni 
b^sS ^ji^t B 1i f^^Ai ap al0JiTj*;^erfJ; II0 asSto'i _*Bti b^uow ban 
Ito Birf •* 90l*on fterxa 9Tprf bXt/ow *i 9p.iMi9 .bt<"' 

rf r> m <^ "I f 



its aprjroach, nnd v;ould h -ve fiven hini --^n opportvinity 
to h've off the tnc'^:, fepec i^lly if r'prf 3 lant hsd 
"been operating it? at no-rrenter r'^tf ■^f ?peed than 
specified "by the orc!inance. It ■■■'^r- therefore n nupption 
of f"rt under the circiunrtnnce? for tY-.e jury to •■•py vhether 
or not rronell ee' 8 intestate v/-^<- guilty of c or.trilnitory neg- 
1 igcncc. 

The authorities ir thin btrte nre to the effect 
ti-.-t vi^en tra-veling upon the -^treetr? of citif-p, one r.Gy ae- 
•<C^ rume in o 'proachint;; n r-oiJron^' crot^rtinf thnt the r" ilrond 
compnnj- '.il!!. pelomithe duty irri-^oeed upon it "by l^w. Kenry 
v.C.C.C.i; 3t. I. Co. 236 111. 219; C.V..S: q.h.U.Co.v. Clunder- 
90n, 17ft 111.495. And per^cnp crossing trJ^cVp n^y ar^-ume 
th:'t ?peed ordinr^ncep T.-ill te obeyed, •'.nd tii'- 1 tr:->in«> vill 
not crosc- a hirhvray -vithout "i^-nals a?- ref;ui-fi i:iy law. 
C.i'.& ^..^..Ia.Co. v. uunder-on, ^upra . "^.^ '^ .•:-.'■.. Hy . v. Tlien, 
Admr. 159 111.535; :^.J.L :, .r>y .Co. v . }'o?dley, Rf!nr.S?'' 111.462, 

In the Ci;se of inn v. •^.C.C.& It . ■ .::y . "o . ?39 111. 
13!? the cnurt at 139 poys: "*his court hr>° repeTtedly 
held that a trsveler anproochin^;: a r?3ilrond cro?!?ing ip 
reouired to Uf?e ?uch cr^re ns n ner?on of --i rdinnry prudence 
would exercipe under the f^^e circumstance?, rr.d this 'irdi- 
narily derandp the use of the iocultiee of pijiht nnd liepring 
to dipco\(er vvhethcr a tr-^in is np-nroacliinf or not, hut it 
cannot oe epid, ar? a i^.atter ^f lav, that t/.e l-ilurc to look 
or liien under r?ll circurostinces v-ill har n ■.■.co\ery. It is 
\ su?illy a oucftion of f-M;t for the jui'y to determine, in view 


5« ft J' «B I" f ^ -'- '■^ ^l 't r 1 X 3 9 q9 y 4?f i3%:f 94^ r'i^- ^^.t JL93 9 V R rf o :t 

.•^bX Tjcf ^^-iit;.?-!: -•:: p '3Xpniii^; ituorW t.w. ViBW'fta-trf^^;;, f aoTpcjitofi.; 

H. ri : -S.T'-^s ,Y^rf)f:r>;: .v,o:3,\;F. • ,A.L.^ , ;^5a.IXI,(^5X V^mfcA 

■^ibe^tpaqi-!: ':''r{ ^ijjr-o sirf'" :e\?^.=t , e?".X . a^isg .^6 ;^'X«na^94^ S§|;( 

»on9f>tr:r(T vtnni '.•'■• l--. ncei'c.q G,.g,o„ 9*xsio . i1ojj5 ., say oJ" i).9^iut>'=^7 

:TXT<^-3:{ bnr tifjx'; ir ^^i^i-t Xaort s^.iJ^ xo.oau sifj 5bnj?fa0b ^YJ^X'i • a 

jIqcI o* 3"iu xt ..ii Sr.if ^vfRl Ic i9i4fil!J.,fi. qjB ^^^Jbxjse scf -^orixi/jo, , 



nf .r>ll t^.e surrounding; circurar'tance ■ , whether f"il- 

ure to look ^hd listen cnnptiluteo n£flig.enc€ or Inok of 

due crre." 

In the case of 3 11i'.oip Term. '... .C^. \. . itchell, 
?14.ill. Ibl, i-'t i>a£:e 154 the coi'rt :s?^yp: "A-ppellee evore 
t' -t t-efore >-e •.;ent upon the tr-ck of np-.eil'-nt i e looked 
dovTi itn trrxk for one ti.ov. psnd feet to the v;cpt 2nd that 
no trf^in v.ns in pifcht, and th-t ti ely r-otice ■-? .ot given 
of t};e approach of the tr'^in. ''vrellee lipd n rijfnt to rrly 
urion thf; tr^- i)"is of apoellpnt apr^roachin^ ^-.t the nte of 
speed perrrJ. tted "by the or-^innnce of t)ie city of Alton and ite tr'.'irs v.^^uld ^ ive the ":'rnir.£ of ite- n':r.'roach 
re uircd to te f;i-ven "by Isr. • • • • ]t :9 truf: th- t rail- 
road tr"ck5> are of theti'^-elvee notice of danger, hut we think 
it v-nr a quep-^.icn for the Jury to ?-~;y \/Viother, in view of 
nil the Burrounding c ircu "■;?:■ t- nee e the OT^pdiee wn?- gulty 
of C'-p tr i"butory net^ligence. " 

This cppe in some of it?? features le f.o::',er;he t } ike 
the cnee at hfrr 8" the evidence here dirclcrep thn t. aj.rellee'p 
intestate before he vent on tlic right of v.wy v^.ich v. -3 at a 
yoint 165 feet from Jpckron ctree'!'., looked in tie direction 
from which the train n.fterrv"rde cacie, and tint «t t}i?.t time 
there r^e no trnin in f:itht. y otv.i thstrndinp he "t? a 
trcfjpaspcr ct thet tir.e, vc. -re .■ "".cl ined to iiol d Innt the 
OLrervntion he rande at thr-t tir^e vrr-r rroper to V-e phov.-n on 
the qu; ption of the cxerci re if due c-re at the tir.e he 
re.'ched Jnckeon street ae to v/hether he w- :? fruilty of contri- 


to 3foRC TO jona^^C ^3rt ? i^J'i;^ i j^snoo astatl brin 3(0 n f o:f 9iu 

" .B1P.0 9V& 

■■ ■ ■ - '■' vi;:;.'. ■ ';tu ,:.' ' v,(.r hi,..; 
STCOTis ^srCdfTc-A" ;g\^:-.5 ^lif^o 55f{i ^aX 9:jf,(T ^rs ,Xdi .[ii. M5 

b*3for:f 9 : jTi^IIj.Qfi lo jfa^Yit 3/lJ^ noqii J-ns'.v 9it aiolad" isrfi. 

tlBYjii io: ■3n. soiJ-ors x^l&:ii &Fcii ban ^td^i?. aisBW nlBXi 6n 

\loi eS .tn'iii p t>.Rd -3iirf9n..TA .nif!Tt ad) to doRor.qq" 9dt 'to 

Ic sJ-FT 3di .+ '^' jrfiilDBOTqofs cfnellggrfB "io ani eil -arid- noqw 

Sue noiMA 10 A^.tio ©lii 1:0 aoncnihxo sd) iccT ba^fd'lmaq £)99q<5 

-lisa J- -Aid- rtuit B't il ' • • ' .'//bX ^cT nsvia 9d" od" bsilu'si 

lintdi 9W dwrf ^i^anf^b "io aoiJ-on aevXasnaild- In 9-15? 9j(d''iJ- bnoi 

Io ffeiv nh ,i9.-£j jj/{w •^r^. od' a^ijj'g si'li' 10'i noxte9wp b f?r ; j-i 

X*C-ua -^n-fr 9afI'3CfTe £>fiw 89o.n<-d"?3'nu9ixo anxbni/oiiJje sd& CCn 

" .9on9t^iI;i9a viod'i/d'iid a-^o Io 

• 'sisXI^T.ra .Tp.fd ^3Q0lrx: ib 9i9rf 9on9biv9 9di «e -Xiscf dB 33^0 adt 

8 ffi 9-'! fioi ;."/ \^»5-,v io iif^iT 9iiJ' no &aBv sd ©aolad aJ'sJ-^sJ'ni 

■' " • ■ i ■"•■■;-':.;■.?;■ t :J !'5 , .v-^.t ;« ,? bu7 ox . 

noitoeixb nx bajTooX ,:f 991*5 no33{of?L aioi'i i99l ddX ^rflo-r 

•ini:}' isrij J ,--> d^r.i:^ bnts .sraso abi?5-7T9d^lj8 PtiBii 9rfd" xfoidw moil 

B '?"■■•' 9d ^ni:ijri-^i9-l;ti^do'I .^r^xs ni nlnit on sow 9i9ri* 

Slid Jt,;.' ..roir oi bdfTifo.-'i 9if 9-v ,9,"nld i9di Js ijasBqeaij 

no n.v'^r'^ Si' oj lagoiq- ^qw K:rti ip.d& ^n abRiE srf noi J'RyiOQtfo 

ail 9 z^* 3/1+ J-R g'l'^o 9ub Io s^ ioi9Xo 9di to no its •'■up axi.i 

-It&no^ to x.'^llis;^^ -rr-w 9ri i^diodv oJ' as deaiJ-B noesfoet bguonai 




tutory ne£ iitence in not a^nin looking ior trnir.©. 

It ie next ur^ed thpt aTrr.ellee cannot reco-ver for 
the death of s>iB inte£?tate lor the Te^9 on thp.t nt the time 
he received hie injury he vni? peine ii^ ^ Ion i ' i. dinal direc- 
tion along paid right of way across paid rtrfet. ^e do not 
think point ie veil tr-ken for the rc-pon it ie cm- 
ceded oy aopliant that t}ie cestinrtion of ?^p el'iee'e in- 
testate Yiir the ea3 oon lor.-'ted pt the corner of J^ickpon 
nnd lenth etreett?, ona no one c^ntendp th- t it " n the 
intention of aTjpellee'f inteptate to continu.c further P-long 
the rithit of v»jy of f<aid rnilroad. .-^he ?.iithoritit.p in ti is 
otr.te are to the effect th.-?t a i^ergon ri^.tfualy on a hig;h- 
\;p.y ciopfint and a rniirond tr^ rk, hr,e the ri^rht to uee 
leaid i.ighway in crosi='int' the enme in any menrer he may see fit. 

in the case of C,:'. <u. ^,,..,j;.Co. v. Gairip'o, IcQ 111, 
App. 9L>, nt pCfie 'j3 the court - >ys: ""hen nnce '-i i.riin ?uch 
tjoundaries, (that is, of the cropping) a oerpon ims the 
rifeht to travel thereon in nny direction, 1 enf'thv;iee, croee- 
I v.'ige or in fmy other vay avid without re^.'^rd to U:e piece 
or direction Ixtii or in v?hich he rnny hnve approficiied and en- 
tered unon such etree't, or Vji,.ether or not he i'p a tree- 
papptr iwediately orinr to t'^i^'. unon the ??trect." This 
ep'ue coctrine ie i^id dovm in I siuire v. C .k j..l .:\.l.,Co. , 
12C 111. ApT). 112. *he cnee of ;;.">.. o. •,.• .H. Co. v. 3a:;iple 
was affirced by the -uprtrae Court in 2r5?- 111. :^t i. ^jre 564. 

it is nG?,t c 'ntended by ao^ellant that the court 
erred in refusing the instruct ions tendered by it be£:inning 


.•ni'^Ti loi •!JHli(ool'fttjBai> ton at aonsgirgen y;t6io(3r 
tot T«»c3:*i ionnao salleavfJS d-^ii* 5:»3tB- dxdn'** il 

-D9-xife Xjtmib..;' i: rjol p rut ;i'iftxo3i iSR'* 9ii xrutai bIcI 1>3/ x-ios-i sri 

J'on ofe-9' ,t33'fi:j hiss ^QcroR y*w to tfrfjjii biiS's ^nola n«>i./ 

•a?«-j si U no^:-oi i)fl^ T(>t tisjf ft'i fXsw ei' .tniorr siiiJ jinirii 

si.i^f nx 'si:i£:^ito^iur> adr •, beot £xai fixAs 'to yrtw "So ;fit5£9C^rId'' 
-riijxji .3 ao ^IX.utcf.tvixi aoaisrcr e^ ^rulJ Joslla* BiU oi^ 9ts 'sifiSii 

ill 099 n^fj aa T;'=i~jtv5m vae ax aniBa ^^Eii an±«-ioxo ni ■Y;jewc£gt.i oc-t^ 

li^xuB aXiii L'^- '>i>no itoiff-"" lex*"^ Stuoo stdi b.^: a^^-sq i-a- ^dQ .cfcfA 
srij- -spii nofjry b (gnx'sscia 9j{t io >sx :J-F>rfir) . ie'siisbrtodrf 

-09 6n-R bsti-OROirvqi; avr-rf x«^ Q^- lioxiivc nx 10 lorl: nox^to-a^iff-'Xi*! 

, .oO.-t.H. I.;,.! 5*. 'J .r 9*rii/ri,8i.I ni rrwof5 bxjRC 5i: iarfiricj'^iopfs oiiit)^ 
9Cx?fffnc. .\r .00 ,>t..''..v. jA.^', D >o 0'3ro axir ,.SXX: .cfqA .:£ll^wsr 

ti<t09 t»iiJ Jnnj i-noiXsrore ^cf babasiru o J"X9ti ex *i ', 



v'ith the f '^i-rteenlh and ending v.lth the twenty- second, 
'io inctructions v;ere n^ked uy ai-'p^lec, nr;r v/ere any ^iven 
on ": ir- teh-ilf. -^hirtrcn in? Lriic tion?; v.ere £,i\en nn behalf 
~i n.p-eljant. Tncre in otructioii c covexed every -hpee pt 
a ■?!;el"lnnt • e defenpe thnt vas proper un-'er the ole^d.ingp or 
croof, nnd in our opinion fully prcpcnted np-e' "^ "".nt ' s 
tYiiOTv of the CT^e to tlie jury, nnd ne do not oelievs tViere 

rs nny error corruttcd by the triil court in r\ "-.jpin^ the 
other instruction? offered -j it. "he foi. rtuentri^ in- 
ctruction directed the ^vTy to dirroc'rd the lirot count 
of ar.-ofrll ee' r/ declaration, tlie fifteenth tlie second count 
anri the rixtoenth t}ie thiid oount thcaccf. 'i'he r^event^enth 

/ inrtructicn ir.lomied tiie Jury thnt nppcllce h^^d friled to 
j.rovc the ''13e{-rtion in th-.^ r-econd count v;ith reference to 
the ppecd of tri^in? in city. ^V;erc .no nc error in 
refu^i-^, "tlis :n?truction a? "O quef.tion M' e ::,r.oe. op to the 
vplidity of the crdinpnce nnd there r?.e trptit-ony on v/hich 
to base it. ■'■'>ie eii^htcenth, nireteenth and tvrnty- second 
, / in n:truct iorip in our judtrrjent did net ct'^te correct principles 

I of IfiT/ and it vp.r therefore not error to refuse tj^e pnme. 
The twentieth and tventy-l ir'=t inet 'Ucticns were fu]]y cov- 
ered by other inrtructione ti\en. 

'i-"} e further contention is race by a-opellant thnt 
tl.e enfine in question did pot co'stitutt a trnin nnd -would 
tv.treiore not l.e co-vcred by the or'Unnnce in quc~tion. vVe 
do not believe thif point velj tnlcen nnd tb t to -^lace 60 
strict a c one '♦ruction "'n so.irt ordinance v Ud rot pubcerve 




IX •.:i9a' nr. i\^-,i.\ .?it> i^ ou-x-l" ni. ,nooii.irf'^ ^ ."iXnilotf 3J;.i,i;o 

«o 'i^Hxhrs I,. Oil:? la Tu x;;.j;C-iq sG-v |pri:l; sinat^b a 'd-nsllsricr^ 
B*Jn«-''3 -:• i>9.?f:o=9 ji T vrfu* noxnifTO iw<^ nx bnr»_, tooxg 

-rti k'i-n-'Oi'i "a erl." .d-x y;; .'-oijiI'tc 5nox;J-ojriJ'B/^x^ Tsrift® 

iltnQy^navoc s:i"-i" ."ro-^ r^n.t- Jn-jon ^liiij. iji{^ riin^^eJ'xxa axil ..Jbf\c 
oJ ^oXx--'£ I) ■-{ 3->:i3q:?r .;' .7/iJ- vTur ad.t b9iinni.7J: noi^oui^artx 

ni aoxi> ivr '••) 3i3-f^ .\;*XT b.iB^^ rtx =?n[i=!i_J' Iq. fiaaqe srii 

9d) o.t 3'3 :j!j:-.-t ^ ■■'■ !t.oi.J;:0'jri o" «3S noi;to;jii^3nx ex'tt arrxsuljii, 

>irl'.7 (TO \;n oax :^ 3 '•' J^ sfj-v a'ssiil 'tnfiRnifjio^ odJ' to •^J' 

aefffxoaxior ioo-xTco 3i^7? ;ton bx b inacr^but "luc. aj: ertoxiquT^fanir^ - 
.3r.^3 o.:j e- -,;^-'::o'x 0;^ ic~'X3 Joa 9-i,o iQi9rft_ 9Aw ix bnjs weX^ Xo / 

-rtavxa anoxi-otjiJsnl, X9xfJ"o r^d bais [-^ 

b ryr,w brill '■:i:.'ri-'' n .•*yj'x:f a* co Jriri bib ncxJ'-'9,yp, ni grtxjns 9i.£i 

.. ■; .. - .^ir; ■:,-.■ ;>d;' v.; -'V. r.n* ., n. 

og 90": cJ ;•;-:.+ Inn n9>iBJ' CXs^T Jrjxoct. afrii. svsx/scf Ion ob' 
••"le^Jj/'; .,"■-- bir ' 9o«r,ftibTc ^fc5 nc noltocr'i..'''"inc s ^oxTi^"? 



the ende of juf<tice. In Lat-t St. l.ouie "-nnnectinf; '.y.Co. 
V. C'l.ara, IbO 111. 5tG, an crdinnnce \6ry ri.-^iil-r to 
tliie one \;as? pg^ped unon, and the court at p •%€ 536 eays: 
"The point riorie ip th-^t thie ordinance ha^' no upplic-tion 
to loroririti\e cn_iner v/h en run"'ing nlone, and foriOint no 
part of 8 tr-in of c^^£?. 'Ve ire not .iitrposed to adopt 
that constrvrtinn of the or.'inance. -l^he w.r-oo^e -^f the 
orc'in.-^.rce wn? to nrcvpnt injury tn j.ercons cue! property 
from the running, of tr.-inr' nnc'. c.nre p.t too hifh r: r^^te of 
pr-eed y.ltrAfi the cit;;,', r^nd locir.o1.ive cnt.iner coirie clearly 
v/ithin the renron rrd r-vrrepe of the ore'innnct , rp rsuch 
vhcn rnnninf; alore Ps vlun rtt-ochod to ondr; ror ell infr p 
tr?>in of c-~re." 

'^.'iJr e:pree."Jon of the ?vpretr.e co\;rt ^ iJ d seem 
to fully snnv-er the crntention irode \y '^prellpnt to the 
eflcct t'^pt thie ordir.nrce v;: p rot ?;pplir'<Lle lor the 
rearon thrt it wo uld not a-ply to an entine. 

I'indirf no reveri.i I'l e error in t>ic recircl the 
judrT;ient of the Circuit Court will he af limed. 

Jud(nnent ^ftirned, 

.ot to "be reported in full. 


ot T?Xir-£'i ^cc^'v- sonofTtMo na'- iOaS .ill OdX: ,,.Bi«.iI*0.. .y 

noi;t orlr- •? o->; -^cif on « ruble girf-t \M<n'J-Bi sbsaT ^;ni?DLq "-."" 

iq'ofir. o-'' bo^oq'si':: tor: mr. aV* ■..^rsF/'r ta vixstii js.-lq j:^:x-b« 

ftowo Vf. ,3 0J^f5r!ifVi(5 •2}:^d- 'io 'j»60i'tui^ bar. : noft.nei >9.cUc;«i4J"?w 

' •■■ ''V' Its oi t'^W^rjs -tforr. :ijiir ovr- -iiJfx Id^.fii^ 
■ ■ titf" 61': 31 grf.t n'r'i"o'r-is •3k^M^iiim'-■■^i.■>afi'^rllh^lj:i^ 

. 69nT itT: r; .tnara;^ tft 

.ffi/t at b9i to qat ecT of 


/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copD of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in mg office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set my hand and affixed the seal of said court 

Isir^. _...... 

at Mt. Vernon, this 
A. D. 1916. 

dai; of April 

Clerk offhe Appellate Court. 






Opinion of the Appellate Court 

A T AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 

And afterwards, to-wit: On the -.-- -.1.7 t.h=.-.- -.-... c?oy of April, A- D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in the words and figures 


...Q.^.?^.?!..'? 5._4 ......5.9?}.0.?.?! ».. 


No. .1.7.., 

October Term, 1915 


Lilwaukee L.echanic&' Insurance 
Company, _ 


1^9 I.A. 166 



.C.Lr.c.U.t.1i_ COURT 

_y.n.i.on COUNTY 



..W. N. BUTLER. 

Term l»o. 17. In the Appellate Court, A^«^nd.R Uo.22, 

iourth JJisitrict. 
October Term A. .'j. 1914. 

thnrlee a. lonner, ) 

App e n e e , ) 

Apoejil irTB Lnion 
) County Circuit Court. 

; il'v-iultee lechnnicp^ Insurance Oorcp.'=!r.y, ) 
Appellnnt. ) 

:_c ! rido . J. 

ihe appellee recovered a Judgment in the Union 
County Circuit Court nfainpt .ippellnnt for ?iy hun^^red 
dol'inrr, which rapnellant sjeeVp to reverr-e by this appeal. 

I-t- f ipp o - I r r f r ow — the Tcoord — sHS — t - l ' lp [M. i i tji j f vm 
J.p.y I'J. , I^C8, at nc''nn, cO'nnt ivrved ;^ Vio]icy of in- 

surance to'r pvai 1 e/-, infiemifying ar i r o3 Jrc frof^, lop« or 

drfuGtje by fire for a period of five ye^rp, "to p-n remount 

not exceeding ^, 75'-'.r~ on the fnl]o''ving: depcribed nroperty 

v.hile loc-~ted and contained ap de^c^ihed >ierein and not 

eleev-here, torit, .t4;r.r upon the one ^tory vr^f huilfiing 

and ite ad(iitio;Tc, to he occupied -? n dv;cl"Iin£-. }:ouse, 

pitunteu, etc., <.10'".()C f>ri fr'^rnc- kitciien, !;?("'''. "0 upon 

household find icitcnen lurr.iture nnd utenpi]?, - i^'no, etc., 

all v/}iilt. con'.ained in the qi.ove h^uee, 4-5'"'. ''f~ ^n fr^rne 

"barn." At the t ime apTiell co -nrocvtred thie ineurrnce he 

v/ae aot the owner of a qy ri.-^no find none i?."-?« in tlie house 

injured but the term niano nrinted nnd vr.s v. fener«l 

term uc-ed in the policy. On about Arsril 2C , 191( , iiiii|iii Wwt ' 

contr-'Cted with . red ". . V.atson for n ^jinno for -.Mch he »«r 

to .ay S 200 .no and thet the title wna to rem in in *«iteon 


acinJ jffrai InaqqA ( .ssv 

.JtiloD iit/oiiO \;cfnuoO ( 

( fY^f^'fTMo J sonaTLTsnl '«;oin,p..'{09;.'I SQ^i/r.TrltH 
( .^nnllaqqA 

ftaifonyil xie to a Jan rr^? r];qr> IssnifiaB iiuo^^ ^xjoixj xJntro - 

WB^ ^ - ^.iit ^^'^■^ 3 gt y !. * afr -- j >^ - f>o o 'r - arf d- ffia-g ^ ?ag ' » <f-q-.»-~jLl 
-rrt "ir YciCo<r « 59.'/-;ri: ■ *ifn**-e»HH>rr, ,rTOon ^b ,3061 ,.tC ys.I 
to eaol nio-rTr ^^-W«ti^ arsi'^linmabni ^AoI^ij^^qM;} o :t eonryxus 

rlTSec'iq bocflTto*?©-! 3r: XT'© r I Ox sdi- no OO.OSVi,^ ^xbuaoxs J^on 
ton bciti fIi^^T9■f f^-rio'iTo^sb f.j3 b^nifJano bns ba^'-ooL aliriv; 

noeji/ "' .'■*??' ,rtO!fotijf larurTt no 00,001$ ^.cits ^baieMii^. 

,.ot9 ,nrT' t - ,? [i;8rt9:}-<j bn^ siM.tirtii/l narfo^Jt^f bias bloifsitrorf 

9iB*?T^ rro O'',oa>i;; aeucri avo^- szit ni bsniec'-noo jXxiIw IIj* 

»9oerf drft ni ••"'V 9: Oil bnr, orcBirr ypis 1o aonwo srl;}- ;ton «bw 

^-maJLL'j_**wi. ,jlwi ,0S! XiirrA iuodn aO .x^^^oq adi at bsau nna.t 

- Ttot no«».t«*f . : ^911 tiilv b9)0'-iiao- 

until the piano vin& for. "otliinp vr r pj^id r.ron the 

pinno. At t>ie time ^f the contract '•Vatson reruired rmi a i i n i 


to nrrcure '^n inp\ir«nce -no! icy ur*on this -i-->no : or ;!?^ _.'"(', 
rhich .<rv^did, but the policy ."■•■J_;jgf''e ^ny^ille to r . p-p e l] f i c . 
The rjiano -vas r)leced in a i" i jin]"i nn ^? houee. Cn ' o-verr.'ber "^ , 
1912; -ibout two o'clock in tJit: ' orninf. r fire 'ccurred 

find the buildinc, and property of fcn'ioll ee , inclviini-^ the 
pinno nbove deFcribed, ••■ere destroyed. "r-"lp ?'-.'"' the 
Ids-' on the building to hn-ve "been ir-.-r Imndrod doj1->re, 
t\vo triLnkp lull nl clothing ,4"".''^, four puit? of boye' 
clothe? ■'■.lP..(n, one lot r^f viTnene drepeeo, fkirt:--, etc. 

"^t . , ^ne lot of nen^' clothing $30. '"f. After the fire 
a,,j«jlluu r.-zde T)roofs of lo?? by such fire, incli.dint: the 
items above specified, .injJ. forwn.rded the e-r.e to ay/cll wnt . 

At p oout the ?qine t i^e 'miwaS "i ci{< v.-de pmcf of 3 0"- of the 

niano to the "American ation.-il ;. nruinnce CoEiT;pny. . i al 1 np 

af terr'-rde instituted puit nr:^»irirt the /jEericnn Actional 

Insurance Ocrapany for the loos of the rinno ind when it 

v/ap aecert.-'.ined thnt he r^.g not the owner of it, that the 

title vag in 'vvr-.tpcn, the tompnny refused to pay -md a c om- 

promiee of the clpim v.p efffcted. 

• ^j 1 1 further appenrir f rem the evit^ence that tliC *;*— 

j3 Bll < ?ci •yy-mg a crioplt, h^d nnly one ler, thnt his fanily 

concitsted at tl^it tir^e of hiu?eli :.n.6. two pi-iall children 

and that at the time of the fire he took hip chiidrcn »ind 

went to tiie ?ta11e !ind ^vpf? c-ririt- ior tl^ta nnd failed tc 

''■->se. any of tl^ie article? of furniture. '-'/le .J .n!' ! llmtt re- 

fufed to vay a^jpt 1 1 p^ hie clain or any r>p,rt of it, for the 


:^>^.^^^ ■ ' ■ ' ^ 

^ at> .t 4 «^« »fe <.- &dii..'p9'i iTo«tr..i- *o/?T^nco 3xtt "io 9jni:f grid- *A .onnicr 

/^ • ■ ■ 

^ , . . . , . .-' .1. 

■ "■ - ■ ■ _ . ,^,.. . . .^ ., ,,, . .^" 

,5inricb hoTibnuxt i>'ol nood ^viMi o^ anxbCiucf 9di r.o - eol 
'tJV"-' -f" ^■^■^i-'^ i.ue! />?'•. ")^.> gnxJto Co lo rfyl silrujt^ o»rJ- 

' '■ '■ "^ '"' '■■'■ ' '■ ' '-^i^.-^.^ 

,T^.i^i^j;>.->-j.s^v^ ..... p._ 

^■.^^^'S^) '." r---—^--- r ---:^--^- 

■T'- tiTftr-,,!' .\/if;.'CJoJ 9oa^/i0^riX JEtrreoija-! itfroxism" sxit ©:$■ oriBiq 

*£LJ ;fsiii ^ix 1q t^nwo giiJ- Jon er"T. ^d tflf(^, b^ai^i^i-i^OBB asw 

-moo 3^ f5fiF. xQ^x '^J' b3?.ujl9i x'^^'WO'^ '^* ,«09ii3'*' ni ajBw aXJ'x^ J 

^,.. ,^JE)9j 3119 ai?»r mx^JCo axii- lo ssiajoiq > 

.xxsinXiifo rXr,rii3 o'^'J i)!?^.- xXsaaxrf lo ©jiiiJ ijExld" ^b b9,j3X3noo 
bus nii>.>'x;'^-T '.juf -ifjci ©4 9'iX'x 94* In ©GiiJ Sjdi iz iadi, b.^y 
Q^ bsx'-r-j; 5fxf; d-iiii loi iiiil'xr^o'.9.';w bfjfl 9Xf/ii9 ©liJ oi' lni»w 
-9X t^ mii. p i iv -fe •.j.i"!' ,3iuJxn'iu^ lo asXaxi-XB artJ lo \;n^^ 
^:^* --■: ,*i lo i-.uci vyia 10 wicXo airf y ^ Xf wqt q x: y« ' "^'^ 

• •■ ' . ?<>',•/ 

"' -5- 

renpon thit l^e procured in!?urnnce upon thip piano, "p claimed, 
in viointion of the ternp nf Vie ^^olicy. %Tiat he raade f«lpe 
statemente in the nakinf of his r-.r^of^ of lopr, f>nd ret the 
Tauilding on lire, v ^lch olQitpp njj i ] — he hertkui' im v r n » i idev eg j 

'I'iie declnV»3tion filed in tliis c, 
ueual inxr. baf?fcd u-pff 
dnnt filed ee\,ernl p 
ie?ue, ..econd.- Th-.t ti'J 
the v.'ilJul and v7ron{ f ul Vet of 
p]ai:tifr netlectfcd to u 

ie an?urnnce 

>la~6 cotisiptinj^ 

ire in Au 

pe V.'" e of the 
icy .-^nd the defen- 
of Viret.-'he fcneril 
eetion ^" 3 ciuf^ec by 
laintiff; Third.- Thnt the 
fonntle means to rrc-r-erve 

ti^e f)roperty fron losr by ^re« 

Xlie sixth plea o/erV th nt the orooi/ of lo?? pre- 

of a vJ 

■ h't 


sented 'oy plaiiitiff faly^ely a: 

itecio destroyed ns heyng 

Iraudulent, event 

by pl;->irtiff upon /nrt of tlie r>roT. 

pclic.y, tov.'it, t 

ncfleoted to ■: e/t forth in >ii rs ornof 

other in?ur^n 

i;;no a> o ve 8nt 

frnudulently represented the 
lue w]-jich v'^ s excfir?rive and 

ire insi'.r'^iDce ■•■•^^ n roc u red 
rty incliK'ed in .^'^id 
:^nefl. . iphth: 'hnt he 
f lopp tr.^t there -fi^.e 
id property. 

ipon n '^jortion of tl-io 
'i'he T)olicy contn ined the follov.-in(i provipjon: "Thie 

entire -nolicy ehai;i oe void in cste of '^ny fr^^nd or 

f-^lee yv.-earint. hy the Jnpurcd relating to thif in'-urance or 
tlifc 5-'.,t,jcct thereof, whether before or -'.fter « lonp." "The 
entire -.oli-y, unlesp olhervine •■rovided by r-j-j^recaent indor- 
sed hereon or "c'cltrd > ereto, fhr]! be void if the inpurtid 
now. i.^r or pl'ip]T herepiter n.aVe or procure, miy otbrr con- 
tr-ct rf inr-urnnce, vAetJier vn] id or not on property covered 
in •..'hole or in p-'.rt by this policy." "ghip Ci-inpnny pi.'^ll not 


*if:f i^^ bn-n .pad "io e.lcc lo;, B jtrf ."ip aciifin axi^ ax «ia|©a*;^ficf« 

Tjp' i>93,ijFOs/"?frtoi:>t39ypiL,nJ; 9-1x1 apJ i5d[a-*.;fci)iiQ^:?u .-,9i;3ai 
9ii.t ^F-rf'. -,£iiirfT. ;l'ii4-niBx\ lo Jo/ lul^jnoaw has Jiutltw rnii 
•VTS'-^sio. 0^ ertRQin s|if<no8i^i yea;:; oi A)9>^03i:;g9fi;l'ii^i>|«iq 
■ .. .•,-;■ :.-f9^yi \;<3'' a«oX «o^5 , ^ti.aaqo'xq *a'.t 

S^i/OoTrr^*-^- :^Dn~tiJsni .oT-ty isif^o. .ipirfi^ j^i^navi^^y' .■^y)n%^Li&jj.B%,i. 

.^<;;ti9CToaa bx^ sxit lo ,xioid'.'jOcx. /* noxjw A)ne:iu9xw^^ 
« iff?" :nn.t-.ivoiq ^sntffo C f o t sv ti;t .AanX: p.ifio o T^o-iX-o q_ arf'?,; .-x i .-,, 

10 Jbur^ii -^^np^ Iq 9-3S.0 AX »•'•*•' -^iov. 3Q'- XCjBoiB; xpilioq^ Qiii as 

9rfT" ■ .7501 ii an siOi.exf lOfUaxivt ,lo9a,9AiJ" ^pi>tcfae, ©rfj^ 
-lo&.ni :^rt3,-Ti<i.-»:x .i^- ^i" h»bxyoi«? p.^lvtadio bh^Ihu ^\;oiX.or .i^XiiJ.fls 

^O/; Ifstia '^aiiqirtoi) ^ifjj" ".xoxXoq eiitJ' Tjcf Ji^in- ni to oXoi. • nx 


be liar-le for loep, etc, or \>y nef,lect of the 

insured to n pe all reaBonanle n.c-np to ?ave and rire?>erve 
the r,roperty at nnd after fire." There '.var ^Iro another 
provirion in tiie policy renuirinc: ■'•lie insured to ^ive t-'^tice 
nf Inpr, r.ake «. complete inventory «ind t^e cort <-if ench 
artide nnd to render ^ etnter^ent upon irf orr.-^ti on ond 
heliei f' f to the origin of the fire, rtnd the interest of 
the inpured in the property, ajid of other In^urynceJ Appel- 
lant hpp i-ire^ented in dr- "brief and; argument five ohjec- 
tionp Y.'hy tliis judrniwit should he Reversed. ';.i? prefer to 
conpider these nronopilionp in a ciffexent order thnn 
thnt -ireeented. The ?e\ond error ur^^sd i :> t^r^t the policy 
■orovider! it f^.orild te voM in cft«e of any fr'<ud or i^l?e 
pwesrinf:- j^ the inpured t \:Chiiiig riny of the rr.n.tterr rel-'ting 


to the insunncf?, whether bVf/ore or after the Top? rrnd 
alpo requiring insured to iAt 1 orth in hie pr-^of? '"^f lopp 
nlJ olher in!?urnnce, whether wilid or ;iot. 3t ie liir ifted, 
in his proof of Iobs he mHde okth th^t there v- r. no other 
insurance . It ilzo urnrg that f\lf<e .^tfteiTientr -.Tre 
ma.Ie v.ith r« f erence to the los*^ '>f clothirc. It v-np T)roven 
on tri?^l that the rlothinf, wa? des'Oa'oytd Vy the fire ^nd 
notiiing to dipT)rove it nrd it v;^e meVely a question of f'^ct 
for t>ie jury. It is inripted, •■.owtverV th?tt a? he -procured 
inpur=!nce u-pon the oiano about two yenVf? ,vf ter^'rrdp, and 
placed, it in the byllding., thnt it w^e n] ?o inpured under 
the present policjr' nnd the affidavit waA falee in not phov- 
ing otlicr ineurance. I'hi? question will \he disr)Oped of 
under the first /'object ion ur^^ed, tx© t other insurance wae la 


9si<r 1o ioHl^da ^ to •••*»»,.o#9 ,9eoX tol: BLisH acf 


.CO 9ifi bnpi xro^nwni ^'j-aXrrmdbj^ ' 9J(6m',*«snf In 
bap rtoi^n::tTcoi*ti noqu *^9rr»:^«?J^ i;/i9hfT9t bi fine sbiiia 

Ic &nnmj'ni 9df Shis .s'-ril drtJ- ^o* nl3i'io''9rf-f' oI'bjb lailacf 

t — ■ •• ■■-'-.-....'• , .... 

-09tf^^ s/fi crn^mu^iQ^'^ije'laHcr ftlii ni b9itrr99 9"icT Bhk"^%B£ 

Oj t9"!:ji't 9^i' ,b©.sisv9T: 9^cf 5 Cu^rfs' ifpra3J)ut a-^rfj '^'^^w BnciJ 
nrrf^ T9.fiTo :^a9T'5ll:iIn « ai. enoxyi>*bqbTff iV9rfj^ •isbl^noo 

^DJtfoq 'Sff:^ r.-j; jba^iu 4o'ii§, hnf^aq? siiT '.fef|>n^^ 

•xo/ij-r! rn a.=«T 9idil;f J-^xld" Aido ssii^fkaii aaoX iV ioottf «iJr^ fll i 
9Tiw nJnsmaJn/e 9nLp\ i~Bdi 'esaii; oefljP /I ', 9onfiit/ahi j 
fl'>voicT ar-v it .r^lriicS.0 io "BoX griif ' oi ^oaVialai j^J-ivr' ¥!>«« 
bfiF 3Ti1 yri.) •^•i' b9'\jo'i/&5 9& W«w ariiYJ-ofn st-iif Vsricf' I" it* no 
ia«1 ic noxt'"3i;p ja -^191910 e-^w ii hnp \i 9vo*icpilJ o;f ^itiioci 

btiB ,ftbT:nwT=5:tlR '!i'ir,9x o\rt taooB onnth ^di aoqu 9onplii%nl 
-rebrrt.f b'3i'-'^r.i 05 Cfl 9pw *1 ^nrf* .anibXfW 9'rf* 'rii *i'.b9asXq 

"Woti"- ion ni a'lfnl a-bw itvabiVtn adi. bnn 



q irt'iesaq sdi 

Hb b^iorr'i>ttij ety XXlw noi>a9up 9£AT .goVstwani ibrU-b J^x 


effect at tl:e time. 

Vhe third objection urfcd i,? fn-t aprfl?eo pet 
fire to the btlding and rillully nef^lected to ?7nve the nrnp- 
erty .irom destruction. '-^hip, i-ovever, •-■s -urely « que?tion 
of fact for the jury nnd there ^"ap no evidence, er-'cept 
such fi? mil ht be inferred from the ci rcunptnncen ni s?p- 
pellee'f? not renovin.^' the propf:rty Iron the Ijuildiaf, 
thfit tended to pur^port there clsiir.s lut v.hen it if? conpid- 
ercd that arpel]ee ?;'?« n one 1 egped ;r:an and i>n-l tv.o smn.H to care for and v;nc- cngnj-ed it tue tine in caring- 
ior there children we c^n see no roo.a for tne cont^pntion of 
apnei:ant upon these ')oint3. indeed, .Topellrint in lis 
argu'ient concede? ap nuch, as he eaye it xit^ht be that ap- 
pellant c r)\;]d not confidently .Tfk ior p reierswl of the ^udp» 
Hient on the jjround tttr t the verdict vae :r.Enii€ e-tly -.gfiinpt 
the Y;eight of the evidence ne to tJ.eee tv.o pice, referring 
to the pleap netting up th"t pr,pellee det='troye(-' the -roperty 
and n^lected to c're lor it. '-" ie .-.othint in these ob- 

The nert objection ur^ed is thf?t tl.e ooi.rt ( rred 
in it? ruling upon the oucstion of "_;:'-,i8?i-cil ity oi evidence. 
It appears from the record that anpellant placed arj-^ellee 
uron the vitnepp r>tnnd and then n=ked him "h.ov.' Ion; he hnd 
ov.ned the piano," and otlier Pir.i3ar question?. '^-^e '^wnerphlp 
of tte piano vro m di;?pute nnd the Hn-^elmnt \y hie ques- 
tion aepumed tlie -very matter i-, dispute, -vhich vn p objected 
to and the c c»irt supt?ined ti.e objection, ond re 'ee nothing 
wrong in tJ-iie ruling. Upon croee-cxanin-ition appellee wae 
aeVred the queetion, "Veil the jury v.hether or not at the time 


h.,hn' •jBioc ssKiiJ noqu Jtiellaqqa 

. „„ ^^ BO rfaiH? ae 8»ba3noo Jns*i*f3i« 

.q« IsjiJ 9<1 i»ri3i=:. *; ?S^?. »"< ?f 7? "..":' - .' : '•>' i-"- 

,«.<j«- ... .,,0T.„. 3«U,.« ^J«...." S»"*?'.'?'f^.ff °* 
' ' ' ' " .BnoiJosl\o ,nt.di,,inb.: H noi.«3up erf* noqu ^nxl^, J^,^ "^ 
teri ari .nol wr;i" mill b^^l-'n n^^.t'"^ ^f? f^^^J-n":, ' - " ' 

•«w »9:i9CTa« nr.x*rnlnBX3-a9oao floqU ^ -B' ^ 


thij? pinno wne injured the title in ycu or V.'-teon 
Lrotheie." J-o wLich otjection vi-^s mnde find tl'.e covjrt r^er- 
Eiitted the yitne£?F to fin~v:cr. 't ie perhapp tri»e, nr- con- 
t elided l:.y coviir-el ir,r Rppcllant, tViat thi e and other f?itni- 
l:~r .'iUer'ti'^ni? oo.iectRd to ceiled for r c-i.clUeidn of the 
v/itncs3 -30 to -vvhe^^**- the title refttd \;ut the ^icl e ex- 
aiiiin-ftion of the v/itnesr' developed the f'ct thr t ie t.^d 
purchased the pirino under an n^'reement t}:^t Xh<i title was 
to reLiRin in the .t trfon ->rotiic=rH until the \iir-no '-."- paid 
for ^o th'i t the jury Vir-d n iull opoortunity to rfeterraine 
w)ietho.r or not the title rat? in i im or in the .."t?on 
i.rot>;erp, in^' ependent of any conclusion the ••itncB? rnifrht 
fcive, and even thcujli the quertion cmy hTve V;f:pn obje.ction- 

y/' able v;f: do not celieve t>jat under the circurns tnnce~, \vl::en 
tekezi in connection "'ith the othf^r tes'timony, it vmr of 
\ euch an erroneous character ap to require ^ revfrpal. 

Ty;e main objection X'Tied, and one to •'"}'iic}i nuch 
of appellant' e hrief arid ^rfsunient it? devoted, i r^ tiiat 
«j>pellce -orocured in ?ur-'nce \ipon the iano shove rcl erred 

^^ I to in tho -Tierican national In?ur«noe Corinany to the ar.ount 
of •' 35C.CO, and contend f7 that under the conditionr- of the 
policy theprocurinp of t>iiF inMurance rendered the entire 
policy void. It will he obr^erved t; nt at the ti r.e tii t np- 
peliee procured the ineurrnce policy from a-oreltant that 
he \^p not then the ov?ner of -^ny [)iHno and tVi." t the r>iano 
was ourchaeed by him and inrurTnce tiVen j.n the .'r.ericrn 
Kn ; ional In9urTnce "'orapany nf-rly two ycarp af ter7^■^rd8. Ko 
clqiia Y;or- ever ixiade ^^t'^in^t appellant for the loon nf this 

• 6- 

nc^.ir.. -in uo^ nt a^v/ ^i^Li isdi fjat x/Snl asW one i'q axrfi 

-irai^ r^ri^c i);xj? niii? *ft?f* ,t»-nB fXL»e[{jW TbV' r3T»tu;e'3 V^ l%!->;i3j 

9ii' >■ s-ii? iettf I !)no9 « 1c i Jb^ I^o bit bsiiastcTb snoiin > 

..•V -, , - » "Sik/^ -vuf^ '^ '^-'^'^ 

«09C^-= orly ah "to tnld at ^.f^ alli^' kfit IfoK r.c 

xo - nsvr ^i ,Yf^'^«^i*'?'^* '!E9i"»"0 orfj rf^i*? ndi Joannob ni naate* 

t ,•-■..- -. -3 ,-i f .-• . ■ 

xioju:- iCoiri-v ci 9/10 brrj' .bsr.rf'f rtoxcfbs^e hiaitt 'sfi* 

J-fswonwi exit o? -^.BmaoO 9oa9ii/?nI fBnaxlt-fiir dBSiieW' siiiiJ ni oj 

daiiiis erf* fosTsbna-x 5on.8iu>^ni girt:? ^b ariiiMOOTqaH^t -^oiloq 
-qjB t:/;J srij ©/i^ ?b d-ftK* b9V't9Rcfb acf'TXliy *I .biov ^^i-focT 

QBMiq 9iS Jt~''J bnff rr*iiq -^ni* llo I9nw6 stiS aarii ton 9«v? Bti 
. j|aox::ron/ orfjf ff.t as^pj- ftonr7U9ni bnR -mili x<^ bslafiiisiuq ssr/ 
0<f .»l>x«w:j>*'ii' s-xasTj owj xI-r?^VR -^nf^i^prft^' ©anrxuenl Ifinox ' ^'' 
»;JW(* Ijo 8e«t «rt:f •xirl .titnif^qq* J'^xtijea^ 'sfiBiii idva r.r'w ax' •. • 



pinno and .nnpellant hae not been in any manner injured hy 
the taking out of puch inpurprice nnd it is eoug}it noT to 
secure a forfeiture of the entire policy Tceciu^e appel- 
lant' r rolicy nrohlcited nther insur--nce. 'lo adopt the 
conptruction r-'^n tended lor by nnvjellant 7.;ou3d in effect 
nullify rnd dertrny the contrnct which thould never be 
done- if it c^n be F:\nided. D'V'elling louee Jns. Co. vs. 
liutterly, 33 Arp.,^26. 'j.'hc 1 p.r.fjUa^e of the clause referred 
to in the policy iv, "On r-ropcrty covered in v/hol e or in 
part uy t'lis policy." it ir> rle.'ir th-.t nt t:j- tiTie of the 
iffpuing of 1 J3 Tio"'iry it did not cover tho riano, apappellee 
did not tren ovn it, and in l-^ct never bcc^TiC the obpolute 
ov/ner bi;t f-ic title remained in the '..ntpon ; rotherr> find 
v»a- in ther. st tbe tjme -^1 the fire, and v?e tYiink th^.t it 
would be unjujjt to per:TAt such a forfeiture of an entire 
contrnet to be ra-tfie when it did not con.e vritlun t;;e lan- 
tua(.:e or roirit of the forfeiture, '-^^hc item \7ithin v/hich 



fif^-eUHnt contends the waf* included in the Tiolicy wpb 
only ior two hundred doll 'r?, and thir nlpo included the 
houBeViold ■ and Vitchen lurniture. "--urnose thf.t a')r)pllee had 
nurchf.!?ed a one thoueriid dollar piano and -i-^laccd it in the 
hoi'pe culd it be mid th nt even t>;ov.p;h he 'night h- ve the 
rjht to retard the ninno at? b'^ing covered by the penernl 
claufe of inr-ijr?ince v/ould Ve be reci;ired to nccert tivis 
f;inernl cipuse and be i^rohirited iror rjlncinp nther inour- 
anceupon the property tiint v?^p not in fact included in the 
fir?t policyV It ip ingi?ted that the court? h-ve held tliat 
where there is a general clauee in a policy that property 
after^vardB purchased wnjld >>e protected under ruch freneral 
clruBC. -^-hie, hovever, ir -'.eri ly by le;--! construction for 
the rur-nose -^f enforcing n reap'^nable contr»ct. e do not 


■'- -■ -' "■■ >■:>■' i--- "r^ ■:;'.,. ;_/; .{:yi:,{w r^" ,:. .'..^j- 

-Caqqfi 9" upoa^r ^oilog oii^na arfj- "io aiijiJiel'xol s siiroag 

oii^* ;f<Tr>fi or . son'^-Xi/sni -x&dJc baildXiioToi yfiiloq a'inel 

scf i'3V9n bXuofli iioixiw Josiinoo sri.^ y;f>^f5sb ban xJtliua x 
♦ tv .oO .8n£ 9«iccii 3niXl3.<' .b9i>io\r« &d ttba it li ©nob 

ax 10 sro.f.v nx bsisvoo x-^-raqoiq nO**. ,ri xoiloq •xi* ni.o* 
9riv lr» QffriJ- .^.i;f ;fG jrxiJ- li^sXn rjc ti " ,\olLoq Bldt xd i-xeq 
9»tr9€iqR'5P ,cirwxcT odc^ 19VO0 ^oH btb jx ;\jipiroq a i "to anluseii 
3ti/Xn»jcf.r: 9ri+ »m'^o-3a lovsn ^osii ni baa ^it n'vo ngrt^ cton bxb ' 

6ns r.T3rftCT:i nof^J-Hw 9i{j- ax bsnxBirrai aXixJ- aci^ ;fticf agmvo 
^i. ir,di :irxidi aw bas ,9ix"i adt i? amtJ sifd is tmiiS ai. "ww 

aiiJ'ng' nc "to szisjistzol js cfoyg Jiaaafj oi isu\,aij scf bXur ' 

■ ■ .. ■"^'^■-'■' :■-■./■• -A-'i ;-^;?i:- xto .?■■-? r ;•■•:- ^ ni .- 

-neX &i:J^ nidi iv; oinoo icn bifc ;^i nadw 3bBni arf oi' ^oBTt^noo 

■■■'-■ ■'• ■*■- r . = ;^:."i - ,:" '■;'■• " .. r ■■:'..■■ f^s'-r^a'.'-^i xn ,-,;■ . ■' 

tioidvt niii:Mw cn«>J-i arii .s-miislrcl 9di to iirUia ro shbu , 
9GV xoiioc! 9di ni b&buLonJ: bbw oc.r>£.n ory p-bnatneo 

3ilJ bsbiii.aa. o^£i? airid" bxiB «pt .XXofc bsibnuif ow:t -u.'. vuio 
bnd 99II9:^^« cTr-Ad- ssoqcru'-^ .d*xu*iaT0l aadoi i-i bne,- bS^odsBuod 
9iij" ol iJx bjo«Xq bfia oviRiq inilob bxiBauoriJ ano is bQ^'''''^"' 

■■■" ' - ' -' ' ■■ "■ " ;■*" " 'iij.t.; .■!-,,■■■ ^? :?n-.'.. ■•.-•. . :..; ^ ;._ 

mii 9v .f :^n,ii ! 9ii ii^f/oriJ n9V9 j-p.rij fciOB acf *i bXuno ...-.,-.. 

9i.iii- :j::9'iOP cJ baiiupai acf ad bXuow son^Tu^ni: lo 9>!Ujil3 

»ff^ fix bsbufofrx JobI ni ion ^^wr-j-oxW '^[Jisqoiq;^ oil* noqti90fl.s 

is.tii bl'j-' 3, '' -tiuoo 9rf^ i^di b9t»lsat at iL ■f^oi^oq tsii': . 

X^^cr >' yotXoq « ni 9CLri*X9 Xftianaa jb «1 eisdJ siariw 

X^.isnea rtrv ; bainsioiv; 9<f bluow ba^Rdoiuq abiewawtfia 

tot noli'yii"'ir.--o r-.^af \cf ^cXoTS'-' ^i .isvawoxi ,9irf-^ .agusXol 

^on Ob sW .#3T»a;fnoo sXcf^nopHai n ^nioiotns In saoixTCiin •rf^ 




/ think thnt !\ fRrfeiture of an t;ntire contr -.ct ehovl(' "be 
peiinltted, unlef?s r^ore. r-ub!?t-\nt i«l cmipe? g re nre&entcd. 
Appellee had paid "Tor ^lis in?urf.nce upon the TDroperty 
dcf-'crihed in the r.nlicy. '-'he ■ni'^no w^s not descrioed 
tiierein pnd Hp-neilent f^.nd n-n^velTee Loth imder't^od that 
the 'lOjicy ap v/ritten rind >-'??id for did not c^ver >? oi'-no. 
Af,r.eil«nt Kr^ip Xieen in y.o raanner injuj-ed n,r.d it phnuld not 
he aliov.ed to defop.t itp 1 i a'; i 1 i ty on jiccount of a for- 
feitux-e unJepp the ] r!n{';vio»-,e of the lorfeitnre ^--'s of th-'t 
character that courts wf-i-e oo>;>pel]. (.:d to reco^niy.e it ae 
puch. :t 1b n well puttied ririr.cirjlft of j-PV that courte 
].ook upon forfeituree v.'ith di'.^favor, nrid ur.less clearly 
ithin the lanfxxa^e and spirit of the contract the forfeiture 

Iv.'ill not perrrit fair nnd jiU't contrccte to be defeated. Our 
view upon thip question fully warranted the Jury in find- 
ing ap it did, t};at the appellee v!p~i} not t'uilty of vilful 
ond fnlpe e/re^iring in Tml-'ing tiie proofs of lo^-r a? contended 
for by appellact. 

The next oLje^tion urged is ?>? to the c-urt's? rt fusel 
to fc,i ve appellant' 3 .''4, 35, if:, ?7 38 -md 5yth instructions. 
These instruction? pertain i'l one iortn or another to the right 
of apriellant to declare a forfeiture on 'locnunt nf the in- 
£?ur'^nce of ti^ie jiinno in nnoi.hor connany. 'u- h?ve exprerced 
our viewp fully upon thie nvu^rition «nd do not helie\e thf>t 
the court erred in the refueal of int?truction? ap nntended 

''■hale it rany he true t>int porrie errore iiPve been 
coinnitted in the trial of thie c*^Be but they nre not of a 


ocf " to -'li^fioD n-^tJetiS) ft* to »^irix9rrc*i: /i )s^iiS ^r.lA^ \ 

.ofj--ic' 3 xdv^o ^on btb -col bi^'r ftne a0fJiivr 9S xo-^^O'I ©tW 
Jon tluaila it brs,R r>9Ttrt"i idftneef! ori ni: xtesacf Sfifi ;fnBXI«cr<!A, 

■ . . ■_ • ; .. • ;; •'', , ; i, y"il'-.- Sii; ri ^ •:;■ 

■^iTi-jIo t;33r-fu bcsr. ^tc-vsi'l'P. ib cLsiw 89TwJi:9T:iol noqu iooi 

-fcnil nx xiijj:, ^rfJ- Jbs^ffsiTBW \;ilu'i nold^aaup atrii floq-x/ waiv 

&^^.^^il■xco er v-eof io ^'lootc adf anWuor rti ^niaaaws 9«3Xsl fcao 

.*ajRXX9CT{Tfi yrf io1 
Xaeii't^T 3',^i:uro y.iJ aJ -ft si bsgru CfOidT<9tio Jxsn sriJ 
.8noi;fot,i;t3rri rij'eo bn- 8S Tf. \M ^Sj ,^', « •JnfilXo'-rqfl 9v i^ o* 

-nl 9.-rt 4'-' Im/nonr no siu^is^'xol g ©aeXoofc qi' ^n«XX9qq» to 

ftd^^stqxi gy^-ri -lj .-^rwqirroo TstfvOnf? nx oiteift 9itt to aorr'^it/^ 

i'nri^f Q.'jiXstf j-oo ob bnp nox^»330p atff.t noqu i^XXut swaxv auo 

^ . .■-■.•, ^- '^ ' -■'•r ^-<i'yi'^^i ■ 

a»dal 9rf-rf aiofx?* »iwa j'o/f* ojmJ- ecf fwn ^x »Xtri. 

-ton 9ir Y!9rit J-uJ 9a>«o aiirfJ- te Xflii:t siW ni b^ii Latsioo 

character th? t phnuld ?.'ork a reversal of \i.e Judfjnent nf 
the court t)elo>v. ..e 'believe tLn.t sutpt^ritial jup* ic-e h^-n 
been done in thi^j c-^pe ind trir t the jury trts fully wnr- 
ranted in finding .•s verdict lor the ■plaintiil, "nd the 
court m rendering- jud^jne-nt thereon, ^nA the jiidement of 
the lowv.r rourt i? affirmed. 

JVPoU^T Air 11^: 1-33. 

IvOt to "be reported in 1 u3 1 . 


.vrrr^rr^fA ^^UvXLtl 

i^r ^i '-sr. 

/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copv of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in mg office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set my hand and affixed the seal of said court 

at ML Vernon, this ..._ ....--rC-Z;;^ _ day of April 

A. D. 1916. /^ /^ i I /? 

„:^:;^,_ 7!:^^Z^^^La^S^^S>,..,^.\-_^L..<.<^ - 

Clerk^eftheJ)tppeJlate Court. 



^ ^ 



Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on the fourth Tuesdag 
in the month of March in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen,^he same being 
the 28th dag of March, in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harrg Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 

And afterwards, to-wit: On the ---.---l^.tlir. -.-.-.. dag of April, A. I4. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in fie words and figures 

Emma Horst, 




No. .....29..,.. 

October Term, 1913c 



199 I.A. 169 




....S.t..,....Lou.i.s Elect ri 






>9 . In the Appellfite C "jrt of A£. i;o.41. 

the Ctnte of :ninoio, 1 ourth 'Unl.rict. 
CctooL'T "em 1914. 

j-.ninn horrt, ) 

Appellee, ) 

VB. " ) Appeal frntn the City Court, 

) of '-rTnite City, in .'ladison 

tt. !! oui? -lectric Terminal ) County, Illinois. 

Knilv.ay Company, J 

Appellant. ) 

■■ c" ride, 

Tiiiz is an appe)kl "by the L^t. l.^^uis --lectricnl '^ermi- 
n=?l -.;-i i3?'.'w CoTrinany from n\iud;TiienV^i^'^in-t it f.or ■ 6f"if 0.00 
o'l'tp.incd ty ..u-ua horet in th^City Court of Crsnite City, 

I kndif'on bounty nt the June T^i\, 103 4, for personal injur- 
ies ou^tpined by her "by lulling \r)to an excavftion by 

\ appellant on r. utreet in ■-■r-'nite 

'"-t the tine of the injury to n-4roll - e -c Octo'b-r 10, 

1911*, appellant w-"!? oper-ting an ..Icctric hailv.'py line n.nd 

eni^ntjed in the carrying of ropsenccrp from -It. Louis to 

Cr.'inite City. A-rtt^-ii*-©. ',vap a ri- eeenper on one of aT)r wllnnV Mr- 

c irp on the day in ouc!=>tion, r^nd ■wps riding, frcir. it. Louie 

to ^raiiitt City, where s?}je resided, •'' i j ' 1 T* • * "'--■? n r a r phop 

iu M r . -^n i t ^-- Clly , V JT itj re" ghe r-e?idt«4. >*T;pg l -^-act h-^^ a c-r shop 

in i-r-'inite City on J Street Ic-tveSin IGth nnd 17th otreetp, when the car upon v/r.ich Wm e ile fi •1759 Tvseenj-er reached 

y[ - 

the ehop it went upon a eidetrnck for the p^irpoce of making 


,i'ttjc^> siftj 3d^ arm:! iBoq-qA ( .av 

.7, .abj itlo 

00.0109; icl Ji t~nLP.i)i', Jn-i^^buy' n a.r>ii \;-^.fiqi.-ioO ^iiAwlir;.-. l>^n 
^X&i'j ojtnptj to iiiscO xfxp £[ii nx st^iOil Bam-i. ^tf bonin^^do 

YcJ 9i>r-.T! noxJftVEOxo an oini gnxIIfM \;cf TSii \;cf bo nx.r,j-5JJ8 ".c^i 
,ij^x-^ sd'infi^ nx 1931^5 b no jHsIlQ-'-tr 

r ' 

bnn onxl x'^'^-'^-^ •'•'^ oiiJ'osX.l hb axiXJ'iago a-^w J-nxiXXsr-rs ,r.f<^I 

od' ■ii.itol ,}:.:. noix gicanes^ oq ^o -^nlxir^-o 3rfc)' nx b5»ijf;/,n3 

^ ' ' ' ^ 

8X/ioX .do uioi^ .-inxfcxi 5oW bnn ,nox*%ii0p nx Airi) srfd no sj-Xi 

,5J'99id'>.. rlj-?! bn<5 xIJOX n^s^rJ'^cf dtiside I; nr. \it'J o&h^f%'-> ns. 

- fx 
yjlitsm lo yoc.71 ii 3ifd lol ifor.itabxe r noqu i^naw d'X qona 9iU 

• X- 

eome reT)airp to the air brakes. *he c^t hpfl been del-iyed 

and 8t th -t tiae v/sp aoout an hour l^te. It arrivc-.f! nt the 

ehop poon after six o'clock ! . 7 . Alter it h-d stood uron 

the repair track for frever-l Minute? ri JF> ell e r ^ together vith 

other pnssenger?, left the c-^r nnri wp-lked iTorth on G. Street. 

G Street 4-* one of th& i^jut'lic etrects in ur«nite 

City, 'out hnyy no •?;nl'ks upon it tet'^een IGth rnd T7th -vtreetp, 

nrt.6 'T- i ' i ' i jlI "l I. /■ i=ind other ^^?eeng,erp vrnlVcd "nrt)! nn u 

otrect to 17th Gtrcet thev lollov/ed the tr?>cl p ol nm. a l] nw t ' b 

cnr line. > w"> *v e J- l f« f tc-rliricd thpt it v?- =» dnrk "-nd r^. ininc 

nnd there v;ere no lic-hti? of p.ny kind to ruide her, and 

pfter she hrd T'nilred ]iorth ^^'iJO^^t twenty ete-o'' php felj into 

tVie e.'Cavation in ou(:S'tion. 'ho r-T.' l^elned '^Pt "f the hole 

pnd continued to 17th street, -/fLf re ehe oonrded '' cr-v for 

her hf^TTie. /her suit f\^lowed, v,'hich rt^ulted in n verdict for 

her in tne pum of vebOOX/" o.nd Jud^'nent n-p entered for 

v:.6Cr.C . r.C unon n r.:'^it-^lur\mr'.er the orV-r of thr trinl court 

/ \ 

of ^^SSC' . '"0, -'■his appe.Tl follo'.rfp. 

Ar;T3ell-3nt conVendp thnt ^vVicn a-jyiellce left tr^e err, 

' -while it v/^p standing onXthe repair tj^^ck, ?Ve did e?o vrithout 

^.'ny in?tni.ction or direction froni tiiose in ch^rre of tlie c.^r 

and hence »t her ovn riek; ti^-t tiie 6xcnv'>ti'>r. into vyhich ghe 

f?3} vp? m-rked .-nd li^^htrd "•c^v red "Inntornp sad hpnce r^ri'iel- 

■ ' A 

(Lyy\ Ipnt hfd dipcharped itr- duty ^nXthat ijehnlf. A.r>r c]j r>nt nl»o 

/ \ 

cornplains of the adnios^ion fff inAxoper teptinony, the civing 

of erroneru? jneiructione' ^nd charkfis: th.-t the \f^r.iict of the 

/ \ 

j jury v" p the re^-u^t ofy^^Fr?ion nnd d^'iice rnC: triPt the 

dPTn.'^i ee avarded e-xceepi\e. 

/ e thie c.7Pt' r-.UFt "be rev reed Yor rea?onF hereafter 

{ i ven it v:ill be unnecessary to difcupp jji detail the firpt 


rtOrcr l>r<oJ8 fcrrf J-x la^lA ,, ^^ ^/I 3L3q.Xp '.0 ..xi=! iy.tXR noo«2 node 
ifi'X'v 1^n^^^^oJ• ^WH-»-=''<«? 'ssJ'unim Xeasvss lo'i jfosiJ' lis^qBi -idf 
.J991JG.0 AO fftaov! ftsjlfnw briR "XisO 9xiJ JI^I t'J'i9ari9e.Q.i3g^ :!t^iifo 
ai'xnpii^ nx gJ-o^Tte oifcfuc edJ-- lo ano sJit'^J^S^ifB' 

Jbnn t^e i sftxiri oJ bnM \,n.!>. to sM:-,!! on 919^ ©laxtd".. Jj^hb 
od'ni Lle'^ Tjt? j^rrejt;! Yd^nnwj- j-nccrn rf-.tip?[ fts^IIxr.r hsri erie isJl'^ 

tot i^o '»! fc^h'tpod' erfg a^i-srft^ -j'ddsrt^S f{JV:r '6i'''&si;nx^ 

IPO ^ilt-ld ^3"£rp(6 nl' 99ol5^J-iHb'i1:'MxJ^Bs.^|t '''^ ^C!,_lf SiiaJenl'-^itr 

- r» aft*; sorter : Sfra RfttpJ-rrflf 5*»\ )^cr ftoirt/^fC Jbnjfe babfinia en'w Li^y 
o«£«» ;rr'p/I'9>'r> "'rtXf^ifii'a' "iJBxf*/rf^ t'twfi ^if'tfi^^i^fBalb fJsff inrf 
^J:vi:^"j ^if;:? ,Yrir!£!jr:t5di'"^:$V^0'i^ini lis^'noi?*»i'iftB^^^^ snx aXcjino '> 

94iJ- "io Afo'x-fi .'iT arfj- ^r>.tii 99|(^rfb bnnXaflo^itoxJtiani '''juosnoT^ lo 

'.'srJresgeDx© aiir Bib^Bw-js 3 9ieira<^.b 

aatlseierf eno9«<'3i •xo'X' baat vai »cf l^uxn ^e'^jo ai.i* g'i 


Xce^eb stA. 



tiwo cropooitionp. It i f?\^ul-fi Blent to pt''te th-.t the 
rvidence en thtee tvro point!v*.'"s conflictinc. ^"ut fnere 
Tfae sufficient evidence '■j^ thevpart nf ippcll ee to require 
a eutirieFion of the cr^pe tn a ji 

D fc»» mat^e ol the follovdnf instruction 

£ii\en in tehslf of ^■"■ncll 

"'i'he ""ourt inp'iucte tl:e jvry, th^t if yv he- 
lieve fr-)m a rrc-nAnderpnce rf the evidence th^t ■-l''intiff 
becajne a vanren^cr on a street cr-r of the tlt.houip i-lec- 
trie Terminal i-.ailv.^y Oor.ipr.ny, in bt. ] oui?, ! ipmuri, to 
"be c-^rriec to n cert-in point in Granite City, lllinole, 
tin Ccto'Dtr ICth, ItlC; • nd if yu further "celievc irom the 
evidence, thct the r-treet c-r carrie to n ptop nt 
sixteenth and C- ptreetr, in Cr"nite City, which w'ls not 
the dt rtin- tiovi of plpi'tiff; and if y^-u lurther believe 
froic the evidence, th" t plaintiff v.vts then directed, by 
a servant of the ~nid corprny in char£;e of the '-■-'i-' r-treet 
cpr, to lerve ^nid etreet car and viaJ.k up the trrck of 
the Lit. iouif? -i-lecti'ic terminal Railway Comp'-ny, F:.nd "board 
another street cvr, -rhich v s vniting at . eventeenth Ftreet, 
to convey her on to her destination, then ehe t/op a paepen- 
ger of the Jt . loui? — lectric Teminal haiiv/ay Company dur- 
inc the tiac that ?he v/s?? talking up the from the 
street err "n thich she hnd "been riding to the one which 

It ie ?Tid thp t tyiii^ inatruction "tcl'iy tno jury 
that ap-jeliee, v/hiie v.-ilkinfTXp the -Duhlic street, at 

:pt rn Till 
her." J 



• _• -i "*-JS*JS> . ■ ■; -■•^;.-i -— ;,», ti'.*-; 

oJ- ,i'ia'^'5'5i a ,511/0 l .J-2 ni .Yn'-^qiaoO ^s-.vXiBH.IsnijirisT oiiJ' 

»s) tc^.i: m ,^*x3 a^iffBiD ni: inioir ntnitso b Oi batiino ad 

erfi tEOii ov-eifQQ' 'X9fl'd'':i:ul uox; 'ii bn:? .'SIQI ^iiJ-OX lacfoioO nd 

^■7- cTo*5 R Oct sifiBO 1-0 d'99i*Q Si 02 arlsf J-biI;^ ,d0ftfi)xv9 

ioa bj-vt rioxr{\7 .--icfiO ad'xn'^iO nx ,f?J9s*xct*i -D fnrs xfd-n99J'xx& 

svsxCad i3rf.tTut jj'-\, 'li i)njs ;i'^J'nxBiq 1o aoii^^iHr^^b sdi 

Xa ,h9cfo3-rx5 nosiS sow 'i'ixctiiirelq ot'^xli- taonabx/ lOi"! 

i'3?>'ct» bx'T^ arfd' lo s^i'srio *ri •^nsq'moo biB^ arfd- "io J'nsv'XS'j a 

Ip 3fOf3*xJ- -Siiu ofu jEXbw ijfiB 1,00 S'iQXis bltiB 9VB9X o:J" ^ibo 

b-XJiocf hnij ^y;n:^rft!ioO \;.swX1bH XsniflnsT oi-rchosX;^ sxwoX .d'G 9fl,j 

^t^^ii^. x£dTr'.-.,tn')V9'. ii? s^-^^^-i-^'W Qcw rfoixlw ,Xrta ;J9© no 

-nseenq n n".'if erf?? nsrfj- ,noid"f*nx.t!5 9X) xarf o:^, no rtsxl -^evnoo ^J 

-tub \;n.Rr-fnoJ AC-f^'^TlXBil. iBniftrfaT olii'oaX'^ aiuoJC .;tt: Qdi Io ^jsg 

atij- i^otI jf:; -;id- 9r(i q;!/ aniilXrtw srw arie ctr-xfj- onixd- 9ri* ani 

rfoi.tT sno a.'ij- oJ aniJixi fl99cf b-sri gris rfoixlv? no "x^o dssi^a 

" ,i9rf b9,ti-^vrjB 
^wt of^i? =i"r>j* nold-'MJii?rnx 'teii^ i ^rii- bijEa ax cf 
^f« ,j'3giJ-is oxIJucr 9ri* xpaOlsnijfXBW sXxr&r ,o©' 

liberty to t.'^ke ariO'^Ker crjr or r.-t re she chy; fit, continued 
to Tae n paseenger on a^y>^llsnt' :: line." 'c dc JT^t t>'.inV. it 
eu'^ject to the ?>bov^/criti^ j^m in vi;:v/ of t'^e c-vi-^ence. 
^' >r.YJull - fe e and tv.-o ether ritn-.ppef teetifieci th- t v/}.ilc- the 
c-r Y;a8 vaiting a passcrieyer arked one d1" the crew if the 
car v.'-:!? ^oinc any lurther and he prid, "This car i'jn't 
£cint: tiny fartui r. Lj t oif iiere-^nd valk up to -seventeenth 
°.rc catch the next car'. 'ihen . -" ii np] lee r" and other r.rtrren- 

■ "7 

t'ers left the c^-r and ptarted lor the ol^ce indic"tedt 
'■'■his testimony v.- 0\of f ered in oi'-pport of plr-intiif s theory 
ol the c--:?e, ^nd ilVtrue n-rellce ?.t.<= justified in leiv- 
inf, the cr nnd v^alkrng- to 17th 'Hreet for tr.e purpose of 
takint another car to tiic- end of htr dcptimtion. '^re 
I'^.ct til ;t phe had seversd ber , rolotion v'ith tj.if? -:Trticular 
car and !i^i£ht li^ve continued, on her ^T.y hor^e hy come other 
conveyance doe? net chnnge^^he i^itu.oticn in vie-:' ol the f ^ct 


Rt ehe did -'ot do eo . iamj iollovsed the Jnetructi^ne ^he 
testified she hnd received and while doin^ '"O the rel-tion 
of c rrier ^nd p.osseiige'r continued. 

'-'ne further criticin!i\ i<? rr.nde th-"t the inct-'uction 

nssuaes ti.erc i? evidence that \appellee ".•:•'.■ directed to 

Itave the c\r, walk up the tnc^ of oppellrnt to co<nrd 

onother car v.iiich was wnitinr gt seventeenth .-treet. A? 

hereto! ore pt'iteo the evidence u-c)ti the>^e -noint? v.-"? con- 

^" ilicting tut there v.'ie sufficient evidence to Tr)rr!int the 

i giving of instruction. It ie true th^-t the te-timony 

dee? not s>/.ow thr.t n c="r av/n.ited iier \it Seventeenth 3treet 

t)ut it doef shor thnt she took the next^ c^r on fipT>ellant' e 


- ^ 

9J.+ li ffaxa sriJ- 1:0. ano t>03|cG "ra^|a«ise«q « i^xlisw ^bw tso 
i'n^ji iBO bIcx"" ,bx"ia 9'.{ fcrts ii^^fj^-iiiit \;ns raiiica "titsjr ais:* 

4i>^^r-oxI>ni sosjCq- arfj ^ol i)©^xe*g ms "x/jo sdi ^fe £- iTid^^ 

VXosi-fJ- a ' ilx J ni'^Icr "Jo g-T<?qqrue ax bexi»l'ig/^<yx-\iaxim±.&BstB'li^\ 

I \ 

j3'-1: 3c[:t iO vrfeii/ n* ,npxi^";vjl§ ^ii^/^^njsrio ctgn 'Eso.b- eonp\:sv-n^> - 
siie 3aolJ'3"i:tani: 9i-(v+ bswpXXpi sj-rfi* iO«i ob d-ors bib e££8-''*Bi£J' | 
coxt'iB*'! airf^ -ca :3ni(^b;.;3Xxrf'Ar.brffl bsyxsioau hsri arfe baxixJssli 

• ' ■ -. / 

aoxiau-f -^anx srfi i-!vi* :abej5H .six^^ioxd-xa^.ic-^i^ixyl aa* 

■ ' / 

oi b3j-o^iib ^RT/, as.EIscsqV d'^J' Ssoniafexvs^ si axsitt 5aiau*«fl-' 

5A ,;J»»'i:*.'. ii;t«/5%*j?9iv9-i*7 Ajg- 'jnx-ix'VT-eailif'Xtdxi^^ ijaa i^rt^orr*' 

>Cnojflx;f- j;f o/lJ' im^i ^%r^i »x *I ..noltnuiJarri flx.iJ- ic ^'^^ivxa 

^39aib cLu n3 ij-aevp . /7 uea b3d-iL<^^|i a*=3 « A^fwlj! wpue .ton 8«)i>^ 

• '^B»I£9(TTK fto IPO iX9n 9Cit ilop.t 9ii9 J^Ri-f-t woie "^-dob cfl .♦yd 


line oftcr ?>ie reached 
reepect the inetructio 
injury couJd rofjeibly/l 

•enth Street. In thie 

strictly ?='cr;urnt€i, tut no 
ulttc ironi it. 
The court further inetructtd the jury thot "common 
cr.rripre ptc rtouirod to do alJ that humrn cart, vitilance 
and lorcf?i£:ht can rcnpon-'roly do, conpictently with the 
chp.rncter nnd ,;ode of c-r;\ey"nce eTiploytrd nnd ■•,iu)i 'lit- r. rnc- 
t, ic-1''tj on of t"he ro?n, to Tire vent injury to ry-jseen- 

The objertion to thie instructipfh ie 'biscd -r.ri- 

-iirily unon the contention th"t appelJ^ee net a popsen- 

\ . / 

gtr ■■.t the tiae of the\injury. •.h^^t/'we h ve hcietof ore said 

Qisooses of Vnia objection. It ie cl?.i)ned th ;.t even if phe 

v.ns a T,arsen£:er, the duty\of appe/llent tov'^ird hyr it the 

tirac of the injury vr-^s only oo ay.evoif^e ordinary c • ro to pro- 
vide rea pon'^t'i e protection gTor her. 

'^ inrtruction here ^ivHn l.^yr- dov.n Uu; correct 
rule af n- nliec' to cof;.inon Cr^rrier*? of pp-soentjcrr in thie 
ots.te. it h--T been <-'-i)T)r oved in nuiritrou? decic-icnc, a J nrge 
nuTibcr of vhich are cited in r 'XpI j.fli_hon vr. rej]vJood. i'nrlc 
^omrny Py^2 3 11.243. xhe re]fition of corrier and ^r. s^^en^er 
wo? net revered at the time ^^rpeiXee left th£ c^:r. ^he had 

ot re;^chcd her dt-ptia-'tion, the j^oint to >.'hich zhe Itad 
pure imped' tr'^-nsportAtion. i^y tq^poti of the dc]?y of the 
err ond its etop for repair;? her cdritinuovif psrrat.e vvas 
brolcen. 'fhe n.-oreilant etill owed ths duty to i or cf rifely 
transportint: her to her ht ;-tiiiition. \ '-hile valkint from 
thi? c'.r to t}ji^ one ohe v/ae to tnke at\i7tli btrtet appellant 


■^i :-,j 

' ■ A, ' ' • -■ - "• '■ y; 

*ii*5 Ix n-i/'j j"ilJ X)9irfxrlQ, 51 ^t .nq'ij'osi.cfo «xr[.J io saBoqeip 

.:''■:■}. . i-t': ■■.■.:i'. _' .u.. /■ ^/'iJ "xf'i T>3. '.-.;.'; -jr:i.;, •'■' 

'.,.. ., - • ■ ■■ :..:■.. ■:'■■.:' '-■■" i;r^T /Of " ^iVv > .^s.a- ;; ;.?^ .'; i^w ~ 

^ .a9^_ -lOl^., flOji:J03;t07_q 9lLf/^rfp5B9"I ,9^X/ 

3xa;f nx g^o^nast.'ig lo pi3i-i^"xwo, ^pcecip.o oJ, baxXg 3^1 ^f^-^ 
•air. I ^■: ,2noxcxo9b ?>/oi'3in|Wn riti;^ SAyoTqixs nsstf - 

ijRfi 3 i:. .. '^ ■ oi J^nxoof' sdi .fipi: J^sriiia.-jb T9xi bsrfo 

'il^'; ; i; r.. : i . ij'iw? I£x;S'«^lni5Xx'ear.B 9xf''*^ ■ — ''~"' 

■ ^ ■ ■■ '" . -"iox;J.?«xJ''5dii i9xi Cw^ ■ •- '"■■:-■ 

■ . : - k f?. :: ■■ ■• 



owed her np great a duty n^ if she h^d been ridinp on 
the car. I'.any te^t bnoke and decieione lay dovn the rule 
that the det<ree of cor^ required of carriers of -n nnsenf ere 
of a railroad in reo-oect of thfir ptntiTial arrenf ement;?, 
plati'orr.o, >i.'illp, ptnirw^iy? and the like ie mt po gr »t as 
in rcppect of t>ieir trr-cVr nnd running riP.ciiinfTy ; that a 
ler.s dcKTce of carei? vef:uired in such cpsrs nnd that the 
c-Trrier i? b-^und to exerci're only :;riin'»ry cnre in view 
01 the danger.-, to be ?Tirirehfcnded. (3 Tlior.peon on ].'ct:li- 
{_ence, 2nd i. d., Gee. P748; 2 ':Iutc}.ineon, Cnrrier?, oec, 
941, ordld.: Shenrir-pn i:; i-e^dfield, Dth i.-d . Vol . '^, Sec. 506; 
I.e..'.:.. V8. Kee^^nn, fio lli.l&r.) 

'il'.ls V"! s the duty rrsting on apTic J ] ?int to'v»rd the 
public nnd other nf^rcon." lav/fully tr-vp''. ling slong 

•'id ?trppt for the ^nrrope of t^kin^; vp BSB.£e on ite c^ire 
or tranp?-!ctin{' other bupine??, out it falle short of the 
duty rs'-u'^ired. v,-her<i p n^ i^senf er ie atterr-rting to cojnplete, 
under xht in pt ruction of the bj.. ^tnt? or ecrvpnt" of a car- 
rier, a j r jrney ths'.t jtiRb been interrupted by ""he fault of 
tliu c-irrier nnd pre io r:roco(jdinr in the irianner r'Ointed 
out by r>p-:ellant , or its eervuits. bnder f7uoh ci rcuroetancep 

Oie hit-hest degree of c.-ire pnd c-^.ution, conpirtent vith the 
pr-'cticfll operation of the ro^d for the p.^foty -nd security 
of the p5;--PGn£-er while bein^^ trKrjf?;)0rtf d , is required. Had. 
?he bven entering the prerais>ef» for the purpose of boarding 
the C'lr, or had her ;ioumney b.ien coLvolc;t^:d nnd -^he v.'s^s le«v- 
in^s v.he 'n-eminec, the rule invoked by j^-nr^cllant v.'ould nr-oly, 
but ua''er the ciToume-tancep of tliis c-^^e 've think thnt ap- 


no Rflxbi^ ns»</ b^ si »ife Ix bp xiub & Sg31^: en .1 art bBVO 
mlirx 3ilj ir.?rb ^#X «nolaJto©i> ini* .c>(oorf i-xe* xK«jiI^ ..iso 9fUt 

• DSC .s-.isx'x^'tO ..^ftosnxiio^f.all & ■laft:??'^ vaje^aii Ui.;i) StJ . ibnS ,3orijj 
^ ■■ .-.■:■•■*- .. ■."- ■. -v •;■ ( .Od.f^yj;£X\OXS .iTBT^aaSi-.'.isaclJ. . 

»ff^ lo J"ioil3 srfBl JL'J'jJcf :^Tsa3'«xsiftf -laifrf-o^ •jiniSojaaJTBT* xo 
j-e^^Xcrsfco. oc> jinxcfTi'sed-Js ax 5C9^t9E<?isq;.:w^^^;.8T^^^ bsujupsx \;J"ub 
-xao is io •■?;J-nJi5VX3'9 •io.^c^trta^-^. arfd^ ^a xtoiv^mjTd-ujti 'ijlr . xsijmi 

b'iictio' xsiiriftn attiJ ni; jjnxbaaooxtT isx »ife ;bjir> xsxxxbo sxii 

. bfiH. .ba^xoriix pii ^baJ-xcxjsJTBaJ' anxao" ^^tixiw ■ ■Xft's,ntiP.^<Si-xj axlJ io 

^ibxi^od Ic osofjxufr d;14 ici a^exiaexq grfd' gni^s.tns: assif arts 

-F/"^! 9r;i7 otfe; bff- ^oJ'e L««ir o. ni-JiKf AC3Bcmaof, ^{"rf ^Jf"-^! "ifo ,xrno sri* 

-OB *flrfcf 3fiTxrfif avr 99H0 nkdi .to q9orf«:t'?nu;r7xo ©rft xabru *v:^ 




pellant o'^^ed her a hif..her outy, c^uch fi^ ip (;efineci in the 

we find no olijection tc ?'p':;ellee' e third inptruc- 
tion. It ie the instruction on the neasure of dainat^,eF usually 
tiven ^nd i^riiiomly ^■^-'^ roved „y cur ocurts. Tlxe evi^-ence 
Y.arranted it? being j;iven in this cn?e. 

It ie next claimed tua t the Court orred in ;; emit- 
ting: I-r. ling to ttretify that he told a-^-eilee ntr c-ndition 
vns prot.' due to fi f-11. Ir. I'inji pttended s' ellee 
for revernl rc;i^nthn alter }icr injury. After cvrFcri". inp her 
crndition he ■■is - ehed Vvh-Tt v/^.? ".he c^vpe of i-uch a condi- 
tion and replied that there ^7er^ geveral cfupob. -he fol- 
lovin£: qu<:j?tion waj? u'-'ipounded to hin: 

"■"i.- well, could y^u etf^te ^one of fnoeeV 
■..- Vrori the infoiri'^ticn 1 derived irom cor and 
the ciescriT-tion of tlie condition she w-^s in, 1 told her 
prohatly it v/«r. irom a ioll in her o^re." 

A-pellant i.-.oved to exclude thi? anrv/tr, ut the 
motion w'F denied nnd it ie now iir^:ed as error'a? being an 
opinion on -on ultimote fact vhich v.r-s lor tiit jury r-lone to 
deterr.-iine. ..e think it v;»?p error net to exclude thip testi- 
mony on Trot ion of npr^ellrnt. '-^'he decimation nliegcd that 
the injuries ("£ fippellre v;cre caused by a I- 11 into tlie hole 
} rretoiore .eftrred to. Under a nlen ct .';ot { uilty the 
burden ■"vnf; unon ar-ellee to'h the cpuse of action 
■^]"le£pd. At t; Ip pt' £0 of the cee there h'd 'o^.e.n r.o -:d- . 
IraipFion by ?»r,pellant of an injury to the apDCllco, c^peciRlly 
an injury 5?uch -e If de->cribed by the vitneep pp repulting 
from the foil she i? .olle^ed tc hr>\e rtceived. -liC f .ct of 


-ouiJ-^ffi bTiflJ a'dSlIsqqB ot ^oito^5t,ofo on bnil 9.. 

;..- • • .' r- . ;!H.rr{ oc^ f)^!)r£wott'^'Xf''^j^w h ol: ^^ 8 :» ;.' •■^nx^ToI 

..V ■ ■. 'i'9snrf+ Ic Sfitf^r •9#'*j'5 ijox Sliroo « ria'tt* -.0''' 
^:itos ted lao'^r- ijnvxtsb. I n'oxiRmcThi- sift Mn-fif -... 

T9i£ i) CcNt. i jCi 8^w Q[^ r^oI-^ihrr'o'^cti'Yo noli'^i'x:'o<3 3fT 9di 

slcxf »!** oifli IlT-i ft -^.f h»?(i!j«»o' 9'i9v? * iI.|[3%VjR- l>i'>S'$xTi>*tni art* 
lo ia » afi'i' .liW £©0 >i ayfia o* beAfjXXr. r£ arfs rf-l arid moi i 


her ha<in£. received the injuries from Vh.e fall described by 
her "iiPB never teen p..^.'uT.itted by appellant f^nd appellnnt 
introduced v.-itneppee w oee t> ptiitoi^ tended to controvert 
tJTi't fact rnd sought to eLnw circtiLietonc cs t.ndinf; to 1 e»cen 
Itne ei'lect oi appellee' c testindny. In City oi Cj.ia;<.o ve. 
l^idier, '^?7 ]]]. 571 it is ?t.-yt.ed that r/bere tt.cre ip r 
cnnflict in tlie evidence ns Vo whfclher the plnirtiri" yne 
injured in the manner ciaimid it is not competent ior V'itne?B- 
ec to f,i\e t.iit:ir opinions /on th.-vt ■ubJc'Ct. The sacie rule 
v,'i-l-l nnply '-here nlaintiyf in v,iHkint.r out cacc intro- 
duces such teetijnony prior to an afirrission on th.e pnrt of 

I delendant of the dispuiced natter. -he fall in thip C"ee 
is nt;ither adriitted rpx dcriod oy aj);^ell;uit, but aripel^nnt 
southt to r^hov; th-it /t}i(i injuries ni vhlch aT^ptellet- com- 
plained were due tor oth|t>r causes' than tht fall, iliip pre- 
\ vents \7itnesp4.e fyoE tiVinj: their opinions '^p to tr-e Cf^uee 
of her condition^ (lllir^oie Central Kuilrc'd <^ocipnny vs. 
■iiaith 208 lll.GCjb; City 'yjf ChicP;:.o vp. Tddier 2?'? ilJ,571; 
Uciilauder vs. Gfuc.ii'O and Southern '-r.-ction Coin any 2SS 111. 
1L4). ..e think the ?.dmis|eion of this ts.etiiic^ny '■ i;: -nrejudi- 
cial to appellant. 

ded thf t the verdict of the jury 
V,.? ti f: r'i?]f3t of nassion aVid -rsrejudice and tVi;t Uie damages 

, av.arded ar^ excessive. ..e ^i '."ve caruiuily rer=d tht testimony 
in t;.is en r e Pt;d are ol the *ppinion th- t UiiK objection is 
v;eil t'iVen. 1 '^here fiMvo:ae dispute a? to tht eir^t nnd depth 
Ol the ercavation into v/hich urpc3 3 cc fell. ->he tec-tifiew 
that the l-ole was icur ieet deep, tli-it ribe stepped 


rieft* tlxJ^x^iii^xfit-TsarlJaiiw^v^ 5b 9oa9-fcii;v9 arid ni ioii'lnoo 

_Jo *iCAq 9^i^ no ripieai:.'n.i>>5 ne oJ' "loJ^i^tj ■Ji^ncraid'sijj' ;; .;b 

•91SO. siiiJ nJ; .XIr.,1;.. ail-]- ... ."xsJJ'iSfa i)9Jiujcfaxb 9ri;?_ lo >& i 

^HRCfaqqB i'itu .dTiJuXIac.qiS .:^' baxqai) -^i^p-. hsti- isahfi "xarUxun ex 

-raoo ":)9.XX&qrrR xip4^ift\^i,o jiSjfa.vtwA piiA drnJ'. ^'^0''^R o;!- J-il.3iro8 In. 
-•'xg «xii'i\;. .XXfi'^. ,.:s.4i, Hfi^it ,Sf%^ 9u£> sisw Jbsnir.Xq 

9«tf:A9 3>U OJ efi BaoxiTfX>j9, xxfulJ: aitivx^ isoVi e£»9S;>«J-xv? gj-fta/ 
.sv ^nr,criao^ br.oiL^LnJi LB%^tx^O aiopilf.l} \aotilbn.oo led ioi 
;X9d.lXX T£S..'xaiiaa,.*sAf^;.pta€;.Q.x>iJ.lg^^^ SOS .d^tiwa 

• ffX .6gS ^ni5-'iaiOY^.-noi4.0H^ii^..«'is{4^jJ9t. in^,0i^sQi4p_ p®^. iaX)i 

,»x. «oi JO!ii,Jo uiiU; J-.--.tU. no.X«i;q0 ^iii io ^is ^ . i ■ o - .■ ■ - ^x-.^ ^.i i -^^ 

■ ■" '■' 1^ '^ ^-^ '■ ■ -'^^^^ : R 


right into it and wae unaTale to (^.et out plone, th-t phe we>t 
helped out and assiett-d to the ^corner and there -it nn a 
car toinn to her hone. ^he; tL!'?tirie« phe v/r?g fovered v.ith 
raud, her-hands and nrms were pcrnlclied and rlie ".rf puf- 
Icrint v;ith o srrrained ankle on lier J.<.-t loot ^ind Ya^d r^alQe 
in licr rifjlit cide. Vihen she ri'^schcd j.onie Dr. }inp vae called 
ftnd r>ic c'^ntinued tn sutler v ith -oP.ins in her ioct nnd right 
pide, the lovier rortion of her htiifc< .^.nri hip?. ^-'he t- eti» 
lied tii'-t her xoot re(T^-*ined in that condition for -iviO'i.t two 
weeks, Cn >-iunoay follov;inc injury, in co/rroany viith her 
husbrind, ohe v/ont from v^r-^nite City to virit her f.-ither at 
Alh;i.:.bra, Illinois, returning •-'linday evening';, v.-flking to 
and irom the cars. Kcr c-nd ition as to vcc^.nancy at the 
tiiTie of her injury '.vms uncertain, her period i or nenetration 
had y.a^Ped aV.out fifteen d 'y p and foJ loving t}ie Irll it com- 
Ditnced v/it-h r-pidity nnri continued for i^eveial daye. i'or 
the next two or tViree '■•cekf? she vjp?? unri«:r a i^hy "ic ian' e 
cire and an examination ii\e •■•■•ecke f-fter the if:Ul c^i pclored 
a rctroilected or retrovcrted uterue V'ith s^^ne -oroiaTope. At 
the t irae of the trial :0r. ter-tiiied tjiat the uT,f>ru£3 1!?"© 
tipriec hack and at t}ie tine for 'nenetr-tion it vr-p nereepinry 
to upe a dilntor to t ive her relief, he do an not t.-ptify 
tn • t ^he had a ^i scprringe, 'out ra.j/rfL th^-t it wnp r;o?r?i'ble. 
he rlro testified th"it in her T.ree^nt c ndition "iie could 
not become pregnant and ti---t it '■-■ould re uire an operation 
to relieve her. Inie JMr the e.vtent of i-er injury] It is 
apparent, irom a eongider^tiio/i of the wri'-le of the record 
in t .'-B CMse that the apneVl^t h=ir not had a fair trial 


"---^ -"iH^ *«w i>rf? bits fjfttfoJ-eisa »ic*w scrrie *i6rtB &Jbnsn 19.1 ^bisqi 

•niaa fc«ri on** it?«»i *li*.L -soft «o Sf:£nB BaniBicts e .^^i^r jinitS^ 

OsII'so •»>'-.• v^i^ ^iQ: saeil l>aii«>JTSi arte rtarfw' ,9.51? ^ifaxt -r'5;'fii 

- ■ ■^•*;^9si 9Tfa ,«»t^Jd- 6ttjp->^B(J tijilo'noxdrrcicj •fsfwoX srtf - >&t9 

^9d ditw xriBcrrxrio ni'^x.'^iilnt ted ^nivroit6't >£,ftjbr 

'=<># -^ftijfXr.w ^j^pii^nsV'a ^i^Bbn.cft' irinxniutsi ."aiorxIIX ,'jET:cr.itr5rtfA 

TCX«s=»'»09rT «? '-.r ix nox 1 ■•'» j-anear 10 i ^nii arid" J-ff cirtf* iossf -fescTcjiif 
ftfo-no '♦tif* noi::J"x.bfff' » ^nag-sttf ^»if nx -i'i'iii bsxIx^f^'^jJ c '- 


and tliRt the jury v/ne not entirely free from naisgion 
or rrejudice. "^he tripl jiidtir, dcubtlesp rrr3i?ed this 
Rp i:e rccuirtd a remittitur of ^\i2£C0 l>ut v/e -cpard the 
Vf.rdict ae reduced exceptive. In vie-v; of the error? nbov* 
sufct tested, and the exceseivc verdict, v;e oelie\e tr^t jve- 
tice dtE.-'nd.? nnotlier tri'^l ci tr.ig c;-i«te nnd the judgment 
ol the lower court i? reversed and the cm.upu renanded, 

I'.ot to be reported in lull. 


act'iBBq moil as-x'i Aclsiiin* J'oa 9,sw ij^wt^'d* J-siij 

-9Ur, J - i;f 3V3il90 aw ,J0if)19V 9VX>29'30X9 BiU aciB ii^Ss.. 

.bsbnB.iigi y3U.«o 9fU bns ftssiarvai si d'luoo ^9wo 

.^: ; >- ' -^-v''> JT/.j-rr ;v^:■r -.-■■'! \*'^'^ : 

..Clij'r nx ba^ttoqa-x a J c. 

Ih>-''- 1 ^ : 

■ '-'-■ 

. ., j \'i ■■ -,' .' Vt **■•!.:»:•■• 1 f ' .. 1 

•rc! ... •■ 

•;. ,-r'--';*'' 

.<'•'> "'•■ 

..V.,..-,n .■;•';: '.'J ^» ti'l •:> .t v' •"• " ,f 'I • V ' 


:^ ^ !?'-:-■ ■ 

: •>.<; 

; . mU ;>>i. .-/-.?■ f.f>>*- jij-ii.; .;i: 

'(Ttr,*-^-' '-r 

■^ \- 

.( / r. .13 ': Utm:- T. i •:»;';•. ^ 



If' i*", .• 

c. Jt-'- f • f • 

V .. 

- .■ ."i ;■ ■';i>Avi'.>- ; fu- ,3 . 

*':;- ;. 

;^-■ ^ ■ : v,<' -t. ii^ ■^.-•ti t^:" '..i 

».^ :■ .- -■ ■ 


-i-'X • ■ yr \>I-.r-iv" j . 

i' : 

1 :, ^ 

,' . 7 .. •■ •^■.: ?-1;=*^> 


/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, withm and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copv of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in my office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set my hand and affixed the seal of said court 

at Mt. Vernon, this ^^...::::<L.v^k:^^===>v - day of April 

A. D. 1916. 

ihe Apdellate~t^our{. 


Lfi / 


Opinion of the Appellate Court 


AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at ML Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th day of March, in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 

Present: i 

Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. I 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. I 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 


And afterwards, to-wit: On the ....T..-r.-l.'].^\lr-..-- day of April, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut ML Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in the words and figures 


[ ^.rn4-S-t--^-Q^"t66arcL. , 

Anne. Il.e e.^. 

199I.A. 178 


No. 75, 

March Terra, 1 9 I S 

.Circuit COURT 

..P.D.nX...3.rog.,,....C oal. ..&... ^oke__C 


..ILadisou COUNTY 




Term I"o. 75. 2n the Ap-^ellp-te Cnurt, 

I'ourth JJif5trict, 
■Karch Term, A. "D. 1915. 

ApptOJee. ) 

Agenda T.o,Z6. 

Donlr lios. CopI nnd i^oke Cocr^any, 
Appell ant. 

App e\l from ! ^ d i e c n 
C ounty . 

L c r-_ri_de , J. 


App^lee brcutTi'-t this ?iiit Rf -^in pt/n^i-nel j r.nt to 
recn-ver dnr-inLcX on rincount of per-ona.] i/fjurit" suptrined 
"by him, v. rale^d as p. driver in/aTr ellant * - coal 
nine. A Jury v/ac waived and trial /lind befurp the Court 
rc°ultirt in a find irk in if, vor,/Of r.y>pellef , v:^ith Jud£^- 

mcnt theroon for <,3,Crc\(.0, tjs re"vfcrpe wliich t3d.e r,p-o-< 

. / 
ic prosecuted. 

Ap i^ronnds f or .•^^e-^ereal, appellprt inFirtp'thnt 

appellee 'p injuries Vj/re occasioned hy t}}e reel if^ence of a 

fellcv- servant, en^ therefore ■oiie flipster it? mrt lialle. 

It i? also urt.e(J tb-^t the iTiP.eterXhad iio ncticp of the 

otetriictionp .i'epultinti in the injuiiiep roraplnined of,- 

j nnd tipt tyie dnm??.{.ee ar.arded are exces'^ive. 

■ G^A^^^-^^U^ 

I tr'T^pr " ^'^ fr5&-' ui.4i L' vldg»u: u — ti— H: .-ir-v- ^ ,;^j22 h ad 

vrrrked for r---- r'T"' nnt ici.r dnys orior to the tir^e j-f rereive<5 
the injury, -^or t^vo dnyp he h.-'^ ^vorked it d!=y ■'"'orV; the 
third and fovrth day he v.^e driving, receiving the injur- . 
ic- c^mrlpined of on the ' ,'rnir:f of the f if tyv^ r'r'y . AY>T>e3.3ee ( 
T-ae Yorkin£ in what is depif;natr-d ne tlie -^ifth weet t.ntry 
off the -:ain south entry. *he fift^ wept, at the time of 


.iOLtSe.ia diiuo'i 
.dlQL .G" .A , era 31 doteJL- 

^ - - ■ '• -■ 



■ Y^nyov) ( ,Y'^'6crKiO J sjfo^J bnG Xr.oO .eoiU. -slnou 

( .J-n/^riaqcrA 

-\ / - * j-nB L"r9':^c7.fV',rtJ: •^lavxil) fi eB ?>9\o C^s alxrfvv jjrtxrC v,! 

\. /' 

ii'-fo^J arf.t ^i-inl-.tcT i)Bxfv IjE5iid' bar. bov im/ Bfm x:^iJl a .snxra 

\ / 

/ ! 

£ to 9Dr:9. ji [gen aitt y,"' ionox'/sooo S'X^.y e^iiulni a'aaXXaqqal 
.aXifiiJ cf^ri ^x T3i!3n<c fsryj" sioiaisii.! ''fens ,J-ai3VT35 -.voXXs'i ' ' 

-,1r hsrrinXqinoD qeijtiitnx orfJ" nt ^nxiXurjaV ^nox J'o;./'xJ'3cfo 

».-fi pfTO"'- yob ip ba-Ainw t-.r<rl sxf qy;'^'f'' O"'*^ "^O'-^ .•y.iut.rTt Sji* 

Ic 9niirf 9rf;f in ^S^.^w^^lll srf* .-^aJ-na rf*'03 alB'^ sd) llo 

the injury rme about 12r0 feet in length, and rnn enrt snd 
■wept. At the ens?t end v/here it turned off frcrn the 
Bouth entry v. n i? a "partint:" where einpty c^re for t>.ip en- 
try vtre cl need , and v/here lop-Gd c^ii-s from it ver^'e- 
]i\ere<? \y t^^e dri-vers. .^oomc v/ere turned off tj:C fifth v-'eet 
entry, on either ?ide, nt rec^lf^r interv^'ls of r-rvrntji feet 
e-^cii, rnd v-ere numbered in ccnsfccutive order, rei':innin£ at 
the eaet end of the entry. At tV:e v.e'-'t end of this entry 
v;ere tvo rtub c-ntricp in vhich coal ^-=- jr boint. n.jned. 

'-"he entry in cuertion wr^p unTirhte-^, nnd a r-ingle 
mine tr'^ck yrv laid therein, from the "p^rtint" r.t the e-^Pt 
to t}.e vest end, upon which pit-c^re were hauled. ov/itchep 
vere l^id from the entry tr"ok into the v"riou? rof^rn? for 
the ■ liT ope of tnkin^; in t3rr:^/ties, '^nd hiulirg ■■^l;t " c-ded 
cnrs, but no sidinr,? cr trrrr^ut!? n'eri-; rirovidc-.d, so thnt 
CBis not brin^'i :ioved c^-.uld be l-re-nt off the n^ entry tr?^ck. 
The !T.f)n)ier of deli^erinf; c^re to ^nd fror. thf r.inerF ,^nd 
loaders v/a? to Xon ve the enpty st^nd uron the entry, 
until tl;c loaded car ws? -nulled from the room ?=.nd placed 
on tl;c. entry tr-ck in the cle-^r of the .-'vitch, ?ifter ^'hich 
the err.jity v/n -^^ run ?n to the sr/itoh, nnd into the mom, Cnrs? 
thup r.flndled v;ere, from tine to ti'ne, loft unfu^irded -.nd 
unattended, find no ^'.et}iod wrs a'-''opted by v;hic"n nny li^ht 
or other eifnal vp<? displayed, fo thr?t rn approRchint 
driver ould a.-'cert-in th nt the tr^^^ck vr s cb?truct£d. 

It el 30 rtppeprrzxDSi==iJ&* — (. viiLciioc thnt the fifth T?e^t 
entry haA !■• Uov.ti t r?^de :';Opt of the v^y to tlie ''pp.rtinf.", rnd 

14 ?eem*r^t 

o be at tVe top of •^"■" T i t v^ yrfr rror' — t<v 


-9: ,/<T9'v cf-i •3011 s-iro b95"of aijrfw bnB , 37d/ y^i 1 

^•»9vr fIJ''r x'i ^iicf ito bsn-iuJt Slav.'- 3r!ioo-''i .8i9/itb',9*'ii T^cf bgtaviC 

#991 4--'^^v-'^'-. to <3l!^;v"i'9iax iRCaa^i jr. ,ebi>a. -rfa^iiJis nc ,\T:J-n9 

te 3r;ir:r!f:59"f ,Tfiftio ovi J'UDaen.o o ni bsi^idtsun 979^' bn-' ,i"(ops 

X'itn'3 nlUf-'ln brr9 j--:9\y grfd' d'fe i.i Y^lna 9jjld'. 'io &«3 i^a^ sriJ" 

.bsntCia snxotf g-y-r Ibco rloiif",' rii »'4ii.Tc4"Qii> cfijJr; o'v:f 9i9w 

aX'-jr-iT R brr,-: , 'Ssid'^iiX Tnu ';hw ncx.Hsjjp nx -vfi^nj grlT 

^9-9 9.ft J.". "3r!xc}-T?q" sili mcii ,nJ:3i9xiJ^ bxBl 5B',v a£orit , •jnini 

sarfoJ'ivrO ,boru=?rf s-rsw 9ixro-J"iiT iioxrlw nocru .bna +29vif aifJ Oj 

xol ".moot. e^acLiP.y srlt oJ'nx atcirid- yi^'is ^^^ raoii hisl '>t9vv 

. hsh^ol tuo arfirjjpxf bns ^Bsxtcririij ni ani^fpd- lo 990 iu -' artt 

if^rit. 08 .b^bivo^q- hi9w gcfucnitrJ to sgnibxa on' fud .nir-o 

.ioniJ- T^itrf9 nx-f'n orfj- llo tg97i 9cf bl0oo D9vohi aniocf 'fon'siBO 

bfifi '^larri.TT 9iid- noil brjf? o.t ig-xro 3ni:i9vxX9b lo TSftncri erlT 

.jfo.n-^v-^ yijfjji ^r'.j- iio Tjj bnRCfe v;.tc[n9 arfi 9\'-boX oi Bsn'BisbBOl 

|39osrq 5n=> XJT001 9iii iaoil bs TXuq esw tro bsbsoX orC;)- XxJnu 

. rfoxrlv,' i9i1.^ ..'IdJ-xt? 9ri»t lo ipgXo adi nl 3lo>id' TjivJ-rfg .oiiJ no 

9Tp3 .moHT 9/i:: otrsx bnr, .rfnJ-iwe 9ii«f od" nc nui sew \Sq^'i 9aJ 

brj • b9r:Ti:ij^rr:/ ilo Z ,90!xJ ol 9mxJ- xnoil ' ,si9\Y belbtisd Rudi 

}d\ii \nr. doidvr yj:i boiaobB asw boifj-Q.-r- orr bn« , bobngj'jsnu 

iri.loHOTqqc rrr. J'Giid' on «b9x-elqei:fc efiw Isn^xs lerflo 10 

.baJ-ouiJ-^cTo 8 i-r 3fotiiJ- 9rf# J-^ iij- niniigof sliXtfoo Trgvi-^.^ 

Il // 

hill which extends dovjiward papt room 1 ),. 

At the tine of tlie injury, ' n- ' y olT cc and mother djiv- 
er "by the np.':« of Ooclfrey v/ere working in tl.e fifth v.est, 
Godfrey v.'orklnf that nert of the entry from the r^rtinc to 

mom 1:?, iiixd 

working the re:^ainder of tno entry to 

the v;ept, -.ulling icom ttie f.nce of the entry, ^nd from the 

two ^tuh entries. It arnrar? iroTa the e-vidence tl.-.t r.ppel - 
4- .did no ■work oi nny kind in that -mrt o 

^J-"C ft 


of the ertry 

v/orked by ^^odfrey, nor did Godfrey fo into t>ie -'ortion 
v;orked "bv iKpTTtrtlTNj' , rnd pull coal from or deliver err.ptiee 1 
that TJPrt of the mine. 

Cn the rncrniiT^ of the accident r. n-pollce r-ent into 
the entry r.ixrt, vith a trir) of three emptioe, fo^lov-ed 
hy odlrey v.ho went to roonp ]0 and ] ?. ^*rmH-3-p-e ■'e1 ivered 
his empties to the v;of.t end of the entry, fot three load? 
and Ftarted out. At tie top of the hill F-t roon. 14, he 
epra; ged hi3 carp, nnd ^.t thpt -ooint one of hi? crr^- "vib-b 
thnv/n off the track, vjiich delayed him ponK^v.'hr't. Le tlien 
started donn the hill, riding: on the front end ni h:? trip, 
one foot on the hujnper '.if the front car, the otlicr renting 
on Uie t3i] chain. In front of room 11 hi? ':iule ?^'"erved 

to the side, nnd ft^-jnc] l ' ;y bay an e^anty c.-^r on the entry 
tr-ck, irr.ed ipte] y ahenel of hiTi, ?nd hein^ un.i'..-] e to etop 
hit- trip, he leaped into thi? cr. 'l-he en-oty vjr-^ struck 
auout tVie tiroe hy afipgil ec ' '-' trip of lo?'ilpd c-r?, and 
J ayp e i i iicL ^ throvn over trie f ro'^t end of the e'-ipty, to rhich 

he clung until It in turn collided \,'ith a loaded c^r, ri;find- 

nci:.tioa oxfJ" otni p•^) YSTtlbo"-' b^^.ion ^^f.oi'^bQV \d bajLiovt 
oJ najt+q-^s levxl^b 10 mnz't J^oo _ lluq.baQ. ^w^^JS^^s^s^ Md-:hQ')l'to^,.^ 

^^ V . ■.,■(■%, . ■;.; A- 1 - -. *. : •■ ;■• ■■■■ ■' 

rbRoL ■>^^1'•'J• :tr5-.>, ,\r,iinQ arfJ- le i)n9. ia^eyf ,9il+. Qjt sax-igms ei.f 

,:5ii^ 6:-f In b/t9 irio'ii axfi no j^ni|>x>.. ,,|X<t4, ©^ m'ob ■bp:i'^BiMy r 

63vi3""-< sluin -^i-f [f mooT to ^noil nl .....nxArfo^X-ted sfiU-no 
■ '^ ^ '■ ■ ■ . 

bR.". ,9:'>0 b^.^nc<[ 'I- q'r^t^ ^?^-9i»4r^.ffag /\gcr,,SDlfj;^, tnrsia 9:-f.t f'; 

-i>nf Jt .^""■' bj.''Ror n rfj-xv/ 5'^.')tC£co niut nt ,ti ttJru :'.^nr.rr'> ari 

ln£, on the entry trnck in front of room ir. ^hen rr>r)pH-«ic. 

sew the londed cnr he attempted to spring clear of it, but 

v-^Rfeu_^^,^-r^ c^!,-L^, .si.-»_V -*~-*-ety -c^(,-^c ^^ 

did not succeed, nno );ie limbs were cs.ufht betveen the 


hip? and kneee, 

TV-e pvidence d^^^^r-nt rigolosie Vy I'^orj^ the cnre with 

v.hich 'i I'wll I e 'collided vere placed upon the ertrj'- track. 
A - 

V}.e c.pTt- v-tre i'.nt turirdcd, ?nd r.-^ \\i\\\ ^r rvihrT vrninf 

pi^nnl v^e dipplnyed '^-y vvhich cuvrrrTTTse c 

tf>eir -nrerence in t.inie to -^-y'^i-i injury "before ivnninf^, into 

c'^\i"t d ^-^r^rcrt'ln 

them .'.'ith his? trip. 

IX tj:e t^i^l 


offered no eviderce, ex- 

cept a plpt of it!? K-A-ai^ v.hich fe^i-e. r ox 

the record. 

re'--er\ec m 

tl flt "c ccru?e/f>-^|;elj e< end Cod- 
froy v.'ere hoth drive rf\, coth vorkinn jri the r.P'-n.e rrl^ry,« 

'■■■'•■'in el 1 ant inei; 

h'lulinf: o\er the 


■xk, f;^ ernptie? j-t tr e p»Eie 

"parting.;" to vjiich they delivered loaded pit-fr<-, they 
were thuy "brought into saclX yin'o^t-unl apfjocL-^ti-^n \> si\ they 
mii^ht exercipe an inMuence u^on e-^ch other pror.iotive of 
proper caution, and thit th(jrne\ c irou.T.f?t?nC( ? crr-'^ted "be- ■ 
t^ctn theni, the relation of f clicv-eervart?. 

W.on tru ?? qveFt^or, tVieXtri-'l CTjrt leld ^\ ^xv^9^\ 



pellpnt, nnd v/e ■'.■.cul/l not he juAified in di;~turhin£ tli^'-t 

indi.uf, unltFP it appe're to be n£;r\inet the v-sriier-t Y/eight 
of the evidence, or t};.'-' t the court *• is^-applicd t} e la-w to 
the undit-puted f^ictp in the c-iee. 

"whether two nerccn;?, S' r'vfintn \f ■\ co r.on T7ia-::ter 
in M £;iven case, are f cllov- eerv^nt r= ie m Vi: ed question of 

^.- 5ik--<> ---^ )s*^-*-*- V^,,—*. ,^c->-»-t» 10^— ^^-^.^.^i^pa^ ■ ■;- , •J 

;«-x? -- 

^■; box-' 

■I -, .- 

ni b9vi;53S'sq swswef ro/-t .5-?^ rfox T?.' anim elx lo i/^Xq B J'qjfJO 

i_^ - '-■ VC0-3T: ^iii 

-,Y-' ""f^'-^ ^ '^ni-iiro^'f tiSf^ . fitb siiod sisv? x^tt 

9inr>0 S 1+ , i.iJ- TCQVO snxIiJBii j 

•\;9r{j ,"i~'>-.' inxJ"if?q-' 

10 av-i: Jt "oiq Tsrfic ffor-3 no( 019X9 drfaxar. 

-scf b 1 /9r?'^u.j- , , ' leqoiq 

. . xo } 

.:: nj. QJ * 


1«T' and fict". (Eennett ve. ChicPto City Ky.Co.'24? 1]1., 
420; Lake -"^^rie i Vc?tern u. i%. Co. vp "idt^leton, 14S 111., 
5&'" . ) "-he question ol the relation oi lell ov/- e( rvf^nt? ie 
oriMi!'! rily one of i'nct nrd only trronee a oueption ol 
Inv.' when there ie o oicpute \.i th reference to ti^e i-^cte, 
p.tA the evidence, vitt; rJ."! Ictiitirrin te inferfnct.F to oe 
drovn therelroTC, ic Fuch, tint nil re^sonnMe rnd Intel li- 
tent '.-.en :.i.uct rc->'h tie par:-e conclirion." ( t-nnett \p. 
CI ic-; o "-ity '.- y.Co. , -upr3 ; 1 ipquiet vf. hocjes ^48 i ^ 1 . , 
4^1; Aldrich vs. Illinois Central •-.':.Co. "41 ill, ,402.) 

It T-.ssj be conceded tli^t tl'cre is no dieyiute in the 
evi'^.ence in this caec re to the c i i-cunptsrce p -p.nd cnndition? 
uncle r v.hic'n ap-ellee and tJie driver L-odlrey v.'orkeci, but 
it deep net nev-^ere.';rily f oil o' -, that v-hen !--uch evidence, 
v.'i f,h nil le£itir.?te iniVrcnce? to le drnvnn there! r'lrn, ip 
c^nrsif'cred, thn t rll repr-Tsole p. nd inte ifc.nt nen v:ould 
rcch the cnr.clui?ion ar- to U;e x-oIp ti'niphir' v.iacli that 
evidence tended to e-^t'^Miph between a-opellce and oodfrey. 
The fr-ct that appeliee and Godfrey v/er.= workir.f- in tiie 
ert:^e entry, haulinj:; loncled Jind ennty nit-c-rr? over the 
rpme trpck, and p erf ortiinp; the «ame t-^ener-il chnrpctt.r of 
T'ork for their cor.''ion :; nstcr, did "ot neoe':-^' ri] y : r>:e tliem 
le llov;-eerv!intF, whether it did t ;iot v-'ip a qi' ention of 
f'ot to be determined ^m^ the tri"! c nvrt. U i'^'li-'d ?t vs. 
hodfcp, Liuprr; hake .'-.ric c. \.£r-tern R.r.Co. vf. /idf^leton, 
..'■.■nrr>; : nbil e % Chio Co. v? rRPeey. 'drix. It2 ill, 144). 

In d«^tert,inin4/: then vrhether tne trir.l court nroperly 

, . i I I ^": ^ f ,ri<j,+ 

9iir «x -' 

J«y , . ■7i-ib ■■:> ■ 

to •I3;f0'^. 

"^0 trni 

'".ltd' o:' 



decided thip quecition, tJie whole evidence, together vith 
all legiti^i.^te inference? to te dravrn therefror.i njupt le 
conpidered. 'Tid 7.}i..i!le the -Dointp contended for "by nTipel- 
lant uiay be corceded, there ".re other circufistpnce^ 
eq'uTllj'' imiortant to "oe coneidered. -or in'-t'-^nce it f>T}- 
pe'^rp from t>Le evidence thit tlie driver Godfrey vorlred in 
the erid of th.lp entry; p'-.t'C] 1 <--e in the v^e?t end; thnt 
neither hpiiTcd fc^r.Titief tc, or '■lUTIer loric'ec] c-rf lr-"n the 
ttrritory ol the other; th^-t e-oh, iv, the rerf or'" 'jnce of 
thtir ryppective dLtiv^, uecd ■=er;'' r-te,^, p",d inde- 
pendent -irpliancee "^nd equir>rrent, £?rbject "O f-r •! r ti^e 
\ other v;r r c.-ncerned, to ."hsolvte control pnd d--^r.'inion, 
Gur Attention h'^p; not "cecn called to any evidence adduced 
at the tripJ, ^or h?>^^e v.'c been '-hie to find p.ny evidence 
in thip record Vr.n":. tend.-' to phov.- tii-it -ppellee - nd God- 
frey "^spistcd efch other in the ^*erf orrcrnce of t"if:ir res- 
pective dutie?; nor dr-er it n^ipcar thr t ^ne ^•." s imder the 
control of the ot'ier, or ti.^'t tlcir rps?pcctivc duti??? 
broufi'.t ti.en in ci^r.t'-rt vith e^ch otter, or rubjectFi one 
to the in3'ii:ence of the othei, f-xcept at euch ti-^e? ny both 
Y'ovild be us:'ir^{■.■ the c^et ^ortion of tyie entry tr^^> in quei?- 

In vier cf all cl the evidence Mfion tlvie qiu^tion, 
v/e cp.o'ot psy th?tt the tri^l court erred in holding th?.t ap- 
pelTee snd '^odfrey v.ere not f el 1 o^/- rerv^ntr, or t] -'t itp 
findii-.f^ in tr.nt reg-^rd ie af;ainst the i-anifcf^t vei^ht of 
the r\idence. 

It ip nt:yt urged th?.t]=5nt did not "i-\e Mctice 


-i 'nolnoo 8.tni:o;T SiiJ ■■ 

T'^rfi''^ '• . . " ,h9b';- ■\j:pn .trip f 

ill b^-.r-iQ' viif> ¥> : 

^S5ff#. ;5no 499?^; 9t. 

lo- aon^ejvpcoiT^c!;, 9'i^ ni < rid- ;x3rlio 9d:f to y~to' 

.noirtc '-::■ bn:-. l-tJv;:; t-n'r- ,^9mao: xar(*o/ 

apnsfjxvg vns ftnil 0^ alcf? nascf 9'.v »i'-i5xi ion .Ifsx-. in 

•fO.I !XX3"ft, t: furo xir-na r 

9iti labn. Ji >59o.f"' 

- , ■ ■- .\ . ' 

•■■■;<' • ■ i 

either actual or con?tructive of the otptruc tion? on the 
trRCk v.i.ich repulteC in ^ippellee' 5? injury. i»npel] r^nt 
concedec thut the ^^Incin^; of the cr-irp on tide trnck, nnd 
It.-'ving t>.em unr?ttended nnd inf^unrded ■'-np r^ ep] if^ence. 
The evidence ?ho'V''? th=i t the ' ethod oi" clel iveririi: t.-M;pties 
to, nnd takiiit. loido irorr^ the room? the driver God- 
frey vrorVpd. v, - s to brine out t> e load to t>;c entry tr^ck, and 
push it clrtr of th<^ vvyitrh, "fter vhich the trnpty wr-s run 

to the s'.'itch r,n6. into the roorn. -hile tliepe changes 'ere 
' heing za:y'e, either tre ]o?-ed c-r, or tne emnty ^v-^? ot- 

\ etructir.c the trr-.r^v of tid? entry, hn vint: failer* to 
; prnvicie otlier fp.-^il itie? lor h?>ndlinf c-rp to .-^nd from the 
i working pl-nce?, appe] .lar.t tuf=t at lenet >i- ve h-\6 conptrvic- 
tive notice, thnt "by this rietbod, this? entry trr-iok, oczveen 
the "p •"* r t i nc " and rnr^-u 12, '"cul d from time t'-^. tire be ot- 
ftrvctrd, jn ■: manner 1 ilcely to t-'Tjope .'ippel^f'ie to d-^nj^er, 
and in fris repppct it f-^iled to furnish hiioi a renponably 
safe place in which to v/ork. 

It is not contended t' a-;pellee h-^d notice of 
tl'.e!^e tnint'P or th!; t there ".i?? any failure on rip '-^.rt to 
fxcrcire due c-re ind;tion for hie ovm v'-'i'ety. 

Appellnnt j^Ipo contend? thnt the dnma^'eo nyi^rded 
arc cxcerrivc. Tue f. vidcitce shov/r "00th of aiT-tellee'p 
lee:? 7;c-;re frpotured ■bet^^eon the hip^? rnd knee«,-tr;e ri/iht 
a„out eir lnohe<s noove tVie knee, tho l»^ft aViCt rix JnnVies 
"below the hi^;, " oth fr^cturcp bcinp oLTique. 'die n'->ctor 
tct'tified thit the rcpult of tin se fr-ctiirep v.-f « n perma- 
nent injury, '■''here knots on the outside of e^ch lep,- 


-do Bd" 9>ri;t nj .9ftrj:.+ mai^ bTyor^ ',21 -inrfbT fens "'^rti:'!!- 

->. -r- '■ ."t*s2^.e-".jaar«}- alii i6-i .-icii!i^i?b ibftr*" a-t'/b sa'b 9^1 s. 


appfcl]fc('9 vmlk ie ir- Tired, p.nd pt the tine oi tue 
trial, over lour ycnr- "jfter the injvry, he etill piiifered 
pain irrMG these Irncture?, and V;i3 linbp v.-ere -^ornevrh^t 
ntiff. '\s a re?iilt ol the injury his heifV.t 'ur-? been 
dccreaped hy nbout one incli. In viev.' of thip evicencp v/e 
csnnot eay timt the nrarded f;re erce -f-ive . ( J ". 1 inoie 
•Tteel on. v." Iann,jv:0 j .' ] . , Ap . , 567. ) 

- indir.^- no trrrr in rec-rd, the 
judtuent of the Circuit Crurt i? ?f iirred. 

i.ot to "t^e reioorted in fi;.!!. 


9nf ¥v ^'rm''^*id^'*i»fl!>^^^^^i^^^^^^ 

aloni I* r C ) .'9V !»?■*:% b^<^' err.'" bsbijs™'*? ^Vjincia^B- ■Q-rfd- #i«££f ''\;i5V jfcwth^so 


■at;-: ■t^Xj.'^ip^^i: m^-f: 

:s-:-: ' 3 1 .' ■-.'^.'^ rf^ .LS 'jiii '3 ?;3r' 
■ ■-! ■■■ -■'.•■ J yr ;./•.':)■ 


/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copi; of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in my office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set mg^hand and affixed the seal of said court 

at ML Vernon, this ;d»^.../.^<t^ _ dav of April 

A. D. 1916. /P /} Ij 

Clerk of the Appelate CourC. 





Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on tie Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixtien, the same being 

the 28th dag of March, in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and si:4een 



Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 



And afterwards, to-wit: On the ....-.- r.-r -17. i!hr..r.-.--. dag of April, k- D. 1916, there was filed 
in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION: in the words and figures 



H. Altrecht & Co.,\a Corporation 

D e f e t. .. in E r r or , 


No. 9., 

October Term, 1915 

\A. l82 



...P......Mas.s.tng...and....J..Qiin...E eaird. . J.r.,.. , 

Partner? doing business under 

..P.?....l.?..?t....St. Louis. d69fpf? 

..fee ...i...i.rm....l\anie and S t;y;le of 
P. i^assing & Co . , 

Plaintiff in Error. 



\-l, 11. VAKDEVEKTER. 

Term lie. 9. 

In the Appellnte Court, 
i>^urth ";iJr tract. 
October Term A. r. 1915. 

Afend?' ,'-0.?, 

J-. >G orecjit t. Company, ^^ 
ccr-or- tion, 

Lefond^mt in l.rror. 


I, .'.as "int. ai^^^ J. ohn :;eaird, or., 
partnerf, dninp burinerap under the 
fimi nnL,e and style of i . rO?«inc: <. 
1 Inintiff in i.rror. 

irrrr to the City 
Court of j.ast 
Zt. louie. 

. c ride.. .-J. 

v., Albrevcht cc Cnrnr.r,riy^ defendant in error, ootnined 
^' jii''-(-.T.cnt agfiin^it ?. J-i'pinf.- nnd John .begird, Jr., in the 
city court of irst 3t. lonie for -11046.75, nnd .''ohn "i/e^ird, ."^r, 
prcpecv'tfo this v/rit ->! error. 

It GT)r)tnrs from tVir record in tl'.i s n--^e th'^t P. 
Tapi^lng- nnd John Jty^ird, .Jr., h=d '-een w-trt'-ert- for -'evernl 
yeorv', en(t;?'ced in the bi3??ine??? of running. ■'.. dr-'in rsnor) nnd 
vine rooic n *70"rtion of the tiitne nt i:irist -it. l.oui", lllincie, 
nnd th^: t ATbrenVit L Company had i or r-evrral ye.-.T^ furnished 
their, ••• ith their i/ineo. '<nci liquore. Alhri.cht >:-. tcn7any v^e 
R cororol:on, ^m'. en£i\ ed in the vih'^T c-^l e 'J ioucr bur=ine{»« 
in e?id city. '.'he evi "ence introdnced hy .Tohn e^ird, Jr., 
tend? to sViov.' th-^t prrvioup to ll'^ecenber '-^4, 39!!^, he cold 
jiiri intere^'t in the hurinefr to I . I^pcin^; rnd th^t i npfing 
np^uned snd r^jreed to p'^y t'ne ^ rtnerfhir- inr, e' tecne'-?' then 


ttttf^iCi dituc^i 

O; "1 11' 

n.£ iitni): 

, fo :.+ "to ~to.T 

.■xn--- ' t'fv: sii!; 

:'jpJ .fP. ig/sci ;tf- sfjx.t ■:rsi,t lo acii'r.cq B ffiPCT enl''^' 

oi baata"? line bs 


outptrndinp, filpo th^t nn December 24, 191?, henry /.lL;;-echt, 
iieniaent of the defendant in eri'cr, mp in the pl^ce of 
■busine8«= of i^ac^ing <.. worapany snd thF.t f^n thst dnte i>f.»^ird 
notiiied •'•-ibrecirit th-it he had cold • is intei-f^pt in the busi- 
nesrs? to i =<s?in(; and th'i t I.a(?einf^ w 9 to pay the firm in- 
debtednepp and that the !ioney vz-'s in t}i.e '-nfe out ' sp^'ing 
had tht Vey and wne out in the city ;? arie 'v}.ere. Th t 3aird 
offered to seiid ior ;..apr=ing to OTjen the esfe -''P.d Albrecht 
paid th".t ne need net mind, that ■* lepirif wae ^i] rif.-ht. That 
they peparated v/ithmit the noney h«\inr. c-een nsiri nut the 
occi.'nnntp of i ??5?'~ing c ^omr,fir^-'9 dr«m '?>ioyi continued to 
pui-Ci.r?e 1 iouorp of --Ibrecht i Conriany, and the gg ^e vere 
charred ur;on tue .account of T. 1 HP??in^ & CoT?ir.«ny, pcA moneys? 
[were paid and credited unon the ssae account. '-^here >vf? ?■ r-lfo 
teF-tirfiOny of other vatneppes v/hich tended to corroi:orate 
."-caird in his s tntensents. 'i.he evidence in'rodi'fed by K. 
Albrecht e, Comrjany tend;? tc show th-tt the p^A^ v-^n only- a 
pretence and not ...ade in ^^ood inith anc *f:5? for the purtjose 
of enablinf k.apring <ic I'onrr^any to CRrry on t>ie bi.rir'epsr of 
ooerntinf^ a iie rr om in apt .-t, J-ouip. Albrecht uenie? 
tn«t braird ever notiiied hire th'-t he hir; ecld ^ut or th?tt 
he hrsd any kriov.ledfc,e of puch 3 pale; and denie? th'-it he 
ever accepted i&ceing for the indeLtednepe ovinf to hizi\ by 
1. i'FP.infi « !-omr>sny. • ther evidence ^r>6 circiirr. rt-'ncec ^^ere 
introduced in evi; ence tending; to corroborate AlV'recht. 

The enure v/n? tried by a jury and the jury found 
ti*e ieauee for A3br('Cht' i. Coinnpr:^^, p.nd ju,d(T'-ert rendered urjon 
the verdict for the full ar-iount of the clMim. 

The declr\r»tion in this c!^?e wnn in appumpcit nni 
consieted of the cnmcnon couni-p together vith a cony of account 


'■■^ bn.6 ■ 1^j! •-" • 

b9i tho»~! 

rued upon. 
f It ie contended by ccuneel for plaintiff in error 

thr-t John henird }ipd leen releaped fron the payment of the 
indebtednfcg? and that Albrecht L Comnnny hr^fi acce-nted P. 
--BSExr\(z, for tLe indebtedness of T, L'.reing & Com^nny. Coun- 
sel srf^ye, "Ihc- principal queption involved ip v?hethcr or not 
deiendint in error apr«=ed to accept /.aseing at? n sxirviving 
partner r?i such biii^inesj? r>nd to look to hiim alone for the 
pa^cient ol the debt, and to rfrlan^e pi^>intifi in error '^ p to 
tliC obligption of payirit, the debt or any -ni^rt "t it." 

'ihe teetiffiony of iJoaird ie th';t on ' ^4, 191?, 
he v.'as at the saloon of i^^e.= ing v^^ "Company v/itii Albrecht the 
i-resident and nanagtr of the ooiri ^ny, .inc th it v.hi..e there 
he sr-ijd to i>eaird, •'I'js'^infe oii^Vit to in'^lfe por^e coney htre, 
no doobt about it", nnd .'.-eriird says thr^t he then told him 
"Th4t "uis money v.r*.e in thf=.t (=afe". Thst i-Tfjwint^ xjnB not 
there but thit 1 could get hici if ^'Ibrecht d^ai^'ed. he 
s-aid, "j-t ipn't Afcefsary, i.'fis'-inf? is all riglit. ^.e ^:'-ac 
positively notified th it Z was ovt of the bugine??". ? il- 
i er tetitifies tlia t . eaird stated to Albrecht th' t he v;ps 
feoint', to l-i-'ve and tliR t Vie hnd to £et ->ut (^l bucinepr and 
thnt he v'oold h^ive to look to .;., asking lor it. .'inefler, 
tiie b".r tenier, said leaird told '-lb -t-cht he ' --d .^old 
out rind thfit they tnlked 'bout a ^'overnMent Dice^pe, nl30 
tii-it ni 8 iiioney wa? in zhe e^fe nnd he could t.e-t it nny time 
he wv',nted it nnd that .'eaird offered to send for , arr^ing 
lut Albrecht snid never iijind. rii't, ciiautfeur f">r j;er'ird, 
says th?it ^eai^-d told Albrecht th'^t he hr-,'\ p ild }iip intrrept 
in liic anioon to haei-infe nnd thsit tliere vap ronie tnlk about 

niney in tLe srfe. -"har? v;ae the eubstrtnce of the trrti- 
niony introc'ucrd by Der-irrt for the T>urpor<e of pho.vinf that 
i.e iif.d Lten reltn.cpd "-nd di schareocj from the -t-ayEi^rit of the 
partnership indehtedner^. .r.niic? etf^ited, nn crore-ex'^r.ina- 
tiori, thr.t a vjhn ''oy the n'!'rje of ]-0 3f c^.nir , John i?ulkner nnd ■^ra'bpr.d vere pre-tjit in the s^locn on the dny th-^t ])« 
told /Ihrccht t'litt >.e '".nd so'^d oijt. ". enirf3 f'l ro further 
rtntcd, upon cror-e-eyanin^^tion, ti.r% he notifie*' everybody 
^.■ith whoC: hr crmc in cr.nt?>ct tn-'^t he had rnld out. Th'^t he 
nr^tificd i;n£ex, the cit^-^r iinn, r.nd L"*jm ( vermeyer, tr.e chief 
of oolice at hn^t ^l.Touir-, tli^it le h^d s"^l(? out. Alhrecht 
denied poritively thrt Henird ever ac'vieed hirr. of h"vin£ • ade 
f- BPie or th-it he evtr in nrsy c^n. er 'igrc-rcd to t--ke I. 
sin£ lor t}ie ;>«?y!nent of the tj ar tnershi-p iiv: ehtrdneps. j ore- 
car-.p denic" thnt he ■'"•^f in th.-; g.'^l^on -viien ^■•'=iixc told Ai- 
breciit th-'t he I'^^.e sold out, and deniee th^^t r.e ever xnew th-^t 
he 'r.:>d foI d C'.;t. Ch^rlc? ' "{!cr, the r^nn, tertificp 
tilt Veairc' rcvrr tcld him thr-t he hod sold "vt. .-rr.uel "vp-r- 
r.eyer, chief of -colirc, testifier thrt ^'er>ird ns^er told 
hin th-^:t re h^6. cold <^\:t^ or .— id ^nythirif to; ritout 
selling out "cut ~ayd that s<?vorf5l timep '■'uring- tiie month of 
January ond xehru^rj' 193?;, "epird oasic to him nrd v.-nted him 
to t^ ive hin ricmic'riori to run hi? vine rc^m niter twelve 
r' clock .•>nd rryo thr't he vent £T'ny ahout tiie firrt of '. nrch 
r.nd th'jt he Cir. t to hiT "r'-v.t tc veeh hffore )ie v.cnt ?w?iy, 
rn('^ thpt he r'j-.e to ree hiir. two or thref times a veek yjrior 
to th'^t ti-'e, for t>iis r,i;riofe. i-rhert A. Jort also cieniep 
thrt I-eaird ever told hiir. thrt he h^td pold out }-i» interest. 
hlVrecht fIto eryr tn- 1 r.e in there -^boiit the K th of 
J-^nurry and thst . eaird directed 'i'^ppin^; to i i\e liiin the r.on- 
ey and told hid how much to ive him and thrit lie received jk 
three hundred dollars at thnt time, 'ind tlint ti^e Toney v^?? 


t. b»vi«'- .rtusa vrost 


tnlren out of the enfe. There pre nl^o e ome r ircmnpt?ncep 
inti'oduced in "behalf of "Jtviirfl and othern in of 
Allrrcht, thnt tend ^.orp or Ic? to corrooore te their 
pt^^teaents in tci*'- rd tc ti-is setter, nil of -hich v«-re 
T)r^ fentfd to the ,iury i:y the respective '^nrtie? Bud +^hey 
had Pn opportunity to ,1\!.dfe of the credit to oe fiven to 
the re?pective v.itnepees ?nd the ci; cur. rt^ncep pneented. 
The cvit'ence tps very c onii ictinf;, str'ti/'::ent p c-ontrfidictory, 
poir.e circuastrincep ir rec -ncil able TA,ith all ol the teetinony 
cind, ge we thirV, under such conditions the jury v;re the 
proner one to j.-f. pp upon thene quertion? -.'nd th.^t their find- 
, iri^: pho'jJd not be lifchtly di?turoed, 

it is e?id, hov/eveTj "by c^unrel lor "p--el~n.nt, 
th.^t the verdict oi the ji'ry y/o '■ feotly rf'.nin?t the 
v/eifht of the evidence nn6 the /^or.ellote Cout «-hould tliere- 
iore ?fl the verdict aeide, nnd oite sever -1 c^^sep in vhich 
the verdict haci u( en Bet arif^e inhere p greater nu":ti;r of •o'it- 
nefper testified upon one eade thfin the !^t};r-r, hut r.n ex- 
r.h'ino t i'>n of thoee cnfr-f? d i?c'i ot-s the f^ot thnt po f':r ps 
the court could ree t}iere ^'--ere no oircujr.'-t'^ncep c-r contra- 
dictionf? in the teptiraony circept the hr-re ^t.^terent of the 
witnesses' nnd th-t the only ( uide thnt vnr: left to ti^-ll 
sp to tjie ■p rep oncle ranee nf the evidence v-nr- the ere foot of 
the numters that vere testifying hut in this or^e it ie 
diifercnt. 'j-'here ."re (.uite p. nunber of ci rc;r:rt"ncep rvr- 
roundint tiAs t.rnn pec tinn, includin{j the fnilure to nloce 
AC^3Ling upon the '^-itnepp stond, v/ho \Fould Ir.e -■■'.le to tell 
ah out thie snle, if it v;op jn fact roroe; th^-? t the Jury >-.p.d 
the ri£ht to tnke into c "nf?ivlerr.tion in deterr^ining v/ho y^e 






IrlliPt: the truth about this natter, and in laont r^^res 
rf.'ferred to, the tur^'m of >,rovinc. the allefed ^rp 
upon the rtlr>in + iff. jn this C'n^f, hovvvtr, there is no 
queption nVoiit t\iP. ^ ^^nd? hr<vlng heen jmrciipped or the 
euount dun <• nd (5v,'in£, ujioii tjiem hut tj'ie cniy ciue-tion ip 
vhether or rr^t there h-«d been « e^le )>y ueaird of his 
into; I -^t in the p Trtnrr.">ilT) '^nii that •''lt.rcc>it w> Cont-npny 
Ihad notjf^e tntreo'i, infJ ti^e hurden ie upon 'enlrd to show 
thip fact. The jury pf!v/ the '•vitneBcee ^^pon the r--trn,d, ob- 
rorvf'fl t.^t^ir r-ond-ct nnd de^ie-mor, th;?ir cn'-,crli)ni ty for know- 
inr ^'yo vnp tellint^ tlie truth ."toi-it thie mtter -ind v,ere 
rauoh hett^r •-'oJe to 'ell v.l --^t weight ohould tf: jiven tn 
the te r r, iir.iony of the pfvonl Viitne^-pes and the oircurn<?t'!nce» 
t"u«n v-'c c-^n fror.i a rc-dintr nl tho reooid. -e fr e rot 'I'ble 
to sny that tluj verdict nf the jury '.^-'^r- -lanileptly ppainst 
the v.eifht of the evidence ?nd y repeate.d -^ecxrianp of 
t>tir ".nd the -'.j.nreiKe ''-ovjrt it h:;? 'uccn -leld th'^ t u-ile?«(? 
ye o?^ n '-o pf-y th^t ^'6 r-Loiili r.">'' dlpturh tho ^(frdj.c;t, snd 
T-.e -irp Inclinfd to di.^turh f'ie finding: of the jury in thie 

T^-e F'oond pnint insisted upon cy cr.unrel for ^p- 
pellnnt is th"t : ■■:F'rir.(:; (^ontinuot! to do busincr 'vit): /.Ibrecht 
pttpr tie firrt -^f /-nunry, I^'IT, nnd that there could "be 
no lifTility ly 'cairc! for ony i.ord5? pure)- nt^ed therenlter. 
'I'hi!? 'vn]c! lif trve if there hsd tf. <n n r^lr and /.It rreht (i 
Conir.nny •"•eve rotii'ie'^ of -ruch a £=3le hut unle?? they V.nd 
hffn mtified '^f the ch-infie of the 't'^ rtner^hin then Alorecht 
<k Cnmn^ny v culd r^ve n rifht to trc'-it it is r c ■^ntin;)inp 
p?'- tnerphir:, and in f ■ ct they did so as they continued to 

■ 6- 

chsrf.e foods purchnped to r. }T>srinp i. Company. In nd-^i- 
tion to this it ie to ;»•">: if ied Ly /Obrrclii. th-^t f re-ucritly, 
.Tl'tt-r the rirturn of y.eaird from his ti'ip, he rn-oniped to 
pny thie indebtedncssi, we think the findinf of the ji-Ty 
r-linuld Is tal-rtn by ^h« court rp liriPl Tid c tc] usi ve upon 
thip rr.??tter. 

It ie next said thp t the court c-rr<rd in r. 'mil ting 
the te?tinony of the \7itnef^pee in rebutt.?!. -^i ere •■',-) p no 
objr.ctinn ninr^rr lo thi? te'^'', imony end nonr ni opervRd in '.he 
record, an^:! we do not believe th".t c ounpel ie in '^ny (jOpI- 
tion to r'iise this objection, bxat even if tfiey 'f-rG, we 
l.-Tt inclined to the cvirxcn tbiit tVie evidence vj? r^roper, 
[ae there v/itntr'cec uped in rt-'Mittsl •■rere the '^rxr.r vLom 
_/ I eairc mid lie i .nd told of hn-vir.g ::j\cle tlie o^^le, nrid tiiis 

Wi! r tor the purr.ope of cortrad let iT".£^ hiri ur)on thit question, 
V/hich we believe they h.vd n -rifht to do. 

it in next objected th^.t tVie c^urt r-fv '--cd certain 
inetructionp offered by the plaintiff in error, i-ospi-^int 
is r-jide of the rcfueal of mIp. inti ff in error'p firet in- 
struction, -hi? instruction ■^v':" *?Tnbodied in i iven instruc- 
tion Lo. 2. 

/■? 'bjection is rv\de to instruction I'o, 5; v/hile it 

init-ht not have boen r^v r^iblu error to }.'fi\e fiven tldf in- 
fStruction, e till we ?irc un.nble to pny th"t the r'fupnl of 
it '.'?-•'? reversible error for the Tenrr>r\ tl-nt it pr'i'ur.e-.'] that 
the debt concerning; which tlie contention ',v« " being hr.d v/ae 
th-.-t of .:eaird, ?nd the evidence p})ov.'t? t]:nt it v.-f? the debt 
of i. ). "print; u. Company. 

fyception is tPKcn to the rrfiisRl of -he seventh 





in'' + r\:f"ti'?n -^Ifn, "^^ut ye rilo ?iot, "oelir-ve +>;i{! critici^n ie v;ell 
tfiVen p" it -v^'T an inetruction thnt. inforKet: the Jury th?^t 
the delcnd^rt * .Tfinc i ?;d def m-l "ff d and ff^Tiiitted tiir-t he 
vf\Tr li.""::le frr thi3 de>-^t. V.hy f?hor.ld the court ttll tne Jury 
wlmt y^p-'irxp h-r! f^ '-mi ttrd' The ct'e^tion for tVp jury v.'r.p 
to determine ;^.ot the -dnip'^irin of tht? "jif^lillty ?f nr--irig 
"b\it ?? r to th Ijp.bility nf i (-:'>ird. • e tMnk 'hi? instruction 
T'.'' "^ i~'. ir:1e"'d ing . 

Aftfr a carc-tw3 conpider ti'-n ^f thi sr I'^^ooi'd ^'.e 
are n^t -^^^le to p'-y tii/'t the oorrt cor.ii ttc-d jj/'y rrvrr-able 
err'^r? in thf? trial or tli.^t the verdict of the ,1i;ry v/r^e 
rifmii'ertly «»f'r> in^-t the y-'ci^-ht of tie evidence, -Mid the Judg- 
rsent of the To^^er ocurt if? ri 3 firmed. 

jui;G''hj'T AiFih].;::!). 

Not to be r*^-oortr:d in ful?. . 



/. CHARLES C. JOHNSON. Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
'he State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copg of the OPINION of the 
iaid Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in mi; office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set mi; hand and affixed the seal of said court 

at ML Vernon, this _..-,rv,.„rv^=L-^ day of April 

A. D. 1916. 


of the I Appellate Court 





Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 

Present: \ 

Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 

And afterwards, to-wit: On the 3e Yen t eenth day of April, A. k. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in fhe words and figures 


19b lA. 184 






.l.?IJ.J.J?J^.. .I_v_ S.UTLERi... 

Term Ho, 10, In the Appellate Court, Agenda lio. 60, 

Fourth District. 
October Terra A, D. 1915. 

Sherman jAHSon, ) 

Ilaintifi in error. ] 


Vt! . ) 

) Error from the Circuit 
lllinoie .arilcer'e T.ife ) Court of Alexander Cornty, 

Aepociation of J,:onmouth, ) 

Xllinoi?. ) 

Defendant in error. ) 

c ride« J. 

The T^l^intirf^n «rior, hi!*reiuTf ter n'^tlled plain- 
tiff, 'nptituted euit -v^iJint the dfefentUmt in error, herein- 
after called defendant, to r^cove/ ur>0R on iri'^i'-r^nce policy, 
rho defe«^ted in t^ie tyi«»l\c/)urt and "by thir prnreedin^;? 
eeeSs p revier'. 

3t Rppearp from t^ie Accord in this n'f?e th- 1 on 
Octoher li), 19'' 7 J > er.nel.t Vnr'on, {p.fb.cT -rl n1 '^intif'f , procured 
in incvrnr.ce certificate or policy in rleferid»n+, coTnjiany for 
tv,'o t>i.oue'=!nd dollnre. The policy provided for the oijirent of 
Bseeeements bi'c\ crntflinerl e rl'^nf^e of forfeiture in c'»=e of 
failure to pny nny & = s€??T>j«int . "he afient t>3rn .^jh whom the inpvr- 
fince v.'a.r rirocured vr: 'D. J, o»(:onrel'' of '"iro, ^--l.o wi^e the 
defendant's agent ••'t tyi'^t rlf^cet. The in6i>red •vne of tlie af:e 
of forty-nine yp^rg, nrd uirter the hy-ln'^R v-nf* "f>nvired to 
fcive guarantee notes for the ^count of i:'lA.b<\ ^nd to o^y whet 
they called an ^dinlf?pion fee ->f f !^4.5". Thic adr»ip;'lon fee 
he] onped to O'Conr.ell qe the fifent. "he injured h d no money 
v/1 ere^'ith to ^lay C'Conne'j the adrippion fee ard f^^ve tiira hie 


JitrmiO srfj- en??^* lofs^n ; 


^r^1ip■■ lo fls< ' " b3y.u9onin 9».- 

9 J aow i 

t« Msr \ 

• i 

note tharefor for $24.50. The first f3f.f?epflTr-,ent vpg w^de in 
January l.ut the insured ins-isted thnt O'Connell h^^rl tnld nim 
yie v.ould not h^^e to v.ny the firpt n.s?.Pee«"'.ent, '^nd throuth 
the inetriii.ientaliiy of r'Conne.U the liret apreperaent v;p» 
fttnted. ?-eti"een the fiXFt apseciRPient DRde xn J^nu' ry ond the 
second -ne made in April, the inpuxed made several paymente to 
C'Connell in P'.uf?!! nciounts, r«n(.ing fr.^w one dollyrcx to eix 
dollara n-^king r total of tvrenty-four dollpr?. "he l-^st pay- 
inent nt sir '^o31'^rp having, been nac.e on the llth of April, 
1908. At a'oout the tin*- the laet payr;ent v.-as mrde the insured 
received nolico ->f bti assepement for 4G«1'', '"ef^if/nated as 
Cr.n . ::0. 42. In ii letter later he cl'^irrieri t}'r>t the p^^/raents 
made "by hin to O'Connell were upon his Rsseoemeritp out 
O'Connell bb.^^ they were paid to him tzpon hi?? note ^riven as 
admipeion fee and. credited thereon. It i** not clairaed there 
wf>e any T>ayment fciade of the April nsse?eme;it, except the n oney 
paid to C'Connell. AeaeoKtients were • .ade ""vy defendnr;t upon 
their policies in July and October and vevc designated an 
Call i<o. 43 and 15o. 44 but no sfpeeement w^s expended rt 
theee dates af^ainst thie policy. Between the tirne of pay- 
ment nade to O'Connell in April and the montii of oCtober 
the insured moved to higeouriy/;t nd in Oototj e r urn ior^jardod a 
Rioney o-rder to o'^Gonnell lor ;,.6.?Xj ''-hich was by/him turned 
over to the Corariany and (^'Connell aoviaed him -jjihat ne wp.e 
no longer the yfigent of the eoniDany andN^o trjyhsact hi? ^UBi- 
ntes v'ith th^e\company. This led to a ccrr^pondoice betreen 
the secretary ofv the company and the insyi'ed.N. several :ietterp 
v/erc p3s?p0d, in goHe of v^iich tne ^ecr^nry of th« Company 
craied tlie attentionN)f the injured t6 t)\e fact thaVhis 
policy lapsed in April.\he in return claimed thr- t he ft<?d 
m?'.de the payraentp to theiXaj ent '.♦Connell. The Secretary 


i ti. ' O iVi<i \ 



RdWiaed the inBured tliPt h* t/ould inveetiKat* this natter 
andXhoped to «dju:'t thi^e 8ati8fa)ctory to all concerned. 
It apVcRrr; however, ,,th't p.s r reeui\t of the corre«ponrtence 
ttipt cn\i;oveB«ber 5^/1808, notice w^'e kiven to tie inp> red nnd 
he w^e c.rlled xmyn to -OFvy nspep^jnente I'o. 4?, ' o, 42 and 
i;o. 44 of <\.i;^'cfch, and notified that uialc^-* paid within 
one ^onth the^olicy would be forfeited. Tti^ insured died 
on Kovembcj/ P4,\l9oa, nnd V.efore the expirfttispn of tiie one 
Bonth, l/e plnii\iff ip a pon of the ceo'en.«ed\and "benefi- 
ciary n-Zt.ed in the ^licy. -hortly aft#r the rlefVth of his 
f Jttlier''..e virote the C Aran any a If tter j^equeetinf; blanlcs lor 
prco^, etc., and w-is ti.en notified by the Coiirpf^ny that the 
policy IV" f) forfeited m j\nu'>.ry 1^ 

it ig\»ed by anpeliee thpt the policy wae for- 
feited arid by tppejl«nt, -lirrft, th- 1 he liod made the payments 
and, 3econd.- tli^ t eve^^ if Vie did not make the pnynentn to 
the Tjroper person th-jt t^e forfeiture w;p ^faived. 

■-.he viftclnrfilionXf iled in rnip cns-e v^pa in the ii?ufij 

fnriii, declRritg upon the pol'icy and claiming th^t by reaeon 

of failure- to pny the eaci* he\wnp dmtmt^ed to the «inount of 

tiSbOf , OC. 'ihe defendant filed l^he plen of general ispue and 

a epecial olea nverring thf»t theN^nsurance >i"d lapsed for 

failure to oay the callr i oa. A2, 43 ^"«i 44. To tr-is nlea 

plaintiff replied: ."irc»t.- rhp.t tlie <:al' b v;ere rejularly 

paid. .ccond.- *ii t there vas p. waiver of aorfelture. It 

■wae upon these issvies thfit the case wad tried \y n jury. 

I'he only question that v;e deekj nece?snry to cnn- 

pider in the determination of tiiie crbo, 4e aiscioeed by 

this record, is, Ooep the evidence herein fst"4.rly tend to 

pr^ve a vaiver of forfeiture, the effect of euch v,aiver, and 

the instructinnp £ iven for r.npeilee UT>on this pubject. 




TVie policy provl-Jed th^t, "bp'^n the failure of 

the member to pay tLe Calls levied v/itliin the time allored 

by th« Tay-laws of this Association ouch nember- 

ehip «hnjl <^a l"oifeited. hi;^ all rights to any share or in~ 

teiept in tlie tu^rantee fund or ot/ier nroperty of the Ae- 

Boci^tiorj, sir. 11 cease atsolutely at the expiration of the 

tlffie etipulated in which such payments are refuiired to be 

aede," it i*- also provided by tiie by-lave tii t, "Jiotice of 

asBi-BSciente eliall be nailed to ench member ly the tiecretpiy 
and thirty days phal 1 be allored from the dTte of mailing 
such /iotice donng which tine such asseepir.ent ehall ce r^aid." 
Thi? provieion ^«ns\for the oenefit .of the insuirnnce Company, 
and, ae ^^e underptarid the lavs, could be ^'?3ived by the Coaipany 
ii it desired f-o to do. it is said by our .^uprerre Jourt t)jpt, 
"it is obvinv.s t/>.B.t the provision in the ipolicy, -^.Toviding 
for a iorioiture for u non-pnyiaent of ths. -rnnual Torecium, 
n-^s incorpor'-ted in the contr'^ct ior tne benefit of the in- 
surance company, '..he poiiey Jid not necepBariiy uecone void, 
if the prei:iiiffii wns not v.aid ¥;iien due. Jfhe eoanany h?id the 
undoubted ri^/nt to wMive the lorfeitiire, if it p9V/ proper, 
end diepenpe ^;i tii a prorapt rayment of the premiuai at the 
time it vf-'s due." Chicrtfo '. iie ins. Co. vs. . ainer, 8^ 111., 
410, "An insurance company Iiae the opticr to v.aivc a condi- 
tion or Btipulatiou rat>ra in i-c oxn l&vor. icji'cituree pre 
not favored in the iav, p.i.d courts 'readily ?eir:e h-^ld of 
ar.y cii-cutistaiicep thnt incic-.te ^n ir.tent to v?iive-a for- 
feiture. •• Any fit.reetaent, d'«ciarr. 11 .n or coiTse of 

?ctlon, on the pnrt of an inrurance coktpany, v-hich leads a 

p??rty insured 5-oneetly to believe tlif-t, \by conforming t}iere- 

to a forfeiture of hie nolicy wilD not I e, incurred, followed 


"by due oonforjaity \n i-ie 3»?rt, vdll end ought\to eptop fh« 
corttpany from insistiW unfon the forfeiture, thfiufe^h it/night 

be claimed untier the VprerB letter of the contitR.ct>^ The 

v V 

coiflTiany ie thereby estowoed from enforcing the t-^rieiture. " 

7 \ -•''' '• 

tnndi-ctore' iienefit Asdo. \e, ''ucker, 157 ill/«, 1^4. 

hnvint; scen/thnt rt wtps v;ithinXhe poweA of the 

company to waive txie i/orf eiture^he nej^ question t-oy)* de- 

terrained iS, Loes the (evidence in t^i's CRfse fairly terM to 
pyoyo ■» vMi.AJ^ r^t-l-'j he letters of the deceased indicat^thpt 
he v^ae an illiter^e mid the evidence tenrifr^o phor it 
vvs-s dxlficult for UiKi to unc ei otnnd the plan '-^f insurance. 
V hil-t*- 4 1 c ne a fi pr cni ' ■ ■ % hifT t" -^ .r r e~ 'TrTrkr'-'-^\efir-^- -itUa- t o ' C onn s 1 1~ 
»flF in ii^ ± .- i : or R n -iMiffiJ.jJBj^pn ffis the c nn(\u c. t ~^a£~ MfiM. A ttrmt\p(* A 

t o ' C onrici^Ii , , ^^jj^^"4w? e ti 4 > » -»'4M<, d . ■ .t hAB" jr#-~jr*»g4 ^ i a r . .. £ . j .. atC ) Ti I li f i' W d hy . 
thf. f.AR4>-.!Jij»t«flA>Mf ter Le went to l issoui'i and in \ ctoher 19"*8, 
hfc sci t a ij.oney order ',o ("'Con->ell i'cr ..,6,;<5, v.hich i':'ou.ld "be 
the insur-nnce due in Octoher, ':';»Cun>ielj. iiidorcitU this money 
order to dt-fena^mt and f'jrwKr^^ed tij.e ::n.-,.e unci then wrote the 
deceased to cOi-rei?pond in the futuie vith the defendant con- 
puny nr- I'.e v'F>3 no longer en^';;q:ed -t work >*ith .he onmpany. 
Then on cctober o, i9ia, W. a. oav/yer, the cocxctery rf the 
corapany, \?rote the Jeceaf?i>d a letter a<iviBinfe 'IlXex of the re- 
ceipt of the v6.25 from COoraiell pntl aj ';0 advir-int; him that 
yiiB inourrnce l:;ppt:d on Call Ko. A2 and thrl to r)l')ce hir. 
in tood rtandlnt: l:e • ould 1 pvt to x-oxv/arc? sl2.14 iiorc, to- 
t ether .vith a htalth certif ic ? te . Gn ;'ovei..l,er 2na, 1908, 
the deceaeed wrote th.e defendant ? letter adviping it of the 
receipt of their letter of rcto'cer 'lipiii., in vhich )ie ^aye: 

"1 see in your letter y^u iLpve relapsmi 
policy, nox'? when did yon relnpis it nnd 
why did ^fou notify me. 1 can wtig w ;ry receipt 



for w^AUh* Sot the In- t year^ X know 
it not Tiy f»?i.iit only f}.is lat pa^mentar^ I 
never had any instruction your collector call** 
on i.i« ni:d ^.o* y'^ur noney and i tiioufVit it rt^.9 
all rite. Xo^ tH**;?^^ think you lirn? out hold nie 

paid into tJie \lllJioij!i ^anlcerp . Sd.S5kr'nd I x^-^ ,jC^i 
will ^a-ite to you.^ collector ai'id see whnt he 
has to oay auout it and I wpnt you to pee «bout 
it. a never hr>d •■^ny instruct to 3en it to the 
home office. I.'o^» x'^* hove silN='e|prn the r-idowll- 
son. " 'y-^u^i-'cjc 

Cn "ovember 5th, r. oavvyer, the lecretsry of 
defenc'nnt, replied to t}iis je ter and ar'visc-d ' iru th^^t the 
money r^sid to the ageiit v^at- undoubtedly ui)on the adjniseion 
fpee, K.rid enclosed n htalth certiXic te flhcv<injg, the f>*nount 
necessary to put hiJs policy in AOice and then adrjo, "1 nm 
writivit^ to ci-r ^t^.'-'nt /or inrcrtriatlon rsgoxding t.-e amount of 
rionc-y you cl'irj you paid to him and v/ill notify you -what he 
has to ;'ay reg. xdiog the rr.atter," On iio ve.-r.her iCth, the de- 
ceased v.Tote to fiefsndant ^.Taother letter np'Srir.r t '.e re?. !?on 
Y.hy hi? 'ioney v/>c 'ir-ld b^clc nnd. the policy alio ed to lapse, 
-nd ?t?ting th^t it >vn r re f .•?u"' t of his and tL.=-t if lie wanted 
the Txilicy to he r<. - ir.rtflted -..e v-ould have to oo it, nnd acc- 
U9e"~ the -T{ eiit '1 hf>-ving "et out to I'&.'vt hif; and tiiot re lied 
to )iir.-;, etc. '-hfire »t-r-l!'o offered in evi'^enrc n oaper 
mnrked" j-xliiuit 1 , 2", which - ur-noz t/^.o Ve h c.--11 for ae- 
ffee??nents hos. 4?, 4^> crd 44 rf jif.l? e?irh, 'vith the credited 
money order of ^.'6.25, and the bflnpce "t *"]?., lA r.'d ntiviing 
thet trie pum nvot he -cid in thirty '^ryr", if not t>ie policy 


pJ..ov.-n v.hen it w g rcceivfid. Cn l^ovcrrher 5, 19CC, i,he defen- 
dant company forvj-^rcled to the ricceapcd rn r ?ne'-'"nf-nt notice 
advicint hin tix it the amount of ;;6.13 for cnll .".o, A2, 6.13 
lor call : 0. 43, and ;;;6.13 for call > o. 44, total s^l8.39, 
•which 9re required to be ^^aid in one t onth or r-olicv vill be 

'ite ifoxiiNT 

forfeited. Cn ,'o-venber the liJth, ir. 3n-wyer, ecret^^ry 
of oeffndynt, -wrote decc;:?ed another iecter in \'?.ic/i Vie -"i- . 
viced hira tVi.-t .ic suppot^rd tVi.e ,:.onej paid by hiifi tn 'Conner 
WRp upon the ftuuiie^'ion tae and encloeinc a u'arktd folder for 
hiJi to exarriine so ae to uncer^t.-rnd the y.l.'^r oi: t..e contmct, 
thon he s^iye, "I -j-i a, nia ',7«iin£. tliia r'stttr up ■ J th J. J. 
C'Cor.neZl to fjt^ if I can e-*t. y ^u tstrai^ htened -'.it c-'rrect3y. 
1 ?jr very eorry that tiiere ct-pue to l^e -tn apparent -".isrep- 
i-eeent'' tion of oiv.r plan lot 1 certraTly 'h'ipe %ve c-sn adjust 
the 'ip-'ter to tVc r-r,ti^f'-rt\nn "f nil cn-.cerned . " 'hie -vt'^s 
the end of the correspondence •i.'id on '"over.';l!er S4th, 'pnnett 
i neon, the in«;i:red, di^d.f It v,'i\ll be ohr^^^rVef^ th'it aneeee- 
jnent!? -.dp. 43 and 44 vere not extended af=iinpt t" i-? r.olicy 
nnd no notice nailed 'it the tiT:e t^e fipsopn^ientp vcre levied 
upon other j^olicieg, hut in these -bc^o 3 e* tern vriltKn in 
I-ioveTi^ber it pecas" th^.t they wer« th«n eTlen-'ed ^xn^ one month 
frcan i^ovcDher 5th woe idven ti^e insured vityin vrhioh to rr>y 
theee Rssscsgrricnts. It certainly lobl^s li3<e nn <??ten<^ion of 
tinie for 'lakin;- tl.f. ?o p.T:/.~ente was £.r<*nted.. "'rheref ore the 
ten (iays f,rr^ce e:<?tended by the Corapany\ae ehrv-n hy itr' notice 
and j'l-ceipte, nre of no avail to this -olsi'tiff, Vec^vfe -o'^>y- 
mentp -v/erc not uade v.ithin fi.-cIi. ttn days, nor djd the lofr 
occur v'ithin t3ir.t tiire, tn the other haiid, if there "re a 
xvpjLver lor thirty days and the loe^ occurred v.ithin th-t tin-*, 
the cora^Hriy v;r\ld he er,to-})ped to nv".il itee^jf of the defense 
here inf?i'?ted iron." United ^tatee rife Jrlc. ^o. vp. ('.ore, 
Ib9 in... 476. / \ 

•' e pre of t/e opinion thrrt the frVte ond circui-s- 
stwncep surrounding -y^is case nre of thr^t ci-inrpc-^.er t> ^t «t 
lennt t> nd to rove there -«•• ? rn errtenslon •-'f V-i e riven lor 
\the ijayment nt thtee Mnperr^ente. This V7a<? s cfiiee-'-i -n nf fret 




to "be determined Voy the jury UifVder nil of the evidence and 
proper inetruotioUs of the court. 

, Instrubtion l.o, 1/6, (ivcn '^n bei.«.lf of the de- 

^ / 

^1 fenoant ie erroneoiLis in thgrt it directs p. verdict pnd coid- 

I pletely itnoree th^ queetlfon of waiver of forfeiture. In- 

/ etruction '.o. 16 ^vireR/the jv.ry th t if the ■olsintiff 

ffliled to ray f^tiy ofie 41 the Bssecffnente thr* tVen in th^t 

case insured made a\ default and that if the clef*r.dant 

never voluntary acc^ted from the plnintiff pny ?un of ron- 

/ \ 
^^1 ey in payment of ajiyl asreppnent or af?ees8nentp due tnen there 

could oe wo waivei" o^i default n.nd yoi.r verdict !?hf>iild be for 

/ \ 
defendant. 't\\\f instruction neceseuiily excluder* the icJea that 

I tiie extensioa pt the t\nie of fiaynient rcifJjt const it';te a v/=^i- 

ver. Instruation t.o. IV, is faulty for tne pane rsa=on end 
^ / \ 

for s. furtiver reHf=on t)iat there cou3d Ise no re- in statement 


witliout tj^e furnishing of\ a certificate of heplti:, when ne 
' / ^ 

a mattei/ of fact if the tiVr-C -Tsy^-s e:Ttended a?3 clfiir> by de- 

fendant then the certif ivipi^ of health vould r.ot he reiuired, 
Arvd t4:e pairie lapy he ?aid of instruction :!o, '24 J j nf?*"ruction 
I lio, 28, undert*itl«^ to define i waver in v.bicb it says, a 
V fiver coaeietE of a "Volunt-'rv rel inquiphment oi !?o?ne knotra 
rifcht, benefit or ndvnntage v/liich the party v/ould other^vise 
have enjoyed, it beir.t, eppentiaj3y a nialter oi intent and 
Thich, ap in tide cnee., tVe or.jj proof r,i t>.>'t intent refits 
<;^ in v/liat a pnity fioee ox fcrie^rs to do. Lis act ehouJd he ao 
laanilegtly incicati^e oi an iniett to relina.uish t.. then knovm 
pj^irticular or benefit that no other rtacon-r.V.le ex- 
planation 13 T.osfiLle. " / .e t\irik>rid« iiiElruclion i.r. rise 
faulty in th'.t it doep not £;ivepfe coxrcct definition oi a 
Y-^.iver; it if? too nsT^rovr nnd yl(-norV<' the raiver nought to 

:.L, :iO,t?r. ^:,' Ov 

.a in 

>je proven in this cme, Tnere there is evirtence -fairly 
tendi?n5 to p.cove a niver t/ien «^n in:^tructlcn £:i vrn Xor 
" def eiidant witiiiut containing; the eleuent if '/;>iivcr le 
vicioas and ca'lcula?ieii to ^ii-ale^'d tuo Jury, uvna 'lodge 
A.V.'.J.'m. va. A.acliOTBri.u, IW':^ ill., 14u. It is snid r-y counsel 
:'or nppellee tJLit t}ie iji.otructionc shouid oe considered a? 
a t.^eriev and tiiat as isuch lay dov.n tjtfe rule corrc^ctly. Cnn- 
ce(2irx' tl'iF t the inf; ti•uc^if;uy i,iv;.n Tor rjlni'^itiii did l^y ^own 
p coTTv.ct rule, uany of liiose givtn for deiindpnt direct s 
verdict ard \ ore c cr; t.r'"c\ic toiy ci liic ifi:-tiv' ctianB ,; i^ven iir 
r.lf-ir,Titi F.rd r.ece rcarily e>:-.cluded i'jioin tie j'^'Ty -jie con- 
sic^err.tinn of ^-ai-jer of lor^eitiir*?. >jy t'.xe extenwion of tirr'e 
of r.n:rrr."Tit, Lien thourh oti'.sr correct iur-tructicnr vere givf^n, 
undft"^ ?u.oh cict'". ^t-^-acef they vould not cv.rc the error com- 
plained of. iCrlb V?. :. . ^it.l-^ui? 3\3T>urT3P.n Ky. Co. 232 III., 126. 
City of ;;.'Ron y^. > •^"con'b, 205 111., d45. 

V.o nre of f-.e opinion t^.:-- t ^i e cienieut of vviiver 
■by the ^•:<"tcnf?ion of U'-e ti-je i'or pnyisent v; r ■:in ir.T.ort?int one 
in t-.of; cnpc und thi* ;):e ji^ry •wcrr .-ot f-'->.irly instructrd 
v.-itJi rcft-mnce to r-^pintiff ' r ri<.;ht=! !xr.cL tr.-t Jv.?tice demands 
that a nrr* tri'-l "be ^ivf^rrred. herein. It if> jrf5erc-d thr-t ti^e 
judgment of the lov-er court be veverficd fia<^. t}.e cau^e re- 
in» nded . 

iiOt to be reoortcfd in full. 


/. CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copu of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in mi; office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set mi^ hand an^ affixed the seal of said court 

at ML Vernon, this ..rr^.7^^^. _ dag of April 

A. D. 1916. /^ yff f I /) 

Cleflfofthe Appellate Court. 


A ' "' 


Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at ML Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th dag of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. .» 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. | 

CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk. TH0m4s E. PASLEY, Sheriff 

And afterwards, to -wit: On the i?..e.ven teen th day of April, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut ML Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in the words and figures 
following: | 


19JDI.A. l89, ^.. 


....\^p.p.e.l3 a.R.t..... 

No. _1 5 

October Term, 1915 






HON. _ 


Term Nc. 15. In th« Appellate Court, Agenda '.c.5, 
lourth Bietr-Ct. 
October Term, A. D. 1915. 

'r^nk vir^iin, ) 
Appellant. ) 


J, 1.. i.ermanny, 

r.ppe«l fxnm the Cirnuit Clnurt of 
) Terry County, Illiroig. 


. i 

Ivctride. J. 

The appell'int Lrouiiht thi? ruction in the Circuit 
Court of i erry County for the reco-very of certain honds. 
The court lound the it-vuop Tor +V.e cUfendnnt Rr,6 disrdeeed 
his suit nnd it is 'vOU£ht "by thi?; appenl to rever'^e the 
judfe:rient . 

CVtp ^ .It yppt:; rs froia the e\ide.nce in t>d« C'-se thf=;t 
Ftppc i ll an t and !v»MUj^e hr<6 prior to Teceficer fG, 1911, en- 
tered into an .^reement for t^.e fjycrj?nt:e of povne lR,nde Rnd 

in v.hich certain differences v;ere to he raid "by. 

to he raid hy .a-ranel 1 ant ' 

hy tbe {,,ivin£ of a r.otfc, and ?Qipi?1 1 aw-t vn? ='.l(?o to rent the 
Ipnds th- t he conveyed to awreiri-re for p. term nf t' o ye-^r? 
at ^ll^ per ye^r. There was alno a rtock of ;-oode 
trnneferred it thie ti're. . -t'^ y el l^u t trade hie conveyance of 
the landp and *?? it apne^.r^Arae ready to complete hie r nrt 
of the -fereement jhut^ atout Decerrher S9, 1911, it 'vae aeccr- 
trained thot -irf '"^ ' *■ could rot ^.ifike the onveyance of the 


.<3£^f .'I .A ,nTi9T -xscfoc^oO 


_ ..I, t 9 5X7. Jo .' 

fe9"?3ii"nsib bftfi *nf>bn»t>b 9cl3- tot aoisnat 9iii hau 

.t.-ilj- s-jf^o 9xrf.+ nx aorrsbiva srf.t aioTl eT.>>9cTffJ3 JI r 

t. .:. ,k ^^.■.J,^i 

-*fiMs-;--C*-w<i-fe.. Ycf bxs-^ 3cf Oj 9t9vv esosi^i'^Yi lb nxftii^o aoiiiw nx 

■■iz-^rji, O.J- 'in sciei s lo't iTS^-^fSf^B o J b^x^vrco h 


o r,o - 'i;r. -^' 

- ■ ■ ■ ■? ■ 

-■v ... , .,i2xi* J- 


lands he had pgreed to convey for the reapon that there 

was a mortgfjc* indebtedness upon the iRnde for '"ore than 

he coi Id mect^v^ien tuis wnp determined it nppenrirth-t_ 

another et,reeraent w«e entered into "by vh ich n^rfrTtl am -v^ g to 

surrender Che s?3700,ro note back xo apf « l *fi . n t grd w jtppoll a ni ' "^ 

claiBl'jT th'^ t .aliXL£ vis to return to iiira t^n bonds of the 

par value of one hundred dolljire each, ifr^ued Ijy the '"roy, 

Illinois xelrpjione Cormnny nnri that ^^'i/gH pfi ";^t- to giv« the 

appiilXSJli the tv'o vpr-rf? rent of the lar.r'p free, ili** j appall a t — 

^ of ^ 

r'enie'gythf t he wp? to five the rent/therrrSar. l=ndp free 'but 

inp l^tF^th.'^t firTiC ' llfni w,s to -"^gy him rent t>ere-for, smd that 

the bonds were held by hira a? rollaterrl peouritjr for the 

rent. At the ^'ovefn.ber Tsrm, 1912, '^f the rircuit Court 

of i-erry County, lllinoip, the ap -nollnAt filed a Vtill in 


cmncery ^eeVin^ - specific •perforrnance of the '^ereenent upon 

der the Ip370r. 00 note. It appea" ? fron the record that the 
a nncTl -ee did not dimute the ri^ht of apnollant to the ^37CO,C0 
note, and in f'-ct r-urrendered the e^nie to him "fc'Ut 'V Q pcllge ^"-"j^t-oJU^ 
filed an anev/er in thst crpe denying thrt he h?^d ^ureed to 
five fe i' jell- '' .ni the upe i^f the l^nds for t'o \'-e"-.i? free of 
rent, and denied that he Thread to return the ■-foresaid "bond? 

but insisted they v/ere held cy him pp col''r!teral security 
for thvj '-.Qyrnent of the rent. T-i— »-l l u a', u L' 1 1 'i! '^w L the cause 

went to trial nnd the court found the equities to he v'it}i the 
y, ")'»' ^ ' 1^ ' C '- 1 f'nd then dierai«f?ed a pi^ollant' ? bill. 

At the h ^ ^y Term 1914, /ao -reliant began ^hiw suit 
afrainet apinsllee allet^inf: in hi? decln.rntion, in substance, 
th'^t **'*«• -^-"pel T tf hnd converted the ten bonds aforesaid to 


arij to acffC'd tt&t mia q.'- n'xu? * 

«ilt Tol v.t fTfiose) Ij^*i9;tj^I Ton "s nxrf i^cf bCari 9'X 

noc^j J-naraoo:,^^ srf;^ Ip soasariot'J 


'•9X prrS Tc: c. 

9 ■■■-..,, j-n'5\-; •, 

01 LI. 

to his own use end clPined damajf b therelor/ in the nrnount 
of fifteen hundred dollars. To tl^ie declsrntion the defen- 
dant filed a plea of general iepue and of reB adjuf^icntf!, 
eettine up the chancery proceedinge niove mentioned, nnd 

what was claimed to be a decree in Tcpr of anTj e l Tani^ g rights. 

A replication wae filed to this plea denying that there ws^b 

any decree of the s^id supposed former f?uit i?- allejed in 

said plea. / j-he cause weiit to tripl u^ on this pleading nnd 

the court found the ippueyxfor the appellee and rendered 

judgment against appellaht for copts. 

Counsel for appellant and >?ppel]ee de\ote their 
principal argument to the question as to T/hether or not 
there w-ip a decree rendered in the -aid chancery c*'uee that 
concluded the pjurties herein \Tith reference to their rights 
in these "bonds, and it ie nlpo insiste^^ "hy ccuneel for sp- 
pellant XY^X the court erred in admitting what he terms a 
purported decree in evidence, and lidding the saise ae 
res adjudicata in the c-tj'C. >e think th-=)t this is the only 
queetion th~t is necessary to be considered in n i^roper 
determin-'tion of this suit. 

In support of the pies of re? ad judicntn. the sp- 

1 pellee offered in evidence a -nnper r.urported to be the bill 

filed ty appellant in the chancery ca-^e of Virgin vs. iier- 

: manny. This was objected to for the reason thnt it vip not 

the original bill and lor other rea-^'ons. The objection 

wse overruled. There wis no nroof offered to ehov; that it 

^C was the oritlnal bill or t^i-^t it wps even a part of the files 

in the c^se; proof th-t it vns the original bill filed in 

ithat esse, or that it nns a rjart of the files sliould lr>ve been 


51 to hnti 9iS^at Xaten 

■ ■ V 

■^^t9bn9^^ bcrn ^-srrsrrcfB 9rf.t TCot/'iS^ aura's! 1 *xl^ Bflf ' 

foe. to isrf^^ixfer oi 'sm aiii.imap'Mi oi iiismu-^'iJB lAqi': 

/? Hr-T'^i ad ;f£riw aniiiL-chi; nl I ■- 

T«qoi'-- r rrfc b9i«» nlra no ';■ VT'--'^'.^?o-i>r: f-:x j ■ ''(j nc'i 

. ituQ «?!' " "?■ -:" r -^ - ■ 

rtniio9t;rfo *rft .sjnogpat tsrf^o 'xoi fee.': _:.. isfT'isJtTn •=> 't^ 



made tef o re it vr^s p.ifiniseible. The evri^lliee then offered 
?. writing purporting- to he o. rTecree in th-'t c^ee. This 
v/ae also objected to. '•here i? mth ing- connected vith this 
I instrument to s'sio^n that it vp.b s. decree of the court. In 
order for it to *"eC3!ie -^cnissihle sp ^ coyy of th? decree 
it should h-^ve l»e«n certified to -^^ ■'luoh unrler the se^l of 
the clerk of the court. -iec. 13, Chap. 51, lur'i? hevlsed 
^t^tute of J Hi ois. It 'vs not even ':>roven to be a p'^rt 
oi' the files in the cftee or in any Tisner identified, 

Appellee sought to avoid fie force of this objec- 
tion Ly oo\Tin£j into t/ir corrt snd filing -//h st -ouroorted to 
he a su'"plen:entHl record, v.hich rns lilei Cctoher 21, 1915; 
gleo by inrietin^ thit the record itoc-ll, containing the de- 
ci'ee, v?"-.? oi^f. red in evidence. i.e h-^vc exar.iinr'" the record 
in this cf!se f^r.relully .-'nd find the "onper ■ourportirif' to be a 
??uppler;:entnl record doe? r.ot cure the error, it only -urporte 
to be a covy of "j^ef <= ndpnt ' ? 'Xhil'it B", bninr the B'-imt fiecree 
as tiie one inserted in the bill oi exce-ot i "jms-, rvith the ex- 
ception th- 1 it att?^ch»d tiereto the ccrtifin-'te of the . 
cleric that it is '- true copy -"f tlie record •\nd ^f the decree, 
biit doe? not pur.ort to be n -;rrt of t}ic transcript nf the 
bill ol oxceotionB i^ned by the .Tudf^;e. -'yie hill of excep- 
tion!? c^ntainb t-ic purported decree v^ithout the certificate 
of the cicrk, -Mii. we do not tr,ink th^t t}ie clerl; c^n lile a 
p-^oer t/.nt a 6? :t "jrjTort to supply an onipr^ion from the 
bill of exceotion3 and thue substitute :ii3 vie-v of what '.vps 
offered in evidence for th- t 'if the court. It is paid, .ow- 
ever that the record of t'ne decree rap offered. .e find the 


Jbe^iv 3 

"-ifeirfv; ^ 


> - f^t to i-Adi 1.:- . „ ... 

following entry in the "bill of exceptione: "Vc offer 
chancery record, Perry County, ''o, 17, pn,' e 169 in the 
c'se of ;>rank Virgin vc. J. K, Rermanny, amen'ied bill 
for specific performance", ani thi a itt nil thrt ie phom 
T'ith reference to rny record. It doee nnt in f^ny rianner 
purport to contain a coioy of the record. 

We of the opinion th-^t the court erred in the 
P!dmi??i=ion of thie evidence r\iOve ■^'et forth; thepe v^-ot^ 
tr.Rterinl natters under the i^'puee prfpented in tjiis c^.^e, 

it iray he • th'^t these are only viattern of lonft 
and c=!.n "'^e cured and t.i:at upon nnother tri'^l the f?-"^e re- 
sult ■":i]1 he obtained. Th-^t may he true hut it v;ilT cive the 
court an opportvinity to determine vrhether nr 'Ot a court of 
chincery hp^l juriediction to tiy and deterriine the rifchte 
of theee p-irtie?? in ri chancery procredin^- nr-\7 r-e'" up ap 
res ad.iudicata in t: ie proceeding. Or wae it a n Iter th t 
must he determined by a court of law. 

V-e nre of the opinion th^.t the co; rt erred in the 
admieeion of this evidence and for ti^t rcnpon th.e .jud^-Tnent 
of the court ?:.-)' Id ne rnd is reversed and the caupe ren^anded, 

liot to he rrported in fiil3. 


, v'jnJRCTS-iT-lsq Dili; 
.bio 0*1 »rfi Ir 

i: .;-.:i.tiit j-an -iiid: -.0* n^x^oh b^ i; .. 

(Tu.,. ^^ .. . gaaaav?:.; 


/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copy of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in mg office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set mj^ hand and affixed the seal of said court 

at Mt Vernon, this .^sS^i^^ dag of Aprd 

A. D. 1916. '^ 




/ 6 ^ 9 J 

Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th day of March, in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 

And afterwards, to-wit: On f/ze... Seventeenth day of April, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt Vernon, Illinois, an OPINtON in the words and figures 


. B., .....E., ....Xe.znfiX.^ L _ 



No. ££.. 

October Term, I 9 J 5 


...?..?^.l ine ....9..9]^.^.;ty y pa 1 

'Q9 t a. i92 


-City. COURT 

.o..f....Ha.r.r.i£.t.urg: COUNTY 




Rec. No. 25, In the ApT»ellate Court Ai-enda I'o. 27, 

of Illlnoip, - ourth iuotrict* 
Octoljer Term, A. ■:/. 1955. 

••ichnrd 0'I\e;il, for the ) 

uee of D. J. Yezner, ) 


Appellnnt, ) 

vs. \ 

jiline ^ oMiity C nal Company, ) 

Appellee. ) 

Appeal fror. the city Court 
of Vnvrir-^ourtz, jliinois- 

I-'cjsri'ic, ,~. 

It is diecloped ly the recordin tl.i e on^e th^t 
iticl' -rd C^V.evl ttg.rn '■ cry. xor pppellee on >etru^ry 16, 1914, 
and continued vorkin^, for it -is a coal rarer up to the time 
of the Irisl of this cn.3e. It is true th?<t he tctifiep tr 
he worired upon a church for a fev d.pyf-.-, hiit thf vork unon 
the c>;urch y.'n.F cnly leirporary, r>'n.c the vitnes?- ?ays thnt he 
never did quit workirg ior the appellee, .n hvfM9,t 1^, 1914, 
C 'ileal £,:=»v£ to 0. \. i Piker a r-owcr ol attorney, vviich re- 
cited - "i" rr the oui'oope of securing any and rH ?i: as of r.oney 
no7/ cr hereafter to hecome due from ;te to sttid ^-ity loan cc 
Insurance Company, 1 here^by 'f.aice, crri'-titute ^vm ?iv,ooint 
C. \. Fnrker ^y true and 1 =i .'.'f i;l attorney, and I direct him 
for rre in rr.y nacie, pl«ce and s?tead at any time heronfter at 


JliicD \;i-iO Siict moat I^oqqA 
. r lorri " : I , gijjcTs x^t p.'T to 

9di ICl .X! 

'^ '<■ f-t .-.■■<- - -gn^Jcw 9£li bfta ^^c'tstog naf ^^Ino saw lir 
,■' - , - -^ - nO ,9SXl9<TfTS aai^ Toi Siti ■'•'•. •>. "? hrp :; ; 

^■•- r:''^r'co .sister.- '^d'eisrf I , '^nr-r^^:"' Dorr-T'J-r . 

!-9f<? i>nB »Of;Xq ,9Wi?n \t\ tit 9!TI lot 

his option when I may be indebted to the said :, onn ti. In- 
purance Company, nr collriteral irecurity f-^r any Buch in- 
debtednees, the asFifnment and transfer to said City Loan 
dt Inrurpnce ^omrany of all my w^gee, sal-^ry and c^rrrniepion 
then, or to .e theresjter earned, froja 3.ny individual, 
lirm or coroornlion by •.vhom 1 may then oe employed. And 
my attorney ie hereby autiorizeo and iiTipovtred to n^ake, 
execute, acknowledge end deliver, at hi? option, lihe suc- 
cesfive asf- igniuents ol Tiy v.- get?, 8?: In -'y an.'l conv-aici-ionp until 
any ''nd all eu:.ii? oi coney due, or hereafter becoininc due, 
from me to the said City Loan c Inj-urance tom-"ny rre sntie- 
litd in lull." Cn tne l.'^th of Avit;u?t, ]9!I^, the C. V. 
iarker aysitned to the City lean ik -Inourcnce ^Qiw^.eny all 
wagee due or to bfccoL.e cut frcri the ..plino (. ounty 
Cool 4.c.i;vi,Hjj.y for a pei'icd of five ye<.ry, and diiccted the 
payDient of such v,fj.i cj to the f.'aid City loan i:. ln'.-ur^:nce C om- 
pany, mnd tiiis assitiniTient ^-v-'S filed ^ith the ap-el"! ee 
Aui U8t ly, i&i4. It also appe-irg th?'t it hr.p never been '^'ith- 
drav.ii, or the t/0\/"er of at-'-rney revo]red, and thnt there v;as 
due and^>wing to tiie c^ty Loun u int'urp.ncc Conr-any C39,77 on 
Januf*ry £9, 191b. 

'i'iie record iisclopes an ?(v,rfGirient t>. "t on f'otober 
26, 1914, Yezner obtained jud^i./ient atainpt ('•lieal for v6b.00 
and copts, and that the juJgnent vac tinf ied, and th-^t an 
execution was lacued ajid returned ''no property found", «nd 
tli--. t Yezncr filed a.i afiida\it and obtained i'n.rni :nee eurfc:.onB 
on J'Muary ?'»*, I'Jlc, which w.-:3 ^;erved -,e require'' by lay, 
the cause heard and judgment rendered j^^-.-^inrit the npnel- 
Ifartt. it v/as also agreed th;rt ^'lleal crned, Mef.een the 

:io VT.t 




first and fifteenth of Januy, 1915, <"''4.85 v;hich wap due 
a'^d payaTole on January 29, 1915. 
I In the arf.ument of thie caee c unsel for appellant 

/ insists that as there ie no evi'encc in thi e record shoring 


th-it O'Keal vvrs indebted to tne City 1 onn ^ In^ur-mce ^omr>any 

on Au{:-;uet 15, 1»14, the r».s?ipn»nent made ty Fnrker of C'i>en.l'e 

■ v^.;^e9 on th^t date w='P «'itrio\.!t authority nf l^rr nnd invalid, 

it is true, ap contended, th^i^t Parlrer v.""-e ^ !?->ecipl agent, 

arid tiifit he wn.6 int^.ori^pd by the povrer cf ntt'^rney hereir. 

recited to Make an aefifn'^ient '>f the T"f:ep of (^'"c^l to t>ie 

i.OJiJi ^ insurance >- om^an.y at sriy ti'^.e thr>t r'lv'er?] "rio indebted 

to it; aiad it alpo pnrep'^p th"t t^sre ir '"O evidence in 

t];ie recoic diPcloFinf; tiift en inde'btef'ne ? ■ did e:lr-t at 

the tiiie ol the aFpj;-nnprt. 

it arnearp to u <= thrt the nover ^f rttorney au- 

thoriziti^, isrker to wake thie spri;'r-'r;ent V'p liT;it-;d to a 

tiiiiC in viiich c'lveal vps? irdehted to the (-ity "! o-^n ■ J nsxir- 

I .ance tonipany, sno ti'l!^t it w-'s tl.e duty of ^^D-^rllee to show 
th^^t wiien i^arker executed the « ■=:=ignTnent he T^iV vithin the 

ten^e of txie cower of -attorney. ! e vrc a r^^eci^l ? ent , and 
wiiCi-e cor.ditioni* e jBt in the r^utinority of the ^neciol ,'>.£rent, 
and where the authority of "^ s-oeoial ai:e.nt is linited and 
depend? u^ion tho e-i^tence o? certain fr^cl.' ■■^r conditions, 
then it devolves unon the ni ent exercising th-'t rjnv/er to 
show th- t the conditions ii^non '"'•lich hip rif^J^.t to exercipe 
it tiien in existence, or that t>ie ?.ct har" ir '•r^ie man- 
ner oeen ratified "uy the 'principal. 

it ftl po ar»r)ef rs Iron the tf'rti»rony of C^V.c^'l th^t 


itieJiQO to ao- 


since he assigned v/ith Parker that Parker drew all of i.ic 

v/Bf^e? and gfive a part of them to f 'Deal. Lis lanpuape it?, 

"-ince i signed with : r. •'•Hrker, he (kr, x.-^rker) drew all 

wy watee and l.e would give r;,e a part of the w-fep." If it 

ie tri.e, pr-- rtated ly the t-itnc^p ■^'ITcal th^t frcp. the date 

of that aefiLntient, he * ermitted T^rker to dra^ n1^ of his 

iva^cF find rrcfc i-ved « ;ortion of the vr.gep from i arker, then 

"it certainly vt.t a ratifies ti en of in.rker'r- '^ct of appign- 

ment, and a vai"vinj cf tie conc^ iti rng in the ^orcr of ^t- 

tnrney v;Mch }c certninl;y the ritjht to Vini\e. r'J^eal 

'.7r^e in the erplcy of orrfiief rt the tine nf tie execution 

of thie po-rer of 'Tnr-y, and wap av:thv':ri7ed unf'rr the law 

to execute such po'^ver cf attorney and puthorire j.-i:ch an ae- 

eignment. Lallln vf . V/enhsra, 2C9 111. r!:>2. If '~'':enl per- 

T^.ltted i arker from tire to tive to make euch r. crjignraen te nnd 
,' to receive a portion of the vr^ee irc!ii hirr, even tl ough there 

/ may have been porue irregil -riti ee in the sr-if n'ne-nt, it v.ould, 

a? ve viev the Irw, he st je--rt ar. tqviti^'.le a? r:i£:ntnent of 

rates. "-uch equitnhle .-^s^cifnEtr ts of chcpoe- in f.ction in 

modern limep hnve received ^- larf:e protection in court? of 

law, ^p T'c-11 r- p in c^urt? of eouity." '-hic^ o itle L Trust 

Com':tany vp. l^--.ith, 158 111. 4T7. It h^g hren repeatedly held 

"by the decjnione cf hoth tVc eupreme and cSTjrell ^tc courte of 

thip ptpte thct v.'here an er;);itfhle g-i^nmcnt erirts, nnd 

there is e "bona lide irdet'-ednesr, th>t crvrt? ol lav vill 

protect ruch e £.'?i; ni.-i€ nt even in (.arnirhrncat ^roce^^^din^P. 

It ie also cl-ii.ed that ae tliS City lop-n i. Znsur- 

ance 'company 77ae owned hy i'arVer, thnt tir^b he \v^ =v r.aking 

an a?^ ii=,nrcent of the ■^.nf^e? to himself, that he 'j^i; ^t shov hie 




a'4i9%B ^d 9Dnin 





acts are I'ree from fraud. ihere is no evidence in this 
record ehoving fraud, ..tjt it doer- appenr thf-t i-'TTeal was 
indebted, to the City loan L inrurf.ncc Compajiy to the ariount 
^/_ j ol ^.Z.i*'.7V on ^rviwry Si,, 191;., and ur.lets the c.czt are phovn 

I to he irrudulent or s.-.nde tor the purpose of iiindt rin^': and 


I dci<'i.yintj cr--ditcrt-, the court '..ould not be m thoii'^.ed to 

indulge in a prt-cjurj-tion nf iruud. '/e •■re of tlxe opinion 

that the tri-.l court v/ris v.'^rr'^nted in roviceriiij;;. == Judgment 

in fa-.or oi the r^ppellee, nnd : ind no revei'pi'ble error in 

the cast:, and the JadgL:ent of the lower court ir affirmed, 

Mot to be re-:3orted in full. 


;i Jii." 


/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, wvMn and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copg of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in mv office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set my hg^ndmvl gflixed the seal of said court 

at ML Vernon, this .-f^L.,^^^. dag of April 

A. D. 1916. 

_ ___ •:.<^n???:^..... 

Clerk of the Appeitate CourC. 



^ .' / 



Opinion of the Appellate Court 

A T AN APPELLA TE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th dag of March, in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harrg Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 

And afterwards, to-wit: On the Se..y.gnt.e..eil.tJtI dag ofiApril, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt Vernon, Illinois, an OPfVION in the words and figures 

THOimS E. PASLEY, Sheriff 

99 I.A. 194 


.?ilY...- COURT 

of ...Hsrri sturg... cgB^ffy^cx 



Y;. h. PARISH. "V 

nccord l.o. 2C. In tii.e AT;,je]l«tte "-ourt Ag. l,o. 28. 

of iliiaoiL!, > ourti liiuirict. 
Oc^o'bt;I• 'j.ev:,i, A. i). l^lb. 


xhomas ieareon, lor the une of ) 

•rtt)r;fellant, } 


VB. ) 

) Appffl iron tl-.e '-ity 
T. o , Ci^aj-a, ».'. C. ..ilOack, } 

Kiilliani V/einand, Trustees in ) Onuit nj } nrrir'bur§-, 111, 

Isanlcruptcy ol the o'Uara Coal ) 

Conir)?ar-y, R coriioration, a br-nkrupt, ) 

^ ' I 

Appellee, ) 

Lcjiride, J. 

It appearps froia fue reoord in this? care tjiat on 
l.cveiibfcjr i;S, 191o '*}iomaL» i v^ai-pon v/.- .s t,n£-a{ ed at v.'ork for 
the I'usxa >- OB.1 ^oiouany, and on the dnte rSorc:?-' id iaarje and 
e.-'.ecuted to C. H, iprker a pover oi attoi"ney aut;;ori?'ine; him, 
when the o-iid jrears^on v/ne indebted to the i^ity J.opn ^, In- 
ffurance <-on;').'iny, to make aii as c-i (.lucent of r.ll o.f i;:. s wagep 
and snlary i.hen oving or to '.'t thcreaf tervrrc'r- i-arned from 
any .individual, iirio or corporHtion Ly when lit. rl''"ii;ld be vm~ 
T)i.oyi:d, and nt hie opti'>n io !iia'l;e like r-uccee-pi ve rtppif nmente 
Oi i-ef-rson's? w-.-ges until the purna oi money di'p, :>r hereafter 
uecoraing due are satiei'ied in i'ulj . '.n the 14 th oi :.ovem- 
ter 1915, the paid 1 ar"r\er, ae attorney ±n f ct vi" . ear.?on, 
a? i(.,ahd and vranff erred to the City loan w, Jnnjrr'nce Comrany 


.t ,^i-r. 


,iiiMi;^ 'ilJuOJOO 

"io ee'i »ii,t lot ,«oa'iJB9i ii? 

) ■ 


( ,3iOSf^.\,: , 

) *- 

\ ,,.3iJ.Cl3qqA 

iir^ .'•--■'.t ss^so sxrl;}- ai i)^soo&-x ydJ- jiio'xl ^■iiio-.i^A J £ 
lot >fio V j-i5 i)9jiij|nrj si-.w floe'iRQ'i aBmori* SI6X ,v*i.L laata^vo . 

.TTO^-'t haniz'-> '3lj'X";vncoJ iise'XVitJ' 4d od' 'xo ■^ntuo nsriJ AC'i^i.' 

'■. j.'f Tiodw xo noiJ^^vtonicoo 'to iinii ,Xf?u?JXvl5r!.', \.; j^, 

M j'^:;^ -i^anornt 'to aniif^i yiii^ Xcc^fUi et»,^i:w » 'nt»eiR9 i Io 



all of the Wfc,es, etc. due or to becorae due to the snid 
ieiri*on from the o*Gara Coal Crm'^^ny, its pucce-'porf or ap- 
ei^ns, or from any other firro, no r 3 on or corcorntion oy 
whom he pnould hert after -e eiiroloyed, etc., for a -period 
of iive yenrs. Vhls assignment vs.g Liade on Jovern'ccr 14, 1913 
and purports to "been fileJ ^fi th np^ellees? as '"■rus'teas on 
Kovember 34, l'ji3. 3t ai)V(.;qre from an ntrecment coatained in 
the record ti^.-rt tne C'bara Coal t-c/ii;ai\y went into b-rnhvuptcy 
on ■-eceraber i:^,lsJ13, On -ie.:;emb' r 14, I'JIA D. B. ^e^ner ob- 
tained a judjiineat against the said i' en* 5 en for -31.90 and 
costp; execution wap i.-?8ued upon such judgiaent and returned 
"iiot eatisilied - Jo property lound." ^er.T.nd in writing for 
the viA^^es of rearson wnf? T:ipde and served on him nnd the 
appellees on itbrus-ry 13-, 191L; on jc'ebi-usEv i;., 193b; on 
i'ebrunry 14, l-^lo an prii.:n\it lor garnishee v/n^ filed, 
ajid on j.ebruary lo, 191b h ^■■■irni^ i?ui-ir-iOnp xas i ?:~aed fcfised 
UDon f<aid Judt^^nent, and •served uiiou aunellee >ebru>i:L"y 16,1915, 

It HV'xa^-^ii fxOjFi tiie record in tbis e-j;>e Chat at 
the time i-e'^rson executed t}ie fiosrer of 'attoraey, and that 
Parker made the aei^ignmen t, that x'ear^"on v/as enr'c-ed at v.'ork 
for the i;'uara ooal Comfjany, and t'iv\t on Iece;rber "1 '' , 1912 
said comnany v?ent into bankruptcy, and sptjellffe;? vr-re ap- 
pointed trustees of euca ^«>.nVrupc, aud t^^ tne vp ei? 
claiTced to have been Rst-i^-nt'd to tiie ^ity bnrin •>>. ln?ur-.'nce 
Coinnpny ani5 eoutht to oe ..arni?heed ay apnellmt v.-e re due 
and '.}^■in.^■ . t-.^rfon frcui tiie ar-ieileep, trupteer, etc. 

'i'iiis prepente the uu> stini ap to v,] or net the 
power of attorney executed i.y rarker, end tlie " «'-»i;i^Ecnt made 


, . . .■ Ljro ..) ■ 

.' Ji:t9.f!inai?i9fi Qiti'T ,a-i.K9.„ 

aiii- ijflfi xairi no jbDvxss bnB ofjwii sxiw uc^ix^sS. to a 
Lc'" ' ■-■■--< 

, ;: ' ■': ' ''"': ".' ' w^.* ;, ;j;^.^-/ iu-'s i :' 

...- -,.:.■■■- ijnB . (-(jia^qxao;^. Xj»oo .e'j 

, v;nj-ixwi3f«£!a oi.jMA. j'. »- .. . . 

il'y him of Peareon'p vai e?, imr va'j id nnd bindinji ae af;ainr.t 
the judfe.ii.ent crtditors oi" lerreon. it will te obeerv.d th-^t 
at the tirce of tlie execution of tlie • of attorney nnd 
■ ^|aprij,,ncfent, that F areon v.. s eavloyed hy the '"'uaia "-oal 

jUoiapany, and at the ti).ie oi the ei'viri^; cf the jairaph-ee 


' suLij-ons he v/j^s emploi'cd by the f^r-pellccB, tructetr, e \.c . It 

/has "ceen repssate'lly lield ty the;.,e and ^»ppeJ Courts 

of t}>i6 Etate that s v.orlcxiari cauaot aprien v.ipes tc be earned 



n a future er;rplcyrricnt lor v.hich he h ;■..<:. not cnntrpc' ed, and 
thnt such r.priginrxnt caniiot te randfc ty an attorney in Ir-ct 
v;here the pover of attorney is entered i.-to I efore tb.e con- 
' Iract of ei!iplcynif:nt is -e snxd in the c^se cf Ooe 
hllis3 for the • sc of V.. n. Tjoiris vs. lipline County Ccai 
Company, and decided r.t tat prercnt tcr-A of this court, that; 
"It fctmt to he the v.cll settled Isx; cf thif s-tf^ite 'y 
OU8 decisions that a v;orlcir.rja c^.nnot hirr.self prrifn v/aj e? 
to ht er-rncd in a future er/.-nloyirciit ior v.hioh he hne not 
ccntr"cted vt the tiT-e cf the cspirnirent; ar)cl it secme to 
hfc fc;q\jally \^ell settled th-^xt he crn not a?sirn hie v, 
"by an attorney in fact cuthorized by a po'? or of •■ tt-.rney 
enteicd into heiort; the contract of e:j3pl ;:;y.aenx i r- .'vde. 
C£le C oopcrati -vfc Ccim-any vt-. J. I. ohauican, 181 111. .'.jr. 4; 
ijtroiEv>er> , Allen u c^nxany vs. hill, 170 Hi. A/' '■.??.'''.; 
hichnrds ve. Clpon, lb£ 111. •'-pp. 395." 

I It ir- aleo insisted ty couneel for pyipellant that 

I the power of s-ttcr.iey cxiicuted by Icarson to ^Br''>-eT authorized 
! ir'&rker to j.ake rjn. as£:ie:;nuent vhen he, r.-r-^rkt: <', rr^iy '■-^ ve been 

indebted to the City ~ o:^ri u lufurrxnce Ooiroony «p collfter.^ 



■^-^A^iWv,^ i 



eecurity for such indebtednese, and that there is no evi- 
dence in thip record j.'riowint th^t nt the tine xRiJcer ^.e- 
sifencd the v.ages to the -ity iorin ^ msur^ince '^ooioany th rt 
fenrson T?ie at that tisne ladeDted to puch *-ity j.o.^n a Ine- 
urarxce Oo'-niinny. v«e nre of tr-e opinion thnt v/here a T):,-inci- 
pal authorizes a special agent to perform an act in cjie naice 
of trie ^^rincipal upon certain condition??, ti.nt it t/ien devolves 
upon the a^ent to nhow that tnose condition? vere in eris- 
tence nt tlit- time of t^e nerf orroance of the net or Hfterv,=ird 
waived. ^n tnis caee ^'arilrer na<? only author i:red to e:-eeiite 
(this noTer of attorney n,t a tiriie M*\en ir'eaxBon wnp inoehted 
/^ \ to the City Loan 6. Inpurance *-ormRny,and no ind e'l/tef^neps 

haA/inf. been shown to exist at th-^t tine, then the a ' "^ignment 
made hy him under puch conditions -^Id not be valid, -tor 
the reasons -^bove indicated r^e ■^re of the opinion thnt the 
trial court erred in renderinft JudpTTient in f«ivor of t}ie «•»- 
.pellee?, and the judgment of the lo^rer court is reversed nnd 
cau'Sie mipnded. 

h'Ot to he rcTjorted in full. 


.id- ttctntqo 9ii,t to Qiff '- 

'rf * t!7r: ^n p + ^ [■' 

Sj»» ^^--fja +"^<-.' ffT ,+ 0" Sffi'' ^ f 55 *? fj "I ^T^ 

!.* Kcxfxiqro »rf3- lo SX8 »w l>9.t?5oi,bnJ; evde 

iIIf■3^ tti: J&f: 

/ CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copg of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in my office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set mu hand ar^ affixed the seal of said court 
at ML Vernon, this ..._ .r<C^C2^... _ day of April 

A. D. 1916. y^ yf /^ ^ 

Clerk oftheAppellaie~€ourC. 






Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLA TE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 

And afterwards, to-wit: On f/je..3eyenteenth day of^pril, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in the words and figures 
following: | 

.1. ......t.., c.r...Q.p.s.i e.y...-. 

Appellee , 

No. 22., 

October Term, 1915 


■ "^ - 






. & 







LI ant. 

99I.A. 195 




J.a?.t...St... Lou.i.s. (S^Mfpf 




:7. In the A-nnelTatc Court, 

Frurth r;i?-t--ict. 
October '"err. A, V-. 1915. 

AC-,rndfK 170.38, 

P. 1". Cro?'9ley, 


St. L^uis, Irnn : ountpin and "Ou^hern 
1 ; •' i "1 w -^.y i. : ori'^ » ny , 

Atj -^ e 1 ' ant . 

At^tm::! iron the f ity 
c-^nrt of '-^pt "'t.'ouip, 
I Ij inoi ? . 

tcTri de, J. 

"H^e iT'Vellor oht-yr-ef^ r ju'^rrent for 'S?.'"^'' in 
the Citj'- Court of jVf't fity'lorip, tr rev, c.r?e r>)lch ■'•he 
Fp-nellnnt •p^oreovtee v^i'^ mo'^e"'! 

. ll.fl Ti'^e&y; 

t ^ P rg n " r 4 -^-rr- ^^^ i« -r ?"jy ' th* t u p. 

■^ '^ ' ^ f "^ wfi .e 'Tefjroiip oT fhinnjnp porre cattle, iorty-'^ne he- d, 
froTTi , ine ■luf''", "rh^rpn" to Jo-^t rt. louif, I!' ■! iroi ;^, 

/rVanpqp for r c-t, sr?r! ^var "''-irr'? tb ""t tv^^e cattle vould 
Vie rhiroed '^ t ^bcat noor of SepteTher nth. ".T'p r^tfe -ere 
Joadefi but not <?hipred out until f?:?*^ ir the e-veninf , o.t 
v.'hich t iiiie they \i?ere eV-inriPf' to little i\ocV, '.r^mpas, rnd 
there the cr v e tr^'-nFferrp'* n>-id ^vt or. t^"!? re^r of -mother 
train oi :s"oout ei/^hty r->rp «•»*'? r'r^ived ~t }""^ie "t 3:40 of 
the KKX* ncrnin^' of the l.?tb, v-here fre rnttle vrre unloaded 
for rept, ArjTioTl we t?"!? ^dvi'^ed hy the v-r»f rpftpr f-. t hip 



■ ,■- - s r^iro' Offc^^- ■ "':'•"" en'?? .. . ■■■. i:, 

■■'■ '5B?' .OrtR ,T"'5 -f ' 

.^ tXK 

cattle vould be taken out of there al>out eight o'cloclt in 
the Ineteaa of unloa(iin£, thera i-. 'ediately they 
7ere ol need upon a side track and allowed to rer-^in in the 
C'r until about eii^.ht or nine o'clock, i^hen they vc-re then 
unlorided l"to -he rtock 'lens. 'he !?tocV -enr r.'ere muddy 
and in b-id condition pnd the Cittle rcre >rer!t there for 

twenty-nine hour?. ^-'^rint; thnt day eeveral trnlnr. r>.r clnimed 
"by At**-ejJ-e^; p^pred /^.Tirig to ZX. 7.oi;is hijt ^y.. ' w e- ">J ep clai'n« he 
T'-^s not .■'. i le to get hip cntt]e attached to nny '^nf '>f th'^ee 
tr^in? because of the f"ct th^t the y^r-J mn^ter "'ho they 
cl^irred had to nrr-Trfe t^ oor;rect thera r.'i th other train*? 
vp;e cut ""f town, hut 3?;t«^r on they v-re ehi'^^er! ovt froTS 
I-'o::^ie to I'-^apt 3t. j oui? and nvTived ?.t the fjtocl: y.rde 
occut nine c'cloCi? on the rr.ornin^ of the T4th '^f -ve-nteTiber, 
and it is, cln i'";ed tney '."cre ^n the rr^-id for ^oo t !=iv ty> six 
hoi;rs. There '."'"?' evidcce tending to '^ho'.^ t''-'=t '^nrinr a 
I)Ortion '^x tfis ti'iic tie cattle '^-ere roighly h^indled; th^t 
in shippin/ , the c^r ^rr-r ■nl'-cod in ? -^.oeition ^t the resr 
of the trpin ro thr t in rtartirr, nnd ptn^-rin'^ t>"'f- c-ttle 
T't re ti;ro''Ti fr"'iT, their feet nnd -^^".ny of therr hrin pert pnd in- 
.j red rinA thnt tbey 'vcre mt well cr?red f^v '-'hiTo in the 
etoclc yprdr nt ''oxiCvard on -^rrlvin.c' nt ':'.n.°t '"^t . "^.^ui'? were 
b' jdiy i . lunpbc f * "SAd bri-ir?d 'nd th'it the ^hrin^rofe m'p« f?r in 
e?:ce=jG of tV;?t usually rurtained >y rtock, in the "lakinf of 
th' t rjhipirent. 'iome of th « vitnr ?•?'?'=• rl?ced tv^e -n^-^jrVn/re 
at ine hundred tventy-f i ve -rounds, vbile t^^ey pho->iT,i not 
!-?]iri-nl-' 'lorc' f. rn fron l^^enty-f i vc to fifty ■^'^urdr', if ^ro-ner- 
ly erred f <" r in the niftkinf; '■f the «hipTGrt. It np^^e^rsr f rom 
tie evidence tr/'t the v, gup.l tire for the Tfhir.f rf a phinnent 

«vf>'f- a'TO'Ti'+ +fr5>->r o'T^'i' '?'r*;t'F"'^ ^•^'f f)nf^ n<^.tt 

irfa s'i- , 

-Oct- 'i'^ ffJ-M srfS' to rini: no ^nolo ' 


from line LluiT, Arkanens to last 3t. louip, Illinoif, 

allo'.i;-!^. rest -at ]io:-;ie, -r provided by statute, vould Ue 

a' out tr-irW-?!?^ to trirty-eijl-it hours. Ihe evitlerce ''1 

n^ cllant - tend#^o 8i"i.o'.v th?:.t the trains that the nBrft"! 3 oa ^"^'***^ 

claiu? pr.F.sed through hoxie joints to Jt. Louir ..ere not 

3t. loui? trains ;:-nd that the car oi cattle v;"s tiv'ua up 

"by the first train tii:; t- -:-^r j^cd Kid . oirij; lo -t. l.oxiif?. 

The eviJcnce of ^'u*j>Ai_La£. olno tundc to f?uov.- tir' t t};^ de- 

lay .'t ?i;na 3lufi" cauced then to aJi^'s con;- i^ci: ion v/ith the 

train that 'jhould hnvc triken the cattjc citt frctri >^rrie on 

the -:orning of the 12th, and t;i.vt each dcloy v.-nc une:'nl'iii 

ie ar4:oll.'3.nt souf:ht ty its tostiaony to prove 
th?3t the np>e\<^t; riji,ned r. coiitr?:ct oy v.hich f^rijeT^ee agreed 
tiiit no recovery^h .\id bi. "naU againct api^clJ: nt vr.Za^'p. •written 
notice oi tr.c claiinNy/as? filed 7?itii the o-^irrier or itp agents 

Lned J one 


le delivery of the stock ni it? dco- 

tination n.nd thnt tr^e ri^\t to hririt; suit •/^f'.c v?divecl!T:f--s 
suit v7.'is cciTU'.eiiced ■ it-iin cix conthe, and th; t t";ie notice 
TR"-5? not given and t'^ic ::-.dt v/as sjf'nmaenced iorc:: thnn one ye'-x 



aiLcr the ?tcc3t h.~d arrived "t itcXclestination. ■•}: 
I tract, }io\vtver, \v: g not -or oven r^s theNvo-ells>-^ deni(-d that 

*— ^' he pitined the contr.^ct tJirt '?..i't -offered, "i^-nd no tvic'ence vae 


int- odvcec hy apoc' lant U.r.t it at? . i r pa £!!<,> tiv\e. 


Thisj'-' action vrrc not Irou^.ht l-y :*.ppe3 j^^e UTjon & 

cor.trnct Lut in tc :t for faJluie to ' erfcm ." dutj\cnjoined 

uron ai-jjrcl] ont \:y lav, and ti'.e clp.ira i?' Tor d?jia[:'^r rve to 

the B'ci.lig.e-.ce of t}:e a-:pella:-.t in ■•":e <:i.i->piT'/: rm\ .':,in>T^ng 

of the ctock in ou. r^ior. . 't tce.-i;? to '^e ti^^ -^ettJcd I.'itv ., 




'of thie otr.te thr.t, v.-}- trc ^oor:? nre shiT'Cd thft tl:e 
i^ not required to l.riiii; an -icticn upon \\ contract, ever, if 
cne ie entered into, but cay, ii he chccccc, trinf, the ac- 
tion in tort for non i.trf' ol" sJut;, i^r ,oecd.oy i iv«, 
Jhelpe, w.c vR. :. C. ... .. :,c. 94 : 1 j . L-'iS. 

At c oi'-rif)n 1 fnv v;herc: .i cc; ".on crxji^r r( oei'.tc 
(.oods? lor Fhipraent .it ie its duty then to r.t Ic-st uce 
reasfonr.l3e c? re end proiaj. tneei- al] of ti.c circi.pi- 
gt??ncop in the r'fclivcry of ev^ch goods nnd e:\f.ri unocr the 
Cprrtack errifind'nent hero by the ^ppe'i !! rr t, it could 
not ly Ft iiuJs ti on itJieve itcelf I'roit Iofs -r rccponpi- 
i I'ilily due tc it? r:e£li£oncs. : . .^". i, T. I-..-.. Co., vr. 
l'j;rriTaon, £27 T- • i;, C57. InJeed the Ect of Cont.rer. ? itrelf 
provides that a coiia-:on carrier ci rnteralr'te froigiit sh.^11 
tfc liable for any Jcss, dawa^i^e or injury to i^uch oroporty 
caufed by it, etc. V.iiile it is true, a? coji endei "by ap- 
ipellent, tl 't -.vhere a ccntrrct is e,nter£;-3 into the 
J Cp.rir,n,ch act of interstrtc chiprcent, and hy ?uoh contract the 
/ ; amount of los", tirr.e ior prtscntint cl^L'ii ■''rvci convene e:nent 
: of t}:e suit, etc., ..lay be stipul-ited ag;x.iriet, yet it .-'eens 
; they cannot stipulate 3t;ai;i!?t the .•'.eglif: once of tr.e coaraon 

V.hile tJie ph.ipper iji^ht "be bound ■ a to ?uoh lim- 
itations v,e thinlc fnnt he etill has the ri^,}it to bring hiio ac- 
tion in tort, and puch limitotions v.ill bcc a^iC fi .•.tter of 
defr^nee nr.d th^>t it ic not ntC'--; sl•^'^y th-t the pJ''.iiiti?f 
should produce the contr^ict in t'jie M^ikint of >, o.f 
C'.'ntended by counsel lor ^iPpellart. 



I The objections urged "by appellant for the re- 

versal of this case are principally, the refusal of tlie court 
to direct a verdict a* the close of ths evidence, the fni]- 

^ ure to ei"'''s notice witnin one day after the delivery of 
C/v\ j the •nroprrtj'-, rncl to i:rint\ puit vithin ?ix nonti.r, and 

I txi/it fjf. the contrs'Ct pvovi<':ec1 tor a louver rate oi freight 
th-'t the .rirl: ci icefirkf; .^.nd erring' lor tht itock in ehip- 
rnent -'pp ;-i hurdcr r.r pt vv'^n the rpvellt-e. Tiiese objt-ctions, 
.-:ov/ever, "re p}2 \!>r:c6. u-,on the 1-ct th?t ht-ppI---'"'* cloiois 
there v?r r rri tter.' ct t-nte-itid into betv»e.c-n the ap- 
pellf^t Hr.d "p^-el^e-? rt f.-.e tine tV.c cattle v.ere received 
ior Fiiprent. ■'he evir^erce in tl.ip case, novvevtr, does 
not ■^irrnnt the as.-'T'npti.jn l\i--^t any such a contr ct was 
entrred into. 'i'iie ripr^cllant ?ouj;^ht to i?hov? "by xhe api^.ellee, 
urion cr ■'P'r-examiri'^tlon, thnt he £-i|;.nC(3 trit coiii.rr.ct but this 
v/ns? denied "by apnellec, and he said that r;uch v.ciP not hie 
eignr'ture •'nd thcrf; '.'t-^s! '^o firrther prcjf \v€; : ve been 
.•^"ri.1 e to f:nd in tMs? rrcc^-d th;.t f;ppellee did dt.n tiie cin- 
tract, v/f;ereby rtpppllnnt clrin-t- an afexeoiAtnt to ^ive the 
r-otice vlthin mo (?r,y nrd to bri'^iJ. -^tit .vithin six wonths 
arid to a"?pui-ie ris''-:p incident to the phipping, ai? claiwed "by 
the appellant. 'o ru'^h contract rj;»s proven ''nd '.lie c- ec, 
as ve v.l pw it, it-^nr!r ?i;r.ply upon tije rigi-te ol ;'(/ocO".'ee as 
•irsirirt »^3^c] ■" -tnt, ^it.nrt relGrence to the "^uopost-I contract 
li-T?.itine liTlility. 

»ve .".'.iT'^c 'rvith C';un?o3 for r.rpclij .'it f; -.1, iiiterst?ite 

<^|ehipn:entp rre c <n' rcJlcd cy the - ederal lav.s and tl: t the 
ot'te Court <? nre ^lovr^d. by the c: -^nst.uclicn pJt'Ced Vr.v reon by 
the ;eder".3 (ourt'^, "r.d thrt oroper' t ion e' r.r.d re«tric- 

^1 tions contracted \^y r ehi-nper will "l-e snfoiced, tut thip cpe, 


-.i '>iii »p1 &i\ %4 b^'^iu Bnciiosf, 

btlB , 

-n- ' ■->- 

'^a i>a(!ci.- 


:ic ■ n J 

p." v:c vicv; it, is withcut limitations or restriction* and 
thnt the '-ippel"'ant i? li^ible for 1 tp nc{;ligence in t}ie 
phirTinf" of the i^tock in question. '-^he question of un- 
reaponoblt; delay nnd nrel erf?nepr in tr g hnnduint, of the 
ftock, tViC injury to the «tock ind the no;[.ln.(jonce of the 
ap7>e]lrnt in the uandlinfi:, of tY't "tncV. ••/re nil qu'. "tions 
of fact to be Oetfe'T-nin^-d ly. the .jr^ry /fnr ve I'die^e tivt 
tl-e .'r.rv v;ore wnrrpnted I'nc^er .the j^idorce ir/.r owaiced in 
^■"•^jt} ir c.-pe ir; finding thnt 

\ / 


the J^-iVellnnt hnd tcf.Ji ne^^ligent, 
and hy ri-.oh ner. ligor; ce c'^uped /the '1'^t tr> the npi.ellef, and 

thr;t under the f?ct!-r- '^ p php^ Try thiV rrc-.rd tV.e r.poellee it 

not li-'.it.d to ;?ix montKs to brjnf sui'H;^ f^r rucii act licence, 

it is next/ c oritenried thr>t f'eVourt erred in giv- 
ing aT-ellee's iyratrijo tiin '.'•"), 1 bsca-.-'-e l\ st-^.tec, "s it 
is cl-ai.-ci!, jjrfi inBtrant iToo'Tition o"^ J av nn^ 7'."i c- i-lend- 
ig.i in tJvu; it iei't ;in i.-if^ren-'e tn^-t^-T^^rl' r;;'^ tV-'^ - c^ ant. 
TSirfit^, dU'ti' Jj;u e- — "TITT 1iii«»i) im L j imn..! a, 7, "'~'hc orurt ir.?truct{? 
the jury thnt r?lien n r'i;llr'^p.(i onr^-^nny ?~rcc.ives live stock 
lor ?iiipPH nt it ip fne dut\' of •■'joh Tr,r:-:x\-^j to ire r'inc'on- 
-I ncjc dili(.ervce to carry ".no dplJvfT ?nld rtock to :.iid 
I dentinnticn -wihin p. rr^sonpr'le ti»T>.e," / 2Le-4^~~«^5v4---'*«'14&iiiL,.thrit 
tai^e_jLU£lJ:uxMr4rem"i-tr^TiT5^fp^^ ^i.tch crillci's'ta. 

i'v o n«»vt. aitj^fct<t^r4-fm-~-f-«r-t-hTrt: — tt:-e~Tr-?;-rt~orre^5 in re— 

^ tu ' ^ing ijof^nrinnt , ' i7 ?nd -^ »^^^^-fn■l"^^•i />tn, v:hlr.h r ^-'df ji r r. 'ollo T'g , 

■''Ihe coiirt further jngtmctp the jury th^ t if ;---,i fjpi from 
the eviae-.ce that tne dfa' com^-'^ny rent the >^"trle in 
que.'^tio.'i ior.'fjrr li'ou In.xie, "'T"^y\9.r"-- ".n "i "u" i i i- t .-lock 
tr&in l»;.-i.vinf, there aftpr the er;'l"^tion -)f the ti-';r rc-jirfd 
"../y ti-e iedfcrol Lr.w ior ieed nnd rest, then the defendant would 


rifJi j«J-i!*;iI lisodi . 

.iioi.t :•.•!/!: :t£ ioOiJc ^i-i^rftri's 

oir.t -tar 



not be liable lor nny damaf.e to said cattle if not cnused 
by Euch delay at JiOie, Arkansas. "] Tkie inpti'uctinn if-r.oree 
tr.e delay in uiiloadiaj/ the c&.ttle at Iicxie, the it-iproptr 
CTire ar;d I'ecding of tl.em v^ii]e there, and wr e :! i -^ler-'ding 
in t'mt it -.seuned the driina*:c v.?ie caue'pd uy the delay at 
.. oxie, v.ien in. fact tncxe "a;: cvlueiicel tendiu£ to show 
'daa:'i£:e froa othar oiuocr- thaxi ti^is,/ | 

The appellee Iiad a ri^viit tc tving nn r>ction in 
tort ior the irjurits surtnined to Lie|?tr;cic '^y .;a&on 
of the pf^ lifter; t acte of the apre] lant,- and if the apneliee 
}i:-*d jn .'ny jc-ixi -v?r lii.iited >iij? .cii_:ijt of bet ion r :~ it cyiptcd 
^^t 1 .'iv tVen it "fV-'? i.'icv'ii.C-e^t jpoi: tl;e jifpeliax;t to -hon 
nuch lirai tntion cy j^rope/ evJdc-nce; and as; i,o contract was 
proven lin:. tint arji^olli^i'? riiihte, and tiie evide-^ce tended 
to prove appellant':- /. e^Aii^tuce, we L-cli^ve that o; e find- 
ing, of the J'lry w".s/¥i(arr;\nteu by t>ifc p.vidfence and that no 

/ i 

cause ip enov.-jT To/ div'turbi^-.ij tht; vor 'ictl and thG judgr.ent 

of the lover coux't ie M.f :i:'i.ri-.ned. 

l-'ot- to be reported in full. 

Jlhiilv j.hT J.-U' !^".i iU-^-U . 


Tj.Tn i -;-i siii ,!*i 


■}4>W io> 

/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copy of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in mg office. 

jnd aT]4 affixed the seal of said court 
.day of Aprd 
A. D. 1916. '^ 

at Mt. Vernon, this 




/ /r /. 

Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 
Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 
Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 



And afterwards, to-wit: On i//e ..So.e.n teen th day offipril, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in ihe words and figures 

No. 5:2.- 

October Term, 19J5 


.A.r.....?L.v...^.?-.9.6.y ^"^d £. p. Lac;^, 

_ _ App e 11a nt s . v.^.- 

9I.A. 208 




.Marion COUNTY 




A. i:, ROSE. 

I ' II 

"erm Ko. 33. In the Appellate C ourt, 

iourth L^istrict. 
October Terra A, D, 3915, 

Ajrenda 2?o.C?, 





A. 1:. Lacey and 
£♦ F. Lncey, 


A-n.penl froni the Circuit Court 
of !^ar ion '-County, 

t,:chride. J, 


U^ection "en of Township JJour, »arion County, 

^,.e^^-— -':i_: 

l-1^4Ad4«i ^ i^inMiriaTt^PlI. S. lacey ov;n£^the eouthv,-e?t quarter 
of the :^orthea-t quarter of^ gftid o i GOti on. *^ppeliant^ A. i:, 
J acey ovmrthe northTP?eet quarter of the oouthenpt quarter; 

g the n( 


, i.acey ovms 

iorthea«t quarter of the 

eouthweet quarter, and tiie eouthenst quarter of the rcrth- 
weet quftrter, . alliiti paid bection Ten. 

""TT&irh^^ filed lie original bill in the Circuit 
wourt of ] firion t-ounty eeckini to enjoin a-o - oul innta frosj 
trespasning on Lie land-.", or frora entering tlitreon; or from 
diverting the water from their oremi^es, onto and ncroee 
the 7 remises of the complainnnt; or frota cutting ditchep 
thereon, or interfering with corcplainnnt' r poreeecion 
thereof; or from reconstructing, repairing or ronintninlng 
a dam or embankcient, upon the premieee of the defendant 



.arse .G ,A anoT isJoioO 


( ,X90r. 

,1 .9h.tlH3\( 


Doi?»5v»«noq 9 '^n«ax«Xqraoo rf*lw gniialiei'ni to .noaiari;? 


L. ?. I.p-cey lor the purpope of diverting water onto =tn(i 
ncroei- the preEiiBes of com7)3r>inRnt. 

Complainant chnrge^in hip bill thnt the n --tur"! 
flow of v/ater upon the preraieee of A. }., 1-acey ".'hich lie 
immediately south of >;i8 premises -te in a v/esterly fUrcc- 
ticn, over and'^croer? the -^reniees i^f iie eon I'i. i. lacey, 
and hae Leen from tirr.e liurrienorial; that there-^r; citu^t.ed 
on the Tjremieee of paid /. I . ilaccy, im.; r-dir<tely poi-th of 
the "re>;iipee of cotr.r.l^:imnt a road, rutirin^ ea^t nrd v?eet; 
that on the s^'ioth Fide of enid road n ditch h^.d teen c^n- 
ptructtd, and for nany ye-^r? rrior to the "brini. infe of the 
puit carried tl:e water corr-in^; from pn id forty, belonging 
to A.h, I.-!cey in a le^esterly direction, and into ^- ^•'^nd lo- 
cated on ti'ie nreisigep of paid A. Y., Incey; tiiat the overflow 
frcja ?=aid rend flowed in a v.'c ^terly direction over and 
«cro8P the prenipee of L. i. l.acey; averjft^h.j'.t defend?»nte 
cut a ditch near the pouthwe^t corner of coEploinrjnt ' ? land, 
acropp the south line of hi? .land so ac to cause ^nter llow- 
ing froiT: the recipes -f said A. :-.. Lacey to Vc diverted to 
the l-»nd!? of coniplainant; that thereafter, defendant? con- 
structed A daiE or cmbanktrient v« Pt of paid ditch, and nt^rr 
t>:e eouthwent corner of complninnnt' s? land, ne^r the line 
betw/ecn the defendantp' land, and extending; north ol com- 
plainant'? soutli line; th-t ppid ditch and eo'bnnV":ent divert^-J 
the ".atfr nut of itr n-:tural course over and ncro^p the 
prer.ieep of cotnplalnent. Aver^^that corrmlainant repe^tpdly 
filled up t}ie ditches aj^de by defendants; that they repcntedly 
opened sanic, and committed diverv trcgparpep upon the lands 
of c Dr:.Tlainant in po doinr, nnd tore out portion? of } ie 
fence; that flood waters wanhed out paid dajin and p?>r.e v<»e 
leluiit by defendants, ^verys-^tiip. t defendante J«-e "cckinti. to 


baft oi 'in t<i& aw ^^Iftsrlh lo ©aoqrcjqsfU 10 iY*^**-^ • 
sil rfoiiiv ^soaJ; ,;i .A lr> saeim^iq ^dS noau I'^j'oy lo woll 

lo diua x^^^^'^^-''^'^^ .vooflT .1 .A |>ii\e,.^o, iJiBlmsia "siiJ no 

-noo aaad" bsri doitb r hpoi bip? 1 dbii^ rfj-cjog gjrfj- no iPfU^ 

9ii) to gini nnxtcf ^rf;? oJ' 10x1a »»irg y; xifiBC lol brtr? ^b^rfotrrft! 

i^^i^ol^rf ,^^iol, i>i«9 acji ^l;?oo if ;f«ir aiW- bsiii^o J^ifj*? 

- c I Jbfl"^ T, . r o^n X J>ar. , ao4;^ff9'j^i^ IC-'-^' ^ ® ^* f > 9^ "S? ^^ t^-, »-*''^ • if^ - '* 

6q^ 19V0 ooi;^»JiiJb ;^Jli©^'?9*. » jBU,.,|>9jypI3t |»|i<>T[f; Jiia? i55?il 
^inobnatsfa isrfJ^^^tevjB ;\:90b^ ,X .il lo p99t^piet ^(IJ ?t?oio» 

"•^oll i9^p» 9SUA0 0* ^j« p5 i>afi-r 9i4 lo snil j#.iJoa arf^ laoioft 
oi f)oiit»v'ib ea' ocf ^iSDcJC ,H .A i)i4ja lo 9^flso!B'in9dSatOt'i ant 
-Ctoo s^Gsljqatsi) ,i?^l*9,']c»rf4:. ^«iij ;;tn«nJ:^I^«09 Ic ^bn^C adt 
ti?!»« bn« ,rf:>*i:6 iii&'B. lo ^b9w iA3>:n(nfscf(;S9, 10. |iei^ Ji boioazSa 
•nlX »i»* Iran ,b(ifll s'taf^tiiBlp^oo ijo, i^nioD ^sairxW^^uoe, $rlJ^ 
-moD lo rfiaon :^nibapixa f>;tB ,bnjtX '9^nsjbn©l9b arfJ iiasvfi^Sv." 
!. iisvifc ^psi— 'xtptfiao bruj iloJ:ib Wl'S^^^r^?.. idni^P, djfiiCjjB^ p.'^n^ni^trr 
•fli aeoios brut %»ro BHiiJ<?o Ijftfjtra, eil lo. luo. laJB-^'r ?fij 
^rb»^rorc&i *fljBni«r(«iro ^/^rfi^is/A , .^rtant^rgMoo lo sajpiaj^i 
Xfi>3^'^3q»i X'il/ ^.atW ;BJai»i)n©l9b x* ^tbeaz •9rfo:fJtfi sdj^ qu b^'fi: 
«&aoX »rfi noqu sst-^nqati^ »?iBrlb b9iitatao3 bna ,9.Tifl« bonsq 
•liL lo 9ROlitoq iuo oio* br^ ,^ftlpb ot ni ^noniisfqiun 1 
•mr ».-»M fra« aBJb itiJis Itfo baif<?RV eieifrsr booXl ^-vlj .'ssn 
-•ncJbnsl .mSaabnsiab \J SLi.u<Jo 

ncquire an eapenent in t}:e preraipt-p of cocplninant for 
tr;e iJ0Y.-at« of rnjrfrcc \vn.ter; ch-. rge^ thnt ronplr innnt lire 
euilered irrepnra'ble dnmni-t; thoit he hnAno ^decu^te remedy 
nl lav, and th^t nry ntteinpt to enforce hif? Icf^r?! rfSnierMes 
would involve a multiplicity of puite. 

Iiefend'^"'t!7 answered this bill denyint the 'Ti'terinl 
allegntione thereof, ^hey av r thnt the n^turnl flor of 
surface wnter foiling upon the preniees of A.r.l^cey -^ ,/v^o(-t_ 
north over the Icn :i» of compl?'inant; den^^h-it there was 
any ditch along the north side of the A. ■ . 1 "cey "Innd 
V7hic}i carried the vnter from said land into a r.ond on arid 
p.emises: ivcr^^thnt there -i*- • r>r.nd located in the north- 
vest corner of the A.H.Lacey Innd, and in the no^? i\-'e ^ t 
corner of the I. ?.. Incey land, and the northeast earner of 
the K. i'. L.-»cey land wiiich froE tirne to tir.e filled v.ith 
surface v;- ter, a n when overflowed, flov.ed in « northerly 
dirtction along tiie v/e?t line of ". . '.'■■. !I?-cey'p Innd, thrr>U{:h 
a ditch which h; d hecn C'->n5* ructed on said l^ncp, nrior to 
their purchase by hira; th^t paid ditch ws singly a nienns of 
collecting 'vater vhich flowed over "aid lande in « st^te of 
nature; that said ditch wrp a burden upon the lamlp of com- 
plninant. r. 

The anfwer further nver^^h't phortly rfte^r coia- 
plninant acquired his land he begfn constructing -• levee «long 
tl.e entire south line thereof, ro «? to r>revent purfrice w-ter 
falling upon the preaiises of A.K.I Jicey frrm f loving, nortlierly 
ar it would do in a stnte of nature, and thr^t complainant 
half been increasing this eirbfinlonent, po thnt wter ^»- entirely 

«3ibd.aa'!S ,i:?39X^|*f •O'xeln^ o^ ^qjnsJJ:-^ \pB i«rfi' .fanij ,#»£ ^a^ 

^Bw 9j»dS Sf^df^apb ;;tn8ClaX(7nioo to sbnsC «ii* tavo d^aca 
bint.cp bn9^ a| pcfni ijn^I ^xse moal xs^b;^ sii*. b^ixtsa 4oiil» 

lo xsn^oo J'ejB9jd,t'Xon sri^ bap. ^bn^l :yj3a^:l ijll ^l^mitT^o t^crroo 
i0ii? 5a X fit arsjii oi ^ccp fiaoal ifoiiiw ^xt^ ;^9^^ , - 

9i tolTC'i ,ebqnX, bios ^o b'^ioij^-^'tnoo jio^d^ hi^^d^siJ0ld9 doitb n 

lo an-stsR ^Xqjaie ,q!^w /foiib bins ,iPtiA l^^?(l^ ^BBdtifut<i.^9dS. 

io atp.^s fi ax BbnnX bia^: lavo 69woXl^tovt|Krlll|f|f;|i^w ^^laaXXoo 

-ffir •> lo «t>nR£ aiU .poqu nsbr^cf j3 «s.;Ow rto^ib b.t«9 ,*j8ri4 ioiw^sn 

-aroo i^iirt \iiicdH indt^^t^n^. I'stdi^uX nawr^a^^ jtrfT,, 

^flun-BrTAioo in:t^ bf\ti^ ^'VtutRH "Xol 9tBi9 j^ hJL. ob bXuc-Y ii efl 
\X^*^tin9 ^^x^*i*^v i^tiS 09 «^n9!XD(n^;))9 jiJUU^ anisB^ionX n%9d d4r[ 

\ ' •" ^ ^ ■ ' ••■•■■. • 

'' 'M' 



diverted Iron; prersifjcp. 

Icfendnnts aleo filed their cro»s-l.ill alle£,ing 
th"t the n =.tur=il flor ol eurf'ice vatcr cvainp uron t>ie 
pienieee of, nnd upon the northenpt quarter of 
Vue southv/cot quarter belonf:ing to x-.i .J-ncey v/n?? northe-rly 
over the lands of conrl ninsnt; 'iverArri-t nt ti:e ' oint 
where the e three forties? corner there vr-.r? lor.^ted n nnturRl 
cwale or drprcseion v/hicVi cnli.jcted surface v/.'^ter, nnd IroBi 
which, in tirne of overflov^, vrtter flowed nnrtl;crly through 
a ditch alonf tl.t vest side of :.s.i^cey'p land. A\er'^hat 


the Drior cvmem of 2 .r":.].acey' e land hnd cmptrur+ed a ditxsh 
alont the v,e<=t fide tif^reof, whereby -r'r.ter iloring Ir'-m: 
snid -nond, pvd Iroin A.}.,Tncey'p land, and iroK the northen<rt 
qunrter ol the eouthwcpt qu^irter helonjing to .' .J .L-.cey v.cre 
collected and confined sjnd carried northerly ov^r : , :=..! rcey * p 
land. ^ BiT. i ft iftant y-y in the oro n g - bill >?ver' ti: t thev, ^nd the 

rior QvmeTB of ff.tir rerpt-ctive lands had -icouirtd n rcr- 
petunl eRsiacnt in "^ . ".i scey' planctp to h^ve purf 'ce Yfiter from 
their land? dr^iined throu^'Ji the ditch on the ye-^t eide of 
]..j.lncey'p land. ■'he bill nlpo ch r£e<?(the r.ainti'n-ir.ce of 
the levee alont, tiie couth line of'e lav], ty rim, 
and aver^hat this hr>^ da r-.ed up and diverted the -ater com- 

ing; from « T»*«J_LaiLtr.' prcni»?v?, and th" t f-psr^e h-p been t'-c)<id 
up and .jeld thereon. 

ihe prayer of the croee-bill w»-, th t 1 . ='..lncey, 


deJteiidKiit ll.tii'uin he enjoined fron; conptrxictinf; nnd r-i^in- 
t.pining eTibankrr.ente olonf the Douth line o2" hi«» landp "nd 
in the southvt j?t c^rn'^r tnereof; and fron; liin erin^ ir intrr- 


1p iOiUBUp I'jusifJ'ioa add- iio^u few, ,.^9|)fl^.,,J|,A^^P "Spsxss&^q 

1t« sbis J»3wr i*ri:» no rtoixb 9iW d:i«OTfl* Mnli^ab s^iWff -^^^^ 

bj^o'd aa-ix.? s^'-^/i B<r^? ^r^-f.^ bn/? .e^^fpaiCj:! ^'^iaaXX^^f^B moil ^ni 
.v;^!*^. I.''. I i rii ,-i»i XXirf-^^oitp dill 'Jtc soYRiq 9X1^;,-^ ;:<;<;-. 
bttF ibn«C »ii to anXX ritape 9Si.i anoX^ ^^ift)*fla;jJjo«<:ff».. Hflxniflj 



ferin£ with the natural flov^ ol' t/je witer Irom off the 
land of A,}:.3..icey, lyin^ pouth thereof, or the innd of 
jl.I-.Lricey lying ooutliwe^t of «?aid lands; tJmt he be re- 
quired to rcxTiOve c^id enjhankraent, and to rtrr'tore the ditch 
and the fsurface of the fc,round at the pr-uthwept crmer of 
hip lorty acre trnct, so thr.t writer from the Innde of the 
croes-complainantp vITi^lovr in the course of nature , over, 
upon, across! and beyond complainnnt' s land?. I 

Thfes^efendant in the cro^^'^ill nnf'vrred, deny- 
int each ana eveiyNsmtorial aV2r%,^tion thereof, "he cauee 
wne heard in or)en court^NaEm the issue e decided in favor of 
conplainant in the o;Krginol bi~i4^ and a decree entered 
£r<intint: relief, F«ubetflntially ap p>«yed therein. The 
cropp-bill wns di^miBBed lor v^ant of equity^^^ ircE that de- 
cree this appeal 1 ie prosecuted. 

Xt ip insisted by appellantp that tri? decree should 
be reversed, \nd tnree grounds are aee^^ned upon v.hich thst 
claira is predic-^d. it ip first insisted that appellants 
lire entitled to haV« the surface water from their lands flow 
0"wcr and ■ crose the Id^de of appellee, '->p it floipcd in a 
state of nature. If appellee* e lands are servient to the 
lands ox appellant?, their Vontention is correct. -"Jiat 
right, however, docs not apT>eaV to be in c-n'rove-py in thip 
cafe. As vre understand the i^suels, and the evidence the only- 
question requiring consideration is,' Whether "r not r«uch 
ci rcunmtfinceB vere disclosed, rp cr«nfe^ed u-non an-oellants, 
or either of tlrem the right to collect, bX^eans of the 
ditch south of the road on A.h.Iacey'? land.^-jall surface 



to 6no£ sdi to .loaisrij a'^wos ^rtiiii • «^C»«»*»-J*H.A lo fan.nC 
3d) to tbnoi 9ri* (Boil T9:fBr,r Jjfjiiji OS ^tfa-fsti^ aa«fl ; AC!*'*®^. S^^'l 

.'-■'' '"■■ ' 

bei3irT£> sa-sasb s fan** ,^icf, fjanxalftp 9iiJ ni in»aicX(^p<p \ 

- * *tfl .nisrcofli^ Jbisx,«lfq BE \:XXRi*p9^8d;MC!; H.^ !> 

^^^- _ -• n: . ■ • .. j 

-JoXt idnflii ti9dS moil "xad^fw ©oaliuo «Jii^ airarf »Jr £>9i;M3'a© axti 


^11^ oi *«9X/T<)g sin ebnijE 9 ♦'©^.X^qqa i,I . »TA;i»a j^o^ ■»i:^« 
9lAf ifi T^-ivoiffro rti «cf ot X«^<T<J« ^<^n ^^ftfi* t'*®***^*' • «*rfa^ 


water coming therefrom, carry it to thu v/ept fide of said 
land, nnd there discharge it in a body upon the premiete 
of appellee. 

It 18 nert contended thit lor n -^eriod of twenty 
ye-'irs r<rior to the filing of the ox]!, -i eystem of ditches 
was? conatructed contemporareouely, hy '.vhich v.nter fnlling 
upon appellants' lands was interrupted in it? flo^r northerly 
across the lande of npnellee, "cy the ditrh alon^, the south 
eide of wte t ic referred to no the "Cbur?on - oad", and made 
to flov; weet and >'cro?«' the road into » dep>re!?rion or rr.ud- 
hole at the pouthwest corner of appellee' p land, rhich in 
turn connected i^ith the ditch constructed for dninnge 
purposes "by the prior ovmer, a :rp. : erritt; thnt 'jy the 
uninterrupted u£«e of c^.id ditches Joiiitly ior the flov; of 
water for aore than twenty years, and thepe ditches "being 
open and visible to appellee when lie acquired )ae Innd, 
that appellants' have the rifht to the unint erruptfid flov; of 
wnter through the ditch on the wet side '^f nprellee'e Ip-nd, 
by prescription, '^nd it is iinally insisted th^t under the 
">ann Drainage Act", the consliuction of thtine eeverol 
ditchep, constituting r. continuous syst'r-m of ditches for 
draina£:e purposes, appellants acquired the rifht to h?>ve 
them lorever reaain open and an eaacent to flo-^; v.- ter through 
the z-acne , they h ung been constructed hy comtnon consent, or 
acquiesced in by 1 p-irtice in interert, euf ficiaitly to 
bring then vithin the terms of this act. 

A reference to the answer to the original bill, 
and to the crosp-Lill filed ty Aprell fuits vill dicclo?e thflt 
no such alleg'ition* of l.sct, either nr a defence to the 


a*El.'aaav| a^ii^ fit«{f>j x^oof « flfet J^x ^^xaiio'^ifc siari* ban ,ibrTsX 
t»Ai»SXi>ilo.ts^■i^^^^.fi^lit<S Bxi^ to aniril 8frfi"«i- -xoxa^ BrtRi^ 

tiiiSi& paM ,,"!i>^/i;.SO»<'?l?0^;r 9«[*- SB. 0iiiiST«Ot#i 'ij:-#lriwr lo »£>x«) 
y&UE.iQ noisti^T^q^h rs od^CTx baot 6ilS ■^i»%ok -btiB ^'■rsv Veil %jr 

1-0 well ^li^ ^ ..,..'^X^;«i:o^t a^rfo^t-lj- l>i»*-'^^^^ ba^tprrralfirtfrtw 

^;£^ -i^bfitf Ma4 l»3ia|»rti Yf-^«ntl! ai ?i bit* Jnei^qfitosaie "td" 
■ijuoxa^ isi;5J ^oXJt -«^. inanw.n»r ;na, hfxa n«(fo «iBas3*» taVs'xo'i flidrfif 

iailj :^^o^0iiib liii- Bi«aCX»tT<7A V ^-^^^ xrid.^^oid tfiEf} ol trdR 


03ri>sinRl oill, nor »8 a taeia for the relief soueht "by >fie 
cross- DlsLl, ■were plcnded in this cope, htnce there X"? lo 
issue bfeforK^tiie court, involvirif; cither the PiKJond or 
t^ird conletitiorhj^ ol ar-pellanti?. ven h^d jjrfiere bcm -uch 
an i eevie presented, ^^ere was no evid^^e to vVtich our at- 
tention h'^e been ORlleoV or which J*e hpve been Vie to dip- 
cover "by f» C'lreful e^^aTiin-TXiorVof t>ie record vhicr. B)jn ed 
that '\ny s^etec of ditchee/-'^r Kc onp true ted, cnnte-T^onnem^ely 
or otlierv'ise, for the ^je^r/;: on dr'ijtuife of the p^frcele of Innd 
•wned by the re?pt-;PTive n^rtiee. 

' The pljndition? exi sting for e^\er-^l yeprn- r reced- 
ing the Kn^^enint of tne occurences "ivVich l^d to this 
li tifc,R;*^on, ns? dl?clg?tid by t}-.e evidence -nay bK briefly 
s^jfted as fol3 qv.'s: /j^aBBii*^ .icnuired hip trpxt nf innd by 

purchnse fract Elizabeth i errltt in 1897. v i mjcllHfi t. A, II. 

lacey h"d been ov.-ning hi » tr-^ct^o the south thereof r-iroc;-,* 

Tiyi!- ifiLilj "i. I aui '.u lb7 . 'lie l--;ndp to the vt ~t n-><,^ belonging 

J„„1 1 — ' ' 

to »;i!iel"iant K.l'.I ficey vcre "vmed, nt the ti-ne n-rtjoil ee • 
'urchaeed, by one Gnmuel ?.. t-ourr^on, nnd Js.i.lncey acquired 
portions of i'p.ld lands durint: 1911^ and •!? 

At the ti'i;e 

>.. ^OL,reon hnia a private rood alonj, the rruth line of this 
forty, running: east snd wc-t by v.hich he rrpchcd hl» Irnde. 
i f— re^ ■ ' ' f ^ t ndvi - ^cd by th » o vi ^en«e— by -^ria^i ri^ht -or- ti tl e 

'"'purchased his fort^-, J- rouel 

he hold this ro^gd, but ^e a;->rerirrf''^to h 

-"ve continued its 

US'" until in i^eoo? ber 19r8, 


'■he evidence ^^oe?, rot dI?c]ose 

to \>h<t e?-ent, if -t all, thir road, "V.ile on • *>u elite ' t ^ /"^'"^ 
prer..i»er, wa? tmded Mi-o\e the n^tur*'! eurfnce of tl;e land, / 


XLla fr-S A<t icere - sdnab trs i lU t^' fc?*5i|0is tf>'kBi',ct9hij<i'^lJ 1 1 

.. ■., r 

'' * .i^X* l^^^f^f artJt'Stjfe' «bi!W!l biB*? lo ajtex^aoq 

' t 


and ' iMwiii 'i il no evidence which tend^to show thr. t tliip road, 

vnile it regained on aspt&iieei* premise? diverted or hr-ld 

A " 
back any portion whatever of the surfrce water comintr from 

„4»peiihEBrt«r' lands, or th^X it diverted any considerable 
portion of the surface v.nttr flowing over i**)* ell l'H* p lond. 
There ■*« eoTse evidence thr.t eurfnce Trnt^r flov/ed over tliie 
roBd snr.e forty-five or fifty feet irorn apr .e ll ee ' -c vf^et 
line, «nd thence north, and thnt pole? hnd teen loid ncross 
tiie ro/td at this point. '%e evidence alro di ?c]o?e^ th^t 
whftn fi^" 11 gff bought hia land, there v/a? a r°il fence plong 
the north eide of the "Coui-pon "orui", and reciaint.d there 
for sofse yetre aft^ rwsrds, , j^ 

'-OEe two yc r» before app el 1 c e~ ^tcrjul red t.Ma land, 
the 2ervp-nt9 of ikr^. i'erritt, t}ie fornier nv.-m r, c -^nptructed 
a ditcL aioni, the weet side of this lorty, juyt enst oi the 
west line, its southern end het'iR"i»^t= just north of Urie 
rsil lence north of the "uour^on r.o-;d", nnc running tlience 
north to a ditcli running eapt mnd wept ncrose tiie north end 
of the forty,- the letter ditcl; running veet until it eciptied 
into Crooked Creek. 

V<e are eniiefied fron: the evidence thnt the ditch 

constructed by Ira. i^exritt aj/nt?: the weet line nf her forty, 

.T9 p, private ditch constructed rolely lor tlie benefit find 

cnn*enience ol her own laJTtj^t ^"^^ thnt it did n-)t c^nptitute 

and 1 orci any p «irt ol any/ey^tem of rtitche» nnd dr^.inp le^d- 

infc from thepreeieep of^ apr)elMntB. '^Iiey— O f^a b e i i n doub t 

bu-t- thsit p^hig ditch -*•!*■ C':r2K*-to the nort}^ j^urf-icc v.-ter 

c ^ciinf. from the t.retijipes nf apih«1 3nnt j, but •j i.e \km it 



,ij**o^ uxii? *«jrf* ?r«irtfe. oiHtinatf 4axrfw anrt»i>Av*- op-- i«T=i v^-ww ^tui 1 

znt\ j^rfitnoo T^jtaiv »»'!!rxi;e uiH ia a^«r»ieiivr aoi^-xop \,iU9 aloetf 

•Ic/BTsbiwnro ^{;rte; fc^^-xav ii) i i Jfcp rf* xa ,5i>«fiX '■O'^iKs-If »o%e^ 
.iJrtr.X »i * ^ »yf l»< 'f t<t T«»« aftlwoX^ Tft^aW' «0«'}c;xMp »ii* 1p iioiiioq 

,5p.«X !iis*^ JboT t^ c>'»£i "» .3'X fa c|< fe siO't«>^ ti^.'S'X «'«if* »«io- 


s^nc^i* its inn t« £>rt« ."b^oH «o«'saa3'* ©ri* lo.iii^-SMl «o«>t^.XE»*« 

ftttA jltaflt9d arj't Ttot Yf«>Xc»5 fe»^u"»f4iioo rfsJ'lb 84»¥i;tq,(p'««ir 

'ii,iit9mn>^9 inn bib it tmii Umti MimS.^ m^t %»ii, Xq 9^Mtlit*tacto 

-."T9l i^itftt bam ^©.{"aiib la «t94<?sjs\^«j to J-xe £r \jcun ^aicoi :fcA« 


evidence vihich tendi^o ehow th^t prior to IOCS any surface 




^-y^/rt^ /^^^Txo -4C(,_^ 
wont to flov,- in a st^te of nature. K-e-t U i < i a u .. > • -^^iFt^ nny 

evidence in tlda record v-hlch tcnd^ to ?»i>^v' th'^t • nor to 

iy06 a-ofialll:tntP or either ol tViea naintnined any ditcht? or 

drains on tiicir land:^. It dine to, or connecting r^itri 

riitcfico or drains r-n thr- lande Oi" .a oncU c> . (^-^-^^.^^^J^^^^L. ^J 

Uhder the fcrcLointj stnte oi f=ict? aptieilee was 

not otdiged t^o keep tiic ditch alont, the v>'ef't side of r:i0 

land::- opon for the on'^enience of anp e3 -• an t ? , r.f^r T.ere 

tiiey entitled to nny order, re uiring him to ie?toTc thie 

ditch. ( 'toddarn ve. . :l,,ur "1 ill.,/r'. , be. .-nmi cn?^? cited.) 

, iJor cold nrpellonte^ V>»»cauf?e of th« fnct ti'i.Tt ourfa^ce w ter 

; ilo»7ing irom their precis'. 9, as it n.custometi to ilov in 

' n st"te of n^'turt.,^r it renched aprellce'? r-rcrsieee '-'ae 

"^ collected "Ly this ditch and carried northerly rver hia I'snds, 

Require '.n CRstaent by prescription to h^.Tre their - atcr c^ntin- 

ue to drain throufi* thi,^ di^tch. 

/ Tie Court foyind by ^tc- occree tiuit the ivturnl flov? 

' of vnter "i-wer the lande in qu^fption Tr^f? frn;*; the eoi^tli to ardp 

^' tlie nortii, and over rtnd acro8?\the landr of sp-rl!l ec, Rnd 

ti.ip lindint is lylly supported Vk;y th« evidence. Apnellet, 

therefore, nr 'Cti ovntr of tJrie s-e^vient iieritj^i^e v=^s bound 

/^to rtceive all ,«^>iters n?rturnlly coipiing Xrom the rominsnt 

estate, in tht^ aaaiier only, anc ^.-^ it v/'^e vont to cvrc in 

a et-te -f njiture. ^iiroft >p, Ankentir-ndt, \9A in. ,51; 

ottl ve. onnefoy,]?.' 111. ,653.) 

It ie inciFted ty apr^ellants' \^'>t the evinence f^iP- 




'*^ ^-^>- JJ^^ 

\ - 1 ... I N *" 

■i .:• J:x -mr ^ pMlx« .iiaAilWTir '-tf&ttf^J^^^t^f^ Mcrt fcBrtO "XSHya •ts* - - 

i-— • — ■ ■ / 

.fc9^i'> ?s5^^o tne-. 5^, ••^■'^••''^^ ^- ^«^.r«3f-'.»r Ifti^ot^J' vifDt^li' 

-j'i->o Tc>i«y tisii^, »f-Sii ,0* aox^rfi'Xs^te'icT 'x<*^ in^smfi9-ii^'<BPit!j\^^ 
•ir l-ji4^ a -sft-? tail* aa^a^b^ Q*i' ■^ ftrryol ^rraoO anJ 

' . "^ *&*- 9|jt«^i"i»it ln©iTnM.e »fii to «'*«*-* ^«€^* «»* ,*intsT»;t*l 
ai ^i^K'D o^ inow «*«• i.^ 9» bfi» jX£«o •««crtii»af*>^J lit' ,»^c«*'^' 


clOBCs that at the time arpfell'-e purchf?r<ed his lo^d, there 
VBi? a ditch on s^id land? nlong tlie south cide of the 
"Coureon i^oad", v/hicii diverted eurfncc water coning from 
their lande to the -west side of appellee' e Innd, nnd ^ver 
ftnd acrosp thin road to the nort^i, ncnr itg v;< et end, "nd 
into the ditch nlont, the vverpt ?ide of hie forty; nnd it i* 
apparently argued thst th- ee tvo ditchee ccnptitute !?;ioh 
a eyetem of drainage dp vest appellant? with the ri^ht to 
I demruid that they be lanintained, and thrtt tliey "be orotected 
I in their atterr^pt to divert th«ir surface vnter, "by 'aeaji? of 
Iditches on tlieir ovm. l^nd, and dischar^re it rt one r^oint 
onto appellee' 8 premiees, 

'e do not .understnnd how t>iie ?riatter, even if true, 
could be of benefit to appellants. J^-oth of these ditchee 
v7ero entirely on the land of nr/T-^ellee; prior to ia'"8, neither 
ditch had 'oeen connected -.vith 'i.ny ditches? or drpins on tiie lon# 
of fiip.'>ejlante. ' e find no evidence which tend? to .^hov? th^t 
eo lonfe a? the "Couraon iio^d", reeained on tnt- land of ap- 
rellee, that purfnce Twatcr cociing from the landp of nppel- 
inntr? or eith-. r of V ^^-Kr^p diverted, daTmed up, or held 
b.'«ck upon their lande, either "t}y t'nr. road iteelf, or by 
any ditch to the pouth thereof. If there ".f^e in f-^ct any 
divereion of the 2am«I«! sosrfoce water, during thie period, it 
was after such ^vater had reached the Innde of the giervient 
eetate, and it could be no concern of appellant? what plan 
lor .T. tthod anpellee or Jiie prior ovnere may have adopted in 
enring for surfr«ce tvnter mturally c^pt upon then. After 
such water reached the servient eptate, tv.e owner thereof 
had r lavfbi right to deal v^ith i t in euch manner ae teet 
vulted his own intert»?tc, subject only to the qialific-. tion 
that when he dipcharged it upon the estate, servient to hie 


matt ^ata^-y •i*itnw^anVth9 b93*[%Yih it>tA\T^"to&6d no9T«»0*' i 

*^ •' '' ''- ^" • ie99t«9Tq'=ii*e«If 9crcTB'0*no; 

-qn >r b.rrer f»ri^ no {joftiRara-E ,^l)f^o*? ho«"S0o3* arf* gc jnoX 03 
-X3£T»r? lo ■*I?n.«f ©iff tB&*jl ijrtiiaeo ia*fl*r g^Dflliua; ;tsriJ ,99£I©fT 

4"! ,boi7 9<r *liii aniTc/b" ;i9i->i#'»!i»'ltw«? t^bti»i 9cif 1c noiaiSYio 

nwffT IpKw «3Jn«tr»{fffr lo anreonoo or; suf bXue* ;ti &i?» «9i£^''j 

ni bT?(Toh!» »v«if ^te «it»nwo tci's^' %lri la udEXstjaii bollix « 10/ 

twrf'^A .MfO:-!!^ acqu liftno- trXf«*ti;i**tn ttJnvr ©^rltue icl sni?'^ 

#«9j •!? lanroac: ay'ja «i ^ x riii^/ Xnsb oJ Jrlsit IuI'.bI n bed 
aoU iilctlnop 'isii o* y,Xno' ito»t<^u« ,«ie»i9Jni owo ntd batlun 

OYix herttate, he do eo in the vxanncr it vnr> accurtomtd to 
fo in a ptate, of nnture. >-hen water iron the dotninant 
hcrfetaee re-ichdd i. is Jnndp, appellee juig)it fillov; it to 
llo«.- over the suK-face thereof, a? in n stitc nf nriture, 
unrestrained and unconfined. le tnicht lawfully coljcct it 
■fay ditchee and dmine, and thup crrry it iroa. Viie --renipep, 
or into some depression thereon, ^nd there imound it. 
isut whatever the plan may oe, the oi«ner of the '•oninRnt heri- 
tat;e will not be tlxereby authorized, ty ditcht? -^nd drning 
conptructed »^nd n;aintnincd on hie ovnn landr, to divert the 
Tmterp therefrom out oi the natural courpe of dr^ina^e and 
discharge them in s body nt a^iy pnrticul-^r point on the 
jPcrvicnt herita^je, / \ 

«e find r.o evidence in thip record which i?ould 
' warrant u» in holding th?'t anrjellfint?, or either of the^, 
-J liad ncquircd Rjiy eapinent "y prescription, or otherT;i?e, to 

connect ditpdies on their lands, -Aith the ditche? on appellee' p 
\ lands fox drainage rurpo«ee. 

It further nppearS^roE the evidence th-^t ap-'-.e! 1 o t 
nnd Coureon the ""wner of ti^e rrivnte road in question had 
Boae difficulty over this road, vnhich resulted, ultiraately. 

in Coureon "'bandoning tht: road on .'^ rw^iiicllce'^o premipcp, nnd 

T)urch--lng from «p '^sJlaat A.ii.Lacey, e right of v,ay ever a 


etrip sixteen nnd one-lialf feet v>ide, ricrose the north end 
of his lorty for a privnte *hie rv-rchnpe wna fcade in 
Jeoeniber 19Cfl, and the ro-d iuur;ediftt.ely rr-locatcd r-cro^e 

A. h, Lacey'e land. 

It npp«o ^»r f>"^r» tv.c gy-i r<i.w>.. ♦Vi !n» aftcr th t road- 
n a 1 3 » ai A lar.dr, he be^an the c.jl- 


04 l)-j>tfJOvt5uoos 9i?w a 'x^aoRa oAi ai os oh ad .p-^SM'^^axi a-yp 
^i J^o^rioo viCiilwaX JiiaiJn ati .festUlnQOHu fans fe9nifli;y99TiUf 

fciuow iiotrfjir b-)0O9i Bxxll .txl ao/^biys e^fi JbnJ^t »^i? ,;, , 

-/. ,. • V , ..■■Hi -. J ■ •N^i-- > ./-.»... V- 

=? ' aaXitTq^ji? nr esda:?xi> 3j1# >tttiw ,abn6X "ixSj^if /to »9.d^^ i,x>|>nrtoo 

^\i%U':iiii%i ^hHiliiii^t doidw ,bsoa fl^^ lav" X^-^^^-^^'^AI*. ^" " 
bnn ,ao»Jfco»iq •©-•♦^■fThjw'.v^Vnp hapt yri^ a^xn^obnBtJf; ftps>^up^.nx 

■i • .-■■ I'" • " i * i . • y ■; ' ■ ".1,' -, .i-' '"■ 'i"7 ., »■ ;^ 

bna iUiOn 3£i^ taoia^ ,»biw *»9l llBxl-^no bfWB nas^xxf gii^fB 

• b^UlI 9 'YtOP 


tivation of the strip forn;erly occupied by tlie ro-w, and in 
nloiBing thie land, e cs'^e lurrowe were tiirov-ii tov,ardp the 
fence alonf; the routh line. *hi5 tended to form v. port of 
embnnkaent or levee, eoiticwhnt above the nf^turnl purfr.ce of 
the Innd to trie voiitVi, an^ it j f» cl^dif- o d thnt this uh:t>7n ^k» 
racnt ohivtructed n.nd divcrteov the ja'^atux'"! flow of oti)rf--ce 
vter from appellants' presiipeW and th-»t ormellcp phould 
; be en.ioined fron rcAint-- ininn/it. X^his c^^ntt-ntion v?ould be 
correct, and apx-ellants vy(.ld be entitled to the reiief nrsyed 
if the evidence fairly Bl(o7,'ed that thi^emb- nkirent, orcnted 
in the tinnner indicator, did interfere wrlh the natural flow 

■ of niiTff"r.o v-nt.^T' Xr& iV, np-npnantw* "X ply} (l^ _^^_ ^ 

'"yrsr-r^yi ^^r^nf^ ,^ i r-p] p =-f. P t^ ' "<" }he e»-;b''nleient in 1 

question rinp loc^tec entirely upon the T.-reaaises of '^arirclT ef', 
and as nn inc\dent to tiie r^wnerehip of ?f>id '^•reT.ipee, m.\:v*i'ilee 
hnd a lawful righs^ to ma in t in on hip^ land^ n^ch uuildin£s 
and etructure.?, or to make such exjCavaticno, or to tl-row 
up fuch levees and embf^ilTaent!', or otherwise manure Vie 
■nropcrty in puch '.manner RF\iiie bu??in^ c-c inttrcpt, or tihira 
may dictate; find an idjoininiKowner v/ill be vltVinut remedy, 
unlerp t.e ic f\'.le to ubow tYmt nls neighbor, in th4? defiling 
v.lth his owi }-.roEiieep, h • invadeck p nie legal rifht belonping 
to himself. It ie not enou^ thereix^re for ^p-nellnntr to 
chf.rge th^t apT)eHee maintfsined thi« ehjbnnkr^ent, but they • ere 
rttiuircd hIfo to eetRlvlish by thtir evid^ce thnt thip em- 
brnkcicnt did in fct obstruct the natuml flow of their 
surface v.ater, nnd thus oper-ted to thrir d-nH/. e. 3f np- 
pcllee'o lcv«-'e vn? ndjocent to o higher levee rr^adntfiined ^.y 


strii nb*LB Qf wtfS'tiii ©VW' awbt'^uV'iiaa&w '.fclssXe till srriirdXfr 

9cf bluo'^ aoV^H'iJlir^o altiy ^,Si\^lmniai»m saotT 'b^dloiM 'ait 
<,^i<T lairs T 9di ei bdtii'fks W bxkow'eiaattaqqB bae .JaoTido 

•.-r ri XiirutMa arfl rf^iw ©•ielT&rnr bib ,96tr,oxbftl' "tlftiihn! Vk„* ni 

,'3'^9tW-iQ ^ii^ 1:0 4i'*B''ts>a*o' qlU iift'B^b/ottias.iM bn» 

woxriJ oj TO ,i5nolJ«v'^Vx» douB »iL)^as t/^ to ,9&Tii3'ouTj» baa 
91' dinneti-z asiw-rSiUo ifJv ,'!j'tt9J^Q<fta'£«> baa g^ov^t iioa^ qu 

.r-ii-^:u 94iU ni _,t0<re[3i9fl, ei/i* Ijtrdf IsiMe bl)-' •Xtfa' «i^ 'sa igssifflu 
sni;-inoI%'f itiriki Xaa^X' Wa =* .A^IbfiirriJIi.^^ i? 4\,'«i»isii^^ two slx^^ci^^tc/ 

.» \9^C* ^uc^ ,:ta"»ro(n«Jirta' #ir(* bdnlpinikm ©*XX«aqa irrfif »atLjirfo 

ileiU Jc: vrritt !.r^u&rta ftiflW >oifSi4t/o ''f6'rCt t^'^'blh . 


appellants, or to a ditch maintained on their ovitj Inndr, 
whichNeff ectunliy divorttd tiieir/purfnce wntcr before it 
rtncbed a^ellee's levee, it/could hardly "be pretended thnt 
the ciaintenari^ oy appeljrfce of his levee v-ie puch -^n in- 
vasion of :^ppellaHte V'rifJite a? T/nuld ^f:^•ui^e n court of 
equity to direct at^-^ettJee to reiaove hi? levee. '!Jie evidence 
not only irsilgi^o i?h v/ tnkt water wn? diverted ly thisi erc» 
bankuiont, exc'ept at tlic 8nutm(ert corner of anpellee's 

tViat it 'u? divfrtcd 
refron. Ap to the 

land, but /it doe? ai; ir::iatively 

by othe^' cause?, wholly di connec 

condit'ions existing at the southwest corner of appellee'? landp, 

ooiai3ent will be found «.t a later noint in X'ie opinion. 

Appollon-t -A.}: .Lacey testified th'?t "when C'lurpon 

made his road on v.y land, he t'^ok a grader and 'an' e p. good 
road; el 30 th-^t "he -:nde a nond there to c-tch the w^ter'; 
"thi? -^ ond y:r,e loc-^.ted at the wert end of the ro-id n.r.d on 
the 8->uth pide." "'De oond had enbnnkment -- to the v/c?t and 
north", he further testified tliat Cour-^on Dade a ditch on 
the routh side of hie rond, which went ritht -wcpt to the 
corner on a stmitht line; thnt thi? ditch drained the 
v/ater which came off his land; thr.t the wat< r went down the 
ditch v/esjt and filled up the nond. 

Tl^e evidence further di ^"cloeera th-3t the crov.Ti of 
t is rop.d ".ne cone ten or twelve Inches above the n; turrr-l 
purfnce of tiiC Inad to the loutii; th.-t the ■ ond wis pome 
twelve or fiftten feet ^ride north_»nd, nnd nout 
twenty leet Ion* eti^t and west. 


N / 

.aoinliTO ati'^ai "#lf*oe? v<**«X «. i'slimiol j»tf?.j:iiw 4«»feuiK»o 

itrata^'J HftTfir^- tsil* Jballi-tjaps^y "^^»6>«tl« ^f«A-^ <tn f - Iiaqq^ * ! 

/^ . — ' 

r"*!*"*^* ^rft ifot:"* oi »-Tarff' imorr a «ib«t>- ajijaP* '^isiif oti''i ;;i«oi 

«o bnr h«<vr 5>rf,? lo bitg Msiv trf^i A 6s Jab oX^ an'* .'i>ilBO;T •tjxiU'* 

bnji >«?ow 9i« oi" '?*«9.Tf^R*?tfffl'.j iMisff 6fiW(t SKIT*- ".^^btn dJurje ©it:' 

arf* beniP'zb ifsiiS #tjff* J^mfi ;9atl idiist&u c no Tairro.D 

9iW Hsroo insw 7 !^mf arf* l^/ii flMUjlT i»14''ilo oano iloirfw latitw 

V >".faa«>fT oift q.; b9lJUi1 boB i3'jn doiib 

l»tJi-n »tii >7i<<5tf»t «j»ri6rtt iivlnftS to '«•# »ffio« unw ft.«oi •AriJ 
»iBc« »c« baft'- »/i* J 'rfi ;.lia*B '»r(l o^ bctal oiii Tto so/'ltw^ 

•^ - I ,i»»w fa«w #9*9 Jiijciel tv'ix ^Joawv* 


T. e ')r e-iin?ibie to tfet t - Ta i n e jus t r.o w l er y ih i s 
pond y g g ' Js w intHinb'J; lm t--4-fe- anpegrr ar i a a the « » t ^ onG 8. to 
hnve been iilled up, and tht embnjilor.ent j? torn rt 'vn, Trrior 
to ?uti::er of 1913. A'ne r^rti'-s disagree '^p to the di- 
rtction wiich water ovcr-flo^'ing frota this pony- went, - 
pcuie testifying tli- t it ilo'^ved '-orth ov*^r the land? of 
^ r>Tr!Tf^iJ.££'- otiifcrj? tii-'it it -vfent vfe«;t over the nrezjiec^ of 
'aspollnnt r.j .l.acey. 
cont . rcvfergy nro o G ov er t}i e ''''j^! y tion^ -ef — the 4r-a i4^a^«-~oiU 

c oiv o d the "oltii ' Ci^ 

app^^J-^-arrt ^-.l-,Laccy acquired the Cour?on Innd, he ueed 


tills private road, over the landp of hiv f'-thtr, n? n ucnnp 

of increse and Cfe.rese to his land. 

Xt is ap^.arnnt, '-;e think, fror, n conr'idcrntion of 
the evidence i^n this record th-^t np sellnntf, and t>. Tticul ^r3y 


the apr^ellant A^I.l-acfty, -^.re nlone re?p'-' ^icTe lor the di- 
\ersion of their a'vrf'»ce v;3ter and th-it ap'-^ej/lee i? not 
repponeible for conditione e:':i8tin£: at the ti^-e the oill 
was filed, -y ^elling^the right of way for a rood to 
Coi: reon, -nil owing him to grade the rond ^rove tJ^e n^.tural 
surface of the land,-conptruct the ditch aloru. the «o<.th 
side of the roml, leading intd the pond ?5t the vf^rt, arr el* 
lantr, tK^O'^elvee, hnve divfrted\the rurf-^ce •'.ator c r-iin^ 
from their lands to the v^f-st, out bi tlie course of its 
nr-tur^l drnina^re, and re no* seekinG\to dipch rte t}iis 
w?iter in a Vody upon the -rrenipep of aprellee at his pnvitb- 
v;e:-t corner, 'hin, they hove no lawful rifht to do.('5orp vr-, 


-,>n^»«f -^noq eirii md«l .■'4axwof**rt«vd "ks^aw rfoxdw aoiJ-os-r 

■. : ■ : ... .". ; ' ^ 


-it) 9^ tot »Cft9i!»HT^*ir %no£« •9'i-iS- '.xsifdjBt.j^^^^ ^iii 

«* feftm a lo^it xjgw -lo •:^;l5(jl* s«*f/;axJirXd.a x;"* .feaXil saw 

-I9 -^es ,>- w »):■}.♦ if, hflOff •4* dJfii ^sni'fe«'»ii'i ..iwoT ©rfJ' to 9bia 
• li 1^ ««!tii'-a #di ^ t.it4}i i#B:3fW 9!l# •t^,Bi)a«X "Xi )fiJ- anil 

•Torf;').«fc o^ ^if'qiT -fjilw^-r Oft «vsrC v;9rfi .sirf* .'jhjmoo i'^sv. 


Griffin, 77 111., Ap, 50b: -a. ner v«?. Chancy et nl, 19 111., 

Ap.£>46; lellor vs. i ilgrim, 7 i:!, Ap.306; 3fiT:e >»«. nrc, 

3 in., Ap.4?6. ) 

Appellant? further contend tiir.t after Courron loca- 

I ted hie road on the A.h.Lr^cey J ftnd, he cut s ditch r-cropi? it, 

I connecting with the ditch alonf the v-'cet eide of appellee' s 


I land, for thepurp^re of cnrrying the v/ater frnim the ditch 

Bouth of this road over onto the prenise? of appellee, and 

into BPid ditch. Appellants claim that in opening the 

ditche? opened hy theic during the fall of 1912 and in the of 1914, they ^ ffirply restoring the ditcliep v/hich 

Courpon h ~d made. Lven if this be ?"», there Tr>e r.o lawful 

right eith' r in d-urson or ap-'el -ant", without the licenre 

and ccn?ent of aprellee to c^nptruct and r.aintnin nuch ditchee 

for such purpor'es. Kven if puch a ditch h-^d "been c^nst ucted 

ly ^ourson nt the tine Me road w?^? locoted acrosp the 

A.h.Lacey land, and maintained thereafter CTitinunusly urtil 

the bill was filed, it could not lia\e ripened into an ©••!»« 

nent by prepcription. ^hcse f?cts on the -inrt r-.i sipr-ellpnte 

were n wrongful invarinn of the ri^htp of Rnpellee. 

Appellee '&d a lawful right to reeist tLet?e p.t- 

tempt on the part of appellant?. Ye had a rijcnt to close up 

the ditches? rtjade by them on hi? land; and the ri(.;ht alro to 

erect at the ycuthweet corner of hie land, and alonf; hi» 

south line inmediately adjacent thereto {"uch embnnknentB 

and barriere as would effectually prevent the dischnrge of 

applic^xnte' surface crater uy on Jiiia fit this point, {^^chasita 

vi?. Ort, 92 111., Ap,407. ) 


X;j1wqX cn_ ?-*^/ .s::?a4^ ....c,? s4. .6,^4^ ,.,, 1:^1.. jj,^3,..- ,»»i)»e| pA^^-tKi^:-..-:-^- 
o'ja^oil adi^ ^uo.iiJ'iw .s.^A^lC^gq^'lc /ip§?U5y.,Ai t^^ 4t4^'x 

5»^0if Jsfloo flssv/ bf fi rfplib j^ 4o«a- Ix -osy*^ ,«aRO(iiiiq rious 101 

»il* s'»piO£! i>»;ffioof ?5 3w bRD% Mid araii. :-»4*. *^^ .ao^'siio^.jgf 

Ii^r:>i ^[;«uoufii#rcJ) i9iXt(9%Q{^ biioXxiSat^SL baa ,bnAX xi?^* • 

-?:-j> ii? o*«t banagijc 9/nd ^on blyco ii ,l>9li£ aaKr XXio' »4i 

B^n-'XIsTqe iQ /■xo.c, 9<1J; ao, «^Ofi 9a^^4-'''. : ,,ii.oJ;iqixog33q xcf J^ns^rr 

..ssIXscff^js .lo j.^ri^ix scf^ lo XiJlano^ « siaw 

qu seoXo o^ /^-"a-ti « iM^rf 9%. .aj^nsXX^^cie lo Jfrxng, arf^ . no cfq®»^ 

9X.1 j^aofii imc .bfuBf »X4 ^o iiitnpo^s3vdi;fuo9 »4^ ^i. *0!?Tt> 

to «iji v^s-^ib 3ftj *«^¥9'iq \iJ^Iau^03l;lt3 ^Xijowjbb 9X9ill;.lrf blUi 

J '::.lo ; ,^nJtoq tfrf^ iB adfi ao'djn isJuw .spcliua ' sJ^ax' ail qq« 

^ . i.VO*»qA^,.xri se .^ao .e»^ 


\ Th 

"he evidence liirther diocloae/^ th- t rt t}.e center 
ol eection tesn, vbere theee p.nrcels of Innfl corner, the nat- 
ur?il purface ol the land ^i* very nenrly levtl, bnving & 

very slight t'-W to tJ.c north, ^he witneosce iiie'if:ree\e» to 
whether the lowest roint fro© thie corner iw north nnd eai»t 
on the Innd of Mjjjjelltv', or to the wept upon the land of 
L, !•• Lacey. h surveyor v.'ho teetified for ur.rjol lnn»f> pt^ted 

that apr.gllt ' a''ie > : 

of a tentti of a foot. Aorty-live feet Tfest of the rert i&r,^ 

land was slightly lower, -s ciratter of n half 

of thie road, <;ie it trcisted in 191? and '14, there rms n. citdi 
beginning; on the land of Jrl. P. Lacey, rvinnint^ thence weeterly 
connecting; with a ditch running; northerly near the center of 
hi8 land, and h- ving i'-? outlet in Crooked Creek. It/vould 
eeean reaecmable\at lepst, to believe thnt vnter collfectcd by 
tl-ie ditch alcnf: tiife\^ south eide of the "Courron ^^ojk^" and ct- 
ried to the ^vci^t sideNof a.H. lacey' s land anr: tXere dLirchf<r^'^ 

lulrt be projected weetw)v^d, and would be mo/e likely to re^^di 
the ditch lending vej»t thro^stth ii.r.l rey'/' Imnd, than it 

ould be to turn north ntnd ren>s)i the Ismdp of appellee. tVe 
are inclined to believe thnt the N<«itht of the evidence war- 
rants tlie conclueion thnt if th^^'floVof vater fron thip ditdi 

e unobstructed and unimpeded, it ^' oisldNj^^ocf ed w ptward over 
Ihe Inndp of t.,i .Lacey, jilther than north oV^r the lands of 

App e l 3antg ndrn 

built a levee. acrose the west end of thie road, and ditch. 


-nil? levee isros eoce twelve or fifteen incher in height, and 

tnirty-live feet in length n^rth nnd g "uth, Itp north end 

le ttn leet nortJi oi^ *v"" e llo wLs 3outh line nnd the levee or 
dam ie locrt.ed Juft west of his vjfrt line. lt& effect -JSf^O 
obstruct the Hot? oi the wnter from the ditch to U-ie wt pt, ant 
to force it nortli throut;h the ditch which ai*&*l^i«nir5-had 


&?!OX»«tt- inditul 9on»:ylv 9dT 
■ tii*ii'ioi, L.fiBi to 8X00 raq o«»ri^ ^t^da ^rtat noli 09-3 lo 

lo ^rtal sa;? atxqu ts«w »ri^ o* 10 ,WBri»tfe» 'to b««X «Ki^ no 

S*?"--!'^ g i^ft n r" taq . ^ Xot b9l'iit<3st ei# lox^v^irt A' ,x90bS .4. ,1 

i'sii R "io "x^J + aas b«,'i»i?oX xi^tfSiJtXe 9ntr faaal 4> >^ b9 t X s frofd t'nii^ 


; n-, fsarR' 3ni' lo ^«o«r t99l bvir-tJi:©'^ .ifool: b "io iisa^s « lo 
t-jlu .« 3S1P *f3k* ^,S»/* J&rcii 5-te^X wi baiiBira il «i* .ifito ^«i£tt lo 

to Ts^na^ ^i liJtflftK igXlailif-ron anJfeffirt rfolife * xi^isf sjaiiaannoo 

frf fr9i»«i;XcD -i-a^artir '4'«dtif:'»V'«iXsrd^ ii-'\t44i9(i ^*^4-Iu«aro»fi«« liar's 

^i ««<0 ^lbnBt\^'ito'^T^T,k d^^'ardt S99w iaibne t d^S lb 9ciS 

•* .saXisir jB "Jo «fi^^ 9A? itfaTfisn: fefen ^*i;«rft atuf oS 9dl bluov 

-SB* 69f«6%£viek 9iit 1g Sd^3i^9dS iMi^ »T»iXstf oi ftsnildfli stb 

JiiUi 9tii* JMSTtt 'STfttiwir 16 Jilef It'^^rfi II i«ii* fwieurano© »i(* a^nwa 

lo ttftit *rl* a^^r^ dtie/i nftxil isiii^ .XSoe.X.'tia 1© 9i)n«X axtt 

-i ■ --:■. o. ,; ^ix i. ^.. .adIXaqqe 

Hk.. \*r '^^.:>*fc 7W^ jN«*#-iX£«hfL- ni a tt CI '^qgA .^-*«x».i:«'tarQnna 

•itoJif) ItfiB ,l>*iet ©iri* lo !)«» ^9 9^^ »iiJ ««o^a»>9y»X' iB IXiwd 
h:' -tU mk 99dvftxt tt%9f^W ka •♦•tiSHr* wk>« a»w •t>voX •JtriT 

6119 ilriort «.tl iia»iii^d IrttK f»TOh iW3«9X ai ^«»»t^ »rW-\:*<Xrij 
'^f!U e»uo9 i*-WXJ<r^i^ lo lUiort' J-od-l' fl»4 «i 
.•;T:r o'-atT uia to i^^jw^p^t 63-"Oof at iaat> 
w:ij o- laotl Tor'nsf 'SifJ lo >"t)Xl ©riJ" ioiTCJsirfc 

.:- ?ir; f ^< .t-.>.»ih srLt d'^uortd^ dSton SI aoiol 0^ 


made across the road and onto the yjrcirdsee of « pp<li«« « fji*- 

tiw?- oe. . Jfyttero would natt t 


"n rth H nd re ach at; :: el 1 ec ' g 

^ ~e;?-i-»t— frvT the~CT(r:Ht rTTrtltm — 

a convcrpn.tion ^et'^'ieerx n> ^ ullcf nnd 

j..:,lncey Mbout thi 9 levee, in T'ovem-'ber 191?., Incey et-ted 

thnt it v.'-e erected to gtor. the w pter f r m £oin£ ye?t. Thia 

sr g-p^jt^^'r^^troru the 

con vergntion 

not denied. It further 

evidence tiiat eor;ietiir.e after tnig levee or enbanknent wae 
constructed there r» h^avy r^in, and the emDnnkraent 
v?a?hed '■ut, and th t piecee of wood rhich }:id iieen Ijiid alon^, 
the top, and embedded in the dfim it?clf vere cirried to the 
y?t-.ct upon the 1-^nd of ] .: .Lacey, "^nd the v?ater flovred 
t)arouf;h the bre-^lc in tiie dmn to thej^ert, --ilthou^h the di'ch 
lending acros? the road into n pjip l\tim>i-# 1 •^.nd w ,p tiitn orsen. 

4«^**t*-^<'s*-t5sAn ntte-'^-ptint'; to divert purfnce y^.tor carried to 

Iwiil? "erecti d this dnm, n.t the wret end of the ditchs 



they cut the ditch ncros?? the r^nd, pnd repeatedly opened 

'^JL^ ^^ 

it onto the " ;er.i(»f p of n. <» :\v. el 1 lt , »o#- c o^.ni t ti<^t' i ye rg trer- 

pr, :-f?ep i;pon is nremiFes in eo doing. 

r lio e — th 

r i a l 

court decided the i^^uea nri?ing uncer^loth the orit'^innl hill 
and the cross-bill inXharraony with/the weirht of t>ie evidence, 
and the lav; applicalDlextliereto^ Ap];ellee war clearly entitled 
to tliC relief prnyed for^'bywiin; arpcllnntr* ^7ere neelcint to 
take fiivantcT-fce of a siifuaiion created by their '^vn cc>nduct, 
cr-ntr'^ry to luv, ajru their \?ro«f?- bil 1 t,tf prope/ly di nT,ji ^ped 
for v/ant of e^tilty. 

j/inding no revereiblNe error in the record hfrein, 
the decree of the Circuit CourtViH ^e affimcd. 


Sot to he reported in full. 




- — ' ^ 

ei'ff^ .*£3^ 3ifu«2 / y. t1 •i?>,!^ 'orfi' ~MM o* '6*'^tf«t'* %"«5#'i<'i iml^ - 

,^oc Tfl ft J: B f n'^^cf- fi'r :i rfof f{^ ' fto 6¥ "f o 't'ii'o's \n '^^'^Jt "'h'tta 'j'f u -^ barf-s i?-*? 
*di ot b'9£i-rnD Sr§V 1f3«^l jii»£f atfi nl fisfcboi^ii:^" MjSf ^Q!©* ^ft*"'' 

.ascte' a*j<Lt •ar'tf ibRjflil -•Ji»».£Xjai«¥Cf*' o*rti' feeoS^^^^s^ --,f>*-.-. r 

0^ b^iT-j.-o Iq;?^^ 9bgn:'tis4 Siit^ib'Sf^^tiqf^^t^M «ife*^ 

--^ ■■*»<« rrtDtlf' 'adl'lo bii9 fi^w'-'adi ' d^p'' «anb'ei td^ ■■ fi^j' aa^ar rj f'ludr l ' 

- . :.> ... . ... .. : .. ,.., ,....., ... . ... ,..>.,^.. . . 

fcswstfo \:Ib**.'«.:tci'i^T: bttn ,bnf»T ^rfi ?»9M3i* irtolib iilJ'teb ^farfi 

i lid' frnl ■'•,]??>• ?i<t ■ffd^r.-.rX®^'*'^ .afli^i'J«*8'dd|'t .tTJjnn 

ban.^i -:' in#^ Xfl|^-»~■ 

.bsenlt^A aof fClie'' ;f*xunO liuoiiC) odi io satoob sili 


/. CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copy of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in mi; office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set my hand and affixed the seal of said court 

at Mt. Vernon, this ..._ ^^rsJ^.^^..- _ day of April 

A. D. 1916. 


'ppellate Court. 





/ >■ //. 

^ Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at ML Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th dag of March, in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harrg Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 



And afterwards, to-wit: On the .§.£Y.?I?..'teenth dag of April, A. DU916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in the words and figures 
following: f 



JP a rt ne hSl^ 8;jtc .. .♦_ 



19f I.A. 225 


No. ..49... 

October Term, 1915 

./ Circuit 


C.Q.uj;ity.....o.f...M.a.di.a.Q.n.» _ 

_ Appel lee . 

..M.s.d.i.sp.n COUNTY 



.V/..,„E. HADLPIY. 

Term ITo. 49. In the Anpellate Court Aferxd^ ';n. 2C 

I'ourth i-'ipTict. 
October Term A. T). 1915. 

Glisrlee J auly nnd ~dvr>rd ) 
C. lauly, l-artnerp etc., ) 

A-pp e 11 fin t B . ) 

Aoreal from the Circuit C>ourt 
of ladieon County, nrtinoi;?. 

l.adison County, 

Appel] ee , 

Lc Jride. J. 

Avpell'^nts v/i.o are architect!? lay profe^jjion, 
br.TU^ht this\?uit r!.{,-,'^in ?t i^Jdieon County tp^fccover com- 
pensation alleVed to Ire due them lOr o^'vice? rendered 
t' e Tounty in tr^ preparation of p-l'r.ns and ppf cif ic^itione 
lor a C curt loure ouildint'. i^y nfreecent nf the -Darties 
the caupe viae tried dV the Court. The ippuee v. f re decired 
in f-ivor of nr •- el lee, .flfrv^ judgment in tnr nf t> e "ction 
nnd for corts rend>?Ted Pi-rHxi^t '^vriel' nntr, , to reverse 
'.vhich, tjiie n op^l it? -^ro3ec\ted. 

On the 6th dny of December 1909, tVie "building com- 
laittee of the -.ioprd of oupervisors of k-dicon County entered 

into "3 written contr-'ct v.ith °p^t>?"' 1 ^ntfp, vherein it *»- 


recited, "ths»t v.-herens tiie pnrty of tj;ie second nnrt is f^bout 
to trect nn n''ditiin to the : adison Cnunty Court l.ouee", 
partic? of the first ■p?irt «*•• employed to prepare pl-in? .ind 

specif icntione for the nforesaid building, iiy the contract 
for preparing plan? nnd cp ecif ic tions and letting contract 


.v3X9r .C .A rtna? i9cfo;+oO 

.e> .0:1 niT9T 

( binvrb ■ -bar X-ti-^"> - oelisifD 
( .edriB f.C9q-(TA 

.1. .abxic^o.^ 

-aio:) isvoogi''^ YJ-nijo- nc=^xb.rt;i ^•?ni"-.jn .tiu? /a lii^f i-a'ajjoicf 
X / 

esi^TF.j 9rf* lo ^n9rn9(=3i i-R 154 .•jnifilx.tKf 9-?uo:i J^iuoJ n tot 

fcs-'xnsb sTsw 59t;93X sffT .:J-tjjo 9ilJ- T^d bsxit SBvr gqfjno Sili 

aoi^to" 9iii In n.fcf ni: ^ns-tr-^but fo/is^ ,99rX3T[R "io to/'^'I nx 


9919,' .--[ o* ^^i^na "■ [scrq'P ^•^ nyr-^jB Jboi'sbnaT. s^^od ic i bns 

/ \ 

-moo snibCx.ya' 3i(:t ,GOei tgcfcisosci lo \;ao ritd orfcf nC i 
f>9T:9^n3 x^""o'-^ no3XJbr..n 'io eToaxvisq.uo "io bTBOt sri^ io aaJ-.txia 

ti rtx9i9rf'y , "Jtffg f r stg-gp rl 


ditfr v+omJ-non ns^i-xiw r cirri 

iuod'p 9i t'x.'^ir brtoo9?i siJ- Io x^ii^q sri^ e'^STaiw -t-RrtJ" ,bsii:oj. 
,"98uo;i ;t7ur>2 ■\t;J-nocCj no5Xbf;'I Bdi o.t n*" X i i: JD '" n n^^ Jo^ii; oj 

^ORiJnoo ©xli' -^.i .^nxbfxtrd biBesioln arl.^ rot enoitROxixosq' 
*o~"x*nco srfXj:t9X bne «nold"oxli:o9q»3 bn« "priBlq :ijnii'J<I^ifI "i*^ 

■ X- 

work, i+*jijen lutf ■ 

for the rroTioped work, .H-'juell 'utf were to "be -rjaid a sum equal 
to 2/> on the t-)tal of ail contracts ap let, and 2';^ in addi- 

tion thereto, if p' - . t-TCl Iom •!:;: ■ were retriined to s.^jc intend 
the c onstric 1 3 nn of tlie ^-iro^iosed in-nrovement . 

It anpenr-g from tiie ovidonoe tiip t the irstt'.r ^f nro- 
viding tiie County witha Court Hovise inpr overaent , either in 
the v/ay of a nev building, or "oy building acaiticns to the 
structure then existing had occu-)ied the attention of the 
l-^ounty l-'oard for uptvarde oi tvo yc^rs. At a lieeting of the 
'ioard, held in December 19(9, the ouilding cornittee made 
a lengthy report to the County Bo-r-^, reviewii-g the natter 
of improving the Court "-.ouse, and pugrepted th t tr.e improve- 
nent be :.■ de hy building a eouth ring to t}.cir nr ?ent struc- 
ture, t'.en demoliphing tl. e center loortinn anr! rebuilding it, 
and then remodeling the north V7ing to make it en, form to the 
otiier portions of the building. It v^.e suggested th-^t thie 
work could be nrne in three sections, doing a eec*ion e^ch 
year, snd the ertimpte cost v.- s pl.-^ced at i':i5C, OGO. f^O. In 
this reioort the building cormittee asked thot they be au- 
tr-orizcd to enploy an architect to r^repore pl-'^ne and speci- 
fiC'tions. This reyiort v."»b adopted gnd ir.r ed iately ':^'Pre- 

after, the contract with 'r^ppfl 1 nntr. v/p e entered into. At 

the Jnnuory Meeting of the County Board in 191(", the -ction 

of the co'rrnittee in ccntrncting with ^oDclloft' r wp s reported 

to the Board. T' is report odvifed the ho-'rd rf the terme 

of the contr"Ct as to coi^:men ?otion to be ^aid 
and that report vr-^p adopted. 

A T y cell e c eontend^^hat the building co.?jna ttee_never 



lA^^-- .^.Ji^-^ 

-ibb^ al i<S bn.B ,J-9l as Bioarfnoo l£s lo l&io& sdi- an ^s o* 

,- ■>. - - v.; ■ '^ 

ni 'r9--iJ-x9 ,i-n3ni9voi-:imi sswoH ^luoO nAiJxf -^tauoQ' axit atixLiv 
sii^t oi snoxJ'xribjs ^nxblxocf "^cf^ ao ,anxhIxtjcJ ".'sn b lo t^bw srlj- 

arid- Ic 3^!i:^^r<ia x; ofA .bt-31£ ov^i lo. sbiizwqu tol bisoo: '^d-ni/oU 
abar sgj-J'xnTioo ^nx i) I x' aiiJ- ,eoei iscfcrsoaCI ni bCs-: .bifioil 

evoiqmx. end- t jIJ b9c+g9-;,3U'? b/iB ,98U0.i >tiijoO srfj- anr/oiqmx lo 

-oiJTJ-9 j-naexri Tcx^rid- dd- gnivr xi^t/dg b 3rixf)[iacr y^" 9- ■ ' scf J j; 

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arfd oJ- finrlnoo + jt 9«T;iri oi anxw iliion arid- anxlsfcomai asciS bos 

axn* *prid' ba^sssaws 86w' d-I" .anxblxiicf arfd- lo BnoiJioa Tsxldo 

rfoR3 noitD93 R 3rrxoD ,enoid"09'? aairid" nx snob sd bluoo jfaow 

nl .0">.00(3,oei$ fn hst^Lq e~if taoo di-ssmxiBS srfd- bns .ibst^ 

-xf.8 »cf ■^sild" d-Bi^jid- baisB aGd-d-lrnmoo anxbriucf arfd d"ioq9i ex.Id 

-io9qo 5na an^Iq sipqeic od iosilcioiB hb \;oIqin9 od" bssxiou'd 

.a-ror.-!- ^f9j p,j: 5y, cx iiHR b9dq;obs -^'^rr daocrsT axiiT .enoxd^^oxl 

J-A .od-iti b-sTsd-ns' a^RW jdiajs-TXa^?^ xidiw d-Ofirtd-noo arfd .led-lF. 

noxd-of srij ,'>Xe.C ni biBoa x^jai/o^ erfd- io anxdgeM xi-unrX 3r:i 

bsd-TOqai «=«"•' '■.■'-f^F! vt&n-^4? ciflW ^niioaiiaoo ni. 99dJ-x;a-rroo sild- lo 

asrc:? t 3 {j- lo bTno"! Qiii bQ^ivhr .tioqai ax 'T .bir^oK grid- od 

,aJ«s-C->C-s»-<i^'' brarr 9Cf od" fto jt'^^F^sinscrmoo- od as d-cidnoo edt to 


,b'^dq';b/5 n^^v dioqsi dRi^d bnp 
•r9V9a-93d-tl'»»ff'09 ;j{ii b li iid" arfd . a»-tX»<?KTA 

y^^rt <,^^^■•f.,^r^<^■y t r^ r^r^m + w. ,, I UHt^ i ■ i | i iii 1 T m « ^ "anfl t^.*^ t t lTt? U ' . ' »- 

ol~v4,i.i? contention it ie firct ar;j,'irted thnt no ^epnl meet- 

iriei oi tTr©v^ounty Bo??rd v-p.e ever h^ild in "necember 1909, nnd 

it if ne;-t insiH-Q^ tl. t even if n ],t>f"^'l neetinf tr^ held, 

tr e i-ere -adoption of tha^etJorVof tl.e biiildinp cor;--.ittee 

did ret c -^nff.r upon it, aj>tho>itj' to en-nlcy m rchitect, 

tut tr:r't euch nvtl.ovijk^ v.'.-^uld ;.;■ ve t>K>^e co'-.f erred by a 

for'-r.fl roticn or -^fesoT u tinn, crcprep -=ly frqiH^{. thnt power. 

T> i. e i^vidcnoo dipol-oocr tlirttj l^t h «r)cci^l meeting 

of the County -^onrd, i.eld in "pril 19C';5, ^n order v.-Pi? en- 

leied ol record, fixing the d-'-tc of erjch ironthly mteting 

thereafter for the ->-eriod of ore .y^-r-r. The d -te of the 

Dece":ber eetin^ 1909 vr^c fired for Thured-y tlip 2nd. !n 

t}ie caption of the Decen'ber -eetinp: it i* recited: "'-he 

J3onrd of ouperviaor? of I -dison County *?ict In rc fciuT nr eesB - 

ton* in the Court house in the City nf IdvrrdFvill e, the 

let dpy of Becemher A, ]" . 1909". A np.rt of th.e record of 

this meeting >e written under d'-'te of Deoerr-ber Ipt: a -nart 

und c r t'iie dpte of Deocn'bcr 2nd. -hur?dny i» indie- ted 

a? iJeceraber Ir.t,- tI eo i ? rjecerr.ber 2nd. The County Cl«rk 

vtio Vept the rec^^rd testified th-'t but one ifcetir-ig w.-'f? held, 

and V.-W- i^'jtjji nn order of adjotjrnnent from Decenber let to 

December 2nd to complete the 'bvpinces of th=:t r.eetinf . 1 1 -~^ 
is Mpy^jisj^ent frori the record ;t(nat — pocc '-ir'.-'x e y« : ' ...d e — i«- 
ej-^terint, the'^Ui^te of thie yKeetint;. ■ '^'hurrd'iy uoold n?>t hTTve 
been both the 1st sEivi^^tne 2nd jiay .ilaa of'^ieeerrrbeT;— nndK ^he 
riOTTd c:^L:]d " c t h?' >»» r>ie tl^' r ee u-3i-9y- -?e^»t^ i:-r>ft-^-9n--4h.e-, J, et . 
Thirty of the thirty-onr laembcrF of the iioard' v,'ere T)r*:!?ent 
a l th i s m e o t i n^ ,\ a nd it would b e a - ntiCiHiiJr uir( umrtnnc a — 

ijld&fejl, if tVifcie rjemhar* g35^uld^4»c«t--»n^- d -^^y in -axLi-aiKLC— ^^ 

tJ'.e 1 o f.f »l — I ' Mte f u r tl it ) f iec tinn, "^ina Tjroceed -to— tr-'n^f^ct _ 

i- . CO vjJr'jjo^ 9rf?'' .^'ftC^e^'fes'^s^- •^'^'' 6«'f n* i^Vlts r ■ tacfJitbodfli: s? 
-•; ' - ■■' fao*!^ Irit^'jrirt-tfjrytjbe^^ on. t»J:4iifea»r-^f>^'■ 

-, -:+ h.r- ,T-^cfr»a«<i-io .0^ <"- -.-> n f'- v> -..-»-„ ;.r •».•,+ rixocf-'ite^< 


the public ■buei.nesB, v.iiich they knew co.ld only re traneocted 
at a re^ful^^r meeting, or a special ir. eetinf, cplled in the 
I manner provided tiy law. in our judtTnent, it ic- r ore 
reaponable to conclude tiint the c^nilict in dctes ..ere ehowii 
is a :;cre error on the part oi the cltrk, than to J.old that 
the ;:>oard net and transacted the pul:lic bueincFv in \!tter 
diorct 'Td Ttd violn.ticn of the r^lain -pxovi^ione of Uie lav;. 
*e hold therefore that the neeting in qucotxon vt.? a law- 
I' ful neeting. "It wi'il "oe presumed tfic t the rieirroere of a 
1 County -i^oard, ^s ijullic oliicere done tiit ir 'juty, that 
N their meeting!? rere ■■oroperly convened, and at tht time 
{ deDi£nHted hy law. ('i'he People vs. J-yone, lt8 1 1 j . Ap. , Z96 ; 
loesnitz ve L.celir.£er, 127 lnd.^j22; 2u :'..^.lc57.) 
I upon the eecond -ooint urged oy appel'^ee, \ e do not 

I rcfesrd the si Fence of a fomiol notion or reooiivtion cxpresf^ly 
.authorizing the buildiiif. co;ninittee to contract i ir plans and 
, specif i cntioae, as affecting, the rit^htp of ti.e ra.i-tiee herein. 
The nitre fnct thc^t the county J.onrd sy h = \e friled to ob- 
perve the niceties of vfiTlimentsTy procedure, cni^not be 
urged by ap'^ellee to defeat the nlain intention of the I.'oard, 
ii t;-nt intention ■■ay he *? rrCertnined from the vririouB recordsi 
in tvidence before up. "An repp^nacle liber-lity mupt 
be accorded the r inor deli'oerate bodie? of tlie .-.tate; 

nota'ly County lo'ifdp vhere oy reason of tlie chprac- 

" tor and vocation of the men comr;rising e-uch lodior, the 
technical itiee of pr -cedure are not e rictly enforced, nor 
, perhnpr fully unoerptood. '''e tai pt r->t crpect demand 
/ ti "t the records of evich t-etingp should be rxioe vlth the 


SIT. - ai cfi; ^*it*>«a&«{; tu6 nl" .*j»I: yd Jbaijivotq icsfinsif i 
fwrf>rf»j ftiori" >9lWd^Sii >3iJ[tn'?d 6tf*:~;f:*.Jld:. afcuXorroD ocf 3XcJ'sncn'^.oi- 

is^ti/ rfi ^'isni'^.utf oilrfuq SxiJ l>s*oij»fji5's:f i>ns. cram biBOci. silj 

^prf# ,\;J<jfi 'ii-:>!:.t *5ffoi> ©?^f*ff ©"isoixTro d'irfifv«p< 'BS ,te^ iti'auoj 

:aSgV»1'^- ^f ^ 6^'f ,eik>t^ --.av Sfqoe'ir drill) .wpi -\^d bej-fsnaxssi.' 

ior rb ':i , s'lfff^ "Tt-d" b^gli; Jtffioc^ 'bnoo.9s "srii UoqU" 

Xii"'©i«|^*> «o ii rf Ii^ifaPi- J^o -^ac tinni "^^trrro'r jbp to 9JMS99.(/js '^# J>'TfBs^T ; 

,bTao!i 6rfi *r> rtox^yirtx'hisXg 9il3''"^B3l:9b o# 9©ris<iqs \.a basiu 
9bio09t •ijotrtsv jflfJ mo-tt- BsTiiiSiJrtsaiia »o' 'Sis." ngi,tr:9iiTx isii^ Sx 

;Si+aivt »if* 1o 8!*ibfccf sjRiadxIsb icitipr siii feslNonoB ©d 

-oe^nrfo oifj-'-'ic ftn'5'-:'-r \;8f. si ttriw *••*•.•.*. ebxjRO I i^^aucU^ ^^''^^ton 

, .'' •:ri^-iti^6h itew!t.-9rfJ-'.:lc no X ^ ■■•3 ov , bA»' isi 

.: : jox'r"3 *©» irfc*- ♦llfWonaEq i.O aBi^tiXjBOXfitiae;^ 

^-'- ••" t'dijiTt *>'*' iiiitiod"«^abni/ xXJiA- gqiw^zoc 

' accuracy r.nA tecirnicality of thope of monetnyy cor- 
' porHtionr, conducted under fae direction of skill ed coun- 
. pel; nor indeed nf\t,he !! ecislftture itpe^lf; (The r>eo le ve, 
I Jyori", "iipr-^; ■^«irtl<^tt vs "• au Claire County, 112 is., 237.) 
( 'e t>ii':k i tUnptjnrent from the evidence th-'it both the 

'tuiliint;, committee and the County iioard fully Relieved that 

the a''nption of the re^i or t /■ef erred to, did confer the 
po'.ver exercieed. "lie dootr^ct vith av'Del Innts? v;bp en^tered 
into i-rredintely f ol lo;ifmnt: the adoption of trip rcDort nt 
the Jecember >aeetirie^ and it ie not -oretended thnt this 
cof'niittee, in enrcrinf into thi? contr- ct, p-stfu-nv-d to act 
' lor pny one "buvthe County. J >st the/<fahuary tueetinfe 1910 

they reported the action taken t/jpSsther \vith the c oraneneation 
— - , to 'be paid ai4a£il.an4-fii- lor theA-ervicep^^sontrncled I'or. That 

; / 1 

report v." 9 ^r proved "by the County ?0Rrdi and (r' -instituted, 

/ in our jud£-tnefT\. ?. r; tificrition of the action of the nom- 

laittee. It i? p isnriili r rule of ]aw tli?^t v.-here the Tironer 

int' rpret-ition nf p. oontraCt or other writing, i« in ie^ue 

"^ the parties vill be yield to th«t int9Tpretntion, Trhich they, 
; themselves, have placed up^ it; ^rvd thrir actB^py be rliown 
to d€terr:ine cufh intc- rpret" tion./ (The "eople vs Adams, 65 
I ] 1 . ,.fvp. , 283; .1 r»iTnlee v?. hamblj^on, ;'.4 I11.,GC5; Leavers 
ve Cleary, 75 ! 3 ] . , 549 . ) ^ c/ntr^oA nay be c?' e \ath a 
county, Vy it- hor-rd of p\'r,^rva pors, \ctin{- t}iroii£h a 
properly ccrTtituted cocac^ttee or agent .\ (County of Crew- 
ford, ve Walter, 89 llLi', A; p . , 7 ) . v^hen tii^ buildinp committee 
made its report at t>jje J-anuary leetinc, the C^nunty Board hrd 
erriple opportunity, if it believed the coi.iraitteev had acted 


- ; , ' ;^ ' .-:,■ "". ■ f u ■- ■ f V .^> ;. r :' .4.1, ,!■-■ - 

©>■(;*. TC el no 3 bib ,oJ- bd'i'ie'):®^ .fTQWa.Tc >i^4..l9^,Goi.ctgo - 
^ti Stoqat %in$ to noJ;*(iQb.6_9rid- yrt-l^sXIjol; jtl9d;G^Jb . 

*- -' V' ' ' ' \ 

.bad-ud-i^enr^ brr.s lbi«o.d; -^nuoXotii vcf bav.oiiqa.?? srjsr iiof.-;.' 

•u^iai ffl. <sl anxJ'iTw. Tajrifc to 4:0)3'i^aai^ b ,lp. nAjXJ-/^i9p:(i.- -ii- i 
8X»vjssX_ ;flDs ,. xri >;-: ^.cioJ^'Xtc^it. ,.bv s^ijrc.^ ;j5jiSy^,c[A^..^x^ 


'without authority, or had e::^ceeded ite authority, to 

(repudiate their action, «nd diB&vow it? liability under the 

contract. Instead, however, the County iiotrd "a.^i-ro-ved" the 

re-port, nnd it cnnnot nt tLis late day be he-^rd to reT>udipte 

the -action. of it? cociTiittee. here -■nn recent act- v?ithout 

'authority, or -vvhere he tranpcendc hie aut.'iority, it is the 

■*^ ' duty of the principal to reriudi'-.te the ;ct a?-- s^ion tp he 

'has been fully informed oi iihr-t nae "been done in is name 

I lay the nte"^t, e!Ir e he v.- ill be "bnund by the act )^av raving 

ntiiied it by innlic - tion. (-./ard ve ' i"" ] i -inp, ?C 111.^ 

447; .errin£ et al Vf? Lutler et al, CS I11.,L75.) 

It i? fin-illy urfied by a eilee to surt-^in the find- 

int and judgment of tlie trial c^urt, tmt nv.-jel ' antr crvn- 

' not recover herein, for the re^-'on that even if it be held 

thn t the building co-ittee h^d power to contract for plane 

and ctjfccif icntioD? , it could only contract ior planp ".nd 

I epecif icr.tione for a cpurt ho ve itiprovement in h.'.rmony vith 

the report rriae and adopted ot tirie Uecenber meeting of the 

lioaru, the coet of which •would not exceed a ro:-iniHtely 

, vlbC , OOC. !"C; tliat the ^-jlans -^ p fino.l'y presented cnlled for 

an entirely new building, at s copt eetimnted at v225, ;,cc,CO; 

and that the building cormiittee hnd neither pov;er nor au- 

, thority to bind the ^ounty to ray for puch plane and 

specif icr t ions. 

It ip ?in elementary rule of ] aw tl.-^t ccntrr^cts 

ehould be eo conptrued a? to cnrry into effect the intention 
<^ of the pnrtiee, euch intention may be nc-certained rnd. 

, feiven effect witliout doing violence to the language used. 


ci ^x^lx&d^isJBi 9il bebdsoK^ bprl to ^xittodtus iuodstlv'- 

SCi& "£)9VCil-<TB" MhOS X^MWoO 9ri* ,19V9W0ri \bBQtnnl ,ior,i'i'ttoo^ 
sc^cibi; -91 oi^ hired »d -^Bfa 9*bX sX'li'-J'B ^onnBi> ti fcnr= /itiof^si 

-^■.• * ' ■• ■ ■--■-- -,-.■,. V , . , .. r' 

9sis- 9X ii ^\il%o:^SuB 9i.ii Qbnso^nBti -oci aieriw to ^xiiiociiua' 

itii ar ni"*'^'3 »?i=i :fof' srfcJ- ©jT^lbuqa-r oi iBqi ontJtiq 9di to x^tj^- 
9mrn as . ni snob nsacf a«)I inav.' Io;b9(nio'tnx xllut a&sci k.,., 
gni:v'--.1 ■5^4^ i-OB srfj- -^d Jbnuctf stf Ili wsri © afs ,i^^fTS;£)fl "srfl yd"' 

,.IC-' yi ,ni-v-i:rriV/ ev biBiV) . nbicf -oil qnii xd tl boill:^' .. 
(.aV<3,.III ea ,Ii^ 'ifa ';'!ceX>uc:f av ijs *» anxj. ;V.^^ 

-n«o s jnsi Isc-'.Tf. ind&\^-ti}oo iBtti^ sift "ixi. 4'fl9>; 
Ws'i Dcr J^x T;t asv© J.oxiJ' noo'^^i srf^ •xol .xiisierf isvooau ioxi 
anslq act w o -'xJnoo ■ dj tcsmroq berf aaJJi.T^o anifiTxircf 9di iadt 
bnB eosXq rtol iostinc-o xlno bluoo cM ,9«oi(tJ5dx'ilo9cr3 bas 
xf^i".v xnciinrfl rri: ^n»aj9 vcic qmi •91 /Oi-f lot anoit.noi'iioeqQ > 
aiiJ lo ^x*9Si!fl T^dmeosCL sxit d-e baJqobs bns ebm J-ioq:'x aa't 
>tIsip>£jlr.oT'^ • a basoxs cfo/t bXyoW rioixfw lo Taoo r , 
"Sol baXInc! b9,tn933*iq Y^-^J^^i'^ -^ ^' 9n«Xq axfJ' &tidi , :C • 

-ua "snrj i-iiwoq lortfisn bRXf ss^J-ioanoo gnibXifjcf 9rf} JB.^i bns 
bnp. f.aBLq douQ 10'i ^«q oi ^^fnuo^J 9ri* bnkd oi ic^lio, 

3j3.Ri*npo t^li vbI 'to sXi/T ■v;T:J5d"n9ffl9X9 ns ex il 
aoiia9iri'. srf^ i-odtls oSal >pc"iBo 0:" -r, bsmianoc 
fittti b9^nJ:c.d"X90'3a 9d x-^ra noii+noi^ni xfaiia siar&r ,8 9xJ"'Xfiq srfJ lo 


if? also true thpt viere one party to contrr'ct, either 

' direc"*^ r by imp3ic-tion, induce^ or cauoee the other 
"^ party to chspart from the ] etteryftnd tern? of the contrrct 
I in hie? erforr-vhice tt ereol, }ze cannot 7 reQicf>te a I'.efenee 
, upon puch departureNjr variance, (x.ennett vs lni:-,ec, ] ?8 
'111., Apr;. 6S6). i<ei therein a party to a contrrct hn\e 


.iu?t cr-nse lor c cmpj'airi.t, if^he Court shall fjdopt and fol- 
3o7? th't interpre^stion of is rrg^te thereunder, Wiich 
he, by his act^ and c^^nduct h.Ts t1 nceJ^v^hereon. 

>liile the report of the builditii/Njo'-nittee re- 
ferred to Fugre?ted a. court house itrj^ro vernent uy ouilding 

an a'd.ition, ■wr^ckin^ p.nd rebuildirlg a iM:»rtion of ttie old 


court j.ousc, and i^R'odelinf another -crrt and while the con- 

\ / 

trr-ct v/ith appellant? .recite? ?hat the County ir ato'iut to 
bui?d an "addition" to t}ie cr^urt r.ov, ee, vie are v^ell ?ati3- 

lied fron the evidence thc^t/neith' r the builtMnj..' co".rittee, 

^ ■ / 

/ the County Board, nor the /ciplje Hants r-g-r'^ed t.he report 

mi t tee or t\ 

of the hull dint corn 

bhe contr-ct in quection, p.e 

' cor-rittinfc the County ytoard to any particv.l^r form of nn 

.improvement. fte pre /alpo cat i?-f ied\f roin the evivience that 
/ / \ 

the vnrinnce or dep/rtiire of ^•hich co^^laint i? .-■de v-e 

occr^^ioncd by the.'-ction of the County Bof-rc'', r. r.-. not >y or 

t- hr' - m^'jri t).o f-iulyt j f .t. - j;. ellantc . ■. ,; d , j , ■• , . - . t — • 1r fej^n tVii s con- 

, tret even a erode or nn anforrial atteiir^jt to lie.cribe the 

f proposed inpro ve'.ient, either a" to cnnracter, ilinension, 

irranf:eri:ejit, or a , royimate c 


*-; ^ud 8- 

t.'r.Tt. pt T ' *-}..^rf^ ■-■>* ■ ■<. ,. , u m m » 1» | u l nnM \y 1.mI>i r ^i.i l ii^u I n >^ - 

r ^T'^d IQ JLJ t.:je futuj-e- 4e-tergriTTatrgtr'ortTi c 

■ iTt^^-6-«a-.- 


TSffcJis ^S^f^'iinob 0& •\f^'pi,q ^rro aisfcr i'isiS puii Oala ni ^ 


-Xol bnB iqobf! ££.6r^g ;tT:i/o,0 ajE^irti ^»ir^ti^q sswisat^frt 

0* J-uodB 5i -^J-fJwoO 94^ lactV s^J-x^^i./^^a-sri^lJigB ri4'i'if: ipei* 
- i^es CX9,v SIB 3VV ,aisxfOff..Jxwp 9f[/.;0i "nol^xbh*", nrsei^f ■tj^?' 

9 n , no X J- '^ 9 «p ni ;}• o""S^no ,94* j.»t ^ ,9a4:,d;|ffraq • ,aXj x bX JU/cf -^SM^ ..lo ^. 

ae. lo mtot •x/^X/joxJ-xbc' vne 0* Jb^iBOA xSavc'^ &!^ ^Ai-it'v.:s&^.' 

^?'iii aonafcxva ari;* inoii/&ai't5X.^i5?3 /o,aXfl^ si . +n9ni9V0TqEffx ' 

- ■-■..- .-,..■■ \ , 

30W eb~iri 5X i'nxsX;j5^o^9 do^ixfer. '^p .3juS%hx{Sh xc Aan^jyyr oci»J''; 
Tto ^f Son bnr~ ,f>-i->t)a i^i«f/oO 9x£;t Id, fiol;^o\^&dS- %^ banct^no^o 
-noo eXi-i^ ni-JaoiJ — ion gJb aii . a i tninCXaqgia. .to ;^Jurl ; oji -^- ffegc if iff d 

^-%j ^ - ; . •' ■•> ■' ' ',' ■ ■ - ■ ■ ' ■ ■ ■ tvT 

9iii 9diio^.9b oi i-cfniaJ d'fs XBnnc'inj: nn to gb^io b, nove J-pix^ , 


_ ..;,,, •.^.,.^, .-^.. — - -^^*Ki-r{ ,.tgpO Si^lHXXpic^- J3^ ICO • »ii'i9««aSnJB11R 

-V - 

gTt ^G tt or t/ie^^ amity ^'Onvi . I n supp o rt of thic f!on e lu '' i <»n, 

^t the Ja.nuary meeting 1910, the "builf^inf cora- 
aittee when it rt ported the contr-^ct, likfwipe rp-^.ortcd <=? 
trip oi inepcction r.afe "by it to v>rio,-p county n-'st^ to 
inspect isodern court lioijae bv il dinrp for the ^^VTco^e of 
obtr-i/iir^. ide^^s tr be utili7ed in malcinfr the c^ wnlated 
iciprovecient. At the iebrusry meeting of the County Jioard, 
prrangsiaent? were ir.ade for a t-si-r -^f jr.snection Xy the whole 
i-orrd for ^ lilce nur-oee, f\n6 th»t trir) 'J'^a in f'ct ciadc. 
i rT i lfirtly fv?h "'■rr'^urt ^n J :>"P ri^rt of thr — ro'r^iitt>?o nnd th« — 
County 13f)s rd i p riot it] ) ,>ni --vnny atj^^u-jjc^^^v^ , ,» ■ > ■ > , • ♦ »Vi n y ■•^/^t-,- 
r i<ie-tec— titerTFtrlTfli e'l^bFolu te ly corritritted to fEe~~rrr»k4-Hft_i}X__ 
?.\i£|jf-.-^IL-j:5E-I^^3X i'inpnt H B- sug ,. repte d.-4«-fee— y e r a rt " f t^= i»^^jajij d- 
.in^^Gouasttr^^e-*-- M ip, hn'wever, in hnrnony v ith the vi'^w 
th- 1 the rT^f Tn of th^-t ir.proveraent ^"ps reeervtd 
for t!ri.e future considerrva^n ryi: the buildirg- cnrj-^ittee end 
the County ..i0«.rd. The pubsoXntinl thinf v,'}iich npreTlee w-ib 
to obtain from appeljanV? under^he contract, y'^f planp and 
epecif icnt ion? for H.yCourt hou?e inTTVoverncnt, - thf form v.hlch 
thrt improvement eX^*^'^*^ t=!ke v??>s o la.-jtterxpf detail only. 

/■t the larch meeting of t)ie County .^o^r", 191f', 
ftwothfe r e i gp i f I can -t — ei r c"n ng t i»ne'«>. 0ceuxxjid.^,jr:i!fTt^ the eanie day the Icaiu net in th?t ironth i ir.aes meeting- of citizens 
from Vriioue prirtp of the C-^unty PFPenibled ot r.dwa .devin e, 
and ndopttd rccolutipne prote?=ting .ot^r ln?t the building of 
odcitionp, and the re.odeling of their then builfling, ^nd 
cabling upon the County -oard to rrovide nn entirely nev. 

court house building. At the -fterno-n pepsion of the 

.loard, tlie secretary of this meeting attended before the / 


A im^TOf^eT 99iwft:i4'f.- «-**''''^^**'^®- ''^* ^^*''^^?3'* ""^i^^*^®^*' 35^^-ii-= 

If ©srci'i Tpl:- ajnxLIijjci 3eii<j/l iiM(jo RgLQ.f^Qa; li'Odqanx \ 

^»1« fears Jffco sfij-.^niaffflfc ni ^?sir^A«;^;^9cr.,oi, ss-ghi a«i?iif»#<lfo 

.s^flffi ;jD-i .^a| _9«w f4^d" •■iJ*ifi^ _f>He.. fc950v-:«i;g ^sTIi fliioi insQd 

Xjqp rC^xrfw 3girf,t ^5iciW*^(jSJ«! arfT ^^^-fsoavX^auoO >«tii^ 
f--^- ,,,.,- -UucT rtsii* ii,»4it; loi ary^l' ^n.](;rjbf|a ^arta.x-ix.^jbiB 


rd, and propented these rer-Dlutionc, v.'iiich were read 
efore the open -'osr'?. , and thereafter adopted ond eT)read 
unon the records of the County i^oord. Viie County .soard 
d:d not at tiiat time, or at ony other tivit v^'i ttidmw irom 
the h^ndp of the Imilding c ot'.i.iittee the raatter '1 procuring 
■"Inn? pnd spe f:if icn tionp, nor inBtrvict then in nny 'lanner 
•ic to v;int they should do. Alter tliif rlenonetr'ition, it 
a:~r!fr^ rrf^ti-ot the building- conrdttee concluded tnnt r:'hat the 
citi?:enr nnd the County x>oprd renlly Tinned in the vray of a 
court houpc .innrover'.ent, vas a ncv, "bui3r:!in£, find they di- 

recttd bnVjGiianis to proceed n'cordingly . 1 Ti/-^ t the bui3d- 

1 ^/ 

int:, cor^r.ittee did iSsTder -^ n^iel!' ant p to 7;rep^re -Dnnr ??nd 

rpecif ic t ions frr a n^-«: buildinc, ancrthat such action 

on the Ti'irt of the corrini ttee^Nw-S/^Tccasioned by the T-'ontion 

of the ref^f'lution aforesaid, 

ftT^n-'ars from a re-oort 

.r!r»<ie by the comraittee t 

i^e Be 

onrd ''t 3st? J-^nupry .meeting 
annot be re?>co.nacly con- 
sult in 3ubniitting plans 
Idinf, \vhen they did so 
1: i s CO' r -i 1 1 e e , and v,}. ere it 
ee acted in hmnony 'vith 
the v/ill of the Courity Lorrd, ^»s^ expre!?ped by the adoption 
of th.e regoluti^ a'cove Mentioned. \ 

l'>ie evi.'ience diccloee^ that complete plans and 
specif icn tions were eiivered to the buijdint c(r!ir.i'"tse 
about the 1 ?t of Au^upt 1910 and pre'^ented to the '"ounty 
joard nt it? regular -neetint: in that montr., r>ince, v^'ich 
time such plans and fn, ecif ic^f t ions hnve reir^nined i-^ the I 


BSDtl vsrjRiJbiiMw sc.TX^' •iarfd'o ^ttsi i^ to ^&taxi^ iBtit fi^ :ic^h bib 

cM: ,noisf;i*i>QnonT9b' sixib- -caiJ-lA ■ .ob I)i!i/oxl8 -^riS^ ts^i^ of 3r 
9iit jSilrr d'saf hsJbulDnoo aaJ^timitibo -^itihtlisxi odi cCoif* %xa:> 

'tb vsii& box " /infS'rii/dr waft 'b «W' I'ifnsi^dV'b^rWirii^a^oTMf -#s4/o o 

\'r~\ "", V 

aciicto'-r, srfj- xd''h^Mi9'd6^)S^f^-^ii-&lmm^^ sdi no 

QRALq ^nlJ^ itriiiiii^' np^i^ ihB¥'\^''inh'it *»JcrjBl'f*'trt?«f^i%ii*" b^&bnso* 

''' '- ''^.b'5»no'iJn6iff''Qvorfp h^i*wfoif« 

boa en^Xq sd^sXqLJOo isiAt H9«*ol0'3ib aortabiV'i* ■a'ri'i' •[ 
9ed.*i:[!Trabo r^fb.fiuif'i^rti "dd"' foyiavi-fsr' 9T9w artoii ft-ulxosq'^ 

poce&veion of the County Board. Cmr a tt e nti o n h ' p — 

not looon en ] l a d ^ any oVjectiori, foult, critic ipm or other 

comriTint then or at anyti'ne thereafter iTUxde to either 

the ■;"l«'ji? or t];e specif icntions, or to any diecl5»i;;rr or 

denial of the j^£;ht and authority of the coiT-uttee to 

procure them. 

tee -nlnnt? rere ■.'■ever 

dence doee 

ni^ied, and 

the . oard 

the County Board, the evi- 
hnt these^lp.ns VfCre recog- 
olficial action t-iren oy 
e guteiitted to it. In 
the record of thenroc eedi n^^ of the Bonrd c-t tj.ip meeting, 
v.-e i J t we the follo7/in£: "The riublic building corr.raittee eu"b- 
ritted plane and epeciiic--=tio;'~.e relative to ' t}:e pror. pged 
new court house * . ptnd no .faction 'beint- taken ^ nn^e \-i"-e con- 
tinued until the fiftemoon '?er=£5ion". At -a h- t vr- t nV . e tc - 
*re- the pftrrnoon session of the sace meeting.', irta Frfand a 
motion duly rti^de, seconded, nnd adopted which T^rovided: 


"The "building of ' the j:ro-noged n ev/ cour t :.ouge ' vme re- 
ferred to the Juf'icinry cofjuittee to act in conjunction 
with the "t?^tep Attorney, to h'»\e Pfsid propofri tion, ^ ^ to 
the building of o nev' court Jioiipe voted on 'for' or 'a^rainpt' 
o.t the i^ovember election _191C, and to see thot caid ieeue 
ip ninced on tli e ballot". 

Tb">»ict " proposed >><r^ " "court houge " did the I'o^rd 
ho-^e reference in tK>sk.E>d'tion'f Uur attention h"? not been 

colled to any " propQ^ed nev ' '&'&44jrt h - us e * , or to riny T)l?in« 


-rfo« «*w SjBffF'!^ fieitjB^ ^nxao noxJ^op off line , 'QSiKHf j-xtfoo '.vsq 

ot -E'. jftaioiaocTOirf biiss »tf-r"ai ot ^\en^^.oiii^ as^Rj'" s/Lt ri^xw 
l«»rtiR'i»' «o ''set* no bej^ov ©aijori i-xuoo 'VDn « !io a«ibli*ji siii 

■ r 

1 ,"*oXXb(/ ^iii: no b9ocLo " t 


and 9p ecif icfitions cr any er'titnate of copt of any " pro'^ored 
' "^^•' court iiouge" e:-cept thoee prepared by appellnnte, 
and y.'}-ich came "before the I o'lrd on th-?t dgy. '■^}ie County 
Board in i tr ovm record refer to tiLeee -olnnr rnd s?-neclfi- 
cation • -le oeint for "t he r j ronoeed ne'w c ourt house ''. Ko 
• ti.eory or e:<planntion hr p been offered to ^ccoi;nt for thi« 

I Hction of the County io'^rd. Cominf: nt the ti>ne snd in the 

nrnnner it did, it f\t Ic^et to,nd<^ to siiow r>. recognition "nd 

implied -icceptgnce of tht pe ";lan8 and specific- ti ')nt? . L»v- 

inf retained thepe T;.lan6 v-ithout objection or criticipr., 

and h3\in£; use of them a? the bgrig for of.ricinl action, 

v.'e can see no reapon v/hy the County sh-'^uld not -ny therefor. 

"It is a £ener'-l principle of alr[:ort iTiivcrp^l 

application thf^t vv/iere s county hnp Tover r>ri( inr'lly to do 

a particular thing,, it hns the po'^er to r'^tify snd ?r,Rke 

I -.alid an attempted effort to do the earr.e thinf , although 

i ti.e eajue ciay have been done defectively, informally snd 

even fraudulently, in the firpt in?tp.nce. Lpon thi ?trfcn{rth 

of this -"rinciple nunicipal corpor*? tioni? h-^-ve leen eptooTjed 

frora denying their liability to p-'^y foi" benefitr? received, 

in some c'ses vhere tv.ere v:;s no contract at ^13, and even 

in cases v?here there \vas an a'.-'pencJe of -^ower to -raXe the 

contract. >»here n c -junty receive!^ •.".nd retains ?ul, ptnntial 

benefits under a contrar-t which it vtas aut.. ori'.er' to raake, 

I'ut v/" s void because irregularly eret^uted, it i -^ liable in 

an action brotjghV to recover the reasano'le v^lue of the 
1 / ' \ 

\ benefits receivi^d." (7 ii.C.l. 946, See, 3?.) 

it the .September meeting of tVie County "T'oard the 


.sJ-n^rfeqci^ i^i^ fcair.qfo'xq 98ori;^ d-qaox* ^ ass or t Jtuoo wan 

vi^flocJ grli .-^f) ;tj5al.t no biBoZ SiiS otolftd" aroRO rioirftv bttn 

-it t9»fr«i bnn -^nBlcr sasrf^t oJ' tsIqi bioos/i rwo ed'x nx biBOc. 

3£iJ ii^ 

*B arrjtiifo'cS .6ino<i ■yji'njLfpJ)^ sdJ' lo ao 

6np noi + x ./.■■:i-'<, :•: woiiB oJ" «?bn9J' d-- i ,i)x.b J- J: lariaBin 

ioxj' -dilxoaqig bnxi ana I aonsfqsoon bsi r : 

j-^xox^xto "10 aotios{,do iacvr x.--- ■in.p.i-~-9'isdi. bani^-49-i j-^i. 
" _ ' " ^^^^■ r/nJv- -.^'«'/ vv t.- /i^'o /irfx^*-- V -:.r: ;:o .;.•;■, :o,. 

,noi:*oc Xeioillo lol exsacf srf* sa n»ffj- lo sau absni anxvB.i 

.TolsisiiJ Yfio Jon bluoti;^ -^j^nuoO oxfl -^xf^v no9B9T but -osf^ n 

'"""•" *-^o.^Cb "io sXtjloniniT X^isnaa sal J I" 

92lsin &n-3 xtxJRi o^ rrswoq srfi^ 8i?rl i-j: ,anx.^^ «. -^ - 

ri:ii.'or/i Cf; ^^nldi smas axfi ol> oJ" i'TO'J'ia bB^qm^iie hb bli; 

bnfi xLLBsnotni ,-^l9ri:t09'h©b snob nascf avsxl "^^bhs exoRs sai^ 

■-. ■ ;/<^:.- ->.: - - :,-i-.->i.,- ^->/: ;, J; -^ ^^s .■:-':;.; .,f?tr.-5' V-'^, ?^f'--"->-^- 
xiiaosi^e iilt «oqJ .sortr.Jsnx ^siil 9iii at ,\;Id'a©IirbjJjsi't nav^s 

bsqcTo;f«'» n^^d Q-vp,d enoilBTOirf Tsqioinum aXqloniirj Bidi lo 

,l>©vx»oo"i fiiilanscf to^ \i , IXi'iBil ilsrfi gnx'ytnab xaoil 

a9T9 b/iB ^ CXf5 *fl ;toBiinoa' on 8f?w sisxlJ- sisrfiv «©g' o acioe ox 

9!ii 9?ff5i? ocf iswoq "io sfconaede hb a.flw sisffJ' siarfw asaso nx 

I'»xJ'nn;t-':.;i;e ^nxRifsi bur! n9v 'x.Q09t \iniSiz .inBiinoo 

I , - ■' • or -V . . . 

,«(«» ot •lariio ;d-u.G 8«fr ;fi xlol^fv/ d-'jriJftoo » is^nu aixlanso 

^ ■■ '::.:-:/ r i/.:.- a- •■.■■.--■;\;^ .; , ■ ■ .■^'':v- • 
«i sfdBiT nx Ji ,b-3;tix^9:<:9 ^XtbXu391ix sauBOscf bloy sew iuj 

9 (t lo ©uf'-v ^X srfj- sevoaai: oi ^rfawcxd noi^' 

( , . , .bavieoQi ^.tiianod 

eat '31-0 ' it^njJoO *rfj- In anlj-garr ledinaJqao an'i M l! 


Judiciary coimnittec pubnitted r lornal re^clution, rro- 
■viding for p bond ireue in the eux, of .:-35C,OCC lor a new 
court houpe, eame to be voted upon at ti^e next i.ovesr.ber 
election. Thif? resolution vts adopted; the •nromrition 
submitted to the voter? of tiie C'-'unty, and defe-'ted. .^t 
the January 'rieetinf; 1911 the natter of :.roceeding vith a 
building according to the plans in question v.--? laid over 
until the i'ebruaiy r.eetinfr., r?nd v/-e then fiuRily voted 
dov.Ti* ■'■hereafter not.-iinfe peem^^"^ hp\e oeen done in refer- 
ence to thepe olsnp. At the Jnnuary ~eetinf 1911 '^ne of 
f»f>pel Ip.nta, attended before the ioard, and olfered in c^e 
tncre V'? any objection to either the planr or oy.ecif icatione, 
to 'i-odify them to n.ect the wieViee of the "JQ"i6. !.o c^nplaint 

7.'^ p 8Ui;gepted. Afterwardp, -a^ pol] ant g by a vrit'^en com'-nin- 

icption to the 1 oaid offered to proceed rriA -^dvcrti'^e for 

hide. iliie oifer Y.'ns not considered. 


T4»e- <;vlLlt;JH- ' fe Le nd/^t<} ghcv. ' th^ Tt a . o-nc] ?«-it^ did 
e v erythl nr t . h f y ^7ul:1 i n in t i >r— "|rrrr'f-''T"fr'^Trr^ ^ ff - i' V pIt " 'W 
t ract. and that fj jQJL.-.a£r£^MP<?Hwvey-Trrr3rniT'vent^»^^^ - 

t iijn— ©4'-— 4rh«- -G-etm-ty-B-oftrd . The evidence dipcl oec|5l|[ tha t 
I -pnl ^ rntj' "^^id a e^reat a-ount of work in the prep- ration of 
thefie plans and rn ecif icr- tione, '-i-hey met v/ith tiie building 
committfe from two to four tine? each .uonth irom the time 
the contract ras entered into until the T?lan!? 'ere finally 
finished in August fol^oving. I'any modifier tionp, chmfee 

and '?] tcr^tiorr vere ii.add in the rlarip and drav/in^s in order 

to produce the final rceulte which the conr.uttce h-vd in 
(mind, and the planr and specif ic-^ti one a? finally comnleted 


Ho£ix«?ccTOirr sxi'j- ;6a;^go&Js ecir tfolj'iflo^&'t *itrrf ■ .r.olcfosia 
i'\ .b9it^Bt9b has fXihtio^ 9d^ \o etaior' siii ct boJ'Jifraue 

T9TO JbiBf asw aci^Jsswp ni epielq si* '8i^■ arsiS'foooB a^ifeIiifJf 

bsiov ■\5riR.rril: asdi 9s.\ir bafi f^^'tiestti x;i^»urt^si-9d^ ittmi 

-irslsi nx snob ii357cf svj^rf o^^mesa^ ^rtlri'i-'on isttBoxs - . -ob 

aai'.a nx hsTslto fens ,|>:jjboS srfj aiVjlarf jbabirs ffM jktrrft r f V^igf<r 

-ni/c22KK» asJ'i'i'rw s TC^f -«'"5^*'®^f^^^^ri» ,sb'isW'isi^A .bacfinaajiua 9f\w 

,i>9X96i'sno^' J-orr g'fiV HtsTt-o aiifi .sin./ 

»nTtc^ 9if;^ aioil il^nOiii ^aa osn'ist 'iiVol 'di O^if moi ;■ 3^7J-imffloD 

Tjrintii 919' «3nBJrg adi tlirtu bjhit bV'iai'nd'^B'V cfS'Btifto'a od^ 

• 3-inoxfo ,eaoi:f-",all|Som' YfwT . ^rfit^b T fot ;tatr3i-rA rri b^ti^tnil 

t»bTo xijt 5«al> iMiA aiiprVr arfj fti ftfasia aie-T T(^oi.tei9:Mi? bn.n 


were acceptable tn, and represented the orderr- of the 

building, comuilttee. 

I It is our conclusion, under the evidence before 

UP, and the law applicnl/ie ti.'ereto th^t under their contract 

X of employment appellants are entitled to recover fotnnenea- 

tion for the services' rendered by them, and that the trial 
' \ 

court erred in deciding the\ippiiep in favor of ary^ellee. 

(L.H.«i.- .G.Ry.Co. ve I-ichardfe, 452 1]1.,D9; Vinrte cf 
Lock-ort ve. Shields, 87 i". 1 .V-'-P • , 15^. ) 

it wf^uld unduly exVerifi thie oninion to consider 

in detail the rulings tufide/l/y ■W^e trinl court unon the 
propositions of la^w submitted. \lngofRr as thev conflict 
witli the vifcV'B herein expressed, '^we hold them to be er- 
roneous, and we npsum^ thnt UT)on fi^othcr trial t>.ey vill 

be Liade to coniorm to the viev/s }iel\d by this Court. 

lor the reasons indicated, \the jud.'tr.cnt of the 

Circuit Court is jfeversed, ^rid the cAuse renanc'.ed to thnt 

^-ourt for a nev/ trial, in conformity with the vierp herein 

opreseed. / \ 

/ he versed and Uenanded. 

ijif-bee J, dipeents. 

' ot to be re-ported in full. 


j-osTJn-.D ■xl'jrfJr xsl>ni» -^iufi ■o*d'X9i(;f sw^i wal an • ,> 

.^dXXfcrn* lo^aoVsl 'ftF^sV^at /sKd" anlbiosd nx b9it-j ;tiuoo 


, b'aha.siaQtL bsisa fedttTsv -^ 

/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copg of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in mg office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set mghandnndftffixed the seal of said court 

at Ml Vernon, this .-::!i^...3^i. dag of April 

A. D. 1916. 




/ / 


Opinion of the Appellate Court 

A T AN APPELLA TE COURT, Begun and held at ML Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. f 


And afterwards, to-wit: On the S.e.v.en.t efiJi-tli day of April, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in the words and figures 


..I-.?......T.,?.....2pp.j^:ji. . for... the use of 

.X... ...C •. ...i.r a,a.s c h, 



.a99I.A. 244 


No. ...Mjt 

October Term, 1915 





Illinois Central Railroad Co., 

..¥:.a.s..t....S.t......Lo.u.i..p C0tH«?y 

A-ooellant . 





Term Xo, 54. In the Appellate Court, Afrenda ho.BL, 

iourth District. 
October Term A. ]). 191b. 

L. 'i. i:''pr)p for the u?e of ) 

1 . c. LrHascli, ) 


ve. ) A-pjml iron the City Court 

Illinois Central 'nilroac! - >. , ) oi' Lp?>t Jt.jouif.', iJlinoie. 
AppelJant. ) 


ji :t^^ 


This v-e a gflrnisjhee proceedinff, upon w^-ich the 
appellee recovered jud4,:nent ap.Jiin9t apoel^fsnt for 55,i'C, 
and copto of puit. 1'lie ap-.eliee filed no briff in this 
case ijut we hnvc dttertnined to tx-iuine tV^e record nnd de- 
cide t}ie case upon ite merite. 

It &ry:en,rc' from the record in the c-^fc th^t on the 
trial telov appellee claiiaed th?t ap-oel3«nt v.r.e jT'leTsted 
to ". "' . X.DT.8 lor y.'at'fc'O ^nc th-t Zp-p ^'r>r ir.dehted to 
iLraasch. "he pprt"''nnt deaie'; th^ ^''-nviB v'tp in it=' e'inloy 
|or th't it v^ap In nny '•',??nner indebted to '-or? lor pervicpp. 
The only evidence introduced "by plnintiff to phr>v: thfce faotp 
vrr.r th'-t of the "r-^cllte hraarch, v.m^o teetifiee, in subptpncp 
t}v t he vas inforricd by ibppe that he T?ae v/orkinfr for the 
appellant, he ~a.7r, "lie, (U-^pp) came up ];ere ond n?ked me 
to release hie check, t} it vr^p tied up; he offered me 

r obti^^A t^iJicO 9&B IL^rqA. oiii al . ^d ,0". ktidT 

,dL9£ .a ,A mi^T i9cfo*oO 

( Tic 9i5)j sii) lot HqqS. .T , x 

,9ionir;I .rixijo I, Jli ^"^ co (,.(■;" bacnilBp. Ifst^tnaO exonilXX 


orfj' rfoi ••;•' nr,nv ,?5jn.j:b9900'.f g 9 9i'>.>;ir!Tf5B b 3'"v sicfT 
."^■'.dd Tol ^+nr5 rroafTjR 5'erfXf=..j^. ivi?iSi^hisl, £i9i9v-009n asCXaqqc 
Qii'J ni laiid" on JbaXxl ssris.-'qB axfi* .dlue 1:o ?:5isoo bns 

.aiiiOE! ^ii noqa ^sjbo sad' 9&i3 
911^ no Jf^rfj 9qRo siiJ- ni biooai arfl ato-rl 9-1.09 ^r re il 

&9^cf9tnc '?r!-.7 .rnf«[X9qrqr, J'Rrfg- baauEfQ atjfXaqqa woXscf X.rxTJ' 

XoXrr:'« pj'.c ni sr'v gqn-l'i J^'^^t ^^.t^^b ins.' Tsyqa sif- .xlosBjaid,' 

.s'ioiTTS'' lot sag':: oi bsJ'dsfanx i9nn.oc( y"*^ "- s^'^ J'i *'~rfi ico' 

9io«1 ^^•^rij" woffe? o;t tittnifiiq \,ci booubo-xi ai soti'jbivo y,Lno &dT 

■:jofi/>t<»!:/ys» ni ,59 i'lx J-gsi o/ut ^iio^ani'd aalXoaaf? ©;iJ lo :r-rfj sr^w 

adS T^'i snxifiow g^vy sri jn,fi Qij-id t^J bamolini b^^v ail * '^xfi^ 

etff b«3(«?r brn starf qu »ra«o (aq-rli) .sir ,5Y"»* 9-1 .^tnnlXaqqjB 


fifteen dollirp, eo I preeumed lie ^.fitt rvrrVinf- for t> era; 
he rilf?o to]d r-^iC he had vorked nt n coucle of otlier "il'^cefr, 
nnd he PIT too tior^d. a ncn; he cltaned up the yird too •>i:ick, 
3nd they pent him do-.n the e '^n the Yazoo &. -i i=r?i f» si-op i 
'.nlJey. i dnn't know vdiether tJie I. t. runr in rkp.npRS 
hbt the I.e. v'i^l hire you ^.nd ?end you r«n the lazoo it 
Liscissippi. va] :ey. 3 don't know what roRf' mn? into 
helna, Arkangae. he told ne he v-'ap vorlKin^: for the Yazoo 
OL J..if?f?ip8iT.pi \n1iey but tl^e 1. C, hired him. 1 know the 
i.e. aid hiu because he t-^ld ne hie check v.'-.t- tied \;p. " 
he nl'-o 9i,nted he tKon^^ht he v/p.c cettinf; .tliirty-fi\e or 
thirty- 5?e\en cent? ".er h-^ur hut does :ict vtite row lon£- he 
worked or (/i ve rny definite am-iunt thr.t ie di-c, and ^c think 
tiiio evidence is too uncertnin nd tno ir.>;c.f inite to euetain 
•1 jud^rient in the ince of a flat donio.l hy appell-nnt that 
it v/ar not in any mrnner indebted to hppo. 

There iE a further ohjection urf.ed nt:' inrt thie 
jud£iiient. it arperr? from this evidcnr-e th ^t the va^e? 
enrned and ?oi pht to he rprnir-hecd in thie esse were enmed 
F-nd T;ayr'" in the otnte of Ar>:r'n^fisr rnd th-it the cnu?f- of 
fiction rrftpe in the ""'t-te ^f -rhp-rsne. The t;r el" ee "1 raaech, 
in lip •eetimrny lurtl f.r J-yp, "I vf>s ir- little ^ock,A^kan- 
f:-^?, r.hen 1 lr?Jied hit the :.ioney. he -v^-a r? li\inf in I'ulbert, 
; rV.'jnsas. 1 ruppcpe he cnne fron there to ny '^l.-ice to 
"torro-r. 3 lor.ned hjni fifty doilrrs in caph. '..hen 1 etnrted 
t.iis c^re here in ..irt 6t. louis he was then in the State of 
Arkansac." It furthrr appear? frorr. thie record thrt appellee 


,5fDX I'l oo.t jii'-y. 3-^'j fa li'onBjIo 'Qri ;fiH£5,4S i)oo;i oo^f ^B■^ Qd baa 

Be3nf'>!i ni; "^nu-i .3 .1 Qdi T^iftsria.' wonji i'rtob I .■^stlsV 

j& ocs.R:f SiiJ no uox bnas; ■ b^f? iioy; siJtrf flJLv «Q«rX-. snl *V*( 

otni. irun hcoi J-^xiw wot^i ;t'r(nb L .A^oriisV.lqqxsaiasii^ 

»os«V di-iitol: jjnxjficw bbw ©xi am Moi- s'd .afl©nflj(TA , -— ' 

9i£J- vronx X .rni.l .bsT.iri .0 ^I 9di^ ^-fl-rf ■^slfs/ xrrrrlsais v .•. - ->j 

".gr 59fT-?'^v >Co9rio sirs an bled" ed QeuBOsd mid btsc ,0 ,1 

"SO 3/ J: r-v^txiid; -^nxJ-is;;) 3,'i'y oi id'^is^^-dS sd bsin:!e o?iIb 9*i 

9a and wo.'.,t? J-mr gijop iucf ■suOii' lor^ ';.tn90 ro/sis -•^J^'fi/iJ 

, i - 

-; : - • ■--> .: ,*.srr'-7< 0^ b9f&.Bbnt ,%0nansz.x^^> ^i-> ^oa sfm' it 
aiiii" ^^ni: ';>T 1)9 jiu no.tJ'Dattfo i^^iJii/l: ,; -ft 3.x , oxoo - 

b9r*x«9 ^t9Xf 9«B0 sift)" -lit fios^^Znicaii 9!.f «4-^ti3(iJQ«?..Jt>|t4?:£)a«2« 

oi so'/cr ^jyn; o^ ait^riJ- ^ttOX^- SfisD ©rl a^ocfqu^' X; .aBsnnsl'^A 
bsJ'isis X n9rf«' .ii«fK)>,:iit. f T«xrpb >cJ^1ti/i: Dftrf, Jban-RoX X .iroiaocf 
"ic 9i.F(i(i Dili nx a«^;ivt-«nw an Giijo.l; .^ii.Jnrwl jni *i3ii. b^jjdo ptiuJ- 

rpps was not -nerornaily ?erved v.ith nroceee, ?.nd thnt 
/ oeing. true the court v/^s \;it>ic\!t Juriedicti.^n Lo nenr nnd 
detcrriirie this puit. it is pr">vided by ?tntute, "That 
[ vater; earned out of trAe pt^te ^Md -rnyn'ole '^vt ^f t}-is 

rt^te o"j.=ill be erempt from nttrchment or g-rniehncnt in all 
car?e-s re the caiipc of nction aroge orit f>j tliis stnte, 
uul e-?£: the defendant in the .ittpchniont or fc^rniehnent suit 
is pertroaally i?ervcr: -.-ith -roceor. Anc* if the vit cf at- 
trciirnent or garni eiiir en t i? net per-cnally --^•^rved on the 
defendp.nt tlie court, jupticc of - e^-ce or >volioe ». -itistr-- te 
ipcuing the v/zit of --ttnchricnt or ff^rnishiacnt hall not 
entertr..n jurisdicti'^n of the cn.iir?e but pnall di.-^iiss the 
?;uit at the CO ift of the r.lnintilf." liads t.evl -^ed Otntute 
of 1911, Chapter 6?., :-ec. ZA a, 

"..e thinlr tli-t in Re much r^ the defendant in the 
attacl"irnent }ir»d not been served rith nrocepe that 
the court %vae "without juroidiction to try the c^upe nnd the 
jud(;2ient is reverped. 


I'ct to Ve reported in lijll . 


f'^di Dxi'^ ,a890oic diiv bavise ^Xlano^isq ton bbtt an- . 

^3ie-ifi Bldi Ir, iuo 950IB noi?Oii lo 3?«i;flo erfi si a£w assr.o 

3ii* no ft'ovff*"^ •^jxiano' laq :fon: ^t iasmdointti^ 10 insinxioai' 

ton lirid Sn3iad@i:'ipr^ 10 itxtaarilo.stj'p ICC ;M-.;w srfcf 3niuT-;I 
9d} fiiits^j th '(.iBiiB iisd snuao edt ^0 noJtd"oiJbaJ:7at nijsJ-xsJna 

9dS bhfl 95n-b orfi^ x'!c^ oi noiioibiaiut iiJod;iiv 9jrw Jiuoo aricf 

,f)9ai9VST ax J-nsHT-ibi.t 

: .. ■■;■: '^.; 'STI^fv:; ,:■/<^'^♦ 9f:.^rv *' <^' 



/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copv of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in my office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set myjiand and affixed the seal of said court 

(at Ml Vernon, this _.=r:<_..Sl.Si^._ _ day of April 
A. D. 1916. 


n -U '^ 

Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 



And afterwards, to-wit: On the Seven teenth day of Aprif, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OPINIQN in the words and figures 

..?.?.?.?£.?,?].... J..?......S.pucy.,. 


No. 58., 

October Term, 1915 

Jacob ^'■othschild, 

Appel lee 


I.A. 251 


..?ilJ^- COURT 

..J:'La£.t....G.t.. LDUifi....C8«MTirt 





Term !.o. b8. In the Appellate Court Aeenrfp Lo,^6, 

of illin^ie, fourth ^.iFtrict. 
October '"erra A, j, 1Q15. 

i-rorpPT J. , ) 

Jrco' i'-cthfoMTc' , 

) At!T*^ from the City Court, 


) i >pt nt, iouip, Ijiiiioifa. 

Arpellce. ) 

j-cl^ride, J, 

i^ellent filed ; ie iill in the/lov/tsr court ptu-elring 
to eccure n -.^chfinic ' >? lien upon liieytx ami sets dej^criced in 
the Iill to ?*=^c u/ift the amount olXiVfe 'und.. ed ..i; hty«tv/o 
:ol}nre nrid i inety C6<its (.:fb82'.90) . AMpellaut e\-cured a 
decree for i' our }:undred \(iXt/ Xfollar? nnd ninety Cents 
{,4uC."yo) Irora the rendztioh\Oi v^rach the .qppelT^^nt prope- 
cutee t)-iie Rn^ie-1 arid^ cl = thXt the pvrount ol the iecree 

Fp errors j^llefing 
did -"ot receive!. 

it T-v^^^-»rfAr-^ t- irr rf^-^-M xh-t in the i-ll ol 191^., 
fee- c'\,^ > ] "i fe li^v" f vout to crfct !i. dweiain^^ and vtore "loora 
on the p eiaieep owned oy iiim in - r'3t '^t, i ouif?, in '-hich 

v,ap too sn':a.ll, and-' 
that he v,t3 ent/tl 


"here v/nuld be ren^ired a conr- IdtJi-." blc a!EOU!iC of plurating. 

A^-u Jon.'s» n friend of - au3 i, eelcer, recoiiii.;erided * o -aiiiit-ULae. 



.ad ,0,1 nrx*)! 

( .DoFIocTfTA 

,1 ,obii-'Io;^ 

OTV.t-vtd .j" . fa'? .I»nu : 'jviX lo inuotsB giit jgfTjjDsg o:f Ilia' sxi^ 

mcvr Sj-r ':■-: >j!.>-: ,r.i,';jL9wb /• i"Osiy oi ^tjojc »» «<*'r„s4»i-JU*~_4iS -JM** 
rfoh'.'-- at ,'jxc!r';" .J-" i?:--. . ni- fliiil x« bsnwo a»ax£rt»,ri siiJ' ;io 


thrt he eiTiploy ir. i eeker tc do thie rorJs, I.f.ekei called 

u-non 'tpnffl 1 pn and t-aked v>itJrx him ncout his Tluntsini,., and, 
af^ he clfii;:-^, told ati ;elxe c tbr-.t a ftMO l lr i n t "n.e interr^'ted 
\vith .iii.'i in the iilunbint-; "uasiiicss, and ur-tirartc!? v/erc eub- 
mitted uy : eeker to a ^lpol lee upon iris v/crk of riluKbing; 
thnt befoi-e tlie coatr-^ct v/ag entered into a- ceker rr.d js^>-- 
y e u < t c ij«c a further converpp.ti.on in ' .;jii ch i-.eeker of^reed 
to --urchr^-pe eoiat ciotaint-; oi" •i-'. •tf.l .i ac ii iie obtained thi"? 
contract, and t;'ie uontr ct was aw-- rded to i^-aui i eeJ:er on 
oepteinber !< th, iyi4, aiid a vritten conirnct v? c then pre- 
pared ond si^,ned \>y 1 aul hr-eker and Uie opi'g^ '.ge, by vhich 
conlr.-'.ct it v.-rs provided th?rt i. eeker vae to do t}:e r;lumcin£' 


i.nd h!^ve it CDiiwleted by the lir^t of hoc em- 

ber litfl4; th ;.t it v-g to be i) rtornied in a t^ood eubetantipl 
and v'crktr.anlike lannner 'ud ir. conforjiity v.ith the rime and 
specifications iir-uie by .- uell gr J- — proolaiifcv fcx, architecte. 

^irnk'^t ytr.e further provided in ^'aid contrr'Ct -'th.-it siiouJ d 
the nrii'ty of the eecond :art f^il to have t}ie ^:'orl<: fmiphed 
on or before tr.e tine pbovc .-necified, iJecer.ber 1, 191^', j;e 
phnll -nay to or r.ilov. the vj rty of firpt p-irt t}.e fciti 
of t" o dol] ii.r? lor c-ch and every dny therenlter ih- t e»id 
rork yh=!l] rerinin incoTplcite" an' the },rice stipulptrd to 
be p"id for the v/oik . "o Cne 1"; OV' : and -ifty i^cllnrr (.irtn.roj 
Ltekcr entered upon the peiforniance of V. xs- contract, but 
did not complete the- v;o :k by J-eceTriber lirr-t, uJU-ayuSfirC^'' - 

ron .-! fnr^tr Ain t, thn . irrrV ■ ^ r. p;-.t ' F V r- fn . 'i ' " i " " " 'i I'-'-M " ^C — ^-P — tit« 

t&rfrs <^ -\hii inf.Tfrrrnt ^-rior to the liliuf: of the bi"!! by 


doiloo X3:is:>:<i ^^^iioT 4xxii' o£» oJ. •jai-ae.i .i-i.^clqaia ©d d^^rf;?- 

' . " ^- ■; . .. ; ■■'■■ . 

u J 91 -if; ';.-3:(D'3-i iioinv.' ux nci j^^e'Xbvrroo lOiiJ^iu'i b osfi o^-t+flrr 

?i:aj' bomni-'Jo oa 11 as LXos i t^ : 'la [-iniriioLo araoB s^iF.xiOTua o^ 

■■■ .■ ' -■:■ ■ - '- ■ - ^ ,v:. : -v ^'-^ —>:; 

3nid"i2jjXr; d:(d' ofc oJ 9 s v i-sxaa-I cf/uiJ- ijsbivoiq 3f?T7 ii JosiJnoo 

• - ' X'^xJ'nBJ'^j^'s bcoi B fix -DetaoiT:., cr .:9tf oJ' etw, .i?-iv^.a>rlj |M«i[ locf 

■ ♦^jQSJlxfoii? ^:£A^^i)e;d^e■Vf:i " '. ^s~ ■^v^ri±^vti ■^jcf ,9-biee! 'enoiitjfi oil io 9 q9 
bfuoiiv J -.',:'■ i-o'nJnop: bine:: ai. bQblvo%q.Tpd^^iA eaw S.^j-im^^ 

ofC ^^LK'l , r. TscitaaosU ,bsili. »!»fiR -Wocfs QPTX* eri* aTEO-iao-, -ro no 

•"' ' • n>><=. &;'j. ;tXiUf .;3":X'x. asiL.o' Iro ;^J-i: "a 9rfJ:- v^oXXb aoi o>t \e.q- •L£s^f' 

..''4>i:«3. ^ -iL' I'jv tna-r-sjl.^ --{B'b y'i'jvq .bae iiqfjfie rxp.l; iS-ii^ I^i-oi) ;Ow;f lo 

. at b'ii^HZMqi^iH aoxxif i^xLJ ..urtB /'sJL^^Cc?Sl^<>;oiI^t;•.a*i3Ja9rx .>^fi,ii« xicr' 


^^^.^^^.J^^JC^ ,jU^k.--^-^»--^ 


a ppcl" v.wt 3?-p 


?ecured ji lo;-m upon paid preirdp'^e for the 

aiuount nf i'our "-"houesad iJoliart (C'lr-OC-.O'" ) and Tine lundred 
'wo "Dollsre (^902. Of) vnp held 7jy the '..ort^Rfee for the 
payment of tjie j-'litml:' irf^, rnd r.ite rvr. rdc 'ly the consent of "11 
•pevi^ i',r,c intereftfcd ijve jvndred ""Jollrrr {^-bOC ,iC:\ "?ir; yiaid 

v^ ^t i-e- contended Vy ajM^t - l i! Qnt i-e — t i in r ■■ ro th?it 
v;i.i]c the contrrct lor the j erf orr.ance of tVii^i V'ork v^;e 
sitned "by iiec-ker in hir indi\idup.l vvrrs:. , thrt t) e contr-ct 
■.-.-'e, in f->ct, enttred into "by Mm for the l.'jet .';'t."i, ouip 
:■ 1 unit int. '-■'i^d Hentinc Cnrarany o".ned '■ y the f - ' in.) ] f^j:t. -"m- 

thex-^^£-^^- - i^t e rc°.l£ul- 

„cJL, J***, th't hip contx'^ct 
e polely v.-ith heeker and th,--:t ■•le 4-e-^entitT rr* to rreflit 

ror the clotViiiif; ■n\irc]i«t?cd ^y Toeher snd pl<?r> for d^r.o^^c? 
for not cor^plstine: tlie v7ork v;itVin t}:e tjne ofccified in 
the contract. 

-■ othechi!! d t 
(4105.CC') for clothlnp pold hy him to llreker. 

\i—'^-& uA.''^--o-/jL 

9.-<i- lot 3^.3i;:29'xrr iji-fis nQq» anoL. ii .liS)'Uiao% ■^ryh^r^'^ifi^ jin.TXl3([q 8 

ftp Tec ^av33;:so9 a.rt ^i 5li2ify?I.3.j'£3 fefi.J ,^^i:'M'/J&.\l '^^•t 'JE.<3f d'i:^!?-^!?^ 

A ^ 

>■.'"••'■'■■■ * ■ ' .... <• 


Oeccind:- I'ld the Court err in refueinr, to --'ilow '^p- 
pollee Tv/o ilundrcd -ollnr? {i-2cr\cc) es "Lig-oid-. ted ' damage e 
for failure to ccnplete ccntr-ft by recem'bfcr Xirf?t. 

Third:- i^id the ^ nurt err in .lororti oninij the coete 
equally between the comtlainont and defendant. 

I'he firi^t and third error? Jire a56i£-ned by appel- 
lant and the cecond one by ar.nellee. 

'-he iir?t pronos?ition v;i"il hn-ve to be detfi-rrined up- 
on the conduct and •no^ledre of th^artie? at the tirte of 
entering into the contract lor the doin^; of the pltunbing 
end the purci'iasing of the clothing in quer-tinn.i \1 1 a-opear 

from the evidence of ^ppftl 1 ^n^" thpt ^fter J ccicer >ir:.d been 
~ - r 'i "I r r- l-^v ' 

introduced to 


:y ,' r. ^'onep rmd vf-.cnr.v en6e& by 

hin to do fiu . i x II ee -4-6- v-orh, thr-t I.!eel'er called v.r>nn aj 

and that in conpany vith hiir ^vent to aTi- n^t "! n ' itV' f ni'fice. 

AvpellaJit priys that appellee v.j.ile tiiere ^tf told that ap- 
pellant v;ps behind this contr'Ct, nnd i eeker ie rot certain, 
but thinkf? he t ild him thnt rip-oelinnt wa.p partners' vath him, 
B.n'} ;m\ e;-tiniHte via there vjrepnred by i'eeker. The Hp-nellee, 
ho- .'ever, denie~ t]i'it he received pny infonnation from them 
rie to the p'Trtnershii. , or tli^t J eeker prepared arid pub- 
initted t-o him ':ny estimate. I eeker :2FyB he ip y.ot f^ertain 
Wj-t^ther tiie eptitsate v ' fs (,iven to him or eent ^y roil. It 
a-ptaro from the evidence th^t fecker did thf. vork and that 
po vor as? appellee knev?, or ciuld pec, appellant l.r.'j nothing 
to do vith the periOrmance of Vie v:ork until nfter the ar^- 
pel-.ant obtained an af?'^i(f;m-ent of the contr"ct from I. eeker 

■ 4- 

-cff^ woLiB oi ^itieitls-x nx rtB ^liJoO »di bid -:^noo©B 

BS-^Bsaeb' bs&i^btispir ee (OO.OOSi)) ■^iBEXo^i bsrbautt ow£ 3^Llo:i 
,-:ifitt1 ascfccfSDaT \d tosiiaoo QiBlqmoo g^t ^tuliat 
ei-900 6»c(j 3nxnoi j-roqTB ni lie d-iucO Drf:^ bxil -;Jb-iia'T 

,5^n.«3i)n9?:9b bciB ia,Bat.Blqssioo 9d:t naswiad \.i!^..'j^ 

.^sCIsqcrF y;cf 9Ho fenoSdo sit*. .X)iiB ."^ ■ - f 

io 9nTi:t 9ricf J-B eatJ'XAqi^rii ^p '93bslw6f:^i ijftos ;JtJi:/6nop arid no 
3!^tcf.nTufq s^iJ- Ic ^rtxob acid- lo'l *OE•xc^^oo siiJ oi'jfi^ gnxipj'iis 

, »a ri'S-^crr. n<^CT.u baEfrsa is-^ag^ J-f^x-fJ- ,j{io-v a-j-V sI C -a ifi j^ gb p^ ^U 

-^a ^siU blei isnw, «it9it:f alirivv 99ri9qqB ^sr^.^ . 3\!;j;f' .iacX 
.rtiis^'xao ;ton »3X lasfasM bix^ ^io-iinoo sxrTd- bnx:ijcf ,?3<?w |n' 
,ail;i tfJ'xs'/ BTTsn^ti.pq BJ?"/' Jnsflsqq/^ iBdA aid ,bXc;.it^ arf .a-sfnJt-l 

-cfu". bn/? 59ipq9'irr isjfas i JruU- to ^cjiilg'XSfTJ'af'q;^ aiii o:f er; 
iixai'iso *on si siii Bxmi i93{93'i . .ai'Brq^i^so^X^i? mXiil _0y b,^d;.cl"Xi:.'. 
iZ .IxRui x<^f i-n99 to mxrf oJ nsvx^ s-w. s.J-f^inxcfQS, ,5^il^ 'i^^iV 
Jniii' biiA jItow /^r^;f bib zs-io^l ^.-^"f^ sonsbxvs sr^ . 
^airiton hn:i ifrr.IIeqqB ,99? bXaoS) no ,w9n;( 9©CX9gq.p.. c 

-(T« 9i£J' i9:Mfi rtJ^nu liio'w aiil lo 93nBnrioit9" "xw, op oi 

i3}[9 9 : moTx j-QPtinoo 9di Io d'ng.nnain,?!:? nn bpa,^ 

< ■.-..■ 

in 1 etruary 191&. '-'here v.ere ?oirie circuj.netj^ncesi in evi- 
dence tending: to pliov; thJ^^ t ay.yellee dic3 ]-no-- , or ru/Jft to 
h.'^'.e kr.;.v;n, tiir^t "u'^ellant v.'« interested in t'.ie contr-'ct, 
Vut aijr.CTliee denies th.Tt he ;.-^d any knowledfe of it, nnd 
there ?ire votlier circurast-ncee that tend to phov? t}r~t he 
Buppoeed he *> as? dcnlinj;; v'ith i ec>:er individiip.l jy "''u-^ ^nlely 
in t>ds '.-atter until in lebrur-ry v'lien Tecl-er quit t)T? vork 
and faace an apsi^iKnrnent of the contr-'Ct tc nrM.cjl ??nt; vre 
^re not -,ble to say th-t in the findinfi nf the Court, th?it 
anr)Gliee underg-.^od ?;nd believed tri't he vns contr'-cting v,-ith 
i.-ccker individually rfnd th-'t he Fold the gooc'e in ''urntion 
to . tel'vcr, oi? '-t-eker P'^ys, Vv-ith the ex-pectc" tion th-^t they 
'.vol. Id te deducted irom the contr ct rhen corriplr- tc'l , -"^p 
manifeetly a; .^i^st tne "'eight of the evidence, or th-^t it 
vns ineqi.itahle and unju;?t under nil of the circta-r ^-t^ncee. 
Ap there ir eome eviHr-ace m tide? record --hicyi fr: ij'ly tr^ndt; 
to ruj.Tort ar.-oc 1 1 ee ' p contention, tjiie Court cr'.n-'Ot dieturb 
th-t finding. •^upretie I cd^e of 1 utual irotection \^. I.eieter, 
2C4 III. L27. 

As to tl;e cecond propoeitior, it i r clnirieo hy n-n- 
pellet. th-^t the ^ciirt erred in not sllovinf iuni a credit of 
Two hundit d --'ollnrs (.2''''.T) '^9 ! iqitidated d^^flres under 
the tcriTis of the contr ct. It is contendeu hy Tr>pol''?rt thet 
tv?o doll ^re per day sti^blrted in the contract t.'"f n penri.lty 
i ' I and tliat evidence should li.?ve been introduced ar- to the 

aaov nt of damages rf^lly svr^tfined, v.hjie rj-n-'-ellee contends 
tl.T.t \^n'trr the lav.-, uie Pti-oulation ariountt-d to liquidated 


-1,-9 rti Q-^orta:t5AmoTxo smoB aisw STSii* ,5I6X TC'XjsiJiifQ -i ax 

jJ-v---rinv''o <;i.j ill bsJ'sai^d'nx g-'v J-nerianqfi cl'eiij'' ^ipnvonS '§>ri^ii 

s"{ vt rij' worts o& bnaS Snd:^ ^Boar^tamuoiio i9i0o artt^hlthiii 
XX5.r0? '-.!"'-' -<;' r.-u.r5i:v-_tbfix isxoe 1 dit^ ^itxlBsi) aBu err Jbsaoqgiis 

^«:{j- ,iTUo:) ^rf.+ t-- gnibnil 9ri:t nx t?'di i^ee 0^ sXcfr, Jor. 

■"--'■'■ ': ;:. ':>■:■ -. ,,,-:i O" ■"■- ^i" >• 

ifj-iv j^ri&o-r-^fiTiO 3f-v 9.r£ J'ldJ' baysxisrf i^ah &ock! sisBnif s^rXsqqf; 

rrnx.t?' -HFT rrf sboo'i 9f{* 6Xo« »j1 4!g££#^ ^gb YXXjeJ-t/ilVxbnx x; ' 

ai**?' ,>fj.tsf (Tftx^o flsil^ J-o-iiJnon <-»dt.,_MC'Tt i^aiaijfeac 'aS' '; 

.'i9onr.i?muo'iio sdf iorx*? tebnts &esjimi lin«' ilfie^Iup^iii aJsW 
5?>r!5+ Ajl-rc't iioid^'r biosiO'x isisii nx aoixabivs eaios sx hi^di -9j^ 
cfTU^J^sxt) Jn->:f;f^o iouoO axa^- ,nGi;fn9v+noo s '9sXX^crq«<^;^To'g.r^J•3' 6^ 

isbftjj ^9 \piT-b ^-j:f.f?^i■!pi:! -a ( " .n'-^s;^)' aiKlXo^; fiy-iJinun r^T 

X^IpDiq f. '^r.'v jo-ti'nco arfj- ax be^fRr.jrfiis \fiJb -iscf '«'i"pfXo6 ow.J 
9/(1 0? ^l< bsaubo-cinx fl^scf svF-rf 'bXuOifs sonafetv© Jjbx^J '^its 




daraR£.cs ard no eviNience was ncce^e'^ry. \9 ?je vie?/ "the 
Iscts in thie case, \t v:iA,?rr\ot "be nece?-f?nry ■'-o detei-Trine 
vhether txie ptiTJUlr ti^rv fiinornted to n nenRity or liquid' ted 
dr3i,:=>£ee. In ei^feifaer cfiseN^t pracl-icTly to a for- 
"^l ieiture, an^vjqs raived oy ?^T)pel"lee, toth by "li? conduct 

?ir,6 dec^ara tione . I After 'teVer n-w' ^eft ')ie v or': oi T:lii!nT3- 

i.i<j mic m ^iellfee I'new th-- 1 the cntr-ct V'.'-rt been acr^ifned to 

' a: .-.». f X^H'^ri and on - prch 2<nd, 3.91 !:■, .-vai-ts-Xiii*' vrote > p . r - - 
'^ /^-.^--'^ .1 

T; c: 1 ^ - p nt - a. aetter in \;hich he ptf'ted: "If, tM ^ voi'Ic is r^ot 

conpleted ob provided under s^^id contr'^c-ti; v.vithin a reasonaule 
ti.i.e, I fhnll eecure r-o"'.eone el rje to con-^lete paid rork, pnd 
tiie CCS''.? thereby incurved from p-id rontr?*ct sV-^ll be. de- 
ducted ircm said ccr.tx.'-ct ^ rice of ('re Thoi;p"nd J'ifty Lol- 
Irrr, rr.T c"! "inn t. ic edi-^tely f?ent his Tien tn dn v;}-;n.t wne 
necees'ry to coir:nlet,e tne contract, and, pp he c ?.it v-nd^' did 

corrolete it. Hn 8cver?i occ??ionf '«rj-poj Teo- nt-tpr' l?i'.t iie 
v.'Rs refl:?y nnd v.illinf, to nny the contract vrice if t}iey 
v^ould dedxict ^hc One rundrnd live r)oll?>rf (^105. C^} for the 
clot/-i'.t » '"-rid -when ne .iinde "i^is nnev7er lie did not r-^ct \w E.t^6. 
clnirr. t"n t av .;o :" anl vt- r orinf, or th-'t th.ere ^^hciild 'oe de- 
ducted Iron the contrnct -jrice tYiif or ^^ny nther ?""Ount, 

ie true in "i i e anRwer he mnkeg a' rrci t^tif^ of thn f~ct th«-'t 
the contr 'Ct '.;-•? to "'.'e\ccrT!.>lf ted "by j">ece^r"ber "'"t, IJl-', in 
default of v/hich, -teker swj 3 flllo\7 -"-othscr.ilo t<-.o d-'3i?re 
for e'>(±i dny thereafter ytii.".t tjVe "work i« not coi^-^^lcted, and 
thpt pnid worlc wip not/-, if 3t all /\cnnn3 pted until Virch 10, 
193 C';" "out he does j/ot ciaiia in :.iv> <T:rN^-er,t}i'- 1 by rr-rcn of 



— ^od- ^j^'j'c ■ '*aIXa-:5.a^ ,''i[it?X ,b«?2 ,ri;>T:H'I no brjB r4ft-iSI-*a«a^ 

3.;'AT .>t£cj?/ q b _,■:;£ •,9|;r.a;iff>.c)Tr9B xXa^ ?■ -t &9~^aj: ct aD f t o ' .icr j; " ^ax^I 

.'Sni -[u J>-'- j-on. bh': 9:1' 'j?»w^nB «ix.i sfcnm Sif n-s civ.^ f>£ifi ^3t;iad"pl3 

r — ...■.,>.. • ' , ■ • -. p. ■ :, o 

— ^-i-'\ , Jrfj;o,:?- i)frj-q Yas, TO ,.5! XilJ aui-js i-oc^'?noD..9if| ntg"xl._b3d'ot;b 

t aigXIc'-'. O'AicJ- bXi::(pe4*p-'.fjv/jXlB f-i^^^^ •S93f9-^.' , do i cbv /io^ [«/«"> ^b 

bnc , ootoUpior . ;t(prj. ^ 1 . 11%^;^ .,.94^i ^^xii •j^^^^^#;jg>JJ^.;'f n^ d;iP9 Tql 

,^ ,C>X xlorrr ; Ji^nu bsisCtrffroa/^XXa J-jp ti .s^on j?jpw .^[zowr b^se ^an* 


^ .}K; failure tc eo » °-: >: fte th e e u iiLitl D - nc-T reTfmt'y 6f llqTrl- 
fl_sJ!^..A six<ir<i'0^ " ' '^ n Q^r viw d . to i ij ,... / j ii ad : i t i on t o th i b 


lUjndrtd and -wo -Ojlr.rc (v9C2.rc) and ieit nBu:e in the 

hrr.dp oi the -.or'!.£i'-''{:ee to ray the pli.Lruti'i£, bill, ?nd took 

pca-'eepjon cl' ti^e hcfse '".ithout at any tine -iiSKinc nny 

clFiitr for tuci: d'^marep lintil during the trial if tjiis ruit. 

It F-rc'.r to iJ^ undei- the ciTc^jnti^t'iaccts , 11116 tspecia'ily un 

dcr the ctr? teric.tNc^ ''e in -> op ell;?^:- ' £ lettei' 'o nnpellant nr 

to v.-h-it he v.'Oiild az-ac'bvif ■■e/cOiitr.ict v;aF not c impleted, sufficient to co:i gt itiH<^ a \/n.ivcr of a r^r^^ virion m the 

I nnturc of this rp.e , and /f^'s oe isl^ ve it v-vp n'aived, r»nc thnt 

■ he is ".-.t n.r,v/ c-ntitlcj^to L- \e ("ecvcted from contrrsct 

; price tVie amo'jnt or "vo ]'undred loll: r>v4^ithei- n.p a pennlty 

or ft? Tiquidpted d'-nip^ef?. 

The t:di-d ard Xrint contention is^th?-^ ti-i.e Ourt erred 

f in the ^.priorti onT;ent '-f tl\^ cortc. It is a v^el "1 e ■ot'>/'^l i?hed 

I rule nnd rerjiire? nc cit"tioxi of ^iuthori tier t3j-t the Chan- 

^~~7 ccJlor mny ^vr-ovticn the rceteXin ca£?es of chancter, 

?r'.d cv'ch '^TpPrtir'^Lr ent T.ill not )4 dieti^-hed iin3e~? it i? of 

' puch *=. character t to be opprjBSEiv^ "ad r.anif'" ?tly unjust, 

T} e evj-ence in thir c^pe riiFClopec i\r-t lY^e apr-ellet had 

offered at diffe-ent tirir-'^/to ^^7 this ^daim if they "■oiOd 

allov him credit for the/>ne hundred five Vol "! r.rp tor the 

clothing. ln':''eed, ?lr^Tl^^ant hii'c-elf st--ttp\h'Tt nrpellee 

offered thir, pad jt ^ip very clear to ""ur iiids\ thr> I the 

vi->ir c-re and 3itig?^tion could i. \e been iTCttl ed\it PMy 


'±''rrtT-^'f7r'^r!^'friytr'^n.i-~i-'snrjti ^^ b^li aVai ff y»*> .- o» ' s vul'j^ji^ ^^^- 

stitJ oj" no i 3" X -3-6 


I .jBlLI-aJ;.- 


3r:.+ ni 9;j°r. i-ls t bnts (O'i.SJO?) 3i«Cror o-iiir'? ban bzv'-!^-'' 

\ .itsj" 

ifrf* bft!^- ,r2iv XB?^ "%-*^ d"x jvo>:f6d 'v 

unn ,9fi'o eiiil lo atfji'nrf 

.t or-rtrtoo 'sx/f nio'tT Boii^ff-sh gv ■••■■: oi, f^.r-J^lvJ"^-? w^r ■t-'n el srl 


,'s9y".fn-:^b 'TietRiBi.upii' 

-fredO siij- frf-f t»iilS t'tdiUuc "io "stSt'fr-fio or:' s^tcIijosi has slin 

to ^i ii o'-'r-Ift'i .tyv-Tv^jiaxL 3.4 J'oh rCxir ti'T9ia^ox*Togq■p riaua bn? 
.-^'S'x/E.Ytlr -^r.' '' ^"cinp.rbnR" ^y/ f^ eV ^^in^' f>^ of ^-^ 'leio-iflrlo f xlaos 
ijnd ^errs-fj" aril? ^f ?;s!cf "q 9*^0 Eo^i ^ sarip,''.?!^? ni 9on9f>lv9 srfT 
fifico" ^c?»:W ti. njxA\^'^; ax;i3' \.p - 6^ '"''i^iJ' in9'"i'^1ib is be 



■> \'iaV 9J^ .tt br 

' bsialio 


time 'ay the fil lo- nnce of the one hundred five riol^-^re, 
which we h'.ve iield he wn? entitSed to receive, pn<! tbjs 
I'eint, true v.e cn.-.iot ray th-^t it -".f;?- uhjupt to rpovire 
tl.e ar.yjellant to r-ay one-half of the co'te of trJ ;? - ro- 

After a careful exnnination of this recnrd --e ?re 
not able to ery thr.t the finding of the CoXirt ' ■'p nani- 
.'"c.-tly R/?'inpt the v/eifht of the evidence, Ar tli't ".ny rrr- 
i uE errorD hsve been co:-rT,itted in tV..e tri"! d.f thip care, 
and the judcment of tlie iower court is pffimeci.. 

l<ot to be reported in full. 


3L,ii bvtFi ^'^.z r.-io-3-x ot bQliiirtQ 9«w ori bSod awed sw rioixlw 

-01- ct.iJ- In rj -Jo ir.8fl-3fio Tfisq od' ■*aell 

,■■■ .anxi)3 9 

3tr a-' rmo-oT 3i:ji> to aox^wrtiiafiXa Il-Isibo jb isJ-'iA 

-i-r;, ■'.'■■ J-'r /.c T 9iij- lo aniJ&nx'i odt Ssiif xaa ai aide 

./ . ..■ - : . " - • "■:■ ■:■ :- '-y.f ■ 

/- - ^ • : ' •;? '■•-.!■ /< -.t 

^ .^F,3 nj:-^;+ ■>,< i.^ii.t --iifj- nx JbsJ-^Jtitiffi-oo n^'&d sv^d a^aix^ 

.XlJjr^ ax l)9*ioq3'i 30' 0. 

i •■■ '< ■ ■) ■■: 


/. CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copg of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in mi; office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set my hand and affixed the seal of said court 

at ML Vernon, this ..^..sS.JS^. _ dap ofAprd 

A. D. 1916. 



1 /• 4 




Opinion of the Appellate Court 

A T AN APPELLA TE COURT, Begun and held at ML Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesdag 
in the month of March in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th dag of March, in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren a^d sixteen 


Hon. Harrg Higbee, Presiding Justice. 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. 

And afterwards, to-wit: On f/?e ...Seven te gnth dag of April, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in the words and figures 

following: § 


1'.iinc.aii.,... .Ad.i]^.. 

f th e .. i'.s.^.a t e _ of ... W_' ; v .e.rly _ Dune an , 



No. .6.5, 

October Term, 1915 

.C.entralia Coa^^^ _ 

, A&P:^i.I?^A JL.. I 

99I.A. 255 




..M.§.?..i.on _ COUNTY 



TliOLlAS lu. JETT. 

Term iio, 65. 

In the Appeiinte Court 

Fourth Ui strict. 

Cctro'ber Tens, a. D, 1915. 

Agenda ::o.35. 

ilecter iJuncan, Adnir.i rtrntrix of ) 

t)ie eptaie ^f '■averay ';iuncan, Lecerped,) 

Appeli ant. 


Centr?]is, Coal Company, 



) Appeal from the ''^ir- 

) cuit Court of Tnrlon 

) County, Illinois. 

kcjsride. J. 

A t th c c '^r.c lu p 1 on \o f the 
tlifi court, ot the re que pt of 
diet ior dcfendrnt u-pon \vhic 
the plrirtilf, to re\erpe^/*' 

dence lor the plaintiff 
defendant, directed a ver- 
pnent vj"s rendered ogpinst 


thi^ '^ppel is prosecuted. 

I t appgr^rp — fTB ia- the — r eeuxd — in ti.iy i c t Kii^-tic oP " nv- 

erly Luncrn \: - s killed at ■•'r> ' '''O ll ef * " g mine on Jsnuary 21, 3 914, 


and -^limi ie left truTvivin^^. him one child named j.ester Dun- 
cnii, and n vidow, but he Hnd hig T.'ife h«d not "Lived, tot^ether 

cease. Au i.n ! 1 1 e o wa g ODcr- 
atinc, a conl rrine nr-'r Centrniia, lllinoi?, nnd there vrre 

or i'evernl y?ar? prior to Up dec( 

uecd in cnnntction vith the operation ol euch uirie lour 
t r ri c ic e , n n d '.'►fe-j-le i t 1 ? not very c let i . r fr o m the uv id crte-c— ^-4- 
L ev . - tht^ge Q i ffcrcnt t'aokg r/ c ra locat e d t}j.ey ap-oeared to 
have bctn looted v.'i th v;h^t ip called the run ; r^und track 
on tl'e Wfc-.-t, t?:.o cc,i tr^ck next to it on the ca?t, the lump 
track ne:rt and the screening track next. 'ihey vere dH lo- / 


( . crnB ^I^lr<TA 

.•lOf-I lJ'j. (-S^v^^.^UOJ \ 


(■^n^qriTO-' luoJ .ollfiiJns-i 

.0 tQbitd.od 



•xadJo^jo:? I.-jyxI ocn b^xl otx'.-r sxrC bciP ed tud jWofcxvv c brts , .ino 

» :■ T siiiis 'onp. ,?lonJ:rrx ,j3Jtrr.i+n©0 t-^arr aninr I^oo s anxjf- 
ijjo'i h-iiiu riDL'-j! to ncxJ-K^roqc silt rist'r nc'iiojnno:-, nx fro^u 

2[obij bnurz a^'i s.u ielfRO ^x &i-,rixT df vrf b'i&nool naacf avsxi 

CJ'ted west of the hoisting shaft. The nround track wbs 
ueed for the purpose of saipplyinc the idnep v/ith c-ivt to be 
loaded, and at the in question they h^-^d kcen en^B^ed 
in lop.dinfc a ore of lump conl which v,'p standing uron the 
lump track^ s-aA /.he; bxi&inee-- of the dece-nped ..ti'.e ^nmcnn 
VPB to trim the car after it v;av loaded. i-Ie threv? oif the 
refu«.€ ].aatter cetvem th.e tracke nnd then af tt>ri'<-irds it 
tec-me his duty to tshe refuse rcatter ^nd tliror; it 
on v/hrt v/hc called thf duap vjeet of the run pj'ound track. 
Tl^c on tht: run around tr^^ck a r e operated by me^ns of 
a c-^blc vorkini over b drur:i eoved hy an entwine ?nd cf?.l]ed 
a c?r pu]jer. On the day in queetion this cnr -u^ler was 
opcr-ited "by i-.crry 3rov,n, the >Aiiperintendent of the nine. The 
injur;,' happtned south of the Tdne nniii there ^as s:. v.j) grade »Z». 
frnfr , the »nine t o the fi ' julh. Alter the deceretd ) -6 throv.Ti 


off tiiC refuse uatter Iroia the c-r lie then took r vsheel 

■barrov/ end ^-icked up this refure r.attfr t^ t' een the egg end 
luiap tracks and vva? v/heelint, it out upon the v.heel barirovf, 
runiking it f or\ --•rd until he xcnched the ea, trrck. and then 
turnt-d Lockword and pulled the wheel h." rrcw ovtr "the €f,£ 
trpck jond hcd Juet pulled it over the eapt r' il of tJit I'un 
Rreund tr^ck vii^en the c^r ptruck him and lilled hin. It 
alpo npreffr^'that tv;o of tiic "itncsses li-id atteumtcd to v.Tjrn 
liim of the approach of the cnr by aallooing at hin. 

I'he decln ration c: Tit i.->in.a.. anc ftnuiil -.JiU all e^:< 
"Thnt it v;.?s the duty of the defend^-nt to furnicli the plain- 
tiffs decedent '.vith a reasonably safe pl^ce in > . ich to 
■work end to exercise reaeon?" ^.I e c-'^re to tive hir.: notice and i 


59.:^> >a:- n-j •) : c^r-.d y^g^A& rrojcj-g'eup fix aMid'-'^Viio iis baa .fcabBoI 
sac* rto:n/ .'jruhnslt; «?.:-v xioxiiy I^oo cr.irwX 1:0 i "o £. ^nxfer^ol ni; 

cM ^Ij'x.-^-'-i-jj'ii^; nsiij*- b;iP siToB-xJ- adJ" n33'>vi^>o' isJ'J'njf sc^ulai 
ix irrti.(d- B)>--, TSicfans sjeaiaa- axa^ 9;Is.t oJ- ■^tJ'ub e.tri Siasoacf 

•i.Ji.-jJ\.-' ■ 

LsaAn B >Ioo,t nsTif ^L ^■i'O- ->di' tsi6T't "teijBsiT aajjlarx' s.a<t: ,1:1ft v' 

nu'i iiU To Ti'^T cf>?'E3 -s/W i^vb ix' fasIXwq .tQUf ^^^'^ bftB-.aJio *?•*.*. 
',;M ..ii Lv3rri:i bdR- mid -AOii'it^ f^o srf* -fiSiiw :rf.afi;*i-t ^na^fia 

-flxsXcr 9iIJ ikiu-i'ft oi iasfinsleb srfif tc ^:fab d;fj «bw jTi iTiir" 


warning of the approach of nny core upon or along 
trpck or eisritch track, po ne not to endnncer the T if e of 
the Tilaintllf • e decedent or to render his >'orking ^l-ce 
un?rfe. "/et the esid defendpnt did. not regard itp duty 
in th- t hehrlf "but on the contrary negl inertly and cnre- 
leerly moved psnd operated the ' care upon and over the 
eald side tr-^ck or en itch trpck without {:ivinf to the 
plpintilf's decedent any notice or warning of the anrirortch 
of s^nid cars; wherehy and oy me^inp whereof while r.lnintiff ' e 
decedent v,Ti p working -urFur.nt to hi? en5>loyinent ^nd crope- 
in£ the spid tr-ck the r>nid car, v-ithout any notice or 
wpirning to the plaintiff*.' decedent, van to, afj^in^-t, upon 
f5nd over the deceased." "herehy he wa? instantly killed. 

The decln.rf'tion ol '^o-allet ea th-^t the rwaicN " ue. >v^d fleeted 
not to OTior^te it? mine under the com-^enif -tion "ct. J 

It ie \.rfced hy counsel for ^.r>Tiel!lant th'tt it ^rs 

the duty of a-or!el\ee to furnish tiie decef>fred with " ren- 

pon-';:ly f"=,fe -nlpce vo v.'ork nnd that the coiirt erred in di- 

'/rectinf- n verdict. It^ds true thn.t under tne l?w puch ip the 


(.duty of the T«ter, and under the allefcatione oa this iecls- 

Jrr-'tion the ■'^Isintiff ehouldyiot le defeated of any of her 

Iri^ht? \y reT^on of !»ny c rp'trismtory ne^'lifjence o^ '"'■puined 

[ripk ox the deceased. it/is, ho\ever, true thnt "before the 

apriellnnt c-^u.ld reco\er/ehe r.ust show that the ppriellee rtue 

t-uilty of potie ne^lirence . It has not "oeen nointcd out \yy 

povnciel v;hit r)f>rtif; v.Xr. r ne^jligence t"Jie appellee wf ? ^-uilty 

'"f. "The fpct thr-t It vz-^s req'.:ired to furrrish tVie -iece'^ped 

vith p. rea«-'a""rly rrfe pl'ce to rork did r.ot\deprive the 

•iii 19V- Cfiijp nO'"u- 9i«o biii?. ofC^ b^^1:B%sqp-,b!^B,b9Vom xf^''^/ 

-«corr5 bfiH cf-fr9Kf\;oi<^s© «jwi p-il" dnBug^twr ariijiicw' saw ifftabsoai) 

•to 90i&nn -xne tssoriil'-i. .^-xr? f),J:r-n edi Jtos^cf ^iss srfd- anx 

aoorif ,>t->n±.f:>B ^od-tORX: ^id'n.-a£>^0'=>,5 i^. ♦!:■)• Wnielq 9r{j- o^gnJtnxBW 

f- ^ ■ y - ■ . - 

-ii9'i ft riiiv! fiso'rsfiosb arid' iiainiul: Qi-^s^lf gjgs 'ip^.,\isjbasi& 


«ST asMs^rr* arl^ JhxW wptf.? &aij^' ^e^fie \^-&v; p^^SX ^X|rqp.- irtj!^C.C&rqB| 






o-nerntor of the ttine of \thir right in a reRponnlr;le manner 
and T:y reasonR"ble means /to\j) roe ecu te t}ie work in ■^:^-ich it 

It appear^ from t>ie evidence of all of the witneeeee 
that the ciine at tue tiue of tj^e injury v.'nB heirc- o-ner^ted 
in Ljie usual and cuptor;iary vwiyi ^ the -riaci.inery v^m in 
co-id repair, I'hc. road bed in & safe C'^ndition '^nd th^t the 
cnr .-'t this time v/^p beinj; l-'suled by ttiip csr rnjller in the 
ueual vay, and tljat tJ^ e deceaBed v/rs engr.ised in ; iP ueunl 
eii.ploysient and in the usual manner- / J\t triie "i.e/friie then 
vhat v.-^^H the appellee's ne{-,lifcSi^'-'*'' ItXie p/^id by counsel 
that it i? the duty of appeiiee to tive WTe dece-^sed notice 
or 7;arning of tl^ie c?\r being inoved bu/t it\ie not^stoown by 
the record that such .notice or . aimiag eveAliad oten given 
xn novinii a err or that the cair v/ap moved a'tt an unupusl rv.te 
of epeed or at an unueuol tifae, or tri-'t any nece^city ex- 
/ieteC fore;i\in£ v/arning/ln tiiio particulf^r oApe, r->nd if 
thiy be true v,e nre uf<^ible to ?ee upon wh't priVici-nle s duty 
devolvf d U'.on the >r->pellee to j^ive the deoeaeed notice or 

/ rT — 

v.'arnin£, that it/vras i.oving the car. I -s-he decepeed bed been 
at work there at this parie mifineBt- for about one yenr, knew 
all ^bout the TfovcTncntr of the cnre, V.ntv/ thst tiiey v/ere 
movi '' without notice or \v-''rviin£.l an\i he \.'r>j^ prepumed to V:now 
the manner of cir.ducting the v ork ?tV th'^t mine phg it ia> 
not rho'-n by sny cvicience thst it wa^ >an unsafe or unreapon- 
able manner. It i? tn.e.-os coni^nded w/- counsel lor ars- 
ptllrmt, th't if there v-as any/evidence \vM,h itr rea?onable 
Jnlendnent? fairly tending, ,to prove the cpr^eyfor the Dlaln- 


''■*^ ■■•■='--•■■'■'> ' .feogcarw 3-ei7 

V3'^<=:3!rtt'fr'in'f ic ?£«• lO »Dn9bxr« 9d.& moil >5tJR9^CfB *fl 

frl 9"T ■>jT3fTlr{o.«(Tr Slit -cfaJil^ l-v;«w \;'tfii'ioJ^^*ruo Ms*^ imjax; sifJ^'W^ 

».fft tti Ti?irifrr ISO *(jtif# yo' JboJJJ^ti 3ni9cf 9«# ■ auiix-i efrii 'crM -^:"Xii3 
r^siwajj rTX' ni ^s^san* saw iJsaBaosI) a.ii^ i^af{d• brt.?? -j-^svr 'iKuejj 

■ 7 ■^ 1 

9?-^ iGU'-j.unt/ cifi'p^ b^TT'om ^svi\iBO 9iii i^&di to 'x;?.o e sHxron^ 'i^i. ; 

/ . ■ \ ': 


319^ Y^** '^"^^ ''*^«?^ <4it«o dilJ" "io nSn^snavom arii .tjj-^cfi^ Cis 


til'f thnt then it ■bc-came the duty of the Judte to eutmit tlui 

\ crse to the c onsider^.tion of the jury, l)ut v;e ^.re of the 

oriinion thrt vmder the evidence in this C5pe no duty ie 

y 1 Ci.ov,Ti to e:-ist vaiereuy the apoclllee wo re-quired to Li've 

/notice or v'^^rning thnt it ■'vag .'t'Out to liove, or in the net 


/ ni i:iO-/int:, the orr in nuc-ption, or thnt it was noved in a 

negligent i^cmeel ho ve cited for cur conei.Jeration 
•lutLoriti eo holding thr t a dx^ty Cfevo^ves u}.on a r?,ilroad com- 
pany to i-i\e VI p mini, r ly pounding the teil or blovs-ing the 
v'hif?tie. That, however, is control!! ed Vy p'atute and there 
is no G'l^tute requiring notice to te ^i^en uncor the cir- 
c li'iPt-nce s sho^.n to exi^t in tl:i s c-se. 

e "believe th-.t the court vac ju etiiied in direct- 
ing a ver^lict lor the defendrnt, and the judt^ent of the 
»l.ircuit C -urt ip affirmed, 

:.ot to be re':>orted in fulV. 


i»i: xj,!jb ofi &BSO iairU nx aonsfcivs srfd- tsbnu ^^j- Wofnicro 

sto9.'i<tib,;.ix4 i*4»x'ixi8 i/u .3.S"v' i"j:ijQD ;9ii#v t^j>xf:f •ss-^iXetf »-'-- 

• - ^ : ' • :,- v,-:, ■; ^ n?-, J/;...' f>;" ya ■ -^ ^!;'':> . - ' " •■""■-■" ^' '* • 
- ; . , .■■ ^ ' • i-: . ' M > i: .L ^' ;j::i' •'»'t?i^ s tjii » • 

■;..'• "t.. ••''^. .. st^ 

/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copy of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the aboue entitled cause of record in my office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set my h^ndMnd,affixed the seal of said court 

at ML Vernon, this .r::<...ZlZ/^.._ _ day of April 

A. D. 1916. 



Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at ML Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesdai^ 
in the month of March in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th dag of March, in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sij^een 

Present: | 

Hon. Harrg Higbee, Presiding Justice. | 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. I 

Hon. Franklin H Boggs, Justice. I 



And afterwards, to-wit: On the S..eyeate.en.t.J3i dag of April, $X. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut ML Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION'lin the words and figures 


.EtM... Jane Johnson J.. 



No. 71,.. 

October Term, 1915 


. C.ha.s .. ._ E . Hull^^^^ Harr;^ Redf ea m , 


ggi.A. 258 


..Marlon COUNTY 




Term V.o, 71. 

In tlie AprenFite r-^urt, 
- ourth " ii5trict. 
Ccto"ber Term A. I:. 191D, 

/.fend a i:o.29. 

.tta Jane Jotincon, 
Anpel ' ec 

^harlce 2. liull nnd Harry 
Red f corn, 


Appe^^l from the Circuit Court 
of K^rinn bounty, lllinoi.?. 

Iclride. j. 

•Appeljee recovered n judf-ment for -^-QC'^.^'O af:p. in?t 
Chprlea ... liull and Karry J edfeir'!, in thp Circuit Court 
of I srion Govmty. '-he cnupe of action .-rir-cp -ut ol a 
coilieion i.-et^-een an autosohile, slleged in Vr.e c,e'~l?'.ration 
to b=? the property of the defendant } ul^i , ope.rnted ot the 
ti'ne of tiic collision cy hie ?ervnnt i-edfenm, ^vith ?i 
in ■'vi.ich appellee w«^ riding. The accident occurred on 
^r<c Ft I-^ain street in the City of Salen. Ap h result of the 
C'-llinion, the hugty v.'np overturned, nnd none! Ice thro\*m 
upon the pavement, and rl^irn? to h"^e pupt-^inpd diverv r-er- 
eon^'.l injuries in c^nnequence thereof. 

Charles . , Hull alone r.roeecu'>.ep this ^ippe'^l. TJo 
cl-iirrk is nade th.^t the evidence did not fairly eotalliph 
neflit'cnce in the operntion of the o^ totnofji i o, -■.nd thr:t 
Fuch net;lit:ence v;is the direct cause of the injury: n'^r js 
it clsiLied tVipt the damrtfe? awarded are exccp-ive. 

Counsel for nppeilant earnestly ineiist? tli'it thie 
Judgment rihould be reverped for t; ie reason: it ip ur^ed thst 
"before ap-ellee ■*?as fintitled *o recover ehe v-p required to 


( .nosnrfoL ^ogI* g;^^^- 

( 99113 1-TfjA 


( ,rti?59ib3>" 

( .vjm.^iIaqqA 

.L .95X1 .0 

■^5:4,^.0:' ;-; rf.ti"' ,1' ■-?*,£.> he.; iriAVT^c. gi^ x^/ rioxsiiroo oiif lo 30ii' 
no fceiTyooo jTohionB 9ffT .^nibiT: ^'.^w asriaqqa ifox.fv nl 

o-'. .T'^^i:., ■ »5 9;^uo'jooi'T 9noIi=i IIuH ...j 99 Tif^il^ 

:{. :. 'r.f'i'i vJ-ixRi tnn bib eonabivo ^dt :^ mii sbRCi ai, lTXpIo 
f ■'rJ or; ,;•; I td'-fvoJ-ur sifJ" If: noxcJ-Btaqo aiiJ nx aonojjxliar: 

at I'^rr ;v,T'/{;r't 9ilJ- To ^j'^'jno tosnib odi^ 8R7 Dona^ilaan rfou-^ 
.gvx-^Tor'j 9a. «» bab-xr-.vr 90 ^f'toBb adi i'^dt bacialo &i 

Sndi be^ia ai tx rno^ftsi ax.ii lo't l)9ca9V9'z sif bruniir; ^ngmibi/t 

Oi b9^i:J09I «--Y 3di TrtVl^a-?'! O.t bof-* iiilvi BRT 9-1 TCs r :xTO^;: " 

er'tp'b?! i(=ih by n ^r«pondernnce of the evi.f'ence/thHt at the 
time of the rccidx^iit in quf>:5tiori tlfi re^-iti'on of fr-'^fter 

and p(~rvrvnt e?; i ptecX het" ecn !'.^>nel"innt atKjt tfie defendrjnt 

' - / 

J.edfenrn, -nd tli."t -'^dfp»m v^p then MC/iunlly enfPirtd in 
the buf«inec:^ of the mpV'ter, v-i tJiin th*- sc^pc and terr'-.e of 
hip eriioloyr-.ent, vnd. it is c3f»iried tllPt apyiel 1 ee f-^iJed to 
KR/^e ruch ^roof. Ar-rel'wit i.nfifjVn tyirt t>.e evidence clenr- 
ly phov'F th/'-t at the tirie \j.ip c.o'iT. ifion occvirred "eclfprrn 
■wa--' r'Tt FiCtint; '■■■^- the f?<-r\"ir\t. (*f rryt'llnnt; tVi-^t l.c vnp 
cnc^ied in p priv-'"t.f ent<rpri^e of >:if5 ov.ti; th- t lie ve 
upin^i npT'&jj^nt'p aiitoinoVil a/ v'Mhrii.t ^':i? Ki:0»,'ledt- e oi cnp- 
cent, and r.ence t}-ere ^ ^ y q/ f •■■ iltarc tc ertaVlith li'^'iility 
aF to Rppsjl??!!'*, and th.-^t 'the '■•ourt errt d in nnt directing 
a verdict s?? to him. -^he raior port^ion of f^rir^eli "^.rit' ? nrit-u- 

mer.t i? dii-ected to n di/«cuppion of tV-e evi'lence imon tVie^e 

/ \ 

questiorp, and the Igv^ ^/vjlicahle thereto. In the vie^" -^e 

tnVe of tiiip cnpe, tit pe jiiattfci''5.T, v;Viioh\aorif>n r^nt oon tends 

v^ere question? '^f i'^.-'j, ■''hic>i ^r>")el'!Ge wr-\" f^^l^ed upon to 

6stalli<=^h Dy n •nr-!-' on/lerrnce of tlie tviden\;e , '.ere all ted "..y the plead/in{.: " in the c se. c-iunt of the declnrntinn chnrf eA that on the 

dnte of the injury, r p i ^.l - lknt J^ull vr p the ovner of J-^nd 

conducting a garni.;e, in the City of oalem; ths^t he ovned 

divrrre nutomohilcp whic); )\e let for lure -^nd rewnrr''; th^t 

he >nd in iiie employ the defendant harry '..edfc-irn -i? a 

driver of pnid nutori.oLilt .~, nnd rsn thf; d'te in ■-•uf ~-tinn 

he let for hire one cert'>in nut-^'nol il e, nnd furni'^hed nr^ p. 

driver tj ereof t>ie defendant " edf-nrn. ■I'l'ie'^e rrcit'-l'? In 


/ ■, 

isJ^-^jt^ lo " [97 noi:t«:^up ni ^fn^birson grf* to smti 
fTj--il;vj b.-^-^TEjr.nn nnl'^.ifJbo giii/'.'^iJixi- 4*iff^ ^,b ;f>,if* *«^fi -- 

T -w 3:' tr-.f,'- ; j-i'm r ''-^^Tf? to i/rtf^v'Ji-ys .Slit sj-ft'-^rfiJ-of? Jcr; - _i\;' 

/ \ 
vixfii'^xr rl-?i£-fFi7':> oJ^ •aiwXx ■• 1 » :3="^'/ ^'xsiij' 93x191! bne ,^nd9 

- ■ -^'^ -^ "■^- ■ ■ / ■■ ■■•■""•^ ■ \' '] ' '■"■''■• • '•^-' ' '' ' 
•tr.'i^ ^ ' j-H'^ r r^-'.-''^ to nox/ion- lots-!- 'pil''' .miri o:f 5.8 i'DXbi.-* -. 

3,.., -r.^rv -:>;?■ nl .cj'staxf^ slcfpoiXrc^-' wsl an J bne .gnoiJ'aaop 
Cf« 9'x3' , 9'i«9biv9 sflJ" "ic 90^t.r^^:9^\tTO ■^''Tq n T^cf xfeiX/RJaa 

• ■ / :■ . ^ ■ N- • C-: ; ;.j nx .;/.-:^- r^^^ - -- 

b^fi^-o a:' frlj :;ue>r<?o lo Y^'^tO arf.t nx ,93je-XB3 « 3nx:to{jbno.o 

'■'■-- ii-xi} a.. 'j:>" "' ; \ 

n<^i..f ijr. nt ^S'-b -irCt cf-, bns ^^.^LtdomotUR bit\B to i^rtti^ 

ti ^n he'-XrTif* b<TTi ,3 rifomnj-i/o ninJ"T90 Sfrn aijtri tol ifaX si 

.■.■■■ ^v '■^. ■• i. :j.\.} ■{' ■■: :.j ■■':.' . 
ai vf.'^ytn^f ©-^sol' .fl-XBw'tftsT insbnolafc erf* los-jsil^t tsvlib 

the bef-inning of eich count vere ni».tterr of inducement only. 
The only ^-Ica filed •<n-''.e the gener-l i-.pue. -e are of the 
/opinion that if appellant dcftired to r'Ut in ip^ue the 
question r.e to v/hether or not at tjie tir.e cht-rrcc^ the rela- 
tion of :aaster and servant exi-ted between tiimceif and ed- 
fc-.rn.-or v/iether or not, at tiiut ti'.e, J.edfenrn vpo pcting 
for appejTant, v^itr-in tJ,.e t'ciinpe of .is frt:^rloyracnt and 
autrcrity,- or va-^ entyiced v.von pome '^riv-nte enterprise of 
Jiis -^wji, entirely independent of i is connection v.itl;, ond c-ra- 

r>loyir.erit "uy appellant, ne vas required to file a ppeci«l 

plen for tnat purpose. 

In C^irlfon vc Johnpon, 263 111. ,556, it ie Ffid: 

"•-e re^rnrd the rule >'B well e«t;;';li shed in tliio ;;t''te, that 

nntters of mduoemftnt in n decl^rition .'<re ^ict ^r-^vereed 

"by a r-lcf? of the ^.encrpl i«rue. The occur)r;t ion, o''"'ncr''hip 

^r oner-^tion of the •roperty or inptriiment?. 1 i tiep v/hich 

're set out a? crnriCcted vith or a? the c"U£?e nf t e injury, 

f-e charac ter in v h ich the pT r tiop apr.t nr in th e liti^; atio n 

are not denied by the (..encr'-l i ? '^ue . " By r^leaflinf, the f en- 

[ i.T- 1 ir-^ue a railro'sd cociofiny irrriliedly cor,ceder t!.f»t ^t the 

tir,e ci the alltf-cd injur:-, it v,- p oper^tin^ tic p".rticulnr 

lint ol r" ilrcrd rj.entioned in tl-e c ec3 frrrti^n, rnd th '< t the 

perrong in chr r^ e _2_f tY- e tr-".i f.r yx i. e it r Fcrv ntc . (i'enn- 

pylvnia ^o. vp. CliOpT;"'n, 2?.C 111,, 42b; icTultr vr. lock- 
Iridje, 1C7 Z'l.f^lC; Ci.jc^v o ^'nion "ircti'^n co. \ " . Jerka, 
rPV i3"!.,i<&) In rn p.otion lor i;gu:iee rfpiltinp from heinf 
f rvck ly defendant' p {^utomoVil e, vhfre the orly -plen filed 


-bs- jbns J,l93mtr. fi3.-v,7c^ac- b^drixa Jtipvi-*!^ biiK %9&^Bm io 

to o*! ciq-ra^rtr) astnyi-xr siiios acjif £)9jBan9 "sv.' to -.x.'^iiOili'iJf? ; 
-fflo bnc ,!j£v.' noi j •^orriforj ei: i to tnaSfisgaiini: vXsixJns ,nwo ai^ I, 
I«iDSq"5 s slix c+ b*3TXij;)9-x Bsw axi , c!" an f Carres >i<-\ Shassxolcr 

.950q^;X(,' i'exiJ' lot flSX.' 
;bifls ax it ,8dd«.XIi SdS ,fio%mioL ^jv (to^XibO nl 
tfjtiJ- ,9tplt; exrij- nx fe3ii9.£lc'rji^»?f.s XXow 91^ sXxxi arij' fi-scasi »W" | 
baaiov'^T/ J'Of 9TM ncijfifiXosh a «x vtn^nj^owbni: to si 

iioirv'r ^'it* t' B&n^^d'.iti^isl 10 xi-i?>t,T0'i'7 oiiJ- to noxJ^'^iaqo to 

-33m axiJ -^rtJ:bG:9XT '^r{ " . aijq -< x Xnorxa,^} axfi x^ &-3i:;t9i) i'on 91a j' 

Tr>. Lu tii^ ■' J ij- 3nx.tBi5rro a^r^/.^J-l ^^X^'^t"-'^ ^a^j^Ifis adi to 
9 x1 j t^-gj 'r. .-■ " .ri-^i.t-r: caf 93-) -jifl. ni baxiot Irta-a bf?0TXi.A'i to 

""■^"^ ■ ) . 'ij'i.-i' '/'.. j^ ^ -; !• L 3 i,.a / :i i^txji,t a ilJ t^ » ^1 'xij ai sno-^-jq- ; 

-}Iti ■ .'^•/ ".+ [jx'3.^ ;da^,.rXi 0.5S .n'^taqsi-iJ .rv .oJ sin 
.aiC'xa'-. . - .' .oT -c- iJ'oT I." aoirjlf o.^foi;!^ ;'.^VS». £i.' I VSX ,9-j-jxt. 
inigrf tTOti intjf ;3rc >."3i:*'.;t ti: tot Cioxt'ir. m al (3'S,.CXi V^" 

isXxt BO I- xf fo 9i{? f»'v ^> ii'.v ^»#ri- 


.f -Jr. .V 

i £r the (general ispiie, under r?uch plen thf; def^rid-'nt ^c-nitp 
the ov.-nership of the autoinotile, and thnt ^e oper^^t'^r in r 
chaTtre of it •>7.?3 M^ ^. 3ervont . (Kuchler ^?. .Hftifcrd, 165 
111., A-.,n, ,1-jj; l-aeii.i:irViin ve. IrsVe, 1^6.6^6.) I'ncer these 
n.ut -orititi? vie -ire of me opinion t^^t the trinl court 
properly denied the raotion to di;?^ct a ver(3ict. 

^-ut independently of ythe ndr.ippions in^li-c-d by 
the£.;i5, we. tninV; thiB/trial court docijed CTrectly 

A Pr 

in r e. i u f- i nt to direct a VG.ce^ici;./ '.here was evidence tending 

to ci. ow th-^t f...-)^v. i "J nnt v-;p. 

'.e onerntinp a gar8t:e in the City 
of o=le^.; that he kert and ufed nutoto'dlcf? therein lor 

int '.edfe'Trn ■-.•■ ri f- iic_t:n?ed. ciisuf ler; 

livery urpo: 

til at he Vvrr in the cnwloy of . t ^ vt'll out , -^-orkcd n' '"ut the 
i.p.Tp.ce,' rlr'O -pa driver of care usied for livery ruirposee; 
th--t ap a r art cf t'i.e trrras of hie t-'inpl oyiri(:nt, ^-edfc^rn 

had H ri( i.t to have snd uee ai 

tro evcninj^r of eTh v.sek; th?t .tiie autor.ohilc in the coTli?- 

5f hie t-'inpi oyiri(:nt. ^-edlc^m 
m futoraohile '-f a -' . -' cllftnt' if ; - 

th^^t at the tirae nf the iiccident, tledi'c'rn v-'n.i3 \;?»in| the 

c!=r f'^T livery -urpcnei?, c«rr;'ji;t; pef^?en(.erf? for hirt-, nnd 

received ray frr mch cr. icer>; tl:'-t in the co^jipion the cpr 

vap df^mRfcd rrd '. edferrn i- ■ edi-o tf-ly th&real tt-r obt-^iined 

mother err telont:ir£, t o r *- < /ri e ai ^ > * t , and took B^ii.^<i.l-rr^ to 

^ -1 

her hon:e in the country; thf^t nfter t'lif collipion, the 

owner of the cu<it y ■broi;{.;}it Duit for af'-'inrt jwfr--ei— 

l«w4 nnd I edfe^rn "before i Justice, rccoyercii a .iudt^ment, 

and th?j t Judfrramt ■■'.!» -^^id "oy n^faoi 4-nnA; thnt v/iien srjoken 

' •\ 
to ^,out this r^ocident, ind in reference to •> .-ettlenent rith 


xX^'^siT-'-j '.^oMoob tf-^tfoo I.BlTj\a/'d>t ?fnirff'9vY ,g5nx5f»:>X7 

•ret rjxjtifnij 5ori(.'O0JoJ"ar-! 69?^'U iiriR d-ra:^ S.H! :^SJtlf jirel^^S Y& 

* ' ^ 

r ■ 

-* 21 Fv%fy 9. !♦ ni D^J:^f(^^?oJ•u.^ '9icLt JrMi jjf^e'vr 'ri^«3 lO' 'i'in.£n'yv3 &!rf 

brrr ,>jj:5 -f- i" ''r!'*'5,irt^''?-TScr ja cv'f-i fits' ■',>tdaoq'i;/''^^"\jlwH 
r^'.o 3rf>- nii^ifCTj gi'i' -at ■■t'-^iiit :'5'9o'rvTi9«\- '.-iooT T'ot t{W:.t 'baV ts'o^ ■ 

o? i^^^'^-fo^iwwi afoot: J)aa.:,#at#&f^A*k.xi^ ;ja-£ :|ao r»d' ■r.;xo-"X3di6ais 
^ '"^ ' A 

-i«»-4>« .*--!'<i^:^e i^ie;^I.'T^ 10T Hub Sd-yjotd X'^H'^'^ ^^^ ^'^ '»4nw'^ 

Aitw tffTon'?!. .^?2>r r- oo oonoi.oloT f.i ban ,^nsblonB alrf^ iuooR oJ' 



to t-ee ^'ick, (meanine -edfearn), nnd find out ho'A' it Tccurred, 
••'ncl if it WTP hie (i;edfp?Tn' •') fyiult, they had tietter set- 
tle the natter. I Proof of '=iioh circum^tniiceF together vath 

' / 

all re?irom^le inferenc- r to be drnwiji therefr^^n ^t ien»»t 


tended 'to miovi that iiedfenrn v;ap a ^erv^nt of a-n-nel ■> nnt' f , 


and p.i the time of the accident wnj^ noting "^ithin the ap- 
parent P'.'ope of the an-!:(^ll nnt • !? ovjf'inepr, ?5.nd •"•^ithin the ap- 
parent '-cope at least of his {i'.edfeam' p ) 'Intic? ond era- 

, ploynent. -juch evidence, tpgetYtMr v/ith t!.i'<t introd^/ced ty 

\ defendante in contradiction and denial thereof, even under 
proper cpccir?! plep,8, denyin/. t>.'!t -^eclfef^rn ^t ih.e tiT.e •■^f 
the nccidpnt appelT ont V/p\ pcrvant, or denying tl' -^t I'e 
</ -Kriri then eng-^;. ed in the -:.aeter' e? bueinee?, or ncting vithin 
the real or apparent scope of , is dntiep and en.riloyr.ent, 
would present but an ic^ue of fact for the ,iury,-ri'^t ?. ques- 
tion of lav; for the Court. (Owahfutt vp ".r'^ut Aut'i Tivery 
Co. 176 111 . App,,6C6; i-r^ikow^ki \ vr-. .pcrrinf ICJ 1 1 " . , Ap.452i 

CoEiT;lriint ie EGce of the', third inFtrvcticn ^jiven 
for c-'.-rine llee ."-.e h-i\e exar.ined th'"t\ in'^tructior., =nf' d^ not 
lind it Buhject to the objections urced ag-^in^t it. '^hc 
nfcjectione ur^ed relate pri: cipally to matterc vhich nre 
not in iP!\;e under ti.e nlc'.'din^p, aa re hn\e l.eretofore 
incic terf-, Ihe instruction wp e not abourntCp in tl^nt it 
, required ;a«'ttere adir.itted to be cetn"^liehed by proof, but 
in this rte]>fct it >.t:? more f ivorable\ to anryel'] <»nt, th^n to 
ap- e]iee, and he has no cause of complaint. Appellant's 

-^'^^l :j:x^J,^^^ *^T^-o,^iu 

9Y>Mi b^'OV ^xi^fdi 90a£->t9dus aLb^i^Hi^ iffc»;-4-*tf^s» .aj»IIocrn^ 
6dTTj^pa<!> ilv'oti iuo ball fca#i ^(n^ASlljai^ aai«B©m)^^i»i 

ri^iw -icerfidao^ Q»rjfin:t«'xi3 rfoy.B lo lojJfJ 1 *,^9f i^BW ©rid- sl^ 
io j^fsi^ .Oiivf, d5;^t,,jn'JE'>«^li^ ,/*.a9XvQ;. iBxpage i.9qo=xq 

-soup a 4'oct-,.x,-i»jt, aii.t aQ'i i.oe,Jz ,ic sjJ'^ai a& Jstcl ,ia&H9%q,,p\iffiit 

; 3ai' ,:tx ianxfsgR 69;i'Xw.8noxd-y9(,ci'o *rf<l". o;^,;toaii,cfug.^4 J^fi^i 
-«~R a'oiivf aTaJtjBiii od- /xXXat5Xoaiiq..94;«l3!'i ^^.ga« anc)Xdo|^^o 

&i iadi ni ^aia^cwoqis .ioa afjw /noid;ou'i*5 fix .aiii^ ; '4^9|:?-oi^ax 
Xisl /tcjciia x^ {jyiioJtXdsJ^a .9*1 .oi -baiiiitipa qifd^J:^-, f>3jif»p_9i 



rclueed instruction l:o. t wfte properly rtiueed for tv.o 
<^/ reneon?: -irpt, tViare vvap no io'f?ue a? to the r.^'tterp gouf^ht 
to Lg Fubs'-itted ty jt; rvnd ?eoond, 'becr'upe ti;e euLptRnce 
of t--.e instruction ip fi-^Jy ccverefl "by nppel 1 -nt' s i iven 
inptri'Ctinr o 7, j. and 0. Ihe pi'b:-:t"nce of f-nr. client ' 9 
refu-ed instruction ! o. 2, i? contra ined in hir riven in- 
struction -.o. 4. 

v.e regard the court';? rulin^^^p upon the ric'ispion 
and exclueicn of evidence p° eubptTitially correct. -he 
remarke of coun-^el in "rfuing the c-^fse to the jury, of 
v.'hich coT'inlaint ie •■•.•=ide nere "^nt of eucL chrirpcter "-r- to 
require p re\>-r f?pl of thip .judrr.*^nt. upon nigi- cti'~'n, 
couns?el vnthdrew the ptati^r^mt . -he '^ourt Fu.^t'^ined np- 
pellRi'it'p ohjection, and diicc'ed t^e jury to clrrcir^.rd the 
renip.rke. .e nre unf^ble to efe ho'"' the ptntenentp cni-r.-nlnined 
of couJd Vi ■« nrejudiced npr^e 1 Ip.nt* p rithtp Lelore the jury. 

elievinp thie record to te fres of subot uti-\l 
error, we af. irm the judtnent of the tri'^l coi.".rt. 

Aflirr.ied . 

hot to oe reported in lul] . 



asvx ;, 8 'ins r{4?,qg:fi .x^ iiij'iQ^vo.a tcI ^-^^ '«i"aox*:>-oTi9-ni •«ri;J to 
. « ' J.nH Cia ji^A .i^,»ori,'jJh':«</i.fg. erf3^ '.^Q'^rfjum'^ -", V- •(►■fio'itf^W^'Si'rrf 

-qe lj9ai-':i'Bii9 itJjn- set? ■■*.;te5motHJ'q »f{J V9'tM:ttw XsBrtJJob 
feani^'-i'-T-Tioo «>.tn3q9Jni-R .axfc^ jfc.f ;995; gJ" .sIcf-BfTtr s^rif St' ■ .gTCTiBrcaTt 

I/'X.'-n. j^ov;? tc sail: ,eJ ei4-^:|nt>oei. exdi' sjirlvsifs 

,c)'3tni'itA .; >-: :.:;:: - ■" J :'.i,v- - :.s•J■ 

,, , ., |. ;-.,:;. .^:.:^; ^~;<:i ^^.U >.'.^J*^ 

X' ■■■-■ 

■l-^"'-^-'-"- ^' - ■■--■- ' ■■>- 

« » 

,, l,^--. :^i^ i^^'t-' ^^■■ 

• A:„, 

r: v>f <1^-; SU'X.'t -^ -■ 

.,:■ .;.? b^J-^i ■■ ' 

U.<>Q Oil 


/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copg of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in mi; office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set mg hand and affixed the seal of said court 

at ML Vernon, this ..^cs.^.^^.. day of April 

A. D. 1916. /f /) /^ 






Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at ML Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. s 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. g 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. f 


And afterwards, to-wit: On the ...J?e.Yent.eentfo. day of April, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut ML Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in the words and figures 

A-DToelXants . 

No. 73, 

October Term, I 91 5 



George Hijjpardj El 

. K i.i) d ....and... r|u 

..!?.?..9..?'£?.....P...r.....?^.e^han , Admr . ]T . V( . W . k 


.9f.'^X}:^}:9£h.)..J-.?.P. e_a !? ed , 


I.A. 261 



St. Clair 



HON _ Gi:..QRGE A . CROW . 


"erm lo. "7 '6. 

In the Apr-jell ate Cnurt, 
i ourth I^'iptrict. 
October Terra, 1915. 

/ fienrtn " c . l 7-, 



If ' . 

Cf:ori.e Lipparc! , A. 
jippnrd and Adnm iarr, 

Atip ell ant p. 

Ceorge C i;e"l-h«n, '.ditir., 
r.'":.. .V..V;.A. of the Lat»te of 
ihilli'p -ohn Cundlac>,,, 

) Appeal irora Circuit Court 
) of Ct. Clair County, 3 '. 1 inoi; 


;• Curiae, 

It IP 80iu:/h 
i ortc lofjurc -^nd snle e 
v-ounty . 

TT'^. ■ Tr fr 

1 LLv A-oril r?L, 

;C'~1 to reverse p. decree of 
y the Circuit '--urt of -jt.Clsir, 

re rd — i^-^: — t . r i p — orif»e th n , t a n 

190n the '' ..;m. i JIT f . ' . 'tr' e.rec\;',e-d to VhiHiTi .'"ohn '..und- 
Inch tv'o notee e:,ch for the -riornt ^f "Sbr'".?'' , rir.e ^^nr yerr 
nj'tcr drte pnd Tj; ft rinj ?ntiicpt ft the r'-tc- -^f five nnd rne- 
)ial f rer cert ycr rnnur., rry-'lr ^tri-Rnnupl ly , ^rd to ppcure 
the pryciert of vpid noter' e"pci:;tcd thp ~ortf r, r. .in quertion. 
It n-ne'-r- th t en r.ctober Po, DQCr", /rril -^r-, 19'"?, 
October ?^, 19"?, Arri'' r^'. ,1904, rrto'\:FT '^' , 19CA , April ?5, 
19^5, J-'nunry r>' , j'jOe, At^tiI h: , Vjre, ' ototer '•: , 1906, 
Anril 2b, IQ--"?, fctobcr '^i , 1907, r5, 1908 rrd October 
2t:,lyr8, the •anoi.rt of 60. ?5 mr paid r.t <""ch ci p?id timee 


," l.o ' «».f>n9g\ 

^irur^ ') aJ'BrXdqgA arid- n£ 

.SV ..0 ■ ,:n3'- 



,,'i..Tift.'\ ,r!Pritfa/i .'J aa'i 
"io adsie^ oifJ- to .A.--/..'/,;.. 


"io 991 oaf; r g-^'igv'-vi c:f I"3cq^ axifj" if^ /d:^uo^ ^i &l 


.i^ini/n J 

aiiTDT? oi^ 'in'- .y.f ['^f/nnp-inra'-i of i^.-yiTrf ..^ii/nm 197 J^t's laa t Cisrf 
.n'"! J-^if/p ni ?) i^-iitTo-- Trf.t hotaO'=>^'S n'?s.ton bxe^ In JT:9i3\;BfT add' 

,c5oe/ , ;■■ -igcfod-i' .^osr , ;f: f CT.O-A .aoc.c .'-s \cinu"f^ .c'ier 


u-ion e;ich of mid notor', and endorred thereon as inti-r<-'?t 
pnid. 3 1 alfjo appt^rjr th?!.t .hillip John fJundlrnch Vept a 
"book in v.hic>i be entcieo notes ?nd th^pe "jnymentp a-o-. 
pc-.r upon ypid book sr h^- virg teen -ife'le '^ t the time en- 
dorrod U'.on the jiotes. .'. further p'^raent v/r.p -.C'ie '>n 
hay 2'j, 190S "but thii? ^r.i' entered by --OT)han uundlpch, fi.t 
the direction of jhii'iip Jo/in 'Jundl-fCh. ;. hilli'^ -Ichn 
Uundlach died July l^t, ?w9C9 , lf.= ".vin{; a Ipst will, nnd 
t- stamen t ?:i;id" anpointinj: ;;is --onr? .Tncob, Jr., nnd IhilJip 
f.'f? fc ecutor:-, both of mnm oxer curing; the ye^^r 19i: , and 
on Jnnu-'ry 7, ISl'., If.tlerr tc?tnrnentrxry '.ere i'-srued to 
ueorf.e C. ..ebVipn, nnd this euit of f -recloeurti v; ■ e corarr.enced 
on ; arch 1^1 , I&IA, 

It ar.j e "Tf "fc^'i^m — l i. o c v I l'' >j r , i, l' thr t the land? de- 
t?cribed in ,=:aid . ortgr.^ e 'vere in tro senp.r^'te trnclej one 
of which beloni.ed to A. Kippnrd nnd o-c to u-eorge 
i.ii.'prtrd, nnd that ;^nid iRnd? vi-ere pold ;?nd tr^T. r?f <-:rred >y 
the .aid hippard? to rdrm p.arr. It further "■■.■.re-^:r%^f-rrm- 
t)Te tVitte-ae*. that n.t the «ever-il tirf? of n^-<>'Tnf:>-^t '^f interept 
•-•tove -.'entione'J being -.'idt?^^^ hi"!lip John G-.M-idl-ch 
3 certificate of de::-!fit ond -li-i^ed the p-nm^nt t->ch tine 
to his credit in the .'fellcville jcvine-i- 3^anV, pnd unon the 
ern.e, or tbc nc-rt -J.-y, tb.e checVe fo -1-ced +o lii? credit 
v-ere cle.nred rt the ■.Belleville banV nrd Trurt Ccirrs^y^ 
«nd ch-.r£.ed to the ; oeount of Ceor^e hirT'Td , t>/e : i-opcrd 
'rocei-y Ccc3~:.nny cr the valcnn ; r nl -nd " inine^ -onir sny, pnd 
thnt the ehecko v.rre sf to^^ard? "urrendcrfd by thip hnnk to 


-n:* 3T^M ^rii +p sb.atcT a^^acf irjrri/nri -.« iloou aisa rroqy T.^aq 
xi/ioj rrirrxrf.^ .f[3.r,IiJft;jU nxiol- qJ:''IxiiT 'In noxJ3=)iip odi 

0.^ bsagex 9'r=^..- \;'.y.Tri-5j'--{3l! ,.^£91 j': xji-'UfiRl. nc 

,^I2I ,L^ iiots.I no 

-9 b ^ & n p f Q'iJ^ 1 til -•■ ■g:?ii?'fei-v-j»— t»i-fi- nrr'^r^i r. 3 q; jb i I 

titoiry sxH of beo^-Ic (}-9 ■9Tis.r)Cio ari.^ ,y"!b *^9n 9ri;t lO iSiTtBi 

biaqqr 9::+- .fji'-arr-i ;" o^-jcjO to .trrr/pooG 34!^ o^.baaa^ip bo* 
bti» ,\nHqv.o^' gntrrt ' bnx Ij^sc'/ njgplE/ odt 10 ^fjijcmo;^ •»47«boTv 


l-^-^^ / 

%. /- 


to the pnrtie? drr^winf tiiem. j I otice wrs tiven the 
defendants to produce th( pe rhecTrs upon evidence imt they 
f=3i3ed to do po . -he )^i")r.rr6 Urnctry Company v.-'^ ovmed 
by ^'torfjC iiip-pr.rd pnd hir vrife ,5 iz^heth A. Kin-, nrd, and 
Ceori;e i.ippard -^^^p . repid^nt rtnd ili^nbeth .\. ' i'-v-rd, 
^ecrot^ry of the «alonn l.o?»l snd ' inirig i^ornnnny from 1905 
to 190fc. 

The anewer nV t}iC dpfendantc- ntni^c p thr t tiiese 
payiuents vere marie by N^heci or ry thei r Authority, ^nd ?^1po 
plc^rd tiie etntut of lir.d't,:' t ione. '-he £irr\'it Court lound 
th'> t the payir.cntf of inter^eet ■'"fire r^>»"e hy Ceorf-e / ipr^ard 
or "by hip authority, nnd tlA t hy r=uch pnyiaentp of interest 

Lne h' r of tnc statute of liMtati^na did not f.ttrch a? 

to tlie 3Rid ueorge j.ipparG, arid the decree ni forerlo=iure 

•vrid s-'i.le svrs grante;d "but it v/ri s\/^' £^1 'i thot r.o - erpor.^-l 1 ia- 

fcility existed as to i lizal-eth 'a.\ Li-nr. aid, 

'-oun-'vCl ior f?-;'^©^ Ifliyt p aslr. for p roverspl of thie 
(hcree for two rP'-^r-.n?. 1st .-''■'h^-t tl:e de"! t v-:or\ ^ liich the 
iLort£Pf:e war> b- ped vap b;* trd oy the\pt'itptt of 1 ir " tntione, 
Snd.- Th" t the ^ecree i? ^rr'^neoup in^the ^j-^t-oi ■tne'^t of a 

jt 13 true that i-ore thpn ten y.enr? elnn'^'cd he- 


iv.'cen tne r;-- turing ol said notr-e md the Venn'" rnrer-.frt of 

/this puit, and the notion vnv 3d 'a "b'-rrtd ^jy +he rt^tute of 


liiiit- tionr, ur. 1 epf a -nayment of intrrert yme n'^^-^e Ty the 
^ruthority '^^f tlie appel Inntf?, j- ipr^-'r-' -, or one or tbe ot}ier 
'Of h.ere a rayncnt nap bt en '^.de upon \ note ^y 

tiie u"akcr thereof, or by hie a;:thority, the rtatute ••■ 'M.iid 

not nm a^fiinrit' the mort^^a^e pecurinp the nnte V'^tii the 
I lapse 01 ten ye- re after ruch payment, hraft vc. }xol?"T,ann, 

2&f, 1 11., 548; "chifferptein vr. All iron, 1 ?2 in.,e.e2. To 


' bBtv^r- *r'.v ■v:rf*?i"r»oC iji^orrcU ivT.n<yfri:H ari" : . o«j ob OJ .hpIXR.l 

bnaoL tnin^ fU-ritt'S erf-- ,9Troi:.-?i?iii!TiI "io aru-ti^ia sii.t f)r»pXq 

?6 ilo^J-t;^ .ton bib '^a'N.tJ-r. + iffti r lo 9^{jJ-«\d^« ^iid-. In a^xf 9xiJ 

-"•/f C.->r>.^otf. - o"! :^^■.dd• M-sifv^i'VY Jx dud" lD->lnB'rs 'e^-^: '3-£j»a- -^n* 
.S-iieiT0ir:f /.A rt* '%</.Qs ill o.t af; Jbacf^ixa v\£ixXxcl 


'■■ ■■■ ■:.'•:■ : -^f- \j .;:>:: :..,. <•; .:fO :.«t^vi.9301 
- *«(*■ ho^rr^f "^ *ii»-?v; rfj:f flwrft ato;^ fed;? 9ua^ ^x f^it^- /a 
1^ ^'t=;^^on •--"^'T' erfd' bmc tin on bi(%?. to ynxiuJ'jja sii* q9«*i*i 

»i!# t • af'" ' -^s^'T t"! z-r -it-Bit "ir ifnf*m^nq a\ iBe'lnu ^■too^ilniisikl 
*«ilio >rt+ f- i^Mn in ,«?h'x--'<Tgi.-i ,9inpli3q^fl 9ri* to ^ii;iod«tt^£ . 
yJ **on .-> Bown sbsira ««!»d tmi fa-iisrtBrf r alari;)? ,-xa*fii' iO 
fclwr...v 9j-jji'<>5 9^r ,\jttc:di:!ff. 6 ifl x^:' 10 ^%05x^iii zo-ip.z edi 

,nn«ci»Xoi{ ,»3V ^l^lX ,ta'^mxfr dttim iscfi* «-i aiT^ nai ic yoqsf 

thnt.pny psiT^ent in thi 9 .-nr.ttcr v.'ithin ten yt .r? -^rior 
to I'axch 51, 1914, vculd renove tne bn.r of the rtf.tute cf 

I ] i'^*.ionE?. '"he r-, "1 out -ti'^n in *hir cnfe ie, ere pny 
"^ ' of tht pe Tiayraentp M'^de "by (>r.0Tyc llippr.rd, or by his- nu- 

thority, riti'.in ten yeprp r;rior to the corij\enceii.t'nt ol this 
Flit" -ny pnyment ni-ide wp rnforcfr'id ."Jler 1 c rch ■ 1, 1904, 
voulrl remove the brr -«f the et' tute of 1 i;;.it^tior. ??. The 
Circuit >>-ourt held tlmt t}if; i=ever<^;l payn^ert? ■">£ intercut ^s 
endorred tv on t}ie rntcF vere '-f>de l.y '.corte r.ipT-rn, or un- 

I der hie authority. >.e '-"tree "i''it.h the continti-^n of councel 

' th'^t the law is thnt th"t the rere erdorreiient iinon the 
I ' 
notcF V)y ihillip ,'ohn Oundl-Tch -"oi'l d rmt rf itn-elf "be puf- 

. licient to reir.ove the o-r ' ut th" t it re^uii-ed nn r.f < irr.R- 

' tive act or aut'.ori^ation Vy hi-^rtr-rc to "^ernvc the bnr of 

,the ptr-'tute of lirit-^ tioHF, -Ttd the nueption i?, p= tlie 

~L court correct in holding th^t the raynent^ -^o r.HcLe -vere ny 

I his r.Li t}iority . ''he evidence in thi<? cn':e sh.orr th-i'.' during 

a portion of thi? time t-errre nrd j-lirsbeth jiippra-d v-ere 

opcr'-.tinf n grocery --tore inthe n^tne of the 'li-i^^ard Groceiy 

Conipnny, ^nd -tI Jr-o h co"1 T.ine jn \hf' n^me ^i thf ViHcnn ■ oal 

c J. inint; '-onpany; and it further ropenrp th'-t n? thc?e -r^ay- 

mente v/ere aade to .hillin jA>in 'ivindlpch he ^lade n derorit 

ti.ereof ?;i th the >^ell eviJ 1 e rfavinfjJ? i'an>: p.nd v- n - iven credit 

thcrei'or upon it? ac::oun"i. ?, and that "n the <~!^'ne ^"-y, or the 

next, the -ielJi^ville '-•fivinf. p Innk cIpp. red +h' ~e rhcr'^CB 

tlirou^h the i^ellevilTe '.«nk a "rii-^t Company, -^nd the amount 

v.-ic ch'iri.ed to the uccount of (^eorge hipnard, '-he I'i-cnard 


i^j. »d'fcf^;Si-5i -*cW ,iG, TBii scii .^vfynai itfuoMf. ,(^1*1 •,I£?^8rtJta[ -^v • 

] ' 

Xsgnufop irx a-^.xd^rt--»;tnc3fO prljt rl::^x% dslT^j*? ji^W: i. ;_^ tuoBiJ'i;//"- eisi/tr^ilj; 

■ I 

, ds:9!« iJimqin rfJ'eQ'^?:.!:X<L- ban s^:\tp^ ^mtt fiitiJ" io aoicfitM't fi 
>fidOO'3i), r-rtvf-rrxi,-. 9x1:? 'xo osiRn ail.lrjx »*io^5 xi90osc:4 3; ^xirt^qtr 

i^i-joasr p ofci^T" Oil xlo.RCbrtff'>.|«iPU fXiXr-itA^ o^..«.fefKi, ai9«' ad'naiE 
iltsro ftii-/x i rirv^ hnr. jfa««;L ^viftXvBB «i:iiv»XI»'^ ©xij? ritiw lcs-r»ii# 

^H^nr.f^ry '-nm^r.ny or the "vulcon Qj 2£j. -^^-ifti nt ^UfUSsaii^, — ?*«<§ ~ 

n many cnrt''? the exact ari-ount v.-^o chnrc-^ to the r^ccount 
cf rpe cr the other rf r.-rtjcr-; Bnd in nther c^^=es 
vhcre the rheclr th-t 'rerc clfnred ty the Uencville 
V-nnk o. ^i-vr-t C'^mrany v.err :,,ore thrtr. three in nutiber they 
T.-cre luripcd tort'thcr srjd f-ppenr in a l«r£;e f^iTn. 
-j-f-TroF?- — 1 r, y i f. ^ r r ■ • ' c c i -f- l e ff jfc4-y— 4:h?^t ^r JfiniTry •"■?, ISC-;", the 
pcrount of "hillip Tohn Cundl-ich •. r f credit td in the Lelle- 
\ino ir!vinf,p !r;nnk v-ith .l?S7.5r, ^md. on the -^v-ne dry Ctorge 
rir,-mr(l •'•'i^ chnrfed v.ith '137.50 upon '■'iiF ?,ccniint with the 
:iclle-viJie hank nnd '-".vinf.s *-ompany, and u) i <^t on -.'ay 5, 
19Cr a li?:e pum v;ns< orediter? to the nrcount of ;liii'iiT) John 
UundD.Tch and chnrff-d to the icr^urit of v.corce 1 ip-fprd, --md 
the checV<? vlth vi-iich ceorgc- hir,oerd v/^gi --hnrgcd ■»^ere sur- 
rendered to hici by the 'e-nevillc i ank &. ^rur^t tornvntiy. The 

, fiyf^ 

d'^tr pnd nr.ouTit of there chccV^ corrcnsi^ond ^ i th vlxe d^^te anc 
arount endorsed imon tlie not<^3 a? interest -"-'id.! ' oVi^ce ' ' 

wsa f iven him t^^roduce tht:^G check? toretV-iv>r witVi tlip ^ther 
check? hvt he fnil :?d. to do ro, nnd fijc rronf rri" r: .?de by 

the cnpiiler nf the "^e\j.cvin le ,'^ank in Trupt Co>^n.'»ny. 'i-'he 

fniilure u.-non the -nart o'f the defendontf? to -i^^oduop tht checkr, 

or ehow pome re-^^on v.hy tXicy ""•frc not vroduoe-, i^ ■. cir- 
ciraipt^nce tendinr to phn\v/thnt the fumi^hi-",/^ of fuc h 
c?;eck? wotjM w.orrant thG/coursc in - r '.•-■.)•" inf- thnt if -re- 
duced they would 1-e unl'nA'orr ■ ] Ok to dc-fendantr . 1 f^7-tford 
Jife Jnsurf'nce '-^o., vp. '^hermr^nAli "^3 A--o,,?02; Vector ye. 

f ctor, 8 I 1 1 ., 105. \ 

It iff urped "by coiinpel thst^.the nnly e\idertial vnlue 


ff f.r-ri ' Art/* i *r. ■ ^ 

J-nt/oDa.", afC# 0* ta-^^psi'i- Bf>vf trsKO^iij* .TjSsxs aif.t , ^o»^i»f>'^jn.?,„.. *.« ^ 

-.- 99«P3 i9ii.+ «> »Tt fcafi ;'?:2.ctlafr ^sori^ 1r« fftaicf-o *:ffvt'^«ro 'i^ft<»i^c■ 
-alES'i siiw fix 5'»tifi?>T:} it?^.-,- xfrx^ rJnTwa nrfot griff .trft'- 16 ^- if rttr A 3*0 « 
'.9^oi\i -^^-b 'Ann? atfii- nft. fcrfH ,:)e.rKX1*- ^rf^tirr 'rfA^t? 9*^ni:Vf»3^»f fjtv 

fena ,h-T?s-Trti f ^lyj-tfijjU 'In 'Jpft1o'V6'.F'' ^rf.t o;+'-'h'^'iTRrfo bur, liorrfbnvi) 

frnf? ^;fpb sift rf;tx" r'rrr^TS's^itoo isiyasrtav ■^»?9if:t fo Jmj'oCTti' ixi* -n'tnb 
'^ 9ti>TO.' {, bxr^^^.tgQtrgj-ffj- gi*. ^i-iitfoi* -adit rtofru fVflJ^tcbtTs ^riuortie 

, ■^ "^^R.-r r..'??^ looTfr- mfiJ' bn**': ,"0* -Ob'o^ 'I^TMl^ 3rf tftjrf #>Bsftlo 

fytr':&^ni .^."^wforfs^ jb «* 6 f ''i'Tcyvi'l^frir s-cf Mw-**w \srf:t' 5!^6'l/^ 

/-^ ' ' V8^X ,-. f n 8 .-tcKfiw;* 

. J 

• / 




of book account? y/ouM le to rhow that rr.oneyp r.-ere received 
upon certain dates but it v.-ould rtill h-^ve to Ije eho^^n thnt 
the paymente were ^rr^ade \:y defendant?, or Ly their authority, 
nnd it ie urf:;cd thnt re the Ijook account phowed th"t pome 
oi the paymcntp -were nnde thrniafh ":ion Jpke" the hook 
account tended lo dipprove t>ic f^'ct th"t they were r)nid \,y 
the doicndnnte. 'we think th-^t r,ll th-^t thie ??.GovintF to ie 
thr>t v'a^e wr. s r3a-;e a T.ediun -if cr^nveyancc ni the c}iecke 

; 'ijut v;e n^ree ".'ith the 'ircriit Court that the -r^ayrsentsi ar- rhown 

! to h.';-ye been by the checks rmd depo<5itf? in the bank 
lor the proper nriount?- »nd uri^n the proper dnter lor the 
payment of interest, th -^t t)ie court v--3e fislly v.'nrr'T.led in 
finding that thtpc vp.yraentp ■w.'cre nade by '■:efendnntp ?in6. for 

; tJ.e purpo .?e of r^ayin^ the interef^t due uron the ?"id notep, 
and this heinf, true the Ft^'tute of T iriitatinn?? (oi:ld not 

i have the effect to h-^r connl <: inpnt ' p rif:ht of .-'Ction. 

It ie pJiid thnt ir- one tr^ct of Irnd helonfed to 

I j.lizaveth ilipprird and t}ie otl-ier to (ieorf.e hirrnnrd, thnt wny 
pnymentf? of intere:?t ty oe-^rre l.irT)^'rd vrould not orpvent 
the etntute iroin running ns r>crr>inet jtlizaV.eth :.ivr,rT6. Theee 

I T.cre joint r.otoe, executed by the defendnnti? nnd v.hi]e it 
ii? true th' t a pereonnl payment by one Joint debtor, with- 
out- the kiU'V.aedte or c^riRent of the ot}:cr, vill nrit oper- te 

i to vind the Intttr ro ap to ruthori/e fi nev -ro:-u -e but "A 
iSiortf^Bf e tiven to secure the nsyirent of s joint p.nd ?evern.l 

! note ■•'ill operate to continue a lien on the r;nrtf.»fed prerigee 
; eo lone pp pp.yncntp of the note rqy v.- ^^nforced p.pninst 
; either joint debtor r-nd until the debt in eytinn'ifhed. " 
-it7r.uner vs. ^^euer, 1?.C A-r...,380; Iiolne? v?. -^rtUtt ft 
nl, 16C Anp.,44?. ].o perponal decree vae tiken nfriinet 


3BSOS J^^n'^ jawoii^ J^nuosDve jtooo' 9ii^ aa. i-JHii h'j-^'nj .at,, il ^ae 
\J bxjBrr 9i9sr^ T^at^^^^ d-^itJ-., iov^l. &iij Qv-o%q'i.i^; pw , J)9i>^9Cf, .t«uao;36 

- v3fa»c'; ©rf^;,.fi<x. ejieoqai) .bna 8>(Qsf{o ad;? A^d ab^m. nsad jiv.ocl ocf 
9.ii«t ^lo'i ipaJ-^lj •i9gt)i.T Sitt- flqrrw Sob s^^d-iwocis ."i^jsqoxq •.Si-y- .xol 

lol fens ?3J-nBi)rii»l»-.o x^^ abf^ra sagv^- e 4"n3i5ctx«q; ^p^di^ .^.jiSc^ibnX'i 
^9ion. b.if^'i arfvt aoii: aisb issxaJiii ,..9xit anxTiisqr 1:o ^.o^qiu.q.^iiV' 
*Oia J3l:'JO,'i :e,n,o cJeJ-iiisU.i: lo- ■-six/d'-niri j^^-tt si/Ti;, -.iffiacr ax4*. J>fl« j 

ix aXXitsf baft pitnnbna'taJb, -odi x;c' /^^^wasxo, »9-qJo0 „|-ni;,pt rSta.'* I • 
->iiiw «ioJo'3Q rniot aao "^o ia^svi-^o^.i^xxQ^X'^q e. #'4* ,.#"?, <^„f.i j 
9;?--i9(jo :ton CIxv ,,i3Ud-o 9ii;t Jo |n99noa.~i:o ,e4bitXvfor«^^,^#4*f .'..i'yo ; 
A." iisd 9- ic-Jo-icT ^ysa fi axiiotf.^^ p* sa Q^ ,-l»^rtfiX ,94?, bci^-i -' ' 
Xfii»V9i bnn J-nxc-t s "io J-ftenntsci Sii^ sxijosa o.:t, a^^i-i .^a^S^'^Ofl^ b93i5;'^;J-toTO dfid^ no n^iX /f Qist^lino^ oi . 9i f\xsqfi fiiw sioa 

r .b»rf'?jcwsf?i^xa -^J; *i^'9b sftf»^XQid^b ^aiol x'id&to 
*«» Jt-jtJt"': .?v "^aatCpil :Oa£,.rrcrA 0£I .rtausa .>?v i^Ifu-'^ + x- 


Llizabeth hippixrd in this co?e and we pre of the opinion 
thr?t rayraentF Tsy Ccor{;:e 1 ipp^rd continued the lien of the 
mortf:nr:e in force. 

It ie ne"t inpif=ted th^t the coi rt erred in the 
appointment of a receiver o\3t no pnrticvlnir re-'-cn ie ?hown 
■^jy puch error exists; no attef'rt made to -^oint out nny r-uch 
error, ejcce-^.t to pt-^te thp t there is no order of court nu- 
tliorizini^ tiie n-inointment ond thnt the "bill if not ^worn to. 
The decree itself cnnft i+.utp" an order 'y.a'^inf t}:ip -^ppoint- 
me.nt and the ^-Te -•'ur^'t ion i? th^t the court hc-rd evidence 
unnn v/}iidi to hr'se such nn apr;ointment, in n.6 much n.p the 
bill n.?-k!? tli-'-t a recei-ver "be o^^oointed, and as' no -oj^rticular 
rengon is pointed out rmd rho\Mi to e''i!?t vrhy the court erred 
in Die a-pointment of a receiver, "je are 'iot i'lclined to 
(lietui^h the or''>er aakirtf; pi^ch appointment. 

It v'=>? a question of f^ct to be deterr.ined ty the 
court ^B to ^'--hether or not the payment;? of interept were 
ma/'e "by George hipp~rd or )'in autV ority, nnd there beinfr evi- 
dence in the record v^^ich clesrly tends to ?l;rr,- th-t the 
payncnts T.ere tnade by Genrpe hip-nard v.-e -a-e not pcle to 
e-y thnt the finding of the court vmr^ r.anifertly ^fninpt 
the of the evidence, --^nd if it is -^.ot ~o then we "nave 
no ri^jht to dipt;tec(b the f'ecree '^f the court. 

tie are urrible to e??y tnat the court erred in the 
rendition of the decree herein, and the decree of the 
Circuit Court is affirrr.etl, 


lot to be reported in full. 



iwrtrtiqo erfif ^o 91^ sw baa 9«fjr> rttiit ax b-xsiqqi.l iit^da^xLZ. 
^& lo mtl *rfj bTftini&ttoo b>s^qq± i 93^00^ Tpf Rjnacrc^/i J-riU 

iwroff«? gi nr?«nsi irpri/ar^tf^q e« .tew itarisosi i^ to cf'aefik+Hioq'qfi 
rfoue xni? ^uh in'ion oi ibtiTii Sqr^siiSfi on jstaxxo loita rtoua Tcci" 

.3.t ntov?^ ;fon 9x fXtcf srf* ctprfj' fcnc Srtsminioqna 9di jinisiioii^ 

9X1*^ ei^ riot'H -r, nl- ,*K'^a*ni«frcr.R rts riowa. QSfirf. ©^ xibiu«'' npirt; 

battsF ihcw no 9ffi* "^rfr *el"^» c^ mro:iB ban tuo fcetnioq.ei x«>««.a« 

» ' oj- b^niltrfir d'on eiis ©w ,i*»vx&09'5: b ^d. *R9at?nxoq<T» prfj lu 

^'-^ ■ ■ - '^ .trtosji:?nxoqqB f{ott3 ^li^'au as^xo. ©iti^ cfijjtaii) 

••rs* ;J-^9T9i-iTX lo stnsnncc-j exit d-oa *to T9r(:t9rxfcs' ol- Br^ ^luoc 

9di S'-di TTod'i of gbnsf yJ^tusTo dot±f btooyi axfj" flx »on.9b 
^ '" 6f ^M^ Sti'r 9rr,~<iv bt^aqt'd ei^icsU ^^ 9liB.-2 aTie^r Bt^[^tS)(,sq 

9>rs/?*9w*ft4riJ 0". fo'^ af tt 1x bnf» ,90f»9fexv3 3:i.t lo Sd:iiaif *a'i 

' eit* nx ba-na ii'too 9df 'i^m ye? o* afcfr.njj sar, 9r> 

.•-"'*■ »rf^ lo 99*osh^ dxfl bnn ,nl44erf ■5.<iT33b ?>rlj lo noi^xbnai 

- '"'I •-'•,> ;- " - •' ■ -• />■ ii >. / ,,frerfrxlll« ax iiuo'J. :t iuoii^ 

"" ,t9.'-f l-^ •^■■■. ,: •: J i-.j^^-^b 9(i:J l.t.'a.; 


/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copy of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in mg office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set mg handand^fffxed the seal of said court 

at ML Vernon, this r<L.^^d!^... dag of Aprd 

A. D. 1916. X? /) /O ^ 

Clerk of theJkijpeflate Court. 



' / 


6 -i< (^ 

Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held amit. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesdag 
in the month of March in the gear of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred tmd sixteen, the same being 

the 28th dag of March, in the gear of our Lord, one thoifsand nine hundren andi sixteen 

i ■ 

Present: / 

Hon. Harrg Higbee, Presiding Justice. J 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. ; 





And afterwards, tb-wit: On the --.-./- Ath-.-.---...rfoi; of Ajm, A. D. 1916, there was filed 

in the office of the Clerk Of said Court, ut Mt./Vernon, Illinois, an OPINION in the words and figures 

. 5p.]? er t... I...... Thoma $... a nd ...Le.a.8.e... 

Ruf?^ d. i c k.t 

..:^PI> s .li§.??. ■?!.?.•.. 

No. 25., 

March Term, 19IS 

..Sliexmaa...D.Qd.g.e., ...Ea'h.e.l..£..... r..Q:x_..e.t a Ir 


19^I.A. 281 


Circuit COURT 

..Llaxi.on COUNTY 



THr 3. !-♦ JETT. 

Term >io. 26. 

In the A-nnellate Court 

of lUinoip. 

Kerch Terra, A. ].;, 1916.. 

Agenda I'^.itp^ 

hobert L. ThoiXia!? and i^uddick, 

AppellantB . 


•Sherman Lod^^e, 
I'.a'bel /-. I ox, ct nl , 

Appellee p. ) 

Appeal fron the C-irciiit 
) Court ol I.PTicr) County. 

Opinion "by * 0(j:v, J. 

This is fui eppe-pfl from s decree rendered 1:y the 
Circuit Court of ;.'arion <-ounty, lllinoie. The nppep.l v?ps 
orieinally taicen to the -uprerae Court on the tiieory that a 
free hold interest in real estate vnp involv.ed, hut that 
Court at its -tebruary Term l'Jtl6, held th-Jt no free hold 
WRp involved and certified the sarae to this Cnurt. Tjod^e 
et al V. Ihomas et al 21P. 111. 8C. 

An exami^:\aticn of the opinion rendered oy ?afl 
Court in certifyinf;. rR4^ cauee, however, dipclope? that 
the Court rapped on the re^lk, qu^'etion involved, r^nd that 
waD, vihether the Circuit C^rt uh^er the jrisndnte of the 
Supreme Court rendered >^ thi» cause oo a a-oreal t9 
eaid Court had authority to proceed 'Aith 1>i;ie instterp in- 
volved in the crocr "bill Xilcd by ippcllnntp in^ P^id coupe. 

Thf iBf.o yd ri 1 rT.l oioffl XMn i «* decree been ren- 
dered by the Circuit Court of I arion '"ounty in the abov« 

:^=t.n^: /ibnar^A StuoO ^c^G ClaqqA 9di nl .dS ,o.:. mis 

{ ^:>ioibbufL 9333.1 

{ .sJ'nBlIsqqA 

( .sssflijqqA 

— -^ — i 
B Sr-iiS xtosiif 3xi:f no ^tcoO sraa-jcqut; jjxiJ- c:t hssIbJ- ^cllsniaxio 

bXoif 9:311 on i.pffJ- bl'iid ,BXei laisT x^rsijicrs »• bJ-x Ss ituoJ 
sgbou .J-iwoJ sxciJ" oi QisiBS 9di bax'iii'iso bne bsvlovni srsw 

.08 .irx ?;VS Xis ^s CEmorir .V Xjr in 

fitB9 x'^ baishnsi noirtiqo eiii io noicf floifl-jaxs aA 

;t.sril ".Qftolostb ,ie^u'od: ,95ub3 iLt«r% -irfiYtiiiao ni itucO 

ts\di tnj=>. ,b9/Xcvni noi;i-^*yp,i:^i sdi no fiaagag liiJoU ^ilJ- 

dr{^ lo 9^Bbn3ra 9rf:t i3|>irfi/ J-£)Mjp3 ti'joriO ariJ- i3rf;t3iiw ,esw 


t'smoo l)in!i9 /ff B.tncIIoqq.r ^cff boXxi rxid" •^'^joio 9r{:f ni b^vlO'/ 

entitled cause, and tT**Bt. snid decree v;ne s^npeaJed from 

to the vjuprene Court, and on the he^>ring the oecvee of 

the Circuit Court wnp reversed and reminded u-jth rUrection 

to the Circuit Court to difrr-ife the bill filed in ?nid 

caupe ap to the r,roperty knov-n ap the hotel -^rcperty for «-pnt 

or equity. 1 od^e v. Thonin-^, 2'?£ in.TC. 1' othi rif] , "Kny f -ver , 

which had h eep. . filiiE£ai.a£ai-."&y_JtliC--i^i-i««-i-* -^^ he b r- 

_in£_Jk?,?_o ?!? it, tiie r^l i^i"- having: ^se^n"^TKfiXea on tTir^orl- 
fci nnl "bil - l» "..hen the cnuse vn,s reinotr.ted in the Circuit 
Court the Chancellor ^^nr oi t'.e cr-inion thnt in r, f? rauch nt 
the oupreEe Court had z.nue no mention of the order die- 
Lii8?infc- the croer bill, thnt all tli^.t he }ind authority to 
uo vae to diea'.ijo the original bill pg to the nrnperty 
knov-Ti p.z- U.e hotel property, rand that he hnd no authority 
to proceed with paid cause under the crose bill, j 

1*^ ijuprcme Court in considering the effect of ite 
Judgment on t-he crop? bill nt page 61 of .o3. ?''/<, gayp; "In 

pii'^-'ort of the j'uriediction of thie/ court to e^ntertnin the 

\ / 

r-'ppesl appellants s^gi'c th.-^t the .Original decree of the 

wircuit Court wnp an >\djudicnti,6n that croFP-coTr.plf insnte 

\ / no interest in t>ie pJopei;/ty and were entitled to no 

relief under the cro?o-biT^, and tint the r'iptiif f?nl of the 

orit^inal bill -ifter riina2vdjae\t of the cspe, vrithout any 

order or proccediiife under the 6qro3i--bil T , It-^vee the rithte 

of tiifc croG? ccnplpir^^.nt?' ofs adJiKilcated by the original 

decree, and snid aecree conld be pleV^^'^ '^s ^^^ judicata in 

any other proceeding:, brou£,ht by Thimae'^^nd KeddicV. We 

think this ia a/riisappreheneion. The ent^e decree if the 

circv:it cnur't/vfae reversed by the judfcpuent o^thir court. 

.0 is'toab 3di' antTRdff »xij no"'bhB '^ituo'T ^aQxqul^ siU oJ 

.'•■ 4''ii ■ ■' ■ r ■', :• 
ttei:<)'09■si': ffcMvs- bahnRKS-x baa ossiavot* «fiw j'iuoO liuoixO 9iii 

,&i)B^ «r bslxt rricf ariJ" spim9i6 oi^JauoO J'xjjoix'j 9rf;J o^ 
, »oyi^y ^ H t,.v' ^ -i^'""f^Q ' ) .57.rxi 3d.2 ,5Ginorrr .v a^pvf,., ,^t?•^i>• "^o 

"9 lb "xsi^'xc Qd-J- lo nox:?iT»x.3 on aijsfn b&d fuse J sxasnguii ariJ- 

axf-t to •■sio^fc xani:;3tT6 j9-t* .:*.<^^;^9J^afT^ ^-?^XI^q^^ Xfe^qqs 

"" ■ \ ■ - ;^----^ - 

■on oi b^iitSan. ni^v bos \^.<f9q,Q'^ii ^i^.'-ai r-^ssAsJa^ qh iJjBii 

. : . . ^ ,. . . _ 

^ \ ' : 



The reversal --vrie not merely cf that of the decree 
finding; the orifinal c ovipl ^innnt wr.e the eqiiit*?ile ovner 
of and entitled to the property, s ut also nf thr?t pnrt 
of the decree disKiie?infc the croee-biin for want of equity. 
Tlie wh'^le decree effecting thip property vhi* rf%ersed ?'nd 
every nrijudic^tion innoe in and oy it wns ret apide, annulled 
?nd thereafter at'-.od lor nnufht, and it coilri not T'fter- 
vrarde be pleaded in b.-xr a? an adjudication a{^ain;?t any of 
the parties to it." 
1 i/e think thie langua^^e of the Dupreirie Court prao- 

;ical3y eettlep the question involved on thie apnoal, and 
( that under B=iid holding case should Ve re verged snd 
' remanded vi th direction to the trial court to. al j ovr the 
' amendment to the croc-? till and to proceed T'ith p^id cnuee 
' ag though enid crops oil] had never been dipmisped. 

oaid caupe ic tyierefore reversed find reraonded vjith 
i'irections? to the trial court to -'How snid cropf? hill to be 
amended and said partic? to r;roceed under the same accord- 
ing to their respective ri(,htf? therein. 

?:everpcd and re:r.andec! v/ith directions 


/oaAx^ / 


. itiJA'vi ioi r.Xicf-a90io srW' aiii iosb ariJ- "re 

r. ' ; :. , ;u.? i'i^ 9fiw li ^cf fens nx absoj floiiROi^utbs -^©vs 
-a«^ip uC :ti: iu-jfs ,*il!juBn lot bo 

^.,.-o« ^j•■^Q /{Ji'v b990oiq Oit baa IlicT asoio sxit o3' i^naiain^rr'-- 

a^ivr b»fcf,i»ffwi bne b99i9V9t stoleiarfj- ai 99Jjr 

a.! 0+ rrxcf "^ooTco bliss WO IXn oJ' ^rci/oo Isirt adi oJ f^-:oi-:'-oeiJt'i 
-•>"!' ■;'-^ -^-T-'s a.'j labntf bsaocyiq o^ ssi^iacr bxsa : . • 

« - ■ •■ - ' i '■-.}' 

=ic% iio^'ith lis I'M •2oynf.CTi>i bna &■ 

••'-.- ;■ ;.. ..7 -5 . 


/, CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copg of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in my office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set my hand and affixed the seal of said cou^ 

at Ml Vernon, this .75??^7^ dag ofi 

A. D. 1916. 






Opinion of the Appellate Court 

AT AN APPELLATE COURT, Begun and held at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on the Fourth Tuesday 
in the month of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, the same being 
the 28th day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundren and sixteen 


Hon. Harry Higbee, Presiding Justice. ^ 

Hon. James C. McBride, Justice. / 

Hon. Franklin H. Boggs, Justice. § 


TfOMAS E. PASLEY, Sheriff 

•r. .25 tfe- ---.-... da§ ofJI^, A. D. 1916, there was filed 
in the office of the Clerk of said Court, ut Mt Vernon, Illinois, an pPINION in the words and figures 

And afterwards, to-wit: On the ., 

No 19,. 


October Term, 19 J5 \ 







99I.A. 282 







Term ; o, 1^. In the ArrelJ -ite Court Agenda !'o.8 

ol" jllinnis?, i-ourth Liptrict. 
October Tenr., A, l-. lOlb. 

lllinoip Central : nilroad '^o.,) 

. 6. cL'ariel, 



f'.-npenl froTii Circuit '' ourt 

1 < 


) r>f jRpper i-ourity. 


rpinion by i OK^e, 



An actjkon of fcrcltle entry /and deteizier y;ne 

■brought before a ^ptice of the Pe^ce of iiose i ill, J-'roer 

C-ounty, oy appellants atjainet ap/ellee to recover t5^'>5'p— 

tFsicn of a nlot of grWnd 1^'^ x PA feet on v;hich n cop.l 

?hed v-iB locnted. Anr.el\e/ did not appe-'T before snid 

Justice aiid judjsTr.ent wg^ entered ty default pnd ^n ht?" €;al 

v-ns taken by ap'-ellee/to theXCircuit Court v;here a trifl 

wap had, result in£ in a verdict ^nd judgraent in fr»vor of 

apncllee, frorc viiich jud^'tr.ent trV^e apr>Gal is? r>rot»ectited. 

Tlie grounds rolled onr by n-npellnnt for a rtvcrsnl 

of this? c«ee are, that th^ yV^*'^^^'^ ^^ aiainrt the ■ .-?nl iec^t 

e court erred in itr rt;lin<;-p 

curt erred in in?tn-rtinf' ^ 

^/eifefit of t}ie eviience; 
on tiie evidence; ^na 
the jury 



it i*. con tend ci! ty -^f ' <^1 t n>v^ trif-t ite way- In rid r- 
in ;-.ope i.ill on the '».-*i<?t ei-'-c ^r tj-.e trnck v/Uich runt- north 


-.c:T »?&r.^.gA ^-isio^ -9* Si I la If q A 9tii nl -ftX .ol arxa 

. i "i ii " ^. t-J diiuol .stoftiffl to 

(..o-) bfioilxf?.'! I«'i;*a»D aionilfl 


( .oatL^qqA 

*l ,«'330^i xa' nc lain 
s'T*' tcanifsiab bnaX^jTcfav^ slo'laioi 1o no/iofi nA 


Inoo fi ££3i:i? no J^aol ^■■^ •<: *^X bna^T^ lo iolq e lo noiaas 
laa -fTF ri!^ ^as ^ fur^t^t i^tf 5379dhjt3 '•«'"•* inaaig.fuit bun soi J-soT. 

.i)9i^x/03--707rf ai Xsaqcfe eia^ ifrg.n^jbut rfoiriw moil .sarXaqcre 
i^sitnj-! ■ ^Aj .1"nin:-]s el ioifciaV s^iJ icli ,9Tb ssbo alxii to j 

rilTorr aniii cfoiii-w jf^s^J^ 9iis to _P^Ji9 iz'^^ 9 

d3 no XXllC 9«o/I nt \ ^V 


j*nd pouth, ccneiete ol a" strip ol Innd ninety fet»t v/ide and 
l:.- C. leet lonf, bct-inrung r\t t/ic northenrt corner -^f the 
rort}.v;e?t quarter ol t>;e ?Dut}ieaet quartpr of e.-cticn 3C , 
tov/nship o north, rruj£.e 1; e'pt, and erteridinf; eouth. The 


co'il ehed in question i«^7Le. D feet pouth ol the north 

end of ?r^id ptrip rl .Innd and 3?4 rcrt 'riert of tht center 


of its trnc]<;. 

V Xli® north 756. 5 fret cf en id r.reTiieep cl'^iriPd l^y 

?«yj»46 lim.^ . t ns its- wny lande on ti.e T-CPt of gnid tmcV *■*»- -o^t*- 
I . 
( loc^'tcd in the vill -te of ^nsc 111. The vcr.ninrer of i'^.id 

pol^ ^t «» o er not Question tine claiEi of yr ' clT ^ ' '. 'r to tiiat 
part of pr^id strip th"t 1 i*^ in said Villofe ^f ; ore hill, 
t)ut iTrr4*4« that the va^-laiide of s?iid -i^ " « 1 ■' " f ^t s oxi th cf 

r-idtli, nnd tlmt t.--c cofvl ?hcrd in nuor^ticn <i« not on liie- 

r-L./(rifht if vT.y of af 

■i* — g ^nliy xi.c o •>■■'.: I ' l ' ^ e vi i r e l 

nint j,n tK i o-rtnr'g. Thnt part of the strir; clrsir.ed by 
^ nTA- r. > rrT7>t'ap its rny l?nd rhich 1 «>wt. poutiL-of ..oee l-ill 
,wae not inclo?ed by ;», hut ^/oilnirt contend#^t].n t 
, it, and thoee tjirouph i^^hon it cliiT" h- iK-bf en in ■'•ocrcpfiion 
',01 9-id preriec-t? f^r wore t^.fn tventy- 1 i ve ye-re. ( 

ce of ?fc^^3222F tcnd-^-o rh'^T th>t it 

The ev: 

uped pnid etrip cf\rmd ioiM?ini tiee, raiif? ar.d other 
rmterial; that itp patYon/ used fne pn/r^e in ( olnj-; to and 
rror;> it?? trnckP in 1 oadihr v.tA unloading freight; t}.--!t it 
owed L-aid strip ol /round \^nd further ti.nt it -I'iced 
roperty line post* to indicp\e the v;e.-t line of s-iid 

:^L^ ^..<^<-v^_^ 

«5 soiv/ ttjr)^ i^tiisia iWisX io qirtia a loivtsxsnoo ,ij.fij09 baa \ 
, ■:^ fTci,fo-^5 to i^itsup t^j^adiuo® 94.? to -xd^tinup i^&yfdiion 
dJton. BJii- ta riiuon io^il <2.'3dV~»i noil soup nl bo^i^ Xaoo 

^-«*A- .rii: a-ao^ tc nco- l^'-ni-jji-t'^ 3;i:.t to xi^ifo?i -ft;^! ^rHts 

irn 9^4 o'i lo-4iii59 J^r ifoMi- brfkX ^t^ ft J T a'« ''#*rtrH4M^j« 
Wrf>o -bhfl allG^- ,9«i* ^inirl<|^ol J>fln>^'l'« tri*!**- ^■^^•'3 '^»'='' 

Etrir- of land eo cl "lined ty it. .— r-y 

( it i» further contended by ,ij. i .. g l!..ijj ' v ty^-t the 

( Grayville ii kattonn K. r.. Co., through rhcm nfr^i j m 
' claim^^y mesne conveyancee v.-ent into poeecppion of eaid 
( ?trip o! Innd under n ~uit -loic deed fr-^n ^ne Henry C, 
I *'il?on, dated June :?o, 1876, fiven lor the yur ope of re- 
[ leaning said prcir.iFeB ^^nd other Irnde ironi the lien of a 
J certain Trust T>ecd. iinid ^ui* Claim iced v;^p never rc-corded 
I tut was ndmltted by the C^ourt for the pur-ope of showinfi 
the extent of apt'elinnt*e poerefpion. 

C^M^A^-J^ *-^ J 

On the ban*;! ? - » ■■• e -j-4-g- frg contm^t^M .**- thnt the 
^ HCte nnd upcs vrliich SPT'-'llniv t relief <^xi '.o ei?tnbliBh pas- 

-A , pefsion or priid ptrip of l?^n4 relate^ to th-'t r-rt '^^ ^Pi 
/ etrip lying north of the eouth line of pnid orif inal To\/n 
wiiich would also te north of tihe plot of ground on t-fhich 


8Tid shed is loop ted. 


teptiliefl tint he ho.r kn ■"'.-. n thst part of 

thia strip ot t^round clairred by ' y i yjwol.' i Tnf vhjoh lt%>^ ?-outh 
of the ''ritia-'^l "o'.'m of Koae ilill, for Iv-enty-tive yc^r?, «3nd 

that no use whntever wne made "by ^rpot'liint oi e?».id etri^, 

rith the excerption of the eppt ??-t/3 feet tl:.ereot, t***-*— ia 


t n ^-^'y, 'iii ii fll i T r - 1 11 I 'll ' irl n t' if i T'lt'i "f \ * \ \A n rifini i l — *-»vn 

tM Tsur jt i g-^rtw tfl^' '(j ariHtn ' of Ib g i9«in\ tro a i t, Wn r , ; . . > .,«■• 
corrotorated by a larfc;e number of Y.'itnc8ee<!i T;ho tietalied 
thnt 00 much of thie etrip of ground «?. lft"«..E«euth of tne 
orifcinnl Tor^n of V^oee ;.ijj, except the 23- 1/:'- if-.f-t Iy3'"'£ 


' ^' , i , .. • .' ,. ^ ,-, ■ •■ ., .... 

4 *^iiir"J^--»»»-» ■^^^ 

-■:o<r asiJA. .no mailai ^- Ha - f Xo'^h^ lioidw m»9iS ^ ^ 

tryoi' Xfinijir^o ©ijs*. 1© snJtX 4i^a<»9 srl^ 16 dtroa i]^Xil Qtrto * 

" ■. \ 

t -'>l r;\X-^£ )»iU. ,<^<f»./W:a'. •♦JCtA«i •»"'^- ^-^ r*'-'^ f.-.-.-rf . !t/v 


ndj.'!cent to the LTuin\ tr;-' ck 
urioccupled po fir ar 
^:at tlie r.u'b;ic hnd 
tor fne pur'^oee or/rer-chinf 

ipi^ftll -^nt hart been vficant snd road ^^f.s concerned^ 
ivint: over thic etrip of {round 
rail J located routli of the 

■viJlii;e pnd thn.^ tlie IjighTsy cdnaiprioners h?>d t^r-Tded this 
roadv/ay. i^^ectinn v;a3 luace by atppellant to the evidence 
oJl'ered with reference to the>niee by the -nublic of 
paid Btri-o of t,roun>iv ?JS n jr^aolic highTjay. .'he court nd- 
ci tttd the evicfince uuty^etated thi^t it vinr- .".dritted, rirt 

rafhrny, l;i)t 

*r the 

' 7 

?, V'-ie m t<fte control of th 

ti'^n th-'t wn£! c.piie of 
f elicwing •?/)-i'-, if ^ny 

lor the vuT 
r.urpooe of ; 
e'->id prerr.ip 
one. vie in t<fte control ol the paiBe> 

5or3eti"e r-rior to the Inptitutlon of *:T:-9f^^'- 
in£5rci-=-^?<? — B-^^^-^ — --'u g tif e rt — *rr^ — -^ "c e, ai.:n ol ] ^o '.g conl ehed 
V!'\r located poniewhat eipt nv.d north of it? pre?i:r\l locnticn, 
nnd se then located v/- j? portly on said etrip of .''?-l/? feet 
ndjoinin^, the mnJja trnck of a yTJ e iir t ftn-tirr ritrht of v^ay, nnd 
viiiich a-07l!&llj&4»- cone ode » wse s part of aviV c 1 J on t ' 3 l^nds. 

-• .- >■■ i. i-Lu-w-t — A^ tf i O"T iiigi'-ted on ♦i ' . ' ig .! I frc paying: 
rent on said i^round, the nnount dcr-niided Ijein^: .1' . . 

t he ptoted to the A£.€r,t of ??-ia-^*_^-4-*-^ 

Mil '•■ fell cc testified tho 

tliftt a port only of sold shed uas on ite ri>^ht of wny, 
and t^J^t he w^.r therefore willing to r.ay but 15. . • 
P <1.1sh 4. 'iccepted_^he *^;b. ' in pettlement theretor. Thcr^- 

••ffter ivpnioVi e e . oved ) is said phed >re?t 'ind ?outh -'O t) -t 
no pnrt of it wnp on s-id ptrip of .'^2- 1/3 ft;et in"- ed lately 


^ r^ 


'V n.'^a 

■if yCf' riS'fqS? ,,': 

.J to. tKsi^i^a-ftM*; x^iri* a«4/i^S^ as^J^xi v^iirfu^ ^^^ 

,-«aa»i9 ^iiiJ','"ti>-- to.T^fno! 

i^^TJir .,9R0 

^ni-^a*! .:>*ii 


;jl-,§a»|.i r^;fflt-'. 

■ ■ -■ ^ - . -I, ■ 

adjoinint, the renin I'raok of snid r"ilro=:rt rr\ *'.e vert 
arid south of enid orl^^inol "^ovm of .'•oj'e HilJ. ^ w e t h er 
y^t> rdr, — sr-o.i'rp iT i ii O^ ed M t < wld g)it!'3 "tTr~S " -^ T??7fl~T7iTctr~he 

the rela- 
ute tl:e fja'Tie. 
he rcsnoved an id 


cn<;.^_cndj_la. -o u tga dc ^f- fty rie l 

turtVier inei^*^th 

tion of land l6x^nr\A t 

Appellee'? ftno'^:\ thereto i 

phed Irom whgn. he c^ntende 1 r- nr^jr^n ant's rifht of v,?"./, 

he 'A?E r.O(<iont:er ap 

*he evidence oTT ti if co' reverted quertion ss to 
whether or not appellant .■ p :< ,;osneFeion of the ptrip 
01 jrround on which wprelle' r-rrro^ed his «hpd v>r.B phf>rjfct^ 
conf 3 ic tint' 1 an d .. prtip w r. - --^"vn quuirtifln OT f'Tt I v. !■'*-■*»«—:„,»_ 
tcmined by the jury, find ^.e\are imrvule to pay the firiding 
of the jury ie lig-^inet the raanVfe^t weit'ht of the evidence. 
In fact, we nre of tlie or^.Inion that the jury v ere vnrr'^nted 
in finding that ep' ellant vtne not rn pcesession of t'e 
plot of ground on w'nioh i^inpelly^e reiaoyed his fulied at the 
tine the enne whs po removed/thereto. 

It is nert contended ty r».pp;6nnat that the couart 
erred in admitting; certniK^deede offered in evidence by 
BT;pellee '.vhich deed? vepted \oloi" of title to i?nid nrcmisep 

Lin appellee. Ve have exaraine^Mhe record in rt--£frd to 

■■'■'' \ 
the adxiesion of these deeds' andXdo not believe tiiat the 

court erred in idnitting 1;^e pane \^e .'ection 2, t'hepter h7. 

of ; urdo ..eviped -^t'stute* nrovidef tlx: t the action of 
lorclble entry and de^incr v-in lie v^en entry If '^-rde 

into vacant or unocjtupicd 2 and or teneiiifJVtP witliOnt rieht 

i'>.'3ff '>;'*' "■ 

T ^trt- 

r(^ ioo*tY fi*«s 
- i J 3dT\-9f 'affile »rM'''^ni ' ■ j J-iu'oo 





':.'->- '; ^ ^t'l-^:; 

* \ 

or title. If the !?e "If^Mclf^ were Y-icarit^sjnd wnoccu. ir,d, there 
deed© v-o\;ld tend to riipw tH^t fp-^^ 3 ee i.^A not ta^en tiOF- 
ceesion tnereof v.-i thout tltl>^/f.nd woulf' t>^erc-frre tend to 
eliow a defense to t^dc action \on that tsiPory. 

It is net^ft coTvtcnded Ipy nT^^.'ellant thr-t tne court 

tci;n Q.i-irrec. »y it. / \ ne 




erred in . o^iiyingX irtctruction 

!;:odif icntioiy conclMtJd in tXe insertion ol t- c ^rri-, "or 

title" in s-'^id in?tructi<>n, wVinf the p"*^ c rr.-^i!, "M •^i.e 

j.viry Lelieve from ?i p^eNmde ranee '^1 the fc-vide-;ce t'-s^t the 

defendar.t entered y^rpr^:f uj\y &nA withoi;t 1 av;ful rit'Kt 

"or title" »jnd vi.en 'keryt the Vlnint ifr frorr. rfprAnint, v^f- 

»e?eion, it i* sufiicient tn pup\<-'in t/iie r-tction,"/ L^Jder 

the ''rovi eior.p of enid ?cc^ion r, .y^ cl-r»pter ;V, •■■i 

^^tatutee vie telle »e the r.ndisJ^ati on rv?ne to ^.hip/lnvitrViC- 

tinn •wa? nrnoer, ialtner^. i i^qnlc 169 111. 9^; -Xtzreral4 v 

-.binn. 165 ill.SeS. 

Appellant i\e>-t inpifte tV:-t the c^urt erred in rr- 

fuping instruction? nuKiuer five, t-^iAve srsd ^i^leon of the 

instructions offered LyNlt. IneVruction ' o. flvr is 

ribc^trr.ct in iorm »nd is ar'faimeTlt??* ive. There \~r.^ no error 

in rclueing snid inetruction^v Ap-oellart'c iffuped An-truc- 

tion 0, tv/elve ve think jniderVhc ipcuec? in t-ii? c pe !?},ould 

have required the jury iief ore finding Vae isPi.e? :ror ap- 

"^cllMnt to lir;d, not ,/)nly t;,.'*t nTii.e^] nnt "ent j-ito pop- 

eepfion under nn unrecorded deed, biA ??lfo V ^t it continued 

in popcee?ion nf that v.'>p n c "introverted quertion in 

,the C'vpe, and by re'^rsn ?1 itr f'-jt^irc p\ to do " f think 




0^ #ft^ fbOrJU?s^3^4:&^'<x »itJr*t-«4f*«'^ 9#*9btwiri-^ 

;; fens «vf^,J. T ,9vil T9G'.Wn artolt^T^i'ani ani'^ut 

-3Pr CMfH:!^ ^nfiw i^rf«I^ fffs ^Kil* 3^<f<v;-r«wt- ,6nlt' ^ 
-.inljJi .7- r: •>tirr(t^'5 n^l-'tOi MbiNiwi: •■^tf on" ..■■■"O ■^r, . 


thvii. , . no error in the court refurinf 12. c b-ihj«, In- 
etruction sir^tccn ir nrf nrient? tive in forr nvw ip '^tiierwice 
"^■calculated to confuse nnd rrir-leai the jury, and t>iere ras 
no err'-.r in "cfupinf t>-e piTne . 

I.-etly, it ir ineietcd th-'t the couxt erred in 
giving inptructinn nunibfr tventy-tvvo given on beiialf of 
appellee, Thie instruction relerred to certnin deeds of 
conveyance and re:^erred to ^osrep^'ion nn6 ~nyrc.^nt rjf t-^xes 
under snid deede, nnd t/^s t^iven in conr:cctJcn ^-ith the 
tiicory of appellee that Tt the time he -'oved s-id MX;ed 
on to the pre^iieen in question the essTiC v^erc \-crint nnd 
unoccupied, 'ihere v;^ ^ nn er-vor in t iving p^tjd insstruction 
r-is ap:>ellee wae entitled to hnve that theory of the cppe 
presented to the jury, nr> there vag evidence in the record 
tending to v-v ort the same. 

Sinding no rcverritTe error in tVie record the 
judgrcent ol the trirsl ciurt will be affirmed, 

Judpnent afiiraed. 

Justice ?'c' ride to.--!: no rrt in the herring or c'pc^pion of 
prid cause . 

; ot to Le reported in full. 



'.w J .;■'= , ' ■ sX*ia -baft WiTtaroo Oit- bai-aiaalaoj-^ 

--'. ^Tsr^o *!M^ \f^:i«^ Ifetffll^rtt -sat Jft ,\f*aail 

■ - in-»iff^n^ ?M*« fi^i%g«49ncT-0iJ • ft»«t9t9^ 6as. 90X1 iT'i»yaod 

■'s^^ »^»w 9«s¥! ^ri#'»ptd*©«p lii eaei»»Tq a&i »* no 

, -iV 

.'•■^\ ?5TT 

1 .5 yd 


-r .-.-. 4 y. 

tr? .ji - 



■ii-' - 


-,- ^ _ ... 

v.;; ' ■■; '.:■ 

. r ral f!i fcai'i 


/. CHARLES C. JOHNSON, Clerk of the Appellate Court, within and for the Fourth District of 
the State of Illinois, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a true copu of the OPINION of the 
said Appellate Court in the above entitled cause of record in mi; office. 

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have set mi) hand and affixed the seal of said cour^ 

at Ml Vernon, this ,-^.Nj ^!^^.. day ofi 

A. D. 1916. /y / I , C 


30i- 21290 

ARpjR a. jth'.w 





CO:^ANY, a corporntion,,^ 


■^ CTATBM3IIT OF THE CASS.VOn October 23, 1913, Arthur 
S, {llerigold, plaintiff, conLnianced an action of the first claos 
inltho Municipal Court of Chicago againiirt Sol H» noldberg and 
. TM Twentieth Century Theatre & Arauaement Company, u corporation 
(ireinafter r^3f erred to us tho defendjont company), defendants, 
tvecover comminBiona alleged to h ^ due him iia a real estate 
bijkor for Uk^ nale of premises Iciovra at? ITo. 4703 P.-airie 
ainue, Chicago, Illinois. Plaintiff clairMd the sum of $2,125, 
b«ng 2^ per cent of $35,000, the sale price of the premioes, 
Tt defendants entered a joint appearance, and, by an agent, 
fied an affidavit of merits in which it was stated in sub- 
sljnce (1) that neither of them employed plaintiff to lell the 
prtmises or agreed to pay him any 3wn for making auoh 3ale, 
(a that they were not jointly liable to plaintiff, and (3) 
tliiit plaintiff was not tho procuring caur.e of the sale, in 
thtt the premiaes were r, old for the defendant company by a 
broker named Kipper, tn whom it paid an agreed coniTiins:-. ion for 
saLd sale. The cause wiS tried before th-T court without a 
jury. After plaintiff's evidence in chief had been heard the 
cause waa dismissed is to the def eninnt CoL H. CrOldberg, but 
the motion of the defendant company fo-^ a finding in its favor 
was denied. At the conclusion of all the evidence the court 
found the issues against the defendant company and assessed 

096XS -dO< 



■; " •;■ 'V --4- , X^ \^ 

. flV 

•--•;;: ■\.' 

esiiXo d-c-xxi eult lo rioxctos ne Jbeonfcnurioo /ilx^fctii^Xq ^.bXoa-J^'-^si • 
Jbn.o ■glad I: £o I'' ,H Xoa ;tt;nx^aB oa^iO-Hil^O lo cl-iiroO XjisqioinirfU i»n* n-^ 

sd'.sJ'ee Xas-x jb sb iaixi oub ed oi IisjralXs enoJ'-aBiiamoo "ssvoos Oo<i oOVi* .oH B.G nwofor Bseimsici 1o ©Xbr artt "xol ■--:•■-■■ 

jasx,;:,\; iO fliys i»i[i- f)e:iia.'i;Xo 'ilJ-.c^^^l-eX? ,8i:onJ:J;iI fOgBolriO ,;,:...- 

.sQBXtX'jfxq titi^ 10 soiiq elFsa ea^j- ,000,c'.8| 'lo cInBO loq; ^S ®iecf 

ti'nsSv'j ris vcf ^hti}^ ,som;iiS9C'(:TB .tnxof;, c bQio^ne &yrs;r>f)ns>!t9.b >i^ 

-rcfjja r.i Jbfl;tsd-e Sjljw c'i rfolrlw n.S: ao-xiam "io oivn£.xit^i3 r;,r: ^f.'x'^ 

9f!o lis?; oJ- ItiJ-nx-fiXq i>3Y0Xqm& t^rerfi^ "ir: loilj-ien d^xiJ (X^ 

,9X«£! .:!:D.t/B 'iitiiy'.jiTi to"! .Tti?£ \;nr. cixil Y-fiCi ocJ- Los'ssfi 10 Eoeia-rtq 

(<i) .f^in*-. ,"-T:ic!-rd.;-;Xrr oo sJ.cJiiil >(;Xc?nxot, cfon slew ^J^4;t cJ-firf* jK) 

x:x jOXse erW "io or.ij^o }\nituooiq Brit ton sjbw l^i.^ ;t.ri.t 

fi ^tf \;ftc<iiTTOCi tnabrio'tob &dd- "xol blofi cnov ceexmaTcg e4* *«4f 

tol noxuexfiifTfOO /JSGrryxt ms bljiiq ii morlw no ,isqgj:>l J&sfficn i6:!l("id' 

ar^cr fci/iarf nosrf barf "iaJtxCo njt ©OjnoJbxre e ' ilxcTnlisI 
iv(< t-^nsdbloi) ,tl ilefi iR%b^aoV<;■i.> ^^dS ci iv Iis.-iexnKxb 
lOTcl Sv J; ni gnibnil /> '-nl '^naqmoo cfruibno^.sJb %xf^J I0 ff^Xocrn .wiJ 
d-Tooo odt Bortt>bivf> ©rid iX,^ "io noisulonoa eiict *A .i)3lits£> b^w 


plaintiff's damages at ^2,125, upon whicyi finding judgment 
for $2,125 ELgainst the defendant compGuny was entered* 

The defendant company is an Illinois corporation, 
incorporated on Jeptenibsr 11, 1912, with a capital stock of 
|;15,C0C, divided into ITjC slmrea of the par value of |100 
each, and having its principal office in Chicago. The 
object for which it was formed was to establish, operate and 
control a theatre or theatres and to acquire, produce and 
exhibit therein theatrical attractions of various kinds, Sol 
H, Goldberg, Mark :\ Goodman, Harry M. Lubliner and Joseph 
Trinz were the diroctorr; end nil of l.ho stocyiolder^j , Goldberg 
Tos the pre^idort, Cnolinan the secretary, and Lubliner the 
treasurer. Thr; theatre building, locntc-d nt ^'o. 4708 Prairie 
avenue, ChicaTO, wnc in process o:^ ;rection at the ilate the 
corporiti^n vas organized, nnd the corporation afterwards be- 
carcQ the ownnr of the building and the land. The building was 
completed pjid the theatre n-)en=d to the public ipril 3, 
1P13. One Mfred Hamburg v-jr w?s thr o-ivner of nevral theatre 
prorertien in Chic^.,^o, and was snp;asad in the hiiRinoF-.s of buy- 
ing and operp.ting such properties. 'ome of thoBC properties 
Tf'ere operpted in tVie riRrr.e of a ■'orporntion, such ar. Alfred 
Theatre Cornpany and L'^Miae Amusement CoTnpEi.ny, of which 
companies Hamburger ws;? the td resident rjid owned a majority of 
the stock. Thp Mfred Theatre 'Company 'rr.-s not incorporated 
until sometime in Tanuarj'-, 1913. On October 1, 1913, a special 
meeting of the dir*^ctors of the defendfsJit cnrnpriny •«"-.?-. held, at 
which all of the di-^ectorp '"er':^ pr-^sent, ?>Tid it wh^ch a 
' resolution was 'anfmimously i\d opted. It is therein n cited that 
the defendant company is the own^r of siid theatre building and 
land; that the premise'^ are subject to trust deeds securing 
bonda theretofoc-e executed by s^id Lubliner and Trinz; that 

defendant company is aluo possessed of certain personal 

00X| 1o owljiv ijsJCE fisri* to es-liixfa s")?! ojrd bs.blTJcfc , "'v-^,?!? 
fcOB e&B*i9qo ^.iieiXcVju era oj 2,3^^ iiom-Tol mm i^k ifoxxiW- 10 

-rocfirJoO .v.'i<oblQi'.yloCo» i>f>'.f fo II« bar, alo^os^ib iJlrtJ- '©'- 

saw aaiiJliucf &rfT ♦&««£ »il* bns ^nxiSIij/df srfj- la nsnwo axU 
,£ IX15A J-iK!d£. oxXcfifq srfd- c* ^^^f*qc sii^soxif srf.J' hmj bsctsXqaic^- 
Xjsio^qa a tfiXOI ,X aficfod-oO nO .5X^1 .i.-tmstrnt nl ..■-.... ' r^•. 


property used in the operation of said theatre upon said 
premises; that the Alfred Theatre Company has offered to 
purchase said premises and personal property and to pay 
therefor |10,000 in cash, and the further sum of $55,000 to 
be evidenced by notes, and to assume the encumbrance upon the 
premises of $20,000, and to that end has presented a contract 
embodying the terms and conditions of the sale; and that the 
directors are of the opinion that it is to the interest of 
defendant company to make such sale. It is then therein "re- 
solved" that the president and secretary of the defendant com- 
pany be authorized in its behalf to execute said contract, also 
a warranty deed conveying said premises to the Alfred Theatre 
Company, also a 'ill of sale of said personal property, and 
such other instruments necessary to effectuate the sale. 
Attached to said resolution and over the signatures of all of the 
stockholders and directors of the defendant company is the 
statement that "we and each of us do hereby ratify and approve 
the action taken at said metting and the sale of the property 
on the terms as provided in said contract,* It further appears 
that on the same day, October 1, 1913, the said contract, 
warranty deed and bill atf sale were duly executed by said 
officers and the sale duly consumiuated. As to the payment of 
the |55,000 mentioned in said resolution, the contract provided 
for the e'iiving by the vendee of 5f) notes of $1,000 each, the 
first payable on November 1, 1913, and one of the first day of 
each and every month thereafter. 

Plaintiff testified in substance that he called on 
Goldberg and Goodman on November 18, 1912, and stated that he 
had a possible buyer for said theatre building and premises; 
that Goldberg said "all right" and further said that the 
price was $90,000, but that they would be willing to sell the 
same for |85,000; that on the following morning plaintiff 
informed Alfred Hamburger of said conversation, that on 

oi ikfi'xsil'^o and xntsqscoO sio'-BflrfT Jbtt'iXA srf^ ^iali*- jaeaiaseiq 
0* 000, oS^ 1:0 Ei.ya -^difcfiwl o/fj iifis ^ds&o ni v')00«OX$ 'lolsiariJ 

"io ;tB£>'X'?d-fli: srf^ o;; si ?i ;t..>f{i iTOJliiiqo fjxii "io ':;-x3 aioi-osiii) 

tixa ,-{;^'xsqo'.icr X«/>K>B'xeq !)):«« Jo ©IflS to lii- b osLb ,\i-ifa<^ioO 

9±i 1e IJ.B "i OSS'! i;;;h^n3i:e 9ri;J' x&re bsm sioi^fuloass-i blBH ot badoBi^A 

&voiq«j3 i)Ci3 \;l:i^jis'3: itcfpisri ol? ea la ftns sw** ^firfcf i-it3m^Je.iet 

vj'itqoxq odi lo sX?8 BdS^ b{m gni^+issi isica us nsie* ncxio.f; sd^ 

2i«sq;qj8 lyn'i-riul il ^.iostiaoo hir^s .'ti i>9£)lT0^q ss aiais* sri.-i" no 

^rf•o.4■IJ■^oo bisQ sdJ ,C..C(?X ,X •l^i:^oc^oO ,^s!) ©insa srii' «o J^tsxfc? 

Jbij?8 \;cf rsolwcexe YXii£> strsw 9lss 'i© Xlxd br^ i)seh x^Kfiiisw 

lo -nsijrcsq sriJ o^ i?A ,oQi-j8.rjni/eaoo >tXi/i) eXan arf* btm sieol'\'io 

lo x&ii tsitt bd& to ©rxo fory? e£I<?X ^X isdrtrsvoji i3r f)XsSRX^Z ^siiT: 

no i>9iXoo sxl d-erf* »? rrfjJ-srfi-'B ni i)9i:1:id-B9*, t^iJnI*iX<i 

af iiid^ fo9t£i)a bnR ,SX^X ,81 le^rr^avoJi no nmabooCi bne 8'r9>.;i->XoO 

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©xiJ *i;ri* Liea -wrf^tiwl .boe "j-rfj^J;-? XXjc* blxsB sTacfJbXoO ^tRrfc.'- 

forfj- iX©8 oJ- jiisJbXIi*' ftC bXi-'ow ysilt Jnii.-?- cfird ,000,Oeii!! s.p>»r ooxiq 

Itx^nisXq a^in-rosi grslwrXXo* eftJ no JbiH ;000,ae| tol •asa 


Nove.'\ber 2lBt plaintiff a^ain saw Goodman and told him that 
Hamburger offered $70,000 for said premiser, thrt Gooriman 
repliftci thr.t that sum was not enough and that plrintiff 
shnxild endeavor to find other purchasers; thnt on Fovember 
25th Goldberg on being informed of Hamburfrer ' b offer, told 
plaintiff thfit they would not sell for thrt prtcp, whereupon 
plaintiff again caw Hamburger who atr-ted thri.t he would have 
a thorough exarainn tion made of the premises; that on i-'ecember 
2nd Goldberg suggeBtod to plaintiff that he see the oth"r two 
stockholders of the def uniMnt company, Lubliner anri Trinz; 
that plaintiff Bubsequently hnl conversations with erch of 
thejn regarding the proposed deal and thi t Lubliner said that 
they would not rent the theatre; that during the months of 
Febrxuxry and March, 1913, plaintiff endeavored to get the 
p ^rtieR together for the purpose of bringr'.ng about the pro- 
posed s.ile, and that finally on March 22nd a raeetins was had 
at w'lich Goidbor;-, Goodman, H^jjiburger and plaintiff were present; 
t}iat at thi^-- meeting Ooldbwrg finally asked HH.iobui'ger if he 
was "intorented In th ? thnntre at '^85,000," that Hamburger 
replied that ho wan and offered .1^10,000 in cash and tlie balance 
in deferred payments, and that Goldber,:^- said th;t. thny wrinted 
a larger cash payment; that subsequently Goldberg tsLled for 
Kurope; that on >.1ay ^), 19i;'), Goolnwin called at plaintiff's 
office and said tJiat tlie fact that Goldbcrti wan away was no 
rendon why -^.he proposed deal should not be consummated, that 
if it VH8 consummated plaintiff would be entitled to a 
comTfiission and that he (Goodman) '"anted one-third of that 
commission; thai to this proposition plaintiff aid "all ri£;ht" 
and thereupon plaintiff's commission was figur.jd at 21-% on 
$85,000, or the eum of $2,125; that on May 20th Hamburger, 
Goodman and plaintiff met, and Hamburger offered $85,00() 
for the premises, |10,000 in cash and $6,000 per year, and 

&£At mitti blo& has?. n««{.?>oo^1 w«a ala^a filiitl&iq SalVi 

1:T:.t ;r ftt.R Iq ;fari.t fcnis rfQuona .ton ssw issja i^flfi^ *^fl* oeilqe'c 

letfrnsTO'f no *.Bf£i- js'SSftsrloiyq •xsxf^o fjfii'i ot •aovfiis-Jbrssi fcXirori* 

bXoo ,i*5.'ilo e ' tsr^'sucfm^K to Jbemico'iRi; anxsd" no ^^i^dbLo^, ^■''-'^ 

aodi-naria-i no iasit jasaiMsaq &di to ®hr,m noxJ-nniflWiXS iigHC«tOJi* » 

o^i i->si&o 9di sen srf .tBri* "iliJnixiXq o^ i)9*e©gawa g'xetfJbXoO AliS 

jEnJticT f>nB TSHiXcfifJ .-znsiqtnoo &mbttBi&b &dS to aisfcXorbloo^e 

iaiii bi.Be isniXrfaJ i/MU ba& X«©i> b&aoqO"xq ©rfJ B«ifcij8g«*J m»ri* 

-oiq ©rfi- d-tfocf.e Sn-tsn.t'icf to eaoq^uq sjeJ^ lot t&tLi9^o: 
bad ai^^w s«i^9»^ -s briS,& doisM mo x^^^^-^"^ isdi Jbne .sIje-s bf^ar^q 
linQiiS'tq ei©w f^Ji^ni^-Xq; bm^ 'z&-gtiidav^}l ^xymbooO ,3i£8crJ»Xot; 

oxi li i©s°tJ^fcfci/»H i;>fj2l8ji-5 v.XXuni;'!: QtBcffeXoO '^tiii^Qm oirit cf* ^jQiJtf 

sonaXBrf efU brm rfa«o ni 000jOX|" fos^cafio btm asw eif J^sifJ- J&>9xX<f9i 
badrt^w x{*d^ *«rf^ M«B a^SJCfJbXes ihrft bits t«i^«®«\;«Q i>ti>ii9l©l5 At 
tol buXish ^'idcfbioO YX;?:t9iip$atfife JjaiiCt j^nsorpiq ilajso tȣ- 

s'ltxd-nxaXq .ta^ bftlXfic mimt'Oo^ ,ex©X ,G ^«M no ^sAi jaqoiirSf 
on e«*/ v«w« ft«5W aTocfbXoS d-i=srf4- ^ojrI; ©ifd- i'-akt btati bsm aoi'rlo 
J'Hxicf ,baij^mMBac>C) acf Jon X>XuftfC« X«^Jb k&Boqptc :[\sr no8,vi»'r 

« oit i)6X*xdfx9 «cf bXjjcw A'ii.tffiaXq beJ-BflaHwan- 
tfjsjftf to JbilxLt-SKO b©*m:«v (ujaadbooQ) til isr^. 
-.;T,X7 XXb" bi^r llirfMitfi^ «»J:*iaoqoT:q aliW 
ao *-iS cfij Qjnr noiaeimteer; ' 

Coodman replied that he would put the proposition up to the 
other stocifholders; thst on June 19th Goldterg, haying re- 
turned froE L'urope, inquired of plaintiff as to hov the 
proposed deal Tras; that plaintiff again saw 
Hamhurger ejid the latter oaid he mould pay |15,0C0 in cash and 
|6,000 a year on the tasis of a purchase price of $85,000, and 
plaintiff reported this offer to Goldberg; that on /.ugust 5th 
Goldberg directed plfintiff to oee if he could rent the theatre 
for 1^10,000 a year; that plaintiff took this offer to Hamburger 
who refused to consider renting the premises; that plaintiff 
did not again see Goldberg TJintil September 30th, on wliich day, 
haring heard that arrangeaients had been concluded for the sale 
of the prsmiscB, he called upon Goldberg; thst at this inter- 
view Goldberg informed plaintiff that he had recently met 
Hamburger and a broker naaed Kipper, that the deal had been 
closed, that at the time of the closing of the deal Hamburger 
had said that he and Kipper "woiild take care of" plaintiff and 
that he (Goldberg) had replied that plaintiff was entitled to a 
commiasion a3 he had worked a long time on the deal; that at 
said InterTiew Goldberg told plaintiff that he had agreed to 
pay Kipper $500 as a coHUGiseion and that Hamburger had also 
agreed to pay Kipper $500 as a coiamistjion, and suggested that 
plaintiff enjoin him and Hamburger from paying Kipper; that 
plaintiff immediately thereafter saw Hamburger who denied that 
he haa agrtied to take care of plaintiff's commission; that on 
October 5rd Goldberg telephoned plaintiff inquiring if plain- 
tiff had seen Harcburger and Kipper and thot, upon plaintiff 
informing him of Hamburger's disciainiiir , Goldberg said that in 
his opinion plaintiff haa e^urned his commission and ought to 
get it, ana again suggested injunction proceedings; that on 
October 7th plaintifi told Goldberg that he looked to him, 
and not to Hamburger or Kipper, for his commission; that plain- 
tiff had nerer receired any commission from the defendant 

«i;^.ssii;r o:lt cfnsi f>X«oa ®xi' 1:£ ^©« oi *ilJ:tnJ.,.-3X^ bsd'Sj^'jifc o') 

¥>L3B 9di 7.01 betuLorxno iT&©ci' bkui si;}: n'&iia^-^a&tts ir:>:di i-t^srt ss:if^ 

t'^fi! t;l*«®0®'s: ,^«4, <s>u I'l^'j llla;Kli.«!Xq :l:..«M%<p^Hi st^-rffcXeO ,|r^ 

nsecf .b*;ri Xsab ©fit ij-sii;? ,/xfqciij; Jbssis)? /.isiCo'saf ja Jbisa iw^wtfa^BH 

logixjcfiuail Xij«o fjrfi- lo ^niaoXc 9d* lb acKii ©rf;? .+;,v jfexi* ,fc9aeXo 

boG liliiriliiXq ""io i-iag aaijs^ feXiJOw" leq^i^.fsns ©d .tail* ijiss .5)srf 

« 01 h^X-tid-nv? ?jaK 't'iid-xiX-.QXq ^S-^j.fJ^ .&«>]: Xg®'S.fcsrf (gTotflbXoD) 9lt ;J-Siii4' 

StiAs h&insih pjclar 'xsjiiiKftsusH w^^ tei^'lB-^'x&dA xl^isilh&imii 'i'^linXi&iq, 
CO IfiiiJ ;noi.atiX»ffl\!oo e ''ilJc jixi;/5Xq lo siaj> e3ts4' o-t cs^.-i^s jp^xl .©rl 

iti Smii bine. s'i«</bXoD ^ts !!UjaXo«i£> ia'-sos-cwc&nsR t* j. .,_. . 


coBipany, that he had been in the real estate business in 
Criicago for 13 years and that the usual commission for acting 
as a broker in a eale of real estate of the amount in question 
is 2i[% of said amcunt, $85,000; and that during all hia 
negotiations looking to the sale of said premises he was neTer 
told by Goldberg or Goodman or anyone that defendant ccanpany 
had withdrawn the premises from the market, or that he 
(plaintiff) should cease his efforts to effectuate a sale. 

Three witnesses - Hamburger, Goodman and Goldberg -> 
testified :n behalf of the defendant company. In many par- 
ticulars their testimony corroborates that of plaintiff, while 
in other particulars it is at Tnriance therewith. Hamburger 
testified in substance that long before the theatre in 
question was opened he told plaintiff that he would like to 
purchase it, provided he could get it before it was opened; 
that prior to the meeting of Kerch 22, 1915, he told plaintiff 
that he would pay $70,000 for the premises and, subsequently, 
that he would pay as high as $85,000; that at the solicitation 
of plaintiff he first met Goldberg and Goodman regarding the 
proposed deal at said meeting of Varch 22nd, and that he then 
for the first time learned thnt Goldberg yras an old friend of 
his; that at said meeting he offered $85,000 for the premises - 
$10,000 in cash and the balance in deferred payments of $500 
per month, and that Goldberg said he would submit the offer to 
the other stockholders of the defendant company; that just be- 
fore Goldberg sailed for Europe (March 29th) Goldberg adrised 
him that defendant company had decided not to corwidcr a sale 
of the premises for the time being; that he did not see Gold- 
berg after he returned from iilurope (Jvme 1st) until the latter 
part of September, 1913, a few days before the sale was con- 
summated; and that plaintiff did not see him (Hamburger) re- 
garding the deal subsequent to the month of Aprii^ 1913, and 


nc>iie.o(.fi. ai. iisk'.osi& s4i" lo sJaJa© J.e.9'X .lo 3lj5& .s fxi i«:diO"icr - 
•seven asw eri saelitj&iq Joij&ei lo sXsa snii oi snialooX «ftoi.tjt;id-oson 

• ftXa« s aiavio^lt^ oi siiollf) eid ©asso ^Xuods (t'jtiiaisXf) 

•i^SiiiofflisH ,rid-Jc^3^s£[.J sfOfs^jtoT iB 9t ;'i. eiaXxfoJ:*T»<j laxf;'- 
©* ftiilX feXuow erf' "iliinlflXf bXo;^ ©rf b^asiqo a&v 

norcJsJxolXoa erid- ;}■« .^&si& ;000t.S®| as flgArf Bje XBq blmtr «ri ;J,8xfct 

- B88ijH9'.tq; sfiS' 'lol 000,681 foe-xsAto art ^ttl^aetn tl&a. :}& Isjdt*' ;4ijEf 

005^ lo a#K©cEi!\j8c[ t&i'i'.j'ioi; ni soosXscf oAS bim rfaso hX 000»0i$ 

;^ tal^ 6ii& iimjfjs bluov tui fcisa snscfbXoO vtorf* &«» tXf;tao« to? 

•Xfis « T,3Jbi«noo 0.^ don JbabXodJb hud xtrnqfRoo itiabn9't«b .1 uv, 
-■iXor) 3Se ^t'on bib *fC i'.fi.rfct ;8ttX»cf SMni;^ »di tot B»«X«©;i.'. 
'iwJ'J'sX ©rf;? lliatt (#eX-©ni;T.) srrorf.fR nroiT .^^/r:'r;^t'''^ ^.rl ts:t*te p/roJ 

-»-r ( t'?rT'f(frr'r?f) W-M .!;;? rr.L-sXc . ; bo^tsminxra 

, 'a X«i;fc '.Mi^ SfiibOBS 

prior to the date the sale was consununatcd. Hamburger further 
testified that during the month of April, 1913, and after the 
theatre was opened, he told plaintiff that he "was not inter- 
ested in it any more," yet he also testified that "I mentioned 
it to Mr. Kipper some time in ">eptember that I heard the 
theatre wasn't doing so well, and he should find out if there 
was a chance of me getting it," that Kipper reported several 
times, that a meeting with Goldberg was arranged at which 
plaintiff was not present, that finally the sale was consummated , 
and that suhsequently he paid Kipper .f500 as a commission. Both 
Goodman and Goldberg corroborated plaintiff as to the preliminary 
conversations plaintiff had with them relative to the premises 
being for sale and their willingness that plaintiff should pro- 
cure a purchaser, which conversations they may took place in the 
early part of January, 1913, And their testimony is in sub- 
stantial accord with that of plaintiff as to plaintiff first 
bringing to them Hamburger as a prospective purchaser, and as 
to the offer of $85,000 for the premises made by Hamburger at 
the meeting of March 22nd. Goodman admits having the conver- 
sation with plaintiff, after Goldberg went to .:urope, relative 
to hia getting a portion of plaintiff's commission in case the 
deal was consurcmated, Hia version of the conversytion, however, 
is that the proposition as to a division of the comirission came 
from plaintiff, and that he at that time told plaintiff that 
nothing further could be done until Goldberg returned. And 
Goldberg admits having the conversation with plaintiff as to 
the latter' s commission immediately after arrangements had 
been made direct with Hamburger for closing the deal, and that 
he suggested injunction proceedings, but he denies saying that 
plaintiff was entitled to emy commission. He further testified 
in substance that he then told plaintiff that, although plain- 
tiff had presented Hamburger as a purchaser and many nego- 


-iscJ-nl i-on sew" ati d-acij '\'i.t.tni:«.Cc( r-Xo;}- srI .fcsnsqo 3.5W o-t^ssxlJ 
l>»nioJ.on«m I" &L>.cii hQlli&a^i oaXs ©x£ ;)-s-y: "iStsoei Y^a *i ni ise^es 

eiedi It d-sjo brttt bluorfa 9ff JbriiS .IXsir oe sniob i'nsBW »ij..juj 

'•■'■■^iUsal&'zq Bdi ot a.e 1:l:i,trri:sXq bsiAtodotzoK> aiacfbXo*) baa oeniboo© 
aeaxsiei^ srf;t 0^ ftviJ'sXsT fij»ri;^ ii;ti:w bsrf "li^i^ftiBXq saoicteaTeynos 

3Xii- ni sssLq i^ooS ^jsm YsrW anoi;J'f5ai©Yix»o iloixfw ^issBdoTuq s 9ir«o 

-ays xii ai -<inof3i:i'a»d- ::>®iii^ bfsA. ,€X6I jt^MJOOelb. "io ii"i«Q, Y-ti^s^ 

^tstili '^ oi as 'i'ixJ^iUJBXcj "io indi d&lv bioooa Isi^nat^ 

an ban ,t8»e«rio-iirq ©vi^osqsotq « ea '^^gxtfctejcK ffiar^d" o.t gaXgniirf 

ts r»^isj(ka&K \,(f »b.«J3i astiiisa'Hi qiH -lot 000, 6S| lo le'ilo &sU oS 

•■isTrtBo ftii* ^uiTBrt siltf^a nsaibooD .bfiSS ilotiEiM lo :^ii&s>m «(xli 

»T±d'«X3i ^•qoi«a od- i-nsw aistfiXftO la^ls .lli^nijaXq rf*i;«f aott&ti 

&fli«o rtoxeeinxaoo scf* lo Hoieivib » r>i «£ ooiticoqoiq arit i&d:} si. 

isiiit JtisnluJiq bloi emi«*' ,t.aiic^ -c scl" itsrfj bit© ^Jtiiittsiq raotl: 

Jt>a/. ♦banii.Jej'i ^-z^cfbXo^ XiJ^nu •aei> scf bXwpo •isriJiu'i snixltpp 

oj es "ilx^niaXq dd-Xw noxd-.ciB'j:'»4rnoo 8rf;f ;^stkrtsni mtixte gttscfbXoi) 

iiiri;^ brtB <Xiisb 9iii- s«i8oXo lol isaiijawaH ilJ"iw to^^lh obi^rr- firsd 

*BxW gniv.«a <se.Ln»b sxi j'jud ,agnJtb9eooic[ noic^orxiri;rei- ba^^Basaiia 9X1 

'.csx^l.-tcd* -ipri^'io"^ ■»R .aoitiBi'inmoo ^no oj bsX^^iJ-fle axiw "itl&aisLq 

-nljEsXq xfjitrnii^fXA ^^finV '('tiiiiiaXq b£o ri. indS ©oaaiiscfye ni 


tiationB iiad "been had, the defendant company had calltd off 
the proposed deal stviral months previously, and that plaintiff 
had riever been employed as broker for defendant company, and 
thcvt nfcft" negotiations had been entered into through another 
broker enc that the sale syas conaumniated without the assistance 
of plaintiff, v 


It is contended by counsel for defendant company that, 
assuming that Goldberg and Goodman as officers of defendant 
company eirgploysd plaintiff as a broker to effectuate a sale of 
the premises, they had no authority in the absence of a re- 
solution of the board of directors to bind defendant company by 
such eniployment. It appears that Goldberg was the president 
of the corporation and active in its affairs, that Goodman, 
his brother- in»- law, was the secretary, that these two men to- 
gether with Lubliner and Trinz were the directors ana all of 
the stockholdera of the corporation, th;\t Lubliner and Trinz 
knew that plaintiff was s.cting as a broker in negotiations 
looking to the sile of the premises and made no objections, 
and that »?hen the contract of ttlc vr^.s fin»=lly made ell the 
directors; and stocklioldere in raiting ratifieti thn siime. Under 
the evidence t?e do not think there ie any merit in the con- 
tention, (Cozz.ens L Beaton Co. ▼. c-'o stern Raxich Co.. , 112 111. 
Ji.pp, 309, Cill; Atwatet v. American .^ch . Beiikj ir.2 111, 605, 
620; ..nyder Brcs. v, Eailey, 1G5 Ilx. 447, 452; Union Surety Co. 
V. Tfcnney . 200 ill. 549, 302.) 

And we are of the opinion that thtr evid«incc 
sufficiently shows that plaintiff was employed to act as a 
broker in behalf of defendant company to bring about, if 


,f^on SET «o ;;Toi-^ito Jim' m3rxiiJs&k,rM.€xmimi7mt awiais^^ .ffli 

'to sXjea & Qi atii Qiatlii 0* -xesloirf a aiS! IfixiJni^Xtj IjSTjoX^e xneqaioo 

-o;J- ft«« owd' sf^i^il* i^rict .^'i-aja-rosa &di u&^' jirBX^ttl-iaiiJ-oncf airf 
"io XX« r;as ate^oa-xjife srt:^ a^i«w salaT baa loallifsjl dilv isxiJask 
£«i^T oris -xsAllduJ. tarij .noJt^iJiOQTioo ad* Ito aiabXoxijCooJa ai£# 

,acioi^oft tcfo en ai>4afii iJna asaimais^ adi to sXiss dxIJ' o* ^rX^oqS 

»xfj XXs siieiH v,Xi=»Ki'l s.-jiv oXaa "Jn J'OBi^rjoo *Hd- nsdw i'iiiiW i>fiie 

■xebnU ,»i4£jo asU hQlliiBr ^nltix/t tti aiftfiXoitiooJa has yatto'o'xlt 

,XXI SXX ,.00. ^p ncfi aos^BoVi, ,t .£2 ito^agS a onassep ) .acx^iwi 

jf'.oa ,XII R"-I' fiiimH , iioX;. jtaoliaiiK .v lac ^jry^A ;JtJ:S ».ecS .vf^A 

.op x^o-cfig noiittj jSd*k ,7^4. .aXI ddX . va XJtaa ,f , ^o%d 'lafc ^aa ;OSe 

',^' '■■'■; ■' • ('.■fi3& tClkf. .XXI 00s c Yenaa? .v 
roji3JbXv» aiidf ia«£- uoiniao stii "io j'jc^? ew ii«A 
>ii 6j r-i9-^oXqffi» Jiisw '±.eXq .t*ri* «wox£b ■\cXd-fl9iol'i'iwa 

po3si'bl«, o sale of the premises for |35,C00, and i»ith the 
understflnding that he should rscelye, if succ<;ssful, the 
usuel and cuf?tomary comrcission for his sc-rvic93, ( Knot ts v. 
Lake Shore . etc,,]t. Co., 172 111, :App. &50, 555.) 

It is also contended "by counsel that plaintiff is 
not entitled to receive any comrrlasion "because plaintiff's 
eniployjnent as a broker was terminated by defendant company 
"before the sale waa finally consunrcated, and "becauBe a "broker 
narned Kipper, and not plaintiff, was the procuring cause of 
the sale, ye can not say that it was disclosed "by a pre- 
ponderance of the evideiioe that plaintiff's earaloyicent was 
at any time terminated by defendant company or that he 
abandoned his undertaking. It clearly appears that plaintiff 
first presented to defendant company a purchaser, who offered to 
pay and tras able to pay ^85,000 for the preraines, and to whom 
the preniisea were subsequently sold for that sum. ^Vhether 
Hamburger wts acting for birr^elf in making the purchase or as 
agent ofmthe Alfred Theatre Company, of '?hich he was president 
^nd the controlling stockholder, makes no difference as to 
plaintiff's right to recoTer a comTcission, ( Henry t« Stewart , 
185 111, 448, 453.) Ind we think that the evidence shows that 
plaintiff and not Kipper was the procuring cause of the sale, 
notwithstanding the fact that plaintiff v??/^ not present when 
the contract of s:le at |85,0"0 was executed, and notwithstand- 
ing the further fact that the amountwhich the purchaser was to 
pay each month on the deferred payments was greater than had 
been previ usly offered. Aconrding to Hamburger's t<^atimony 
Kipper itas employed by Hamiburger as his ngent, and we think 
the record disclcsee a disposition on the part of the officers 
of the defendant coEJpany, after the appeeranee of Kipper in 
the negotiations, to themselves close the deal and appropriate 
the fruits of plaintiff's prior negotiations without payment 

9dS jixAficfjoowa tx ,9rl©09Tt fcXuoifa erf #firf* anifoa/itaTsi^rttf 

<.aaa ,,oc?'3 .c^cf^: ,ixi gfx ^,00 »£.,:.£*» (£j£rfiL.2ii-i[ 

-»iq is \:cf fcraoXosib ajsr il :Jtsdi "^.ce ^toa ofjo $>'> ,sX.&a sxi^ 
•ROifz) oi bna .oij'si.msrf Bd^ ic* 000«e8f: "^.ecr o,f sXcfs gBW B6» "^tif 

•I8rf*©rfP ,iSlSB tt:-.M "XCJ bios XJ'-'^l^^P2»8'or»8 «TC®W PS K iSKWiq 9rf* 

o* 8-e <»on©f.»11tii> on a»2i'cjts ,i®fc£brC3J[o©*s SKilXcsJ-noo ©if* fens' 

^i'.rJi' siT'Oi-tg e^nei^rvg ecf:^ vKd'^ i^nirfd" sv/ iirii (.Set*- ^Gi'J- ,1X1 B8I 
,»Xj?c arfj- "ito ©svjeo ■^aiicycovq 9T\.& 9svt t^cclM -Jon .^ks 'llicfrdeXfit 

tan staM f«*««r:sj sisw eta©m^B<j; JbciiftlfiJb oxf* no rC^roa iio.'=?» xb<i 

Xn(mt&vi»'.^ e * i^XW^mtin 9$ :6J!riJbrr!n»soA ,td'i&f\i.o vXsi.- xv9i<j n9»<f 

^fairi* sw ; Te i^QPs-jje Bid ,-»« tosiu<!fln»H x^^ b9X<\lq^:'i emsw 'i?q<iJ:3 

atsoi'i'io f3r(..-t In .f/js^ «»rfj no KOivtiBoqalfe j8 acaoXoaiJb fcTtocsT e/frf 

e^fali^O'xqqfl baa X«9h *9riJ' eaoX;? 3»vX9«iR8rfd Oj ,ano t*aJ:.'fost«>n sK.t 


of a commission to him. In our opinion the finding and judg- 
ment were fully we.rranted. In ftilson v. Ubson, 158 111. 304, 
309, it is said: "The duty of a broker, who is employed to 
sell real estate, i& to find end produce to the vendor a 
purchaser, who is ready, willing and able to conrplete the 
purchase as proposed, « ♦ If the principal accepts the 
purchaser thus presented, either u^on the terms previously 
proposed or UMon modified terms then agreed upon, and a valid 
contract is entered into between them, the commission is 
earned," (See, also, Hafn_er v. Her r on, 165 111, 242^ 250; 
Henry v. Stewaxti, supra; St ew art v. Mather; 32 Wis, 344; 
Rigdon v. More, 226 111. 382, 387.) In the cade last cited it 
is said: "Through the efforts of plaintiff in error negotia- 
tions for the sale by the purchaser ware brought ab-mt, end 
these negotiations continued until the sale was consummated •" 
* * PeterSf who finally concluded the negotiations, wae, as 
said by the Appellate Court, connected with Fetzer, who re- 
presented the purchaser. But if plaintiff in error had been 
employed by the seller to find a purchaser for the property, 
and thourgh his efforts the owner had been brought into 
communication with the purchaser, plaintiff in error could not 
be deprived of ?iis commissions becauoc the owner of the 
property took up imd completed the negotiations himself or 
through another party," 

It is further contended by counsel that, as it 
appears from plaintiff ' s o«n teetimony that during Goldberg's 
absence in Kurope plaintiff asc-ented to Goodman's proposition 
that plaintiff pay Goodman a portion of hie commiaaion in case 
the sale was consu/nmated, plaintiff was guilty of such fraud 
or misconduct towards the defendant company o.s bars hi3 right 
of recovery of any commission. Under all the facts in evid- 
ence we can not agree with the contention. The conversation 


,*0€ » ill S^X ,no^f^.'^ .V tra^x£ III . be^Kfiixsw icXXtft ©law jn«an 

« -xobjisv sjfit o^ aoiihoiq Jbafs i5riil p^ «Jfc ,,<M4SJ}'a» Xjb.»^ X4a« 
apC;t •^^alCjiHoo oi f>Xcf« fc-cits snxXXi*? .v.b.a-s'X ai oiv# ^'nasudoiisq 

•^Xai/oxveiq sasi»4' 34^ raogtr itprfiis ^ijs^-flseoiq ©xjrJi leajBrfoiifH 
iiX-ev 3 .baa ,aoqxr Ijaa-sj^s a^iiJ a.m'i&i boilibom uotjii to i>i}aoqo'sq 

;08S ,S^S .1X1 eaX ««5.'?^.'tSM •''^ .tecteH ,03ljs ^saS) "»jbe>iiia4* 

ti fesi^io ^e,sX *a»o ^<(jr Hi (.Vas. ,sas «XXI dSS ^©joM .v aot>ai:fi 
-jsx^osea sqi-xs* tiX I'ixiaisiXq 1:0 a^l'ioHs^ii;^ x{s«o^«[W*' ibijae si 

ne. ^amf .aaoiJfiiiog-ja s&ii* ijoJbijXonoj} \;XXe«i'i ©-"iw ,«t^0;^s?, # # 
-«t oxfw ,'ssa,jt)-'t 4»tiw i>oJosrf«Ov') ,titsoD od'.sXXscfqA oxid- -^rf ^^es 

^iiisqcxq »iiS r^l v^&ando^ijq^ & bail aS ibXIss ^di \:d ijeyoXQ:ca« 

8'2?-i*tff)XoO ^fii.rui> ifidt Maoiuxi-ascT tfAO cs 'I'iiJ ni-aXq acts i ao^ajjqii 

ROiflp.onoiq e»asiwJ»<»cO «>;? i3s*ti9caja lllJ-ax-aXtj aqo-xiiSsi at »0JSf«<(a 

»«j-.9 ol BolGsx.Timeo girf "to iioiJioq <3 [umb^->cM, y^q 1.tX;tai«Xq ^aa'j^ 

f;tf«f1 dove ^0 y,;^Xitf^«iaw I'UiiUAXg fi»«*attEPX'oaoo a.«w i^lna siU 

Jrfjiv &x4 s-x«tf 8.1 xnwQSJioo .tfjjBbna'ifii) ©xi? Bfci«woi SouhaoociRi -ro 

-f'i- r.i f.::fo« ' ^dS 1 L<5 i»hrtU . noXeaxinaioo \;ne "io yxavoowi *c 

I tO'j ciiT ,noi:/ns^noo exit iUx«f «»«'tjs* ton xujo ©w aane 


had laetween plaiatifi' aiid Goodman -»7iib subsequent to the 
time that plaintiff had presented Hamburger as a purch.2,oer 
and the latter hod offered ;^65,0C0 for the x-Tamisea, |>10,000 
in cash and ^he talfcaice in .lefeii-ed. pe^ymenhv. It does not 
appear that plaintiff xn his negotiations with Hanihurger was 
guilty of ariy improper acts at variance with his duty towards 
Qofendant company, his principal; neither does it appear that 
plaintiff's ctbi:.tint to Gooaxnari's proposition assisted in any 
way in briutiing about the 3al<=:. 

The j udgnient of the iiUnicipal Coiirt iB affirmed, 



OOO^OX^ ,eeeXmv'3:(5 'a^ftd-'iol 000,58^ -oa.'i®'i"5:o hi^M' r^ii'dt &'^ has: 

ton f:d0.o *I , &^ ii^fffx^<l bs-xislal; Si ©OiiisXind' oid^ li£ss iia«b oc 

as¥7 i©sa.wJif«fil? «fiJ xiK^ efiioiiclJosait alii hi \V£:nilaXq tJaM''''^oq,qk 

327 - 21311 

HIRAi' D. WAGKER et al . , 

Appellants, ) 

VS. / ) 


H. H. EVAUB et al., 

.AppeXlejee. ) 

\.y 199I.A. 2 88 


On December 11, 1913, Hiraca ii.w&gner and 77 otJher com- 
plainants, former bondholders of the Interstate independent Tele- 
phone and Telegraph Coffipany (hereinafter referred to as the in- 
terstate Company), a New Jersey corporation, filed a bill in the 
Circuit Court of Cook County against H.H.Evans and B.i:. Sunny 
and the following named corporationa: Chicago Telephone Company, 
Central Union Telephone Company, American Telephone and Telegraph 
Company, and the First Trust and Savings Bank of Chicago, defend- 
ants. The bill alleges inter alia that complainarits had been the 
owners of 77S bonds of the Interstate Coinpany of the par ralue of 
1778,000, and tLat they held stock of txie Interstate Company of 
the par value of $778,000, which stock had been feiven tiiem as pur- 
chasers of said bonds *as a bonus"; that prior to the montii of 
June, 1910, the American Telepiione and Telegraph Company owned a 
controlling interest in the capital stock of the cnicago Telephone 
Company, carrying on a telephone business in Ciiicago and its sub- 
urbs, and of the Central Union Telephone Company, engaged in the 
telephone business in Illinois outside of Chicago, and that said 
corporations are known as "Hell" companies; that at and prior to 
June, 1910, the Interstate Company was doing business in certain 
named cities in Illinois as a competitor of said Bell companies; 
that the defendant H. H. Evans was president and a oQeniber of the 

\ usia - VS:£ 



. .■ ■' • , ■■■/■' ■ ^ { . \\ ■,-■.. ' ■^^.~ ; ..8V 



.T>£UQo jffiT uo. ^luii<I'4-a ^Hf oxfl'^iy'ia.aicE .Yajaify? xoifauv- o^i^^^ .a* 

-IB03 TtsiliJ'o VV bos isnajsS.O^ isJsiiH ,SJCei ,XI tarftiMJOsa flO 
-nl oflt BB oi Js&'X'xst'SX <3:9;rt6nJt»i9x{} ^neqiSoQ xiq-o-x^sXaT bQA •ao£(q 

,-<insqfivoO sfioiiqaXsT og-ttoirfO laaoiifA'xoqioo b&si&a gaiwoXXol: a^U ijas 

dq^'iasi^T £>nj8 saoilquXaT a&oltfiSik .icaijqiftoJj saorlqsXsT aoiaU Iai^USO 

-brt3l9Jb|OSAsXxiO lo iitAE B^nxv^jsa bne inui'l iBti^ 9d^ bsim ^XOJ^'^O 

't aa»d b&ki aJcteiiiifllqifioa Kt^sxii ^.IX .a 29££i, aagaXIa XXirf sriT .b^ob 

'to vfiiBqaoO aJdiatoJ-Kl aii^ lo ioo^s blsil ^e>Ai iadi baa ,000,8tV| 

-Tiiq as isi»a.) aevis ajuscf fcad aoocJ'e Usjldw ,0Q0,8Vri to ftulAr nuq sii^ 

lo iijnom ©iiJ oi loiiq iJaiivt ;''BjunOi;f f- eft" aljaod" bias to aistAxid 

a Lanwo Y''"'*<l'»o5 dqisissX^T Jbnjs saoj-lqaXsT a«oiT9iRA arfJf «0I9X ,9xurl> 

anoiiqeXeT osaaiaO sri* to alooia Lsiilq^&o Qtii nl iasialni afllXXoiiiioa 

-dua Q;ti ija« og^soiiiO ai aaeoX&iLof saoxli;[oX»;t a no aal-^jiiiao ^xasqatoO 

•xlJ nX bs^^ns .Yn^qtaoO anoxiqaXi^T noinl/ l&iia9D dxlj to bOM ,a(f'ur 

i>ix;e ,J«£ii bnfl ,o33oinO to 8i>i8tfjifo aXoniXXX ni aasniaxftf anoriqaXa* 

oi loiiq i:>ns i» saiiS ;8axaaqmoo '^XXstl" SB nvoxTX »%» anoX^Aioqtoo 

.:Xia;t'x»o ai aaeniAjurcf ^Xob asm yrtirnqtaoQ 9iai(it9ial 9tiJt 4OXCI (VOtrL 

;efiXnsqrEoa XXaS tiiaa to xoiltwqmoo a qa aXooilXl ixX sal-txa Jbaousn 

•srii to -i^'diasffl a bna tn»bt9»rq ««w aturrfj 'rtnt nstsb »il^ i»il# 


board of directors of the Interstate Company from its organiatation 
until some time in September, 1910, and that the defendant B, E. 
Sunny was an officer and director in said Bell companies; that 
prior to June, 1910, the Interstate Company's business had been 
steadily increasing and that it had always promptly paid the in- 
terest on its bonds and promptly met all of its obligations; that 
during the months of liiaroh, April and May, 1910. said Bell compan- 
ies, BCting through Sunny, and tjunriy individually • entered into a 
conspiracy" witn Evans to r&aiove tae Interstate Company as a com- 
petitor and rival of said i3ell companies, and that Evans, "in vio- 
lation of his trust and obligations" as an officer and director 
of the Interstate Company "fraudulently and unlawfully" agreed to 
aid and assist Sunny in securing a controlling interest in the 
Interstate Company and in •• wrecking" its business; that they agreed 
among then selves to "endeavor to depreciate the market price" of 
the stock and bonds of the Interstate Company so that the same 
could be ijrocured at the lowest possible price, that Evans should 
send out letters and circulars "calculated and adapted to depre- 
ciate the market value of said bonds," that when the value of the 
bonds had become sufficiently depreciated the fiell companies would 
purchase a majority of them, with the bonus stock belonging there- 
to, at 66-2/3-:$ of their face value, and that upon the consummation 
of said purchase the Bell companies would pay JSvana the difference 
between 66-2/3;$ of the par value of said bonds and whatever price 
was paid to the holders thereof; that in pursuance of the consilr- 
acy Evans caused to be aent out to complainants and other iiolders 
of said bonds sucii letters ana circulars, and that ad a result 
"certain* complainants and "certain" other bondliolders consulted 
v/ith Evans, and that he "fraudulently" expressed the opinion "to 
sucj. of the bondholders as so advised with him" that any holder 
who could sell his bonds for 60)3 of the par value thereof was for- 
tunate, and "falsely and fraudulently represented" that he mis 

.a .i? in.Sfinft'iaJa siicf iArW Lii« ,0X6.X ,'s©cfjr59J^q9a «i ami* suioa Xl;^ai 

cs*^ li.QXi sseaiawd a'xtiJ8<l£s<^0 s^^'isjei-e^fnl ad* «Oiei ,9auZ oi loiic 

-ni sni bisq xXiqmonq «Nf*(wiB i)«ri. ;)i; ind.^. bmi gaieastttsnl \Xlbae.n 

ij^at ;enoxi«3iXoo eit to fX^ ;fom xl^qmorq, baj& eisnocf ©Ji no ^aa-xs; 

-njB^aioo Xlsa i>ij8a ,OX&X j^JsM tia« XiiqA ^aoiia/a to exiJ«oa\ »dt giiitui 

.i oi-oi bf^'tiiast" ^XXiswisivJtfoiiii yjiiayS jfea^ ,\ctO!jag dgaortsi^ Saitfas .assj 

-oiT ni* ^anirrSL ^js^i;^ baa ,83laisqisoo Xl^a bi^m to XatI^ >iui <zo^id«c 
•io*oaixi) bii£ •x9tii'xlQ an ea •*feKoJ:cS'ia^xXcfo him iAuii wtu Sb^ 

sAi al ^etB'i'iiai ^alllotiaoo & gtiXXifti9S fltJt xaittfS .tale i>ii 

bluodet sasTg JaxiJ ,©DJ:tq aXdxssoq #8»woX ori* i^A 6»TtJu»o-x . ^uoi 

-a^q«b o^ b9;tqs£)S hews bs&s^lisolBo'-* a-sjaXtroiio J^fus a-X8*J»X .lii« itti9t 

9Ai to 9uX«v sdJ- asiift' landf "^aJbavOd bij«e 1o auSav i^-A'iKf ■i^X^ 

bXffow ssiaBqmoo XXaa 9X1* i)©J^«X09'iq®JS) >tXi^asi;oil1:«« omoodct in»ii suaoi 

noiiaoffiijanoo ©riJ noqw JaxiJ^ jbo.« .fiuXar ® tlsii^ Tio ^fi\S-dd ,*A ,0* 
»9n«Teltxi> ed^ sxi^v^ ^^q; tX£/ow 89jLn«qmoo XXd€ 9x1;} •«»iiaTi«^ J»Jt«« '^ 

•labXoxi 'xoAju i)MH ai:^aisnxafiXqmoo o;)' iuQ ia&@ sdf 9;^ £>a8WA0 snjavji xot 
ilmat B BXJ jG£ii nn^ ,8aeXiJ0-xXa &n« e'xa^t^fiX xinue abnod M»(t "^c 

o** aoXniqo naJ )&««M»'xqx9 *'v;X^naXwJbwj9'xY" aii i*iii l>ii« ..siinv'. dSiv 

labtosi X"^ 3Aiii^ "niXii diiw b^it^bM oa 849 cxsn r* .ru"- om 

-aol Hsm "ioa-T-jxW at/Xxrr ««q aiiy ltd J?Od Tiol ebn oiin 

saw Qxi Jndt **b9i.i9^e>'7.i[di YX*n9Xi#i>xi«'s't toaa YXaaXal" A)isfl .aJjwtjji 


Allling to sell all such bonds which he held at said price, and 
tuat to "divers" coiaplainants and other bondiioldera he made "false 
stateiiienta" aa to the financial and physical condition of said In- 
terstate Coxapany; that the result of Evana' actions was to cause a 
"loss of confidence" on the part of complainants and other bond- 
holders as to the value of said bonds and as to the financial 
soundness of the Interstate Co/npany, and to depreciat.e the market 
pries of said bonds; that complainanta (except Bailey and Strombergi, 
fearing a further depreciation, agreed to sell "and did sell" their 
bonds (together with the bonus stock received therewith) for 60X 
of their par value; that complainant Bailey sold his bonds of the 
par value of ^^192, 000 for |101,000, and complainant jitromberg sold 
56 of his bonds for 45^ of their par value and 44 of his bonds for 
AA^ji of their par value; triat in order to secure theae prices a 
"niajority of coiLplainants" were obliged to and did deliver with 
their bonds stock of the Interstate Coiupany of equal par value, 
and that complainants delivered said bonds and stock to the defend- 
ant, First Trust and Savings Bank of Chicago, which had been desig- 
nated as the place vvhere the seme should be deposited, and received 
payment for the "bonds" at the rates above mentioned; that said 
bank received the funds to make said paynients from said Bell com- 
panies or from seid Sunny, and said bonds, with the bonus stock 
atlacned, were delivered by aaid bank to said Bell cotappnics or 
Sunny, acting in tneir beiiaif; that aaid bunk should be required 
to diocover the source from whicii it received said funds, and fur- 
nish all the details of said transactions; that coiuplainaiits, at 
tne times of said several deliveries of :3aid bonds and stock, did 
not know and had no lueans of ascL-rtuining who waa the purchaser 
of the Bfiue, but believed that the several prices offered were 
the prices wiiich aaid purchaser was paying therefor; that they 
did not then know of said "conspiracy" or of the "fraudulent and 
unlawful profit" resulting to said Evans as i.ia "reward" lor the 

rtlariJ *Ilo6 bib basi'^ .{!»© ct D^s'xx-ss «iioiJ;si:o9'xQ3J^ '««^XiJ*x«"i s Brsirtjftsi 

silv* lo ebaoii alii i>JoB ^©Xiafi ^ac^xaXi^ffios 3js£li ;»iiX*tv ■icA^' -tletilJ lo 

Aioa 8^9tJaiOTtfa ^fs3JKi.'-.\Xqia©cx bii*' , aO0,i'OXf .l6*i OOO.S^Xf tO ^»Jt»V laq 

loTt abnoo aixi. t^ *■*- Ijqb t»«L®ir -x^^S. -xioill To 5?g> 'tut a&nod' aM' to cC 

ja «i9.oiTq aadiiJ: iviij^aa oiT -xsiji:*' al' ;tai^i;J {©wXAV ■ taq'^-i«'M^ life' Jj;^** 

,«i/I,«v tiS;! i^Mpa lo vflsqaoO 8^js^3'rf3':^«x &di to 3{.3o;t8 dijaocf' lidxfcj 

frla» }«a4 ;i>anoi,Jfi!i?m 9ved« 8aji?'j: sxSW *« ♦*8&«od'" Oils' '2*1; ^ttsir.x^'? 
-aiQO XX«fT i>XiS?« isG'x't &Sit&(S!:%®q feisa slsm o3 ei>iUi"i Qxii bttri^o^t iaa4 

o^tiup^'i »cf biiftiiie sii'iijcf bxjse ^asii ;ti]m9d •i.l&iii ni .^nJiiaJi ^X''^^ 

bib ,i&«.;c (j<:ii ttjL/noa oijte lo seit*TjfcX<*i) Xjai©v»8 ^1*8 lu Kfi.rtlJ ..If 
issuBriii'iMj;! adj «ta\r (jiiw ^Jrnija^TLa'oisja lo eiijaaia ort 6i'.*-. 
aTWn» b»t^Tlo »«oi7.^ lAn»v«o sd;r itasdi fe»r«siX»a #tf«P .'BiasK 

-.-in rf'* ftii* lo 1* •^iR3«rH'''J0l)*f Ji>l*l» lo' Wtori. 


carrylng out tt. the aaid conopiracy; that, after the payment to 
complainanta and * such other bondholders as had deposited their 
bonds," there remained in the hands of said bsnk over $90,000, 
wiiich had been tiiere deposited by said purchaser and "which fund 
in equity end good oonrcience belonged to and was the property of 
complainants and other of aaid bondholders"; that said fund was 
"wrongfully and in fraud of the rignts" of coaiplainanta paid to 
Evans or to Sunny as their reward for carrying out said conspir- 
acy; that R&id bonds witn the bonus stock attachod, so depoaits'd 
with said bank, sanounted to a me.jority of the outstanding bonds 
end Steele of tne interstate Compatjy, and that said bank refused 
to accept or purchase any more of said bonds with said bonus stock 
attached; that "all of the above acts" on the part of Evans, Sunny 
and the Bell comparies were done in pursuance of a "false and 
fraudulent purpose, design and conspiracy" to secure control of the 
Interata-te Compony, to wreck and destroy its properties and busie 
ness, to "cheat and c'efraud" complainants out of a large part of 
the real market value of said bonas, to-7;it, the difference b 'tween 
66-2/3jt of the par value of seme and the amount actually received 
by cofaplainanta therefor, and to forever destroy said Interstate 
Company as a competitor of said Bell companies; that all of the 
defendants had notice that Evans, as president and director of th« 
interstate Company, was a "trustee" of the propei'ty and asisets of 
Slid company for the benefit of the cvners oT said bonas; that the 
price paid for said bonds wbs Icsa than the reaaonable market 
value thereof prior to the tiaie of sdid geve.ral nets done by Evains, 
that complainants and other of the holders thereof were "induced" 
to accept P price below . aid 66-^/3/? of the jar value thereof 
solely by renson of the "false and fraudulent acta and representa- 
tions" of tiaid Evans and that they were "wholly ignoraiit" of aaid 
conspiracy; that "said agreement" made by Evans with Sunny of the 
Bell companies was in violation of his obligations and duties as 
an officer and director of the Interstate Company and of the 

%iftii$ b^$i,sq<iiih fe.«ri Bra aii^oiorfbaotf . ' rfOi/.ig " Jba« a^«««i.eXqMc 
♦000«OS;J 'X970 ^iiu'stf Jjxt'.B l[o e&nsii silJ^ n.l ^aGisaissi e-xajrl- ^ 

1© M*^«?0'5:ii 9^Jr s^w l)itxs o:J fca^gaoXgicl 9O08i.qgi?O9 &oos^fl« x^iit]^1ii j^ 
3«*v ija/jl £ji*ii la/liS" ; "8'3;9i;lc?ji3i>.G£Cjtf lo<;aeiito J»nA a^n?:. > 

Qst ijj^.Sy «;rasni.«I«|fliOO "5.0 "siJMSit'x ®4.* "io i).ij«'3t'i n| tn» xXj^j>< j.^ito'w'' 

.o'^ilnoq&b OS ,r!8iio«;>-iJe iao^e ei.'iio«f &iJ;t UjItt aij^od fe-isa .'• • , .■« 

bosuViX 3ifi«'i biiisa iasii bass.. ^AjiTStjatcD e-tE^taaejtni ?xi*, lo otoorfa |ia 

bits attjX^l" -a lo 3onijasiiw<3. n c snoii ^lew acXcfaqraoo XX»S 9*i-t 

a:^>a;fai3j-r:i JE>Xaa ^«'xd^a©.& •j:©-y®"xol o>t' Jbas, ^^r.o'ta'xact*' «^a«a,iJ3X"r^i ;■> yd" 

Oil* iadi ;8Dcod i>x«B lo auanwo ©xij 'lo .;f'jt'lsaod s»iiJ xol "tn-a 

,8£u»vS x<^ onoi «jrii<i Xa-xavae Jbiljs 'to aaXd' adJ' Oi loiaq le^^e t 

tcttzacii atriav seq ^di Iq ^CV^dQ 6i«- woX^cf 9oX«c 
->itfn»8»\Q!»'i J3u.a« iaoXi-ifoi/Bi'l bnj8 seXisTf* 9d$ iQ r '- 

l*Um to "iaaiafi^l ^XXofiw" aiav XQi^it i»dJ btue Btt^v . 
■ic'j 1c \[jitxxs% Aiim toArZ ^6 ab^u **laGflu>e-zii« bis [xoa-iiqenc 

Ml flit/A bOM 9ttfili»^lldO t 

•Ai to ba» \aAqsMO •*«Jat«ial »xi* to loiosaib bno laoillo a* 


•truot rel tion" i9hioh h« bore to conpiainantM aa '^'oreditor**' 
of eaid comyaiiy, aad ih&,t »t\t<k fund of ^tfO,C< o <«ug>iit in ttquity 
end good couacienee to b** i^cread "a truat fund" in the hands 
of Vend, and such othtr def ctniliimtu .i» participated in the dls* 
tributlon ther«of, imd be hiftld for Ui« b«n<rit of complHinants 
and auch oth r bonrthold'^r* ae mny b« «mtitl«d therwto; th/vt oom- 
plainants did not Jtno^ until after ejiio isalos of the bond» th»t unny end . the TteXl err!p«nie0 were interested in the tranaae* 
tione; and thftt nmie of coB^lHlncmte »vm« in »ny manner n party to 
8<iid '*unl vvwful conspiracy and ooiubinatXon, " fund had no knowledge 
thereof until after said delivery of ©aid bonds by them ns afore- 

The bill praye for a dissoov«ry as to the "transnctions, 
eontrtictfe «isd Ufix'tsemanta" iavolvf »i in vh<? purchnae of th<? bonds, 
■flh-t Bioneys «vftre i)aid the^refor, and by whow and whens; asks for 
the produetif»n ot all writings, oiieeko ftnd r«coipt8 r'clatini^ thsre- 
to; th:^t said banx b«s required to dificloao the aonrce from which it 
received said fund ivith wnioh payjn^nt for said i9ond» vaK made, and 
to waon*. w :; paid tii« Dalorjoe of th* fund remain Intj after the pay* 
menis to conplaini&n ts .md for bfiid l^onde; thnt .vvtms and 
Suaay ncoount for the jAa>int receiv<ftd on account of tlie purchase 
price ox the boada iron the otht^r def^ndimts, and thM . they, and 
such othsr dcfendnntu ea p rticipat^d in the fund, be required to 
pay to oomplainants, and auah other 8iiail«irly uituatud aa nay Join 
in tltio bill, Uio proportionate lih re due u^ioh of naid fund, and 
intc^rciot on ^uch sharea, an'^l tJnnt, ' yaiiti and o>unny be decreed to 
have held uuch sumu hm trunteea x'or ooBiplriinants taid such oth<-re, 
and be tosapqllod ta m&ka iiatributio?!, etc, 

i^ch Oa th=i >lefandtintB aev-rally filed a gent-ral and 
apecial ',aaiurr«ir to thcj bili, t<!\i on K'jYr^w' '•r 4, 1*^1 i, the court 
^nterca an oraar sui^taxuin.-. Jnid ismuTvarn, and ^^aoh of then, and 
giving' leave to coniplainiintti to file an om^sniRd bill witiiin ten 
dfjya. Or* Hovaraner 17, 111, th^^ court entered a final order die- 


«*n«uiwXv<jsot) V' ,<JJ:~>n*d aiti^ tot feXwrf »<f hca» ,'i©#'38rW nfiiis... . 
•HMO 7»^ji;r i<t^»it»d? bsXrfi^as? »<f ^«i^ *ti snis^feXoribiiocf -y rf#o dos^ f- ■ 

•^B^tUktS 5*1/ «t* bs*a»t&«tirei »it»» aA|,iiS4|m>s .IX©^ ©lilt . &iia' Vt 

ft* X^i.T^ « '«»rtf»«flt Visa ni. lUi-.H" ffijP«r/i?sii?X<!m<>0 ^o »ft«a ^jrsiU ftnj; :s???^i- 

«-»ic"-. »«: nt*Hi Y«f »ib£R>tf t^lisB 1« v^s«viX«^^ bk»» *t9i"tA ItSrJB lOtl^' 

htm «ai>Qflt BAT? «(f>rM^ bi^'n tn^ imtisxs^ti tkyii<.-w ^It^ bmut t 
fteu «ftevr^ itisQ j.»h«i>J fe^Ctifi ac-^ ^%*-i^4^ hue ^.isurnXslir 

diet Yfi« B«« iHfiavifku \l'-m£k«ile -xf^eitu) iS^an tws .Kj^ff&ai^i^fn- 


mlssing the >^ill c- to all -icfendants for nant of tsruity, in 
which order it i^ r-^cited thst complainants had not filed an 
fljBended bill within the tiraa limitt^d end hr-d elected to r.t»nd 
hy their ort9;inal "bill. From nuch final order this appeal 
is proBecut«5d, 

In said ord^r of Novenljer 4, 1914, th-? court hcM 
as grounds for su3tainln(i said dcnmrrers: (1) th^t the 
allegations of thf> bill as to n conspiracy betwe«i the icfisnd- 
snts, or certain of them, ari5 too uncertain, indefinite and 
insufficient to support any decree; {?.) that the alleg itionn of 
fraud and deceit are too Roneral and too in !ef intte to contstituto 
a ground for eqxiitable Jurisdiction; (3) thnt the bill Is 
multifarious; (4) th.-it the severel courrplain.'ints, if they have 
»ny cpuae of action et all, have ev. adequate and approprlnte 
remedy ot Ip.w; (5) that crmple.inantn cwnnot invol£<* the ?,il of 
8 court of eqiiity on the ground of a jnultiplicity of auits, 
beceuse it c^pprarc from the Vill th^it if coinplainantB huvs iiny 
cause of aotion each will be rtfforded an entire adequate remedy 
by means of a single notion t law; and (6) that defendant 
BT&ne is not shown by said bill to have sustained pvch fiduclfiry 
relations with the sevorsl corrrplainants .'is authorize? them to 
Tiaintfiin a suit in equity on the g'rr.und thnt a trust is InvolTed, \y 

After a eareful rending of the bill nnd a cons id ration 
of th« «rguments of onuri'sel and of sorae of thft jiuthoritiea cited, 
we ore of the opinion thot the court did not err in mu tp.ining 
Bpld demurrers to complainants* bill and in dismiss inp the same 
for want of equity, complainanta harlng elcctfd to stand by said 
bill, and for the re'-^son thft the allegations thereof or. to « 
conspiracy and as to fraud and deceit ars too /^-^niral, indefinite 
and inoufflcient to warrant a ccu-^t of equity in granting the 
relief prayed for, and that it is not sufficiently dioclooad by 
the bill thftt the defenl-;nt "ilT^ins nuftalned 3uch fiduciary 

relitinns with the corcplainants ■:. i .varranta the ma.intenance of 


W?iri trfuop toHi ,*-XPI ,* '3:nd.CTvo1? T:© t&b'ze hltsn at 

©jtfi .ti'iiiij* (X; i&'ii3itr'jkw>t Mum >^«i:i!sl«*«stfa -^ol sAfiwrnca as 

x;*SGlr3ijhJi:1 iif>u^ feftaJr^d^grwa »TiB.ti oit" XXlrf htm %<f n»©fl« <toa si awBT'i 
o* flt*.r£,t ■i«sX'2<5,£ftw?« vr, »:*HS0JrjsXi;pios> Xja'St>T®» ®fl* itfoJt^siX*'?. 

hntRt.'.&'vVF: it> fTfs irtK bib l-xi/W;!! rod* tf/ifCJ' oolnticfo »ri;J T:o fic .r* 
•Jtena 9ii.i ■ptntonifup.kt ai i-mr: XXM ♦s#jf?.»r!Jt«X^ps«o 0* «i»«fniiMi»l» bl«3 

« 0* J7R t»etsjf;t effox.tH;pftXXj8 t»rft Jfjisf^ intoa-Bie? ftrf* not fcoe ,IIi<^ 

«>ff? -ri + fl#f:g ffjt ^tti^pa "to J'rsroc .w L^m'-w ;,- o,^ *rii.> t ;'?'>'* it ri r tv' 


the {.ction on the sro.;nd thyt f< truBt ie involved, -Ve ds m 
it laanecesaary to diccuss in d tall the aeTtrt.! points hf»rc 
urged oy cr.unic-cl for complainants a? rfsaons why th'j d?crt>e 
should be rcTerspd, The d*ftrcf: of th" "Circuit "^ovi-t ir. 
affirmed , 

X13 - 21503 


Defendant in iCrrori 



Plaintiff in irror. 




tJTATSllMT OP THE CASK,\/lt is sought by this writ 
of error to rererse a Judgment of the Municipal Court wherein 
Clarenoe A. Samuel, defendant, was adjudged to be guilty of 
contenqpt of court and sentenced to pay a fine of $200 and in 
default of the payment thereof that he be committed to the 
County Jail, etc. 

On March 17, 1915, an information, signed and sworn 
to by Harry J. Berman, an attorney at law at Chicago, was filed 
in said court. The informant alleged, in substance, that on 
March 16, 191b, there was pending before the Honorable John 
Stelk, one of the associate Judges of said court, a certain 
garnishment proceeding entitled, "Haythorne for use of John 
Miller V, Chicago 8t Northwestern Railway Co."; that on said 
March 16th the defendant, oarauel, caused to be delivered to 
one Jesse Phillips, an attorney at law at Chicago, and to 1m5 
filed in said garnishment suit a certain petition for a change 
of venue signed by said damuel, as petitioner, and verified by 
his affidavit; that in said petition ;3amuel alleged that "he 
was the agent for the plaintiff" in said suit, that he feared 
that he would not receive a fair and impartial trial if said 
suit was tried before Judge Stelk, "because said Judge is 
prejudiced against the petitioner ," and that "said prejudice 
first came to the knowledge of petitioner on or about October 

eqaxs - six 

Of SOHflS. 




• ocTo ,Xi;i:f, ■<c^m;oO 
mows fciis oosgia ,«oJt;5i.i3^oi«i «3 ^SX^I ,v'X rioiJsM ffO 

tto i&d!t two.ntsjsrfaa ni ,jb©3eiXi5 iitmxii^'lni psSt .iiuot> jblea Hi 
ruiol aXtfxnionoH ori* unolecf jiflif)!!©? e.sKr sitarfit ,f!X9X «<^X rfo-isM 
rclis^ioo fl ^i-xt/oo foi«c lo aeg&wi', 9*axooe8.3 "to ono ,iX»^c; 

©.t foa-sviX'Sfc 9cf oi isaoiJ-eo fl&ima'<^ ^insbneJ&b ©jdJ" ri;JdX ftoaBll 
54 o:t fcrtB .fJSBoiriD ^5 w^X ijs Y»«^<'-->^'6 "-'3 .aqjtXXiriSi: 5>S89T> ano 

ad" /artt l^oaaXXjs X^iW/i^ aoJt^J:;f»c( Was ni i* -^di ;iir;ii)i1%si Bid 
bBiMBl s?ii iaiii ,iii/8 i> nx ••T:*U;^nxfvi<i oiiS not dnags sxf* ajiir 

ui:is 'ti Xalit X*iX^'zc(2inJt ftns lia'i a •yi»o«'x ^on (jiuor arl Jaxl* 
si j>:Sb«t i)ii*5 ©ei;«o©(f" .viXoifi ssfcwC e-rol^cf bal-xi asw iitf« 

ootbi/tdtq Mrs" ^fu^^t ban * > tflaqXt xJ-i>g ©rfj ^aniina^ i»©oibi/t*m 
•ts<fo^o^ iuoda lo no i9«oJt^i:.toq lo »}}^«»Xworpi ori^ oJ asfusa ia-sil 


3, 1914*; that Samuel caused said petition to be preeented 

before Judge ->telk, and a motion was then and there made by 

said Phillips for a change of venue to some other judge of 

said court, which motion was denied; that Judge otelk was 

first elected one of the Judges of said court on November 1, 

1914, and did not assume the duties of the office until 

December 7, 1914; that Samuel filed the affidavit of garniahee 

summona on March 1, 1915, and that he, by said Phillips as 

attorney, appeared before Judge ^^telk in said gELmishment suit 

on March 6th and March 15th, 1915, and made motions therein 

and obtained orders thereon; that Samuel was not acquainted 

with Judge Utelk prior to the first case which he (Samuel) had 

in said court, and that no knowledge oame to him on or about 

October 3, 1914, that Judge Stelk was prejudiced against him; 

and that Samuel did not present to the court with said petition 

any power of attorney authorizing him to appear as agent of the 

plaintiff in said suit and to pray for a change of venue. 

On March 17, 1915, the information was presented 

to Judge Stelk and an order was entered that Samuel show 

cause, if any he had, within 5 days /fie should not be punished 

for contempt of court for reasons as set forth in the informa- 
tion, and leave was granted the informant to file interroga- 
tories instaater which Samuel was ruled to answer within 5 
days, and eleven interrogatories were filnd. 

On March 22, 1915, iiarauel filed an answer, verified 
by his affidavit, to the rule and to the interrogatories, in 
which he alleged in substance that he was and had been for 
four years engaged with one Herman Frank in carrying on a 
general collection business in the Hartford building, Chicago; 
that about two years prior to March, 1915, John Miller 
(beneficial plaintiff in the garnishment suit) had placed with 
respondent and Prank claims aggregating about ^3,000, for 


ytf sfcnet stadi tn.G aBdi nf^^ KoxiQin b b:vi ,2f.Xoc^'^ nsI^i/T, »T;o1rs'tf 
T-o »si)«t isrf^o ©iirofii o3' S!iin«''7 ^.o ©goiarfo f. aol aqilXijil'I Mas 

,1 ledittsvoif BO StuoQ i>xj's T:?) ae-sfcat ©rfA-* lo ©no isfji^ii^Ua i-Qiil: 
XJt^czr »!>J:'51o 9il1' Iro asjc^tub ©rCj smweas 2"on biJb iine ,i^ieX 

c^Jtwe cfrt'*i^ri8in'>:s3 iiijija ni afXa^t.... agJbi/X, *iel«<3r Iss'xesqq.a ,v,e«T;o,f.t '• 
fllaiexij v^noXi'OiH shBfrt &it« t§XC?X ,x?J-'8X iia-ssjSl hm iij8 rioitsM co 
irt»*niai;po*5 ;^o« saw X»)OTCJRii ;Jr>if* ; SK&fs'sejrf j Js^^^io fe-sixJ^js^cfo feas 

ba/( (Xdiffluia) srf iifi>iti«' sauso *»'tilt eiiS' <5c^ loJt'xq xX«.ta 3gJ»uT* xfcriw 

a«*^iJ--3q hi&e rl^iw ^luno si-C* oi cfnsBsag *Oft feifeXdiSKiisfi .tsrij iaa 

,0i.'ariV 1o ©afiiwfo & 'K}1 ■^J9"xq &>}• ijfss #it«e i&X«« nl ^^tidfiiljeXq: 
ii^^meSTq nii^ KoUi^arx&'iitt i»ii# ,a^X9X ,VX iBttsiisM nO 

tol rwocf b«rf J!>rt« eav oxf ^Aili^ e8rtf!;f8d'i;/B fsi beioXXa erf ctoxiiv 
;os«©-«^Jj ,»ni*Xtu-r b'i9^;^iBf{ 9a& kX «jn9ft.t8i/d nni^oDXXoo Xii^sMitojgi 
/Itlw ti«o,';X<i &«rf (cJlJ'e tmmialaiii-A ftltf- «i "itiiiiiaXq XjuJaxlaaed) 


oollection and with directions to take all lawful steps to 

that end; that less than 30 days prior to the institution of 

the garnishment suit Miller called at respondent's office and 

o uch 
directed respondent to bring/suit; that respondent subscribed 

and swore to the petition for a change of venue on March 16, 
1915, and that at that tine "he believed the statements con* 
tained in said pet tion to be true, but that since then he 
has discovered that the statement in said petition with refer- 
ence to the time that knowledge of prejudice on the part of 
said Judge ^telk first came to him is erroneous in that the 
date thereof is laid to October 3, 1914, whereas the correct 
date is on or about January 9, 191i5," and that respondent's 
error arose from the fact that he was Inadvertently misled by 
certain entries in his office docket; that when the petition 
was filed respondent believed that such proceedings had been 
had in the garnishment suit ac to cause Judge liitelk to believe 
that respondent was connected with such suit, and thr.t on 
account of the vacation by said judge, on or about January 9, 
1915, of a judgment in the euit of Strelitz v, Walworth to 
which respondent had had some relations, respondent believed 
that said judge had become prejudiced against him at that time, 
and further lielieved, on account of the foregoing, that the 
garnishment suit would not receive an izq>»rtial trial if tried 
before said judge, and that for that reason alone respondent 
caused said petition to be presented to said Judge by said 
attorney Phillips; and that respondent "has at all times re- 
garded and still does regard said Judge otelk, and the court 
by him presided over, with due respect, and has never con- 
sciously or otherwise been guilty of any disobedience of the 
rules and orders of said court, nor lacking in proper demeanor 
toward it," The respondent prayed that, having purged himself 
of contempt with respect to the matters and things set forth 


lo nol^ifJiSnui atl-i- o^i^ •£Ol'X<i *XiS^ 0^ xiaifj ae»X *siW {b«* iaxl^ 

-noo e^ rteci(»;^ A^^ ®ii# J3«)7eXX3Cf »ii*^ 9s&it iMt So i,£Ji/t ban «SX9X 

to i>'x&q 9f£* »& ajiifcwt^iq lo ©aMXwoxTC^ il-BtC* 8au# «»ii# oi? aowa 
oJlft' .t^f£* «i atfoacsoi.'sa ex mX4 ©t ©atap ^crjX'x iXs^fei .sj^fowX fcijse 

8'j-ftebsoqse^ ;r.a^ £ina **,6i{iRX ^^ ^e.xatr^ce^ ^fuo.fil^ tA a« «,! <i^i8& 

'^ b^lGiM T^X^jiftitttevfisfii ajBW s>ii *BiCi^ to^l »££* asont aeo-a;* ip'iis 

«oitfi4'Bq asM- n«?rfwjr6i3fi' ;»?93Cooi> ©oil*!© a|cE isi a^lt^'fis gd&it&o 

tm9d b&A ^ailb&9^Q%^ d&if& fad^ }i&ir9ll&t( t!^.mbtm%i)i9% btaltl &e,7} 

arexXacf o;t :€X&^a is^'^ttj, e»M»^ oi' q^ ^X£;« $m»9ui9tjm£i^ 9AS ak b»d 

no isd4 bti& i^fkJ^B A^usf tUlyi bt>io9am9 ejsw $a»bmf^*'^ jaii^ 

bt>T(»ll9d in&btiUKi&ii'i ^MssxiX^iilQt ftmoQ ^^aK bmi ia&bm%mt, d9ldw 

i-nsl.rtcqeai onoX^ oo6.n.&*x j:ef{# TE©t ^isiii^ ijBje . ,»^J|»t, l>X««, •'xo^o^' 

-«^ Eoail* XX« ifl suBrf" #iW»b«OQB«iK. /r»zit Jbn*. ;««XXXXti["J xetno^is 

i-asoo 9t{^ bm ,iLX«#«i »s**^"t'; fe^f9« J>i»8«»lt t»»> XXXia ijnai lboi)rt»B 

-no'j "coTi»n euuf Jbws ,*»»^ar»Tc &ub jfC;Jiir ^levo i>oi)le9'xq mlri x<^ 

loaaoKt. i:i-;«X jl»« ,#-iiroo l>iA(i ^o «Tab:iO i>nii q»X».!i: 

IX^Hffiri ,.-.>;) lijq ^^.-ij;vjr>J < .rtsbnoqsa'j- adX. ",*X Jb'iswo^ 


la the Infcrnatlon, the rule night be discharged. 

It appears from the stenographic report of the 
proceedings that the caune come on for hearing before Judge 
Stelk upon the information, interrogatories and answer, and 
upon argufiients of oounsel for the respective parties. No 
erldence was introduced. 

On April 3, 1915, the court entered the order and 
Judgment in question. The court found, inter alia, that the 
allegation in said petition for a change of venue (that the 
prejudice of the court first came to the knowledge of 
respondent on or about October 7), 1914) was incorrect and 
untrue; that said petition was signed and sworn to by 
respondent on March 16, 1915, rmd not by the beneficial 
plaintiff, and that no sufficient reason or excuse has been 
assigned why it was not signed and sworn to by the beneficial 
plaintiff; that said petition fails to allege that the court 
was prejudiced against the beneficial plaintiff; that the 
motion for the change of venue was presented in behalf of 
respondent without any direct request or suggestion from the 
beneficial plaintiff; that on March 6th and March x5th 
respondent, by and through his attorney, made notions in said 
garnishment suit and obtained orders thereon, and that no 
suggestion was made that respondent believed that the court 
was prejudiced against respondent; that an inspection of the 
files and records in the caae of Strelitz v. Walworth, men- 
tioned in respondent's answer, reveals the fact that the 
Judgment in said case wns not vacated on January 9th, but 
upon January 16th, 1915; that the action of respondent in 
presenting the petition for a change of venue, "which onits 
faoe was insufficient," without even the request or suggestion 
of the beneficial plaintiff, and the further action of 
respondent in endeavoring to induce the court to grant 

edt f6d$ ,i3i;.X€ 3?Jiiii ,-f>ni;ol; ^^atm »ii? ,«oi*Baiip ni *rt®m?^feyt 

n«»cr a^fi sK.uoa;& ^<? ' /losse-a: tf-nfi'i'Gi'tt'i?® ijtS'fsjM'' ban' ■'t'^i.^ttialq 
^•jcxioo srl* .t/>^;t GgsXi» c>t aXi^t a^jiiti-bii biMB f&dS illiinlslii 

-fjsa ,rfr/-xowX/*w ,v a^XXo's^-a to d'Siiiio biU nX bXiooj^tc fcrt» t:©Xit 

raX ttt&btioq&mt 1« BoicJoa ©ri* *jrif£c^ ;f.X9X ^rfi'ffl ic'i/sMma aoq« 

"xo n«i*o« latHiuli 0sii httB ^'Xll&aX&tti XjBloilftnaof oifj "^- 


8uch change of venue on a p&tltion not niede by the benef idlal 
plaintiff and alleging the prejudice of the court not against 
said plaintiff but aa against the respondent, and the further 
action of respondent in luaking the vacation of a Judgment in 
another suit in which he claims he was interested the only 
baeis for his belief of the court's prejudice, withcut dis- 
closing what evidence of prejudice there was, "all caused un- 
necessary and unwarranted delay and annoyance in court and 
interfered with the orderly transaction of the business of the 
court and also tended to belittle and IcsBen the dignity of 
the court, and the apparent freedom indulged in by the 
respondent in signing and swearing to court plefcdings without 
satisfying himself that the c entente thereof are true and 
correct, if left unnoticed and unpunished, will bring the 
administration of Justice and this oourt into disrepute and 
oontempt"*; thut said respondmt has failed to Bhow cause why 
he should not be punished for conton^pt of court, and thnt the 
actions and doings of respondent as recited constitute, and 
respondent is guilty of, a contempt of this court, ^/''^ 


It is well settled that "all courts of record have an 
inherent power to piuiish contempts committed in f acie curiae." 
(Rapalje on GonteB5)t8, sec, 1; C lark v« Peopl e 1 111. 266; 
Stuart v. i-eople . 4 111. 395; Dahnlce v . People . 168 111, 102.) 
In Stuart v. Peopl«e , supra, p. 405, it ia said: "Conternpts are 
either direct such as are offered to the court while sitting as 
BUch, and in its presence, or constructive, being offered not 
in its presence, but tending, by their operation, to obstruct 
and embeo'raBS or prevent the due administration of Juotice," 
And, prooeedings for contenipt of court nre of two classes, viz, 
"ttiose which are criminal in their nature, which are sometimes 

-ftw l)98uj»3 Xis* ,3j3w -r^e^J ©oJtljHti^^^q 1o «Oii^JbiTd t&Av gaieoXo 

lo ^c^icq^iJ!) s«ii^ xjsacaX i>f«« «>X>t*i;X9<^ o;^ I)®i>ji9^ 2X« Jboa irtuoa 
9rf;J -^cf iri b&gXuixU 3ic>iie««'i ^ $4* Jbiia .^*';';'on srf* 

baa, ^if^t)ill^auQo b^ilcy^t ^_ ici^km<iii&'^ to e^iUob Ijisq amitpa 

©Tiuf b'i.aoni I0 9$iu(io LLn* imd^ b»£ii99 XX©w eX $1 

;c>dS .XXi X & U iOii^ •'"'...iiiLiil J-^ »o*«'' , a v'f <![«&* tt&O no e t.Xj3<jfi>i ) 
(,SOX .XCI 8dX . »X'^^a'-£ .v e^gifea ;e8£ *XXI ^ %2iS2SJ. -^ £S§^ii 


called common-law contesuj'ctj, and those which are intended 
as purely civil romadieis, which ordinarily arise ouii of the 
allog'sd violation of oomo order entered in the couriie of a 
chancery proceeding," ( }'*iopl».< v, Seymour « 191 ill. i-»pp, 281, 
388.) In thtj inotant caoe the proceedings ars criminal in 
thfflir nature. In O'Brien v. PooplQ . 216 111, 5S4, 568, it 
is said: '''^en the oontttn^t conBistb of oomething clone or 
omitted in thfi prissunoe of the court tending to impode or 
interrupt its proceedinge or leHUfjn its dignity, or out of 
itc; preeenco in dioregtard or al»U'...G of i'uo procebss, the pro- 
coedinp is punitive or criminal, end the penalty is inflicted 
by wB.y of punichrnent for the t/ronj^ful act ajicL to vindicate 
the authority and dignity of the people, at; represented by 
their Judicial trihunuls," In '.Velch v^ leople . 50 111. App, 
399, 409, it ii3 aaid: "Blacketone, writing of conteEipts, 
having described the prelirainif,ry proceedings and then 
referring to courts of equity, proceeds: 'ioid thereafter the 
party in contempt hf.e anawtred tht; interrogatories, such 
hie ansuQT mey ire contradicted and disproved lay affidevita 
of thf; ndvsrsa ptrty; whereas, ^ the courts of law , the 
admission of the party to purge himself by oath It^ mora 
favorable to hia Jjlberty, though perhaps not less dangerous 
to his conscience; for, jjf he clearq himself by his answers , 
the complaint la totally Jiau'-iaaed .* " In Hake v. People . 
230 111, 174, 185, it ii^ said: "In cases of cormcon law 
jurisdiction for contempt the defendant la tried upon his 
answer anade to interrogatories filed. No other evidence is 
heard. If the answers prove falue the remedy in by indictment 
for perjury, but if the party purges hlniself of the contoiapt 
by his an3w<^r he yjll be di^char^ed,^ (iie-', iiiao, Juclt v. 
Buck, 60 111. 105, 106; Oster v. People , 192 111, 473; j^arly 
V, People , 117 111. Aijp. 608, 617; 3tull v. People, 17 3 111. 


■ lo ^i.'2.ijc:i :itii- iii hft-xsiiJftfe '.»i'.'io umoa 'to \ici.teiS.oiv b^L'^nZla 
tXS£ .qQ..v .ill XVX «a;ja q in^^sg -*«' ^lllSSiiV ",s«i;i>a»o6rfi^ t^c^onaifo 

^i ,e3fi t>ao ,1X1 ruS .aHyoa^ »y «f J 'tg* Ml ' ,i&^iw;^,«fi"*daiO' 

alii i»#ljB&uezL'' Jbift/i* jaijoaoorjcj ,vi'i:6fp© "io ,«j;*'.u«cd o^ ssiiiTCTstst 

eifoisianafc sa»X #ok Bq.iii{xf?Q rijino/.C:^ ,\;4^''r«cfi4j: oXrf oi ® Xdjs'xo'vjs'^ 
t^J^IiSS. g44 'tX.sayJ n' £3K&I^ £rf K. t'io'^ ;*on©io»rtoo eirf oi 

TiraX ne.'SHioo "Jo «?«j»o nj." tbiae bJ: *i ,281 4*TX .XXI OCS 
axri n'.'qu b^ji-r* i;t :»/u>Jbra«"l£»i; »d-» ^Jqms> Afros' *«"*«© X*gXI»«1 'it; t 

luirr iVXA) »eOB .fjcA .XXX VXX ^ eXcjO r^ .V 


App. 512, 514.) In Rapalje on OonteTTOts, cec, 121, It i3 
Stated that "on a rulo to show cause -vhy h. party should not 
b« punished for contempt, the actual tnt en tlp^ of th»^ party 
^* M-^tQrla l, and If tha respondent dioavoTn upon onth any 
intention of committin/? a contempt, the rule will hfl dis- 
charged," In People v. JliUa, 192 Til, \r)-:i. 139, 1^9, a 
case involving a orirainal contarnpt, this court said: "Before 
a parson otvx he found ^^uilty of contempt of co-irt it jaust 
clearly appear that in coramitting thE> offena<% cornlnined of 
he was actuated by soine malavolent intontion to a5';ail the 
dignity of tlie court, or to wilfully and ]aiow5.n.'.':ly interfere 
with its pr-ocodure or due adminiotration of Juntice, There 
■rust h^ a union or joint operation of act and criminal 
intention, v'lonaequpjatly a porEon inay pnrg^ hims^^'lf of con- 
terapt "by showing thf\t he anted innorontly or thr?'ir;h ignorance 
and without any intention to wrongfully nielc^.d or deceive the 
courto" (3ee, also. Power b v, P«oi)le , 114 111, Anp. 3"3, 327; 
qx parte Hurt is, 3 l«inn, 188.) 

Aft^r due conaid<^rntion of the inf ot-to tlon and ths 
interrogatori'^a and the tjworn anavrr of respondent thereto, 
WW are of the opinion that the .1udgm<9nt of the Municipal rourt 
was not warranted by law and should bo reversed , v?e think 
that the respondent sufficiently purgod hirraelf of the alleged 
cont-siapt by his answer and that be therein showed thit he 
was not actuated by any malevolent intention or purpose to 
assail the dignity of the court or to interfere ^itb its 
procedure or the due wdministrfltion of ju tice. ^nd it i» 
difficult for us to perceive bow his action in signin?r and 
swear inff to the petition for the change of vsnuf and cr?.usins 
the same to be presented to the court could have "caused 
unnecessary and \inwarrantod delay and annoyance," or could 

have -interfered with the orderly transaction of the business 


ton bXrforfe >:»+'rf'<? ■»« X^'^'i*- o»tf»o wQi£a o;J- alut » «o* ;ffirfi^ boJ^B^a 

"Bib ©o' IXiv sIki ijxfd- ^iqjsxQ^nQo js g«iJ*J:ix.«too Ito xtoi^rw^ci 
a ,'?=^X ,ef.X' .<T||A .XXI Sti t»^t||jR .V ©Xci£»^ '^^ ".bea'**'*® 

i'Bijm -i SrrtiDO tc- rf-qtacr^fnoo "^p ^^Xi^S btufot eo fuso noeneq, js 

-ao5 >6 Itliv^mlc^ ?>S*5:iLf«t ■^em fr©i%'s»q in xfXJ^^>up©fiHO.'> . aoli •^Bjtd 
-.'fisionrii: rf^i^'-ttf.^ 10 Y.XtnwaonoJt b»tt>& »rf ^/siW gnlvorfa \rf ^Gp.9i 

;?SC tCH5 .qq/'. .1X1 b-l£ tgXiiSLSJ. *"^ « ;tf> wt)5 . (ObX/^ ,»»£) ".^luoo 
•i{* *n« sspitnwrQ^^.^i. Off* "^0 «oi:*.»"i»6ia-«oo »i/l) isiJh 

*nltit 3>T .SaB'riivwx od l>X£;nd« bcus weX ^ijtf bs^ixeitiBw #on esw 
• >a9iX« »rtt Irs IXosTtXft fce^Ttr^ XX^o«is'Jt'^'it*f8 ^n»i)noqeai ofU' ^sttf 

si *i fcft/. .enl;^ u|;, to noi-t^iiBiffiTib** aufo suSJ- to ettsbooaq 

hlvC'O '{0 " ,ft9rr.svoiTrr:- hnr; v.X:! ha:!! ruviiaw tw bn» Y.t»e B90B atut 


of th« court" or oould have ♦'trtnded to belittle and lessen 
the digi4l<ty of the court," The petition for the change of 
yenue was insufficient. Respondent was not a party to the 
cause in which said petition was presented, and the law is 
that the application for the change of venue mast "be mad© 
by a p-ixty to the record and the petition verified by such 
a party, (Hurd'fl Stat. 111. chap. 146, oeo. 1; £rajell v, 
Maugha , 7 111, 419, 4??2; C oi mne rcial Ins « Co , v, H2Jli95!l> ^ 
111, 313, 316; McCauley v. PeoTa le. BB 111. 578.) Th<2 crjrt 
could have promptly denied said petition. 

The Judgment of the Municipal Court in rcvflrned, 



*iKrco' 5>i<T (,ava- aM im ,^b£^ "^ ^zanprn .;ai6 ,£i€ .xxi 

307 - 21703 


Defendant in Krror, * 

\ / 

VB . 






Plaintiff in Ev^r , 

3 rk » tj 

o?A?E!I?JTT OT!" TH3 CA3]5, V Plaintiff in error (defend- 
ant) seeks "by thia v/rit to reverse a judgment of the Mimicipal 
Court wherein he wass adjudged guilty of contempt of court and 
sentenced to confinement in the county jail for 30 days. 

There is contained in the tranacript of record be- 
fore U3 a "Statement of Facts," certified to by the flonorable 
dheridan lii# ?ry, one- of the judges of said court, from w}iich 
and from the common low record the following facts appear: 

On Septe-Tiber 17, 1914, one Charlee Pent was 
arraigned before Judge Fry on the chnrge of contributing to 
the dependency of hia child, cjid on the hearing he was found 
guilty and sentenced to b>ie Hou^:e of Corroctinn for one year 
and ordered to pay for the u'.:-«.< o.r cuid child the sum of §6 
per week, to be reloa-^ed on a recoi^nizance in the sum of $500 
signed by him and a suroLy ajnd approved by the court. On 
October 2, 1^14, Pent waa brouglit from the J^ouse of Correction 
into the court preaiJed over by Judge Fry, and then and there 
defendant presented himoelf a'3 a surety on aaid bond or 
recognizance and was examim i as to his c^ualif icitions to 
act as such aurety, and after such exarriinotion he was allowed 
to sign said bond or recognizance as surety and the eame was 
approved by said judge and filed for ccord, and Pent was re- 
leased from custody. Thereafter Pent, or others for him, made 
certain payments of ioS per week and subsequently lent left the 


oi- gflli'jffi'x.tnoo lo ej^Tsffo f.>i-f.^- no X'r.'H. »sfewL 3iol®cf .:..■;.,.-.*. .i.,^ 

Qt '^•-0 -rtWK sri;'' fiXiriJ» i><fcBe to fi*'^*/ afC^t rio'l \;aqr b^ ^oi.f>Jb'i:o 6ftf» 
0C6$ "io iHtra eri* ni sorifiSirqBOO&'X « no feeeueXei «cf o* ,3ii3»«>w toft 

Koiioa'iioZ: Ic ©sucK 9rf^ moat ^jISUOKf esw ^a»^ »iX{?X ,li i^tioiaO 
o* anrii,Jjii>i1iX.'»i;p eid oi r* I)i'>nlmAx;» eew btvi sonasir 

:o .-' , Ti ; •;, r'xarf^Q to ,in©'; 


iState of Illinois, ;md no furthci- payinenta ■sere mado V>y hi'r. 
or by iJiyone for hiia. On 'Pahrxxnvy :i7, 1915, without any 
P' tition or inf oi^rt-.txon ■"oein*.; filed, tha court, entor<jd a 
ruio that dyfundimt (who w;i-i t^ien pre'^en"; in court) uhow 
cpuse on Karch IZ, lOlb, \h.y }ie uhould not be avljuaf.ed guilty 
of contcnipt of co-.trt "becjiuse on Cctcber 2, 1911, ho, tlie 
said L;Q,in'Jel Friudlander, ht'vin^-; been duly ov/orn, did then 
and there depoee and swear and tc-tify vtilfully, corruptly 
and falsely -m to iratters material to hir^ sufficitncy ae 
surety upon thK recognizcnce of one Charlei: Pent, acknoipl edged 
and filed on October 2, 1914, in oaoe entitled *i.'hr; Peoplej 
etc., vs. CharlGF, pent,' nop; penviing in this court," it will 
be noticed tht t .vhilo it in ntntcc] in th-^. ardt:r ot- rule that 
defendant te^itified falsely on the occasion mentioned, it is 
not ste»tcd whr.t the particular tertimony v-xc wnich \iaB al.Legcd 
to be fdlEC, Cn March 13, 1915, defendant was again present 
in cr;Ljrt b'^fore Judge Fry, but he did not on th?i.t date, or at 
a subsequent time, file any sworn answer in ^/i^iting to the rule 
to iihori cauaa, and tho hearing on finid rule was continued to 
March 37, 1915, when a partial hearing w? n had, ar.d the cause 
wa.' thar -after continued from tiire to time until July 17, 1915, 
when the finel hearing waa had. Prom said statement of facts 
it alGO appeare, inter alia , that on March 27, 1915, the 
teotimony of vitneeses other than defendant to said rule was 
hcurd by the co.:rt; that it was diBcloeed by certain v/itnesres 
that defendant, before he signed said recognisance, had been 
paid the sum of $100 on his represontc-.tion that he v/ould procure 
Pent* 8 releaue from confinement; th-it it waa also disclosed 
that, when defendant waa examined in o en co rt on fctober 2, 
1914, as to hia qualific tions to uct as surety on said 
recogiiizance, he stated to said Judge iTy, amoni: other things, 
that he owned stock in a corporation, of '.v}.ich he v'r«s spies- 


woa'a (.t^iroo ni ;*'no;:»"ig, nail? jjgw odw) i'fSijisiuAyJb ;*.;.,.. .j....i. 
xHiiih iiy^oii'(jltai ad i^Qii bj.sjoda srf xff*^ ,ciX^X «c",I rio'itsliJ no sbw^o 

Xliqi/ti©-^ ,'iIXalIir ^licfjijd' haa 'xbows brus Quoq&b 9%»sli bsA 

,t>Iqo*<f i*ifS^ bBLixine B^s-^ti nl ,>I(?X ^S iscfo^oO no baXil i>«t» 
IXiw ^1 '*,*'iwoo sJtA'd- rtjt gjttibnaQ^^ v?ort. %dRy*5 aoXiiSxfO ,8V ,,o;^3 
iMiii' oXiJt "(<*■ •T'.^b'jo ox(.i tu h'yiniii ajt di i)Xijiw fsiii bsol^Q .- 

i>033iXjB «£Ti' iioJ:ri» ia/m v;ftOimi:d"'rv3:f TijXx;oi;fTBq: oK* izdw &t. ' .: 

■^3 ta ,si^i!jf' ^Bii^ no .io« isil) sff ^utf jXt"? sb*^^ ©xol©cf .^Tuao at 

nj ■-' oniJ-noo eaw sXii'i i)i:is no gnixissri sil^- 6«/8 ,6By«*c 

«ai5X jTX -"iXiri; Xiiftu sotLt 0* omlA moil bg>w.rji;J-«cj3 aSijAfiE'ierW 
84 Di.-."* lo i-no3i9*j3#e J!)i«a moi'il ,i)«.riL vsm ^aita&ii lanit 9Sii asdw 
Qdi fdlQi jfS rioitiM no i^arf:^ f Ay iX /A u ej-n^ ^aiAOqqA oaX i 

oTi- ' c.iis^ nciJ^ii:rft9i39i<foi aixi ao 00i(^ to it 

^uaoXii-ix;- i>aXjs saw jfi 3r,di jinamenilnoo f - ' 1. ^ 

: ■ ( ■ 

/ . UX3 .ikiPX 

, , iiniooel 


ffisnagtr, which stock wau worth ^10,000, thut he ovxicd no 
real eatiite, thixt he wat worth over fj)d above r.ll iiobilities 
and exfjaaptl one -it least vir,OGO, and that ** there v?ere no 
Judgments of record againu'. Jiiin unsMtisried of record in the 
city of Ci.icago or county of cook''; thi t on said hoaring on 
it&rch 2?» 1915, certain records of tlie Municipal '.:curt and 
other courts cf record in Cool: County were introduced in 
evidence showing that on October 2, 1911, thoro v?ere more than 
17 unsfcitisfiod Judgiaeiits of rcccrd in tuiid courtc r.gainst 
defeudtifit in favor of various purtic^; th- t on r.aid he;-^ring, 
after thi ubove ovidencc h^tri been introduced, a-fendajnt tRsti- 
fit;d that when he w.'ici bfsfore Judge Pry on October 2nd "the 
court aakeii hi^u vhat hin occupiition '.vu!> fend 'diiti hin financial 
ability wae , &nd ttiat after he htid given thia inf orjration the 
court iioceptttd ttxe bond, laid that nothing w&& onid to him 
with reffcirarice to Judgicenta pending against him," imd that 
"the bond was taken by the cr-urt without a echedulo," end 
defendant "denied,olutely thut he h£?d medc tho atateicent 
at tiie time the oond was signed thut there v/cre no judgments 
againi t liim, " and defendant further te.-iified thr.t of Baid 
judgiaents appearing of recora againiit him "the muior part 
were paid though not Sf>.tisiiLd of mcord," Cn the date of 
the final hfcarint* July 17, 19115, after the court hf;d over- 
ruled defendant's ifiotion thij.t said rule he diBchr.rged iind tbe 
proceedingB dismiaocd, tiiu court ent< red t final order, find- 
inti iiim "guilty of contempt on rul'; to bIiow cruf^e** and 
adjudging him guilty of contempt on said f indir.ti £.nd eentencing 
him to the county jail as aforeuuid. In aaid orclfir the court 
also found: 

"On October 2, 1914, aaid lirnanuel Priedlander, 
the defendant in this cause, was present in open court, end 
while thisj ci-^u.t %•<• i: in open scBsion said dcfen(3?)nt then 
and there offered to act ari surety for the appoarfince before 

6iC?- til f'tfOiJi 'Jo .b?i:l«!i.T.ciirf« niiit ijinljt,i3« Jt-j'xo^&'i to fcJ iifeiaji:>u ^ 
no ^su'imncl bxra no i i^iU ;«'icoO t<j- Y.^amVc> *i:o ogBt ^ . i 

ffarf;^ 9^oa OTO* i-'i'-iii ,.i^X^X ,S -sodoiDO no ^isa'i- s«iw6ila ©onebiv© 

ori*" fc«?J Too'eJ-a-:) xjg ■^'^'S: '5-,3^«'1i ata'iati"- c^aw erf nexfwr •i'-'r'' -•!:'.* 
Xai&xisnil: sirf Uitb^' biSii a^i-w iiDii.'4£il.fOi>0 «}*rf tJSUlW mtd fc»Ji.:. . - ,:;j 

^tsifv bn.:i ''(Silt J ini-ygis SKi:l>«9q s^^nsmsljot o^ ao'isaiel^t rCiit? 

i-r^q[ -fo iiiM ^fld' " tax si J' ■'tal^-^a b'Xoo&'X l6- |!ni'jca»iiq» ' aijaawaftw t. 

-i^To Sji/f *'c;r<K) •iuilcJ' toJljs ,8X91 .t'J^ ^iittl,' \,^^rti'iiiajc£' j. ; 

-^^' bnui b&:^'.£.;f{t)0il) Qff slw-x I;i«je jijrftf r.oirfoai 8';Jafi.: 

bfuj "of3;(r.D vfoa'a 0:.' ?X»1 «o cf4fl>«^fi'«*© ^'0 

n bt£,t til » itx xmotol^ 66 XiAL \iJ-m/oo "ax^ ' 

>•■ ,mv ^ipf'..') 8ixf;t nJt i-m^bn... - ■ 
i 51W :}-i!Ui)o at sis v 

Oi bO'l^i JtO IB 'Dill 


thlB court of one Charles Pent, tJaid Chsrles Pent then and 
there being the defendant in thin court; and thereupon it 
beoame !n;it?riul to the acccpt.uice of oaid iiuwAnuel Friedlanda:, 
as Hurety aforeimld, to examine ju-id inquire of ouid fjjnanuol 
J'ritidljjj'.der concerning jiio oualif icptii'na to licl ub Burety 
aforeeaid and the sufficiency t>;.v5roof ; and the naid Kir.anuol 
Fricdlar'dcr, being so intiuired of end >>xa?'ed by the court 
e.s aforeanid, did then and tVi'^rc maka r;f?rt/in yidsrf^presentt.tions 
to the court end give the court to iinuer«tand tht.t no 
judgments were then and therp outstanding p-gainst hinf the .ilnrnuei rriedland.jr, whereas, in trutJi and in fact, r.s 
the 3Htd Kmanu^l Wr-iedlander 's-all Jcnor, Curtain Judgments 
wc:'C then and thert: outs'^andinf- against him, '' v^'^^ 


It appears that the court in this ca^e, on a rule to 
show cauae, etc., adjudged defendant guilty of con tewpt, be- 
cause the court fcund, froiK the to3tir.ony of vjitjiessea other 
than defendant and froin certain r< ocrdn of the .Vunieipal and 
other courts, that on October 2, 1914, when defendant was 
being interrogated by the ccurt as to hig qualif iciitione to act 
as surety on .Vent's recognizance, defeniajit made certain "mis- 
representations" and *'gave tha court to underato.n ■<" that no 
judgments were then outstanding against defon^'anL, whereas, in 
truth and in fact and aa he well knew, there were certain 
JudgHjents then outstanding against hins. 

"Proceedintjs for contempt of court are of two classes: 
Those which are criminal in their n. ture, whicli are sometimes 
Called conanon liw contempts, ^md tho.ti wi.ich are intended as 
purely civil remedies, wuich ordinarily ari^e out of the 
alleged viole.tion of some order entered in the <!0urHe of a 
chancery proceeding," ( People v. ijaymour , 191 III, h\w, 381, 
388,) " rTien the contempt consists of aori<- thing done or 
omitted in the presence of the court tending to impede or 
Interrupt its proceedings or lessen its dignity, or out of its 
ipresence in disregard or abuae of its proceaa, the proceeding 
ie punitive or criminal, and the penalty is inflicted by 


>iqr>i.QJ;;T'. aifsw-rrip &:A£m '.i'xpti^f baa n».rLt bih ,biiUi3io'\ 
b': ,J-yi;t as. baa ifyjft.t «4: jaoij-s-artB? jii/JbaAiXJAieiTfC latin-^" !■'' ■ ■ 

-TJiuoo sDii "K) aoiai^ mt rnm^vum.' m4aiim Mltv^^t ^m<n 

i:aii?o »©«5(i0fi.tiw 1f> ^fKO.-aiir;o;J ©rft_ mo"!! .Swot .J-'ifioo .!-::■ 
baa XjsQi .ri Citiii ©^ ,^d a&'Xoor>f ,«|#i'x0o, mo'il i>««,_3'a«jbm:'\ 

ofc/j^TSt) artsw oTtoitJ «wort:^ XXsw ajrf as bne Jojb'J ni bK» ri>J.;iJ 

orfd lo J-ixo fj'iltt-, xlk-xBaXbtti rfpixCw ,89ifes»BiB'3t i 
,X8c. ,qr;... ,XXI XC'X t 'luOfguoa -voX^o©^) .*'«lUlt' 

^Ti ot sint fjfj;^ .J'c^op erf* to'«0«©c.' . .: imp 

. . . .•. ^i •■ ..)VJtc?i.CUIC ,A 

way of punlahment for th v.Ton^'^ful act and to vindicnte the 
authority ana ditpriity of the. people, as repreeented by nheir 
Judicial tribunfils. In nucli canet- the apnlicnti tp. for 
attachment way Ijc na.ic in Uie original c?'Utio, yet thf' conten^jt 
proceedint: will be a distinct 'U'ae crirninr,! in itf natura," 
(p' Brieri v, xJoo^>1h , ;316 111. ^'>!t4, ^6!i,) In th'..' pr;;Fjent case 
the proceedinga instituted ;;gi-in:.t .i<ifend;.nt nro criminfii in 
their nature. In nuch proceedings "it is accecBary thnt the 
respondent be apprised with reasonable certainty, by affidavit, 
information or rule to aliow cause, of the nature of the charge 
afcainiit him and of the fact^ upon \i-hlch the alleged conteri)t is 
predicated, and it is alsc re'iuisite thut he ahall have a 
reasonable opportunity to answer the charge by a written answer 
und-r oath,'' ( peoi?le v. t.eymour , aupra , p. 393,) In the 
oresent cnue the aubotance of the charge made in the rule to 
fihow cause is th ■ t on '"v.x,obtT 2, 1914, the defendant testified 
falsely mi to raHttero mat'.,rial to hifs yuf riciency ai? uurety on 
the recpimizance mentioned. If, as a matter of f.'.ict, defendant 
did at that time teatify fjiluuly b Tore Judge Pry, it is quite 
apparent that aaid Judge did not then isnov/ thut he had eo 
te;;!tified in auch matters, for the judge allowed him to sign 
a« surety and approvf; 1 th<i rt cognizance. In the preoent caae, 
also, it does not ap' ear thfU the def "ndi^nt was apT)riBed by the 
pule to show cauae, or in cjny other manner before the hearing, 
whn.t the particular statements or tei:timony, alleged to be faloe, 
given by liim on October 2nd were; nor does it app';.^r th^t the 
defendant filed any aworn anu^wer in riting to oaid ruin. 
Usually, where the contempt proceedings are criminal in their 
nature, the defendant is tried upon hxe svforn '.msiwer niado to 
the inj'nrmjr tion or affidavit or interrogator iee filed; but he 
may auawer th«i oh;'rg«j orally, under oath, in OTsen c->urt, if 
he chooaeu. (p£22i£. "^ • Hille. 19'. III. App. 130, 143; -.tull 

mC! o 

9cii 9jyoxi>i3iv o* has ^a« fi/lirjifOT-Jv tit ^ol ^mftaii&inuq 1o y.>-»<- 
tot rt-i^«f)i:i:c:<i-3 ssxit si$«i.^« .i^»^a Vl • .aX38f;r«/rfl'i^; ^^^ 

i: ^cpaa^non b&^tȣliy, 53.!#^ j^SiHfi iitffe|i* a#3sl 'orfJ'' to fcwJft 'mlfi ^Boi.oTjjB 
S9ffnii lUsiU- Mi:iFiii!ii piinlMp&'x- rnXm &k fl ban .ftsc^JiolfMTtg 

in«bno'!!k:>fc , tor '.'to- '£<;vK<i»R jS »Jk «tl ,feflwoit«9m .e^O'ri«ai«jiooi»*t «i<* 
08 ;*/ifl sd j-iul? .r«rdroC utarf^ ;foa fiffc ©s&j^i't ^Jt^'» i^SAid" ^nwi**?^;) X**" '-'^ftiT'c,'/; si<tv^tn*sSrt•^loi; ©iiJf intU- tmqqa[ Sties' ■m^Jb- 'ft '^o&l* 

«rf* ^-firf;* tiViyfi-Q *i «eioii 'ion ;at&w JsiiS t&cTod'ftO ■«* ■■MM, \ftfi'ftfi'vis 

i lit' i»iti.'^:>^-.,-^.f''--.',A'r:i'' in f i;v»i'vJ-'i'i« to -nei-^ ■•■-!"' i"'' «-fO 
• '■ rt;; 'fi , ■,'■■' /i-iTc^ !<i;;- .. w 


^' Peopl e* 173 111. '.pp. Si:5, ?il4.) «If, "by hln r«rorn 
answer, hr-: apecif in",lXy deniB^'. Ihn factB u..-cn v/>.ich the 
chtu'ge is foiir (, or if he note up other facts r^'ich, if 
true, -ivti sufficient to noquit rim of t/j.'.' ciuirK'.i, th'->n he 
niuot be diacVi r^-ea, for tho rc"u-,on t'A;,t ^d cCif/cjr in such 
C!:ne rvri'ssjenta an issue of f4,ot v.'iii.oh CMn not ^^e trloi by the 
onurt in n ])i*r>.5«f^<llri(;: of this o-.'aractcr ," {r^ ^^p'-'\.\ v. ieyMour . 
oup r r,r . p, 393; _^ch v, ?? npl c , 3C 111, App. ?^9? , <lir; Hake v. 
People, P30 111. 1''4, 186.) "Opposing testimony will, not be 
hftRTd," (Cr_ook v. Poople., 16 111. "toA, fSS*?.) And, if tvie 
cns^ers prove falae, "the r-jinedy is by inUcUnent ^or pcrjui*/," 
(^H fl^k e V, ,Peo2l£, _Bup_ra; ■Jtuli^ v. I ■ e_o;jl.y, > .gyj.'rj^,} On the 
hearing of the present it wai^ di^'clotjed, by the teotimony 
of witnsfisjea otiior t.hii:i defendant, th=:t on Cctob-r ", 1914, 
daf en'i.:nt atated int'.r alia to .Tudf;*' ^vy thct "th:xr<^ were no 
judgJHenta of record -iguin-t him uiiiM-.ticf ied of r-, f;ord in the 
city of CUic.'.o or county of Cor^k, '' and th;.-.';, by Q\f^ intro- 
duction in evidence of certain records of the J.'unicipal ." mrt 
and other comets of record in Coo:c Cnunty, r t, ihat biiQe 
(October 2nd) there wore mor<i than 1? ied judgmentB 
of record in said courts against defendant in ff.vor of Vi'.rious 
parties. The defendant then orally at.atcd und.^r onth thnt 
when ho wao interrogated by Judge S'ry on Octob'-r 2nd "nothing 
was osid to biro vrith reference to judgnents psndini; r^ainst 
him" Jind that "tlio bond way tr.lcon by the court vtitho-Jt h 
ecliedule, " and that hn orally •♦denied absolutely th-_t he 
had Wide the ntateaent r.t *.>\'^. time the bond ^faa -.!if;n'3d that 
tl^ere -ifere no julgmentg r.gain;-t hi.'ii," .Ve jrc of the opinion, 
unvinr the facts and under the authorities^ abov-? nit- d, that 
'.7hen the defonaart gave the abovo testimony in open court, 
thpt testimony should have been given tl-ie asiac; force bx^d 
effect «.3 if he had ftade the same statements tjid the Hume 


n-:..^. - :::.•■ Yy ,'^?-'* (.-M«! ,.S/,f. ,q(j/. ,£XI f.VI ^»>Iaoeq .•» 

c> ',-' r^'ainftjb YAXi{f>J;tia»q» oil ,-iGwaJtB 

ti rfo -^^ «>rt tx 10 ,,b{*i>ni'<''% «-i: t>r<-j/4rf» 

iJ^'li:'!*!- •" 'dk^S-MM^y '',T^i*Q:Bia'is> »itt* I* ajitl>?»«>5>or'3iU - nil jnyoo 

."■^ »3txjH ;OIiv ,?0f. ,4!^q^: ,IM OS. '*g£^'=Li ^^^ !^J[2i_ i^^^- ^^i liiSiiWiL 

R-' :ron Siivi xaoiidS^^i ^(tlmw-0'* US8I .i-'?! .CXI 05^ ,ȣqG9% 

^iJ 'ii ^bti!\ {\'^^^ ^i-Sd:,. ,SMr'M, :^&lf{'3fa^%.y iJo&TiO) ^tbiivni 

BiH (iC (*^H2iS. ♦l^&iiJiilS '•'"^ i&?l£ <£!Hil£. «iiJia££S •'^ S2i!i;i 

\<x9i 'srCi- --cJ .,;i>*a«S>!£©:8»ii^ 4ii8#.:#i mum :ttm&&tq. mU. to scciijsarf 

^'£^l ,S i;:^doiJ»<5 *•«> %.'.-.' < - ^ cm^&p s:vsidi&. xe&o e&.aa&aSiv'tii 

s^fiamji). i; t kfvijmj:itimm *^i asixi^ ^^-itoiw ^tyw i^imii ffcxsS tocfo^oO) 
«!'•• ^- fovtslt iti. isuiijisi»"iQh ittMtin-stfx ^iiaon bt»9 at foaoooi to 

■ •;3(j tJinesetjihMt eJ" oam^Toloi cUHvt mid oi blwe saw 
i^^-xuoo stl* ^d «&3{^ Hew ftdotf mlf* iJSJ^ii btta ?(«i'< 

- - , ^*" ' ' '^' .,u., r,t4^ i!fi>«u baa tt*o«t erf;f lobrtw 


dsnial in a written .mswer under oath to tlie rule to show 
cau&e, th-;t by auch testimony the defendant Bufficientlj 
purged hircself of the charge, and the ccui !- e-red in 
not sr&ntin^ dofendtin t' a niotJ.on Lh.t the rult be J.iB?h!irged 
ar.d the proceedingn "be dismissed. In thi*; connic tinn 
reference is al5£0 made to the c<iBe of Peool e v, ;jj.rnn_, 181 
111. App, 475. 

The juJgitant of tho Municiptil Couit is r'^versed, 




CHKST-SH c, ifo:^, «t al., 

\ Ap-.ell«e8, 





ROY/^L Lll^ii IS.UJlAtrclS COMPANY , 
a corporation* 



199 I.A. 305 


^/ Thio is the appeal of th» Royal Lif o Insuronois 
Company, a corporation, from an Int rlooutory orir of tho 
:iupcrior Court of Co k County appointing a receiTcr of its 
property without notice. 

The bill was filed en yobruary 28, 1916, by Ijoster 
"■, Moe, Catharine javio Moe, Harold nossitf^r, Mabel OehlBon, \ 
C. i>, Krysiniiki, Julius ohieffert, Adolph Poitrson and ildon 
Ohluon, coMplainnntH, ae "siookiioldfsre in Royal Life Inour- 
nnco .oajpfmy, » c Tpor^tion, on bohalf of theiaseiveQ and all 
oth ;r stoolcholdcrs in aaid corporatinn aimil^rly oituat;d." 
The defendontB name 1 in the bill were th corporation, and 
Alfred Clover, Oacar '*, i;teck, . arl a, Barkt'r, J« ?, 
oingleton ruid . ji'. aibbo, dirtctora and officrra of the 
corporation, and -^ufuo K, i'otts, ae Ineuranoe superintendent 
of the Jtute of Illinois. The bill whs affom to by illiam 
tfcKinley, the aolioitor for the conplainfmto. It is recited 
in the court* s ord(^r, entered the sr^e day the bill was 
filed, the cauue oime on to be heard upon the verified 
bill of complaint of eaid Btock>ioldcrB »ind the nf fidnvit of 
J, M. Pederaon, presented in support thereof and filed, and 
th t it appeared to tho court that it wua necea iury, in 
order to prfserro the asaota and property of said corporation ^ 

I'^^l '. 



'< Aii-.^" 


^Hj^ iH» lot^*^ sure 

^t .«««i»«i«^««®'' *^ '•^ **'^" ' - -* 

that a recolTer, p^^ndente lite , be forthwith and without 
notice appointed. It io thereupon or.ittrHrl, in aub(>tance, 
that Mark P. Bransfield of »:hicnij;o is appointed receiver, 
until th« further order of tho eotirt, with tho usual rights 
and powers of r ceiT«r« in chancery to receive and take and 
hold poBRoaoion of all tho property and assets of the cor- 
poration, real and personal »nd whftreaoever situate, includ- 
ing all bonka, rocerdB, files, etc., and including all moneys, 
bonds, stocks and securities '♦except sucli fis raay have hereto- 
fore been deposited with or mu now be in the pooseoiiion of 
the Insurance upnrintendent of the tate of Tliinois," and to 
hold the sane "to thfs exclusion Of all other persons xmd all 
directors or ether officers" of seid corporation, and '♦to re- 
ceive and collect preniuas and conduct the business other than 
to accept apDlicatione or ie^ue policies," upon his filing 
bond with sufflcienct surety in the sua of $35,0(0, conditioned 
upon the faithful perforaumce of his duties h» such reo«?iver, 
nnd provided that ooiiplainants shall first ^i;ive bond in the 
sua of $5,000, with Bufficiunt uur<^ty, payable to B»id cor- 
poration, conditioned upon the p.^yiaent of all druaaf^es, in- 
cluding attorney's foes, sustained by ror^son of the apr^oint* 
aont and acta of the receiver in ohso his np ointment ia re* 
voked and aot aside. On the same day the two bonds aentienod 
in the order were prnuented and ap )roveci by the court and 
filed. On fcarch 1, 1916, all of the def endfmts, except 
!^fu8 V. Potts, Insurance uperintendent, entered their 
Appearance, filed a deaurrer to the bill, and aoved the court 
to vacate tho ord'?r ap ointing the receiver, and on finrch 3nd 
the court, af *-er hearing the arKuments of co miel, denied the 
action • ' 

The corporation aubsoquently and in apt tiae per- 
fected this ap. eal from thu order of the court, entered 

OAvitf "t^Me *:f«*aisiW'i' #4# ■^83'X£€«;0?> hem manJttmt^ io»i,-;' 
l»»4K>i^;«i«t «^ffled' fiM-i ^ii9 %ss.i> ©jfcr.w rdS ^ ••iiioiii rf ■ -•■■.-,- 


y«l&ru8Ty '28th, appointing the receiver. /This appeal was 
properly taken from th«t order, (In re tilphtmbaua Plumbing 
Co.. 77 111, App, 563; J«c, la.i l>r&ctlc« ^ct; Iroguola ?ttr » 
jajafifl-JJft. ▼. Klabark, 85 111, App, •5^9, 405; Hend'sraon v, 
Flanagan . 75 111, App, 283, 293,)^^ 

While it la alleged in tJtie bill that the cnmplaln- 
ante are stookholdera in the corporation, it is not stated 
ndaat the amount of tholr stock-holdings is, either individually 
or colleotively. or whon they or any of then acquired their 
• took. The bill allegee in substance that ooisetiiBe prior to 
April 30, 1914, the d^fendanta Alfred Clover, Barker, ingleton 
and Oibba and certain other individuals filed with the Insurtmce 
iiuperintendent of Illinois a declaration signed by then aa 
corpor$»tors, in pureuanco of an act of the legislature of 
Illinois, entitled **;\n Act to organlzs and rugulate the businese 
of life insurnnce,** approved March ^26, 1869, and other acts 
anendatery thereof; that thereafter they received from said 
>>uperintendGnt a certified copy of anid declaration and pro- 
cor:ded to open, and did open, books of aubsoriptlon to the 
capital stock of said Royal Life Insurance Coinp<my, and pro- 
ceeded to collect the capital to ef foot a coaplete organization; 
that ''thereafter said corporation deposited with aaid Ineurance 
.superintendent the an'^unt of said capital, to-wit, the aura of 
$100,000,* and that said oup or in ten dent isBued to said corpor- 
ators a oertificato of deposit, which witli said copy of aaid 
decltoration was, on npril 30, 1914, recorded with the rocordar 
of deeds of Cook County; and that thereupon said oorpomticm 
eonunenoed buainesn and issued policies, 

the bill further alleges that the said corporation 
was organized by aaid Alfred Clover and hia said Asaooiates 
pursuant to a *plan and conspiracy," led by said Clovor and 
participated in by him and hits ast^ociates, "for the purpose of 
enabling them to sell to yur orators, and to other a took- 


.r.«*^*^1, atjWtffg'^.ffejiJB XS, ia£^ «'*ains« -diAiatiJ M^r^ mSLni XS^9%^tq 

*M^, M^S.^Slk J*** v^i^p^/'.isiwf ft«<t' 3»ti ;«li& ♦i^qfA.' Ult' W''%;j|^ 

•'^ .«ss»2£feS2;l i^^ t^'^'^^^ **t<^A aiS. ea ,(i&iiiil«s^i_*'«^ -.ia2....S!aiiii 

■•'■/"•"< *s^^ «®*^ .^c/j?i .iii St ,.ffl5j.vutg|;i 

a«J*»X®iii:---: ,'»M£'iS39S 4'a:o'r«ii> ifew'i.-tXA •»i!'0j3l>«eit-»fe 9i£j ^hMt ^nt U^h 
»«i*^ ^# «ffJ^fflilr--,etfa«f 1;« »sL«»(ff ,it«»'«^- bjyb' B*ia8' -.i*^ 
'- -- ~r%^9n h^0» fiieiiimt*Xi&m:iMM htm ;1|^ttuoO' dleittd 1» 'ttltlrr;." "^■ 

• 4* 

holders and to the public, lBrg« avounta of utook f.t prieos 
two, three, f'our nnd five tisneo the ptir value thereof, to 
thereby collect great eunw of nsonoy wnieh thoy intended to 
and did thereafter vm^i to pay theiRaelvea Isirge and extravagant 
mum aa conwiis^ions, salarieo and expensee upon the Bale of 
stoek and upon the? wale and writing of insurance by uxxdti 
corporation, and to nlsapprnpriate and convert to th«)ir own 
nae from any roaaining proc«?ad8 large auina of cioney**; that 
pursuant to snid conopiracy contmcta w.>re jaado between tlover, 
individUMlly, tind Clover and his i^&^oci&tee &a directors and 
•ffioure, in the nnme of the corporation, "for the pciyment of 
excesi'ive, extravagrnt and fraudulent coinidsaion »nd exponaeB" 
to aaid Clover upon thn salt? of &took and insurance; that said 
Clover, hin aesociatea and other persons under his control and 
directi'm, have *unlav?fully -md unjustly** received and tfeken 
from the corpornt. ion "large suma** of roney; that th« corporation 
has collected upon atock aalea wore than |500»C0O, and upon stock 
aalee and insurance premiuna nore than ^50,000; thai th« oor- 
por?itlon has paid out |625,C00, leavi g in its hands at the end 
of the year 1915 less than $lS0,0Or in assets; th.^t of said 
$635,000 looB than t4!S»OfiO has been paid for claiias, and more 
than $^0,000 has been "expended, watited iu\<l Btisappropriated"; 
and that, »a against leaa th^in $120,000 reisainini; au.eta, the 
reservea amount to about ;^70,000, and eth.-^r adaitted liabilities 
to ab'^ut HO, 000, leaving lasn tht«n $40,000 of assets. It la to 
be noted th-it the above allegations are general in their 
char ctcr. Vhile the purpose of the "plan and conspiracy" in 
the organ izatirm of the corpornt ion is t-et forth, the frcCts 
rolnting thereto t\r>i not alleged. hile it is charged that 
■contracts" were nuide botwoon Clover and the directors and 
officers of the corporation in the rarac of the corporfition 
for the payment to clover of "exo.ce.^ive, extravagant and 
fraudulent commiatiiona and expensRa," the contmcte are not 


-^a& tt^ :ie0 ^QO^^^^f% mM^%&m am'^lsmiiq, »i>a»%mssk fj^, 
ct •'Y."'«'<i<|«»s2riMi> {.--.'f. aaf^i** t-if,?' l;«i »«3«ih|«m« »it* tell**.' 

■.r<»/V«tfc «»nit'fti)» 9I;»V«>|iJ) M<KWl#flc:' '^ ^ ' " "-■ 


8©t forth and It ia not 8ho^/n vdiercln tlie pwyruontis are ox- 
ocsBiYe, unlawful or fruudulent, while it ia chiireuti that 
mord than :.i>60,000 has been "oxpend :d, tvaated and mitjo 
appropriated, ** it ia not shown what sums ware disbur8<3d for 
necessnr/ and proper expcnuca and wh..t oums wuro wanted or 
Biaappropr latcd . 

The bill further fillegoB that prior to the conplot^ 
orgunizHti<^ of the corportitlon Clover, for the purpoae of 
selling a took, issued proopectuces, advertieonientB and lit* 
eratur» "containing falue and misleading .itstenents** ru to 
the profits mnue by holders of ^itoeko in life inouriunce coirK 
panics , and that he, by oaid fal»f; and aii&loading bt&temente, 
procured the proxies of those purchi^L&int^ stock in Buid cor- 
perution authorizing him or other of ttt-v corporators to vote 
their stock ;.t the tstocJciioldetra* ir.ooting, and Uuxt by moans 
•f" »aid false and fraudulent plan" he was enabled to and did 
vote the dtock for himself iind -otVicrs in hie Intersnt to fill 
the offices of directors of said eorporation; and thut after 
the org{inization of the co:ii3oration he, by false un<1 mislead- 
ing statements, controlled the jvotiono ani voting power of the 
stockholders by proxy it all stockholders* meetings for his 
o«n interest ann profit, Howhera in the bill are said pros- 
pectuses, etc., t»et forth, nor is it stateid what the stato- 
meats alleged to be false ani mialefiding irere. 

The bill further alleges that Clover, by means of 
said tixi»9 and misleading statementB and advertisements, pF«- 
eured the election of him»'.^lf and defendants otock, ?<ark<jr, 
oingleton and Gibbs as dir ctors of the corporation, that he 
dominated their motions and votes an such dirtjctors, and that, 
in order to more effectually hold control of the management of 
the corporation and to personally pr f it thereby, he procured 
the election of hime(5lf as President, wtock and Barker as 
Jice-Preaidento, ingleton as 'tcretiiry an<l Gibba a- JiodicaX 


tdt bi»ati/:faj:.t> y'l^^ aiaXrig isrffet worfa >on ^i iH '•',J&»*j»i"a.<{ftitnje 
^« Smtesstt »tis<9 mi0u: Shi^ hsm a3)f?m>"^i» t©cio«a^ f>'m ^'susaaessn 

,a^nr>«»^j»J^a ^*i>XiiJi^" fef«ia""'^'«ii«t fe^ja© t<i'' '«»J^ '^f*'***'' 'l>Hi« '|««iftJB'V 

iiU "io TE^s^oq jjoliOT ^ffls? »*ibi#?J-jK'«M# ii^»iiei"K*'rtei> ■,a*«»«»iJ&#' 

• sitot) -ufilb/s^Xeiltdt &«(;> »ieiXAl Off 6i' h&^llu siatn 


yield ouporYiBori thtrt since aaid time he, by "fnlne and 

fruiudulGnt aeans and through the procuranont and use of 

proxiea," still rr^tains hia said control and domlnHtion in 

the affairs and policies of the corpor tion; that at aeTeral 

8tockhold«ra* met^tingB he hus repeatedly refused to pemit a 

"commit lee" Of tho stockiiolders to examine into the manner of 

procurement of snid proxies, thoir legality and genuin^^nees, 

or to determine the number of ahares of Btock rcprnaented emd 

voting at aaid meetinea; thot the i>tock of ti«id corporation 

eonsiated of 10,000 Bharesj of tJie p r value of ,tlf) per ahare 

and «a» aold by the corporation at varioua priceo, rHn;?inR fro« 

$20 to $50 per share; that the total sua received frora the 

aalea of said »took waw in oxceaa of $270,000; thnt in order to 

effectuate SHid oales «UQd to profit thereby. Clover caused "a 

contract* to be entered into between himself aaid the corpora tora 

whereby he va9 to recsive "grossly excessive imA exorbitant auma 

of money" in the promotion of the corporation and the sale of 

the i^vtock, end that aubscquently other '•ulmilar con tr; eta" were 

entered into between himaelf and the dirwctora of the coxT>ora*io"» 

that in the org?iniafrtion of the corponstion and in the promo- 

ti«t of otock aalea Clover made "fDlae, fraudulent and mialead- 

ing BtntementB," and issued and circulated "advertioemente, • 

whereby he induced divera persona in Illinois tmd otht r atates 

to inveat in the i..tock ^f aaid corporp.tion, and from wi ich 

investments he profited personally to the extent of "many 

thouaenda of dollara," and which inveatmenta he caused to be 

made on the cttrun^th of "falao repreaentationa and promiaea," 

and aaid inveetors wvre deceived and fraudulently misled, 

wronged and injured'*; that after the orgunlaution of the 

corporation Clover installed a system of accounts denij^ned and 

intended to d ceive and conceal "f ale e/Traudu lent pruoticea" 

by him then ct^rried out for hia peraonal advantage and profit 

and whereby he did ao profit to the extent of large suma of 


ffio^^l ^nli^^ti; ,^.«»fii^ at-t«04-i«'i' $n mM&%%<^9^, «m# '^cf J»X©8 .aijiw i>«a 

lo *Xa9 nru htm .miiM%f3f^%m -^^ t© «Q|if«.i«o.r£<|.(|«i* jii "tftK«Ka '>o 

^'.t>;tM4-.9 %i>i^9 fim MimUiSX aX. Mf^M'mti ^toivib l))»90i>n| vA %0»%i!iifyi 


money; and th»t prior to »ay 1, 1915, Clover "caused to be 
withheld* from examincra of oaid InKurance Department "certain 
obecks for diBbura omenta of medical tefiH' and other itena" in 
order to deceive oaid Department a.v> to the actual and true 
finwneifil condition of the corpomtion. lit will be noticed 
thiit many of the allegations in this paragrr^ph contained atate 
con cluB ions rather than facta . .vor auf^itt that appeara to the 
contrary tin./where in the bill from fact s allr>ged, the election 
of Clover and the other dirsctora ^aa lawfully accomplishfcd by 
A majority vote cf the atocWaolders, in person or by proxy, in 
accordance with tfie utatute, and thoir el' ction (*'-, officers 
also lawfully aecocipliBhcd in acGordance with the by-laws, and 
that the general control and supervision cf tl.e corportxtion 
waB origin clly veated and has remained vested in the president, 
Clovjr, through the action of the holders of the majority of 
the stook, voting eith«r in porson or by proxy aa wab their 
right. \ It loss not appaar -sjhot were the "falue and fraudulent" 
Beans which it ia alleged were used bv lover to procure 
proxies, what the "contract" waa which it is alleged he made 
with the corporators and what the " similar contracts" were which 
it ia alleged he made with the directors, whether or not said 
contract" are still in force, or for ^hat period of time they 
were to remain in force, or what were the "false, fraudulent 
•nd misleading otateraenta** which it ia ullegod ho made, or the 
"advertiBements" which it is alleged he issued and circulated, 
in his endeavor to induce aubacriptiono and payments for stock 
at prices above the par value, whisrein aaid 8UbBcrib"*rB and 
stockholders ware "deceived ?jid f rnudulently milled," 

The bill further alleges that Clover, in order to 
"divert suspicion" as to the "groaaly excesaivo profits" re- 
ceived by him, nrrp-n.^od with the other c'irectore thnt h« 
should receive a salary of 399,99 per month for hia services 
as president of the corporation, that in hia atatement* to 


'.eXJotiia «<3tt ■th^.^*ii£i\ efl|a j>;| : Kaa*sl XXI<^ s»«^ «Jt »K[sS*iriiO« ""iiaiiaoo 
flfoJ^iVxci^rs^^ "i-^ tfl mtmlv^^mia him Xo «#««*»«> I«i*nea «i*t teJit 

3t»«r^a wt »*'aG»Y,»a bite aaoliqiisxatfye ftowtai orf' ^ovsiQ&.v 

fcau «^*tfi'i"> ?»<*«*! i:i«c» tjirtfei^ ,®tfX«v »ij<i ©iJJ^ oVoflto' aciOi .'..i ^-t; 
•.b»X»ji6i y;X^f»Xalitt»'«l! biiK iwivl^osfc" «*^«w «'*»hXo/'a[»«t4B 


proapi3ctiv« purc>!;:o tb of istock fuui to policy iioldc ro h« 
reprftsmte'i tart his SHlary htk* thu tioderato uulnrloa pttid 
to other of fleers wao lndio»tn of h policy of kctepinK th« 
expeneea doim end tli«rel&y paying lw«irge dividendu^ und th»t as 
a r«»uilt of hi© ahovc mentioned "excem ivo contracts" for 
cmsLiifsnlone on tiie oele of stock and on feueinean written, he 
in fiict r<;ceive;cl an inconso rf not lee;. thRn $13, COO per year; 
end that iarccdiBtely t-i'tcr thn r < ipt from o»ir. IrRurance 
Department of the ttutJiority to open "becks of aubscription to 
the ciipite.! a to ok, (^iovisr incurred "grossly exooatire expcinae" 
for rental and mf&intcnanoei of officaa in (livers citiea to aHsist 
in the »sXq of Btook in orJsr that Vt« might personally profit 
thereby. There !« no all eg at ion in th'; l^lll ae to imunt ©f 
»ucfc exceeaive expense, Heithor it5 thfjr« finy«sg:iti'j!n relative 
to the Juration of mioh "exee»'iiTe contr«iCta** nor aaid 
eontrsictB were in violctjl'm of s !cti«m iiOS 1 of chapt«jr 76 of 
Kurd* 8 ;tatutaa of Ivlo,) therein it ie provided in ^substfiunoe 
that no life inwurancc coiepany shoXl make any MgreeQif?nt with smy 
of its officerfj, ¥;herfjby it &greea that Bucn officer for ser- 
vices rendered or to be rtmdcrod ahali receive any aylary, 
compensation or eimolum-nt thnt will extend beyond a period Of 
thr«« years from tiio date of t'uch Jigreernent, trnd whorein it is 
also provid<«d th»t no officer or director, who is paid a aalary 
for his ssrvices of inorg th;in ^lOO p or month, shjill r'*oeiVii any 
othar compenjati<m or eFrolurB'mt. | 

The bill further alleges thnt Clover and the dir- 
ectors in violation of th« 1«wb of the ->tate of .<irconuin, sold 
stock of the cor-poration in that atate, vvhereby tho oorporijition 
is "subject to actions** by the purohasero for tho recovery of 
the lunouats paid thorefor, Thore im no nliegstion th -.t ;»ny 
such actions have been begun or thrctatened, or ti' t complainants 
hi<.rB -jriy injury by such sales. The bill further 
alleges thri &l a i? ockholdcra' mofitinc Clover, au prouident, 

o* flot.J^i'-ni^' 'la aM^of) mq<i ^.i 'iJlt.oti9Si.ii ©jfiiT, te'-Jf Baas'' •sjBfsfi 
'^««i»i5X9 3vJca8?>o.;!i-5 vfae^'t't* W-'it«f>«l 'S»v<ii5 ,io<!:^i' .i»*i'^«a »M# 

1=.. c;{ J5fi iXlo *i^ ffi «oii-iS!|jtS5iX« ott «S s-s^eft ^ij^tf^retit 

-i ii J6dk9-ji>r<:w f;ni« ,»t»:^i«f«i»^:sf; rfSM»a •*■« ©I'sh art? atOTit firtaw^ »e"5iti 
Ktm «iriet»*": iXiJif*^ 4il^,jj5!H! 2Sil B!Mk IBlil^ giyftsi 1« »jt»JhPit?» «lr£ nol 

• 9m 

rafuayd to ent'srtuiii tho motion of '♦n'jrtain otocJjhold jre" 
that a "•joamlttesj*' ba tip.jolnt'-'l to uuilt the bo ilcti t)f ttas 
oorporwtion. Th(ji*Q ia no allagation that proper booJca of 
acooual ware injt Krapt or that fjorcplainnnto did not haivo aoce»» 
th<ir6to, or tiiat tha annual ^'Muenta requir^i "by atsitute to 
be filfld *ax'« ontrufl. 'fh-i 'bill furthe'^ Hllagea thnt "hoary" 
loaaes hava hertu sust&ine'l and mort? Jorjtt«»« t»lH be suotained, 
by that iri&uanue of ^auj-at.m'lardl* pollei<»? to Indivi'lluala 
aTtdr their applioations had been r«Jceted by the medical dlr* 

Tho bill further ullgac In fsubst'^nc© tb^t, "by stoans 
•f Buld frebudulont ecta" on the part of Cloynr f?«i th« othir 
offic^srr. and of "said frandR" uyo/; thd policyholcVrs and istoclc* 
holders, the surplus of $170, orn wub fe:Xp"nded and tJho capital 
of the ooxiips*ny became irapair'-ri; IJ-iat Clov<»r, on July 14, 1^14, 
oonventid a a[(i':ting of tht; Jir.-ctoro, at which ;aeotinf? they 
pttjsoa ife reeolution liugriootin^ a change of t}?'.-* ohjoot of tlif? 
corporatiow ao u to inuure jvjj'GontJ s^uin s^. lio^'Jly injury, dis- 
abiiii^y or death rotsultinii froia locidt-nto (purauowt. to a oortaii 
uot of Uie I'ltjialature of the estate of lllinoie wheroby life 
induruno^ compHniei.; c-m .ilmo ongafS* und^r c r -nin oonditions in 
tlie buaiuoas of HCoid<3nt and h3«ith inuurraice) imd Bur^ioistiMH 
■Hii iiicrtjAje lu U\j c.xj^it-il :*tocit from ?*lOO,0f)O to .1:300,000 
divided iiito I^O.CIO uharoij of the par valu<i af ^10 por iharo; 
that at. H oabnaquent iiioatin{; of thu utookiioldero aueh chungen 
wore duly authorised and th» required dooluration «md oertifioato 
wore July filoi ^ith the InJ^ur-uicc :upHrint.'>ndont and Recorder 
of DciiSu of oaid Cook bounty, fosp -ctiv^ly; th it und^r 8«id net 
it is required that y. lift? insurrmoe uowptmy, Hslrlnfj aloo to 
en^jage in the buaineoe of vccidont fwid health inaurunce, ohall 
depoait with the In»urimoc Jupcrint JivJint ut leut ?100,nco. 
In addition to the liky sum pr.virjunly dopoutt^d on n'^coimt of 
itu life intmruace buBinoo", w • Ich c rna Otill b« hclf) in trust 

«i!* 't'C RJf*'Oc' pm tth-m- m mStdi^^ipi ©tit ^'wfeiTitlmaon* a Jiii^ 

"■■':'- Trf^th'sm *>sii x<^ b^^i&&l,w%--m'^€ bjaii »imi *-»»!; Xofui tht.tli ^•#1a 

-8i*! ♦X'stf^f''* tii-'>««r *ip-alfl|iA' imoai'^fe^ »«»«M••^o*•'5^«^.©r'««>i4drt■l'><^^^^ 
•ltL';^l':'t'M*o ban rf'tft>,*iiUr.'>l hsitivc-fi'-'s f^ttf htm bibLk^tidt ts& x>iato ttnt»m 


\>y 8uch superintendent for the benefit of policyholders and 
for othttr purpofoos prescribed; thnt upon tho filing of aaid 
declaration Clover, in order to induce purchasea of the in- 
oreaBed atock and obtain the necasisriry fun !ti to aake such 
additional deposit, adyertiaed the pu3rpo»e of the cotspany in 
nakin^? such ohangea, but that his real purpose wao to dcceire 
proapi^ctiTO inveetora in aaid inerease$d stock in ord<r that 
ho Bdght ptsraonally profit by the aales of aaid stock; that he 
induced dlTcra persons to inrcat in utuch atock "by uialeading 
atatementa and falae adTertiaeisenta'* relative to the proposed 
additional business and to the condition of the company; that 
he sold over 7,400 aharea of such atock, of the par value of 
$10 per shax'e, at the price of $M> per share and upw(\rdB, and 
for which there was coll emoted more th«i $220,000; that said 
7,400 ahjiToa were purchHsed by said investors pursuant to said 
doclnration filed and because of the ropreaentations made, and 
that said sun of more than $220,000 nas received by the oor- 
poratiOD aa a trust fund in order to provide the neoeRi^ary 
amount required to be depoaited with said Insurance upor- 
intendent before the company should engage in said accident 
and health business; thnt at the time of filing said declaration 
and certificate the capital stock of tlie eonipfmy, as originally 
organized, was greatly impaired; that from May 1, 1914, to 
''ecem>}er 31, 1914, because of "raisnana^ement" Of t>ie coBqpany*s 
affairs and the payment of said "large commissions" to ("lover 
aa, the sale of stock and the writing of policies, the capital 
otook of the company became impaired to the extf^^nt of over 
#^0,000; that during the year 1915, Clover and his usaociates 
continued to "mismanage" the (if fairs of the company and to 
"profit" by the sales of ntock and the iuduanoe of policies, 
so that "the capital of said corporut.on (including the moneys 
paid to it by stockholders on the represontntion that the same 
was to be used for the purpose of providing said fund to be 


... . . .._.,, .... , ...^ ,,, ^. ^ 

Haa *.ttit# jQ.f)0 ,0£S:| :i3»f^ _#^^,>tl^^Xi;,eo . bjrw ^ ©'3t»*» i^ir, ■ 
f^j»« *ifc? "^ l>»vi<5(»«'x ««s? aOO„^^|j0»«** !9^o«! t« jB«a hiiit J«iii* 
;t«i»ibl.'>a» b^jsf al ^stsa^m klu&M '^ima>s««> «x£# dt^tocf ^j«8j^M»|iyt 

» *YK-><l»«>-y »«^* ''*■© ''.txwicrc^^^jfWiWsM* S» »«»«»»af ,i>'X^X ,X6 -EtpioV - 


daposited with said Insurance Superintendent amounting in 
tha aggr«:gate to over |172,00C) was impaired in the eum of 
OTer $135,000"; that Closer and his associates hare nersr 
set apart the moneys colleoted froiu sales of said increaiaed 
stock to t^e used aa said deposit with the Insurance .3uper- 
intendait, and that the same were aiisapplied 1»y the cor* 
poration and by Clover and hia asi^ociates for his own profit 
and to pay liabilities and charges upon the corporation as 
originally organized and to supply "a portion" of the deficinaey 
In the capital stock; that from the aggregate sales of the 
original stock and th« sales of "the portion" of the increased 
stock, the corporation has rece?ived over 1^500, GOO, and that "of 
said amount, after provision for the payment of the admitted ( ho 
liabilities includinn: the reserTea on policies and other proper J* 
claimq , the corporation heio a balance of assets of loso than 
$40,000; that during the y«ar 1914, owing to "extravagant and 
wasteful operation," the gross loss in surplus amounted to over 
^136, 000, and during the year 191?> to over ^160,000; thjU on 
December 31, 1015, "the aaoets rcru;ining, after providing foy 
ttie a<imittQd lial^ilitietj and for the r«JBerye8 on outstanding ofo^ 
policlq-Q , sJEounted to less th; n $40,^00"; that by reason of 
"false and fraudulent representations" made in the sale of said 
increased ^tock the compjmy is "liable" to the purchrsftrs there- 
of "for the entire purohaae price puid therefor," amounting to 
more than ;;}216,000, which sum is in addition to all other lia- 
bilities, and th'it said liability of $216,000 with said other 
liabilities make the company absolutely insolvent, in that the 
tiBtr.1 liabilities on December 31, 191P), including said liabili- 
ty of $216,000, amount to "more than $296,000, as a|5 linat assets, 
including all securities deposited with said Insurance iuper- 
intendent, not exceeding 51>20,roo": that Clover and the other 
directors now propose to provide for a further additional 
i8?.ue of stock, for the purpose of securing for their po^^rsonal 


f)««.«*ioiil hlmm t9 w^X*jg molt J^«ii*50rXoo ax®.ii9ffl »ii3 i'l -i^« i^s 
i-ttdit «w« sfiit •s«''i «3«ri^l»®«s.<3' «f|d fous x»V«iXO Njcr kns- ■ g 

hssiSdioKi 3F*f* ^9 *jfBs4ttT0^ s^jt?^ ** t© JseXfin »rf* feaa is»o4a X»flisXto 

x^G9 ^.,<r „-xfo,fji ^, bg'4.,_.agi»jtXQ,<?^ ;f!^.,iaj$x'^T-^.'>!^.. .M ^ ,, $ft^-^rK '^ ? ,.!'f^.wf.^."'^.^^^^^ ^^ 

lifttf^ s«-3X Its als'saji la doftMa«f ^ mid fttsi*ja-att(n«o »*tr »^UXaXa. 
ttm 5iSBjj«T««t*3c»* ©4^ 3/sl\*o ^i^'iGri t&nx »xS^ attitlsfB *«iC* jOOO^GI^^ 

to rtOftfl®T 'tcf *«il^ ;«000,0>^ jTii^rf* «afi»X &;i htii^imsui \sMJiLiiiSi 

•nlX r^iifn lia 93 mlitbh» til aJt m&r« iioXiiw 4b«1^«J^X$| fiSii^ ^-xofli 
9»titm tiita tUlv Orvi,fiXSit ^s ^^iXitffilX M«« >sif* *«a ,ii»l^iXltf 

rlXftHll l>X««! %iilbvt^tti ,<!XOX ,XS icixfofiftoeCI itb ««Xi^XXid<>}iX Xn^t)!i^ 

: Jt«e f(;fX4» l>«lX«0V6b ttftli^l^Md' iJt&tfXooi 


becefit "largA sums for oomrniaulona and promotion exp^naes** 
on thi: sale of ouch additional a took ariii of procuring rconcy 
for "con inuftd oxtraTagsnt nnd wH:^toful oxponditureu" in the 
conduot of tho Ijusinffios of the oompany, that the aal« und 
l»i]u« of »ny auoh additional stock, upon such '^fai&e and fraud* 
ul«at ropres^it&tiona" ao hAVo bewn made in the sale of ths 
proYiouB i»ou«8, will result in greatly incroaoing the llabili- 
ticB of tho company for their "fraudulont" act© and in wholly 
deutroyinf; the intaroat and property in the anmpeaiy of cob- 
plninonts; that Clover and his as lOciatea "are now endeavoring 
to isell the remaining $25,OOC of the capital atock^ at pricpe 
ran^slng from $30 to $50 per ehar©; that "it ia essoatial to the 
welfare of th« coHipony" that the d' f endanta Clover, ^teclr, 
Bnrkor, viingleton and aihbs "bo rtsfflovesd aa dirsctora of tiaid 
coiTJoration, * that tho/ "threaten the co»jp,'my with financial 
niin," and that they "have entered into an unlawful conopiracy* 
to deprive tho atock^ioldera other than themselvoo of their 
rights aa stockholders by "♦fraudulently and unltiwfully ex- 
ploiting the corporation and converting ita funds and asi/Ots 
to thfslr own uae"; that on accoi^nt of tho forogoing acta tmd 
doings of Clover and the other directore, the inte-rests of 
complainants, othar stocWioldera, policyholders and the puMlo 
hav« been '•greatly and irrepHrnbly injured," and thair atjveral 
lntf>r«8t8 will continue to be "very • -riously Jeopardized* j 
th^t, therefore, it ia •^imperii lively n-ceBBary" that the re- 
imalning asBeta of the corporation, jmd the inturesta of coii> 
plainantn, other utookholdera, policyholdera and the pu^>lic, 
should be conaerved and keyt intact, onJ that "a rucuivar be 
sppointed to conservs aaid auaets, as far aa the Ofiine may now 
hn oasible, and to prevent the further depletion i^i fraudulent 
coKvsrBion of th« aaxne," lit will again be obaerved thut in 
thio paragraph many concluaiona tire s tinted rather than facta 
from which the concluaion may bs reached; thwt for aught that 

m'''i * » 

■^^ffvttyqx^ twlSemi}X% htm etffsin^hmi9 t«t »mii» ©si 
ei(^ to ttl»u »/ti ni »&«» n(i9d tivjsai ss *3floi.4»in&&»'s'q(> 

X^tovos tihiii ban " ,^«lv{,at Xl(fi)ixnq»'X^t''ha» ■■. 

: 'b£r,lbimqp9>l v,X««M0-?*t?»8 ^fSttV** *<f o;f •«ihi*rtr>» XXiw •ii»n-?V-i 

Haw) lo »J«oi».'^ni «s(i jbJM «iioi#<R'ro<jr9tC»o e^ It* lli^»«i&«l sain? - 
,9J(X<^uq »lW iJiW »-i;*.feXorfx,i>jfcX«»^ .••SoAXofCjfooi* <K»lU« 


appears to th« contrai'y th« inorttaua of fiha eapitui utojls: 
from 4100,000 to $200,000, for the purpoao of on^saging iii 
accident and hoislth In^suranoe buuinotia^, waa lu-fstxilly cASOom^ltah- 
ed by vote of tha 3tockiiold«r8 in rae'?tlng aasajsniilel, auid th^it 
eaid inureaae waa aauented io oy coBiplainj*nta, lh«r« "b'iitig na 
allegations as to flAiether oooiplainantt} ur& owners of ;jh,xr«» of 
th« orlijlnal or of the Increased stock; that It is not shoaxi 
what the "mialaading at&t«ments and f&I^.'ie udrertiaoia^ntB" vi?ore 
by wnich lover induoed varloua Individuals to purchase ubout 
three-f ourtho of the numb'^r of uharce of said incr^c^sed atock, 
of which a took one-fourth of th«» ahar<iQ are as yat unsold; 
that oertain allegations of the gen>r&l finanaial coniitions 
of the ooxapany at the ond of th« ye^r 191?'), are scnewhat con- 
flicting with other allagatinns; that it ia rot s?hc;m what the 
"itdailtted liabilitiQB" iU'©, oi wh«5t are th« aiBounta -fthc 
"reserves on pollclea"; that the alleged liability of the 
company to pay back |31d,0CC to t^ie purchasers of tha Increased 
stock, beciiuae of allotted "fal^e and fraudulent" repr<^3entationa 
mads prior to th«r a^ila, which representt^tians are not not forth, 
i« to say the least doubtful; th t, not tiikint; into corjcide ration 
this allegod liability, th« allegations do not diuclorx^ thnt 
the comp:my is in an inttolvent condition; and thut it iu not 
shown that the proposed additional increase of litock hc.^6 been 
$iUthorlzed by the otook^iolders ioid th^t, henoe, the alle2<^'d 
Uangt^r of liabilities urising from the sale of ei ch inMitional 
Btock, not yet in (ixiidtence -^r «ven suthoriaed, is not 
imminent, i 

• It is alleged in subetance in the ffidi.vit of J, 
K. I'ederoen that he is by occupation a bnokkwepcr (md j-ccountant; 
that he entered the employ of the def «n lf«t conpcmy on Janu-ory 
7, 1915, and oontinucd in that ami>ioyment au bookkeepr^r until 
Kay 1, 1915; that during xJie period of hio enploymnnt Clovar 
drew out "lar^e auma'* of money from th« treaaury of th-s coja- 


ppTjy t>t v»>rioua times wiiioh he first dlr»*ct(*rt tc b« charged 
to his p«r««<5nnl account and Rft<?rw«rcl8 to aundry Items without 
▼ouohers{ Vhnt the nothod of tranaaotlng buulnesn wee "loooe 
nnii imbuBin'^sslik***; thit ln.rg<« nuni"b<«r» of checks were made 
out for "medloalnf eee and other ■attere" and the chrtcks plaoed 
in the vr^ult, -vid that f*n exanln<»tion of the oonrprjiy's affairs 
wee Bade by the Insur^noe Departnent find these Tarioua and 
sundry i*ieme were "concealed* from said departnent under 
rXover'o direction; that nt one time aaid department directed 
tli'^t a certain method of keepioj^ the accounts be Installed 
and thrt au'bsequently rilovor dlr-^cted affiant to disregard 
said directions and *>o rotain the old system; that at. another 
tine a firm of certified public acnountonta was employed by 
the comp.'iny to inrtalX a aysten:) of bookker»ping and thnt said 
fir!s*B !=«ug£;ee>ti<si;8 thoreon were vdiolly disregarded; that the 
selling of stock of the coinpany tvao ^olly un ler the direc- 
tion of Clover, thnt at some times Clovnr reported to offiant 
the net amount r»nd t other tiraea the gross jimount received 
from ouch sal'^o, but thnt his rf^ports did not show to whom 
corarrireior.a were paid on the sale of a majority of the atock 
or thr; amounts of the comminiilonii; that at the time affiant 
left the ewrploy of the company the books in many inatances 
did not show to whom commiosions were paid or the amounts 
thereof, th t according to th« books Clover's salary appeared 
to be "99,99 per month, but th«t he drew large sums of money 
weekly and claimed that ho had a contract with the company 
iThnrsby he was to receive one per cent, {1%) of the buuineso 
of the eoijpnny, which ara«nint'd to a large sum of money, and 
that in afriont'e oginion no complete nudit of the books could 
be Bwde whereby the Inauranoe Juporintendent, the public, the 
pclicyholdera or the stoeklioiatsrs could obtain aufflclent in- 
form tioa as to the actual financial condition of the com- 
pany, \/ 


ab-BiR eisrf soi-»s*,d[s 'i^ n*^p*imin !^^^^^ J-j^,«t* j^sijaliiswsvwiiBjMfmj •■■it*'' 
fc»4'0;-'*iJtfc *£i»flf^'i,»«if-5>fci iM:«c g?EKf# gfiist #i^ ^jwi* ;aoj; idea's it) 

-osiin oi-tt "XifeJfeaiy ^XXQi.<sfer «««? if.«e^R»» .ffd* !£« 3f90i«» Ito sinllXea 

-lico^ • 'iri* "io ijii^ot«a i' "^0 »X<?.» »i"C;^ £10 tiifiq wisw n£»Jtff.3ir>««o 

uiimciiUi ^.As 10 i)X«^ vtvtf 8a»A9«XmfliK>o ®ot£?« ©^ w©i{« tea bib 
>»x«i.qqa Y"»>^X*i« a'^ereXv- <isi^d ^«tj «»<} jpiAi^ustsja tfij^silfls: .loft^i^att 
t»netfi lo «m;s ejiifli ^»itif o/* i.-uri* iw«f ,ri#*«^ rinq. i?©,*?®;-; »cr <Kr 

bna ,x»i»m "So «»« «8iaX s «* h«*0»?..iiw ifoiniv ,^m^«»r»9 •rf.'f lo 
■£t; ,oiX«f»/g eat/ ♦#i»h«i*#rtJt'2»55»*i ^onw^irenX »d;^ Tjtfr;it»riw aft;;^ j«^ 


One of lh« grounls urg«:l for a ri'jv rsal in th t th« 
interlocutory ordtT appointing ths recelrer was ftntersd with- 
out notice to the <i«fcnti.'»jnt corapany. In High en 'Amc^trcra, 
4th ild., seotl ->n 111, it is stated; "Courts of equity &re 
excofidingly ixT^rsa to the exercise of thsir extraordinary 
juriodietion "by the appointment of r*oeive;ro upor. «y pr.rtg 
applieatlonSt and this practiee is nert^r telrfrat«d «vcept in 
CiiftOB of thft gravest emorg®ncy, dnmanding the ijran< dinto intor- 
forenco of th« court for th© preTentirm of irrepfa'B"hle injury, 
« • ^^d it may he gst^itsd an the 9«ttl«d pr!ictic*», both in 
'iigland and in iffi^rica, to requir ; tho moving pii.rty t" e,ive 
duo notion of the appllcati<T» to d«*f »*nd{aat, or^^r *4iOft'^' effecte 
he seeks the ap-ointment o:;' a r ?»selT«?rp In order that h« muy 
haVfi ftft opportunity of b^ing hwurd in fl«f«BB«, an1 thnt hie 
property tmy not be auiwsax'ily wTRuteHl from hiia upon vn ^ parte 
application." '•"I.ff author, hov/over, furth r siiytit (. eo, 118): 
"But wh«r« th» propriejty of t-ho action of the our'c in ap'joint- 
ing IS rttc«iv»r without notic« h.'iw >)«en conald<^red hy the oovirt 
upon a oiotlrm to di« charge the rrtceiver, f%nd the 0'">ttrt hiB 
austainf^d th« orif^inal ord?r hy r*fuHing to diarhnrg« him, the 
want of notice of the appointrr.'^nt Is tbnreby aari^d," {■»<'■■» ai«D , 
Brietow V, Home llu ildin ^i Co., 91 Va. 16, PA; H'moock v. Afflorican 
Bondin^n Off., a^ 111. Apr;. 6:iO, «3i5; iiii45^ v, JliSi'iil 
jj^kloiUj5n ,J»., 10 ^ 111. 13, '^7.) In. the pr-sB'mt an«« it 
appears th/it afte:r th»i oouft had >Appoint<*d the receiver without 
notice, the defendant cojnp-'iny Witored itT appparanoe and filed 
a demurrer to the bill t»nd mo\ci![ th(? ':f>urt to vacate ite order 
of appointment, and that thf* c-Jirt, a^'tc.v he ring rgunonto 
of counsel, denied tViO motion. Tinder %h-^ circuraetimces we do 
not tiiink «e would be w^urr^^uted in reveraing the ord'^r of 
appointment u on th<» Bole gr-)und of 3a ck of notico thnt 
apolicutlon for the ap ointment of a receiver would be niado. 

•V ^i'?.*v/T .'^:»T!evr'©rf .-sgifX^rwi?' erf? *.«»i. 

««!» ,«iT< *?^- .ffiay^^n ^W loirs® |/jjBl;.>i^r> r,- 

^•'■'-^Ui^ .~"«^""^S^;a4iiil t^^^' .f'*".^ .«?«5A .iil ^6 ' • .fiS. i'tu^M- . 

■ ' ' V . ' 

■S 1 ■ ■ , . . ■ 



Tho principal point urged fox* a rsvtfrsal of th« 
interlocutory order is that the entry of the sane was not 
warranted under the Allegations of the bill and the accompany- 
ing affidarit of J, V, i'ederB«m» 

We think it is apparent that the bill is not based 
en section 25 of the Corporation Aot. The dissolution of the 
corporation is not prayed for, Tlae bill is filed hy iseveral 
minority stockholders of the corporation and the prayer is 
that Clover and the other directors and officers make a full 
accounting, that certain contracts entered into by and l»etveai 
some of said directors and officers and the company be held to 
be void, that the present directors and offictrs be removed 
froB their respect ire offices, and that a receiver he ap'.iointed, 
pendent e lite , without notice. The allegations of the bill do 
not diaclo»e that the company is insolvent. Indeed, counsel 
for appsllss in t^eir prlat'sd argument here fil«td adait that 
the company is solvent if the poscible liability, ir alleged, 
to ths purchasers of the increased stock is not taken into 
consideration. The appointment of thw receiver, y)endqnte lit _e, 
if Justifiable, mudt be Juutified under the general owere 
inherent in a court of eiiuity. 

In 23 .<UB. k i'lng, 'in eye. of Law (2nd Bd.) at page 
1002, it is said: '•The appointment of a receiver is a remedy 
of purely equitable origin, having originated in the Aglish 
Court of Chancery, where it has been employed from a very 
early time. It is, indeed, one of the oldest equitable 
renndiea, tmd grows out of the inh«»rent pow«r of a c urt of 
equity to afford relief where the remeiies to be obtained in 
the courts of ordinary Jurisdiction are inadequate," It is 
further said (p. 1004): "The powsr to appoint a receiver, 
pendente lite, with pow^ir, m.rcly, to care for and preserve 
the property ted to his charge, ie one incidftntal to 
the Jurisdiction of a court of equity. It docs not and never 

«>f . 

^.m^''i&M% »Sl .1. It© *lV«!'ji.'''r*'i vni 

nb Hi's mfi^ to afiisi.fjB,S«Ife nM ,mkf^iijKi;^d$i'^_ .f^^fX. -gl^jai Ft p^ 

rfoiXsofii »|C^ (it i?«i<?i»«iair«ft ,^ftivj«<l 4ai;ivJtio aKfjajyiJ: q io 

. ■• "/J. -;. i-ctiim <■> ■ 


did depend Ui)on atatute, nor upon the character of the parties, 
whether individuals or corporfttions, nor upon the nuture of 
the property,* It is furUier said (p. 10P/6)i "The rule gen- 
erally recognized ie th»t a corporation will b« placed in the 
hands of a r«tcsiTer for the miaconduct of its officers or dir- 
ectors only when neceeaary to preaerye the prot erty or rights 
of cr-e>ditors or atockhold^ro. The mere isiBconduot of officers 
of a oorporation is not sufficient ground for the appointment 
of a rocoirer, as a court of equity may forbid the misconduct 
or remove the officer from his position.^ In 1 Koraweta on 
Private Corporations (2nd d.) a«otlon ?B1, it it said: "A 
court of equity will grfint all relief to a shareholder which 
the nature of his case aiay require. But it h.nis always been a 
settled principle that no Interference with the man^i^ement 
of a corpbr .tion can be juiitified, unless such intcrfertmce br 
absolutely neceB:)ary to the attainment of Ju tice. The renaoi 
of this rule is obvious. The officers of a corporation ars 
gemerally elected by vote of the shareholders , very share- 
holder hiiij a voice in their appointment. • * If an officer 
is guilty of a breach of duty, he may in many caues be removed 
by act of the co3*poration; but no minority of the shareholders 
haTe any authority to rcutruin his '<ction, or r&niove him and 
appoint another offic'?»r in his plnce. Nor can a court of 
chancery interfere at tho ouit of a portion of the shareholders 
and remove soi offending officer, or even enjoin him generally 
from acting for the corpor itinn, unlesu this be esuential to 
the probction of the corporate rights. ** The apMOintmnnt 
of a receiver or manager of a aolvent corporation nwr.t there- 
fore be considered a strong remedy, wiiioh croi be ju tifi)>vd 
only in a strong cfxae,* Again, in th'^ same book, at section 
b4v'>, it is «fciid: "It would seem« ther. fore, that h court ef 
equity may remove the directors of a corporation from office 
at the suit of the corporntfcon or a ch.irehold'rr acting on its 


->o»1f» 9£ut dfC?" :(es-(>i .q)' fei^*« 'SfiMlHii'S «* IJ *.i£#it«<}e'XQ fnii 
V fwwo d flwra iiall ,<»»*iX!;f »W rti TSft&lit^ itorfioinw iia«Qq« 


1)«half, if for any resaoon tht cliractora are Inonpublo or 
unBultablc to perform the truat th«y have undertaken. It i^ould 
ho ohsttrved, that tho courts will not renoTc the directoro from 
office, or rcstrnln thsm goncrally from representing the cor- 
poration, exoept in a case of abBolut<? n' cooaity . * * If the 
powers of th;^ di rectors raro revoked in purauanco of »n order of 
court, a receiver i^ho ild he ap::>olnted untiX a meeting can he 
held andi new directors elected by the ma»1ority,* In 5 'Phompson 
on Corporutione (and JSd.) section 65.'5'1, it is said: ••Courta 
heait&it e to throw corpori>tionB in^o the hands of I'cceivers, and 
proceed with extreme o&ution in the appointment of receirero, 
and will refuoe the appointjpcnt in c; eee wher*; it in not clearly 
■hown that the appointment will he heneftolal to the parties in 
iHtereet,** In .Alderson on Hsceivere, section 351, it is uaid: 
•The policy of the law is to leave the affaire of corporate 
hodiec to the managen'snt and control of thi^ir chosen agencies, 
and a minority of stockholders will not be permitted to displace 
corporate authority and control by substituting tliercfor the 
policy, manugeriont and control of the courts, except in uuoh 
euaes of plain fraud or mis ads; in i s tra. t i on as vorko aanif eat wrong 
to them," In 3 Cook on lor^or- tinna (5th ::d,) o«ction 86.i, it 
io said: "A receiver will not readily be appointed in a suit by 
a stockJiolder to rvmeciy th*; fraud a or ultra virm; actf? of the 
dircictoru or of the corpor:^tion itself. The court will not 
injure tha whole ortnrpriee in ord' r to cor^<v-:t a vjTonc done to 
the enterprise. 0th ;r remcrtiea will be applied,** The foregoing 
principles have heisn frequently recognized by the courto of this 
state. In Thirst Kotionnl yyvik v , :;,'^o . 79 111, 307, 209, it is 
Said: "There io no nccepKJty shown by this bill for the appoint- 
ment of a r- celv(»r, for there io no diatinct chnrge of fraud, 
* • A receiver should be Apoointrd in no case, unices it is made 
to appear t}iere is an imptrative neceesity for the atep, to fi re- 
serve some prrticulr^j: property for such parties as shall he 


:ii,L Tis iX ,m±ti$t^bmii ^vaiA ^£^ ^mnt **£* w'Sttt'^Bt 00 pl^atimcjj 

ft^^ ■*© ii£2£ giP2;.4^ £Si^ ^® J.^HjJ^ ^^^ X^^*®*'? J'^ ir»6Xoxiit©©*i « 
• : ,COS »*^ .-tJtX «V ,»|l«i) .Y,,itm^ iM^Msl ^Jn^ «^ ■ ■'•» 


entitled to the benefit, ■ In IndfpandQnt B rt»_wtn/y _ 2S^J H. "^^ 
Klain . 1 '5 lil, App. 2;h, }24ft, it is said; "To put the property 
of a eelvent , going concern into the hsnda of a rsatttrar is not 
t0 be tolerated except »» a dernif;r roaiior t where no othcsr 
cnurae can be found wViidi will fumiah a »uff icient oorrectiTO,* 
^ ^gQ^or V. Pull nuMfT Iron k -to^Bl Co., 145 111, 197, 207, it 
is aald: **It is, however, fundamental in thr- law of corporation©, 
that the majority of iXn atockholdcre shall control the policy 
•f the corporation, tmd raf(ulate jind govern the Inwful exerciee 
of its franchise and bixaineeo, « * (ivery one purchaBing or 
eubecrilaing for Mt-»ck in a corpor tion in^liedly agrees that he 
will be bnund by thn ^ots and proceedings done or sanctioned by a 
aiaJorit>' of tha shareholders, or by the agents of the corporation 
duly ehosen by such leajority, within the scope of the powers con- 
ferred by the chtirter, atid courts of equity will not undertake 
to control the policy or business Bs^^thods of a corpor; ticn, 
although it nay be seen that a wist^r policy might be adopted and 
ths business isore auonessful if other methodo were pursued. 
The majojfity of shares of it^j tstook, or the agsnts by the holders 
thereof lawfully chosen, fflu«t be p«?raitt«d to control the 
business of ths corporation in iJi<jir diocrotion, when not In 
violation of its charter or some ublic liw, or c-orruotly and 
fraudulently aubv -reive of th« rifshts amd interests of the 
corporation or of a shareholder," 1tirth!?rn»ore, it io the 1 w 
thnt vfhore th»> reoeiver of a corpor ition is nought by minority 
shareholders on the grmmdo of fraud and miasuinogement the 
feots constituting such fraud and mismanagement auot be 
distinctly iet forth. {'A Cyc, 113; 4 Tliomps(m on 'orp, sea, 
4650; HeitloaB) v, Ameri ean Pipcment Co.. ir>a m, .pp. 587, ?^91; 
Youn^ V. iiutMi, 69 111, App, 513, 517.) In /^obi na on v. ijolores 
Land & Canal o. . 29 Pac, Hep, 75C, 755, it ia aaid: "The 
eoncluaions of the pl>^nder, Btnted as fucts, bread i^eneralix* 

atlonu, sweeping and comprehensive aeoertionu of cornpiracy. 


^^©tfo-x^ s»^* ^t«i »T^ *lii^4& a^ #1 ,#*8: ^l»*.S xiKSz-k .ill £i .1 « /ti»i :| 

n ,ws .v^ urn &hi ^.^'M^.^m^..&^tm. '^'s^im^. ■ 

rfUt IbeJ'iQOhA »ff $£^ilR ^«£iO<^ -"■f^^^iW. .s», ^;^X!i| l!»l^9'(». 9# ^%ftn ^1.. ;l^};<^|£^it« 

«»^ X«n.{ m& oi ■ -^H^tiiilifjmwt ,#(?f i^m :;;«flH^:»»«ift ;''tii»^«Hii£ i|f>«»'t»f4# 

;X1H! ,Vti« .«H8,\ .iiX «^^X •.nja^. iJES»M E«?iJi!E'^ '^^ SWS^^JJgJ^, J^-'^**^** 
'*i:i '^ ft<^frf:<%' «J (♦vx«t .,^1.^ ^««Sift. .iU 6''^ «iJgl*£L 


fraud, Biomanageniint and in competency, ciumot be made, in 
pleading, to supply the wcmt of speoifie facta •** In ThenpRon 
on vorporatinns, «6utl<jn 4650, it is said: "it ia not enough 
to Allege that the proBident of the corporf^tion han appropriated 
large amounts of monoy oi the corpor lion to his ovn use, the 
details of whioh the plaintiff is unable to state," 

In view of the allegcxtions of the bill in the 
present case and of the authoritieu above mentioned, »e tire of 
the opinion that the court err«!d in enterinK the order appoint- 
ing the r«ceiYer, and for the reason that the bill and the 
ficconpanyin^ affidavit did not sufficiently disclose such a 
state of f 9ctB aa warranted ouch appointment, pendente lite . 
The interlocutory order itj rev>treed. 


»d* kfm £Xi ■: ^ijm't ^-M 'itAlt hm ,t»*l»s»?>-' --f.i 

■■■"■■'■■■■■ ' -■■ • '■ ' ■•■ '■'■*•. 'o .■.;•■ V ;*■?;■ 5'v.^>fe' fi.'i 

y . ; . J):y, 

14 - 21175 

a corporation, 

Del^endant in Arror, j 

\ -^ 

TS, \ 



Plaint if fV» ^rot. 


^ \ 

iaUiOR TO 


199 I.A. 307 


Two queationa are presented for consideration, 
(1) whether there was a preponderance of evidence to support 
the judgment for ;|246 for board and nursing furnished by 
the hospital to DeVoney'a sister, and (2) whether there 
should be a reversal for receiving incompetent evidence. 
The case was submitted for trial without a Jury, 

The ultimata question of fact to be found from 
the evidence was whether DeVoney had authorized the provision 
loade for such board and nursing, v It was originally made by 
her attending physician. Dr. Harrigan, at DeVoney'e request, 
as the doctor claimed, but DeVoney denied giving him the 
authority to arrange therefor. Later, however, DeVoney 
visited the hospital. The caahier and superintendent thereof 
both testified that he then requesited that his sister should 
not be moved from a private room to the ward and should have 
special nursing and aaid he would pay and b« reoponsible 
for the bill. He also denied having auch a conversation. 
The cuahier also testified that the previous bills had been 
paid by his checks, While there is some room for inference 
that the patient's husband - working as he was in DeVoney' s 
bank - may have sent the checks, yet if he did no explanation 





.:, , ^JAJI'-V^Un i. J J. ■■•.•'Uv. v,l. fc.L.' 


♦ «V 

n&eef iJirif «XXi.i aifwjy?*^ ©ii* i«rii AaJfilc^i©* oaXa ■stiirfOoO sri? 
soi.-L. "iri. •u»t mo©-! »tRoe al: srcod* dXii^V .ajlooxfo alrf xcf bi«« 


is made for not producing them or calling him as a vitneee. 
We can not concur in the contention that the evidence was 
evenly balanced, and tfiink the court's finding was 

vKhlle the evidence that Dr, Harrigan told the 
cashier to charge the bill to DeVoney was not competent 
proof of his agency, still it was harmless in a trial 
before the court where the evidence without it was 
sufficient to support the judgment. 




Xal'x;? « ni Qa9XiR*XBif aaw ,ili: Xi|:itt?. ,^{;o«»j|a «1M *« toot? 

419 - 21406 










199 T. A. 316 



This appeal is from a judgment in favor of the 
beneficiary undev tvro accident insurance policies on which 
the 3uit was "brought. The defenses relied on were (1) that 
the policies had lapsed hy reason of failure to pay the 
renewal premium end (2) that the fatal injury resulted 
from "exposure to unnecessary danger". The case was tried 
without a jury, trial by which was waived. 

As defendant issued and delivered to the assured 
a written "renewal receipt" for each policy, stating therein 
that it was "for value received" nnd that the policy was 
"continued in force" for the period covering tJie time of 
the accident, defendant could not be hefiro to contraciict 
its effect by parole testimony that the dolivery of the • 
receipts was conditional on an ornl promise to pay the 
renewal prorriums and that they were not paid, ( Baum v. 
Parkhurst . 26 111, \^p, 128; Ryan v. Cook, 172 111. .11.) 
Henoe, testimony to thnt effect wa^ properly disregarded, ( 

The policies contained a provision that the insur- 
ance thereunder would not cover injuries resulting from 


mm: -iiK»-iik 






- f5 r ^ 

.?/^-i:''0 £HT to t0IKI*iO W 

EOITrtn ♦fih 

ai)iiaw no saioilcq: soiTtvoijjsffJ; ,Jm-;bl.':.oi3 e^r^- -rj^fenw ■^t^iai'tsr-Bn 

7bAs (I) 9X9Y7 fro bsilg-s r©»2nol©i>. ®riT ^.ti^ttoirf isjjIW 4-iif« off* 

©fi* Y-R^ OCT Bii-tXi:;?!: "^lo iios^s* i:«f l>oeq«iX f>«ri e©JtoiXoq eA^ 

l*3d-Xxji?6i x;"i.i/t,*'<J; Xi>ffft1t «.<K5>^jftri? {S5) fcns rauims'aii Xj8w»a®i 

bsiln;? srjw eanc sjf! . ''ts&sj-sjsfe Y/xiSo'iJeorfnnJir od" wiueoqxs* moil 

al»7?il.^ ^iKi^n3s .^oiXccr dom. "^oJ "ctffXsojri Xirwontti* ««>;t4^i'aw e 

o-^r^t v.6tr o^ ssxoiotq: Xrito rsK K© XBKolJibKOO' iaw e;fq;A939n 
.T WjU^ g ) .Jbiito tr>n -^1©^ viJifi* d'-pri^ fctu; anustumiq^ •XBWf>*^«»t 
(,XX.'. .XXI .'??I ,^c>!i ,v fi2jj« :&S-X .(jq;* »XXI as ,feimi.- 


•exposure to unnecesspjfy danger". Each covered loss of 
life within 30 day from "bodily injuries received "while 
walking on a pu-'lic hif;hf..'ay by being knocked down, struck, 
run over or jtherwise injured by actual contact with ony 
conveyane^i * * * propelled by steara, electr icity** etc, 

■phe a3:.iUi'ed wjis struck and knocked down at night 
by a west boimd electric street car in Madison iitreet, 
Chicai;o, at or near its intersection with North Campbell 
Avenue while walking south across the former on the west 
side of the latter, and died within a few hours from the 
injuries received. An east bound cir was also approaching 
said avenue at the 3pjne time at which he ai'T^oared to be 
looking. The west bound car slackened its speed vit the 
crossing eoid sounded its gong. *s it slowed do>m the assured 
either hesitated or stopped for a moment and immediately 
ai'terward resumed his way 8.crosB the tracks still watching 
the east bound cnr. /^s soon r^e the raotorman of the west 
bound car observed his hesitation or otop, he released the 
brakes, turned on the t)Ower and went ahead to an almost 
instantaneous collision, K The circumstances of the accident 
were such as to rend :>r it on exceedingly nice question whether 
the motorman and asoured were not e.)ch ju tified in the belief 
thft the other had halted to permit yiim to pass. If so it 
would seem to hav^ been an unavoidable R.ccident due to each 
bfinp reasonably misled at a critical moment by the action of 
the other, Undor the circumstances it became a question of 
fact whether there was an exposure to unn(»cesnary danger and 
we think the evidence juritified the finding thn t there was 

In view of this conclusion it is unnecessary to 


arid" *j? fesscTs a^i .fcofsej^ »;??/, a ^.esi ibmnxf ^eaw orfT ^afj|:€ooX 
taiXscf orf^^ fsi: i^ei'ii:' jjx aofva joa ©t«w Jbaii/sawe i)ni* ft'.«a*to.t oxn urii 


diacUBs whether the court erred in not holdin^^ aa law the 
proposition submitted "b/ ief^ndont to be held a« such, that 
the prnvission in the policy agairiat exposure to unnoceei.ary 
dtjiger should be construed au equivalent to un agrooment 
thut the company ahall not be liable if the inourod comes to 
hia death throw^^h >iiu ov7u iiogligence. 'or, if that be a 
correct etaterrient of the Inw - which we do not decide - 
tho character of the evidence was Buch au to require the 
court to determine as a question of fact whether the danger 
W33 unnecespary, nnd ap lying the comnion Ir.w rule of neg- 
ligence thereto the court ni,-,ht viell have found, r.n may he 
Iraplird, that the e.srurrd was not guilty of a want of 
orfiintiry care in regp.rdinf-, ao he Dia.y \veli ht<,vc done, the 
nlowin,',: down of the cs.r as an invitation to pasfs in front of 
it. Cnntafiering th.e r-;cord from that point of view re 
find no oc^aFion for disturbing the coixrt's finding nnd 
Judt^ment or discuasing the distinctions of Ir.w urged between 
a voluntary yjid ir»voluntary exposure to unneccesr-ry danger. 

9tlf wsX i:j3 :^aibltiii .ton aJL hif's%ii t'xuoo ed$ tvidtBiif} savsatb 

o? aaasco bo-rxsani oii^ li eXdsi:! ocf d'on iXjada V.a<|rHOa erit d-BjE?* 
« od" :^(>rld 'U .lo"^' .,'5om>?jiiai^.a :',we aid rtguo^fJtf /ttAob aid 

6ffcr ,ftfio.b -3v,8Xt[ Ilavj v;.s«i. jjxi ar ,;>ftii?,%a^^t' .njt, 9X)»» ■sj;ri:^j0yt&'3:«;j 

sw woiv lo d^nXog, u\^A^ mart bieotn »sU^ Ba-i^^i'^?««0 ..»ll? 

n&9w*9tf ft^ftiii ?,v-,X "io. 8«,o;iJEic!-?sXto ,,®|[| ^fslsfi^oeiki} -xe Siwrn-T^bul- 



6 - 21460 

a corporation, / j 

Defendant in j^^ttotJ ) .ilROR TO 


Plaintiff in Error, ) 

\AiK^y ^^^^ COUNTY. 

\ / 199 I. A. 318 


^ The Illinois ourety Co, brouglxt suit againot 
David L, Frank on two written instruments oigned by him, 
one an application to the company to beconjf! surety on a 
stay bond for a corporation, of ^hich Tfrank's brother was 
Beoretary, containing an agreement of inderanity to the 
coiq^any, and the other a general bond of inderanity to the 
conpany against the fsame contingencies. At the close of 
the eridence the court dir'^cted a verdict for plaintiff 
for i^2,561,81. 

\^he only real question is whether there wns any 
evidence tending to suppor-t the defenses raised. In con- 
sidering it we nuiy entirely disregard the first count of 
the declaration based on the indemnity agreement contained 
in the application, for the evidence raised no legitimate 
inference to support a defense to the second count which 
was based on the gener>3jL indemnity bond, \ 

The defenses pleaded and attempted to be made 
were tnat the instruments were signed by defendant in blank 
and delivered so signed upon conditions not complied with 
of which plaintiff had notice before delivery. The con- 
ditions claimed were that (1) defendant was not to be 
liable in excess of $40 (the amount of the premium to be 

\ I 



* ■■- •'— ,-■' 

00 r 

^^■" ■■^'^■- ••'"•■ '^^■■^^''^^"^■'^■''••';t8, isa^f.:, 
xn« Pflw e10/^Id■ neil;}-fjri?r ai i«si^6t®t/j5 law's xlna .wEit.J 

ifoliis; C'dfjor-- h«otJ«»8 yfi^ a;^ B^*f«»l0J» B *TOfl<«fM» ©;)■ spjioiatixi 
•tf 0^ don »*>» .tiMiJbj«sl»i3 (X) tusU tttt^w fcftmiHin acoi^ii) 


paid by the principal to the atey bond Tot the suretyship 
of plaintiff) wid (2) bhut said principal should deposit 
Odvtain oaah to indemnify plaintiff. 

|__If there waa any purpose or intention of defend- 
ant that the delivery of the inatrumenta containing his 
signature ohmild be subject to either of auch conditions, 
the record ahows nothing to eupport the claim of notice 
thereof to plaintiff. Keither m the converuation defendant 
had with plaintiff 3 a^ent, Blount, over the teliphone be- 
fore he signed the inatruKents, nor in any oonversjntJ.on had 
with plaintiff's* agents -^t the tiffia of their delivery, or 
at any time before it, iu th^re nwything thnt can be inter- 
preted as conyeyin.? either ;>u?h intention or auch noticeri 

Both Frank and his brother teetifisd tc a oonYer- 
s«tl on between themselvea h'd ^,t the tiir.e the latter brr':?.'?ht 
the papers to the former for his f?iii?n?ture, intlmatlnr?, per- 
haps, some such pur-nose on ^ranjt'a part to limit hit: lia- 
bility. But Frank's brother waa not ijlaintlf "' « agent, and 
there is no uroof that he com.iunicatei'i ths coay:r3-tion to 
plaintiff Then he dsliv-^red the .^i-^ael Instruasnta cr at sny 
tiane. If he was expe^ctei to io 30, then tha cuee comes 
within the settled r)rinciple that "'vhcn one of t'?o or nsore 
persona 3'tffpr loss, upon hini Tfho je oonduct njade it 
possible for lose to occur should the consequencera ultimately 
rest." / (OtjU V. Gardner, 105 III, 436; WcCarthy y. CrHwford, 
238 id. 36.) 

We ne?»d not refer to th'^ fact that the clalraed 
defan^ie ■wrxa utterly Inconaiatent with the puroooe ^nd con- 
text of the tnetrumenta si.^n'id, for th!^r<= wn no e-i^i-i^nce 
tending to support it. 

Mor need -ire consider the point that defendant's 
name does not appear In the body of the indeimity agree- 

aDlco« iTi six.-uo dxii" ;Kecy^;wa <?# j>«li£?iQi4 ©woiie foTcoosn »d:r 

SiiZ iiiii .ile-JL o.T ^li^q s^y.mft k« stB^t^'xuq, sS^ub 98t»? ,a<!;ii^ri 
\i9*atHii^::.y 0ip'orF9j;j:,cie:fve>r, «>ffc> 6Ii.'or(« -swijoo o* e«oX "iot oXcfXaao^ 

■ " ^c;i« roil 


ment on which the first count is baaed. It does so 
&ppeeir in the general bond declared on in the second 
count an to whioh his liability is clear and unquestioned 
by any competent evidence. 

&n03?»B »d^ rti m> bH%&lsieb hitotf X^'xsnsg erf* fii ossqqa 

-■■.' \. ' ^ :,/ .: «;.■';.! 

110 " 21500 

business ae A, PARIS I 
St CO,, 

Defendant in lirror, 




Plaintiff in Eri^or 

X. /" 



199 I.A. 320 


The statement of claim in this oa»e was In sub- 
stance that plaintiff, Parisi, was a real estate broker and 
at defendant's request procured a purchaser for certain 
real estate belonging to defendant, to whom defendant sold 
the property for $9600, and that there was due and owing 
plaintiff $250 as a comri ission for the sale, according to 
rates fixed by the Chicago Real Estate Board, 

Issue was taken in defendant's affidarit of 
merits only on the question of the procuring cause of the 
sale, defendant alleging that plaintiff wao not and another' 
broker w. s the procuring cause thereof, and the trial re* 
suited in a verdict and judgment for plaintiff for $237.50. * 

j But while the case whs heard apparently to try 
that isauejplaintiff 's own undisputed evidence disclosed 
that there was no such contract as the inplied contract 
sued on, but that there was an express contract that 
def en.iant would sell at a price to ne^t him $9500 and that 
plaintiff should get his commission or compensation from 
the purchaser. The defendant also made the same kind of 
arrangement with the other broker through whom the deal 


ooexji - oxi 

I8I5;A<2: .A as was Rio- yd 

. .00 * 


.OSiAOIHO -ifO 5 S 

A O C^ A 

V --^ 1* a i- 

♦ av 

c -^ 

-due ni cUAW sftBO i&lA^ laX uIrIv> "to 5fiaiE»*e;fs srfrV 

gniwo £>rts 9Mb as'e- sioxtt j-^- ajf btss ,008G$ 'ro"^ xi^isqo^q srii 

9zt;f '10 aatviio isniiwoo'Tq ©lit 'to noij-eeijp siii^ no v;Xafj aJii&ai 

Tfliii'onii i)nB Jon tjy,w mjniBlq :ss,ili saisoiii^ :^ist;bn-.: Isii ,«X»s 

.■#»'t Uil'^Li eri^ has «'ic»7'-^ric^ sawati 3«lTjyooiq: 9ri# s,jiw leioicf 

Xii oJ v.Xia»7«.»«i) I.-Xiiiari ismw oa«a »Aii eXiiiw ;>«£ j 

bsaoXoeib ©cayhivo .bQ.^uQOibai' wwo a'l-li.tKisXqriusBJ; ^~>rf;f 

^Oarijnoo fcoiXqwX »tW ub 4ci3'ijrnoo rfoue ok a:-.v »*!CSf{^ i^Ai 

ii:i'.t SrifB-iiaoo isB^iqx* ne Slavs' wisntJ #«£i* Jwrf ,ito b»oe 

iMiid fcflB OOt'Cf, fliiri Jfin o;J »»iiq ij ;rjfi XX»t; bXnow ^OBi'/wtsb 

iBOi't nol*j;fcns>qw<Mr ic aoie.; tranco dXri ^sg jbXuoda tlii^nisLq 


was closed at the price of $9600 after plaintiff had been 
negotiating with the same purchaser at the price of $97 50, 
PS testified to by the purchaser, ho saTed |150 in buying 
through the other broker .V^ 

If plaintiff was the procuring cause of the sale 
yet his rights, if any, do not rest on a contract whereby 
defendant was to pay any commission. And if the $9600 was 
actually paid over to defendant by a purchaser secured by 
plaintiff, and the understanding of the parties was such 
that the excess over $9500 was money had and received to 
plaintiff's use, then that state of facts presents a 
different caui^e of action from th .t relied on and atteaspted 
to be proved. 

The point that the verdict is manifcsitly against 
the liiw and the evidence, though urged on other grounds, 
is so evident that the judgment muBt bo reversed and the 
cause remanded. 



Xrfsiadw fsjH'Tj^jFjoo s flO *0®^ Anna ob ,v,m? '5-it ,8;f4si:"3c e.ld i.px 

is Bj'fsea&iq aJt>.e1; to f-4ja.ta J^xiJ Hftii,i ,©hw s '"il-J-taiisIq 
fCU&iwa'is "xsiitfo SIJ& i>9'g'$u k'^i-foM ^m&mbiv9 »^ bm 'm»l tUi 

iOMKAMaJl CCm' dSIWVail-K 

4;i;y ill'," 

439 - 21565 



P^Jaintiff in 3irror» 


HAI^RIfjON, Mayor of \ said city of 
Chicago, and the Bd^MU) OF T}'.Ui3T;";K3 

Defendan'^8 in Urpbr, 

/ SimOR TO 






V As otated in the opinion of the Supreme Oourt 
(26a 111. 61) transferring thiia cause to this court, the 
only real question is whether the facto A'ell pleaded in 
the petition of plaintiff in error Larson for a writ of 
mandajnua - to w;ich a general demurrer was auLtained • 
against defendants in error commanding them to enroll his 
name as one of the beneficiaries of the police pension 
fund of the City of Chicago, show th- t he was entitled 
at the time he made hio application to receive ouch pension 
under and by virtue of the provisions of the act providing 
for such fund, approved April 29, 1887 » and in force July 
1, 1887. 

The application for pension was predicated on 
section 4 of said act vhich provides for retirement from the 
police force and a pension on account of physical disability 
received while in the service. The substance of the petition 
is set forth in the opinion of the .jupreme dourtland need not 
be repeated here, forlit appears from Uie petition that the 
application for such pension was not made to the Board of 
Trustees of a, id fund until after the petitioner's discharge 

r Q p 

■' - ■ • • ■ :^--""': ''■■■-'■- ''■'"'^- ^''^^- V 

I .'.'liftV'v 

sirf Heine oo" <>3!srft ^jsifes^samoo ^O's-ss nl &ist&bmtQb taakn^B 

nak&a&q ©oJtieq. ail* l«j as.*i;'s:>3i3i:""t©K©rf sjrfJ lo sno aa sssmn 

feftXii^tm-* iK^w -:Hi vtmi^l wdjefs ,os«oiri:j lo Y'^i'J »rf+ '^o bm/t 

CToisnat: ffowa svi^nert o.t aoi*4;3iIf,fii.<s Bill absua srf stni^ acfi jxt 

fro b^ia.r^kbs^'xq eww iici:s0*q -ro'X .ao.idf,ROJtXqf|je ^df. 
vHi Motl *n~ai«ii:.t«»i 10'^ ^&biv9%q rioirtw *o*( bi^aaj to > noi.tyoe 

vtii'i.miti&Mb e»wnoidi.^«<l erii ';j».tl« Xi;f«u haul bk. .. 'lo es^oJairiT 

• 2- 

from the police force.v This fact alone rendered the petition 
obnoxious to general demurrer, ns haa been twice decided by 
this court, ( j'cQ - ann v. itarriij , 114 App, Ct. 308; People v. 
Board of Police Pension Fund CoraraiaBioners . 116 id, 252.) 
In the caa« cited it vihv> held that the applic-tinn for 
pension under section 4 of said act mu:it be made while the 
applioant is still a member of the police force. "The 
petition, however, alleges that the applioant wau illegally 
diachr rged, but if bo, said board iis not given the power to 
reinstate hiro and, ao said in the A.cGann caoe, supra , he 
can be reinstated only by rightful authority and until rein- 
stated the board has not tlie power to retire and pension him. 
The act mrinifcatly contemplates that the applictmt shall 
already be in tJio active service when he iBakes request for 
pension under said section. 

. JiPi^iriMjiiD. 

"•"i;! •» 

.<J:jJtJ«M-T vdt ^iv^iihm'i «mj.t*} ii»..o'J aJtif'rV.^fv'sol. »oAIe>q »iid- matt 
'fii»i XiJ-ni! .fc-iix •v:4~l,txjj;;i?-u,# i;,iifl;|%i:y :S£rf ^X,«o >f*j3iJ©«l.»'K (fees' n^o 

■ ,.egfM^|'?c'»JA ■ ..... .,. 

175 - 21568 


Defendant in Krror, 



Plaintiff in i&rj^T, 



i. 323 


V On a trial "before the court without a jury, 
plaintiff in error waa found tjuilty and fined on a complaint 
charging th^t he wau "^knomi to be a pickpocket and was 
found lounging in and prowling .'md loitering about a c^r 
and public place, and was unable to give a reasonable 
excuse for being so found in violation of eecticn 2012 of 
the Chicago Code of 1911, " 

The only witneos called to support the charge 
was the officer who arrested Baker and his coinpanion, one 
Albert Johnson, while they were in a passenger car of one 
of the elevated street railroada of Chicar,o, The subBtance 
of his testimony was that he saw them board the car with 
other passengers at one ot; tiTi cmd that he took them off 
rit another sisiply bocauae he knew them to be pickpockets. 
He admitted that he did not see them do anything except to 
take a seat irt the car on e ch side of Bjiother passenger. 
He said he had their "records", and thereupon the prosecutor 
handed up to the Judge a paper which t}ie Judge read, pur- 
porting to contain information of seyeral arrests of said 
Baker for various offenses and of tho result of the pro- 
ceedings tiiereon in different jurisdictions, the intro- 
duction of wnich was ob^jiected to.Vof course it w>,b not 

8MIS - avi 

(. \, .tOeAaillU -^'J XV4V. ..>^' 

,0€ 0XH5 ^0 

pop ^A T P O' 

"io SXfJS Eiojc*3utt lo aoi^sXoiv «i ismjol: tn ■^alad tot esuojcs 

«,XX§X 1© «i/oO oi^«oiiiO djJ? 

9no lo XiJ3 •josresfiejaq b xti ©'i©-!* xi^d^ s/iirt^ ,no6iiTrfeIi iiaxSlk 

t\Q ssmiii tooi 3ii ^^rS^ bnsy fit' iif^ia •«» ^4a ••xa^fieBaja*! t^dto 

,aid--d^.>Q(^tiq ©cf 0* .'aad* wdflctf »fi ^i8iy*to»d' Y,XqKsie •xj'fWona is 

oi ;^cfi»£)X3 aHiii)Y,nH Cfc m9iU coe *ort bib ©/i Satii bvitliaba »H 

,79;.iitai'.B*tq t£/rf.toa« lo &fiJts ilo.i© no aao ©d* ni J^Aaa jo aJufti 

lo^iiti^eorxf oA) cttiquiittikii baa ,*»t>tot)a'S* ■sXftrfi bart tut bk»a •}! 


ooKpctent evidence in that form, if at all. 

There was no other evidence, unlear. the unsworn 
nnswera of both Baker and. Johnson to quaations of the court, 
not objected to, may be conaidtired. Their answers however 
neither confirmed the claim that they were known as pick> 
pocketanor supplied any other elKBsent of the offense ch rged 
in the coBiplaint. In fact their answers refuted Rny 
inference - if any could reasonably or posoibly be drawn 
from the officer's testimony - that they were "lounging in" 
or '•loitering about" the car, or that they were not availing 
themselves of the rij/ht to travel in a public conveyance for 
legitimate purposes. 

No matter how well founded the ofr'icer'r. knowledge 
of their criminal record, if tmy, may have been or his 
suspicion that they were on the c;ir to pick pocketa, there 
could not be a lawful conviction without adequate proof of 
the offens< ch rged, and there was none. 

Counsel for the city contends that in the absence 
from the record of the ordinance on which the complaint w s 
br.BCd and also of an excoption to the judgment we are pre- 
cluded from reviewing the error ass^igned an to the in- 
sufficiency of the rvldence. Neither point is well taken. 
The latter we rieerc settled by Mlltfr v, Anderson , ?.69 111, 
608. AS to tho former, the: trial court took judicial notice 
of the ordinance, and no point is ipade requiring us to con- 
Klder either its ocope or conBtruction, The only qu( nti'^n 
before ua arises, not on rulinfrs wnich require knowledge 
of its context, but on errors assigned r.c to the sufficiency 
of the evidence. Considering that question we mupt assume, 
unless the contrary appears in the record, that there was 
a city ordinance such as is referred to in the complaint, 


,;?ijuoo ad* to aaoiJQvUp oi xwenrlo'L b«® ^&sLeg ii»«<f ltd «<xa%sj!fA 

->Ioig as nwo^rt eicav? -si^ifJ 4"«*fJ Tials &ti.i b&mik^aos lefttlcn 
ij«3i;.ifo oan^'yto sjrf^ "io c^ iiKstia lis icerf^o xam bti££qqU9 'SE©^ai^•^i'Joq 

"rtt ani'^'iwoX" a^fsw x^hM J-^st* - t"!0*^^«®* a't^oillo »d$- aoil 
iiiXltAm ton ^'i^ff ''jedi- .tarW 'so ^-ssso ?ii;? "iworfu snii-a^loX" ^o 

ittsri? ,s;t;^<HC<jj jftJiq 0$ '%><■^ r/iU ito *-|»w x,sri;}- itidi mtiok%mja 

,$£s0n ^m &tQdi baa ,fcBa"i«rfo .aat>"^to arii 
scn^.ucfr. f>.;.<* ni .t •vrf4' e&Ra^isoo ^^i.*? adi tot Xsawj/oO 

•©lij ftTf^ *v jCTSflRjtjijyj, sjjli' o;t itoiJysoxs rt^s "^o j5J6X» i>na b*sii^<f 

oi»<oci C ftisifii/t ii'JO^' t'luou X/sii^ 'aj-fi ,'x»flS"xo'i £>rf;^ els' SA .BOti 
-ffos oi sxf V''<»tiwj:f'^ 3l5jiTt ai JftJtoq on hfl« ,8cnianJti3io ftriJ io 

»Sfc-.5ii*ion>i ©liyjpet cittiv-vr a^tlirt no Jon (^eulTa . 

• 3. 

of which the trial court took judicial notice, and thiit 
tho acts ch' rged in the complaint constituted a violution 
thereof, -uch a complaint is inifricient, ( C i ty of ^hicnp;o 
"'"• 2ifi£HL°I« 1^^ I^^» ''^PP* ^^^») But neither its sufficiency 
northe existence of the ordinance is brnu/riht in luction or 
involved in df^termininc: whether the n.vermento of the former 
are BUBtained by the proof. It would be an anomalouE 
practice for n court of revie-vv to asoumt in the ubBonce of 
Betting forth tho ordinance in the recorr! that a coanplaint 
based thereon charget? an offenae, and then refuse to con- 
aider the eridence in support thereof becauso auch ordinance 
is not 90 Get forth. 

For insufficiency of the proof the judgment will 
be rnveraed and the cause remanded, 


i :.ii) Inm t'^iolcf.on liii^Dyii^ly M^:^ SnuO'!^ A&lti- eiii rfoidw "io 

-nan. o-J »'A(}'i<i's, iX'S/Ci &,pj.?. »«»eiT!5lto «A im^%^;^-jai> m.®^'S>M, ,l»«ist»5^ 
->43 K^rti.hl;©- i^isiffi !.'«Jio':5;^;-><iJ' l:a-®T«w:i.* #«®efmj: ,n;i *i».«®i!?-A;«'«». #irC^-.,'rs>.faJt;ii 

176 - 21f^69 


DefcndRnt in rrorj 




'Hlslntift, in ..y^or. 






99I.A. 325 


V^Thin record prasents for reriew the identical 
questions dftcided in en opinion we hove this day filed 
in No. 21,560, City of ::}>.lc:.i;o V. Taker , 

The coiaplaint is in tlu norao Itaiffuage, based 
on tlie Q'iTRe city ordinance, imd supported by the isane 
character of proof , l^ii oh wV\held in the Baker case, 
supra , to be insuff icit^rt to euatain a judgment of 
convict i.on. Vln fact, BuT>gtitutin£ the nuree of Baker for 
Johnyon, the two records aor: p^^ 'G>-l'''''^lly alikeT"! '^or 
reasons atatod in said opinion the Judgment mte-t be 
rcv^rrced and tho cauaa raaanded.V''^ 


OT mam i \ 

i \^ ' ' '■' 

■ ^ -^ , ... . j^ 


477 - 20809 



OP CHICAGO et al, (Defeud&n,tB), 

JOHN MKT2 et al., 



199 I.A. 3 30 


iiTAT^T.HJKT OF THii GAGS, v This is an appeal to 
reverse that p.^rt of the eoree en t red in this caae wnich 
directs the dissolution of a temporary j.nJunction, and the 
dismisoal of appellant's sjaaonded hill of complaint as to 
John Meta, Daniel Qalvin, Abe >Veini3tein, Joseph i'orava, 
Oscar Clson, Alex Jeschke and the United TBrotherhood of 
Carpenters a Joiners of ^\«erica (appellees here}« The 
decree makes perpetual such temporary injunction a« to the 
other defendants, in w)»0£^e behalf no appeal has been per- 
fected by any party in interest, and as to such dof ondanta 
the correctness of the decree in not now in luestion. 

The proceeding is a bill in equity by the Anderson 
& Lind Manufacturing CoB5>any, against the United Brotherhood 
of Carpenters & Jothers of America (hereinafter known a the 
Brotherhood); the Carpenters* District of Chicf^RO, and a 
number of their officers, agents and moinbrs, charging them 
with conspiring to compel and coerce complainant (appellant) 
to unionize or organize its shop, o.nd to establish and 
maintain, in order to aid tliem in s curinr such result, ;m 
illegal boycott a-'ainat complainant .md the product of its 

The complainant is an Illinois corporAtion, engaged 

M i f 

..V^iS!iUit mid ti 

088 .A.I eeii'" \-^ .;x«.. 

.mfi^ii"*ii>-' rti WOK u'o« «Jt 9»'x»«;>fe ^ri^ to sadn*09ii< 

m) J^fiarrijaIfi«jo» <*ovi»oo fan** Xa^oo o^ j^nini^noc 
bsiM siHildMfyfi n:t bna , ( aii. eatoa^'to to ytianlaw oS 
.«> ,vM nl sa&di bi,m OJ •tofc'ac© iirl ,iii.'. 


fao;> , X^moo ©rfl 


in the manuf-cture and onle of wh.t is known as carpenter 
trim, in the city of fhicago. The bill allegee that coreplnin- 
ant employs, on an ayerage, 35 men; hcs about ?78,000 InTf^ated 
in itB business, and that its yearly l>usin<^08 averages 
$150,000. Complninant's manufacturing plant is what le kno^vn 
as an "open ahop", employing botti union and non«union labor, 
silthough moi't of its employeee havG been non-union men. 

The Brotherhood is an organ iza^ ion extending 
throughout the United otates, having more than 300,000 
members, who arc corpenters, millwrights, machine hands, etc., 
with subordinate bodies termed "locals". Governing these 
•locals'* and representing the Broth*irhood in each city, is 
a district council, that governing Chicago and vicinity being 
termed the Carpenters' District Council of Chicafjo (hereinafter 
knorm as the Diatrict Council), which is compor.ed of If 4 
delegates from the 33 ♦•locals* in Chicago arid vicinity, i-aoh 
member of the District Oormcil is a member of the Brottierhood, 
which organization has a membership in the Cbicago diutrict 
Of approximately rjO,orc members. The District Council has 
businesa agents of its own, as have the various locals, most 
of tlxe latter being members of the District Council, The 
Brothorhood, the various loculo, find the District Councils 
are all voluntary aeaooiations. 

!Juring the period covered by the transsactiono and 
events referred to by complainant' i3 amended bill, John Metz 
wac tho president of the District Council, and iianiel Onlvin 
Its oecrctnry and treasurer. At the ournc time 0, (', Boone 
and Joj.eph B. ?ox wer^^ buainest; jigenta of the District 
Council, end ThomtiS 1?, Church, Ceorge P. Orris and -imon C, 
Graasl were business agents of certain Chicago locals of the 
Brothvrhood, and members of the district Council. The amended 


-ii^JtrfoqiBO as msonU stl f^itdvt %ii •X««) baa &tittQ^lLMaiiM'SHi-''iiU 
x&«Vi nOaX ,XX.M b«fcf»ai(aii (l'i»«Hi«X#t»l' t-tf ol; fea.t '!»■*. ^i ^.Jii.-^v© 


bill further alleges that all of these business agents 
were detailed and deputized by the District Council to 
organize non-tmion mille, including con^>lainant's, for th« 
purpose of inducing cornplainBnt and the others to each operate 
vritiut is known au a "closed shop", and as a result of efforts 
of the Brotherhood, all but two of the forty or more mills of 
Chicago, of the size of coi9piainant*a had been thus organized 
by the year 1912, during which year a campaign was definitely 
directed by defendants against the complainant, culminating 
in the establishment of a boycott. 

On April 1, 191?, there waf3 and Btill is an 
organization in Chicago known ae the Carpenters' and Builders* 
Association (hereinafter known as the Contractors' Association), 
whose members c»rry on a general building and construction 
business, and the cai'penters and joiners working for the 
members of said Asoociation aro njeribers of said TTotherhood, 
At that time, there was existing an agreement between the 
members of the Brotherhood and the Contractors' .sGOciation, 
that the union carpenters would handle and install material 
of every kind (which would include non-iinion made mnterial) 
excepting prison made gooda. Complainsnt refused to accede 
to the proposal of the Brotherhood for the unionizing of 
complainant's shop. The am<3nded bixl fx^rther alleges that 
the defendants, for the purpose of cfcuslng contractors and 
owners of prooerty to refuse to contract with comnlainant 
for the furnishing of mill *ork and to cnncel pending con- 
tracts therefoTj did conspire together for th^ purpose of 
establishing a boycott again t complpimjit, to compel it to 
sign an agreement to the effect that the complainant would 
o;jerate only a "union* or "closed shop", and that defendants, 
in furtherance of said conspiracy to injxire and ruin the 
business of complainant and to compel it to operat<? a closed 

io Btllm 9^0£i so x,f«ol isiis '*& «»wi- *»<f IXa ,&oojfit^'s»fC;fO'r^ •rli' to 

Xj8£?o4.^K XX,3i-ani ,0«» ©Xlm^ Mijo^r fttatn^q'atjfes ^it^ adS&RUt 
O)'! nitii bjRM vrwt^''^ •' •■••••-••• '••-^ ^-'^^ •f-- •■■■•• --; .../-^--■'. 



ohop, hfld been prerenting persona TtitYi whom coBplainant had 
contracts for the furnishing of naterial, froir uRing auch 
material, end are three toning persons inrho hare naade Ruch 
contracts with coi^plainent thnt they wiil not permit any of 
their ii.eTr!"ber8 to work on any building in Ghicj^?!;o to which 
cojnplainent iv. furniahinfe', material, and compelled, fey 
threats and coercion, the cancellation of certain of said 
contracts; that in pursuance to such conspiracy the defendants 
are now ma.intaing a "boycott against corrtplainant. The amended 
bill further alleges that coiEplainant has on hiind large con- 
tracts and a gre&t deal cf work to perform throughout the city 
of Chic .go, and that if such threats, intimidations and inter- 
ferences with the business of such contractors and of com- 
plainant were continued, said contractors will he unable to 
install in said ci.'ildingie the material furnish'?d by coorplaineuit, 
end, Hh a result, thfjna cantrncta will "ha cancelled and com- 
plnintrnt will be irrep^irably damaged by reason thereof, 
The bill furth<?r alleges that defendmita are 
financially irresponsible, sud that conrplainant has no adequate 
remedy for the protection of its business "=md interests except 
r in a court of acuity. The lefcndants filed joinfc and several 

,b aniiwera to complainant's amended bill, denying a conspiracy, 
\3^ Upon evidence heard in behalf of coirplainant and (i -f endanta 

the teiEporary injunction agpiinrst the District Council, Charles 
Grassl, Thomas 'i". Church, 0, C, Boone, Her/nan Christenson, 
J, C, Johnson, Joseph B. Pox, Wred chnackenback, and Peter 
iiiraz, and any and all agento, enrployeep, or reore-^entatives 
ef said defendants, or oithor of them, restraining and en- 
Joining them from directly or indirectly threatening?, 
coercing or intimidating any person or persons whomsoever 
from buying, selling or otherwise dealing in the product 
of said complainant, and the furtherance of any con'=piracy 

xfsiJa jvaisf; -ae«l ,iL3it£«>«tflt«a I'Ot s«'i'i«-fc-fi'sw'i 4>jff.-t 'xct aJosiieos 
rfp5;n .^i3«ca »y»ri ofl^r 3f:toa*i»<j s-K^ao^aaxtf^f e^« IM^h^ ,^a*'3E»^je« 
^«j ^aa .fiiwst??*! *.t>H liirv? Y.sjiir :?^4# ^rjsamtalfgs?®- ■S**^* »*®«'- 

&i«£ 'to ajts.'f's:*© lo fiHjii;sXl53PXx»s ©lit ^esio-tevoo &a» 8J}««vfi[# 

-aoa »§xsi ^j:iKff ao end tKSRiaXi^oo d'sist^ 6«S©XX« ifiC^tial llk(^ 

o5" «X«fafisf »rf XXi* ,8's^^'oj»'j^jw>p I'Ipss ,o©0ni«fioo ©lew ?xusni,*X^ 

-.WPS fefie b^lX.'^i},smx> 9'i Ilii^ eiJ5«'f.<J:m»o &a«»fij' ^.^Xoaat & a« ,,^jn.3 

V ■■■■•■ 

«*fl.':ji>m»'i>'f:! fern- .•ffi.ew.taXiiJjieo to IX^fltoof jai i)%fii«xl »o«o|)iv9 woqiJ 
aaX^isrD ^Xiomror^ i'rji:tv*8i<>' arf* iJRnir^B*'' niil^oatsluX x'XBTOtj!afi& urU 

ac»Yi^*Un-*e-n.riq-: to ,ay»Y0X^<n« .cJ'nda^j XXii i>n« >C«H3 biw ^fixj-ifV' 
-re i>n» •^otiffijs'x^sNin- ,w6d* 'Jo 7?>K*i;o to ,,K*ittiiJB9'i*l) Jt>Xisa 'to 

i-isiiroir; orf.l ni j\jRiX«oi> ••^^-Cvf.'.Mffo '.vy ■<.vih:.L^:^ ,vr;.^vVJ^' ctO'i'"]' 


or boycott against complainant's business or product; from 
iaterf«rin£ with, hiadering, obatructing or stopping, by 
tiireafca, coarcioA or intiiniuytion, tne /:prJ£ on any buildings 
to which naii complainant is turnisJilng material; from 
(ii^3aultii-ig or intimidating, by threats, the employees cf 
conqplainant, or ismy peraon or persons wno may become or seek 
to becoai* amployeea of said compiaixiant; from congregating 
ftboat or near the place of businetja of complainant, or about 
or near any placti where compiainant may be en:5)loyed, for the 
purpose of cooq^elling, inducing or soliciting, by threats, 
coercion or intimiaation, thosje dealing or attempting to 
deal with ctDrapiainanb to refuse to do so; and irom doing any 
otiier act or thing in the furtherance of said conspiracy 
unlawfully to injure the complainant, substantially, in 
Mannar and form as eet forth in the prayer of the amended 
bill, was Bade permanent, v 


The first question w« shnll consider io, did the 
Circuit Court err in dis90lvin^■ tha temporary Injunction 
theretofore entered against the Brotherhood? No quj^BtiTn 
is presented h«re by Finy of the p ;rtion as to t,h« co'T<»ctneBH 
of the decree ao far aa it jrave injunctive relief to com- 
plainant. By its proviaiona, tht? Oistriot i^o'moil and ita 
agents rsnresentin*/; ali of the isnhorrlinnte bodi^a of the 
Brotherhood in ?h:i.CMf^o Hjid vicini.t.y wero pRrpetunlly enjoined 
from ianlB.v»fully injurin/r compln-inant* b ■huBinwas in manner and 
form, Bubetnntially, a« ««t forth in t>i»» prayer nf the aminded 
bill, HJaob of the defendants •n joined is n mttmhar of the 
Brotherhood. Two of these defendants, T?ox and Grassl, were 
organizers of the Brotherhood and were among the most active 

RaBfti'i»*i:''00 »/lt o* e« eftld^taaf' <3M*r ■ lo; YWi'J 'V^f'f ©iwjrl- J^«#pia «©•«,■«( «i 
«i}^i r>iT« Xiom.«S jJ-wiTi^Bia ftjct* jaiwi^i^rd'tq e^^i ^ft .4tiie«iijXc( 

/><>?. f»ffr/j «rf* Ifrt tfri^K^^Stt* tti mtel *•« ft* V\:*'it*'**i*«*««f'»f» ."T^O*}: 


of thcec rrYo op.rrled on the boycott apainot the complainant. 
The L'iBtrict Cnuncil is an tvgeriuy c:; the Brctht'rhood acting 
locFlly in n. r <. pr es en tat ive crpucity ir '"elu'lf of tli? 
national body, 2l^e fi'idence showE thtt threats -'er*^ Ku?.de 
that if co3HplainHnt dia not a-c^oae to ..tef endant?' ".emfvdB 
to unionize itt Bhep, thepe nef »^nn?.nt<3 woald de^troi' cnm- 
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hy the xiati -Tiai ■'.•rfjm.izriXioo . 3f<> f."r f^s the evidence disclosea, 
the national organ i^int ion did nothln?? inoonsistant with its 
prirnary purpo^-e ?«id object to i^^pro^'3 th« condition of its 
iTRSTibGra hy uninnisiK{T all of th^ millB In Chicf^^jo »ruf:a.?;Qd in 
th« raama fracture nf carp sn tar triw. 

The nsxt question in, did the Circuit Cotirt err in 
decllnlnE to iBf?k£ permanent th« t9T!«i?orftry injunction as to the 
T«F«ininr- defendrjnt?? l/Tohn li-*tT, pr^sld'tnt of the ">istrict 
Coi'nsll, Is ?hoTru scnclijsively by the eYi.ds';ce to have 
.KCtiTi-ly pr^-rticlx^atei in t'le boycott s.^ain5t conipleinant, 
Hf! w?,G prsEidcnt of the District C'^uncll, and was the rian to 
TPhOTT; the various buaincsa nr^ents r»f the Ointrint Oovmcil ?md 
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